The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on August 2, 1959 · Page 37
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 37

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1959
Page 37
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Page 37 article text (OCR)

SUNDAY BULLETIN Aiijtust S. 1059 Sec. 3, Vugt fZ Skoal's Therapeutical Depi Treesitter' Takes Over for Vacationing Gardener By Cynthia Lowry nial phlox, so tlial now plant;^ lAf NnwRfpnturfi wriir. i ,)f unwantRcl OP inforiof shados CHAPPAQUA, N. Y.—Mostj(j(, (-rowd out the oslab- rnccnt addition Mo the rosterj ijshed plants. That is certainly (>f household hoipers is thc;iruc when one has, for in- "tropsittor." 'slance, a background planlinf -ir .. .1 -.^ I 1_ r „ 1- 1 III!,. 1 (1 One of the national tree sur-i^f white phlox or of pale pink ' l^' J^u ,'.ery companies suw',est.. thaliun,ess one is careful the sec-! ^1 fin T ' vacat.onmK families take onj ond .eneraUon is likely to turn S IVl'"'' "^^^ jifmporary aid to make sure the frees and .shrubs receive ^^eneralion is likely out to be a rather coarse ma- Konta. Ifowever, one of the ifof)d and water while the re>;-!prettiest plants I have in my ular custoduins arc away. I ^arden is a volunteer—a deli- Stay Home seed purchased from a house. The re- not be as : glorious as the colored' illus-' jtrations on the packotK, but >;eneraily speakinj:;, they are bigger, better and stronger than home-grown. Also, you know what the colors will be— cafe shade of pink, the child. As a matter of fad, anyonej' supppose, of a while pbloxlj^ advance who plants a largo garden of and a deep pink. 'vegetables and flowers and MV r-iliform-i oonnies whichi If V"" want to save some who cultivates more than a M i^v""^^ Phasic minimum of grass and|'''"''"^ " •'""^y'"^ seed heads to dry on the plant, 'trees should stay home and sf'''*"^""' descendants from Those choose seed from the i!'nd his crops during the peak ''i fi-w plants sowed years agojbest bloom. Collect them and growing mouth—which in this and whose seed I scatter each secti(m extends through Sep.lye;,r j,, new areas where I tember. There is plenty of;^^.,,,^ ^j,^.^ , keep them over fiie winter In marked containers. work to be done, from picking! portulaca—Tingle, double and \ Ties Pony to Meter, Oiling up at the zoo in Chessington, KnenI Krnest Ktiglcr is givin" fhnii • Ins d.nly his "lubrication" lying down. .Siiperintendgland, Charlie, an >s nionihdid MM IIDD . takes four-ounce dose of cod liver oil. and Charlie's nuite good about lal;in;' ii. Off to See the Wild West * * * • » • Or, Chin-Deep in Sagebrush \iv:: "Oil, llic iciiii IS ;is ,1.'. ;iii ('!i'ji|i:iiit'', , , ',.iul Mis. ripe (run on schedule to aP"| m all colors-popping up aUmg but Line Is ToO Short plying a side feeding to the . everywhere Mv forret- chrysan.hemums at exactly the ^^mM al'o from my "nvn ''^NDER, Wyo.-.^. - Pod- right lime to obtain the finest spring makes n when you park your horse bloom. There's always water- 1 ,^1,^^'.^^^ pink carpet under the in Lander you'll have to use a blooming bulbs. jshorl rein. Not Worth Saving Shannon lligdon, 11, tied her Some seed, however, is not,horse to a parking mct,er and worth .saving. Marigold is one deposited a nickel. When she —jsecond generation plants are returned her horse was gone, sparse and unsatisfactory in ing and spraying. One of my own joys of gardening is seed-saving, although 1 realize that this is a highly i ,.h individual matter. Those who would have mass plantings of cti. .•innu.'ds in carefully chosen ".lust lliml; ^ _ ... iiancrl bv IMC in:i ;Mc of ihe colors and shades should makej|,'ioom. So, 1 have found, are inch!. ".I Hill. lioiK',! to certain that seed heads are cosmos, snapdragon and even n-;s MKIC ,.. v.iili ic il western "i^'vcr allowed to form and drop calendula. And, of course, the By Elnur iikoni 'decent place to stop fur llic iimsrl.(i\',, ,iii.i v,.