The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 17, 1918 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 17, 1918
Page 14
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iliiiiiiiilvirt«iiMi»MiMMtii«ni"in innr i inn n inrfnMMIMM Silverware of Service AND SENTIMENT. The iiittcrns of simple tk-siKti that fit in with lite elegant appoint- incuts of Ihe dining room ate: futrlclen Grecian Adams Plymouth M. WELCH, Jeweler 18 NorthMaln J Diinclruffy Heads Become Hairiest It yiui want plenty'of thlt'k, Irrauil- lul K'"v».>. silky hiilr, (In by all inunnn H' i ri'l ul Jiiminiff, fur It will Murvci \tinr hair uinl ruiTi It if you don't. ! h dtji'sn'i iio mticti RIHHI ui try to hrnsli it out The only nun- way to rid of (lanclrurt' Is to di.'-sulv<> It, lliiin yiii! ilt-si ray U i-ntlrely. To do (his, i^i t at:uui t'fitir uiirucs- ul ordinary hijiiid jirvi.n: apply It at. ni^hl wliru n-iir tip; use viwuitfi to mni*U''M tho scalp ami ruli it In KonLly * A illi the fin^rr ttl'f- Hy fiifirnim:. trmM IT not all of your d.'indnil'f nil) be Rnm\ and three or four mot)' nppllrationH will completely dl .-M 'hr and entirely dcsiioy every Miiftlr sit;ii and Hare of II. You will find, too, that nil lirhlnfC ami digpiiiK uf the scnlp will stop, anil your hair win look and feel a hundred tiiio-s heller. You can Ret liquid ur- von at any (Irur; ntore. li is Inexpensive nrul four ounces is all you will need, no nuttier how j»:neh dandruff von luive. This simple remedy never fails. MANY TEXTILE FABRIC ENI'KluMAOE AT FAIR AS YOUNG AS YOUR KIDNEYS Tl.f sn-ivi uf yiiiiih t« HLfMINATlON r »i-' !'ti|S(.iNS from'your b<xly. Tlilf Uun«\ j.rii iini k'l- to lu- ;t liuri'iinl un<i eujuy i hi- in nut llittU:s of life wllli us Hiu<h •|i«|i' iiH ynu iliil when in tin* K|«riii£llnie "i yiMjth . Kffji yniir budy in t«od comil- litlll. UiafM Ihr J *f'iTi*L. U" H II'II t lie liiiint -yM Tho kMnrys and t(ii*i siivt* occ.-iiii ;i!i* ihe m:iU\ cuum Thi* l:i.ln«>ys fiticr a tut .unify the PtorM, All Uio jtiiK^c-s thn-uitdi ymir kiitn <\vK niii.-i- nverj three minutes. Tfn-y strain nr filter nut Ihe linpui-llti.s . Thai i.s ihnlr w<>ik Ki 't'i" tle'tn rhan ami ill prot»t'P w'.iU'ii'; tTicditiuti and you have nothing lt> f•*:»r. Iipivc the prisonous \v.u:ti-s urul «ii*mlh uric acid iimmiMhitjnn .H fr>mi ymir <»ti.n. Take UOUi MKDAI, (HI in intervals ami > »u will always I..- in |i< rft-i -i wnikinjf onlir. You wTTPreW Mi"ii(; Jih .l viu'"i>'iis . Nervf,-* ami luua- !•[<•--• will In* t lastl t * una vuur face will rtMlial- youth and lieuUli. (.Ju1.I> MI-'-I'iAl. ]i;i;trlim ilnpsulrti art- imported (llrtet .V-rn the hihoralurles at Jl.iarlpm, Mollard Tlvt-v ;itt- m>t a pnirnt mt:(Nclni\ hut a U...uuiii">»i remedy which has hci'n UFO<i i.y id- sfinfy iMilrli tur nvi c I'dH ycius ;it d which has hdpvd |hem tit develop tutu tif the ."t-iimKest and lieftlthh-m ne-ii* In tin' world. CJet them from vour •I) iiKjrj.-i. 1 M > ma take a substitute." in fetaled iiackaKCf—tlirue sizes. Hcd Cross liooth Has Complete Line of the Work Exhibited. DIFFERENCE THIS YEAR Domestic Science is Somewhat Smaller This Ycitr. IOOD CONSERVATION KITCHEN This Attracts Great Deal of Attention in the Agricultural Kitchen Huilding. Tiip Domestic Setrnco dppnrtmcnt thi." ytiir fliows a broad dltfcrenco Tho tcvtllo fabrics exhibit is lurgfli this yrnr tlinn ever before, ospKlitlly In tho quilts. Mrs. J. C. C'urtlss litis j ovrr previous .veins- TUo cakes cntircd a crolchcil bvd-siiroad upon ttni1 urcads, which arc displayed are willed Is tin- ii.illoiinl emblem and ot course made of war flours. The lotloritiK, and ihe border of which Is ' exhibit otitic candies is very small, owing Qtlho scarcity of sugar, which shows how patriotic the Kansas people are, not to make big batches of candy to, display at the Fair. Tho canned fruits and vegetables were not In such abundance as iu former years, and the whole department Is not nearly