Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 18, 1942 · Page 5
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 5

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1942
Page 5
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THE MORNING AVALANCHF vLubbock, Texas, Wednesday, March 18, 1942 4343 For The Avalanche-Journal Offices 4345 "THE RESULT NUMBER" To Buy, Sell, Trade Or Rent 'O Uatc». Hulei and Keqniremeuu *| Classified Adrrrlillnj Of The Ratea. Rules and Requirement* •* Classified Advertising - • Of Tht Lubbock Evening Journal Lubbock Morning Avalanche Sunday Avalanche-Journal Ul classified adverting will appear In both the Mornin; anu Afternoon piperi, both papers counting one Insertion. All classified advertising U printed ID the Lubboclt Morning Avalanche first and the Dally Journal of the sarse date, no classified orizinatinj: in the afternoon paper. <"2«.ssi/tKi lor Suuaaj-6 issue viji appear la the Avalanche-Journal counting cne insertion as the paper It Hot to all *ub- of both the afternoon ano 4e (e Ic IOC 12c EFrecrrvE JA.MUARY is. . Combined Rates 10 \Varo. Minimum per werd 1 da/, I days. tier wcrd '. clijS. per word I days, per rord I days, per trord rit«i for ccrueeuthre- Inee.rtloii onlr. All out-of*town ads receiTed hy mail aamt be cash with order. No exception. "NO RETTJND" on >d stooged after tt h&l appeared tn paper. DIAL tSti Our experienced ad taker »m TMelie jour ad and help Tod to vt>r4 It then our collector will call the following day. FHESE ACCO0J>TS ARE "ACCOMMODATION ACCOUNTS" FOR OUB PATRONS AND FOR ONE DAY ONLY. Xo advertisements accepted on an "until forbid" order. A specified cumber at insertions must be given. w« reservs tne right to place *n »d»er- tlsement under the proper classification and reject nnc!ean or objectionable copy. Obituaries and caj-tis or tnanJu at • classified adrertisinf raits, rh» publishers are not responsible for copj omissions, typographical errors or any unintentional error that may occur fnr- :her than to correct it next isruc after .t it brought to their attention. AH advertising orders are accepted oa tbic basis onlj. rhe ATalancne-Journai can cot b« responsible for more than one incorrect Insertion of i classified ad. Advertisers ahould check their ads oa lust day of publication and tanmccUaStry notify th« Classified Department H any rcisr&kes occur. Classified Ad»o«rt!s!Dt accepted nntil i:00 p. m. on week daya and Saturday*. fat classified display advertising" Information— DIAL ««S TO DISCONTDiTJE AN AD Notice to Discontinue an Ad must be jlven after 8 a. si. and befon f p. m. to term* member of the classified noent Department. We cannot be rwponii- bl* for notice given before or after th«« hours, and to members of some other department. Notice To The Public Tta ATalinehs-JournaJ 1* a member »t tha Association of Newspaper Classified Advertising Managers, which Ineludet lead- l»f Newspapers throughout the. eonntri in* has »s 1U aim tb* eltmirmtlon ol fr»*tnlral and mlilftOtat Classified Ad- »«il!Biiwc. * " Announcements 1—Lodges and Societies ?eUa<vnoui» Lodge Ho. stl A. P. und A. M. Stated communications the Pint Friday night e»ch month. JOHN H. PORTWOOD, W. Jt HUGH J. McCLELLAM Secretary. 