Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 5, 1968 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Friday, July 5, 1968
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PAGE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Raiding Panhandle 8A1GOM (Al>) — two enemy antiaircraft missiles were fired at U.S.,Air Force BSt bombers attacking North Vietnam's southern panhandle Thursday, the U.S. Command repotted today. Spokesman said none of the eight-engine bombers was hit. The B52s have been fired upon before by the Soviet-made missiles on raids in North Vietnam's southernmost section, but none ever has been hit so far in the war. The B52s began a massive bombing campaign Monday against enemy artillery sites and storage areas in the panhandle and the northern part of the demilitarized zone. Since then, they have flown 28 raids in the area. . The giant bombers are considered vulnerable to the enemy high-atlitude missiles. U.S. fighter-bombers—faster, smaller and lower-flying—ordinarily Then Lends $2 to Friend Ex-Con Ruled Indigent Louis man charged with was declared indigent By DALE ARMSTRONG Telegraph Staff Writer EDWARDSVILLE - A St theft here Wednesday, then gave an Alton man charged with theft $2 so the man could be released on his own recognizance. "I don't even know him, bu I'll give him $2 to get out o jail," said Walter Nolan, a 67 year-old ex-convict from St Louis. Nolan, of 5206 Washing ton Ave., has been charged wit] the theft at the D'Adrian Medi cal Park in Godfrey last Satur day. Released on his own recognizance after paying the $2 in costs was Kenneth Choat, 33, of 1209 Rodmeyer, Alton. Choat was charged in connection with the June 14 theft of four guitars from the IWh and Belle Tavern, 1000 Belle St., Alton. Choat, who was called before Magistrate. Thomas Welch Wed nesday for a hearing on bail told the court he had been in the Madison County jail the pas three weeks, and had only $4 when he came in, most of which he had since spent. Asked if he could find some one who would loan him $2 Choat said he might be able to borrow it from one of the prisoners at the jail. Then Nolan Bethaltoan Faces New Charge EDWARDSVILLE—A 48-year- old Bethalto man charged with voluntary manslaughter was one of two men bound over to a Madison County grand jury Wednesday for the attempted burglary of a dairy store in Godfrey Monday. Bound over after waiving preliminary hearing before Magistrate Thomas Welch was Robert Louis Stanton, of 707 S. Prairie St., who was already under charges of manslaughter for voluntary the fatal shooting April 18 of Jack Crld- er of Forest Homes. Also bound over after waiving preliminary hearing were Gary Hibbs, 18, of 1446 Twelfth St., Cottage HUls, the second person arrested in connection with an attempted burglary at the Melville Dairy Store at Rte. 100 and Clifton Terrace Road. Nightriders from the Madison County sheriff's office arrested the pair early Monday morning after allegedly finding them inside the store when they noticed a padlock missing from the front door. Judge Welch Wednesday denied a motion by Stanton to have his preliminary hearing continued until he could obtain legal counsel. Stanton said his attorney was supposed to be present at the hearing, but had not appeared. "I don't know why he didn't show up," Stanton said. Stanton then waived the preliminary hearing, complaining that "It wouldn't be fair" to him to go ahead with the hearing without legal advice. Alton Evening Telegraph Dally b PA« PuMlibWt Dally bt Alton T«l»gr«p» Pr«i: who was sitting in the courtroom, volunteered to give Choat the money. Nolan said he had $10 of his own at the jail, from which Choal could pay his costs and be released. Judge Welch set a preliminary hearing on the charges against Choat for Aug. 7. Judge Welch also declared Nolan indigent and appointed the public defender's office to represent him. Nolan, a tugboat cook, testified that he owned only his clothing and the title to two automobiles, worth about $500, and that one of them was presently In a repair shop. Agreeing with the court's ruling, Assistant State's Attorney James Heil said, "He's going to need an attorney," adding that he is in the process of bringing charges against Nolan for possession of narcotic drugs. Heil said he also anticipates that Nolan will be charged with burglary. Nolan, who complained several times that his constitutional rights were being violated during a preliminary hearing Tuesday, argued Wednesday that a $15,000 bond seemed unreasonable, warning that excessive bond "is