The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 28, 1932 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1932
Page 7
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THE DAILY UCW'SSUL* . TSBPEMOK. BE V.UI PATOU TELLS ABOUT E VENING WRAPS BY JAKES F. DONAHUE. NEA Serrice Writer. The average autofiso'oile or.ver of w- day speeds slrng *.th '_ttle thoiisht of the uork the engine and ether mr-tag , pans are c?_ng and of the poss-otlr.y of overloading tn^se pcr.j The tttodern high-speed mach-ne. ttim:=g over on an a-.eraze cf 3 .200 · revolutions a minute, houses v.rJun it- t self a fore* so great tsa', :t is beyond i -.he understanding of most drivers. j In The engine tl- a crankshaft bear- sngs are sub.-ec-ed v ;-- te a o.t oi this forc« These bearings connect the rods to trie shaft and have to tran*- ' nut, the Tsnole po^er of »ie engine in j addition to rotating at a t.erri5c speed i The hearings are sai^eguarded ov a yh-n filiu oJ o-l ana arr laci of 1-sn- cation a sure to «?na the teeperc-^re of these bear-rigs --ast tr* career , point ^ a csr is dr.'. en a: a r.i;n -at* « of soeed for £ny lentrh of tint" _; -_ i- It is prcior^ed speed. rather man an excessive rat* of :t. that puts en o- er- 1 cd on £n en£-ne Mocern csr.? arc bJilt for £?*=, arid v-.e go^a po_n: t about this fact, a l-iat at 50 or t0 ·nilee an hour the^ general: v na-.e a lot of po-srer in hand for emergencies. No car, however 'Alii st-inci a constant "raJroadirg ' o: 70 ana 80 c lie* an hour for hours a- a «=:· This c-r.- ' stant speed:ng cat»-3 a ris=- :r. ten-.?-r- anireaithe bear.r.3£ a^-^ -- -he o.l itself, which eventual reS':-t5 -n beir- " Mgs failing and burnir.; OM' The safest general ru^e is crvise for jon? per.ods a: a. higher than 90 p*rcen* ^ f the mum speed of -An.:.", the car _s b'.e. and always ha-.e p'»r.-y of the crankcase. ; * * * t Inertia of rec.procatir-g parts puts a i b^ load en bear^?.^s. cran"snaft. con- · ne-ctmg rods and p_-:or-S The nigicr :ne speed the greater the j?,»r.:a ".oac grows A good exarnp^ of tills type of load to ARMIES START MARCH ON WASHINGTON Former Sen ice Men To Con- SNOW IN NORTHWEST Fall Ten Inches Deep Reported In Some Sections. St Paul. May 27 --Winter returned for cartam ca.l in the Northwest, and verge On Capital. { farmers stood .; a:xl gave it a fre»t li haut I- in**:-.' t.'.at thev were hippv to f cohered «itn a »iiicn came *vti};is Q' North Dakota, mat thev had enlisted s '.--.«·: .'. E^ in the-r :igh- on a s^rw-s Sons.t.\« ^u:x£ IKV?*" » able ent-awl?S^t» s*^ °- 5J :V -_l^t or ccld Ten- vra'...-» in S-'-i'h Dais's inches of MU «e incap- of acuu- i Ore as st» field C r.o-x^i»:s. Ohio " «- Guard tr^csj. i..-ijs :o t-anspurs 1: a. | .' -hens ,« i ar.d i\n - . - i The ^: · i ov Or-.o S: ' b" »*· :- .ournev at Se"- · '.re :.-*£' anc at* a ^ ^r;i'.cei fr-m rwlling c -f c" v .i3tl"n» of ca'!"J'-5 et c , tirv:v \ :.l -v :ue: at C.ncir.rat: -. - i~,.»l- *.*.:· ha^e proci- . . v - ^ ."...^r t:ans,«?rt i-i^n D AS much a* Scienllst f»lU to Hb D*«tn. :* CAl, MAV -" - D-" IN MEMORIAM s A' t*i of ^-A* art .1.0 e\;x?, si to icee: tr.e - xs ;»'. ; :«· O:.." 1 ".me to carry them Wif \ --.:·. a an-srd j».-j«.ctiit '.opr-ed 01 cr · ps e and fel. -M) fort to h-* dea~l ^rxWv ci:.»or. ^n M? \Vash:neton A"5»iren':\ he la^-.ted while ' ins near the ec*e of tlve cliff TO THEM VTE OWE THE LIBERTY WE ENJOY; TO THEM WE OWE THE PRESERVATION OF OUR INSTITUTIONS. AND SHALL WE NOT HOLD THEM IN GRATEFUL REMEMBRANCE' --Gfttrj! Jeht J. Lego* A R D Elton. HoUv- oo at C" .' ' · * - "o "-n t.'