2—Floral and Nursery WH1TIS1DE HURSERY See us for select nurserj stock Including sh'ade and fruit trees, shrubs, everjreini and 30 varieties of roses. FREE LANDSCAPE AND DELIVERY SERVICE Mil* North of Teen ColleB« on Uttlefleld Highway. BAKER BROS. NURSERY Complete stock Ask us for complete PLANTING GUIDE 2 mi. on Slaton Highway Dial 4521 LariB Stock of Smooth. Straijht CHINESE ELMS and other chade trees. RED BUTJ: Bloom- Ins size 50c to Sl.50 tmaller sizes 150 and up. £venreen». FloBerinj Shrubs. Bulbi. Strawberries. KERSHNER NURSERY V« ML E. of Ave. H on Slaton Hljhuray Tyler Roses Complete line o£ nursery stock. Prices you can afford to pay. Come by and mike your selections. Hub Nursery 2215-18lh St. VIGORO • r*^**,*;*,*^ -.rf,,,' *; ,-^f Compictc plan Fcrtillie your yard now with Viioro for :h» best results. No weed seeds, no foul jdors—easy to apply. COMPARE OUR. PRICES AND QUALITT TOU CAN'T BEAT THEM Nic'e Nandenias CA T3P from ; 5UC Pfitzer 'Juhipen ... from ! Wax Leaf Lususturium" Jrom _ ; X!« Fmit Trees,- • SOc each or Strawberry Plants. Best Everbearing, 100 for _ 49c Dr $5.00 DOZ $2.50 Many other Items on »*!• not l!sl»d. TEXAS FLORAL CO. Lubback's Leading Florist and Nurseryman 2107 21st St. Dial 8581 EVERBEARING strawberries. 6237. Don't phone until after 3 p. m. 1* W. WlllUss- 3—Lost and Found ns ot kers. Reward. Dili 60T<. LOST: Stood h»y horrc. 500 pcv:ns« "r" fcJCd on left Jai-. Notifj- I^hbock Horjc and Mul- market. Dial 3-J32I. 1/JST: Or.e fawn colored Jersey cow with horns. Hc*ard. Ed Putty, mile south Lab- boct -- POL1TI.CAL ANNOUNCEMENTS (OFF THE RECORD By Ed Ree.1 AnytHi POUND: Oce small p!sr. i'lnllu northeast Lcbboci. Vcrnoa Leraon. ' 1X3ST: Whit* sold mounted Ttr.t. stoae. Ktwa-d. Dial ?-3??<, 5-1371. 4—Peisonal Notice* l_E,\ATjA hire for lew <!»T« ,ieth. Disl 7657. MADAME COPLENE KEADEB OsnitiH me tod*; tbout yosr lovs, mar- tiiso or business problems. Pnlci readings • 3d jihrtnalosr » Ke»r business district. Readings 5jc »nd up. IMS Are. Dial t-SM.3 The Avalanche-Journal Publishing Company has been authorized to present the names of the following citizens as Candidates for office subject to the action ol the Democratic Voters at their Primary Election on Saturday, July 25. 1942. FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE. 119th District Hop Halsey FOR CHIEF JUSTICE, Court of Civil Appeals (7th Dbt Amarillo) E. C. Nelson of Potter County FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY 72nd Judicial District Burton S. Burks, Re-Election) FOR DISTRICT COURTS CLJ3RK Royal Furgeson, CRe-Election) FOR SHERIFF Tom Abel, CRe-Election) FOR TAX ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR H. B. Bryan, (Re-Election) FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY Ralph Brock (re-election 2nd term) FOR COUNTY SCHOOL SUPT. Roy Boyd Claude L. Hale, (Re-Election 2nd Term) FOR COUNTY CLERK Ed D Allen, (Re-Election) ^R. L. Hooten FOR COUNTY JUDGE' G. V. Pardue, (Re-Election) FOR COUNTY TREASURER Winnie Roberts Coleman (Reelection, 2nd term) FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER PRECINCT 1 G K. Horton, (Re-Election 2nd Term) Barrett Penney PRECINCT 2 Ben MansJser, (Re-Election) C. Z. Fine PRECINCT 3 Edg^r E. Gray, (Re-Election 2nd Term) T. L. Holt Ottis tsom PRECINCT 4 Newton Stokes, (Re-Election, 2nd Term) V. J. Farris M. J. Barton FOR JUSTICE OF PEACE PRECINCT 1, PLACE 1 Walter Davies PRECINCT 1, PLACE 2 D. W Robertson J. T. Inmon, (re-election) FOR CONSTABLE PRECINCT NO. 1 T. E. (Chief) May CITY ANNOUNCEMENTS Subject to the action of the City of Lubbock Voters in the Election on April 7. 