- .iluiosi got volunteer pl;inl,s ["'miilled i hybrids among the petunias, II , ' • lo survive ^ jcolumbine, snaps and other, "^•'•s M!'; I." .Milii 'd Hit of Advice Yordv. One of the traditional bits "1 v,;iiiii 1 sri' tl^c rodeo!" of advice to gardeners is to wailf'd ilie viiiiii 'M 'si Yoidy. Icut withering blooms of percn- Peasants Hoard Gold in Egypt Yordy handed his lizzpe|) night hefoie we're chin-dee|) in to S.M bottle to the man beside the'cactus and sagebrush'.'" gasoline pump He wiped his "Heck'" mourned the young moist brow with the back of r>st Yordy. "Ain't we g.oiiiia his hand. He slapped all of see no cowboys''" his pockets before he remem- "I'll stuff your pockets full bercd thai the keys were still of cowboys!" retorted his dad dangling from the ignition lock "lUii tonight we gotta drive in the car. another thousand miles! What ,i "All aboard for Gold Kusli trip! .lust the same, if I sec Pass and the Kahoocha Moun a nice at)andoned lor. <:'.l>in tains!" he chanted to his fam- with hol(>s in the root, we 're ily. stopping." As they clambered into the "Later'" replied Mrs 6 -cylindcr covered wagon. "Cowboys!" wailed .Junior Mrs. Yordy suggested. "How They drove on .., and on . . about notching a few more ".lust the same," insisted miles before it gets dark?" Yordy IIH miles later, "the Yordy could feel blisters first good motel I see. we forming under his damp collar, STOP!" even though they weren't. j Haven in Sight How About Repose? He turned on the headlights "And how 's about finding a "Urrrr-rrrr-rrrr!" said the Triple Tread tires on the "im proved" highway in the gath- ' ering darkness, j Lights ahead—a town! ' "Now slow down, Yordy!" said the Mrs. "If by some strange chance we i)C) find a half-way decent motel out here; in the wilderness, we might as CAIRO—(-I') — The ministry well stop. If vou had started of industry estimates Egyptian;linking earlier, we might be, women are keeping over SLW snug in bed by now." million worth of gold in mat- -We're slopping, all right,' tresses or under the bedroom yordy answered. "Those are tiles —two favorite hiding (|,e i"ij,i„s of Hombuy you see places. It is trying to get the j,, (|,(. distance!" gold turned in for government: A flatlaiul western town bonds. loomed in the dusk. There The ministry needs the froz- ^ere trees, white houses and en gold assets lo fmance an jj^jjis j,, windows. The motel ambitious five year industrial i,,oked like the Ciltdome Arms, plan to build 200 factories and without the admiral at the increase national income. They wheeled into a In Bracelets graveled drive which circled a The gold is mostly in the bed of flowers, form of bracelets, anklets andj ciU Edge and Plush necklaces. Among the Egyptian poor, women often wear their hu.sband's life savings 1 -arm ^, ,j,„^. ,;,,^„. girls find gold bracelets play rij ,iu<" a big role in luring husbands. T, ' ' *, , , , ,, Cairo jewelers say the gold T^^'", '^^"X '"<''^;-^' ;"„""'M buying fever reaches its peak!''"'!"-.. "^^•"l 3 duHng early summer when the ^"'^ '^^ '"'^'^ ^'^^"'"''^ « peasants sell their cotton. Year I.""^' ,/ i . i t i after year Evgptian farmers' ^,0' u vo 'li i'''! '1 .i freeze their earnings by con-i„ ^^^'"' " But, excelsior mattress tir no. Lander police had confiscated the animal on two counts. Police Chief Eddie Griff said the horse was violating the law iby walking on the sidewalk form sterile seed. Seed-savingj''"^' '\ ^''"^ '^^'^ P«'"'<as a sort of side hobby isi'"^ places. fun. But for sure-fire, guaran- He let Shannon off with teed results, the best bet is'warning. mi '....>4 SAVE WAY ivery home needs a NCE for beauty "SAY!' is class. exulted Yordy, "I'his I guess the golden CEDAR PICKETS Made From Clear Lasting Cedar Tops Are Gothic Styled Ready to Apply! 36" high 42" high 48" high Only 17c ea. Only 21c ea Only 23c ea CEDAR POSTS FIRST QUALITY PEELED NORTHERN CEDAR POSTS 3"x7' 4"x7' 4"x10' 5"x10' Only 45c Only 60c Only $1.60 Only $1.95 verting them into gold. They r"' y^^"^:'^'""" '""tt"'^« •>•• are suspicious of any form o"f ' sli'oping here tonight!" investments. Suiiper. At 9 p.m. lu an investments. Bond Sales unknown western lown on thi endless plains. An educational campaign to, ..