.e Portland gro-ip. -\r:.v-n no* approximate 4^ men . At Exits-.- f- l-5 another group to r.ce ea_-' ^:: ji IJLM fre dht train and Ar.^ g r c - p c: 301 wvrarj .· be- c.i.a-.e. na* a short cj.tar.ce away »T.n i camera Eaton (tUnced into the *hi»t'er and to^k rK *-P » moraenl later si-* the ii.T.tist hid disappeared R_:-.n_-.^ to -he edj- of 'h* p-ecspice !·-? sa". '''.e lxxi\ falLns Into the cac- · O!! Commercial Bank of Maryland . men to .o^.e j box car. No .»:.". _ · on railroad t. to obtain pssvx.;c The Balt-ir. -e a »mch refusec " I bonus army t · r d- east frerr. Ea,»t s; c men ·*..! attempt O".o Railroad al. A the origma! t e.r freight trains L^-uis. Ill, halted r\DA RADIO raoNE ·»·--«*«· KELltBUC R\O1O SCEVICC ROGER F. LIPPS I X P L B l K \ P I O SEKMCE. BOl'SE WIK- isr,. IIXTl'BCS A.ND RCrAtES No Job Too SmmU--N«n« T»e L*ri» :f?f^R?^i#SP?fyt? ; ;j5? ! frff^P7^^''? : ff^r^^ On a chiSon dress with a. shadowy green dec si^r., Pato.1 places a darker green velvet, wrao ' n-.ed wit-i silier fox. The cut, which is new. is a around affair ending a; the back in one large 'MOO Over a clasKca! gown of wTi!-' silhouette Patou cec.des to place a et as fr-e rzy.: Stting com far supplies ine note of constrast a coiipanv of :·"--v Utah veterans a h o ' | arrned at tr.^ East Cliicago -Ind) · 1 \ards Tre -.eterans «ct ua headsuar- | ter.s in .in aoa::o..»r..d -Aarehcuse. They , I nrcoablv -i.l nurge A t t h the group o f ' 500 men !-mp organized here Two bands vf me-. comprising 400 . protesters or?aniied a" San Francisco a-id started a niar^h on foot to Washington T.'e :r.(,n broe tneir iirst camp raisrh- loje jack- j a ; Oakland ard starts off down the j -fr-q-** 1 ^ ^pcUl Trice on Sprint Frj'ng Chlckrni ?e pound LrC me All vottr ordfr for ibal SI«J!»ri»l D*r ontint rhonc «9«R. Itaby chickt. KOCK POl . LTKY rDg Monroe Armor. E»«t of r»lriroand», and 129 Wnt 5oolb S(r«t. Frederick. MarjUtod. 'C! o ·AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE- FIKE THEFT PROPEUTV DASIAGt IOABUJTX HELFENSTEIN URNER also ha-.e some inS-jience on · course they wear :he Se»«r.e of '^-e£ e wraps. It is only , note of r.rhr.ess. The osrtd of fo\ ermine, besides a Anvwaj. the \cry hishaai -x.'.-i t'io iniertion of ' h'.tch- hik..i;g" their nay Another arr.-.od at :o. Cal. from the Pacific No: This c-^.ir r.-mbored about 100 and | Pi .BaRwsioo-Tl ,, o ^ a ^^^ auea ^. seen in the connection of the pc,-1 Jhene- ^ole ^ oring o.t r, r r^ -tv» co-irsc.-'inE rods cue crank- . --fa- -s-- ^ s" «- rrairien- J tlthl Macbino Work--Can and Lockimlth 5 ' rchucst ' » SAFE WORK A SPECIALTY » i JAMES E. SOLT LIGHT IVtLDINO OF ALL METALS « O K K IN BR.ASS. BRONZE AND ALUMNI CM 403 Magnolia Ave. Phono 970-J 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE .-,,., | ~~TnVseason's goveis be^ig particular- ! shadon-. needs a so'.id shade to relieie , tj ii^hi and vaporous, it, is only natural ' the color scheme and bring OIK the dc- ·Mr and ^L-s John Hoftman and | LivTeace Geisbert motored to Wash-' n on last Sunday. the opposite force caused nrten pisKKi is forced up--ard at a, hisn ra:e or soeed to compress gases -n the cyl- ^jnder. ^ -=f -Ths cesire -» =ia£e all hills "on h_gh" puts s. great strain on some en- g.res. The rr.otonst. «~I1 kwp h_s car in hign £«r on a ciuno tmtil he gets cOTn -o as lo 1 " as 10 rr£es sn hour before he snifts _nto ssct?nd. Slow puHing c-es or particular harm unless the dr.'er £2'Is to retard hi* sprark. la many cars toaav the mana- facrarers have incorporated au^tr.aclc isniaon controls, but ;n those cars ·Khich. do rot; ha-.e this fe?