The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 29, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 29, 1934
Page 6
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The Paris Morning News Tltt IMJSSKK Established July 1O. VOX TfcXAS PUBLISHING COMJPA.X* ^ Second Class Mail Matter »t the Post- otflc* .«* Farte. Texas, under Act of Coasre*s ttsxcb. 1S79- Published Daily Except Monday RATES Sundays) New York Day by Day BY O. O. MelNTYRE The Thrill That Comes Once In • Ufctim* By Mail. One Year .. By Mail. One Month , By MaiL Six Months .&• Aaj •rroeeoo* •t r*p»»tioo ol •st.ssr-s^ rsr.£«*« <* *. »u*— CiW «nt»crsb*r. wbo «a*« cosapMat b*ror» « P. a rf N EW YORK, July 2S—Purely personal piffle: Boyville's saddest hour—when cows are) driven 'home at dusk, Harold Ross eais »p a j cigarette in quick lightning-like puffs. Joe' Cook's closest friend is Raymond Sebindler, % private detective. On two oe- leasions I've grappled with clothes racks in dark hails- Leo Newman rids his ticket agency of loafers by sprinkling j ammonia on the floor. Bernard j Baruch. for one, eatae out ofi Wail Street without stains.! Ha! Phyfe's studio conies nearest to the mionaity of a Left Bank salon. The only stranger} TO look totally unlike my men-j O. O. Mclncsre . , . u~i o»i.»*»>» tai picture was rial tvoaen. "What became of the fellows who used to -. "Hev. Cul!" When Vernon Castle enter- T men Bet care the >I lesson tells s ""oaay's Sunday sen of tbe danger 01 listening --.o *ae ~ " as the fellows who agree witn ever} ; ! Will Rogers is an ar- T or. i used to freeze all. the neighbors" ice} | cream just to lK-k the dashers. Flying into a. j i raire. I loiur for DeWoif Hopper's voice. Mine j I" squeaks. Norma Shearer has the sprueest, j ' sli'-'ked-nr-piness of screen stars. Simile: As j drv as Helen Jacob's smile. I love to hear j Phvllis Seeman laugh. . j America's most earnest cvc ooser- vho while i tnry,me v.x*ru <-o:oss^ i>ve in the picture cap But there are o:her yes men w ^ they may not aid in bringing serious disaster to I drove ur» to rhe entrance of a nudist I :th Karl Kite-hen i^v «. j ^tlie^^o- whosi thev'iawn may yet cause . colony in ^eraany w:tn n.arl Kuehen tor a { J T ' e ?I p ?rt£ ,-r-M»Vr wen^ and dis-j visit. And then turned ana skedaddled like; l™^^V*TWrr»'r e "iio doubt some candi-l everything. On- of TOV most interesting cnrre- I appontment. dales today no ssan who ever had the iieh to no CLO*— . . - , . . .„,._,, .^ t :f v 7,-., -i^is. Fc-r j sponae'.its is a eatno^-.e sisier in bt. ran!. office and;'-Legs" Diamond'and Arnold Rothstein were r*«; 7 ^ver kne«- on book: THE. Two PR^TTV GIRLS 66ACH T^LKff^G &6CHJ-T I>*»t -we«k I did some work on he city board of tax appeals and think I heard more hard luck tories than I ever heard in so short a time previously.* I think they were gvmtlet*. io mo*sr eat*** at any ratcC and tteey -were-.^noush to one a c**e of the blues. them m-ere representatives of a railroad aad the telephone company and th« figures they us o &th« reduction of their income vere indicative of the changes that he years have brought, Of course not all of these losses vrere due to what we have been calling the depression, some being due to changes in transportation and communications. The buses and tracks and private cars have" bit into the railroad business, and radio and airmail have doubtless not helped the telephone and tele- srraph lines. But such changes are o be expected and by this tinW I >resume are being hedged against by the directing: heads of the corporations controlling: utilities. If. not, I rather think They better be. ie airesav readv to run, says fie ~~his friends, and -when me been so^en^d bv Sis inencs, auu *-^^ «.