The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 28, 1932 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1932
Page 6
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HEAVY BASEBALL Week-End Games To Be Played In City And County. Do You i Remember One Ye*r Alo Today--Harry T \ Sinclair'* Jour-year-o.c Moiazam | shouldered top wetzlu. ::4 pxirits and j ta^t the f.rst rer.enal Jir.ce '.909 of the Hand-cap at Be.rji«r. Pari -.urrur.? tne rr_le ar.i an eighth ui 1 49 three-fifths of a second behlr.c the, world record for 'he The victory was mor.h $4 189 to O»Tjer Sin- . clair i Ferrell. that !at*riif* Wesley pitcn»r. gave to the have shown it. coalag inx '-he bases . with spikes flying They are ·«'-- EMI1TSBURG MEET FIREMEN Fite Years Ago Today--Saa-T. Carr f Yale soared 14 feet to a ce» «orlc WEEK-END BASEBAU. CARD Today. j Boonsboro. Br_ns 3.30 Woodsboco vs boro. 300. 2itsbur$ ^s Biltimare y"~emer.. Easmtcburs 300 Thurmost is E4r?ntoa-n Eajlef. Thurrsor-t. 3 W Mlddietown -.5 A-l Stan. Sunday. Frederick Sajles vs Mt Airy A- C. Modirdy Field 2 30 . Terminal Nine vs. Dickerson. P E dSamocd. 230 Y. M. E. B M MorrisonvC A C Frederic* A. C vs Grange A. C . Granite. Frederick Cardinals ·v* Middto»T. Independents. MSdddleto-jrn. 2 30 Monday. Union B-dse vs. Baltunore F'^etner. Union Bridge. 3 00 Myersvillt vs Boonsboro. MyerivU. 3.00. rxe ^ v.ilt chimp^'nship in the I. C A A A games at Philadelphia. Stan- frd s;o.-ei 3S 1-3 pornt to S^ad Penn S-st^, i ·? stT^ci so*-- i^vm \.*-.IOTT»»» ·jr. that crder Ten Years Ago T Tilden II national ter.n!a chancpioo. traveled at top speeo to defeat Zertzo Sh.rr.irj. Japanese Dava Cup ace. by sf,r"s of 4-6. 6-0 6-4 in an exhibit.oii at Trawrs Island Shiraizti then teamed Tilth Frar.cii T. Hunt«r u tur;. back Ti'.den and Vincent Richards. 2-6 6-4 and 6-4. · eply * Swell McCarr.y «t tne tune happened to bf handling hii pitchers tery well, indeed No rr.itter wnat ;i.r.j;«T he sect ·o *:.e . i.I i' serried the chap 'AOUid AMERICAN LEAGUE lerterday'i Ee»nlU- Detro;:, T. Chicago. 5. Cleveland. 6: S:. LOIUS. 3 Other games postponed, rain. Games Today. NC-A- York at Washington Cleveland at S: Louis. Chicago at Detroit Philadelphia at Boston. y in the way of baseball er.ter- it -"Til be given fans in this c*c- ^ Nea . Y ork tion o%er the ·aeek-eati. according t j i Washington the list of games cotnpil-ed by clubs in . u^.^,;. -.he city and county. Twelve garnet, h«ve been booked with flve each today and Sunday and two on Monday--Me- S; mortal Day Most of the county towns c! . trill play their holiday grara«« today. Brunswick. Woodsboro. Emrnitshtirg. Thartaont and Mlddleto-ro of the Coun- ' ty Leagae will an be playins at home ; this afternoon. Bransnct. which has . be*n travels* a rotigh road lately. w ill i try to set back or. the risht side of the ledger against Bocnsbcro ir. E W Scheer Stadium this afternoon at 2.30 o'cloti. The Railroaders are thirsting ' for revenge agAut the Boonsboro clan since the Washington couatiaiu pre- .1! writers :rt New York. ir. which | ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ :ead Jo*- M Car.nv a» the g.'