The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 29, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 29, 1934
Page 8
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for the remainder cf ih« 5 ITALIAN TROOPS MOBILIZE NEAR AUSTRIAN BORDER On Bond Issue Sewage Propo^l "5 ill Be Placed Before Qualified Voters August 7 Because of a Bilsuncerst^in-tJJb : m the Fort Worth office et she ; Federal agency, there has been a rumor that the city of Paris would not l>e a-bie to vote on the is- oi the bond* :-->r sewer nt on August 7. as ordered by the ciiy council. Th:& lias sow been set at rest. •Mayor J- M. Crook xvrote the ITashington office a:^d i*aturuav received a telegram : ^~-;' ;; > .,^_" EToley jr.. assistant gene; ; i _^'~.""^ sei for the Fcuera. a. Jir.n.^.-^-^'.; gi<r* * 5"* * r * T.-£* *£* - '"• "••'' '*• * : L ~ i *•—»••'— tba.i offsee :U* er^a; ;^^^ and a copy <:•: ttic o-dv:: <-•-_ election, for -i- 1 ? S' 1 -'.'- 1 '-"-' issue °; ,^ ,-,,;, - v .-o I O 1 -"• '•''•• >' '- -' a • ~ • " ' • , .,.;..-. .*^r>t Sv • These pap*-:--- ; ''~ "'^ '^% Y,,l. ',"_ air snail ss re^^s*"--. •- •'-"•'- ^"^^^ ection will be r.*^ •••> ^- <-•*• ~'- Mr. and Mrs. Neely I^eGrone of Foreman, Ark^. visited Mr. and Mrs- A. S. Waters Saturday. Mrs. James H. O'Neal of Gainesville i=per>t Friday with Mrs. C. A* Farr-eH. ,. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Ham and three children of Lubbock are visiting R- N. Sandefur and family. Mrs. F. J- Fierce is s a week in Clarksviile with daughter. Mrs. K. K. Alien. her J. D. Ceieman, of Albien. wbo underwent an operarion ai a SocaJ ; hospital, is reported <ioins nicely. ! Miss Dixie Morton has returned to ClarksvilJe after visiting Mrs. Kvbert Parhszn. Bat-y Zora Fay Rhodes of Paris ! route 1. is at the hospital "•"or tT^H-tTn^ni. Joe Whitien, of Brookston, re- mrned TO his home. Saturday after , havinc been a patient, at the St. ' nt inieresi. the Federal obviate;: :.i>bids :*nd ver a. cermi?i>.sio~ \Ch-en this :s - ils a^G as a Mrs. Ollie Sniiti:. of SS West \Y a shir. 51 on streei. underwent a nia^or operation at the !Lamar hos- PERSONALS Sirs. V»" a patient Mr. and Mrs. Vs' of CincinBati. are Mr. and Mrs, Ben S ^liss Martha Bridges has house sniest. Miss Miriam of iluskosee, Okja. patient at the 1-a.rna.r hcs- Younr Miss r~!o Wilson. who I'ad her torisils r-ernoved a few aloriE: nice;""- r» r rs. Abbie Kooks of Houston arrived Thursday night for a visit with her sister. Mrs. Jeff Cun- riinErhair> and Mr. Cunningham. Krnest Rande! of Paris, route 5 who was operated on aboiit a •-reek asro at the S"- Joseph hos- Di*a], returnee to his hos^ W >s t GERV1ANV MUNICH YUGOSLAVIA °* ^ A^. * BUDAPEST^ HUNGARY RA7TSERSBURG TRltSTC Hawaii Quit By President up *n* robb*ry of «* pecpl* Morgan are thouyht by Paris officer* to have ajban.aone4 an nuto- mobile tlx«re Thursday aitemooiu. The. car Avas taken from a Denia maa VTednesday eveiiins- Afier Morsan made his escape Chief Execulive Five Day Visit to Er 1 Saturday Sirs. -visiting berry z Judge and Mrs. J. M. I>eaver. j s '-•"" ^i Faso. are the guests of Mr. x'i=-- > - ana Mrs, John Kooker at their home on Jefferson road. Coker Back Austria Mr. ajid Mrs. J. JL. DicViscn. ac- cozaparii-ed by Mr. and Mrs. Aikin ; I>ickson and faini-y of ~Wicbita Palis h.ave gone to Benzonville, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mooma-sr and daughter. Sillie- Earle. accc-rs- paniec by K. H, IMc-cma'K- spent i L^./ \, ' a (Continued Froni ^ige One> STUKGEON VOTJtRS ^=- and Mrs. H. "vT. Hii! of Hooker^ Okla,. ar^ vlsit- Herman C. Coker returned Friday fro— Ne-.v York ws--fe he had oeen fcr the las: two we-:-ks buying 1*11 tnerchar-iise f.r the local I do not fca%<. '•'•••• v,-y:-G- iv • :• press m- prof our. a. appreciation •for'ycrar voies end orbing i^y can- fiifiacy for county attor-cr- . V.'itii no' HI will acaisst those who voted agaisist ne, 1 shall ecT-iinue to solicit the support of zriose who really trant some law er.forcc- saeni in !La.rnar co:;ni:-". GRADY Mrs. M. B. Hames and daughter "CVillie