as elaborate as heretofore, which all goes to show how patriotic the Kansas housewives are. Miss Krancls Brown of Manhattan and her assistants started judging In this department this morning. The Food Conservation kitchen will be a place of much attraction, beginning this morning at 10 o'clock, when Miss Ward of Manhattan gave her demonstration on "Invalid Cookery" and "Food for Children". She set model trays for the .invalids, and gave suggestions for menus for children ba- tween the ages of two years and six years and between the ages of six and twelve. This afternoon Miss Faublon, also of Manhattan, gave a splendid demonstration on wartime salads. Cottage cheese plays a big part In these war time salads, as it uses up tho waste materia! of milk, and Is good, wholesome, nutritious food, aside from the fact that It makes splendid salads. Miss . Faubion also demonstrated a hew method of making cottage cheese, which was very beneficial to those who watched the demonstration. Reno County Products. In the southeast corner of the Agricultural building Is a splendid display of the Heuo county farm products. These products arc of tho choicest and were so artistically arranged that made up of Anu-rlcan flags in color. Miss Mary l,amlls is exhibiting a piece o;' hand-woven linen which Is over li hundred years old. The Hrd Cross booth Is displaying a full outlay of surgical dressings, hospital and refugee garments, and orphan layettes. Mrs. Carr Taylor will be at the booth every day to answer any questions about entering the nurses reserve, and Mrs. Cleorgu Pernio will explain the lied Cross Home Service. There will be three women In charge of the booth each day to give out any information in regard to the work, and will bo glad 10 explain the making of the refugee garments which is a new undertaking for thu local chapter, and which has not yet been introduced^ through tho county yet. The State Reformatory has a large and beautiful exhibit, including a large number of cedar chests, tables and filing cabinets. Tho famous Torblnson rear axel lu Republic Trucks. Ileno-Ilulck Co. 16-6t. CELEBRATED SILVER JUBILEE. Gaelic League Was Founded in 1893 and Accomplished Great Work. Dublin.—The Gaelic League has just celebrated its silver Jubilee. It was founded in 1SH3 and for many years accomplished a groat work not only In encouraging the use of the Irish language and press preserving it from extinction in the districts where It was still Ihe common speech . ... _ of the people but In the ndvancementyJt makes a fine display and one which At Death's Door "1 \\:is talking vylth ;>iy neighbor, Mr. Webb, Hie other nay, regarding tin- f^rtai trouble his stomach had given him. lie 'ijid be suffered T or 8 years, ind Imri been tilui"st m death's door a 'number of times Irnm acute indigestion and bloating of gas, which .'•oemed to shut iff Ills heart n-.iui. lie said he tvi-uliln'i have lived much 'longer tt he" liadn'l taken Mayr's Wonderful Hemedv when be did, which made a wvll man of him." It is a simple, harmless preparation that removes th-' r;ttairhal mucus from Ihe intestinal iracl and allays the inflammation, which causes practically all stnmnch. liver and Intestinal ailment.;, including appendicitis. One dnse will convince or money refunded. Fur sale by druggists everywhere. generally of Irish industry and educa "lion, its revenue at the stnrt was less Ihan two hundred pounds n year. It Is now close on nine thousand pounds. The greatest success of the League was in securing that Irish should be made a compulsory subject ot study |in the National University. No stu- ]dent can pass the matriculation examination unless he satisfies the exam- liners in Irish. This has had a marked | effect on the secondary schools which i prepare pupils for the university, ur.d there tire now few schools in Ireland 'among the Catholic population in J which Irish is not regularly taught. I At first