*-at- * wt nianajter .u ba*"ball. has set the -1 a 8 am * * !t - them. The p.a*rs are .AS .n tfc* press boxes aU a-flutter not only »-illin« but anxious to toss their A dav rr *? after Ferre-1 taade hi» , best Sunday punches at iheir oppon- arciz.r.s ".atesient. c.-v of the Cleve- j en'-B land »nters asked h-m on what grounds | The team is taking every advantage r- · oai«! hii esuraate. ;t can get. Leo Dttrocher. castoS Yan- i Because of the way he handles his · kee shortstop, came hurtling into s*c- ' pitchers' was the joung Caroiinlac's ond oase the other day, adopting the: Marchrcont Schwartz off-tackle tech- ! nlque When he failed to dislodge the ball from Shortstop Dick Bartell's hands, he hauled away and let the P-rate player hare it on the chin. Of couise he was suspended and fined for ; the assault But :t is by such punish- . rr.ents that a team's morale is often , measured- Now the whole team takes ' i the attitude that somebody had better | get out of its »ay, or there's going to be ! trouble ! * * # i Fans Inflamed. ! The fighting spirit has spread Into ; j the stand«. It required a riot call to : | restore order in a recent game with i j the Giants and. when the blowoff came. : with a shower of pop beetles, the Giants nere ahead by eight runs. In the first half of the inning, Hughey Critr. trying to stretch a triple into ; a home run. spiked Catcher Lombardi's : hand. The big Italian was led from ' the Held. h;j flngers streaming with blood. The stands growled. _4*h£nrrLc*n nr "Aiby" as he Is called. replaced Lombardi. In the Reds' half of the inning, Asby grounded to Critz ««j raced over and slid into first base, with his spikes well out in front of him. Asby slid into the bag the same way. Umpire Will Klem called the Red.-.' catcher out. A bellow of rage broke NATIONAL LEAGUE Wes FcrreU . . . Out of Vniform. ;n a row had just been hurled into the book by the Yankee slabsfrs. That was remarkable handling of pitchers, sure enough *· *· * Then, The Brotrns- A few das after Ferrell had suffered Cleveland Wins From St. Louis = Browns, 6 To 3. REDS LOSE TO THE CUBS BOB KIESEU It became evident weeks ago that Uncle Sam nrgh; be able ;o make room on h.s Ol\inp:c team for Bob Detroii, May 27.--A bis more fortunate in bunching 'Jieir hits at the right time the Detroit Tigers defeated Chicago again today, 7-5. The Sox ·.ised three pitchers, Lyons and Faber yielding 10 hits. Vic SorreE. who started for the Tigers was yanked to the ninth vrhen the Sox opened a rally with one out. Detroit drove Lyons from the box in the fourth with four hits, including a doable for three ruci and added three rtore in the fifth. The Sox hit Sorreli for four safeties in the e:ghth, but netted only two runs from the barrage. The score: R- H. E. Chicago _ 5 11 1 7 10 -' Batteries: Lj-ons, Faber, McKain and Gmbe; Sorrell, Hoggset and Hayworth St Louis. May 27.--Gosiia's hosn" run failed to stop the Cleveland Indians who defeated, she Browns this af:«moon. 6-3. The score: R. H. E Cleveland 6 9 1 S t Louis - 3 5 1 Batteries: Brown and Sewell: Blae- hclder, Knnsey and R. FerreH, Beng- cugh. , . . Chicago, May 27.--A six-ran blast in Kiesel. providing Boo fi-.ored tne ac- f _ he ^^ . n ,,, ng today ^^ ^^ cfcl _ from the stands, followed by a cascacs '-on. which he didn't. And now. s.nce of pop bottles. the Csllfcmian's recent. 