Mae, have returned from a two weeks stay in Mineral Wells. Ari-vne and Dallas. H.. D. 3a.iscer> of Zx>s Angeles Cs.";f.. are g-uesrs of J. X. Shirley ar-c: tv. A. Bills and families. o: tne fine na.crchan sh.wn in a.1 l Ad--.) Boys will be boys1 Th 3obo e condition of 3£rs. J. H- wno has been seriously ill •weeks w^s reponec unrhang- .te Saturday. utmost opt.::-ism and this is shown" in the unusually ;arge se-ectior; 01 the markets- Mr. Coker sees definite line of recovery in most lires of business. .yXij.v i-; Their turn will reflect ruar.y optimistic: phases on not only the national business situation but also vr;ll extern! in ever- vricenins' circles to ever: the smal- -rrfcole is convinced thai restors.- [ t Ion of a monarchy is the only j '. hope of rlie nation. ! An unusual situation developed. ; ?n ihe civil tvar near L*3.vttm'und. on • the Yusroslavian border. ! Tli-? nasis fse<3 Into :he ~ooded ; heiffhts at the end of Lavanis val- ; Icyr almost face to face vritli tbe ! : Yugoslavian border j;ua.r<li?- ' | : The Austrian fefl^ral troops and j j hein^fhr 'home ci;2.rd I to clean out the naris. -discovered I th.c.t in zrainins their g-tins on tne | ' rebels they Trotnd hit the Yac:o- i - ?lavian Reports and wounded oa each side during a, battle Friday nist'nt near Salz- btirg. A skiraiish at I^ieferinsr. near the German border, cost the life of a heim\vehr conima^ider. Several men -were wounded. At: Madling: nazis attacked a heimwehr detachment. kUlittg one ^ and Ts-oundingr . another roan, but j rration •were repulsed vriih a loss of nine'J forgret dead and 17 wounded. | triith. Thr> government rushed troops ,- nation. as rapidly as possible to the scenes j of ereatest rebel activity, but | movements were hampered In j , 1*1 arv cas^s bv dynamited roads j anxious i """*..,'* t t 0 ^i,9 Vi.-»/>*?*ps; f j i <sU-u Jiit-^-ts. t Largre detachments remained on i duty in Vienna. The fear of an |,, , attack there lessened, ho-.vever. as |" e1 '- . \ notMis developed, even during the j clrcuiatea m j ^.^ fliner ^ L | the 20th anniversary j ~^ d*rc!aration j i? HONOLULU. V?) —With a brief address in which he emphasized America's defense forces "must ever toe eonsi<U * ,-U ;%« itisiruiaent of continuinj? yeaxe." President Roosevelt said goodbye to Hawaii Saturday and sailed aboard th« cruiser Houston for Portland. Ore. Th© president had spent nearly five <Jays in the territory. He fished "for s-cvVrdfisb. without catching: any; visited Hawaii's tama volcana at Kilauea. Island of Hawaii: came to this island of Oahu and inspected- the largest army post in the United States, Scboffield barracks; inspected the navy's mid-Pacific base at Pearl harbor; and aSturday said "Aloha!" in the island fashion and expressed the -wish that he niiglu come assiin to the islands. "I !eav* you with- reluctance.' he said to a. throng which stood below the balcony outside- the governor's office in lolarri Palace the capitol buildiugr. to hear him j speak. "The friendly spirit an<J i the generous reception s"i v ^ n nie \ everywhere by the people of the i islands made me greatly wish my I visit could be prolonged." F"irst chief executive of the American government ever to visit this island territory. President Kooseelt praised the people of Hatvaii for their industry ~ and their patriotism, and praised the army and navy here for their "efficiency and fine spirit." "They constitute an integral part of our national defense—and I stress that word defense," he asserted. "These forces must ever bfr considered an instrument of continuing peace; for our nation's policy seeks peace and does not 1 look to imperialistic aims." i Ths * President avoided in h-is i four-minute speech all controver- j sial matters, such as the question ! of granting statehood to the territory, merely saying: i "The problems you are solving: I here are tire problems of the \ whole nation, and your adminis- | in TSTashington will not 1 from the Hugo officers. Sheriff Clyde Sheltoiw I>eptmes Jack Reeves and A. W. Payne, Chief CVihrac and Officer Graysoa Roach went to aid the Oklahoma officers in the search. Craighead was transferred front a hospital here to the county jail after Chic-kasha officers had asked to be allowed to retura him there for triaL Hugo PUy«r. Will Be Eligible For HUGO, Oklau— C?