the League wns strictly non-pulitical but Ihe government has the Reno county people should feel justly proud of. There, are 11 sorts of grasses and grains, and vegetables and fruits, which are all of the finest grade. In the extreme southwest corner of the Agricultural building is the Boys and Girls' clubs exhibit, which is highly interesting. All the work displayed Is done by children between tho ages of ten /and eighteen, with the exception of the canning, which Is done by the .Motuer-Duughter clubs. This exhibition represents a large number ot the counties from over the state, and any county may send exhibits to the Fair. The Mother and Daughter clubs, consist of the mothers and daughters proclaimed it to be a dangerous or- j or sons, who help each other in their gani7 .ation. The proclamation j declared to be aimed at the abuse of ! the organisation as a "cover for rfiun ! Fein activities. The decree has been treated throughout Ireland, however, as if it were an attack on the Irish language, a design which the chief secretary has warmly repudiated. Jesse Langford AUCTIONEER Sept. 17 —Clyde I'lilnier, C miles ve.'-i. 2 t-outh of Nickt-rson. Sepi. 'J.|- A. 11. Temple, '> miles east, Inorth of Haxmaii. Oct. 3 Unvo E. Ilrltio, 2',i miles west of Lynns. Got. l."»—lien. Raymond, 1 miles west, I 'A south of 1'rotty Prairie. Oci. lfi-1. S. Van Ordstnuul, 2Hi miles w'.-si, ;'. : !i south of Haven. Oct. 17-.I. V. Oevlne, 4 miles north, l '-i: rail of Niekorsoii. Fifiy head of white face steers and SO head while face heifers, weiglil MO lbs., Inr sale ul my corral. D.iles can be arranged at any time by calling my ol'flco phone, Nlckcrsou -'H ul m.v expense. Jesse Langford Notice. Phone 2020 night or day for Knight Tires and tiro repairs during Fair week. Tiro Hospital 1) Sherman east. 12-I4-1(!-17-1S The International Harvester Company Builders of Mogul and Titan Tractors. Hevpnty-flve years knowing how to build farm machines. Twelve years experience building tractors. An absolute guarantee of a satisfactory tractor. See ihom loday at the Harvester Company's exhibit at the Fair, 14-Gt • IM Me fijjure oti Monarch Weather Strips for your home. Save fuel, keep warm. No obligation to show you. G. T. Bronleewe 120 11 til West l'lione 523 ALFALFA SEED J'or Kail Planting $6.50 to $12.00 per Bushel All central Kunsas grown. Non- irrigated—write for samples. YOUNG'S S»BD HOUSE Hutcuiusou, Kans. l^gpluut uud rtco 1» » |joud>coiA- bluaUoa. ..• I LL T AKE P0STUM! •—vou hear 'rt more artel mi Wc. ....„, for his morn- —I more when one is asked where he II In^rtr Irmk. Delightful pm from the comfort* tn»t lih coffa aroma rifuifoartdfree-' Wl fee. S ourishinA htatth- ul, economical, NO.WASTE oifM!"" »p important limn -the** dayc, Give INSTANT P0STUM ennning, and it a woman cares to enter this club and has no son or daughter, she may adopt a boy or girl as her son or daughter in tho canning. The Sewing is Fine. In the sewing for tti'cse Boys' and Girls' clubs, directions are sent out to the children from the K. S. A. C, and children of different ages are put in different classes. In Class C, there are children from the ages of 10, 11, and 12, and they make little aprons, and Class B contains children who are 1«, 14, and 15 years of age, who make larger aprons, and some underclothing. Then Class A, contains children ot 16, 17 and IS and these children make school dresses. Their exhibit this year is splendid and shows what a fine thing these clubs are for tho children. The garden products are fliie, as well as their cannjug displays. All the canning is done by the cold pack method. One exhibit which Is of much interest Is that ot the 100-Jar exhibit. There are lfi exhibit^ in this particular display. There is a pyramid of about 150 jars in the single jar exhibit, and this is a splendid sight to see. The Cirla' Bread clubs have a very interesting display of their six I.ib>| erty breads. These are. all quick breads and they Include cormneal muffins, rorubread. Liberty mufrins, Boston brown broad and corn dodgers. ENAMEL EXHIBITS LEAD IN FINE ARTS EXHIBITS A Unique Woodwork Exhibit— "^ Amateur Entries are Commended; The entire west sldo ul the Liberal Arts building Is devoted this year to the display of fine aria. The exhibits in this department are more extensive Ihan ever. Large exhibits in china have been madu by Mrs. I), C. Babbitt, Wichita, Miss Margaret Nessley, Wichita, Miss Elmo Hurtle, Wichita, Mrs. Catherine Undsey Perkins, To- peku, Mrs. 