--ure re- tardns the spars or. c'-rnfcs is necss- Length Depends Much on Season. ! vea_. __ _ , I rcsn needed a certain amount of com- i jacket is a ! io.- in their e-.eam? wraps, unless of i complement. BEHIND THE SCENES IN \A/A.SUINGTON becjrnicg and attractiie --Mrs Charles Smith, Jr. and son, (and Jirs. J. Morningstar. spent Tues- 'day vuth Mrs. Bel!o McElfresn de^tes au, rear are unin.tructed for ', ^. c. Ne^n Rdd. Ba,rUnorc. a,«= utu J^c- "~^ ^.._^=».-w«-- - -- ,. . Governor Hoosevelt or unKStructed and -^ h-s p^en^. supposed to favor him. If h« should get, c - w a "- g rece.a.^. RIOTS CONTINUE BLOOD-TESTED CHICKS Brown mnd \Vhllc S C. L^tbornt. (S-100 Bar, \\hlte and Baff Eox. Aneonas. Buff and Black Mlnorcn. Redi. Golden White and StlTer-Laeed WyandoCte*. IS per 100. Jersey Black Giant*. Litbt Brahznar. Bn!I Orpinttonj. $12 per hundred. Auorted mixed. S per 10O. 10O per eent. dellTer? cuaranlrrd I to K-week-old eblcks. Turlrr Poullt. 5Oc. Dnckllnfi. :0e Free Cataloc Fhone Mt_ Airy 116 BECK'S HATCHERY Dept. L.. ML Airy. Md. If this is ro- done here's v-hat hao- pens. Each p^ton. Tjien nsine _on Me compression strode sudcenly en-1 counters the full lore? of lie ex-. plcsio". befcre it reaches tr-e t~p Cor.( sequently. considerable shoes occurs.; usual!? ma5e apparent by rcugh n«n- _ r.inj or BY RODNEY DCTCHEK \~EA Service Writer. Washington Mav 23 --A few ;soJ^ j sand Antencans who can't vote becaose j will nevertheless ha-.e a distinct voice Tnerv live in Alasia. the District; o: Column-a, Hawaii, the ?h.lip?mes, ! Puerto- Kico and the Canal Zone, winch ill s«r.d S-A celegates eacn. and in the 1r2in Islands, vriiicn will ssr.d two. Tr_s makes 38 ce.e;a;e rotes at the ·pposea ·ne v^hole 33 that tact, from a numerical standpoint--an isiportan. stanc- ^oint ^i -.lew of the uncerta.nt,'---.voyld ' [ more :.nan offset h^s defeat !n Macsa- Vumber Of Casualties Reported In ' .es como.^telj- ignoring the Canal Z:n3 chosetts Tne Roosevelt managers went , | j after tnose 33 -.otes in the initial sa;es I Germany. ' of their pre-convention campaign. ! B er - !lr ,. :,i a; .- 27 --^The riots. WITH RODNEY DUTCHER n Islands ^ * -*· H Are Americans All sach delegates are American j .zens. You flnd a real Fil.pino 11 I delegate from those .slands or an t ~~-; " ttal Puerto Rican from Puerto R. ' ^ _. _. which The District of Columoia nas just had , n ave harcsscd police in many German ' ;._ \ a Democrat.c primary, electing a slate \ c .. ^ fo , rrirce ciajs. continued through- j |of Roose-.el: delegates and alternates--j out j^ aiz-~t and part of today in! '^o . . , . ^ . i i i e.eral I tbe Can I '-a-.'* tl-.» book ' HAT.- :o Become a MUior.a^c -n Three Months.- on appro* al?" "Fcr hair IcngT" 'Three rr.cnths." -- Fsges Gates. Yverdon is the big state of M-Chigan and cept New York Pennsylvania. HloiOiS Oh.3. Te-as and ca"_fom^. Thorf cele- estes aiisat in a -ight -contest z- nomination Tne Rspjblicans. stinsisr witr. such and oossessxcis allow only ;vo V3tes each to five of the terrror- Strictly Disagreed Possessions have the-r Taere was a fight, however, before' numbered more than a I ne slate was named, so there's a m_n- , score o ; persons injured and one dead j onty of Smith fnends and an allegea ' -r;j; ere vvere many arrests DAY PAYS FOR A 25 PAYS Frigidaire No Down Payment Xo Installation Charge. Potomac Edison Co. 26 W. Patrick St. YOUR FUR COAT should be thoroughly and expertly cleaned before putting away for the Summer. Dust aad soil destroy, not only the lustre, but the pelt itseli. Your Fur Coat Cleaned INSIDE and OUT. (Absolutely Safe) Only $3.50 Q U A K E R CITY FKEUEH1CK/S OLDEST. BIGGEST AND BEST CLEANERS AND DYERS Sometimes delegates to Democratic con vent. -ns coine ri^itt oS foreign soil. Tiats because the lacal Canal Zone convention accepts American citizens Z-vmsc ra t-se Bepubiic of Panama. If they cualify as Democrats and citirans tney become accredited delegates to Urbana Crbana May 28.