Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 7, 1975 · Page 2
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1975
Page 2
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2-A—LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL— Monday Morning. April 7, 1975 Fight Against Alleged HUD Discrimination Continues ;' By JAMES A. KIDNEY r.JVASHINGTON (UPI) — In 1B66, Dorothy Gautreaux was just one of hundreds of Chicago blacks isolated from white residential neighborhoods in ihe \\5est Side Henry Horner public hdusing development. /The Chicago Housing Authori- ty had concentrated needy black families in mas?ive higlv rise projects to th'e south and west of the downtown Loop area —projects notorious as impersonal, crime-ridden ghettos.- But Dorothy Gaulreaux riecid- governmcnl-financcd racial seg- regation, and now her fight has become a federal case —with Mrs. Gautreaux plaintiffs so far and her winning, co- the federal government appealing and Ihp Supreme Court once again in the middle. In a few weeks, the high ed to fight what she .SRW as court must decide whether to referee yet another dispute living. did. Backed by the American Civil j HUD argues the Roal Liberties Union, Mrs. Gau- i federal of suburbs treaux and residents filed other suit project in 1966 against the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) and the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. They charged the city and HUD had from th« CARROLL RIGHTER INSTITUTE i GENERAL TENDENCIES: You made brilliant plans over ^he weekend which you can now put in action. But do so as quietly and inconspicuously as possible so you do not waste any time in the doing. : ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 1°) Consult with an expert on how test to get some important plan working successfully. Help a good pal who is in trouble. • TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Gain support of a good friend for some problem or plan and get good results. Show your social know-how later in the day. ; GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Handle career, public affairs efficiently. Some credit affair should be attended to without further delay. Don't get into a bind. MOON CHILDREN' (June 2?. to July 21) You have new ideas that you should put in operation quickly, since they axe excellent and can bring you profit. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Don't neglect obligations any longer. Show more thought for mate and let your relationship be more harmonious. ' ' VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Listen carefully to what associates say to increase harmony. Know how to improve prestige now enjoyed. Avoid a temptation to overspend, LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Plan how to make your surroundings more attractive and efficient so you can have more leisure in the future. Gain co-workers' approval. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Fit some pleasure into your busy work curricula today and relieve tension you are under. Enjoy good friend in p.m. 1 mprovc diet. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Those who dwell with you are apt to be touchy now, so use kid gloves when dealing with them. Investigate new interests. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan, 20) Make appointments that •will lead to advancement for you in the future. Don't procrastinate about important shopping. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Know what is owed and what you owe. Make collections, pay bills. You can get needed backing from a bigwig, Be conscientious. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Dress well early and then off to keep business appointments. Attend social affairs that will help you advance. Group meeting is beneficial. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... he or she will need simple, kind discipline early in life to teach moral, ethical and spiritual values so the life will be set in the proper mold for successful dealing with others throughout the lifetime. The vocation is apt to be in connection with public life of some sort, whether in civic or religious circles. This progeny is sensitive to the needs of others. A good education is important. "The Stais impel, they do not compel." What you make of your life is largely up to YOU! Carroll Righter's Individual Forecast for your sign for May .is now ready. For your copy send your birthdate and 51 to Carroll Righter Forecast (name of newspaper), Box 629, Hollywood, Calif. 