The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 26, 1924 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1924
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEW* PAGE NINE, VOLUNTEER FOR VISITATIONS IN UNITED MOVEMENT The Volunteer* to Meet Tomorrow night at Sherman. THE VISITS FRIDAY Larger Number than Asked for Reiponded to the Call for Volunteers. Orent Interest is bplnp shown tn the Hutchinson gennral betterment Home Visitation Movement, which in to bo observed In the oily ami adjoining sections on Friday nflor- noon. The first call was for COO volunteers, and tip, to last evening there Were 736 volunteers Irom nmnni; all faiths, representing all clitiroiios and Sunday schools, and local lead- «rs state they are from among the most representative men and women ot tlio city, lenilovs In lltc religious, «8clnl, wlucatlonal, commercial and civic life of Ilutchln- • ion. AH of th« 738 Tohmtears hare keen assigned, *nd nil will be need- til, and others can bo used, as those In charge wish to complete the entlrs work Id one hour on Friday afternoon, Instead of tha two kours first set apart tor the work. (Ilany large cities have been visited hi one hour, and Hutchinson wishes to make the best record. Meeting Thursday Night; The only meeting of nil leaders who are to take part In visiting the homes, Is to be held In the Sherman Junior high school auditorium tomorrow (Thursday) ovcnluK,, Di-ompty at 7:30 o'clock. J. ShreveJ Durham. Chicago. International superintendent homn visitation for the International Council of Religious Education, in'charRe of the work in Hutchinson, will give a brief address on this Intorestinc. plan, nnd Rive the volunteers final plans and Instruct ions for their work on Friday aftornoon. It. Is expected that a brief nu ;8- •mge will he had from three othnr noted leaders at this meeting. Dr. Hugh Magili, Chicago, inti-rnii- tlnnal general secretary for the ln- .iwrnatlonal Council of IU'IIK'OMS Kducatlon; Pr. \t C. Lnndes, New York City, world's gpneral secretary, tor the World's Sunday School Association, and Mr. Frank G. Illcli- nrd, Topekn, state general secretary for tlio Kansas State Council ot Religious Education. The public Is Invited, as the auditorium ot thu ,Sherman junior high school Is largo, and will accommodate All. Much Good Expected of Movement. Tho purpose of the Home Visitation movement to be observed In Hutchinson on Friday afternoon, as hnB been stated In the press a number of times, Is l.o visit every home In tho city and adjoining sections, leave printed invitations, In eight languages, so that all may read, In every home, Inviting the people to attend the Sunday school, church or synagogue ot their choice, and to secure records ot the church con. neotion or preference of every Individual, which will be given to the pastor, priest, rahbi, render, superintendent or other lender of the or- gnnlzatloii preferred. Store than 72,400,01)0 people have been visited through this definite plan of Homo Visitation by the International Council of Religious Kducatlon during the past sixteen yeurs, and millions haves been placed In touch with the Sunday schools, churches and synagogues ot their choice. Afuch good Is ax- pected from x the movement In Hutchinson by local leaders of all faiths, since Hutchinson like othor ollli-s ot its size hasn't more than half of Its population In Sunday school, church orj^yni^ogue. The plan Is promoted 111 Hutchinson liy tho Kansas State Council of Religious Education, ot which Frank O. Hlclinrd. Tnpoka. Is general secretary, which also has n number of leaders In this city. Religious Education Emphasised. Religious'education, the subject commanding the attention of the whole thinking world, Is being given much attontlon In the state of Kansas at this time. A tour party, composed ot Dr. Maglll, Dr. Tjindes, Mr. Richard and other lenders, have been In a number of Kansas cities during the past two weeks. They are In Hutchinson at present for a three days institute. A mnss meeting was held ln.the First Christian