--The Urbana school Urbana. May 26.--The TJrbaca schoo. ·aiil hold a chicen and hsm supper ] on June 2. beginning at 5 o'clock. A { --ere shot oy two alleged Nazis after a ' , se-ies of clashes at the labor exchange Or.e of the wounded men died. the Csnal Zone Democrat.: conver.t.on .·· bicentennial program v,ill oe giien by and may run for posts as national - lad.cs of Adaonotown The Blue coivention delegates. Territonss on this continent used to ha\e national convention delegates before they became states and the qua_nt or - ctistom of apportioning ooth delegates and national committee posts to otir · for-eign" ssems to have arisen fr:nr. ihe fact that our own po.iticia:ns wh-o were saai into them :o take 3b5 naturally wished to seep ihe.r fingers in the political business at horce. I don't know why Guam and Samoa aren'j allowed any delegates, but probably because they haven't enotirh e^- frotn the mamlanc orchestra will furnish music. i --Mrs Albert. Strube entertamed tse Ladies' Adult Bible Class ?t her home Wecresday evenaig Alter the A Great Daily Feature VV SIDE GLANCES' By GEORGE CLARK Cras- Leads To Betrothal Have Hot Conventions Those seven r.oc-vot~? sp;-ts tir.der tie American Sag e".err fo^r years ha.v» j tnsir snmanes and con.ent.ocs. tnanv of whicn are as hotly fjjght as any- tsing seen in domest-c party poUt-CS Many of our ooys and girls wr.3 Lve in t.iem oom an insa'^ble ces^" tt corre '? the b.; con-.ert.or:s ars part.c-pate. e'.en thojtn thec- ^iS-.cnce is hardly greater than that of t'te.r own "· ?vur years ago two contsst^ns Democrat.-: cslegations came all the way from the Cansl Zone to Ho'-is'-or. «cn dernandir.* ·..-·: -- t.3 be s»a"-5d at t^e ccnv.,nt.or. Tne matter :o c* ira'^rsl.y st~r \~i sencral ^ivrest. o'- n l 1 .^.ar.^s national --r.-rr.;-*e? , -at.ina. ccrr.mir.eem-sn zr.: ! riCMr.en anc, in a ccn'es* £'- j on the M a= s.-yi as '2= corr.~.t:e* i se'.en states are not. ts oe I More ofter 'r^.n r.o; t. 1 are r»preser.t'-a at -at.o: tee rr.eet.r.'E* by ! . = are e'-er. ;c.t as one to ;.=£ 14 vcte= ' - *^« ?,l -W J Earl- 10 o-t con be i ~* : -.;·« Hillside Coal Co. still leads in low prices on ' best quality coal money can buy. Summer prices now in effect. Genuine Xo. 3 Vein Washed POCAHONTAS $6.50 per ton Guaranteed Full Weight PHOXE 38 Hillside Coal Co. Offire on Water Street. The BULOVA BAGUETTE "MISS AMERICA" The New Nationally Advertised Up-To-Date Ladies' Watch NOW ON SALE AT McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE 48 North Market St. Frederick, Md. Ventilator At Top Cools PorcK PORCH SHADES THE RUG STORE BENTZ 4 EAST PATRICK ST. ·*-_:-· be- ·cr''- f - h_- Isrs-run c-'mesy 'St-ict- . t- . -.e.r .^r,»a"c c ^ ^ e~c! ^"c-rd.r.E to rep-orts f r o m ! ^ao-.e ca^^-'.ter ^f O-.o-~ rv.'T. ·" ".a Dr Frai · .s-'.^r. r. G-ar r.jsP.'a Cx^n-.o^.- O »r. ^e; \v,- ·- T · D- Kam..tor. ^.-...e she -vi^ rec-perat.r.; A CHANGE- -- TRY CAREER'S HEARTH BAKED BREADS French--Vienna Style and Rye. The Garber Baking Company £^.. .V. »..-.^ \i,,s.- i-flRCi-IVU o«

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