90028. i(c) 1975, McNaught Syndicate, Inc.) courts from forcing to help covrecl inner suburban public housing is city discrimination, unless the admirable, but that the courts suburbs themselves are actively discriminating against racial cannot 'minorities. involving heated allegations of j cooperated tn isolate the black de facto segregation, civil j community, using federal hous- riRhts and government respou-jjng funds. S "i > I li - t , y 'i i ,i -i , Lower courts supported them If it takes the rase, its ruling , , . „,,. , ,,, n could set social policy n ii«"rt found O1A and HUD guilty historic importance to scores of major American cities and their suburbs. Mrs. Gautreaux and her eo-| Last August, the 7th U.S. plaintiffs want the Federal! Circuit Court of Appeals or-j government and the cities to i fierce! HUD to remedy its past increase the number of public housing projects out in the white suburbs, breaking the old pattern nf inner-city black ghettos and giving poor blacks can't require it. HUD says the courts force suburbs tn solve thej The ACLU says the federal racial segregation problems of i funding of the inner cities, and claims (lie makes this Supreme Court decided this issue when it ruled suburban public housing a federal matter and quite unlike the Detroit case, because local autonomy is The specific plan can also be appealed. Any Supreme Court decision could swing on just one vote — likely that of Justice Potter Stewart, who joined the four newest court members in the 5 to <1 majority on the Detroit school case. Mrs. Gautreaux' name still provides the title of what could become a historic case: Gautreaux vs. Hills fHUD Secretary Carla A. Hills). But whatever happens, Mrs. Gautreaux She died will in never 1969, know still it. in .segregated public housing. Detroit schoolchildren could not j not a decisive issue, be forcibly bused to city schools to achieve racial balance in the urturn school system. , ( ins in violation of Ihe 14th and ! 5th Amendments. Last August, the The high court can either take the case for review next term or reject it, leaving District Judge Richard B. The high court made that landmark ruling last July in a Austin to approve a specific case known as Millikrn vs. |suburban public housing plan to Brndloy. HUD helicvcs it bars! be executed by MUD and CHA. "WE HEAR A DIFFERENT DRUMMER" ilh proven success! Try our unique, personal hrand of real estate service. We derm ourselves worth) 1 of our hire! Use your attorney in all real esuie transactions. Bern ice Turquefte, Mgr. 3217-34th 792-M66 J-ar EDWARDS & ABERNATHIE, REALTORS an equal chance at decent discrimination by creating new public housing in the suburban counties to the north and west of Chicago. The CHA favors such a plan and did not appeal. Rut HUD INFLATION CAN BE STOPPED BY BOB MORRISON Say's Law states, ''Production automatically provides for consumption my." In in a other market words, econo- people than we can sell in the model year at the prices calculated, MFC Boat Co. could go broke. To turn slow-moving boats into and businesses who produce a cash near the end of a model product or service receive i.year requires a price cut of 25 enough total income from it to j per cent or more, at which buy products and services of (price we would be losing 15 per equal value from others, who in ] cent rwe-tax or more on each turn buy the products and serv- jboat. By reacting quickly to ices the former produce. In a'changes in demand, we keep market economy, if the demand j most of our people working exceeds the supply, the price i steadily throughout the year goes up enough to reduce the | and also prevent a big pile-up demand to Ihe available supply, ' ' '' ' Dlitv *r Of/ Jury [pendent School District, board o( : trustees. George Neaves. 25 i voles, \V.H. Moore, 21 votes, | and Cisco Valdez. 1-1 votes. JDALLAS (AP) — Stephen D . i outdistanced Mike Hancock. \2 Thompson says he'll be glad to j vote's' fnr (he sriou- up for jury duty, if Judge) ' — Jdmes B. Zimmerman wouldn't.! I.UIBOCKAV mind waiting: a bit _ like 49-| M(ira) , ( rdl ,, nn „, Th , L ,, hbork A%tltllflK . years. [ Journal. PrinlH at Jlh »/iri \\tt\vt .]. Luhhork. .Thompson sent, a leUer to ' T ' v; " :>m - r(> - "° v m Fl "™' ™'- u «- £«• _• . _ . condciiilpcitasf |»id*.t I.tiMwk.Tcm. ammerman. judge or Criminal HOME r>F.uw:ny District Court No. 3 here, ac-j .. . ByThrMnmh . ... ,, . I Morning, citninf, Sunday 1S.JS knowledging the penally for j >iiirnmj*Sunrf« j.w failing to respond to a jury | j, <0 ' r "' ne 'o"" rd * y ' s '"" l * y J' 3 " summons, but, there's this lil.tle i rienin^siiVrVji'hn'iy'!"""".'.''.''!!"!.".".''