The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 29, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 29, 1934
Page 7
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-— , SUNDAY, JULY a», 1*84 THE PAWS NEWS, A Weekly Review of Paris Business and Ind Published Each Sunday In The Paris News .Reflecting Activity Of Paris Institutions BUILDING LOAN GETS NEW NBA CODE CAR JMAKES MIRACLE TRIP IN DEATH VALLEY ^^k ^^BB• ^Hft KA ^^k • • A • ^h, AM ^^k ^b • • ^K ^^h • A M• ^^K •^^^•^^^^•^•i" "™ ^^fc^^^^^^ -ii. . _ ...„ ^^^^^^^.^^•• ^ „, , i ,„„—, 1 !!•••• •• —— » —. v SEVEN BILLION DOLLAR LINE OF INDUSTRY NOW UNDER ITS PERMANENT CODE OF OPERATION The Paris Buildlna: and £.oan Association receive^ Friday Code Eayle Xo. 52 from the XRA Code Authority for Savings, Building and Loan Associations. The Code . Easle W.-H1 replace the standard blue eagle now being: displayed In the Association's place of business at 1/6 Clarksville street. O. •-W.Bosivell, Secretary-Treas- srer of the Association, says that tb& Building: an<} Loan Associations, representing a. $7.000.000,000 business throughout the country, were the 159th industry to have its Code of Fair Competition Exchange Your Cottonseed For Meal and Hulls Our Hulls are CUEDAX and our meal to TBLX.OW! Lamar Cotton Oil Company -Tl»e Friendly OU Milir* Sotith 25tb St_ T and P. Track* For Complete ALEMITE Lubrication Brinp Your Car To JOHN SCARBOROUGH rtsrr For Gas and Oil Payette Riddel!. Owner i signed by the President of the Uni- I ted States. The associations have I beer operating: under the Code sinc« January i and according to present XRA regulations, institutions which corne under JIB approved code must display their own Code Eagle. The Code for these associations is administered through the United States Building and Loan League, their national trade organization. Mr, BosAve!! pointed out. He said that local jtnd state XRA committees are being appointed to act as fact-finding and advisory bodies to the Code Authority. Word from the Code Authority i whose headquarters are in Chicago indicated to the local Association that reproductions -of the labor provisions of the Code will be sent in a few days. These ar* to be displayed prominently in every association's place of business. as required under all approved [ codes. They include minimum •wajres graded according: to size of the community served, and maximum -working -weeks of fony hours averajred over quarterly periods of thirteen weeks. Mr, Boswell said that one of the most Important provisions of the Building and Loan Code is the emphasis upon strict adherence to facts in adx-ertlsiiTcr, "The bunding: a.T;d loan association which has always maintained stricr trnthful- ness in sTat«>j«en.t and in implication will, not noTr be handicapped in competiRjr -svith any institution •which is more ?a,x in these matters. The Code sivcs us an instrument to enforce these standards." CLARA LEE, PARIS LADY, AGED 103, ENJOYS REGULAR TRIPS TO THE LIBERTY BEAUTY SHOP, MA RVELING AT BEAUTY AIDS This sweet little lady is Miss Clara JLee who. at the age of 103. is shown thoroughly enjoying a finger -wave at the quite modern, up-to-the-minute Liberty Beautv Shop. Quite different from the backbreaking- days of her youth is the quick refreshing shampoo she receives and she relaxes comfortably while expert fingers fashion «. halo of soft white vraves. She lingers to chat in the cool, clean shop; keenly appreciating the courteous attendance and marveling at so many modern appliances in the aid of beautv. Aren't you girls of 50 and 75 a little bit ashamed to be so negli- ent of your opportunities at such modest prices? COOK AND COKER INSTALLS NEW DRY CLEANING MACHINE Complete PERMANENT WATTE $J,95 lo S5.OO Finder Wavr I5c All Work Guaranteed SANITARY BEAUTY SHOP 21 Lainra Avrouc Phone *» Hugh Palmer Motor Company atnd Plyroontb and Service Untie Your Most Useful Servant ELECTRICITY Put An Electric Outlet On Every Wall Texas Power & Light Co. For Prompt—First Class FRIGIDAIRE V SERV1CE sn Domestic or Commercial refrigeration equipment and air condition In:: equipment call. iay or ni~ht— PERKINS BROS. CO. Frigidairc Dept._ Paris. Texas Day Ph. 24S4. Night 2»b. 2±OS Xcw is the time to book order* 'or Truit trees for fas! delivery. CADDEL'S Distributor for KELVINATOR Electric Refrigerator Telephone 1703 Drive a New 1934 STUDEBAKER And you'll buy one OSCAR DUNAGAN • Jack