100-yard dash Lindstrom and O f t. Giant outfielders, victory ovpr Frank Wykoff in ihe ^ c r l d ' ^^^ fo ," f 9.5 seconds, it 13 irn- | spake soothingly to the embattled ' record time ^ bleachenies. but the only response their ! Perath e that Kiese! be or. the "-? llr -' Braves oratory won was the mucous cry "Get ' e ' en if n *" s an unwilling x'lctim of the ,. j,j,^ Cubs a 6-4 victory over nati and increased their margin over National League lead- 1 "LEST I WE FORGET' Let us not forget that many thousands of Americans have fought and died to make this a nation of which all of its citizens could be justly proud. It is up to us, today, "to carry on" and keep fighting to reach that goal. THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION Bankers for Over 100 Years 1828 1932 j ership to one and a half games. The j S . crai, to keef) pa Ce bv !osing j =s = to ?hj£delp!M . 8 . 5 . Lon^ warr.eke rf,||||||Il|II||Jll|Il|IIlI||||II||I||il|llIllJI|]llIII|JiilIJ|]liilJIiI|lIi|iIIJlJJ|I|Jl||IJl||jjj]|j Finally Herman, the new doesn't like He has · n ^ Yesterday's Results. Ch:-ago. 6. C:nc'.nr.a'.i. 4. Pittsburgh. S: St Louts 4 Ph'.'.adciphia. S. Boston. 5 Brooklyn. 5. New York. 2. . ou-.Oelder. ran out to the petulant pa- ' "=?en quxed. £5 saying he'd prefer to and his ranking of managers to be printed. Dillon shouting. "Fair play. men. fair 1 v-atch the Ol.vir.psrs from the s-adjuni. sx , n Games Today. seated them with their Srst defeat ;wo'S:_Loua at PittsburEh. Cjiclnnati Brooklyn Boston Chicago. it New Yort. at Philadelphia line. Standing Of The Clubs. aso Ernrnitsburg will be cele- . bratlnj Memorial Day this aftcrr-Don I when it cresses bats viith the Baltictore Firemen at 3 o'clock. The gam* is part. of a big picnic and celebration. The j Firemen last week walloped Brunswick. and Emrnitsburg will have ita hands full this afternoon. Thunnont. which met defeat hi !t» j Cincinnati first game of the season last \v«k. ex- I Pittsburgh . pects to tarn m a better brand of ball · St Louis . this afternoon at 3 o'clock against Has- j Brooklyn . ersiown Bagles Woodsboro swings into j Philadelphia action for the Srst time today against i Ktw York the Lime towri. Mlddietown won't haie '· I N T E R N A T I O N A L L E A G U E any setup today against Jack Gardner's t Frederics; All-Stars in a game boosed ; Yesterday'* Result*, for th; Tg'iley metropcUs Baltimore. 5. Jcrsev City. 9. W. Chicago ,, 24 I Boston 22 21 16 17 17 17 14 L 13 14 21 18 20 21 22 19 he was chosen by Manager Pecklnpaugh ' to pitch against ths St. Louis Browns. ' During the three years of his major ! !«ague career, the Brownies have been j more or less a setup for the big Indian ! r.ght-hander. Thus when the selection of Ferrel! was announced, the lads !n i the pre;: box began combing their ! skulls for a possible new lead on aa- I other Ferrell victory. j The Indians fell upon Bump Hadley ; with gusto, piling up a seven-run lead . P=l j for Ferrell u the first few innings. It '· y. 649! seemed to be an answer to FcrreU's i 611 I complaint that his team hadn't been play!" and the tempest subsided. i a rather strange .tatement from an zp- i the Reds had mell Ball clubs invading Redland th^ year ' Parent!;.