church lnst evening and another will he held this evening. Drs. Mugill and Lnndes will spoik at both meetings. l)r. Maglll also spoke at the chamber of Commerce luncheon this noon. VIOLATES HIS PAROLE PLACED IN COUNTY JAIL Klnier Sutton was arrested yesterday evening for violating the parole which was granted him after he was convicted some lime ay.o on a liauor rmirge. He.has failed lo pay his fine and costs aud so was placed in the county Jail when he was found intoxicated last evening. AETNW-1ZK NOW. Phono 42. Bream's. S-m.w-f-Ot 2-HOUR PARKING LIMIT ON MAIN ST. Parking on Main Street to be Limited in District from Sherman to Second Are. Tho parking problem In the business district on Main street will be greatly reduced by an or- dliiance limiting the parking of cars from Sherman to Second avenue to two hours, which the city commissioners have Instructed the city attorney to prepare and submit at the meeting of tbjs commission Friday. The preparation ot this ordinance was authorized, after petitions signed by practically all the merchants In that dlBtriet were submitted by Frank Fenrl, the jeweler, and Leon Nussbaum of the Star Clothing Co. In speaking of the.matter, Mr. Fearl said: "It has gotten to tho point where there are too many cars parking on Main street constantly. It is i ireventlng customers from being hie to drive up to the stores where they want to do their shopping and In that way it is an Injustice to the merchants." Tho proposed ordinance will limit parking In the district mentioned every day eicept Sunday. The members of th» city commission were unanimously In favor of such' an ordinance. "Honey Bunch" I* Here For Week The Honey Bunch Mnateal Comedy Company li here for an engagement of one week at the Midland. The company Is made up ot some twenty-six people and away above the average for popular priced attractions usually seen In this section. The girls (who comprise a large part ot the organization), are pretty and can really sing nnd dance. The comedian. Roy Kinslow, Is really funny, tho scenic Investiture would be a credit to a traveling show chnrging 12 prices, lo say nothing of the wardrobo worn by the chorus and various members ot the company, which ts away yonder above the average | Heen or even expected on a popu- I lar priced show. j "Honey Hunch' 1 will continue at I the MIdlnnd all of this week, with an entire change on Wednesday, a special Thanksgiving program and another complete change on Friday. Tho company Is appearing three times daily In conjunction with the usual Midland photoplay program. CROSSWORD PUZZLE This black crention Is not. us tearful as 11 looks. True, lite plan "of this puzzle leaves many unkeyed Inters In the vertical columns, but it is a splendid workout in four and five letter words, every word ot .which should bo found in an abridged dictionary, though not neaos- sarily a pocket dictionary. Travel Very Large For Winter Month* This Is expected to be a good winter for travel on the railroads running to California, Thore are a world ot people In the east who have a world or money, and count less numbers ot them are planning lo spend tho winter in Southern California as In times past. Anil there are new ones going each winter. The Santa Fe now Is running its limited train In two sections each day and expects to keep this up until around the first ot the year when It is expected there will be three sections about every day to take care of tho travel to the const. This win menn three sections both east and went of these trains. .1. 5. :io. 12. .11. •on. 18. 20. W. IS. 27. 211. 31. 32. 34. .16. 38. •in. •12. '14. 40. 48. 49. SI. R4. 56. 58. 60. 61. HORIZONTAL Any 111 a storm. A couch. Hoft mud or slim*-. Egress. (Jive forth. Skillful. She deer. A friend in is ;i friend indeed. You and I, objective. Not false, A small Island. i A mark loft by a wound. 