'A. Branscpm 'MMer, Tcr peka, Miss Myrtle Miller, Topeka, Mrs. lleorgu Hayes, Partridge, Mrs. 1011a L. Matthews, Topeka, Mrs. Orace Powell, Macksvlllo, Mrs. Rex Payne,- Mt'B, Arthur Galloway, Mrs. Curtis PeugU, and Mrs. Uraut Chamberlain, all of Hutchinson. Large exhibits tn pictures have, bedli mude by Miss Fern Boys, Wlntield, Miss Alice M. Brown, Sterling, Mrs. Ida M. Chubb, Corning, Iowa, MI SB 01'ace Raymond, Wtnfletd, and Mrs. IS. Bloom, Mrs. Itox Payne uud Miss Men gkinuer of Hutchinson. The enamel entries are larger this year thai) In previous years, and some very excellent ywk. of this kind Uiid FIFTY YEARS FOR RHEUMATISM '. -AT ALL DRUGGISTS Is exhibited. There is but a single entry In the woodwork, a handmade violin, entered by William Shackelford of Wellsford, William W. Swlnk, ot 630 Second east Is exhibiting a painting of tleneral Pershing which lie has painted without having taken a single lesfton In nil. Many of thn paintings and drawing:; bear the military note. Professor Hocking of Ihe Art r>o- partment at Kansas University will judge the entries tomorrow. Mrs. Ed. L. Teod is superintendent of the Fine Arts exhibit, and Mrs. A. W. O'Brlan, Mrs. M. S. Grimes, Mrs. C. A. .lohnson and Mr. It. D. Schcrmerhorn are assistants, GREEK ARCHBISHOP ON U. S. MISSION 1 Rev. Jijeledioa MedaxakU. A special dehglous mission' from Crcecc has arrived in the TJ. S- The delegation ia headed by the Most Rev. Meledioa< Medaxakis, archbishop of Greece HJe is shown above leaving the Orocjlc legation in Washington to call on,^President Wilson. SHIPBUILDING PROGRAM. In United States Has Opened the Eyes of\the World. Philadelphia;'Sept. 16.—America's vast shipbuilding program has opened the eyes of (hjo-world to her tremendous possibilities recently declared Peter O. Knight,- VIce ; president and general counse] of the American International Shipbuilding corporation, which, opem&sj.&e;Mg plant at Hog Island. ..r" ' "It fsthc betft'Possiblo evidence that we Intend Wx iatlok," he said. "The Japanese visltijrs counted the 60 ways, one by one atfd exclaimed, 'W!ry, we have only.ten^mbfe ways in our whole country' Ihan,,'yott have in : this one yard.' And Ixjrd-ReaUfng, of England, declared that'It typlflednhe llmltlevs- riess of America. ' "Others ask-:'liow /we can do such things, and they learn that at the. beginning of., tlie war the wealth of 'he United States,' was $250,O00,OOO,00«, compared Tvllti |SS,OOO,000,OO0 as tho wealth of Great Britain, $80,000.000,000 for Gf'rinaiiy^nU ($6,000,000,000 for France. ' "We have /half ...the banking resources of tlie,;W0rid.', R Since thn war began wo havn'boughT back M.OOO.000- 000 of secuTlllj -H! loaned J7,O00,000,. 000 to alllosi «nd. extended credit' to al|los antl business concerns to the amount of J7,0O0",OO0J)00 morn, Wo have carried on the enlarged business of tho country'and a* war costing us »50,000,WO a d»y"And America's wealth has Increased since August, 19U; It has onor fourth ot the commerce of the globe and has accumulated a UUrd of the gold supply ot the world. So great is the nation's wealth that even this war cannot' deplete It. Informed Germans or cilizezis of othor nations cannot think tlerniauy can win with, America against uer." Notice. Phone 8020 night or day for Knight Tiros and lire repairs during Fair week, Tire Hospital, 9 Sherman east. 12-H-16-17-1S