- normal college sophomore ! everv Lrinlng _ need expect no tea parties. It's goms ! lf tha * De tn:e - the c^JRt^y is full | T; ; e socre: to be a brawl all the way down the , yielding 12 hits, but was trouble in only two innings lis sixth iictory of the sea- He struck out six batsmen and }jases Games Sunday. The Frederick Ea?'.es -K-. be out to make it, two in a row over the Mt. Airy A. C. at McCurdy Field Sunday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock The Eagles returned to form last week and should give the fans a good show Sunday. The Frederick A. C. will invade Howard county Sunday afternoon for a Jous: with the Granite A. C. The Xine will o--upy the Potomac Edison diamond apamst the Dlckerson A. C at 2.30 Sunday, while the Y. M. E. 3. win cavort at Schieysville against the MorrisonviUe A. C The Frederick Cardinals Till clash · the Independents in " -sid The holiday b^l Monday features th- MyersvUIe-Boc.nsboro scrap at Myers- rUie. a=d the Gnior. Bridge-Baltimore · FiretMn e-mbroglio at Union Br.dge. Buffalo. 5: Rochester. 4 Other garncs postponed Games Today. at Jersey City Rochester at Buffalo. Xpwarfc at Readtng. Tor^ at Montreal scoring runs behind Mm recently in .471 : ' nc s O"le he had become accus- 459 ' tomed to expect. ^447. * ·* * ' 4 3g! Exit Mr. Ferrell. 4241 Then, very suddenly. It happened. ~- j The Browns had been nicking the Ferrell de!;\ery sporadically for a couple of Sn.iir.cs. cutting down the score to 9 to 4. In the seventh Ferrell wobbled further. The first two men to face him drove ringing singles. Then Manager Peckinpaugh waved to the bull pen. where ok! Sarge George Connaliy. lie of the rubber arm. was laconically warminc up. And Wesley Ferrell was called right out of there! I Mister Peckinpaugh can do a bit of ; handling himself, it seems. He didn't I waste much time after the Browns had HEMLOCK SPLINTERS LOSE CLOSE GAME TO EVEREDY Q. A. Captures Another | n apm. ca j-iuuuier in Fraternal Division. of boys who w-"ilc gladly trade places ' him. But Uncle Sam wculdn't '· benefit treatly by 'o.e switch, i Accord.r.£ to a story going the ' rounds. ICiesei doesn't wsr.t any of the ~'ory attached to the honor of being the world's "fast'st human." Neither R H. E. 4 12 1 Chicago 6 11 2 Batteries: Kolp, Benton. Risey and Lc-mbard:; Wameke and Hartnett. " Pittsburgh. May 27.--The Pittsburgh . P-rates made it four wins in a row does he -a-.e the friendships his seiua- ; Ioday b _ v trimming the champion St ·ton-1 nirnmg promotes H:s one a?- '· Lou J. C ardir.a!s, 3-4. French was hit · parent desire is to please his mother , f ree - y buj . kep . ^^ 5^^,^ scatte-ed i and father and, fortur.ately, they en-, Ti ; e SCO! . e . 2 ^ _ .'oy having him ran. j st _ -j^,,.^ __ 4 14 l But iprmting w as not always a boro ' 'o Kiesel. Four years ago he was a i · 16-year-old high schcxl sophomore.; . Commencing June 1st and Ending July 31st All Retail Prices of STIEFF SILVER will be subject to a deduction of JAMES E. DOLL JEWELER 'on of the City League, a hard fought Slandinc Of The Clubs. W. L 25 15 Montreal Newark K3v-nestr Toronto . Jersev C:tv Reading . 24 ... 25 .. 