1942. FOR MAYOR Carl E. Slaton,.Re-Election FOR - COMMISSIONER Place 1 W. B. (Bill) Price, Re-Election Place 3 Hub Jones, Re-Election Announcements 4—Personal Notices MADAM BETH, READER rrr,^^ p^'m ° Vn'y ay and Sunday. 2322-19th READINGS from Amye entirely differ ent, 1912-14th. Dial 7578. fi?°^V L*-* s , aa < nstrology. card readlnj all affairs. 1623-Sth. Dial 2-3347. PATROYIA Astrologist and Psychologist Eipert *drlca on bajlneii, lore, m»rrlaie Special Readings SOc *""j>? a M *• "• *° * P - m -' 820 Are. J, Apartment B 4-A—Card of Thanks Card Of Thanks We wish to -extend oar heartfelt thtnts *nd appreciation for the acts of kindness. messages of sympathy, and beautiful floral 0 ^" n ^ S i.x" eivM from our klncl Wends and neighbor* durln? our recent berenve- and father 1 ™ l0 " "' ° Ur bel<>ve(1 husband Mr«. J. M. Divvlj. Mr. »nd Mrs. jej, Kc«r, Jr. Mr. and Mn. Ptte Grandcn »nd Business Service 4 ' B —Building Supplies and Contractors Caprock Lumber Go. ISth St. and Av«. Q Dial 3553 HARDWARE DEPAllT>rEN'T 50 ,>« 3-pt7 jarden hose Htiry jirden Ujht •wheeibar Spa din; fork* Sprlntlen _ _ 2 qt. r^rei <Iounl» boilers ___ __ par.x FjTrx tkllleti $3.98 98c $4.98 $1.20 $1.45 $2.95 $2.25 90c STEEL Ornimtnui iron or »n tins*. Porcb r»it tniS lawr, fences. v?j r , wc , Tk chtlo ^ fence* ^ IUB8GCK STEEI. WORKS an Are. O rj ,,, , ;S] Don't let him work you, Elsie—He remembers how sorry you felt for that lion pacing up and,down last Sunday at the zoo. Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies tmd Contractors BOWMAN LUMBER COMPANY 619 131h DIAL 5718 WAIL PAPER SALE Room lot II up. SO new ig« patterns to select from. Good wallpaper canva«. 1270 ~~! S £rd ^ 54 1-4C WALLR1TE BUILDING PAPER New beautiful patterns. MO et 1 en ft. rolls .pl.jU Rent our Johnson DeLuxe floor polisher, per day Rent our new Bis Chief Hilco eto Cf\ floor sander, per day ^>O.JU Reflnlsh your floors at low cost. GOOD CHEAP HOUSE PAINT _ $1.49 _ $1.25 _ $3.25 __ $1.25 Per callon Red Barn paint, gal. Lowe Bros, high standard house paint, gal. Linseed oil, pure, gal. HOG WIRE 26"-«-l*'.i. 20 rod rolls, each '. $6.95 32"-5-M!-z, 20 rod Ct"T "T C rolls, each .?/./O 32"-12-12',i, 20 rod ef7 QC roll •¥/ .73 20-46-6-14',^ poultry and rabbit fence, 10 rod roll, a-r or each ' -pO.O.) 23-60-5-14',':! pau'.try and rabbit ej; O *\ C fence, 10 rod roll, each «pO.X.J, BULL PEN New 3x4 ft. doit houses, painted white. Will deliver in city c£Q QC limits for, each .?O.7J 3 odd size new C£T OA doors, each 4* ' .TW Ten 100 Ib. £pools. 2-ply twisted CO CA cable wire, per roll -p«J.jU Lumber, all kinds. Pick it out <t<5 fc 2x4 to 6x6. per hundred <J>^.O3 40.000 ft.. '.'» yellow pine shiplap, per hundred CEMENT PER SACK, . . . 69c y«-lnch fir wall board, per 100 so., ft. • pine shiplap, c>-3 -J r Gold band oriental stucco, per 100 Ib. sack $4.50 $1.90 Call us for competent carpenters and painters. BOWMAN LUMBER CO. Tour Friendly Lumber Dealer ROtTGH lumber cheap. Wholesale, retail. Jackson Brothers sawmill. Ocate. N'ew Mexico via Wagon Mound. LUBBOCK IRON & METAL CO. KEW— STEEL —HEED Wlndovs. Stairways. Aufflei. Channel* Beami 1817 AT». H Dim 493] 5—Business Services PROFIT FROM EXPERIENCE! Did this year's Income tux period catch you without complete records? We offer you simplified bookkeeping systems anrt monthly service »t a small cost. It -Kill pa? you dividends to investigate. MAURT-HES-RT CO. G. H. Criif, AssocliU Room 222, Lubbock National Bulldinr Dial 3-1152 Public Stenographer EXPERIENCED Tjplnr, Dictation, Mimeojriphinj, Notary Pablio BIJ Myrick Bids. D l»l BSS2 lAinhocfc. Tex. R CJ . S560 6—Beauty Parlor* NESTLE BEAUTY SHOP 6 OPERATORS FREE PARKING 906 IElh St. Dial 4542 BOH TDK BEAUTY SHOP sh»p:r.K. only with latest jtvle f-ather hair tjo en •?