prohibited by the federal Constitution." Nolan also complained that he had not been given legal counsel at any critical stage since his arrest. When informed by the court that his preliminary hearing the day before was not considered a critical stage in Illinois, Nolan replied that every state which has contended the preliminary hearing is not critical has lost the point. Nolan asked when he would be allowed to see an attorney, and was told by Judge Welch that someone from the public defender's office would come to the jail to see him. "I know fellows who have been over there (in jail) two or three weeks who haven't seen the public defender," Nolan complained to Heil. "That's the public defender's fault, not mine," Heil reported. Some "dangerous drugs," including demeral, a narcotic, were allegedly found in Nolan's car when it was searched after Alton .police arrested him Saturday for running a stop sign. Nolan's car was searched by Alton police and deputies from the Madison County Sheriff's office after Alton police Officer Ronald Cowan said he saw a gun barrel protruding from under the front seat. Sheriff's investigator Demo Nicholas testified at the preliminary hearing that the search produced several radios, office equipment, a loaded .38 caliber pistol and drugs. Telegraph Reporter Scott Ball was a witness to the search. Nicholas said two doctors from the Medical Park identi fied some of the items that were reportedly taken from their of fices. Nolan has reportedly serve( four sentences for armed robbery in two states, while six other armed robbery charges against him in the past 30 years have been dismissed. FAIR AND WARMER — Scattered showers and thundershowen are expected to develop Friday night in the northern and central Appalachians, Weather Forecast ALTON and vicinity — Fair through Saturday with a warm- Ing trend. Low tonight in mid 60s, high Saturday 85-90. Extended Forecast Southern Illinois — Tempera tores will average 4-8 degrees >elow normal Saturday through Wednesday, turning cooler Mon ay or Tuesday. Normal highs are 88-91. Normal lows are 662. Pre-ipitstion will total less lan \'2 inch with a chance for hundershowers from about Saturday afternoon through Monay. DATA AT THE DAM — A.M. AT Alton Dam — Tern- >erature 68; Tailwater 13.0 Ft.; esterday's High 84. Low 57. the southern Ohio Valley, the northern Rockies, and Florida. (AP Wirephoto Map) 140 123 Sbl JOHN HOKUM CB CREDIT CARD AND DEPOSITORS FORGERY COVERAGE now an MILLERS MUTUAL HOMEOWNERS polioltt AT NO EXTRA COST! VOUK AULLfSKS MUTUAL AGENT FOR FULL DETAILS Htrman I. William Otfto M04UU1 Attar 8 pan, I6MT&) MILLERS'MUTUAL fe 99 K.UIUM* •UMANCI MffO«NQM| attack known enemy missile sites before the B52s head for the DM2 or North Vietnam, ahd the B52s generally try to steer clear of these sites. The fighter-bombers attacked one missile site 13 miles above the DMZ Thursday and pilots reported their bombs touched off four fires. They flew 141 mis sions today against supply lines in the panhandle. The B52s returned today to pounding enemy bases arounc Saigon in a massive allied cam paign to head off a threatened attack on the capital. They flew five missions 28 to 30 miles northwest of Saigon. On the ground, allied troop: uncovered two more important enemy arms caches today bringing the number found since Wednesday to five. "We're getting better intelligence," a U.S. spokesman said "We're getting it (the weapons) at the base camps before it can be moved.' Maj. Gen. John J. Hay, commander of U.S. troops in the capital militarjr district, has said the only way to prevent attacks on Saigon is to seize enemy weapons before they can be moved into firing position. Wood River Fireworks Wiii Praise Wood River's first annual fireworks display Thursday night attracted an estimated 5,000 1 6,000 persons and drew araise from a number of view's. Mayor Lucien Ringering said he received "dozens of phone calls" from satisfied viewers and others called the police station "commending" the city for the hour-long show. The program, held at Belk Park, featured about 100 aerial and ground level displays, the mayor said. The city paid for the display n the arrount of $1,000. The Belk Park Cnirmission made the arrangements The mayor said the city will probably hold a similar display next year LONDON CONFERENCE — Alabama lawyer Arthur Hanes (right) is seen outside Wandsworth Prison, South London, today after conferring with Raymond George Sneyd. The British Court has accepted F.B.I, testimony that Sneyd is really James Earl Ray, the man wanted in Tennessee