The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 31, 1931 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1931
Page 11
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THE DAILY HEWS. FEBDEICK. V*T · DECEMBER 31, 1931. XLEVSR r LOVE BY KAY CLEAVER I STRAHAN «93i, by ublcday, Doran and Co, FKA.NCIi* their -, . . _ TOUAX t r 11 t aad MA*T- KK \X\1CK live, with it*. »ae« wealthy, Uhed that Aaae^a aad Ceelly** earaloc* *«paort the hocweheld. The *l*ter* have orpaaaed alaee. ehlldhood. craadpareat* are kaowa rei _ lively a* -ROSALIE" aad "CKAXD" aad they ia*f*t oa keepiac ap are- tease* of their former wealth. Aaae. SS. aad Ceelly. tS. do aee- retarlal work aad Mary-r^raaee*. 13. U still ia *ehool. Whea tho ·lory opea* Aaae ha* aeea ea- cajced to PHILIP ECROTD. yoaaK lawyer, for eight year*. They eaa not marry beeaa»e Aaae kaow* her ·l«ter* aad yrraadpareat* depend oa her to aiaaaee their hoate. Ceelly hriax* BARRY MerTEEL. home to diaaer with her. She 1* failUc la love with him. Mary, rraaee* and her friend. ERJ4IX- TRI OR. are rirltt* ahoat the arrival of a sleek company aetar knows aa EARX. DE ARMOBXT. They ameet him oa the atrcet aad he speaka to them. Mary-Fraaee* t* thrilled, acree* to meet aim that alcht after the perforaiaaee. She trite him she t* IS. fall* t* aote the eheapaea* of hi* lovemaaJaa: aad after that «r»t meet- fair promise* to aee him aaala. Xen momlBir Pan telephone* Anne he I* eomlac to take her down town la hi* ear. XOW GO OJf WITH THE STORY CHAPTER XTO * LMOST at once, before oe fcafl turned tbe car from the tree- lined driveway Into the street. Phil said, "Ann. Tvhea are ^re going to be married?" Ann. still too happy to be bothered, said. "Oh. Phil!" and patted his arm, "I mean it." he Insisted. "When?" "Oh. Phil." Ana responded, but less happily. "Ever?" "Xow, dear," she reproached, with no happiness at all. "Seriously, Ann. I tras thinking last night. What are we -waiting for? For yoar grandparents to die?" "How caa you!" Ann protested. "That Is a terrible thing to say." "Not at all. We all die. Way evade the statement? Butirith the care Mr. and Mrs. Fenwick take of themselves they may live for 10-20 years yet. You and I are almost 30 years old. Twenty or 10 years from now would make a late beginning for us. wouldn't It?" "I don't know why yon want to act like this, this morning." Ann said, and added. "I was so happy." "Yes, dear, but don't you see--" "No. Not this morning. I was so happy." "Why should facing a fact make yon unhappy?" "I don't know. But It does. Talking about people dying and so on. I'd felt that we were making sort of a fresh start this morning-maybe." "We are, dear." he told her. "That is what I want to do. I -want to make a fresh start toward some definite goal. I want to get out. and get you out of this atmosphere of steamy, vague, sentimental opti- mism. I'm sorry if 1 chocked you.! dred to get a competent woman to or hurt yon by talking about the io the housework?" death of your grandparents. It wasn't necessary for ce to say that, because that isn't what we are waiting for--is it? At least. I hope It iss't, SUH. there must be a point somewhere that we caa place aad jsay. TVhen that happens we can ' marry.' 