23 2: 14 15 16 15 IS *· 2R 28 Pe 625 .515 .610 605 ! indicated they hadn't given up. even j with the great Ferrell pitching in front of a seven-run lead. As Ferrell walked to the bench, the fans ga\e the Indians* \ery best pitcher. the your.s man who has been called "a seoor.d Mathewson," a heartv salio of :r was on out and Hamilton at the bat. Hamilton hit a roller to Grumblne. who though: there was but one out. Hossler forced a play on him at home and was safe when Davis dropped the throw. The · mr:. however, was put over ir. the e:ghth frame after two were out. Bohr, doubled to left center. Hamilton came through with a loopin? rn short left. Twenty cashed in r ped the bali. falling to the ground as he ""I'.^Yr inir-s in - " !S crjt ! stars trj-ine for places on the le E-,ereay; 0 ,,. n!p . c tea:n A ng m Baker j meter da3h of ths wLh two i .,,, K «,i=r, He r.ct'-ed aearag in the 100- trials, he his slew s'.^rt that, had caused hi^ de- '. feat An h^iir later he returned to the trac'r:. so 1 ; off to a flvir.c swrt and 'rjin-.ed h-; pre\io'is rivals in a 200- meter dash Even then he was boom i j - ' woric's "f-vstest human." Tvr.ce this season Kiesel has equaled the off.ciai v.orld record of 5 5 seconds cer.iury. His spei'tscular sp.--en a 13 1 Batteries: "Hal^"£ 2 rie"ton"and~W!i- ad Grace Philadelphia. May 27.--Chuck Klein's nth home run of the season with two! base helped the Phillies to defeat' Bcstcn Braves, 8-5 today. HoHe and 5erly yielded the Braves 10 hits. the Phils made 15 off Brandt and R. H. E Bcston 5 10 1 Philadelphia S 15 0 Batteries: Brandt. Mangum and Spohrer. Hargrave: Kolley, Berly anc V w York, May 27.--A five-run raily in the fifi'n. started by George Kelly's nos ITS the did so He threw wild the th-rd :I ? " Ca.. i crnn--.a r! ford dual m .^ ^ ^^^ ^ ciij ,, baseman's head. Bohr, scampered home j a ^ ^u.:«d_ -n^-ew record of :i.I _ boater, ga-.e Brooklyn a 5-2 victory on the misplay. The pitching of George Sharrer featured the contest. Sharrer j fanned nine of the opposing batsmen ' aad held them to five hits, or.e a triple. We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock SOD Fifth St, at Fa, K. R. Phone 90S. .365; He was a trifle wild, but effect;-, e in the Pinches. The lineups: " r ~* ^ I E-ercdy--Marendt. catcher Harzett He Can't Take It. j shortstop: Hossle.-. nghtfield and left-" Ferrell. by -he way. who » a tempera- j Se;^. sohn. third base: Lebherz. firsr Sport Tips Bill ssn cf the la'.e Cleveland "'Jt. has beer» r.amed captain of trie corge:^T.n baseball team next year He is a jur.tor ar.i lias completed two over the Giants and sixth place in the Nat-ona! League tcdsy. O~ also hit a harrier. The Giants dropped Into the '·· ceHar. 1 Tne score: R. H. E j BrookijTi 5 12 0 ; Xew York _ 2 7 G Batteries: Mungo and Lopez: Schum- ] arher. Bell. Mitchell and Hogaa. i CITY SFEtDBALL LEAGCE (Fraternal Division) Yesterday's Results. Y M. C. A. 14. Jr O " A M. 5. Game Tuesday Eajles TS DeMolsy · Low er Game Wednesday DeMolay Alumni vs. Y. M tTpper, Brooks t STADS it 6y ART KRENZ c A Game Thursday Ea»l-es vs Y M C A , i Lower. Kreh) Game Friday Ji C U A. M. --S D^::l · Upper. Broo-cj^ Standing Of The Clobs. Y M. C A DsMolsy EagJes _. -Jr. O. U. A- M. CITY SPEEDBALL LEAGCE Yesterday's Restats. Sveredy. 