•*•' •'VI and Up DAIt, 8021 SPRING PERMANENT iC.SO permanent ware WAVEt. SHOP FALBERT'S BEAUTY SHOT Corriet Slh »r.d Ate. M Dial Z-J3M S7P1 Sander* oU 41 „„ $3.00 permanent u'so S5.00 permanent ——^_^ l"» SO Plain shampoo *nd ttl "ss e 7—Business Opportunities WANTED: F.irinrr for port.iV.o ^k.iline rmt. Will deed -• inltrfi-t to .-..^mc.ine vhn'II fi:rnish »v.«t-.'s. anrt do all n-cci- ry rrr^ris. 20:5 .\\c. M. Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors GEO; VV. GRAY LUMBER CO. CASH & CARRY No Charge Sales No Deliveries Doors 5-panel, any size _ Red Fence (4-ft.) 50-foot roll __ 35-lb. Roll Roofing ___ . 45-lb. Roll Roofing _______ 55-lb. Roll Roofing _______ 90-lb. Roll * Roofing, slate surfaced 100-lb. Sack Asphalt ___ 1 ______ Asphalt Felt Per Roll ______ Vi-in. Gypsum Board ____________ ?£-in Gypsum Board V>-in Gypsum Board Va-in. Liner $3.00 $3.75 .90 $1.10 $1.35 $2.00 $1.50 $1.75 $3.00 $3.50 Board $2*50 Above prices subject to stock now on hand and subject to change without notice GEO. W. GRAY LUMBER COMPANY 4th & College Texas & 23rd 8—Business For Sale STOCK of groceries and fixtures for sale Located at Farmer community. Rails Scar Route. A. R. Lee. FOR SALE STEAM LAUXDRV Good business, part cash, some trade Sec owner— JETHRO RUSH Leveliand. Texas FOR SALE OR TRADE for land. Grocery store and market with living quarters do,V? B . S6.000.00 month located in one of West Texas growing oil fields, will stand Investigation Reason for selling, other business. Write Box 3. Avalanche-Journal DRIVE-IN cafe, also trailer cafe fuli equipped. New. 5«ni-M lin . ' " S550.00 MONEY will buy local Cite Gross income ss.000.00. Dockray. 2-2«i. DRTJG Store: Good business, E ood location. " Iand " S °* 723 ' Plalnvlew. GROCERY store, filling station, and living quarters. Dial 2-2357. 10—Tailors, Hatters, Laundries See Us For Cleaning Of Your Rugs and Upholstering Lubbock Laundry Dial 6651 irj al Ave . G Whitworth Cleaners 1315 Texas Avc. . Dial 4562 All Work Guaranteed Announces as New Service* MORRIS PICKUP STATION 1303 College Ave, Finest Quality Cleaning SUETS or PLAIN DRESSES PANTS lOc Cash and Carry STINSON'S 1708-10 Bdwy 10-B—Professional Service . J. W. PHILLIPS DENTIST 327 LsbbCCfc SlVL Blc'K. LTJBBOCK DlaJ J-J3CI Employment 13—Help Wanted; Male CANTED: r,%rT:cr.c€d bUc'Ksnlth at cr.ce. A. E. Thornton. Box S62. Iilaloa. IP \OU arc n;at appcsrinc. free tr travel. Rood money Jo st.'rt. S<-<- Cn'ub. NETS- Tour- :st Ifiitcl. Apply «:ii to D:30 p. m MAXTKU— Ma.i fh^rrcrop. Hous im. 2 rr.i'if!. K. irr.c:.jr to Employment 13—He).p Wanted, Mai* WANTED: Press^r for tailor ahop. Bv.nbeam Laundry. EXPERIENCED bookkeeper, draft exempt Apply 1001-Ave. H. J. H. Moore. WANTED: Experienced wool prejw-r. $25.00 week. City Tailors, Brownfleld, Texas. 13-A—Help Wanted, female WANTED: ifiddleaged lady to i'.»y wllh elderly lady. CorraU Denr.lson, Hale Center, Texas. ACCOUNTING Instructions by C.P.A.'S. Bee or call "Bill Bartley" at Hilton Hotel this week; or wrke fo:,- free booklet I. A. S. 1900 Polfc St (Box 847) Amarlllo, Texas. EXPERIENCED waitress wanted. No phone calls. Waffle Shop. 1107 Ave, K. WANTED: Housekeeper, couple or -widow- quarters and salaiy. Dial 2-38.19. BUSINESS woman or school girl wllh rart-tline employment to share home or work for room and board. References. UNENCUMBERED Christian person, live In home, care for two children. Room, Board salary. Write P. O. Box 1440. Lubbock. ' WANTED: White housekeeper, daytime only. Dial 8737. WANTED: Aa experlesced housekeeper. 