--> jc.nrr> nme I mention Chaplin. vote*: come in aad he is ^ith the also-rans he ; regular* inquire why he does not tase oui finds h.e has been lisienlng to a lot oi yes : f: j T : z? rtsh:p papers. I iik.e to answer the baes , ""-"* ~ ; .-?f>f>T- h*'n* vrst^" Herbert S"woDe dash into a I TYV^TJt • t -~ - - - •,.--„—.., , » •'" Tisis Is only human sature- The ^an ^vho ; roOTn snd h^sr Irvin Cobt> accent the ' s po~ T in j tells an iisq-airlns candidate that be thlnki the jpnlicetran. My wife can spot a phoney^man | i - ' - - - "" ----- •- ^£n £ n has made an j c?r vrAma- a~ a £" : P.r-ee. She nev^r naisses. Harry i of! BACKWARD GLANCES BY A. v. "or in this day a.nd time do not inow what may come to bring further changes. I recall -srhen trie telegraph business \\SLS practically a monopoly* and when the telephone bejran to be practicable the telegraph corn- on an average wa» !«•* than had been the sinffl* account o* Martin. •Wise and Pitxhoch during th« days when that lirm was th* hie cotton buyer ot this section. That firm W*K out of business, but other cotton firms were using telephones to communicate with their buyers at local points. Mr Stannard was a -veteran telegrapher, coming to Paris in ISStV where he «pent the remainder of his life. His office on election, nights, especially in presidential years, was the center of activity to get the results. Mr. Stannard was Republican in politics and I remember how we ragged him t» 1S92 when Grover Cleveland wa« returned to the presidency, but he took it srood-naturedly and he had the laugh on us oftener than did we on .him. Mr. Stannard's father was a railroad machinist for a road In Indiana, and the boy's first work was as a messenger boy for the Ohio River telegraph company in Mount Vernon. Indiana. He was made an operator when 15 years old and weighed less than a, hundred pounds and WAS stationed at Carlisle. Indiana, then at Terre Haute and then was sent to Texas. In his day he sent and received millions of words and as typewriters came l>any was inclined, to pooh-pooh it j i« Ions: after h« learned the click as a competitor but it was not long j of the receiver and key. he copied until the voice over the wire al- I in Ions: hand, every word of hfs most put the click of the Instru- copy bein^ as plain a« print. He ment out of business, especially at j WHS for many years a popular citi- that tirn^. for nearby eommunica- } zen of Parts and was always affable tion. i he manager here for y^ars of the Tv'estern Union. \V_ G. Scan- nard. told me some years before his death that the entire income and acconimodatinir, especially to the newspaper boys, who often received tips from him that led to a story and incidentally to bu- of the Paris office for one month sincss for his company. POWDERLY LOCALS. 1ROXTON PERSONAL PERSONAL ITEMS) AND LOCAL ITEMS PO-WDERL.T.