5: Ketnlocs Splinters. 4 Ox Fibre Game Tuesday F. I. S · Upper. a game to Wash^-.ston ur.f.I the other j base: Grombirw. pitche--- ; car. ar.d thc bw^ed rr.e when I walked · ninch-hitte-. ! off the rr.?ur.d " | Y. M. C- A. SV ; ' Don't you like -he Ovelar.d fan?"" j The Y. M C. A '· he was as.«*d ' the Fraternal Div's "It isn't that I like a lot of Cleve- J oe. cc.r.tin'jed \Q~ · lar.c people I've jt-t a lot of friends J in Baker Park t, v t amon; thr far_s hfre But ;tV a helm a ' V A. M.. 14- y -j-v. j note when a p.tcher g'ts booed when . the lead in -_^j. « r j; ! he -sr.'t or." ! rnsr, i? rntitlec t*v "15 c^iniAns. Isnt he? ' Or u n t h r ^ C. Borers. B.ll «a*.'rc ' lv t^.^ni th?t " car. t b» beater. " The crack has become ay 'Kel: ^vc-rn 3^ th? ^ne about *%-hen "ull Winning R3an:t Marar.vtlle is cred:ted -"Ui spsedball iearr. of 1'avinz rile rhar.;ed ^. the National; r. c-f the City Lea- ' Leactse w h_rh tiro.iib.ted players froni in Friday ' speaksg to sp-"tators ir. the ball parks jw-r.ins the Jr O i He :o ^ : " e o~;iils lie had been play- Y. M C A t^ck , :r -* arour.d tr.9 Natior.a. Leas^c for 20 _ but really won out j years ar.d while peorle didn't come out T' : ; le . fo -^^- in t.tat frarnc Fisher! ~-° fs ~ --"^ P^ 3 ? ·"·« -*- ntany friends doubled 8 n{ j stole '.hire James sir.cled '·" ?-'·· "-"e ci'.Cc wl-.-. attended ball games to score Fisher. sconnc a little rTjIarly. He said it ~?_^ a fir.e state later or: Gastleys f.v tp left McKenz-e ' ^- affairs when he saw f-:en±: ^.tting ftrclley, A.baush filed to r.rht and Fer- | -n b^ses ar.d lie l-.^d t ^ T5. r:rr.- by nt ' s;:-:- » rjle c.c baseball rr.rre harm Grapefmit Drink. ] an early-morning dnsk. and i i?:^r to take than lesson juice and ' water, is some grapefruit juice and iot water. Ha ^-^"n grour.csd out. ? ~5 the in.-i.-c Tr.e ar 'd Bc-wers featured. T.OU carry a:-, urrbrjlla it r.e^fr rair.-; ~ y. M. C. A.--Albaujh. 1-ftSclc. Fer- 3ui t:-rre.s rn?r» than a strain of tru'h 'gt»o~. Srst base. Baer. shortstop: B^w- ir. .t at -hat ' t-rs. cer.terSeld. Abrecht T.-.-c base ar.d :r. sr»'rt* l~.v, t - NT. scored bv fair t . biw. Mrers. se»nd base: r-.tch-^ f^nv; '.hr will to --.'.^ -r. Gvs-y. .-v.cier. E^irr.ert. ser^--d Th.x-e winn.rc 3rav?s cf Ag ~s--~' 1 M-Kcrzt" rtehtScld. Jr. O. V year? ?r- ha a .--j-li *. t-am. The c;.^ A M--H»h-\ short,e;»o ar.d t.ilrd bv?e w?j ~ '.ss' tslace Jt,ly ·!. but ;t not or.!~ ^--'~'r th~c ar.d sr.ort^tori. :91-? AtMet-.cs f ^ r R-ra.s.- And.'jvjtr "a'^""r* B.e^.l. wvsnd 'oaje. B OXYPHANN When your children, like the buds of flow- 1 ers, blossom forth in j[ spring attire, just no- j tice how much they 3 have grown in a year. ^ I- There should be a new J [- photograph to l! for all time, this record I- of change. It must be £ made now. Make an C appointment today . . . PHONE 799 Edmonston Studio Yon Are About It Get a Good Pictore-* keep, 3! Gaise Wednesday. Muee Tior^i? -.s. Hers Jock Splinters Gune Thursday mlDCk Splnters (Upper. Hame? ^ Game Friday y vs. Muse Tailcinn? er. Slreb) They're On Fire Tlv» K?-.« a-- ? v "-3» ·».:'·*· tisr. to -xir. The- r^-.e v :e hot ^ar,: of ^virv.b.l t- ^ r.? tellir.c h^ far -Ivy - Wei: on s--r~.e Of The Clubs. W. L. Hemlock SD'-inters . 