1649 Broadway. WANTED: 3 waitresses and two eooki Llralt Cafe, Tahoka, Texas. 13-C—Salesmen Wanted WANTED—Reliable man to succeed Raymond Goeth as Rawlelgh Dealer in East Lubbock county—1,000 families. Selling experience unnecessary to start. Everythin- furnished except car. Splendid opportunity to step Into a permanent and profitable business where Raleigh Products have been sold for over 15 years. Good Profits for a hustler. For particulars write Rawleizh's Dept. TXC-460-10G. Memphis, Temi., or see H. E. Goeth, 1920 Sixth St.. Lubbock. Texas 13-D—Help Wanted Provisional DRAFT CLASSIFIED OR NOT UNCLE SAM NEEDS YOU. Men—18 to 50 who qualify can prepare in as little as eisht weeks for vital v.-ar work building bombers, pursuit ships and military planes of all kinds, repairing or reconstructing damaged planes In Army, Navy and Coast Guard Air Depots, or training for "preferential rating' In our armed forces. Write or call J. T. Clinton, 1916 Ave. O, for complete information. The Aero-Crafts Institute 1400-1402 Ave. J WILL OPEN MONDAY MARCH 16th For regular Day and Nighl Classes Train In'Lubbock No'w Men 18 fo 55 Women 18 to 40 MODERN EQUIPMENT ; . . AMPLE FLOOR SPACE Individual Instruction. Individual attention, tools, uniforms and textbooks furnished. Su.-prisingly low cost, part tuition now. balance only after employment in lircraft factory. The Aero-Crafts Institute As_ efficient in its field as any training course now offered to the public. Our instruction staff Includes factory- trained and government-licensed aircraft mechanics. i'he time required Is from 4 to 6 weeks depending upon the ability of the Individual but In no case will he be allowed to jraduate unless capable of holding * loo in factory. BOB BURNS, CHIEF REGISTRAR Dial 2-9173 Open Week Days and Sunday • Until 9 P. M. WE ENCOURAGE THE FULLEST INVESTIGATION Aero-Crafts Institute 1400-02 Ave. J Lubbock, Texas (Associated wilh Houston Aeronautical Trade School. Houston, Ttr. »nd Jlaile Flj'njT Service. Austin, Tex.) Employment 13-D—Help Wanted Provisional! SKILLED workers in greatest demand today are WELDERS for aircraft and ship yards and other national defense plants, system will prepare jou ID a few fcs. Dla) 8165 at night or see m*,at S04-Broadw»y. MAST WELDING SCHOOL. WAIT! FRYE AIRCRAFT SCHOOLS Will make one of ihe mosl Import-' ant announcemenls in Jhis space Thursday that any nationally known, proven, and recognized Aircraft School has ever made. This announcement will be extremely important and beneficial to everyone interested in this type of education. JACK N. McCRARY MGR. IUBBQCK OFFICE 1620 Broadway Phone 8301 14—Situations Wanted EXPERIENCED farm hand •wants steady Job. References. 3817-Ave. F. WANTED carpenter work, painting, »nd S. a P/ r hanglne.! or large Jobs. Dial 9:93. Klrl will work night } for room, board while attending school/ Call Aero- Craft Institute. 2-9)13. YARD work, grading, transplanting, fertilizing. Expert pruning. Rock work. 9198. Financial 16—City and Farm Loans P.H.A. loans to Improve your farm and refinance old loans. 