The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 17, 1948 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 17, 1948
Page 10
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W ft* JT«t»», Fr«4ktkk, 3HU S«i*r«ar, IT. IMC I W*«4»fc«r« Luiheraa FarbJi Weekly Church Services Pariah K*v. Surael S- Johnston, rector. M. B. Woodrov. Vicar. WalkersviUe Methodist Charge Kev. Raymond C. Myeri, pastor. Woodsboro--Sunday school. 10:15 a. m.; worship. 11:30 a. rn. Haugh's--Sunday school, 8.15 a. .: worship, 10:15 a. m. Brttntwlck-Lovcttiville EvaaceUcal An* K«f*nMt Chuck D8T Rev. N. H. Frmvel, pastor. First Church. Bruniwick -- Worship. 10 a. m.; preparatory service A * m « 9 « l U V ..VKCtuvwl^* ^ U K J £ C ' - ^ " J - - - . Rev. W. DeWitt Dickev, pastor.' Rocky Hdl--Sunday school. 10 to the Holy communion; church Mt. Pleasant--Worship. »:30 a. All Saints m.. Holy com-, m.: Sunday school. 10-30 a. m. ·a. m., school, 11 a. m.: children'* **rv- Chapel--Wo.-ihip. 9 a. m ; Sun- ic^ 8 p. m : pageant presented by school. 10 a m. They'll Have A Raft Of Fun munion* 10 a. m.. children's service: i WalkersviUe -- Sunday school. U a. n^, litany and sermon. J9:30 a. m : worship 10.45 a. m. ' Lutheran ParUU St Barnabas' Chapel--8 a. m.. i Mt. Ziori--Sunday school. * ·*" maroinf prayer and sermon; church school. St- Timothy's Chapel--9 a. litany ana sermon; 10 a, zn~, church school. no p. m : worship. 2 30 p rn. 1 Lewistown--Sunday school. 8 30 ra., a. m : no other service. Methodic Youth Fellowship picnic at Walkersviiie. Sat, July .24. 2-8 p. m. Memorial Evangelical Umite* Brethren Church Grace Trinity Evangelical Aad Sev. J. H. Schraitt, pastor. l Kfformf a Church 9.30 a. m.--Church school: 10:4j j -The Time DST' a. ra.. worship, subject. "The Gift and the Giver;" 7:30 p. m Baker · Park service in charge o£ the Firs'. Bsptist church. children and young people, "Road To Joy." ! ·Tne Time EST) j 3r St. James. Lovettsville. Va.--j 10 a. in church school. 9 15 a. rn: worship.; 10 a.. EL: preparatory service to j Holy communion. IQ a ,,, school. Bethel--Church o Creagerstown -- Church schooi 9.30 a m., worrhip. 10 30 a. m . topic. "What Can One Get Out jf Life'.- Youth Fellowship, Tue=. 8 Thurmont CsUboUc Churcl , p rn Utica--Church school. 2 p. rn WalkersviUe--Worship. 9 a. ir. topic ' What Can Or.e Get Out Of L:fe ' " church Mjhool. 10 a :n : 3F's Calvary Methodist Church Rev." J. F. Kaas. D.D.. minister 9:45 a~ m--Church school: 11 a. in., worship, subject. "The Patience of Ixve." sermon by Rev. Adamstown Trinity Evangelical And Reformed Church ·The Time DST' Rev. Morgan Andrea-;, minister 1015 a. in--Church schooi. 1130 Buokry»tox%n Methodist C'.urch 3 in . Lord i- Day worship with the Hev E. A. Sexsrnith niiiis'e-- Young Peoples, choir singing, suo- ( 30 a .,. --Church school. 10'JO The Time DST Rev. Roser Wooden, pastor. Mais, 9 a rn ; Sunday school. 10 j 3. rn '· picnic at Braddock Height*, Tues . ' ihurmont Church of the Brethren | ~ P m . «The Time DST; ! Parish-w:de Parish vt-ppr .serv- · R ev Chcfer Royer. pastor. ! KP Utica church lawn Sunday July i Sunday school. 10 a m ; worship, j 25 8 p zr. ' 11 i, , n i Erumuick Lutheran Parish = The Time DST' Rev. Ralph H. Miller, pastor. Radio Program MB* WOK lit it ABC WMAti «· KC KBC WBAL Itff kC *··* WWHU ·!· kC SATURDAY, JIAY 17 I Melvin T. T?b!en 7:30 p. rr., Bak-jject. ' Sustained in Simple Suffer- a , 15 -...orship. subject. ' M a n In Bethany Brunswick -- Church] er Park service; Tuev. 515 p. m . ' t n g . " T 30 p IR . program of work TR , j jnage Q( c-od," 7 p iv. . twi- scsioo!. 