1 want to see If we can place that point." been «au.u. too. .As long a* it was I. waiting for you. everything "I don't know." was all right." "Fifty dollars? Sixty? Another "Fair enough." he accepted. "But hundred?" i for the past three years, at least- Ann looked oat ot the window. '** A ll *» ore «*· toar-Vte been "I was so happy." she said. and shook her head | making plenty "Why were yon. Ann?" two ot M to "I don't know. I can't Imagine." ! E0t a«alT- "Because you were being fair to »W-- " Cecil v""' I " A minute ago 30 was old and ot money tor the oa-- carerully. but *= *°l7 30 year. ° eo many men of SO. "Suppose." Phil weat oa, "that we SoaEh^mJney !n to U TOatrlbme^thel either - ^^ for "» ia "nK ****!* same amount that yoa are now pay- j about being; fair to Cissy and never ing la to the household. That would thinking about being fair to me, mean an extra hundred a month, wouldn't It? Aad that isn't impossible, is H?" "No." said Ana. "Yes." said Ana. i ^ " shrugged. "Isn't ItT WelL where were we? Aa extra hua- "Measlng?" he duestioned pardon-! dred a month on top of the first ] hundred. Two hundred, then, more CHE evaded, there's your mo- I than I am making now--or the la- caa A N N looked at him. They had **· stopped at a red sigaal light, so he could look at her. "No. Ann." he said Quickly. It !s only that yoa put roe oa tie defensive. 1 dlda't say I was support- Ing your family, nor that I'd be "What I send to mother is sidered as a part of my own present ray! You-loving me. not buying me. do so. I said that 1 couldn't, aad that not many men of my age could--and that is all 1 "Not quite all. You said that 1 MALCOCMRAN--PICTURES ft at deroua cities." Merophls Is rat*d nrst with 588. Atlanta second »Sth 52 6 and Lexington, Ky . third with 52 4. "Theae 30 highest-rate cities," said Dr. Barnhsrt. "grouped according; to geographical divisions of the United States, show none In the East, one city la the West, five cities in the M1dd W«l and 34 ia tbe South. A THREE DAYS COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL READ TBE STORT. THEN COLOK THE PICTURE There step'-y was so doubt ·v*-y Tiny had grourn «·'."-:: T re ' £a.l Dunc. U ' Scou:y. with » grin "I '_ike a nap." Ii* -i--7? "bu: Du::. .'s Sap ' 11: s'-ay I thiak IT. also 3-.. '-t tlvin* Mrnensea. I'll have to be sure i And my famU " iSnt looklns r ° r i was old and worn out. and that yon of « S oSh! o«r and above my S Uv *TM ° ulslder l ° s TM OTt *TM' ««» I TM* ««« of waiting for me aad js:.U ing expenses, to take care of your part of the expenses in your household. When I reach that point, shall wa say, we and will be?" we don't want charity." j fed up w i tn lt ,£ wouldn't wait "Outsider is right," said Phil, jany longer." "Calling me np and pretending! Toe green light glowed, and the can be"*xnrried ! you want « d to ta * e rae to the office - bell rang. Philip shot the car ahead and wanted to see me. and so sweet, j too f^^ xiiey whlzied by the next -There-d be two of « then" shejS^^J^E^m°ei££ ^^n^TM Sn-exp^/^sit^s*******«r appr -" u d J.r 1 dida v ad you -dT xdwrt: "Xo. Ana. I am very tired of If joa loved me you d be as eager quarreling." ! as 1 am to find some way out of "WelC you always start It. Jnst th:s for us." i sae ti'.:vT a? ::. j "O::. ^r.^cLs. n · a:iie i .or.5 ! a c h e ' ' f.t.^ Scj ' and e:."