The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 19, 1948 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, July 19, 1948
Page 2
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Hospital At St. Lo Honors 29th Division I drc l v ern Picel Soap Box Derby Entrants Lined Up ' St. Ix. France, July 18 (fl*--This dreary, war-scarred town of West- France and its inhabitants ebrated the fourth anniversary of their liberation today and ded- . icated a hospital to the U. S. 29th! Division. '. Mme. Gercnaine Poinson-Chap-! vis, French Minister of Public i Health, said in accepting the hos-! pital: "Death had already passed! here \vhen the Americans came four j ears ago. Many of the Americans died here and tneir blood J is still on the so:l of France with j ours. But those of them w ho went home remembered and are send- j iag back a gift to g:ve us hope" In laying the cornerstone of the' hospital, the V. S. Ambassador to , France, Jefferson Caffery. said i America had raised SI 40 000 in private subscription to complete; the building's first viing. He said newspaper columnist Drew Pearson, organizer of the Friendship , Train, informed him oily yesterday he had raised enough funds to finish an additional children's Phoso bv Frank KeeJer ·ward. _ _ ; Soap box derby entrants line up with their racers on Sunday on Bentz street hill at the Slate Kaised By Dtvisioa Armor for a test run. Shown above are a number of boys m .heir racers and behind them stand Funds for sponsoring the hospit- , ct her entrants Only a few enirans \\ ere missing for the test run. Thev did not attain the speed on this al were contributed ii a campaign! tr j a i run .jj a . ^,55 jj e possible on the smooth surface of the West Patrick street site of the races on sponsored by the 29th Division in] Wednesday afternoon Maryland and Virginia. Four offi- j cers of the Division \i ere on hand ' today for the ceremonies. They i were headed by Brig Gen. William C. Purnell. assistant com-1 Gaithersburg --Mr. and Mrs.'. Union Bridge--Mrs. Paul N:s- Taneytow n --Kenneth Koutz. of mander of the Normandy fighting, j William McBain \\ho have been at f W3n der, Mrs Truman Myers. Un-, East Baltimore street is a patient Union Bridge Taneytown Others were- Col. Louis G Smith.! Colonial Beach lor some time re- ion Bridge, and Mrs their daught e 7 Nancy « on « ^^^S^^lte ! Dorolhy" Ann" Ealer anu^arl^ra ip through the Shenandoah j * , " j Un«on Br-'d^e" *he 'sia'e ' ^· e ' c:lrt '- *-"iil Scouts,, are spending ...^ . ~, ,,,.»,.v. They will spend several j ^ " t h " * p V " * " » .C a week at Pinf» Grn\e Cnmo noar STL**CoionTJin"? £S£ S t^SnS 1 V^Vren. 5 I^^^4 «TM^ ,^S^^* commander of the division's 110th Mrs Becraft. ^L- " g Tfcursaay o. tms. · --· -- - _ ~ -\rmtha a j t!le Church Home and Infirmarj who commanded another infantry | turned last week. * i """ "w ^" -~^T *" »"." """ Hospital. Baltimore regiment originally made up of! -Mr and Mrs Clarence Becraft j ^TM^f^;-TM^f,?, ^f£^? I -Vonaie Lambert. Nancy Baker. ·Marj land's National Guardsmen: j and their Col.* William J. Witte. who was i a trip tl , the 29th's plane and operations J Valley. They will spend several;--;;T^^^ ^'fC^^^r^; a week at Pine Groie Camp, near - --c _ . " p a Klister, of Wii- . - · · - i \vprfc '· consul and John Sranka, Baltimore Field Artillery All four men are _ Mrs . M. D. EUmore is spendmg _-",,,,,,, r,,*m n *TM v UniTM ' were recent dinner 8 uests of Mr residents of BaltiBfoce · ,. . ·ivmrhp^pr ! --Charles Buffing^on. ML. Union. · Part of the ceremony today was , . 1IIU it:; ' el - ; took a ten-day course in leader-1 the unveiling of a bust of" Maj. i ~ ilr - and Mn * Everett Bean f ship a;l a cluzenship at Fort Meade. ' strect Thomas D. of Staunton. Va ' S ave a birthday dinner for the lat- j sponsored by the Lions Club and ' It v.