- V member of the board of directors of the Hugo. Okla-. i-fcaadlo* baseball federation teata, received a, wire from Charles fiauiUberry. secretary of the assqpialion. that participation in the double heade: i& fee played against Anilexs S\U»<lay would make several n«w Hugo jlayers elisible to play in the dis- rict playoff FERA Aids Fire Crews SAL.L.ISAW. Okla,(.^P>—The federal emergency relief administration in Sequoyah county* joined forces with farmers and hillfolk Saturday in combating a forest fire which raged over a 30-square reiile sector east of here. O. G. Pollock, county F. E, R. A^ director, announced he was dispatching 30 men twice daily to aid in fighting the spreading blaze which laid low fences, timber, foliage and crops. Pollock said the men -will be sent out in relays until the flames are cricked. Fast gaining headway through a rural section dried and "will under two months* drouth, the biaze Saturday night had assuiri ed serious proportions. Sparks from a passiirs locomotive were believed to hare ignited the farm home- of Hoy Knox -which burned near here "Wednesday night and started the spreading blaze. Observers reported the woods from near Akins. nine miles east of Sallisaw, to fiar Xicut in the northeastern portion of the county, were afire. PLUMBING REPAIRING Given Our Prompt At*e»ekH* PHONE 1133 B. F. BERLY Successor to D. J. KENNEDY Pltuubinc and Heatinc 11-13 N. Cburch St. YORK. <3*».—Charges of widespread fraud and embezzlement were made in the United States District court Saturday asainst the Grain Stabilization corporation, an adjunct of the defunct Federal Farm board and 2~ other corporations and individuals. 1 . . * Light WO* ., i <Contir.-jed Frorr.- Saturday morn ins: at the Sanita.- • " *~ ' " ~ ^ ~ c "" rium of Paris for appendicitis, and. ±5 reported to be resting -sreH. ,crcy of aLrtillery .zirc_ Xasis foughi. on desperately in • " . ^^.rinthia- A leader oi the rebels !. ' he says that the present ; c a id. that if they could 'hold out a ; ^ There -nras fighting, too, in some • 7-ections of the Tyrol. ^Iar=y per- j .•--c mounted nearer 4.000. accord- .r.c to s*-7h estimates as -ver-; ran to an automobile occupied ilrs. Ray Foreman and Mrs. Jack Persons and made them j drive to Horse Creek, about four ; south of Hugo. When he leit the automobile he gave the rbia, and conditions in | women a. ha;f-doliar. rr,any pans of this country wer« | Craighea'd. Morgan and a third reminiscent of those -wbica" d'eve- j 'man, now being held in Jail at r-ecl in the war- I Sherman, are said to be wanted The government constantly | ir. connection with the shooting 'Ugnt to reassure trie people and. j of s. deputy sheriff at Chickasha, ear. Ok-a., recer.ily and with the holfi- Money to Loan We will finance- the building of a new home for vou, or for the improvement of your old one. _ PARIS BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION Member: Federal Kom-e Lxwui Bank System. United States and I>v*s. I^er.gue. Texas Building and Ix>an League. EtnlUin^ and Loan Institute. Southwestern -air.K and Loan Conference : Mrs. Carl Foster^ j ^-fnt an operation '• Joseph's hospital T~ only era] a;r cf optir^ism felt :n all branches cf businesses- ares., Mr. Coker pointed out. and it is through balanced purchasing for this diversitiec trade that Perkins Brothers Company has point of Northeast Texas and .t the St- ' Sc-i-theast Oklahoma. weeks a^ro. - O~ this buying trip he gave r home. 5S full consideration to the needs of • Governnfient forces in Graz ! wholesale arrrsts of sus i Mrs. Pa' ; home. She hss ^s her sruest. Miss • T jee Svans of Ireland. Texas. —a.i"-a,'i- ;i/ " anu "^.,^-:ue-u io? -ii- • ^ _ - . - , • —..- - , ^ s rva^c fled from their pos:tic-ns in the motintains they ;.