7 J flrsuade onward. Monilnullve cum- of lit! horizontal. Slight. Wood color. Surface. By mouth. A plot of ground. To seo at a distance. A sac contnluing diseased inatlor. The snakes that crossword puzzlers have IIHIMI reminding you Cleopatra made famous. A mythical, and im-idenlally, very large bird. Not flit. Tha beginning »f asslnlnliy and the end of bias. Tha bolshles killed the last one. Same as 2a horkontnl. A preposition with the sonbo of "from the outside in." Wings of houses. A masculine, singular pronoun. Seml-circulnr recesses terminating In the choir or sanctuary ot a church. Even, contracted. Globes. Fragrance. VERTICAL I'ool. A wanderer, identified as for ii dog. A preposition formed by the twentieth and fifteenth letters of the alphabet. Bilgo of a garment. j li. ., Supplies of food. I T. An overgrown hulchet. ; $. t'onsumed. ! !'. Divisions of a l>ln>\ (It. A MIIHII, tlirce-iuasted ship. : Opposite a worker, i 15. To accustom, j 17. A flare used as a night rail- j road signal. i 1!'. A fish-eating member of the weasel family. : 21. A downy feathered duck. 2-1. Customary. 2ii. Soothes. ; 2S. Friendly rotation. il)o hot con- fust; willi friendly relative.) ! 30. Color of while mixed Willi black, il'lurali. 31. A thin cake or biscuit, j :;3. Way or road traveled. \ "5. Scum or refuse of melted ! Iliotul. j "7. Long uarraiirc poems couceni- , ing heroic deeds. (\mniiess years. +11. The mil. of an oak. •13. A division ,w a section of a wall or ceiling. !,">. A one-masted vessel. 4T. To analyze by the^ rules of grammar, .'•i'., Exposed to liie air. S3. I'lllies. ,"ifi, A look of malice. 57. What hits your tncoi" .'*!>. Human limb, tin. Westward -—. 62. As. 64. Opposite of yes. Av.swer to Yesterday's Crossword Puzzle: IFIRIET ufflKi mrawH ems IMl' m data-* H LIES PARTRIDGE The Community Welfare Guild met Thursday afternoon with lira I'lill Teeter north of town. Mr. and Mrs. Cha«. Splvey of Helena. Okln., wero the guests of the Crover and Clyde Kltch families last week. Mrs. Erfio Wnrnock wns a Hutchinson visitor Friday afternoon. .Mrs. Row-lea Anderson and children spent Frldiiv with Mrs. John .Miller. Dr. fiouldc of Arlington was called to Lambert Koostel's Friday to SP« a very sick horse. There will be an entertainment at the t'leasant View school house Friday night, Nov. 27. Everybody Invited. L-loyd Hemphill shelled corn for Grant Skellcngor and Lon Metcalf last week. SPECIAL SHOW TOMORROW AT THE MIDLAND, For the entertainment of tho show-going public of Hutchinson, the Midland has arranged with the "Honey Bunch" company for a spe- clul bill, to be. presented tomorrow only. Also tomorrow four shows will be given Instead of«.tlie usual three, "Honey Bunch" appeurlng at a :1a, 4:45, 7:30 and 10 p. m. Tho picture program will bo glveu in addilion to "Honey Hunch" as usual, the whole show running continuous from l:lfi to 11. Tho program for tomorrow Is an entire change from that being given today and another chaugo will be given again Friday. bill for veterans of the Indian wars, which wl.l he presented at the next congress by Senator Arthur Capper. Mr. Cox states that the new hill will give a minimum pension ot $50 per month to volerans and >40 a month to the widows ot veterans. MENUS CITY IMPROVEMENT TO BE CONTINUED^ HOME PAPER WEEK FEATURED BY RADIO Manhattan. Kan., Nov. 26—Home Paper Week in Kansas, November 30 to December 6. will bu featured In a special program to be put on by Station KSAC, tha new rndlo station of the Agriculture College, ou Wednesday evening, December 3, beginning at 8 o'clock. Tho wave length of the station Is 341 meters. The program will be mude up ot music, poem or two about the homo paper, a, column of newspaper humor, and two or three talks. The plncu of the pr«s» as a community enterprise will be emphasized. but uioiv easily a common nam? CONSIDER INCREASED PENSION8 FOR VETERANS BreaVfatt—Grapes.' whole wheat cereal, thin- cream, icrambled eggs with rice, toasted corn bread, milk, coffee. Lunchoon—-Cream ot potato soup croutons, lima bean salad, lemon Jelly, whipped cream, oatmeal drop cookies, milk, tea. Dinner-^Cream of celery soup, broiled cod steaks, rlcnd potatoes, squash croquettes, head lettuce with Thousand Island dressing, fruit