-as unveiled in front of the J lerr '^ r molher, M^s. Charles^Becraf11 American Legion. f church ,four in full battledress filed past his J lar S e lamiiy j y n;on Bridge. Monday at the home \ _ flag-draped coSn Maj Howie j --Mr and Mrs Phoebus are va- o f his mother, Mrs. Charles Black. Throngs View Body Of Late Geii* Persliing Washington. July 13 ^--President Truiujis paid a --avl farewell today to Genera! of the Armies John J Pcrs-h.;ig, going to the Capitol rotunda to \ :e\\ the body of hii old World \Vir I coniman- de-. The Ch ef E\ecut.\e came a little before the great rotunda \\a opened to the public e'lter ng from trie Senate -ide He stepped up onto '.he platform bearing :he catafaiquc gazed do\\ii Mlentlv on the Geieralb face, tu.-nt'vl a.-d --lepped a\\ay Mr Tru'ran \\^^ an aruJIerv officer .n the Amer.csti Expeds- tiuonar\ Force cun;ma".dei by Per-hiis^ Acco-npa".ig the Preyident ;K- to the ro:u:js3a \\ert- a nun^bcr of high of»»ciaX :"ch'c.:ig Secretary of State Mar-ha!' Ar-»v Secretary Ro\a» aid C-.-ef of S;a!T of the Ar-ny Omar Bradv PerihatiSi body lay in v'a'e where o-.e of h s men the Unknown So'djer. had reposed more ;hati t w o decades ago Transferrrd From Hfjiuital The General i bodv \vas brought down froTi the Ar:n\ hospital 1:1 northwest Was.h.ngtoa \\!ere he died Thursday at the age of ST. accompanied by h:s family and an escort of a dozen armored cars and a detail of police A delegation of high m:litar\ o3k-"a! Secretary of Slate .Marshall and me'iibers of Corgre« ·-toed at attentso-i 1-1 the pbia as the proce^iio'i drew up before the east en:ra".ce of tsie C.iDito! Infantna'C'i s'.ooa at : i H - i salute as the bronre casket \\a: brought from the hearse and carried up the long Siteps into the gray o!-i building The Army band plajcd the hymn "Nearer. My God. To Thee" softly. The catafalque--which in its time had borue the bodies of Abra- iham Lincoln and the Unknown Soldier--.tood precisely in the center of the great circle, the domed ceiling more than 180 feet o\erhead Four soldiers, one Marine, a sailor and one Air Force man-placed the cai-ket on the bier One of them carefully readjusted the {Jag that covered it. The% aside, wheeled and marched off 14 Arrested By Police Here Oer Vk'eekeiicl Hejt and liquor aroued the militancy of 1-S over the week-end, eight persons, being arle^ted for peace distui bailees, a-ui six for intoxication One perMJi: posted collateral for reckless. drs\ :i;g and another wa: jailed for loitering m the only other charges placed by City Police Disturbers arrested. included James W Johnson 113 Pennsylvania avenue U illiam H lioUen. 121 Pe«'ns\:\ania avenue Philip The Nrws, Frtdrrick. Md., Monday. Julv 19. 1948 Keller. Hotel Frederick, and three colored For drunkenness, these were docketed Benjamin H. Tormardy. | Barncsvillo. George A Snow den. Fountain Mills. Jacob K Olnc. Bar:ieijlle j:id Oland Snow den. i Monrm la Held for collateral of S5 on chaises of loitering preferred b Sergt Phebu-. and Officer Siup, is Hetirv T Crowder. Glen Bumie Frederick Btu-h. Virginia Beach Va motoribJ posted $11-45 coJUteral oil citation fw recklesi dm ing by Lieut Doi!-c% and OJTicor Burras Other arresting officers include , Osliccrs PhiH.pi. Ssir.r.-.oiix, Kanode. J and Tw entej THKEB bv a pleasure cooker explosion as had been reported She said numerous people have called her to a-k how the cooker exploded and *he has been annoyed by the inquiries She sa*d her barns were net clue to a pressure cooker. F K K \ K \PFLE A vndl! apple of the Wealthy varie'v .\h.cj» had developed into t' e ^n-jp" -f a ^ourd was exhibited "i »» * oTic- of The News-Post Sat- tsrc; .\ af'e.Jioo'i by Mrs. LUlie 1 ' i o - i p ' ' . tif Frecerick. The appie ».ai b,en picked by her ·"·iint'v I*, i '.2~d Hoic'T. of near K'luxvis'c. in aa orcnard at Wever- j PAYS 65,000 KOK FAKM 1 Martmsburg W Va . Julv 18 ',' --Malcolm M Brow n fruit grow o- and distnbutor disc'osed toaav that he has purchased for approxi- tnateiv $o r 000 the 570-acre fj:ir- and oic'ia'ii ncai Bardane owi-ed by M:s Kobert Stewart, of 15a!:.