Kan&or;, ilgr. Comer Kaufman and 20th Cook and Coker. lessees of the Ideal laundry have just installed a new hisrh pressure filtering system of the latest improved type. This particular machine is known as the Filpro Filter system, and will increase the capaciry for handling srannenta in their d-y cleaninjr plant by at least double. Not or=ty does this new improved system of filterinc: increase the Possible capacity of the plant, but it notably improves the qualftv of cleaning. The improvement in" the quality is accounted for in the "fact that it thoroughly filters and cleans to aa absolute -whiteness the naptha thai is used as i cleaning: fluid. The Cook and Coker plant has used the Glover continuous flow system of dry cleaning, which cleans the clothes in clean fluid, but by the addition of the new hich pressure Filpro Filterer thev win b« enabled to have s. more abundant amount of cleaniu?: fluid that will be cleaner and more pure than it has ever been. ifr. J. C. Coker. who ^uperiTi- tends the operation of the plant said Saturday that he had visited all of the larger, and higher type dry cleaning: plants in Dallas, Vt_ \Vorth and 'Wichita Falls before purchasing this new.- equipment and found this very same machine- in ttse in'every plant he had visii- ed. It -!sra45 pointed out by the plant owners in these cities that it was the best eo,ulament of its kind that | Js bcinc us-?d by the dry cl?anin<- {industry, said Mr. Coker. •W, >C- Johnson of the Fllpro factory in Chicago, spent Fridav and Saturday in Paris assisting: them m the installation of the new machine, and said Saturday afternoon tha: it would be in operation Monday . RUNS 10 HOURS WITHOUT WATER IN HOTTEST SPOT An unusual car came to Paris Thursday, a car that performed a miracle in Death Valley, the hot- i test spot in America. In the per- I formance of rhis miracle it v.-as | with Mobilgas. iloblloil and Moi bilgrease. for which the local dis- itributor is V,*. A. Cavvthon. I The car ran for 10 hours in the | scorching 130-degrree heat at Death Valley, without water, without ra- j diator. a spectacular, almost in- 1 credible run. made possible through the staying power of JMo- bilgas with climatic control arrd its quality mate. Mobiloil. Can you Imagine driving your oa:- f«...r ien hours -vvithour stopping, with the thermometer sizzling up around 130 degrees—with no radiator on the car and no water circulating through the engine? Impossible: Tou'd think so. But Magnolia and Soec-ny- Vacuum did it in Death Val !=;.-: | Stripped of its radiator—minus | water—a car started out on the ; sun-scorched trackf staked out on I the desert floor. Started—and kept going! Eight —nine—ten hours! N"o stops* Drivers were switches right on the track with the cars In motion. Temperature jumped—carburetor 175 degrees—crankcase oil 200 degrees—cylinder wall 405 desrrees —cylinder head 490 degrees, hotter than your car will ever encounter. If there ever was a test on gasoline and motor oil—this was it! And yet the gasoline and oil functioned perfectly—no vapor- lock—no loss of power—no bearing failures—no scored cylinders— no motor trouble. What a tribute -o Mobilgras with Climatic Control. Mob-loll and Mob:Igrease! The amazing- tests mace by this one car -were only part of a "series of punishins- tests conducted in Death Valley, and at Mount Whitney, by Magnolia and Soconv- miles in second gear. Results? Protected by Mobilgas. Mobiloil and Mobilgrease, the motor suffered no noticeable damage and was still in condition to climb Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in th« United. States: I Stripped of radiator and cooling I ^ystem this car -tic-- 1 ^ n^^-'tsd ?*•> I improvised salt-encrusted track | - - -1.000 miles in Io-v srear . l ooo House Hardware Company Paint and Paper Department Joe Gille^pie In Charge Phone 136 NELSON DAIRY HAS NEW V-8 FORD FOR TWO DELIVERIES DAILY TO THEIR CUSTOMERS CALL FOR SUREBEST It's Better Bread Southwest B*kmf Co. E. C. Gantt, BUDWEISER of Bottled Beers e Wholesale by AMIS BROS. CO Get Tb»t Good Pnrc. RJcb and Sweet Milk From NELSON DAIRY It's better sad costs no morel T*AMAR ROAT> COMPARE OUR PRICES Be^re y ou buv aato Hootea-AIUrd A«to A Hoire 0«- 0 cd *3 S. 30tb Street Providing Northeast T with MOTOR FREIGHT SERVICE THAT IS —Fosf — Dependable — Economical — Efficient NORTHEAST TEXAS MOTOR LINES G«n«rml Office—Purta ICE CREAM 20£ WART Hildebrand's Gulf and Get Ahead 9 ' SAM WEISS Wstrllmtor of GulT RcflMiBc Prodccw Hudson, Champion of the Road Uses Champion Spark Plugs, ROSS ILIFF MOTOR CO Bulck Sales «m] An Unlimiteii Whole M3k Mivfcct Chevrolet Owner* Our **rvic* dap«rtmenT i* com- m *»ne<J The newest piece o* equipmen: t dsiivery 5 just put into use by the Nelson customers Da!rj- !s the New Ford V-S c^:v«?ry feral to d: :k shown above. This is the I>e- } spect the :e Model Ford Sedan Delivery j type, and its brxg-ht shiny appear- f anre. and speedy, smooth *'£•'?'