The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 1, 1951 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, December 1, 1951
Page 9
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got The N«w», Prederlek, Md., Saturday, December l v 1951 Mrs. Smith ffilsAtTaft WASHINGTON, Nov. 30 »«publican S e n a t o r Margare Chase Smith of Main* said toda Senator Taft tR-Ohio) made "« pretty extravagant statement" in aiming Communist charges agains the CIO during his 1950 campaign for re-electioh to the Senate. Mrs. Smith's thrust at her GOP colleague came .during a Senate inquiry into the Ohio Senatoria election which Taft won by a thumping majority. Reading from a* speech Taft made in Cleveland in October 1950, Mrs. Smith noted that the Ohio Senator had this to say of the CIO Political Action Committee (PAC), one of his major foes in the campaign: "The PAC was conceived in Communism, had Communist mid- and its period by Communist at its birth, nurtured in wives assisting was carefully formative teachers." Turning to Willis D. Gradison of Cincinnati, Taft's campaign manager last year, Mrs. Smith inquired: "Wouldn't you say that this is a pretty extravagant statement you couldn't back up with facts?" "I certainly couldn't back it up," Gradison replied. "I have no doubt the Senator at least attemp ted to back it up." Gradison said he would, not contend that the C1O-PAC was "controlled" or "dominated" by Communists, but would say it was "infiltrated" by Reds, at least until the CIO threw out several allegedly pro-Communjst unions. Reds Opposed Taft Senator Monroney (D-Okla recalled Gradison's earlier testimony that Communist leader Gus Hall had written "a blueprint" for the campaign against Tafl. Hall was one o£ the-11 top Red leaders convicted of conspiracy to advocate the violent overthrow of the Government. Monroney said he hsd read Hall's article and could not see that "reasonable men" would think it blueprinted the campaign against Taft. Gradison conceded that perhaps "blueprint" was the wrong word. He suggested it might have been better to say simply that the Communists opposed Taft. "This type of guilt by association," Monroney said, "1 think is very unfair. We're going to tear down our democracy unless we establish some sort of Marquis of Queensberry rules in these matters." Separate Trials Denied Defendants BALTIMORE, Nov. 30-~W-Separate trials were denied today to six defendants charged with violating the Federal Smith Act by carrying on Communist activities in Maryland. VCT,·,..-···-:.-. Federal Judge W. Calvin Ohes- nut, who previously had set the joint trial date of the defendant? for January 21, also overruled severs: other motions filed on behalf of the four men and two women. One of Ihe motions challenged the composition of the jury which indicted six persons. In the first instance, .Judge Chesnut ruled that the indictment charges a conspiracy in which alJ of the defendants were joined, and nothing had been established in proceedings, before him to justify separate trials. The defendants contended that the grand jury did not contain a proper proportion of manual workers', and this was in violation of their constitutional rights. Judge Chesnut. in his ll-page opinion, recounted that the 23- member jury consisted of three professional persons, four sales or clerical persons, two manual workers, eight retired persons snd three housewives. He said none of the defendants seemed to be manual workers, although they claimed, as avowed Communists, to have dedicated their efforts to the Interest of "working people as a class." The defendants are: Philip Frankfeld, Mrs. Regina Ftankfeld, George Aloyisius Meyers, Leroy Hand Wood, Mrs. Dorothy Rose Blumberg and Maurice L. Braverman, an attorney. Will's Provisions Held Too Indefinite WATERLOO^ ia., NOV. 30 w)-- The will of a man who left a $70.000 trust fund to "persons who believe in ihe fundamental principles of the Christian religion" was ruled invalid here today. District Judge Shannon B. Chad- ton, in throwing out the will of Dr. W. B. Small, a Waterloo physician, asserted: "Only by unpermissable assumption of omniscience can the trustees purport to execute the provisions of this will." He said the court had no right to go into the question of "what is a Christian." declaring: "Any attempt here to ascertain o r circumscribe t h e authority sought to toe reposed 'in the trustees requires excursions into a metaphysical field that is, and should be, out of bounds for the court of an organised society of human beings founded upon the principle of separation of church and state." The decision follows a widely- publicized trial last month in which 10 nephews and nieces of the Methodist doctor contested the will on the ground that it was impossible to determine what persons are "promulgating the fundamental principles of Christian religion." Widely varying views as to 'what is a Christian" were ex- Dressed ,by 10 clergymen and one ayman. called as witnesses in the trial. Dr. Small was 77 when he died n October, 1939. He was childless and left his wife as survivor. He established a small fund for his wife until her death and further jrovided that on her death the trustees were ( to distribute the estate to such persons as they "feel are directed by God. the Father. Fesus Christ, the Son and Holy Spirit." Mrs. Small died in April, 1949. The judge ruled that Dr. Small died intestate and ordered the rustees to distribute the property 'in accordance with the statutes of descent and distribution of the State of Iowa." This would mean he 10 nephew* and nieces would Khare In the estate. Textile Workers Wage Joost Is Approved RICHMOND, Va., Nov. 30, M 1 )-The regional Wage Stabilization 3oard today approved wage boosts "or over 5,000 textile workers in Maryland, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Chairman George E. Strong said our separate employe-company Brcemcnts nverc Involved. The largest group of workers affected were 4.460 employes of the Corporation of America plant at Amccllc, Md., whose plea for a general increase of six cents an hour was okayed. Jri'three other cases, agreements wcj;e.;npprovcd calling for n gnnera] wage hike of six nnrt one-half per cent And an escalator clause tied to of Labor Statistics' Photo by Frank Keefer MOVED AGAIN --This is the concrete-filled muzzle of the Revolutionary War cannon which has just been moved from what was thought its final resting place at the intersection of West. Fourth and Bentz streets to the Maryland State School for the Deaf. Originally it was an artillery piece on the old Barracks grounds, now the, Maryland State School, from which the area derived the name "Cannon Hill." Widening of Bentz street necessitated removal of the cannon from its resting place of a number of years, and it was returned to the State School by the city fathers on a request from Dr. Ignatius Bjorlcc. school superintendent. tha Bureau price index. These involved 12B union em- ployes of the Moore Textiles, Inc., at. Charlotte. N. C.; 145 union workers of Holliston Mills, of Tennessee. Inc., Kingsport. Tenn.: and 407 non-union employes of W. J. Dickey Sorts. Inc.. Oclla, Md. The regional WSB here turned down five other petitions on the basis of insufficient supporting evidence. Educators School Prayers ALBANY, N. 'Y... Nov. 30, (/TV- The New York State Board of Regents proposed today that every school day be opened with a prayer to "AlmiRhty "God" as well as the customary pledge of allegiance to the flag. The regents, governing body for education in the State, unanimous* Jy adopted a s t a t e m e n t of policy: eallinc for "specific programs" in public schools "stressing the moral and s p i r i t u a l heritage which is America's." In their statements, the regents said: "We believe at the commencement of each .school day the ad, of allegiance-to -ihe flag might well be joined with this act of reverence to God: 'Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon thce, and we beg thy blessing upon us, our parents, our teachers and our country'." The regents said that the American government and way of life would survive all challenges if schools intensified in children love for God, parents and home. The Federal and State Constitutions prohibit; the leaching of religion in public schools. ROME OVKnrOPTJLATEn ROME, Nov. 30, W--Rome has Crown so rnpidly since Mussolini's time it is short 100.000 homes for its swollen population of 1,600,011. the 1951 census disclosed today. The last census in ]93fi, when Benito Mussolini was II Duce, showed a population of 