20 years to nav 4'A per cent Interest. lx>w rate Insurance company loans 20 and 25 years to pay. Briley & Jay Room 20*. Conley Bldz. P. O. Box 221. Dial 5411 LOANS We are prepared to uiaKe rour farm and ranch loan at a low rate of Interest It will pay you to see us. We. can m'aKe you an P. H. A. loan for new building, and can also refinance jx>ur present loan at a lower rate of interest. GREEN BROS. Lubbock Hotel Bldg. Dial 7222 CITY, FARM OR RANCH LOANS AJ financial corresoonaent foi tht Con- netlcut mutual life Insurance company 1 am prepared to male* you » loan at a new low Interest rate, IF IT IS A GOOU LOAN I CAN MAKE IJ CLAUDE B. HURLBUT Citizen.* Nafi. Bant Dial 5322 For Ytmr Own Defense Build > Horn* W« Will Finance Insur. It Read is Bondurant . Complete Insurance ind Loan SerTlc* 1210 Ave. J DIAL 7456 16-B—Money To Loan NEED MONEY TAX Let us solve your money worries with a fast — convenient personal loan. FINMCE CO. 4th Floor Myrick Bldg, Dial 4971 Money To Loan Diamonds, watches, euns. radios, typewriters or anything, of value. LICENSED AND BONDED PAWNBROKERS GEM LOAH & JEWELRY 1203 Broadway Dial 8751 QUICK » CASH 4 LOANS FOR ALL PURPOSES FAIR FINANCE CO. 2u4 Leader Bldg ,1104 BcJwy. OVER J. C. PENNEY S Miscellaneous 17—Instruction Classes MEM STENOGRAPHERS needed In military, defense. New condensed secretarial course prepares quickly. Drauirhon's College. 18—Furnituru For Sale CUT RATE PRICES Oil NEW FURNITURE Bed Springs Throw Rugs 18" x 27" Rockers 5 PC. Dinette 3 PC. Bed Room Suite 2 PC. Living Room Suite Coffee Tables Assorted 9x12 Thermtex Rugs Furniture Dept. Upstairs W. D. WILKINS & CO. 2209 Ave. H 'Cheapest Prices on South Plains' $3.85 ._. 69c .$5.75 $14.50 $37.50 $37.50 $3.99 $10.95 Spikes-Sellers FURNITURE NO. 1, Billy Spikes. Mgr. WE WANT TO BUY OR TRADE TOUR USED FURNITURE Also a complete stock new furniture. 1214 Avc. H. Dial 6462. WE WANT To Buy Your Used Furniture EAST SIDE FURNITURE 1105-Ave. Dial 2-3362 HIGHEST cash bidders on used furniture Harold Griifiih 1312-1310 Dial 1-3431 Highest Cash Prices PAID FOR USED FURNITURE PLAINS FURNITURE CO. Phone 4571 John Spike.- Eddle Sellers Spikes-Sellers FURNITURE Complete stock furniture. Stoves, carpets. We trade for and buy your used furniture 1211-13th. Dial 2-2121. OVEN DOOR springs, siovc repairing iincc 1012. Jack Crume, Bain Furniture. Dial 2-1661. TOP PRICES oala [or used furniture Bain Furniture I611-19lh OUi 3-1661. Livestock 19—Livestock For Sale BRED gilts for sale. Dial 5151. WANTED: Well finished top hoss. Will pay highest local market prices. Alex McDonald Packin; Co. REGISTERED HAMPSHIRE BOARS: Only four left. Ready for service. Also smaller boars. II. B. DAVIS P. O. Box 15M D| al 2-1654 Lubbock. Texas BRED SOWS and gilts for sale. Dial 2- KEETON PACKING CO. Free removal of dead horses, cattle and hogs. Dial 6671 collect. See Us For Keeton's , Western Brand Tankage We pay highest prices far hogs. Highest Prices Paid For Cattle — Horse Hides, Sheep Pelts, Wool, Tallow. NORTEX HIDE AND PRODUCE CO. Dial 4442 East 19th «n a Sama F* TTaclcj 19-A—Poultry & Supplies MURPHREY'S SUPERIOR CHICKS With rears of breeding experience oehlnd ?j Vi on " retul| 7 culled and blood- tested Hocks. Straight run and sexed chcks. Eatcnlnz days each Tuesday and 19 64 Ave. MURPKREY'S HATCHERY SMALL SECURED LOANS $10.00 to S75.00 WESTER "Banker to the Multitude" Room 2 Upstairs, 1009V6 Texas LOANS FOR AUTO TAGS $5 to $50 Immediately Your Signature If Employed SIO to SIOO Auto or Furniture Quick Service — Fair Rates On On Sensible