to stand trial for the slaying of Martin Luther^ which might be used FRIDAY, JULY S, 1963 Alabama Attorney Sees Ray By GODFREY ANDERSON Associated Prcw Writer LONDON (AP) - Alftbafflt lawyer Arthur J. ttanes spent about an hour today In Wandsworth Prison, conferring with james Eati Hay, the fttan wanted in Tennessee to stand trial for the slaying of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. When he came out of the Jail gate, Hanes said: "He Is feeling all right. His health Is good. He is being well looked after. His mental attitude Is good. W* talked of many things." Hanes, who said on arrival at London Airport earlier today that Ray might plead innocent through reason of insanity, was asked by a reporter if Ray showed any sign of insanity. "None," he replied and emphasized that the plea of insanity was only one of a number King Jr. (AP Wirephoto) Globe-Girdling Grocer Given Title After Roy al Homecoming PORTSMOUTH, England (AP) — Dorothy Rose, 55, was serving vegetables in her hus- jand's grocery store. A customer said: "Hello, Lady Rose." That was how the wife of Alec Rose heard today her husband had been knighted—it's now Sir Alec Rose — for "the tenacity, ikill and courage which he displayed in his singlehanded voyage around the world," in his secondhand yacht Lively Lady. Queen Elizabeth tl conferred the title on the recommendation of Prime Minister Harold Wilon. the shy 59-year-old yachtsman learned during his triumphal welcome here Thursday hat he would be knighted. He got up early today for a breakfast of bacon and eggs and then went for a haircut. just want to relax," he "I aid. Champagne On Balcony Later, Sir Alec and Lady Rose celebrated by drinking cham- >agne on the balcony of their ;hop with the lord mayor of Portsmouth as a crowd of more jthan 200 cheered below. Lavish headlines and editorials celebrated his homecoming Thursday from his 28,500- mile voyage in the 36-foot ketch Lively Lady, and the cheers of a crowd of 250,000 echoed through this historic English seaport, his hometown. Foster Plans Meeting on Fire District Foster Township will hold a public meeting July 11 to consider the formation of a fire protection district, it was announced today by Thomas Harris, supervisor. Harris said that since Foster Township has formed a water district, that the formation of a fire district would follow. If the fire district is approved, Harris said, then fire hydrants can be put into the water system when it is installed. "This would cost a lot less than if we waited a year or two and then put in the hydrants," Harris said. But Rose, 59, all as quietly as if it hardly mattered. He said he felt he had been a bit selfish—"just going off and doing something that I've always wanted to do since I was a child." But he felt a better man. "One must have the shadows of life to appreciate the light," he said. Faced Death In 354 days at sea, Rose endured the ultimate in loneliness and stared death in the face. Once he passed out from fumes while trying to repair the small engine which charged his batteries. "I came to in about two hours," he said. "All I could do was lie on my bunk and recuperate. It was several days before I could raise an appetite." At the tricky times, he prayed. "Why not?" he said. "I said my prayers as sincerely and honestly as I could. His wife stocked his Kenneth Long of Godfrey, who shi P and did il so we " lnat is a state fire director, will came home with , enough food in speak to the public at the July """ 11 meeting which will be held at Fosterburg School. Hanes, former mayor of Bir- mington, still insisted on calling Ray by the name under which he was arrested in Britain—Ramon George Sneyd — although the British court has accepted FBI testimony that he is Ray. "This man to me is still R.O. Sneyd," Hanes said. In the eyes of the British government, Hanes was only a private party and not a legal adviser in an official capacity. Hanes had been in London in late June, but did not see Ray then, although he reportedly asked permission of British authorities. King was assassinated April 4 in Memphis, Tenn., and a worldwide manhunt began for James Earl Ray. Wide Search (Continued From Page 1) ant Children's Home in St. Louis were in the area of the park where the girl wa« scratched. He said a person from the home called him late this morning and told him a little girl from the group had handled the raccoon. DeSherlia said he didnt know if the girl had been scratched but the child will be taken to a physician. 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