-. t i hi'.t ;-~- -i we iii\e ihran* b:t acd i DSC:: " . are;; £·.. Perhaps! Aai so ·»! three sr*. ier.' so.ind. -^.: bacS. up :o our old , bra\e Cj;;- sat and gasec *r »r.d Tic rocko', :xi sudden :urn a:.i headed Penulent coajiks and colds lad to arriwis troutilc. You v«" slop them now withCrrvcoulstoo. an cmul»ird creosote thit is p!f S5.3D' to uke. Crromoluon ia a now medical liiscorenr wth two-fold action: it soothes and Heals the inflamed membranes aii j inhibits germ growth. Of all Ijion a drugs, cn-ososc is recog- nied by lugb mrJ.cil authorities as one of the Kresursl haabni; agencies for p«- KMrnl ciuph and rujiii» auj other forms of thmst !r»uHr«. Crrumulion contains, in au-» · :i to creosote.other healing el»- U:cb soelhc and besl tbe infected membranes aad stop the irritation sad while the creosote goe» on to the stomach, is absorbed inlo tbe blood, attacks the seat of the trouble and checks the prowth of the genets. Creomulsioa is guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of persistent coughs and colds, bronchial aslhpa, bronchitis and other fornw of respiratory diseases, and is excellent for building up tbe svstna after colds or flu. Money refunded if acy cough on cold, no matter of bow long slurTiiins, U not relieved alter taking according to directions. Ask your druggist. (ad.) CREOMULSION FOR THE COUGH OK COLO THAT HANGS OH the money, you know." "I knew you'd say that. If I had .·"i extra hundred a month right aow you wouldn't marry me. woald you?" ' "Yon aren't fair, PhIL You ]nst aren't fair. How could I go off and leave Cecily with the entire responsibility of the house and Grand and Rosalie and Mary-Frances? You know as well as I do that the only way ia the world Cissy and I manage to keep going at all--to have any good times, or leisure, or to keep our jobs, for that matter--Is by taking turns with the work and sharing It and the responsibilities. Suppose Cissy had been alone last wiater whea Grand was ill? As It is. with the two of ns work lag as hard as we can. things get away ahead of us. 'Just keeping that big house, and the same." -If that Is true, 1 am sorry." he said*vr:ih no trace of penitence. "If you loved me. you'd wish to cclp me and make me happy and not worry me. If you loved me--·" "1 sbouldo't wish to marry you? I'd be content to wait and wait, as we have been waiting, year after year, until we're both old and worn out and have no hope of establishing a family of our own ncr a life of your own? Cecily will marry one of these One days. I shan't blame her; but I tell you. she will. And then where shall we be? Sunk deeper than we are now. If that's possible. We aren't children. Ann. nor morons. We have to think of some way out of this. Soon. We'll work it out together, dear. Will getting the meals, and doing the ; you go with me In that? Will you ironing from the wet wash, and [ everything, Is a full-sized job for one person. Cissy couldn't^ take that all over and seep her omce po- j vrith this waiting pointlessly--ead- sition. She Isn't strong enough, j iessly." to find some way out for us? I've waited, you know: and I can ·nit But I am through and fed np one woman would be. And she is so young. Yoa used to say one reason you loved me was because 1 had a sense of honor and fairness, but you don't seetu to leel that way any more." "Yes, I do. That's that. then. A hundred isn't sufficient. How much shall we have to add to the hua- Ana said. "What has happened to make you get this way--just this moraing?" "I have been this way." " he answered "for eight years." "Oh. no. you haven't. You weren^t even through school eight years ago. You speak as if you were the only one who had waited. I've "1 don't lore you--when yon act thla way." Ann said. "Ann. do you care to marry me? Or don't you? Answer that--just. 