1,179,037. The latest, count showed there are 411.497 f a m i l i e s but only 311,908 homes or apartments, which overage between three and four rooms each. Say you saw it in The News. Utah was originally called "Deseret", a name used in the Book of Mormon, meaning "honey bee". N E ? , COfFtt-M/StR Electrical Wiring Residential, unit Industrial FIXTURES OF AM, TYPES ANJ1 REPAre WORK HARRY TINNEY 12 Hamilton Av e . Phone ISO) R-escriptions 1 TRUSSES and SUPPORTS WILLIAMSON'S DRUG STORE 12 North Market St. Phone 68 MEMBER F E D E R A L R E S E R V E SYSTEM makes 2 to 4 efo/icious cups of coffe*! Don't Take Chances! Every day, somebody loses cash or other valuables as a result of fire, flopd, theft or carelessness. You don't want it to happen to you. Keep your money in a bank account, where it will be safe and at your command when needed. Keep Important Papers and Other Valuables in a Safe Deposit Box. The Citizens National Bank · · has Boxes Available for Immediate Use. SmcN femity* Tfe Site it ti* offMHMicM for Mfwddif by Sfex for ftmifm . . . tf ( MM*. C «ri IM*M A* IM* caff** * Mtw wwt* . . . b M* StMrkKfif Pyw MM. GMIM* a* SEEGERCO. « I. Market 8fc ' phone 1«« -. We BeHrtr Join our ^mas Club now Hemtur frifr*( Dtfiail ftuonrnec Coi fr'tiim Two Hurt And Two Cars Badly Damaged Sgt. Frank J. Jackson. Camp Detrick, suffered abrasions of the leg/i and was confined to the Post Hospital Friday night when the 1941 Cadillac he was driving struck the left center of a 1950 Dodge taxicab driven by JElwood DeGrange, East Sixth street DeGrange was taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital and released but was to return today for x-rays of the ribs and left hip and arm. Sgt, Jackson was traveling west on Carroll Parkway when he struck DeGrange who was going south on College avenue, police said. DeGrange's car was knocked across to the.west side of College avenue, over the pavement and came to rest facing east on the grounds of the Parkway school. The car driven by the soldier went on across College avenue and came to rest headed east on the west side of College Parkway. About $600 damages was sustained by the taxicab and the Cadillac is a total wreck. Charges are pending further investigation by Officer Boone. HONOR GUARD DISBANDED ABERDEEN, Nov. 30 (/P--The Army announced today it has disbanded the Aberdeen Proving Ground's honor guard, which Lt. Gen Jacob L. Devers once described TO PLAY HERE--Hal Mclntyre and his band have bee.n booked to play for the Frederick High School Alumni Association dance the night of December 28. Professional decorators will follow the Christmas season motive. Ernie Bernhart and June Stuart are featured vocalists with the Mclntyre band. : as "the best I've seen anywhere." Organized in September, 1948, the 23-man guard has marched in honor of .such notables as Secretary of the Army Frank Pace. Gen Mat- THE GROCERY AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE BUSINESS of William S. Hood, 10 miles East of Frederick, on U. S. 40 Is now owned and operated by Delbcrt C. Poole.. The Television anfl Appliance Department of the business will remain at the same legation and will as in the past be owned and operated by William S. Hood. We will serve our customers in the same courteous manner as in the past and your continued patronage will be much appreciated. WILLIAM S. HOOD DELBERT C. POOLE FARMS--Dairy or stock tarm 1Z miles N. of Frederick. Comfortable home. Lame barn--plenty of water. Reasonable. HOMES--Bungalow. Linden hills, 3 bedrooms, large kitchen, living room, etc. Club basement, utility room garage. Double lot beautifully landscaped, fine view. Owner -will sacrifice. BUSINESS--Service station complete. Located in Tancytown. Every' thing $4,500.00. Prosperous general store and liquors. Near Frederick. Reasonable. CITY LOTS--Two large desirable home sites near High School, (routing on Baker Park. Priced to sell at once. R. C. BOYER, Real Estate Chapline BIdg. Frederick, Md. Tel. 108$ Residence Middletown, Md. Tel. 57-J-l Representing Geo. M. Chapline, Realtor Essoheat Fuel Oil Kerosene MONOCACY OIL COMPANY Distributor* Essn Products Phone 365 Frederick, Md. UINJUI $ 35 DOWN GIANT* 20" SCREEN HAVE TV IN YOUR HOME TAKE 18 MOS. TO PAY MUM TV PROVEN OUTSTANDING IN FREDERICK AREA SAVE 200 OR