custard, rye bread, milk, cot- fee. The squash croquettes should not he served to children under 10 years of ago./ Serve a. plain French dressing on the finely shredded tetlnca salad for children under 6 years of age. ' Lima Bean Salad. One cup canned lima beans, % cup diced colery, 1. teaspoon minced '• onion, 2 tablespoons grated cheae, French dressing. Mix beans, celery, onion nnd salad dressing. Arrange In neatj mounds on salad plate*, sprinkle with cheese and a dash ot paprika. Garnish with crisp celery leaves and serve. Dried lima beans that have been carefully cooked to preierra their shape can be used la place ot tha canned ones. It children are not considered In tha making ot tha salad, two tablo- spoons minced green pepper add much to tha mixture. Oatmaal Drop Cookies. One cup brown sugar, 1 cup Seeded and chopped raisins, *» cup butter and lard combined, 2 eggs, 6 tablespoons buttermilk or sour milk,, 1 tenspoon cinnnmon, IVi teaspoons soda, hi teaspoon salt, 2 cups flour, H4 cups oatmeal. Cream shortening and beat In suar. Add eggs well beaten. Mix ralsln« with flour and add to mixture. Dissolve soda In buttermilk and add to mixture. Mix cinnamon and salt with oatmeal at^d stir Into mixture. Mix thoroughly and drop from a teaspoon onto buttered aud tiourcd pans. Hnke 20 minutes In a moderate oven. Fruit Custard. Two cups diced bananas, 1 cup diced oranges, % cup diced pineapple, 1 cup seeded grapes, 1 cup diced apples, hi cup finely chopped nuts, 2 cups milk, 2 eggs (yollte), hi tablespoon cornstarch, hrt cup sugar, % teaspoon salt, hi teaspoon vanilla. Peel bananas and scrape entire surface with the blunt edge of klfe. Cut Into cubes. Peel oranges and remove skin from sections. Cut pulp into cubes. Combine frlut and nuts, cover and let stand on Ice or in a very cold place for an hour. Drain off Juice if necessary. Mix cornstarch nnd sugar tlior- ouhty. Beat eggs slightly, stir In sugar and salt. Scald milk and slowly pour Into egg mixture, stirring constantly. Cook over hot water, stirring to keep smooth until mixture thickens and coats the spoon. Let cool and add vanilla. When ready to serve pour over fruit. Save the fruit Juice for a dessert or a party drink. The bauanaa and apples may absorb much ot tho Juice, but if tho oranges, are very Juicy there wilt be some in tho bottom of the dish. The whites of tho eggs should be saved for a cake or a "sponge" dessert. Kiwanians Are To Meet Tonight The Klwanls club is to have its regular session tonight at the Chamber ot Commerce. This Is bocatist) tomorrow, tho regular (ime, Is a holidny aud the day was therefore advanced. Warren White will preside and It Is to lie a business sessiou, officers of the clubfor tho coming year being placed in nomination. LITTLE SPATS ON THE PARIS LADIES' DOGS Contracts Let for New Water! Service Connections. More Paving' to be Started. I Tho Arnold and Sawyer Plumb- j Ing Co. has been awarded the con- 1 tract for the installation of water! service connection on Second av-j enuo Irom Plum street to Ifis feet east of Cleveland. This firm made the low bid which was $601.28 for the entire work. A bid waa submitted by the Ebernoln plumbing .Co. to tli the work was $690.22. An ordinance wns road for the first tlmn to the city commissioners yesterday providing for the guttering and paving of Seventh avenue from tho eifct line of Main street to tho east lino of Walnut, also for the paving of North Maple from the north lino ot Third avenue to the south lino ot Sixth avenue, and for paving the alley between 16th. and 17th streets from tho west linn of Walnut to the east line of the alley running north nnd south between Main and Walnut streets. A resolution was also read for the construction of a sanitary sow*, er beginning in tho alloy between 13th and 14th streets and In nlley between Madison and Monroe streets north 735 feet. The bone- fit tax districts include lots 7 to 12, block 2, Hutchinson Investment Co. 5th addition, lots 7 to 20 inclusive, block 6, Hutchinson Investment Co. «th addition, and lots 