- more Fiery, Smarting Itch of Common Skin Rash** D ' ; « · · " ; - -- .1 -- ir«-- t another bourl * ^* ^ · · . V- ' u -- ·; (TK: ca your t 1 "~i r '. ^ i .; .r. · iw how quickly " ARM S C \ L I J H » Mrs Grace F Lower\, Rv Sprmas. vvho w a s scj'iii-v! o.: arm recentiv \vh.le ca-." ';j Sunday that she was :·,,·. Oi. ,, Ut'iaj relief Watches Diamonds Jewelry and Silverware Doll's Jewelry Store 7 SOUTH MARKEf ST. FREDERICK. MD. FREE OFFER for Deafened Persons Tor pi · «· " j ure troubled by " i; n. r.ay be the jr-.j ^ d tiev.-. full life --·· ·': ,". '!.- -".so-, "lent of ser- ·i ' ·· , f- ?"* v companion- *-!i'i " - a f i o'.a :ng brochure t a l U t ! K ! 'une Iji-annsj" and is " w a\ aMable v, jthoat charge. O e . f " ' - l pi r «"jx nctiai-n it as a ni.u'.st t! j i!«e v ,\\\ advice and en- I'jiira .{'·"· · t of '^rc-Jt \aliic. If you ·AC .M h ^ e .» lr..' copy iend your ·us- i- . -\'i a-. s v e^ o'i .1 penny posture .:ul ,---i f r 'Full-tone Hear- i»4 ' V.'i-t" CELTOXE Dept. 18. ;r.o w -o-i, s-. Ctncasjo 8. Ill V M -.m . tVs i" poitaiit news to a fr.end v !·« j 'ay be hard-of-hear- inc ,_ ,, ,, ^ » - j j i Mrs. F. E. Shaum. Middle as u n v e e s ron o e , . . h ivhere he was laid in state; ot Washington Grove Guests were | _ Mr and Mrs Ra!ph B!ack and i years ago as the 29th Division i we n-.embers of Mrs Becra-t s falni j y Hagerstown. visited in : .II l^$-«lArIrAec. Kln^t nn,.*- Uli-'larffP falTSllV * i * - _ . _ - ! -T_:j ·**· * _I II 1 * known as "The Major of St. Lo." j cationmg in the New England j was killed along with 1 818 other, States and Canada for two weeks.; men of his division in the Battle I --Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nutt and j of the Beaches. I their son. Roy. left Wednesday for i He died the day before St Lo a trip through New York State. ! | fell and his troops carried his j Michigan and Ohio in front of the cathedral The bust ' --Mrs. Rupert Princ^ apd her was sponsored by the cadet,..of ,~' S^Mrs^Hc^f parent S^n^^ar^aemy, whicn ,^ ^ ^ John Hm m Poto . ~~~ I ~ ! --Mr and Mrs Adolph Gude. Jr.. REDS JLArXCH DRrVE I and thelr famUy are spendmg the Nanking. July 18 ,;fn--Chinese } next few weeks at Bethany- Beach. Communists dealt heavy blows to i _Miss Jo Claire Gwinn of Rock- the ^ G °!f r ^- ent "* central ^d i crest is m Columbia. Tenn, spend- i northwest China today, leading i ^g ^ £ulnm er with her grand- ! S 6 ^^, ^ )s ^ rve f to faeli eve they ' Darent3 . Mr. and Mrs. J T Whidby, i had at last aoandoned hit-skip raids ; ; n(1 - also alr alld yt rs _ M . p. Camp- ' is 1737 the recognized J of the New England colonies had a blue field with a white union quartered by a red cross Such | a flag, with a green pine tree' added, was carried at the Battle' of Bunker Hill. NowlsTheTime For all carpentry work, repifr- ingr. remodeling, new construction, see Thomas Consfr.Hng. Co. 310 Jefferson Street Phone 2144-J j beij ' and^ begun a general offensive. rapital of i _ Mr and Mrs j osepb Till and i was sur- her daug hter, Sharen. of Rockcrest. I close attack; ^-e returned to their home after ! .--TM 0 ... parents, Mr. f ,,-,-,,.,, , ,, -, - , and Sirs. Charles Derk in Le\vis- fallen, and the Government s i f T mam central base of Suchow ivas i ' closely threatened. I me independent and often high- ! r" ly accurate Chen Li (Truth) News I ~" Agency, reported Generalissimo i Chiang Kai-Shek -n,as personallv | directing the defense by radio and teleohone from a special war room in Nanking It compared his activities wun the dajs of the Japanese invasion. PHILCO RADIOS We have on display the new 1949 Philco Table models with FM and A3I reception Console Models F3I AM--Radio Phonograph Philco Television--Your Theatre At Home COME IX--SEE THEM--WATCH TELEVISION HOWE OW7TCD MELVIN M. ENGLE HO'WE OPERATED ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Back of Post Office Phone 80 Frederick. Md. f "Want E-rtra !? CASH in a. t-« HURRY? . r ^ J? umish us vrith a. * ? simple facts--tll us how · ?