'Yes.' or "No." " "Yes. but--" "Here is another plan. then. Let's be married soon--some time this month. You keep your position. We'll find a pleasant apartment and take Mary-Frances to live with as. She'll be better off without all that diversified discipline. She'll be a lot better off in many ways alone with us. I'll bring you to the office every morning and call for yon every evening- It will cut out the slaving drudgery ot that house for you. JCo--please wait until I've finished. Cissy can find an apartment --get a place to board, something ot the sort. She'll be marrying before long. We'll take the -money that you earn, and add a little to it. If necessary, and pay for room and- board for the old people in some comfortable place--with a family, you know. Fact. I've one place in mind: good, pleasant people and aa attractive home. They are np against it right now and are talking about 'paying guests.' Just as soon as mj, practice increases you. can quit work. Will you think about that, Ann?" (To Be Continued) i hit diflrerve docs It as we dor.'', pain or j-.y. 'Lets forget '.: i»3!v r:d? Gtv. ve * :$?. c'.ouds ga'.orc ar.d !ooi ar.cj : :·'-_· are ^:r.e more I'.'s f 5u:i '3 *A i' !'- ' l 'C3; Scat arounci. as '.?zz 'as »e re - ··--o " ' J-ist tnc '. : * rocke* shooi a b:t ar.d ' Coppv sv.J, Wl».y. "\V-Ty. I»i ai !t I It's a'^so grvx^;a'.er My, Tic g'-ad \ that re arv s::ia... 'catae ·at'.n :h^ cii- I .n dc.r.; :r..«^. ne'd sure be in aa a.-x~ , '.Jl fix If we were big. as usua^ we They ?azc! out through th* windows for the esr'h -Waie up' ' r-.e *: .j'.«J "Waice up, a:i! I Ruess w e r e i«» s'Avcplr-i c '"*t; :·- a" 'hit it Is v, -r'.h Then. '^' U-ro'r "icy h:t t'fe- ..-· J-a i s\.Jde:. -ar '.: ~? :!.»:ti aro .-HI · O'i v*k!" e\-'i.n-.-d o::? 1 ::.v ' I KI.-» .vh-. ^c v'-.dut '.and ar.d «r;.i* v i ·-·- o.v." A:-.o'..:-r M.^ · \V- u t r e ;.:'ei from the air l:u;-ad. K.fcht no. our rociefs resting 12 a b.-v scat's iiaEd." (T; be cor.'.ir.-je!. (Copyright-. 1931. XEA Servlc*. Inc % McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE 48 NORTH MARKET STREET I Offers you their experience of seventeen years in the Jewelry business as a warrant of their ability to give you good service and good Jewelry and Silverware. , for an ! snore ho.:r and thea heard D'-ir-.ej · That's aot a oad idea." shouted (The Tinier rnect next s'.orj the giant In the SLEADS IN U. S. f thai our largest have the highest rates of murder. None or the 10 largest ::ties Is in the list o! the 30 most mur- l! TO-DAY TO-NIGHT MARYLAND Far Ahead Of Chicago And New J SPECIAL HOLIDAY ATTRACTION \\ York In Killings. ATLANTA STANDS SECOND KITCHEN BT SISTER MART ·SEA Service Writer Coffee cakes have a strong appeal for most people and can easily be made to. the aoine fcitcnen. Eggs, butter, sugar and iaagjcatiosa and time added to plain ordinary bread cough ·wdl pro- dace the most delectable coffee cakes ·t sman cost. If the dough. Is started early Ia the laorazig, the cakes ^vH! be ready for Tvat-ing iy luncii tscce or early afternoon. An estra atcoant of yeast ^ used to hasten the rising process. If yoa Jiave a. rale for yeast bread using the sponge method, -winch uses less yeast and lets the sponge rise over night, add the sugar and shortening *ad eggs, after tae sponge has risen ua- tU light. Inexperienced