18 to 21 Inclusive ot block 3, Hutchinson Investment Co. 6th addition. onstrntlon agent. The women In (lie Wno-Mltchell community held a mooting yesterday at the home of Mrs. A. M. Davis. The Troy township women met this afternoon at Hie home ot Mrs. j>. (;, Stuckey. Tile women are studying various ways of making Christ mas gifts. Fifth Case of the Kind Within Only Six Months Judge Terence F. Cox today issued a warrant for another innii—if such can be called a man— Thnniod with assault on a little girl, tha victim this time being a six year old glti. "This is the fifth warrnnt t have issued within six months for cases ot this kind," said Judge Cox. In each case, tha Judge declared, the accused was a paroled inmate of the slatrfi re- t'ormator?. "It. is high time that something bo dono with such cases," declared Judge Cox. "These crimes are becoming too frequent." Growing Feet Should Have The Most Careful Attention A. pair of our Pled Piper 8hoes properly fitted Is Just w-h.T Hiey need. Bring the children in— -w« are now showing tho newest styles in all the wanted leathers, in solid colors and two-tone combinations. We specialize in tilting them correctly, Bjllons and'Story Books Free with each pair of Pied Pipers. See Them in Our Windowi YOUNG'S SHOE STORE Phone 1757. Established 1877 1 2 North Main. There's no doubt about It--tho Shop-o-Kcope is I he time and money saver of this busy season. tf. Butter-KmsT [Does Not CrutnMe/ 1 Try it / ^ Paris Nov. 2C—The ultra fashionable of Hia fair sex here aro putting little spats on their dogs.Tho color of tho spats harmonize willi that of the lady's dress. Several of tho wall-known Heiresses, now appear In Paris theatres, have begun wearing gold rings in their noses. The rings are removable. 1 Silk Jersey bloomers are gaining in popularity hero. They arc fitted to the waist by an elastic, band, through the lop, which grips the lower portion of tho corset. SAVE TIME AND TROUBLE BY PROPERTY DESCRIPTION Time and trouble can be saved by the taxpayera if they tuke the legal description of t.holr property with them when they go to the county treasurer's office to pay their taxes, according to Frank N Lewis, county treasurer, who state ; that it is a difficult matter to looli ill) the description when tho person known only the street aud number of his property. The description can be found easily on the ot'i tax receipts. Proorsm for Thursday, Nov. i7. KSD St. I.otits Post-Olsnntcli (5J61 4:<IH p. m. luunfl hour. •Willi Kansas Oily (411) ! p. m, held for lio..sih!>> broadcast, of .MU-KU football Eiilnp; S-'J-.SO program. WliAK Kansas Clly Star HID 3:30- K'Mft p. in. radio trio: 6:50-S markel- gram. weather forecast, time signal and lend report; G-7 Sehool of the Air. audr»ss, refilling, story nnrl musk-; 11 :4". p. m.-t a. tn. Nlghtliawks. WRKI rtoston (3(13) 6 Big Hrollior club: G::i0 hiuslcale: 7:30 program: S-lt prrw .-im from WJ -7AF. W.MAQ Chicago News (447.B) ? Chl- caco Theater orcan; UiTto orchestra-, S orchestra: S:r>r. lecture; 0 muslcnlo. WON Chicago Tribune (370) fi organ: C:30 ensemble, fitting quintet; S eoniert, strlnt,' quintet. U'LS C 'lil.-auo (3(6) 6:20 organ; 1:15- S musical prot$rnni. Wl.W Cincinnati (4:31 S-tE music. •U'QJ CliKaso (4 IS) 7-S concert, violinist. voe;il. reader. Thanksgiving program; 10-2 Italnbo skylark, plano- logues. harmony singers, vocal. WIIK Cleveland i3s'J) 7 entertainment. VVfAA Dallas Nnws (476) 8:30-3:30 violinist, artists; 11 orchestra. WOC Davenport (4S4) 3 organ, soprano. WUAP Ft. Worth Hlnr Telegram (47i:v 7:30 orchestra: 3:30 program. KXX Hollywood (337) S music; 9: 45 tall<: 10 t'ejvttives: U orchestra. KFI I .on Angetei Nii:>> S: 1.5 T. 31. C A.: :> oreh':f<!ra; 10 concert; It ln- sti-umentnl; ]U Thanksgiving program. Kll.l Los Angeles Times (Mill 8:30 kiddies; 10 feature; 12 orchestra. WHAS Louisville Times (400) 7:3" concert, tnlk. VSMC Memphis- Commerclal-Appea (500) s-M classical. CKAC Montreal (4:5) 7:30 symphony, vocal numbers. prUe. awards. WOCO Mlnneapolls-St. Paul (117) » Thanksgiving program. WOIt Newark i40t,) iV.iS sport*. lt'KAF New Vork (1921 6 services: (i::'.0 pianist; tl-.oO llunnony Tour; 7:30 talk; S glee club; 10 orchestra, WJZ New York (4T.0) B orcbeslra; 7 Wall St. Journal review; 7:10 N. V. U. Air college; 9:30 orchestra. W11N New York (3(W) »:ir, employment; P:.'fO-II soloists, orchestra. Kilo Oakland (312) 1" drama. KC,0 plavers trio; 1? orchestra, soloists. WOAW Omaha (5IC) 6 story; 6:C0 program; 9 concert. WIP Philadelphia (509) 7 tnlk; 7:15 recital; 9 :05 orchestra. WI'I Philadelphia (395) 7 Thanka- ytlvlng muslealc. 