3 Ox PTfcre Srab Co. . 3 2 Everedy . . . . 3 3 Muae Tailonr.g Ci 2 2 IP. I. S . 1 4 500 ^00 .200 s^ JOJL i*i ^ ii rbe News, wrists are very tn-.p-'rur.- in me r.f swing They fom- the l-^«rss that cxEinect the bxiy aric :^ ac--or. to the clrb If ther are t-pht :. will be ^r.?x^.tle to cock -hera at the to? of the back- s-Kir.g and lius ^i-" o* disastrous. »f the baclssw ir.g. r:o rv^Tr can be - tained as the clubheaa meet* the ball Tisht wrists will caiiie the rr.taclcs of · ? ~ ir. the r-ghl side to secome tense ^r.d --ed w ·* one to a- the bali UT^.^ -^ Many 3Cif?rs ha', e a. habu c! tin- rr.o_ir.cj cock:r.g the wr'-sts too early in the "l^son downswing, spendj-.g before tho cous-ris c'.jbi.esd ^ in a pc«t.C" to itil . p.spcr ! Ncttce :he ^'.JitratiOr. of "Long J v r a ' ' rr.ach.a 'nc-'ing where the wr^-s un- c:;k r i tr.? ricat hand -ah-ps the Uncugi. Tii: Reas ar , -- _,-·- _. A j.. T ,. _.,.. v,,. , rn ^s ccr.-,.nc?d the ? -IT. It :s hard to oc t-he idea o; - is on cirr .? n r- A Bic Disappointment. bal. -.1.5 wascr. so f i r h.v been Ler; Kcr?:'e. tN- hard-.ttt.r; -..::".e'crr whc- cracusted from Ir.diar.apclis. T1-? ' Ne-r Yor',* are rrp-rted :^ ha-.e ;^r. ··- bel,«-." r3:; ; $7 ? .,\-..-i f- r him :n cash and rlsv- r.3-.Tr or. the , r - c Practically all i'.-.e stcnes frotr. 'lie s are^ ceftir.ed , Gian'-s' sprir^r Tatniitc camp were a team irn- ; .^^ ; 3( j T ;-. o was e ^pectod to add the ^ own gre-a:-,-^.gss,--. pur . cn tc tne r i-f.eld W--r. rcorne rn-shty j ;;P League sfason o--r-d ·"^.ttt-rs acquire t h e ' KO-.-V^? didn't h-t a l.:k M-Graw '· --t r.-.-.ers are thrir j v.^ ._ .,, e ^.^j, t:-,TM^,-^ he wo;:k = ;-_ a fair ir.f.rld on j v_ s j; r . df , T ~ o n he ;r . lo ; bcr.r'-.-.r.i l:.r.i "jrvriclous c'fer.j.\e | . : -_ -_- r -.^ a res t would d- liim EvXsi ^ Fjtil.T lie -o«sS tl-.e lad as a lr.-- ' ^ I 'rr b:' ···* roi ,\-.a:l "nlsss there :« a Co FichS. · .·-:«· -~ "-l-if.:-;? ^ r.^e for a re- :u-; to iiht Tie;- , i^.rz to ute 3i^:cr luii'J THE PEOPLES FINANCE CO. LOANS PAY OFF YOUR BILLS! Do cot hesitate to see ns if you need money. It's our business to lend it to you. Quick service. Strictly confidential, friendly and dignified. WE WILL LEND YOU UP TO S300 Peoples Finance Co. 15 N. COURT ST. (Mr. Sam in charge) PHONE 1473 Haines' Stock Market ON TUESDAY, MAY 31 I Wfll Have My Begolar Horse Sale And will have the usual run of HORSES, MULES and COLTS THIS SALE STARTS PROMPTLY AT 12 M. ON WED., JUNE 1 AT12M. I Wffl Sell 100 Head Fresh Cows and Close Springers This lot wOl consist of 59 head of Horae Cows. 35 head of Tennessee Large Size Jerseys, shipped by Mr. Stansberry. He telb me that he his one of the best load of Cows that he has ever shipped to any market. If yoa want to get pood Jersey Cows, watch this lot sold. I -oill have 25 head of West Virginia Ctws. consisting- of Jerseys and GBernsers- These Cotrs. I booght myself, and I really think that I have w eood a bunch as I have ever offered yon- Alex Biley, of Chariestr«u. win be here -with some Top MR. COWBCTER AM) DAIRYMAN': TOC. WHO WANT COWS. DOXT FAIL TO ATTEND THIS DAT SALE AT 12 M. WEDNESDAY JCXE 1. Place-- HAINES' STOCK MARKET FREDERICK, MD.

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