bread maker 'sd find the rule and method below very easy to feSkra-. Coffee Cafee. Tsro raps compressed yeast, 1 1-3 cups Tniiv 3 eggs, 1 tablespoon salt. 1-2 cap sugar, 1-3 cup shortening, 41-2 cups bread finr. Scald the Trr"*" in doable boCer and cool to lukewarm temperature. Soften yeast cakes la 1-4 cup cooled m£k and then add to rest of mfik. Add eggs, sugar aad salt and beat ·wtth a dover beater uatd smooth. Add buttsr ·»mch has beea softened but not melted. jAdd flour and atix u=t^ saxxtfl. Tom, "faiead ten or fifteen m^utes. Put into onto a fteared melding board arid knead tei or fifteen nrcutes. Pat into aa cCed mrcng boTrl and brush top ·«rftb icelted butter. Cover and let nse la a -warm p!ace vcita conbZe In bulk. The temperature siseuld be kept about 80 degress f. It vrz: take about t~o Ixmrs for the ca^gh to Ise. Knsad "Anrtf and 1st rae again *or one boar. Z\o~ tie cough is read" to shape in a=j cf tae "ss cr cakes ·wxnter. Philadelphia Cinnamon Boa. Pat dough onto a floored molding board and roH fcto an ob'.ong sheet ·boot one-half rach thick. Spread -s^th laelled b-^tter and x~t~ w-th 1-2 cup gian-iated s-jgar m.xec tcth 2 tea- caps currar.ts and roll -jp ^ke a jeUv rc:i. Ho 1 .! frrnt:y but be careful sot to d--r..irb thi s-jrar ar.d fru.t When ro"ed rress tae edge CC'KT: to prevent urr3"-ns. C-t into sl:ces about an thick. PUce ^ an oJec and r.oured rar,. cut s.ce up. Covrr ·with a c'.ean to^el and let r^e in a ! ·srarm p'.ace \.~'^ tloucZe tn buS. about one hoar. Coos f»o cups of sugar a-d one-half CJT cr -scaier ucU t;--« syrup j turns a pale straps- coVr. Pour syrup over bur; ar.d put into ever.. Sake one j hour -ri a ntocerate o\cn--350 ae- An Open Switch- Then This Orleans, Dec. 3C--The reputation of the big city gunman as a murderer "xas rubbed out at the meeting o; the American Association for the Advancement of Sc.snce today. Chicago ranks fortieth and New York seventy-e:ghtn among 174 American cities tabulated according to killings per : 00 000 population, by Kenneth E Bamhart. Pn. D, head of the depart- J » meat of soc.o'osr at Birmingham, Ala , t Southern C^r.ege. j»l--Nonna Shearer in ^"Strangers J May Kiss /; I With Robert Monleomery, Neil Ham- * _ ,, I'" , . Uton, Marjorie Rambeau and Irene Rich An all-talfcjng piclurc with a great cast of screen stars. One you do not want to miss. .J2-- 'New Car' 7 The b.g c.lies ha e the largest num- i » er of kill.ngs due to greater popula- ' « I A cartoon comedy with sound and J « song. J t;ons, DJ; 'ar e-.ery 100.000 population , ; _ I only 144 persons are murdered in Chi- ' i ! J cago and 7 1 in New York, compared ; } IaUnec 2 . 13 . Evening 7.15 and 9.00. J ' j wit.i 58 8 In M:mphj. the top city, and J Admission: V :tn rates that mn above 20 per 100,000 for all tae first 30 c:ties j Kone Of Ten Largest Included- j "The fact that Xew York ranks sev- j i | er.ty-elghth and Chicago rortleth." said | 5 SATURDAY--EDDIE Dr. Banihart. "J quile at variance with s. considerable body of puijlic opinion Children Under 12 Years--lOc Adults--15c QOLLAX "SWEEPSTAKES" The Officers and Directors of the Commercial Bank extend to its patrons, friends and the public, greetings for a happy holiday season and the wish that the New Year may be a radiant and prosperous one for all. / i A s-n:t Belgrade-Zagres express train speeding thr ough. the nigrHt. A ·vrroag: turning'. A crasii into the blind end or a platform . . . Then ins awesome scene or -srecsea ]o:omouve, cars stancicg on en«J. cars lying on their sides, cars reduced to s^":r.