1CHKA Pittsburgh '32 B> 0:15 children; r,:.10 addrc.-u*; 7 program: 7:"'> concert; 10 concert. WOAra Pittsburgh (tr.21 n:30 l.'ncle K.-ivbec; 8:15 coucerl. KSW Portland (492) 7 children's program. WKAQ Porlo nico (5i ,ri) concert. \V(iV Schenectady (3S0) « chat; 7 recital. KPQX Seattle (13S) « repons; b.-diime; 10 orchestra; 12 orehestni. WI4Z (Springfield l'-'-37> 0:15 drams lie talk: 0:15 orchestra: 7:15 Tb .-mhs givlufc program; >':!,", double qo ;tit.'(tv 9:ot imisicalc. Witt'' Washington (P'i<) 0:15 mot-, talk; 7 announce,!; 7:30 tulk; ^:15 trio: , 9-1" transatlantic tests. j HOME DEMONSTRATION CLUB MEETINGS HELD, j A number of home demonstration club meetings arc bclns held in various parts of the county by Miss Edith Holmbc'rs, homo dem- Lyman's Cafe 6 South Main For Your Thanksgiving Dinner 12 Noon till'S P. M. CtTntinuous Service Turkey—Duck Goose and Chicken with all that goes towards a well balanced dinner |M. WELCH lit 4 i, SAYS| The Stock Must Go Regardless of Sacrifice BECAUSEI Morning' Treat 0 Remember ths eld •lying— not misting th« water till the well run* dry— and be here Friday sure. b« ilBswid •ome, but whiit does that matter — the bar- pains urn worth These Goods Are Being Sold So Cheaply They Are Literally Grabbed Up by Eager and Enraptured Crowds, p The Stock May Not Last Until Saturday, $15.00 Coo-Coo Clocks Who is It that would not appreciate this beautiful Colonial Coo-Coo Clock. She strikes on the half hour and has a beautiful tone. $9.85 $1.50 Plaque Pictures A wonderful sssortment of the newest designs of Plaques and Pictures. It wilt make an entirely different Xmas present. 90c $3.50 Framed Pictures We sre very proud of our Picture Department and feet sure you wltl be enthused too, for one look will convince you of their exceptional beauty. $1.85 Knight Templar Charms in Both Filled and Solid Gold at just— HALF PRICE ::10-12 book Pancakel Fkmr 1 M. Welch Jewelry Close-Out MR8. HUTCHINSON TOO GARDEN CITY. T. I'". (Jox, senior vice-commander of (ho Indian War Veterans us- soolatlon, will preside at a meeting of tlio executive committee of tho oiKiinizntlon at the headiiuurteis lit Wichita, Saturday night. Thu meeting was called for the purpose of cvnsldsrlBir the new pension Mrs. Florence Hutchinson, form- ; er dork of the district court, will ' drive to Clardeu City tomorrow to 1 spend the wouk end with in-: mother and other relatives. Mrs I Hutchinson hag made s brave imii' , 1 to regain her health for sevi-ra. years ,and Is winning and nill sume a clerical position tho first o'. : the year. Mrs. Hutchinson will make the trip In her Overland coupe . ' Savs time—save money—sar« re- frets. Use the Shop-o-Scope for Xmas shopping. If. Take a Picture of the family gathering and in years to come it will be greatly cherished We have a lull line of all Kodak Supplies We will be closed from 1 to 5 Thanksgiving Day A. & A. DRUG CO. "The Rexall Store" T To Buy That Forgotten Item For Your Thanksgiving Dinner Our Yellow Front Stores will be open for your convenience until 10 Thursday a. m. RIGHT" PRICES TM6HT*QUALITY J. S. Dillon & Sons' Stores Co. Eight Clean Yellstw Front Stores. SATISFACTION PARAMOUNT WITH US Courtesy, Promptness, Quality, Price. 'J Call SNYDER'S PLANING MILL FOR Lumber, Monarch Paint, Kyonize Varnish Stain Phone 184 THE SNYDER COMPANY Lumber Yard Planing Mill. Ofilce and Paint Store 8-10-12 West A. 23-25-27 West Sherman. Lumbermen and Manufacturers.

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