—Mr. an<l Mrs ROXTOX. — Mrs. E. P. Low* Harmon Martin. JLJoyd Ray atntl i leaves Sunday to attend the A. and Kay Martin arsd Ed Bol"Wolf. OV!s... are visit- ti* J ing la the homes of G. E- Martin M. short course at CoJles« Station. -•trs. Ix?we won first place in the AVHD club here in a bread contest. Mrs. G. W_ Derrick will go from the Paradise club. ilr. and Mrs, Geonre I-iister of and Charlie Tv&yburn. Miss Bessie Morgan of Bon- harn Is visitinjc her parents, Mr. t ^j^. and Mrs. L M. Morgan. ! \ve>- Mr. and ilrs. Elmer Stubble- • 5rs=r. * field of Oil City. l^a.. have return- i Tom Carlisle and •ed home after of Mr. and Mrs. John Hold- t^r B«t- isiting Mr. and tie Frances of Mayers. Okla.. • vis- eiianee for ms election is ^* ri>«T Tn*n or at leas: eooied so enemy ot tisat man. <yf; bis friendship. So some of tries Beaurronr doe? th- r.sriCiiest rmitation tske tlie ; G-e n rs: s"s soft shoe dance. Soy "^ r . { CHAPTSK i? PUZZLE FOR BOB It -*r&& a trifle disconnected Marsha's stcrj" delivered jerkily and between, jra^ps. I>octor James beard it -with mur- |.. .„ -^^. ^,- _ £ J_*OCtOr u5.Ul€« £i^rcs.*ti i*. *ii«_ii i*i*^-- * OtO caption "Petite • ^^ O f "Htrrs—" or '"Well."Vill'T ^ t S^ons S-'-l risrht. -• —" and. "Xow my goodness me!" \ ' ea^est ^ay out and either agree vira tue; Howard once ^vrote a pao eaididate thai his chances are excellent or;LhrJe Dancer." but he s give an evasive answer. ^ . ^ \ ,. i sooi&ingr. >T^ have al^vavs been yes men, r>ut *.2e ; TTiier; I set ~*"ct on a limo •^ntins' a coiums -who espects to sret tar m f yours, on- She loved it, Bob's irm through TS. the "way he held her. close| pressed. | "I'd like." she said, "to come 1 back when we are very old and in -SSJt'"'! d"c;T" : -Macfaha" ansrw-ered, fJune. rd^Hce. to krso-w h-o«r it looks "Saw an old admirer o: Marsha." said Ledtla. "He says he must see you. that he 'has affairs to discuss with. you. I gave him your Sa^f-hampt^n address. Hope Mrs. G. E. Martin. Mrs. Johnnie Martin of Kil.gore is visiting: in the home oC C- M. Boiliager. ; Dock Gordon who has been vis- t itingr his son Ed-wrard at Holiday i ha? returned home. - . | i-loyd Sale ha* jrone to Cone { Okla-. to spend the sum- \ vou doti't mind 7" She found these ,-v,iTic- -for som« heartenlnc. She « interruption? reason, ar.d ! honestly. "Who?" asked Bob. "if I may -Geoff Tarleton,' L.ctitla aji- lire Lad best "beware of tem. i tne ronm and rmisn at vrnim-'wnain- "Mv child." he said as he smiled j -j don't n-jind." Bob commented. Guordins the Polls in June dress—this place ir.d to Mr. and Mrs, £>ick Paris visited S. O- Cochran Sau- ] ^^i day: Mrs. Svareu Anderson and!^^" T " children of Paris visited home* of S. O, and J. TJ. ite-d Mr. Carlisle's mother aad sister. Mr*. TT. H. Carlisle and Mrs. 1 J. P. aia^fsvell here this we«k. Mrs. \V\ll Burnett of BatesTdlle, Misa.. is vL«it!ngr her sister. Mrs. 1*. E- Insrram here and her moth- ejr, Mrs. Doc Martin at Xoble. Mr. and .Mrs. C. Ti*. .Gunning^^^n. have as icuests Mris. •weelk Mrs. E, M. Pa»re and E. \V. Sirrsmtoti? *>f f | Itta B«5r»a, Mis*_ and Mrs-- Bob Lambeth of Bailey, for is held Thursday »i Crook n^ar Paris. } visited Deport relatives rriday. Mr. an<3 Mrs- Raynaond Trwin or P.* come aft-r tv*.'ve traveled a i lonsr. lonjr Mr, and Mr*. Earie Barkett and son o' arrd son of • were here to attend tha of D.M. Burkett, Kd Pratt, mana^rer of the He paused to rray. fro^t-bitters stretch and after t h<- had dropped to a sheltered j Commerce Buys around the j T>»»»«™ For "WatcrM'Orlc* j Gr«y lumber yard here. !* s^pend- _ | JTIR: the week end. in I>enton" with bench to dra-se- her down, by rilm, he spoke. "Arid I," h<? r^aid. "shall say. COMMEItCE- — Mayor rl. M. c family. ] Miller, announced &• ne^v turbine j Mr, and Mrs. Tom "Watson and «,..