-ers. Rescuers extr.??t"d t he "exiles of faro dead, many injured. Violinist's Son, 11, Ready For Debut tv-five rriantes in a sot oven. TomoroWs Menu. BREAKFAST--Caused sliced pine- arjple. cereal, cream, scrambled eggs. CThlr'^s rolls. alZk, coflee. L U N C H E O N--English morJtey. snreddcd leaf Isttuce w:;h Russian cressing, apple sauce, hermits, milk, tea.. DCvNER--BoSed m-Jttor.. boiled potatoes m parsley butter, creamed iirr.iDs, on-on and orange salad, dried peach p s, milk, coffee. ARMY MOVES ON 3 p.ct-rea a»s 'atn-er, Louis Pers^iger. r.oled teac'rcr of the ».o'..r. -s-ho has woz J-s- ·". the ntar.y ;. 3^.7.5 -. .;"_n- ls^ he has .nt^sxiacea to the concert Tor!ci. Japanese May Occupy Chinchow On Xew Year's Day. fBj The Awl»t*d Pr«s) i Japans army stamped , the Ch-rese retreat yesterday and it i appeared that they l srou:d celebrate Ne~ Year's Day, their rtatior. s favorite ; b? occu?-_-.g Chj.c.MW. j The Chlr.efe ·jrere s~ert back on two i fronts. A txxtjc: Esproacnlr.g Kow- ta-.gtze. .rr.pcrtact r^i'.f^y center, got ·Kttr^rj four si j«s of "he c:~. ir.tch » e^nectec t" fall today ~t-jctit ressst- ar.ce Ar.other co^mn Earanc.r;? on KoTrtar.stze from the r.ortn. occupied Tahushan. after a 43-rr.'J!; p-jsh. iras accor^plisr.eti so E?.S ^v an ent^e a c-- err screen tr. fr^nt of the:r:. ?«'car.-=.".. Is the Cr..r-.^--. er. rouf* ~6re fe^jr.r;'? safetv b^!~" the ereat --all cf Chiri2 Trc '-.^Cja- c-. c- Hs-jeV ^rg TSS V.-c csrred cct a? c-ic'-v as trsjr^ cr.;d co f"-r.d to transport trocos. WISHING YOUA VERY HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR WAENER BROS. THEATRES AND EMPLOYEES TOMORROW S-t.".9-9 00 P City Opera House If you If ked''What Price Glory" and "The Cock-Eyed World," don't mi'ss this bombardment of thrills and fun! 'SUICIDE FLEET" They Chased U-Boats: They Chased GIRLS: P\VTh:r: eig roi- are made of ·!·; sarre I dough but -R.-ho..t t-.e c r.rsrron and I Oirrants. Roa the dough, law a re- fangular sheet Tide. Srrcat! hi I creamed b-i.'tr a~.d -^". ro:i Thsr. tura the and spread, the Teaching School In Texas. HarV.d Jarj;.r;g. b z " r ad-sr."'u!cer- ed Tcxa^, \rro nert t ~ o jeasorj; 3"er ; as a nvrber of the Frec r Wa-r.^r; ! of th" 3"i-e R-dgt LwcT-tP. _' tcacn ns - .ce as :o-.g as it Is crrarned butter ar.d roll up towards the'«-hcKI in tV^'D-^'.a. Trxa5, b..t is pail t - e sr^c- · center }.? z ;*.~y rol Cut through .n.£, to g;-. 0 ba5»ba!". ar^ - .«r ? h r ! n»-1 :..·» a :e".y'bcth rolls in E..C..S a'oo 1 .* an -rci th ' 'fprn?. Ke %as rr" ?_~1 during the ,D^ae c^n P.ace in a ba".r,g pan ar.d let r_ c e .-^.mirer by the Tr-re Eaute C!ub of ha^ With .unul double in bulk. Thea bake t^en- !the Three Eye League. P^THE HIT BILL BOYD C.INGFR por.f*; \DMISSIOVS tT-5 t H U D R E N JANET START YOUR NEW YEAK WITH US! Entirely Different From Anything They've Ever Done--and Better! Romance by Janet and at their Gayut and lots of Laughs El Brendel GAYNOR CHARLES FARRELL ilLICIOUS --STARTS TOOTGHT AT MIDNIGHT FOE THI« SHOT ADI I TS S.V CHII DKEV CrLEBR \T1VG-- OfK IND (. M * *rriuci \TION \MrFR LAST TIMES TODAY . "S:ric:!y Dishonorable'' TIVOLI --4DDED-- BOOTH T\RKI\GTOVS "E \TTER IT" A TIT \PHOVE JIVEVUX HIT TOMORROW Cortinuoa* 1 Till II p. rr. Adults Childten 35c lOc

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