~~ much to set aside for you. ] * * The money ir.osz likely i ·L; \yill be ready for voa bv; j-J the time iz tvill take you: £~ to reach oar office. = Hi S25.00 to SSOO.OO LINCOLN .OAN S f ^ V f l C E INC IOS Patrick Si- Phone 1270 DONTMUFf THIS/ Don't muff this opportunity to have your radio and television set put into first class working order. Yonll be fascma'ed by the efficient operation of vonr receiver after it has been serviced by our skilled technicians These men have the knowledge and experience that Is necessary to restore the original tone and selectivity to yonr set. ^ ELECTRONICS SHO J RADIO *nl r TOEVHMNSEIMCC T J.W.GOODMAN HO WPATRiCK ST Ph** 969 ;i - J ; x 5 We're building ONE EVERY 45 SECONDS but that's not fast enough for America! KAISER FRAZER Service wherever you go In just two years we've built and sold more fine curs than any other new manufacturer in automobile history- Why? Because America fell in love with the KAISER and the FRAZER on siit, Folks are streaming into Kaiser-Frazer showrooms and learning from present ouners how dependable these two great cars are. They're learning --from people u ho drive them -- how soundly they are built ... how economical they are ... how much joy there is in owning one. THESE ARE THE MOST-COPIED C\RS IN AMERICA, road-proved bv 250.000 owners in two billion miles of driving. Because plenty of Americans insist on comfort, convenience, style and value, traditional leaders had to "move over" --· as Kaiser-Frazer became the fourth largest manufacturer of motor cars in the world in tmo short years. Why wait? Enjoy your new car this summer. You'll f,et fair treatment and highest trade-in allowance. FOR EARLY DELIVERY SEE M E A L ' S G A R A G E East Seventh Sts. Phone 734-J Frederick, Md. Homart 54-ln. Cabinet Sink A Modern Beauty Regular Price 112.50 This A A.50 Week Exsv Term» Carom- Charse) Electric Water Pump Priced At Only OQ.50 ^^T ^JF Term* ^^^ ^^^ E-tsv · 30-Gal. Steel Tank · 350 Gal. Per Hour 10.00 Down, 9.00 Month · Pull-Out Rinser Spray · Easy to Clean Finish · Plenty of Storage Space Modernize your kitchen w i t h this proud step-saving: beauty . . . save by getting: i( at Sears! Horn- art Deluxe 54-inch all-^teel bink has tv.o heavy steel drainboards thickly coated with snowy-white porcelain enamel. Four spacious drapers. 3 storage compartments. See it today! Homart Electric Water Heater Easy 10.00 DOWN, 3.00 MONTH (Usual Carrj ins; Charge) A complete Mater system for the average home. Galvanized cast iron pump; IjO-sal- steel tank. Pump capacity 350-gaI. per hour. 10 00 DCUY, 9.25 MONTH (Usaal rjin^ Charge) of h r t -water, day and night! Economjcal blade-!* pc heatinK element is conpletelj immersed, evrry speck of heat goes into heating 3-«n. fiber-?Iass insulated walls keep heat in. Sleek v. h:»e enameiert stect jacket. C. L \ppro-vcd. 52-;al. size. Rock Woo! Pellets Sturdy Roil Roofing Easy To Use 1.35 Bag REGULAR 1.98 1 .66 5aie fnel. avoid srnminer heat, be comfortable z.11 year. Yon ran ea«i'v insulate yonr un- floorcd attic. Bag coiers 20 sq. ft., 3-in. deep. Has fine waterproof qnalities. Top srade dry felt base with lOO^ pnre asphalt coatin? N~ail;. cement, instructions. Roll covers 100 sq. ft. Aluminum Garage Door IK"' i «'- ' « .-'. ! ' ' i - t ' r: - i tr-- · M ' trh " Homart Pressed Wood Wall Tiieboard 6 50 DOUTs'. 6 00 MONTH Lsual Carrving Charse New aluminum flap-up garage door is remarkably li£ nt in operation. and so very easy to install. Smart modern styling, a51-w elded construction braced with heavy steel-reinforced struts. Sire 8x7 ft. Reasonably priced. A fine Sears value. 4-ft. x 4-ft. Sheets Regularly 5.25 Now Low cost beauty to go on easily ri^ht over j our old wall in kitchen, bathroom, and Jaundrv. Homart pressed wood lileboard is thickly coated %\ish Mtiooth. sparkling baked enamel that turns away moisture, grease, and dirt. Lovely tile pattern in choice of flattering: colors. 12 W. PATRICK ST. FREDERICK. MD. PHONE 15SO

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