Payments See Us First FINANCE AND INVESTMENT CO. 1105 Ave. L Dial 6942 HOW OOES your Radio wor>» For qri'.t service and rtoa'.r* jee Ttadlos. JilA Ciassl- in the VV-int A<!E. Let Swift's premium quality baby chicks lead you to victory with greater'poultry profits in 1942. Swift's Chicks Are Healthy Chicks Swiff Haldicry, 506 Ave. H Lubbock. Texas BABY CHICKS From my TRAPN'EST ETRATV LISH LEGHORNS AND S^WHr IEGHORW FARM POULTRY WANTED >•;«• u; for crlces Effort Tou se! ) y;]ur Dial 1-2 THE I.tBBOCK HATCHERY ». W. SIMS Livestock 19-A—Poultry & Supplies POULTRV WANTED Ko. I Fryers, ]*i to 2'/» ibs. s; c All No. 1 Hens jfi c Roosters over i Ibs. —. _ . x r Ko. 1 Tom Turkeys . j/; c No. 1 Hcn Turkeys . igc W.M.HALL Dial 2-9311 or 5141 15l);i Avc. H WANTED Cream—Poultry—Eggs See us for Bab'y chix, seeds and feed. RALPH ROBERTSON'S INDEPENDENT DEALER 2707-Ave. H Dial 6012 QUALITY HATCHERY iVl Avenue IJ L'nclo Sam needs more eggs toi aetenit. You can supply them a-ith pullets from our nigh-cowered vitamin fed free ranae fleets. FOR I'OUB TOP B1AHKET PRICES ON POULTRY, EGGS & CREAM INDEPENDENT PRODUCE & COLD STORAGE 2427 A.V€ H Dial 4307 ' (OX HATCHERY Remember, Cox Chicks Don't Co«t They Pay 1111 Avenue P LUBBOCK. TEXAS See us for 12 breeds of the finest chickens It's cheaper to pay more .for somethlnz better. Delivery days "TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS." but have plenty- already started chicks on hand. Complete line -o( Poultry Remedies, Mi« exclusive RED CHAIN FEED DEALER AGAIN HICK'S CHICKS LEAD THE WAY TO GREATER POULTRY PROFITS FOR YOU ' ODR PRICES ARE tN LINE Don't delay your chlcK Duylng any longer. When you purchase HICKS' DEPENDABLE CHICKS you get chicks that are hatched right, packed fight — DEPENDABLE CHICKS Even though jou should have to pay a little more In additional cost to get my dependable chicks they wll] return to your many times over In extra eggs, extra profits. The small additional first cost and the long run show you a greater profit, where the Inferior low grade chicks lose money for you. Get your share ot the poultry profits Almost a quarter century of scientific breeding tor MORE EGGS . . BIGGER EGG3 BIGGER BIRDS offer you an outstanding opportunity for bigger share of th'«t profits. 1829 Avenue H HICKS' HATCHERIES Dial SOU FKOH START, TO FINISH 19-B—Rabbits and Pets FANCY pigeons for sale, all varlties to choose front. 1313 Avc. O. YEAR o!d male, wire-haired terrlor. Reasonable. Dial 8314, 2116— 8th. Miscellaneous 20—Musical Instruments WXf. KN'ABS piano, like new. .$175.00 also carload new and used pianos. Clsm N. Cause. 20K-l8th St. CLOSING OUT PIANO STOCK. SEE OUR CASH PRICES. Probably your last opportunity for the duration of the war PARKINSON'S MUSIC STORE 1104 Main St. USED piano for sate or trade. J02 Uvalds Ave. Piano Tuning & Repairing 2213 27th _ nisi ji-*o C. F,. LIVELY LubbocV. Tcxat Dial 4423 20-A—Radios ?o.. c - A : combination radio and victrola, 19<i model. 2111 Mam. Apt. R. 21—Miscellaneous For Sale COTTOH SEED For Planting TESTED AND TAGGED E. A, PATTERSON CO. DUl 2-3631 P. O. Bo* S!W 33S Are. I.obboclc. Triii CONSOLS: clcclric scwinc machine. sl1?ht- I^-bb S clc E!lln ! °~ cash - p - °- BoJ: 52 - FOR S.-U.C tar load nr rr.orc n! •'Vcllox Dent" .f-cd r^rn ishcliedi l*r ;i so rc r hsi. -00 !o 300 h,,5hc:s of Surccrrop-r jr<-ij ":i' 0r SI ' 5 " PCr bU - AI1 of h:?;i ir! " I!lin - 0 ",', !' 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