Furniture Hospital, 400 North Mala, Telephone 1** The twcntiettucefltury way to harvest wltli a binder,' Uso an Intorna, tloijal Groin ScJiQCker. Don't worry uPQut )wrve»t tywjs. Worjting today at the llarveslor : Cowpttny's' BxUiblt at tho pair. ,. . u-et . I*wer l>euUWiQ8t by Malng a Ile- nubiic Tiuejf,:; : Sono-B«t.cfc VQ. 16-6t. A nafal S6igd,)g tnado pt,ppiatoe» and. carrot* wm tomato 6UDl««. K fSRlGHT {VERY WRONG RIGHTfD Tb* homo of Hatt ~Sdufihcr Ac Mars -'./ New Fall Hats In'Rough Finished . Mixtures Q UALITY, style and extensive style selection are the attractions presented in this display of rich silk finished hats in the new fall shades of green, brown and Oxford mixtures at —$3, $i, $5, $6, $7.50 and $10. For31-years headquarters for Manhattan Shirts and Stetson Hats. ABOUT THE JACK TARS Boys From the Mid-West are Making the Best Sailors. THE TASK WAS ENORMOUS Ships Which are Being Built so Kapidiy These Days by Uncle Sam. The Favorite Schiller Pianos and Player Pianos are sold at 108 North Main Street, A beautiful stock of new fresh goods. -Fair Week they will be sold from the store at 108 North Main. "Now is the time to buy a Schiller. The Superba Phonograph, plays all disc records, none better. " Phone 2431 J. H. HARPER Piano Man Hutchinson heard Its* first blue­ jacket bau<) music In many months yesterday and the musicians from the Great Lakes Naval Training Station brought home to the big crowd something of tho scope of the work that Is being done under the direction of Captain William A, Moffetta In thnj world 's greatest naval training base. The station iKyvhas more than 50,000 men preparingror sea service, It has grown In the laBt year from tour small camps of less than 20,000 men to the present huge navy city which sprawls for three miles along the shores of Lake Michigan and runs more than two miles Inland along the Northwestern Railway tracks. When the Navy Department was confronted with the great task of training crews for a merchant marine, that grew up over night,.and hundreds of new warships, Secretary . Daniels and his advisors wisely decided that the young ' manhood of the middle west, rather than the coast states, would make the type of sailor wanted, ror that reason a program for the expansion of the Great lJakes station was decided on and recruiting work In Ihe middle west given vigorous attention. All spring and sumnffr men came iu at the rate of more than 1,000 a day and were assigned to detention camps. Practically all of them were from the farming seslion ot the Mississippi Volley, but they absorbed a knowledge of soa life with surprising rapidity. Training Schools. At present-Schools for training men for practically overy branch of naval service are In operation at Great Lakes, Tho artificers' school, where carpenters, welders, blacksmiths, and other men for ratings iu the artificer branch are trained, is tho most recently opened and Is already training more than 8,000 men. In the fifteenth regiment, composed exclusively of men training for the different branches of naval aviation, more thaa.SiOUO men are learning aoout seaplanes, hy­ droaeroplanes and naval scout planes, Few of Ihese men are to bo pilots ot heavier than air craft hut many will act as observers, wireless men, tna- clilnlsts'matcg, dopers and repair men. Contingents from ibis school are usually sent for^anjl duty in naval bases oyerseas after about (our months training, A yeoman school, (or the training of stenographers, typists, bookkeepers and officer men now has about 3,000 men under training. Then there' are, schools for quartermasters, seamen' guards, who man the' guna on urined merchant ships, coxswains, musicians, pay clerks, navigators and other branches. ' In Detention. The recruit on entering the service is assigned to one ot the,four detention regiments where, bo spends hip first three weeks learning to wear a uniform, pack his sea bag, sleep