(5^, ,wo blocks, tvun C exchange "bracelets for bonds" I,. ip,„ ,,t ,he blacksmith shop. U has won converts. National (^j, fj,^„. j,^,^.,^s_then vou'llbe loan bonds worth $-15 million,;j^wntown. Try Mrs. Conioy's i.ssued early in 1959. quickly ixwKh" disappeared from the market ; ^ ,0,000 Miles to Flatlron Since then additional bonds and j..^w high-lu>eled boots industrial shares worth $751.u -brimmed western hats, million have been selling fast. ,,,,.^,,1 jj,,. ^ The Harvard-educated min- j,,.^, p,,,,^.,, ister of industry, Azi/ Sidky, ^,.^,,11^, ^ • wagons plans to draw capital from; rameci past behind spindle- three sources: foreign loans.ij , ^P,^ the major Eygptian companies and public purchase of shares and bonds. The industrialization program got under way in January 1958 with a loan of 700 million rubles (about $186 million) from Russia. In the same year an agreement was signed with West Germany to build 15 factories at a cost of $135 million. Japan came through with a! loan of $30 million. , ..... New Production | Thirty-nine factories goingiPrivate Landowners Into production shortly will employ 10,000 workers and are due to save Egypt $30 million in foreign currency per year. Several of the factories are cotton spinning and weaving miUs. By the end of the industrialization program in 1963 Egypt hopes to export half its cotton in the form of cloth and yarn. At present three- fourths of the country's exported cotton is raw, ^ versing in a twangy drawl that made High-und-Douglas seem 10,000 miles away. In the restaurant they sat next to an ancient rancher with a walrus moustache. They attacked food piled high and helter-skelter on dishes like manhole covers; it was manna and nectar and lotus blossoms. They swaggered down the street, Yordy was softly sing- Lead in Reforesting WASHINGTON — Private, landowners planted 86 per cent of the 1.534,264 acres reforested in the U. S. during 1958. The rest of the .planting was; done by government agencies, Florida's taxpaying owners, topped all the states in plant-J ing with 190.253 acres, fol-| lowed closely by Georgia with 186,588. TURNED TOP CLOTHES LINE POST Only $3.95 Wovesi fence . . . Board on Board Staggered llaaich Style ... or Louvred Type FENCES! CHOOSE FROM OUR BIG SELECTION QUALITY, LOW COST BOARDS GENUINE RED CEDAR SPRUCE BOARDS 1x6 1x8 1x10 1x6 1x8 1x10 LOW PRICED Only 6c lin. ft. Only 8c lin. ft. Only 10c lin. It. BETTER QUALITY Only 9 '2C lin. ft. Only 122 /3C lin. ft. Only 15 5/6c lin. ft. LOW PRICED Only 7c lin. ft. Only 9'/3C lin. ft. 1x10 Only 11 Vac lin. ft. BETTER QUALITY Only 12c lin. ft. Only 16c lin. ft. Only 20c lin. ft. 1x6 1x8 1x6 1x8 1x10 FREE ESTIMATES! FREE DELIVERY! FREE PARKING! FAN TRELLIS No 216 Fan trellis, A popular trellis at a popular price. Supports and trains climbers into balanced symmetry. Size — 36"x 0'. Stock l "x3". ONLY »2» ROLL FENCING No. 71620 Roll Fence. Most versatile of all types of fencing . . . unrolls into any desired shape, curved or straight. Size 16 "x20' lo[\r). Pickets xl ':" joined Ijy double strand golvonized wire Only *D 36"x25' roll .$11.95 36"x50' roll . . . $21.95 S^A V E W A Y SAV EWAY WE MAKE KEYS LUMBER • MILLWORK • WALLPAPER • PAINT • DIAL ME 2-5162 • 1535 LAYARD • HARDWARE • ROOFING \ TOOLS • TILE • PLYWOOD V2 Block West of Douglas Park OPEN FRI. NITE TILL9 PM General Electric MAYTAG .... TAPPAN RCA VICTOR .... MOTOROLA 512-516 WIS. AVE. BUFFHAMS Over 100 Years of Service YOUR ASSURANCE OF VALUE & SATISFACTION • Free Home Estimates • Guaranteed Installation Quality Merchandise We Finance Your Account CARPETING! Name brands such as, Mogee, Masland, Roxbury and other famous lines. Typical value — Mogee lOO^o Ail Wool — permonently mothproofed — certified cleanable by the Notional Institution of Rug Cleaners, Inc. $Q95 Reg. $11.95 Now Only 7 I'er .Sq. 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Free use of tools PAINT AND WALLPAPER SUPPLIES • Sherwin • Williami and Jiwtl paints—eomplet* lines • Special Sale—Sherwin-Williams Super Kem-Tone and K«m-Glo — Vz price on drop colors Wallpaper Sale ROOM LOTS Aho Window Shades, Cleaners, Polishes, Etc. BUFFHAMS Now In Our Second Century 224 MAIN ST. DIAL 4-7191

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