.!:^ matter of hi?. 300-year pi-ison[ f " nlt ">'* ilhT) * 11 ! "• | ' + *< |JV — 1 --« term. Thompson gel the sen- j [ ;> 7'"^.,",;•, ISS tenoe after an unsuccessful es . I *«»^<»*»'-''-+"'« cape from the Dallas County jail in 1972. '"I sure can't pay the fine. Jadge. but if you want to wait uritdl 2472, you can put me back in jaii," Thompson wrote. and if demand goes down, the price goes down to increase the demand. This is a nice, neat theory but most prices do not readily adjust to demand and supply. If total demands for all products and services increase at the same time, a business boom is created; if demand decreases a business recession occurs. For example, we make MFG boats. At the start of each model year (September) we estimate how many boats of each model and color we will sell in Ihe coming 12 months. We study the bills of material and j labor and set the price for the whole year, hopefully. Prices are set to earn MFG a 5 per \ cent after-tax return on sales. ] Then we set a daily production i schedule which we plan to maintain at R constant level throughout the year. We watch incoming orders closely and .... , compare them to the seasonal \McAaOO DOttl'd fciectedlpattern of orders received in j | the same months in past years. I MCADOO (Special)—Threellf orders appear to be falling (members were elected herei 0 ^' w e reduce production. We j Saturday to the McAdoo Inde-l adjusl , Production schedules promptly to indication of change in demand. If we overestimate demand and produce far more boats Wuaina Satisfaction Guaranteed • RetJacemerrf «• Money Refunded Prices effective A GREAT TWO DAY FAMILY TREAT OF SAVINGS! of unsold products. The auto industry overestimated the demand for 1975 model cars and overbuilt in early fall and winter. This not only resulted in tremendous lay-offs and production cutbacks in the auto industry but also huge losses to the auto companies and a wide-spread business recession, which may blom into a depression. GET THE GfNUINt NOTCH IDRSTfR 'Thrust-Sock Ceilor' TOILET TANK BALL Arrtf.rita't lnrtji»<f Seffer fK* fHifi»nt V/atpr Wn'tfrr inilnnlf (he (In* of w 0 t>r a'i»r «a<h Huihinq $ 1°° AT HARDWARE STORES 1 -A MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS I Vr S\ln. 3M«. 1 Mn. Hornins* JunHav ....... S4<.wij:( (m Ji!,M 54.iV) fAfninjA .SuniJ»i ...... I'M :i «! I! .04 «W Mnrnin|0iily ............. 3?.«" 1JM f.M ,1.34 lAfnirjOntv ............. .Irlrt IV'ft US 3 ?5 SunrliyOnly .............. 36. M IS.M J.M 301 PAINTINGS FOUND MILAN. Italy (API - Twen-, ty-eighl Impressionist, paintings ! stolen from Milan's municipal museum in Februai-y were re-| covered Sunday in an empty apartment, police said. Tbe <srt works, v a 1 11 p d at between SI.5 miliion and S3 million, were found undamaged, officials said. They included works by Van Gogh, Cex.anne, Gauguin. Renoir, Corot and other French, Dutch and Italian painters. There were no arrests. For All Your Banking Needs. i> A iENZO COHICt 1C IM-UMSll «M*U «*C rujiu I For Your Want Ad Dial 763-9311 | Watch For It Soon! It's On The WAY! IESWEAR ladies patchwork match- mates 00 18 You will (ind 'Patchwork' in every fashion area...pants, jeans, pant- surd, hogwashers, jackets, even mix one) malcri croups. Sketched ore just a few representative styles. SAVE 23% men's bine chambray shirts Regularly 4.33 Short sleeve sanforiz- ed cotton with long tails, 2 button pockets. Sizes S-M-L-XL. II OZ. VASELINE INTENSIVE CARi LOTION Non-greasy, soflens on contact. Tor over riry stem. SUNBEAM MIST STICK CURLING IRON Finer lip mist release. For quick easy styling, HOME ENTERTAIN. MENT STORE- ALL UNIT For record!, ipeoker, tuner, Pullout shelf. Unassembled. 414 PORTABLE SPRAY PAINTING OUTFIT ^9 \f re 9 . i5.00 The sturdy light weight set will provide professional looking finishes end con be used anywhere. Set includej compresior, hate and ipray gun. Unaeraooa's W« want to introduce our cujlomeri la tn« fa«jt barhccim txtf in town and To Our N«w Bar-B-O Sauuig*. W« Now Mok« Thim Oun«lv«i! Thot'i Why W«'ll Givi you . . . 2LINKSBAR-B-Q SAUSAGE FREE WITH EACH LB. BAR-B-Q BEEF CRUSH STRETCH PANTI.HOSE Amozing slrsich, fabulous fit. One Vie fill almost everyone. GENERAL ELECTRIC TOASTER OVEN 27 88 Toasts, bakes, cooks, in minutes. Perfect (or smoll dinners. VELVET SPANISH PICTURES Velvet Spanish pictures *nlire stock ol 22x45 lo choose from. LADIES & TEENS TENNIS SHOES | 00 The classic oxford in cotton duck uppers with cushion insole. Thick bouncy molded sole and heet. #139 COOL CUSHION 407 REG. 1.47 for comfortable driving oil year round. 50 FOOT EXTENSION CORD 1C 8 8 reg. 7.49 Eleclrical orange extension cord is ideal for outdoor use. DOUBLE GRILL HABACHI 700 reg. 9.87 * level oefjustment. 2 bottom draft controls, 10x17"; PULSATING SPRINKLER C88 reg. 7.4X Woten full 7J r circle. Adjoin from heavy jtream to fine jproy. JUIT MY,,. CHARGE IT! 3701 50th Street and Memphis Avenue Lubbock, Texas Shop Woolco 9:30.A3IJ.o.9:30 PA1—Monday thru Salurday IUY WITH COWIDMCf! UTI1FACTION CUARANTEIB!

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