- • a-5va.y" improves the service to their \ i customers tremendously. f With two deliveries each day. | made promptly after the ir.ili-c ha? 5 been thoroughly toe cooled at th?;r ! clean, modern milk house. N^'.sc castcniers are a!w*ys assur*-.- 5 , < fresh, cool nisJk. This is a icar-ji that is especially important durl-c j these hot sximrner dsys -wher; milk handled m the ordinary way :.« naturally prone to lose some of ;ts The jjrntl-fman just IcavlTsc Th? new truck with a cold quart of :**.»- nch. creamy Nelson Grade " A" Tr.ilS. is TVniiam Nelson, who m.ik- j *s the deliveries himself artii F^r- .*onally ««•«•.« to it that thr;r «-u«t^- mers are properly taken car^ of. He iviK PUT your milk ir, your r»- friuenitor for you, jf vc-u <ii*s'!'"e and sruarant^es it to be fresh, clean *nd sweet. from th« home of K. >!. Ne!son on X-amar Road, and is or» t > of the most attractive spot* In this pretty ! section of the country, it 3 * ,%n;> a i short distance from town, and th*- f*ciHti«s for handling thfir pro- <!*ict u?*<j t»y The ox\*n?r5 jxr* 1 ^ust as modern and efficient a* rh»-!r rsteir:. They invite th. and the public in g:< ive out anytinae and : r> remises. Dr. Pepper Bottling Company John Barnes, MARX PLUMBING TtK- Better Kind P'hooe 8S9 XEXT TIME TRY LORECO GAS AXD OIL, ^- I>. (Jack> Milling A^ent Loaisiana Oil and Refining Co. Telephone 2S7 Stailings Roofing Co. "\Ve Top "Ecj Air* General Roofins: Conrractor S3 Grand Avenue Phone 92 <ScotT Title & Trus: Co. BTds. > E- C. StaHmgss W. P. Garrett Pontiac 8 See Itl Drive I. Compare Prices: Al Gullick Motor Company 72 Somb Main Street TRY OUR MIXED HULLS AND MEAL IN 100 POUND BAGS SOUTHLAND COTTON OIL CO. by trained mechanic* to »*rv« YOU b»»t, For Call A. M. WIUC1N3 13ft *r». »Tth Be«oty Shoppe Also Zoto» "Comfort ami C H4 BARNETTS TIN SHOP Itn mzid GJLlvunlzed Iron Work. GaiTinired Radiators Repaired aad EAST RJUJFMAN STKEEHC PHONE NO, 34O EAT IDEAL BREAD "Ideal for Every Meal** Ideal Baking Co "A Paris Institution" BUY FURNITURE MADE IN PARIS ! Paris Grocer Company a.Ie Disrributors of Quality Food Product* For the Entire Trade Terriix>ry TRUMAN E. JOHNSON FU.TS MOORE Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Co. 514 First NaiL Sank Bids. For Utmost Power Mobiloil W. A. CAWTHON YOUNG MALLORTS 333 SERVICE STATION 63 South ilain — Phone 333 Goodrich Tires—Golf Products Service PAR-TEX OIL COMPANY L F. Co-wiey, Mgr. Quality Shoe Repairing Join oTzr throng of satisfied iustoniers who are eiyoyic* our courteous quality service. QUINK SHOE SHOP SO Lamar Avenue Repairing a Specially SUITS, DRESSES, COATS ll£-ster Cleaned G/\ and Pressed Ol/C City Stesmi Laundry Telephone 21-22 ONE-STOP Every service for the motorist Dodge-flymoutjj Dealer Langford Motor Service Successors To Osbnra Motor Servjc* 33 YEARS ON LAIV3AR AVENUE Company Place Your Insurance With Rainey, Love & Co. Offices ai 2S South >4ain Street Pbone 41T LAMAR TRUCK & TRACTOR CO. Sales and Service—•FarmaB | Tractors—IniernatJonaJ Tracks | 55 BOXSAAi STRKET LYON-GRAY LUMBER CO. Thx- home of Quality 5u:ld in;r Materials Phooe 2T5 MILK 4 LET US DELIVER '-Tnat Creamy Milt™ To *Tour Home Dailj- W. H. MARTIN DAIRY Ave. Road, Pb. PHONE 336 Wnen Toar Car —Won'i Start Easily —Woa'r ran veith usual pep. —Won't ride or steer as good as wnen aew. vVe iiave the finest eqiiipiseiit sj:d the most highly trained. sieciia-iics- GENUINE BELCO BATTERIES •Aft IS Natural Gas i'our cleanest, most efficient, most economics.! fuel for beating, cooking and m- diisiria] uses- Texas Cities Gas Co. We Have Money TO LOAN To Repair Your Home Paris Building & Loan Association HOGAN CLARK Local representative and distributor CONOCO CONOCO Gasoline Pbone tT Gertn Procesved Motor Oil 3*2 Vflsrtb MiUo „•<*. FILING SUPPLIES Everything you need to make your office thoroughly modern." i j^/ ^^ f v ^*

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