«~ f or t h«» city's -vater system. { Mn«. Dorothy L^ins-ford were In 'Here is a sri that •was rrsartc Le >overnber by st •wo- Rh«va!d be in 1 Gr*«nvUJe Friday. opcra-tion !r. about thiriy days. The | new machin** has a i-ajsacity of 400 = ^^j » o ^ Or *» O:J a settllns: tank. .»uns in man's love'." j gallons ?>er rrsinute. and will brir..? j ^-, t j; t ?,,, openinc of the "Perhaps," she sT:src«st*d. "you [about the opening of the r.ew -w-at- }Cf>.rnm#rce*8 total -water sapply will not fe**l like sayir>?r That -"'hen f^r -w-eii drilled aorne time agro by | j^.. yj^-jjtijjj to Sf*0 fraUony per T »m very old. and rou have kno-wrn 'the City of Commerce. ! from the present volume of 500 olls there is ].ndeeasotnetnir^ •r*r.okers in f-arir.s: at her. in that conntr ar.^ ^ someming and eould be remedied. That Xothinz describes Marsha, ihJnkins;. "Xo one nis.rried him, but ho-vre*'er Seem.? jeeelpt. The trcub^ ifcis is tee rea^ "-?-' : collector or the o c«lpts is th<? perso [ TI*- tbr^-sjjrh many years.' » "TCAfthe-r of us wJ}J A con^tr'uctioii crew has alr«,-&<Jy | gallon*. *- oJd." he i "for you know f^'Ople s have .srard^ns an<3 ?«um- | r»-.-»r. •s^hen^vo-r. they { Mv-N'i" S M£5T*r Of Arts and Kentucky ! rhe' . nV^b^^-oJld not vt ; : -sy at a luncheon. "ShV'.? changed, ... ^\"V r, i5>*j*i'i T-:':'" j r?- r"".nt : r T } e> s '''c'S^>-Ti^ r Tri^Tno* 1 ^. r>r t"*? .'•ismson! HtC'C t-^^ !«!"?•. ilC'*;: ^"! • ™ - " *? T^.^TTi^ 1 - :; ;.::5 i£ £.:••'. »•-"? 6-Vj--. i >- T ! receipts are sisir-'Ic an<1 r,^?eci_noT cfius* *rour.^e • .^ ^ - '"; •.••li.i'*^ jJ^I^SO*.* ^^ •»' ? U V.i J -^*-."5- * *i *- •-- "•-. *- - --•*•- -'" » LV ' .,,**-. T ^- .(»,, *--.. .*»-^ **.. ^. . * "->.•. tthe'ia-w.. To be sure i ? ia.x receipts have y^en '^"..delivered in ^-U^k> TO one msii-^as cs^ r^en •'" statec in *f;f .st.or'C-^ '.-" tr;^ *fr>r, ; r;cr -'-^ •-- : j.^-^.--- :';••-'"•;-. r r ; ^-r; tn«r scref-r. nas j2"Or*<? Tnsr>5"- | -re<fit the fact, that thrTu:?'" ch^at- } Really. J-Jt with s little Paradis ii*vc it -can ia,Tt. >--a-'t h»!p> liking her*"' Marsha f«!t a difference in Bob 'it. nisrh.t. It hurt her cruelly. Tn* •ubt he tried to stifle, stiffened ,. a r*:~ '• ^« rr! - 5Tie thought. "It isn't true! " T ~^ : It can't be! Not ^irh him.!" .A n<J «=}?e wis thfnivin^ of som^ In her room at the o!d . " !.' ' "'.. ' T^ " »i-i .1.-1— long's ravine that to keep love one IT"-™ i^r O i ?^ T"! Cr_ it. v*S.S IKLti* ^S. * •_»••; !^."'i., r '^' I^,* w Vp ? K ! '— " j/""'Vr'-~jZ" -irK** > '"'" s '' " na ^ drearned aa st fool. »h» :^oned bitterly. Perhaps she ist tease Sob. sts she had other r.. Brit she cou"<J not I '^"** before the:-* went <Jo-wn stairs. ^ ^ "°* hi "f : f* *t];p h»- hand irt hiy. bxit ; h r i*a»t of litn- ^ov S0 rt Tna?S«* him ytsffen. -jo^r- a r h^r probinc-l-r ? h? of him tha:, it farther her time, TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS Solution of Yesterday** t» r^sTi^rou 1 ? *t mo no-w «!rtiiicr tine if -.thai responsibly .There is r-o pr judge is cortv .tii-e re<*«ipt -' iss^'ENi, He na T''TT!' r i';* s irr mv f^ s-TsTn^ur for rn<p ^ Uat < ,. . n?s O77>5" ?•,;-•*• '•pad r-^'-r. to tbrongh ia f*»-=r -rrrin-jt*-^, tr, r «*rji* tO ^ 3 Years Ago tie« &f 'the Paris $ ing Hews thirteen yetxrs && i .'^"" ^ " ! i.