-t-:t i i/ehind their dead v.'ounGid • but mauy took arms across the- \ border, said reports from the vici- s nil- of the fighting- j i Dispatches from jlaribcr. Tc- | _Lnd Mrs. ^-^ >'- p^-^ n f ; ^*^\^^" ? . C 5j'"^r i V-.->^ a «'" e r-.^ iifrlVback ^nder artillery fire, many j CI ^-^^^^"''^. "tWr.^" ^ bYnstVcr; ^/'eccrLcrnicai" Tsrlce Viih ' go-in.2: into TugoslJivia with rifles, j t"»~ ^i^r^^r. !^- f S^ntor.vllle. BABES in the ? lament, son. M^iss. is n nu£ = 1 at Escape weapons ! iai Interior Gloss Finish : .J-B 7-0 ; ^o-k : ; Miss : ^etJ?"V : car :n • Jo Ms^ . - ... C V t ; c a vp. •Fpita; and -R-il- 2. **:~y? cays. Margaret Th Sr^^^r"*-^ a--d Paris -rir-ting- "s<?. •w*r-o rettrm* -man fc-r a vis: re at his c-mas. Miss VT-C "J 1- V sp*^t Tri- M ie^ Mar?* -if. •srit'h them :t i?f severs.! .t,,-, -._v f ^ „- - .v c ,,;_-- K^Si- s ' Jarrter pt.^z-.e-^ i.-;^,-. _^. %y .^. I . ...£.—£, .v.^.. »v ; ha-i msdi "durnrrsUs- 'j^i.^-,- p .. f^ ^* vf* **f*. t^^r^^ ir ! be<i.E so as r-ot to arouse ti: ^ p:-r:c-T:s of th<r guards. Pri« ficia^E later denied this.. ; :^j,._ Te-2 fay o c°r'- of pll- tfceir ^e s«5- fOn of- - machine .grins &zifi pisto • (The -iveap-'jris ivere described as j i being of the old Austrian world I i vrar type, which had bees remod- | {sled in Italiars factories| (It was assumed, the 1 had b-eezi smu^?:led into A I from Italy s. fc-w at, a time over j ' a ^^rric^d cf voars. i ! i Yugoslavian authorities looked | } f'.*r thc.tisa.nds of nazis to be fore- t 1 '•<* i~*o their country. More than | 1 ~-' ! t a.lres.'i'" are intemfd there. i ! * Pians -xfr*: raadi- 10 remove The : ! disanrred cnc interned rebels to a j \ camp :n the iTiterior, btit they •wer* j i temporarily detained near the bor- » finish for wzl! 1TET us dx>vr \-ou hr«»- ifri* •*-^ co«a to pve % f .'*iT bonse i, rcst-fu.1 new r; it is /bathrooms — because it is •witfr- off easily with water. Tweiv* modish t«[ .shades sad whit* . , . £."(! cf tfaem wadiabie. See us today, iMurphy - Provine jL-umber Company Home of Those 300*$ ratory of th» state BLAST KILLS TWO held :r^ St. Saturday. :r.;r rnurd^r^-i of nast» in <fa«cist home Tonr Home Veeds the Comfort amJ Reaoty of *8 •sT^re raided in wsrch r^-vsring' aprvar*! •^•iili th*s colors »>i» Gfrrjiar! fl^g. fi* 1J ?n S;ttl«; •/*ar"ns' black. wJiJt* a.n-1 ran th*r wtr«?et.s them. in ;:TZ wsa r*-i> by a. nrj.slk in r. r^J h< NEW AWNINGS OS PARIS MATTRESS AND AWNING COMPANY MJ \V. Sherman Phows 3" "Lather, Smooth as a Smile J.WJHARRISON & SON General Contractor* No Job Too Little or Too Large Estimate* Cheerfully Given PHONE 1162 i Burnett •*•• was ho*pita*iz**S 01 iJ!n**« Tf-.urviay and 5 Craii—Ts*r* MON"ROE person* Tr«re •arliec tfe-elr •a by a KII-I-K1> — "Foar ktUed Saturday "a* *trtr<?V train, at a in«r r,*«a:r iulured,, . ' Two : other* When Building or Repairing Scott Title A Trust Co. We never grow so old that we do not recall our childhood concern as we thought of what might have happened to the two story-book children who wandered aimlessly into the forest and became lost. We never grow so wise that we can walk blindly into th« marts of trade and straightway find the shoes, car, ham, cleaner, rug, antiseptic or what-not that best fits our indi* vidual need, fancy or pocketbook. Without a dependable buying guide we are all Babes in the Woods . . , lost when it comes to judging qualities, values or styles. "Know the reputation of the store, * is one rule. "Know the reputation of the product and its manufacturer," is another. The two together make wise selection doubly certain. You can form a very reliable estimate of the stores which* advertise consistently. So also of manufacturers. Only sound merchandise, attractively priced, can continue to repay the retailer or the manufacturer for his advertising outlay. If he can risk the money it costs him to tell you about his goods, you can be reasonably sure that your path through the woods will lead to the best values for your buying dollars. The adverti*ins page* are the pathway to Highest Quality arid Lowest Prices

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