MORE JACK KENNEDY PHONE 2146-R FULL One Year Guarantee Drug And PREEMPTION Service MODERN PHARMACY SUCCESSOR TO PEARRE'S DRUG STORK TELEPHONE 208 Join Hospital Aid, Inc., and Help Yonr Neighbor JEstes JTexaco Service PRESENTS ITS "Christmas Offer" A bonafide representative of Estes Motors, Inc., will call on you and offer you an introductory service designed to gain your goodwill and merit you? future business-FOR $ You W 711 it ec five .The 1-- CAR WASH 1-- SPARK PLUG CLEANING JOB 1-- BRAKE ADJUSTMENT 3-- Internal Motor Flushes 2-- BATTERY RECHARGES 2--MARFAK LUBRICATION JOBS Any combination of jobs may be taken at one time or the coupons are good for one year. There's no hidden catch--truly a bona- fide offer. DRIVE SAFELY-- WE 9 fMI§S YOST AND REMEMBER ··Ffc« Retttv* Cotnv* front thew B. Hldfwty. Gen. Mark Clerk, Lt. Gen Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Lt. Gen. James A. Van Fleet Devers and Governor Theodore R. McKeldin of Maryland. The only original members still with the guard when it was disbanded were Sfc Jesse McCourry of Waynesboro, Va., Sgt. Hugh Burkitt of Aberdeen, and Sgt. Robert E. Weaver of Spring Grove, Pa. Says Public Funds Used To Advertise Movie WASHINGTON, Nov. 30, fi-- Senator Douglas CD-HI) said today he has discovered that "the U. S. Treasury has used public funds to advertise a Warner Brothers movie." He said he was "deeply shocked." Douglas said that'posters publicizing the film "Jim Thorpe--All- American" were mailed to 25,000 junior and high school principals HEARING AID PHILOSOPHY A bearinc aid is just as satisfactory to the user as the service constantly available: Your hearing aid needs good freih batteries, sometimes a broken or defective cord replaced or set repaired. Patron, izing a Frederick firm assures daily service and free loaner if needed FREDERICK HEARING AID * CENTSR Phone 842 4 W, Patrick St. FOLEY ELECTRIC SAW Discarded Saws Cut Like New C.YOPER Boundry Ave. Thurmont, Md. by the Savings Bond Division the Treasury. "Accompanying these poster? w a request that they be display on school bulletin boards," Dougl said. He added that the posters we paid for and furnished by Warn Brothers, "but the Treasury se them through the mail free, wi all the prestige of the Departm X X X." (^ About 10 per cent of the spa on the poster. was devoted, "small plug for defense bonds at stamps." but the rest was glv over to advertising the mov; Douglas said. 3 4 MAAS OPTICIANS Eyei Examined--Glasses FittJ T E L E V I S I O N GLASSES · Phone 1951 242-A N. MARKET STREET Buy The Best BICYCLES Schmlnn--all models WHIZZER MOTORS 1 SMALL, DEPOSIT WILL HOLD UNTIL XMAS BRADLEY T. HAHEY, Jr. Petersville Road, Brunswick, Md. HAMETON, ELGIN, GRIM AND BULOVA WATCHES JAMES E. DOLL Watchdr, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware 9 SOUTH MARKET STREET FREE! FREE! FREE! Now You Can Get That * HOLIDAY TURKEY FREE with each Kelvinator Electric Range «· Kelvinator Freezer chased before December 28, 1951. LIBERAL TRADE-IN CONVENIENT TERMS FISHER'S APPLIANCES "Kitchen Specialists" puip"* I is M 13 E. Patrick St. Phone 151 FOR SALE Located in Frederick's finest residential section, this Ranch-type home is distinctive in every way. Two bed-rooms, den, living room r dininir room combination. Modern built-in kitchen with exhaust fan and Formica counter tops. Tile bath. Full basement divided into two rooms. Attached garage. Immediate possession. Assistance with financing available. FOR DETAILS CALL HAMILTON HOMES, Inc. 6 East Second St., Frederick, Mel. Phone 2307 GIFTS of Quality VICTORIAN CHAIRS -- the finest -- beauty and charm beyond expectation from the Jolm, Widdicomb Factories -- Grand Rapids. Y O R K T O fe reflected in these genuine reproductions , . Hand" ·caved mahogany and lovely tapestry are beautifully combined to make this ensemble truly worthy of the nam* of « crity so rich in historical tradition . . d K you desire the finer things to help you more truly' express your good taste and individuality, you will' surely want to see these and other he'irloorrj pieces' in our delightful collection of Victorian furniture. CLIME'S FURNITURE STORE Where every purchase IK a usef«l practical GIFT PHONE MX 10 8. MARKET F \VSPA PERI EWSFAPESl

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