-tj^.rd«?d. . .she wou'.d not "b-other" bit thickly. ! " : ™'. TT_ „,:., ! Tab=e tyrn^dl " w ,,*.J"J r «' I Bob tri-^1. during- th^ cr-urse of ". : -:••'• n«»3:t fi"^' day?, to d!*rmss th<; i re^.."o?; »bs* ; . _ n ,','-"*T-» •*•- '"i-'f-r • '^'"'-^ *'*^ to ' R?rn '" *• wa >' that •*'«« * " ' I "•••:. Justified- For tnc most imrt ^. _. , . | r >F.' yaFp'icion r-f her shamed him ;-TjrJ it mAde him hurrsbJ* a.u*i leri- ix r _ ,._^j.,^ i 5fArsHa- "who frven at first ha.d '' " vp.'"','' 'v fc v '' r *? jr - that Hf«* could be n«lth»r RO ., , ;; e i '^rnp-ie nor smooth as Ooctor jt^.,.. . -^a.J i -Ta.Tn««j5 thO'Jffh*. COn.*!<J* r r*»fJ with ," yyT^t'tT-^W. i""'' B ° b a IItU * r »<>»«^ th 'nc "f all "urpr'**"- 3'-** ' '*** m ^ 3rs *- ^' J her an*? of ht»w *hc i hft<! had but TO tisrhtcn b*sr arm -o w D"^rtr>" (•'* r '> f j | «^ J 5 -* ^*?ck to know him rlrid. ] re mot*-. Sh«» had craved full h*snes- ,.,,. ^,,. u >.,,.;,,.„ I "r. and with rorrir!»n'!n*r fore**: * .. ri - s< * ; ""h.njf imj>c«»ihif < '. r.r- <?r-y^'. to find ^5,j- v . "^'ousrh huma-Tiii and in lif**. rarrly s^v^ At others, •wh{«o h" trl^d t^> t«* ^f th* way h- f»5t- » of >furf-ri Ft»rrartis ^v •*rT"»-f T <-»n hiow » «T*rd* my br»«th. Arsd In my hand a for«»nt »*?»»r.** Boh h^ard >s»r rjuote, and 'r^ hlark IS British 13 Oss tb* Mkv 35 IiTrtOOi *4 TlruiC 37 K*ar,t «2 An»*rlcar> foort or Soatb A aery TO 35, or*cioo» i Plac* He *b* and thf- y»a.r« ah*ad •«r^r< w for fh«»m. "W-'hat >?oU is to a r*lar,r or ?r*c they corsSd thriv?, or prow rwdcriPffty -srith tw lists «ti'*h a» onf! find", in Ftuntfd Tr''** «>rs a coast. Tt TVOK!"? <5<»pfnd. of «>ar»r, npon how th«*y **nri»*h*'<J %!•»«• yfar^. sr of riday, July 29. 1921 iOOF ssaoor To tr or sojsething- Ne^'S Tribune. :d •sn"h€r' v h»./J j« K ra.'3 i'> 'loufet ! r lively, try* 5 . ?r fess. bfHirr*? But he * in th 1 ! calm thai pr^c*d*-d fh m mom^nTjt »»•> iwttisfjrinsr that Th* moment* • rj.*<j iim«*; w L : mrww of Bob ^ at oddly **«>»<>• caught * tvi*t-ris O ?<» town OS Union. i : .nt«?TJS on jfett.Jnsr th<* la Or when irh*? wfw hSrn -«rhS»k<*r. i for «?, A. Buroharn -A«i.s conducted l,L <Tri>s^rlo!se an<i swrvl^s at r te Hi|£}ivi^y ti^f*artnJ«s« of ehamixer of In after thfy h*--i j * -^^ frvvrn *>n nlm f*<:*. to r*- . T , - , - i 1<t _j J;««rd »nd to **-is«h her ayn?. an»J ; pa:r * hrok/'n •~b«fr rounri, No >vot^*r t!,- deatbra!* IH !o^-^ r m bard 8ofe> mo , h ^ r many happy r , torn ^ j Brfwe ^jnn^r *>n rh« evenfn* >, A rnit, r > hates to qun whi.l*- heft ioser.— |,,f th , ^.^y, :Th*t prff*c*»d C^offr^y T»rJ*ton'» l-ftrr-.*. Phr^rJx. 5 Ktiti th* f*iin*. txjtitia. v.fc* in- ;<"*". *h«! walked wttft Bob p*»sf ned t<» r*f*.*ritt Marsha's intrusion. | ^trsw-mTarvp*<J ro»*. fouwh*-*, « *tin K-injr vin*<* The ironntrr is behind you Mr, ov.u-red -00 n)ark«rs for tii€ itn- i but don't Jet it get too far behind.—Eri« -, "I've *Jw»y» ador*'<! B->b." *h« h*«J j ***«! aroond -whJch a.l| l»*r friend*. *'»nij th«? ] »*.K3r * brittl* »on*f in th« *v««p of V'- sa><t tf it** marryingMarsha Moore »h* m«r * . Faring th* *:^a on* rowitt tb« gale; b»ttl« to be Today 7 * Amusements HERE COMES THE NAVY .r«rr»«* OMn»«y cior*« sttuui pwr O'Brim AT THE PLAZA HOLLYWOOD PARTY jrtmm»«" I>wmnw, f-opc l>l«s, r^urr! |UMl Hwrrfy, Twt H«»iy ind Hl» S<^o«w*. m**A »>O0 <wl». In *c- A *p«t< drwmn of, |»rlfw»f Jv* life AT THE GRAND which 4.1 City JB Itat? **. N*rro^ tabrt* 45. ErvTR3*n •ol«> disk hjrth- Sin & 34 25 3 7 2i 22 38 33 23

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