in a, hammock swung on jock stays eight feet above the deck (tt floor In, We navy is always 5 deck), do infantry dr))( and most Important ot aiit&ko jhj-ce iupcuiaUpnB for typljold fever and two mull po* vaccinations vltb- Instead of Plaster and Lath Quick work, independent of weather conditions; inexpensive, yet very attractive panelled effects—for instance, oak wainscot with cream above; Neponset Wall Board is an ideal material for Summer Cottages and Bungalows and many general domestic interiors. NEPDNSET WALL BOARD IbrWalls and Ceiling* Only a hammer and saw are needed; it can be nailed right on walls or studding and will not crackl It comes in sheets, ready to use, in two styles—quartered oak and cream white. It need not be painted, but can be. It ia waterproofed and sanitary; easily cleaned with a damp cloth. For Salt by See Display at State Fair L. J. White Lumber Co. 10O Sherman W. Phone 65 out flinching. At' the end of their detention period inon are assigned to schools to train for Uio rating" for which' they enlisted, The average recruit spends about four or five months on the training station beforo goi^g to sea, Kansas, according to figures recently compiled at Great Lakes, has sent a greater proportion of its young men to sea service than any other state In tho Mississippi Valley. FORMER LABOR BOARD. Members Will Review Industrial Disputes Not Settled. Washington.—Oanada is to have a federal labor board, which will be {ormsd uuijer. the industrial .disputes Investigation; apt- The board will consist of five members, two representatives ot manufaeUjtrorB, two representatives o( labor, and 1410 fl(tu to be appointed,,, by the, .first four members. In cascs/ot disagreement the minister ot labor'wtU m?ke the fifth appointment. The federal labor board win If .You Sutter With PILES The Absorbent Method Will Cure You without pain, without cutting, tying, burning or the injection of carbolic or other irritating acid, without an hour's detention from business and pleasure. This seems almost too good to believe, and we don't ask you to believe it, Just investigate this wonderful new method of curing Pllej and see for yourself. Other pile doctors who claim to cure Piles without the knife always use the scissors or an Injection of carbolic or other burn.-> Ing acid. The ABSORBENT METH. OD is a new discovery, absolutely different and far superior to any-other method known. It Is known to only seven rectal specialists In the United States, and can be obtained In the West only in Hutchinson at this office. A number of Kansas people have taken the Absorbent treatment for Piles since it was Introduced here r» cently. You may nek-them about it. Every cure guaranteed for life, J. B, Robblns says; "My piles were of 20 years standing and I was cured by just a few painless Absorbent treatments, I would not take $1 ,000 for my cure." We cannot cure and da not accept . cases of Cancer of the Rectum. If ' you delay treatment, until cancer "do- velopes, you are beyond hope. The ABSORBENT cure Is so easy to take and so quick and positive In Its power to relieve and cure that patients are astonished. It Is almost like wizardry, In fact Dr. Hover Is known as the "pile Wiiatd." Charges moderate—far less than tho old-fashioned Pile operation would cost, Positive guarantee In every case, Fistula, fissure, rectal ulcer, and all ether rectal diseases cured by our latest Improved methods without the knife. Consultation Free, Dr» Hover, ''The Pile wizard," With THE UNITED DOCTORS West First street, Hutchinson, Kansas "" The only place west of the Missouri river where the ABSORBENT METHOD for cure of Piles pan be found- review the decisions ot the local boards of .conciliation. Tho adjustment service of the P» pnrtment of labor has adopted A method somewhat unlike toe Canadian practice, though certain features are tUo same. mi as

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