945 a. m : sen-ice. 11 a. m. | Wesleyan Sen-ice Guild will have . in charge of Mr. B. Clark Gibson, , i g h t ;ervlce Krc at hymns of the 'The Time EST' ! their annual picnic at Braddock Tuesday. S 30 p. in the Young Peo- chu rch "A Mighty Fortress Is Our Luther Chapel. Petersville--; Heights: Sat.. 2-9 p. m.. Methodist pie's choir picnic or. the parson: God - .%; on . y a ,," _ t he daily vaca- Church ichool. 10 a. m ; Holy com- I Youth Fellowship Sub-District out- age !a\\:i Thurs . S.30 to H.30 a ,. 0 ., a i ing at the Walkersvtlie Methodist m. Jr. C E v£ca:io:j school church. .school will open. ir.unsor:. 7 30 p. Lime Kiln--! 30 p. m . church -choo! and worship, topic. A Lone- Brunswick Christian And I Kuck Finn, Old Jinn and the Duke o* Bilgewater \vculd go bag- eyed with disbelief ii they coa!d see this modern version of their Mississippi River raf:_ Homemade by five Chicago youths, its p5s;fonn rests crj tvvo b;g military pontoons. In sdciiion to the tent for shelter, it boasts 2 built-in icebox. e!ec;ric lights §nd a 2!-h.p. rcarine engine. Rex H:eror.;.-mous, Thomas Rcr.b, Dave Hutchjrison. Dick Kieronymous and George Naumaa are pictured ttarung thejr rconth's vacation at Summit!, 111., from where they expect to znake iSmnespolis via Ole Man River. MisMonary Alliance Kev T. C. Latshaw. pastor. i Sunday school. !0 a. m : worship, i 11 a :u . evangelistic service, 7:30 ; p ! "- . ! . Krmptown Methodist Charjr !y s; nner ·· Church Of The Brethren '. R e v. Chester B Smith, ps^or. Rev. Paul W. Kinel. minister. I Providence Church -- Worship. Myersville 9:45 a. IR.--Church school 11 a 9 45 a .... ; Sunday schooi. 10.45 L'nltrd Brethren Church in., worship, subject. 'Faith's Dima m , Thc X:me DST- ensioris." Montgomery Chuich -- Sunday Rev Karl I Varner. minister school. 10 a m : worship. H a m Myerj-viHe--Church ^choo!, 9 !5 Pleasant Grove- Church -- Suna m : worship. 10 45 a. m . gu?it !0 45 a i;i . worship, speaker. Raymond E Beachley YTCW. 7 30 p. m. 9 30 ;. m . Kuest speaker. Raymond E Beacii- "The Call Of The Evangelical Lutheran Church Kev. Dr. W. V. Garrett. minister. d .,*.""" 8:45 ?. m.. sermon by pastor. 'His !·".,, Faithfulness:" 9 45 a. m.. church ~ ""' school: 11 a. m.. sermon by Rev. uovds I'reab)trriap Church H. F. Reisz, subject. "Basic Train- r{ CV James P Kcrr. minister ing." Hood summer school of the j Svnod w ill attend' 7-30 . Lesson [ Lovettsville Lovettsville. Va. -- Miss Patsy Myers has a position at Spring Grove Hospital. --Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dye and . . . , ,Mrs. R. L. Hoagland. of Washing- which we commonly ; . Q0 spenl Mondav wi , h Mrs Bible Comment for July IS .By WILLIAM E. GILROY, D. D. : ! The 20th century, in spite of two. First Baptist Church. Brunswick Rev. L D. Carmack. pastor. j Sundav school. 9:45 a. m.: wor-! «hip 11 a- im. sermon. "Blessings of vancement :lg " worship. 8 p. m.. topic S?' 1 *« emancipation of women. | parentSr M , and Mrs . Frank Kees . ..K. TM* V . V Wed g! y jn most progressive ·-- a. in --Sunday .school, classes i for all ages. 11 a m divine ervice. le - v - .school. 1030 a. P- p. m.. Baker Park service: Mon . 5CrR , ot j by the pastor. muic by the P ' m " 7:30 p. ro.. Boy Scouts: Thurs . 7.30 c jioir; daily vacation Bible school. \Volf.,vilIe Evangelical p. m.. choir reheaisal. First Baptist Church Rev. Wm. C. Royal, pastor. 9:45 a. m.--Bible school: 11 a. m Mon through Friday, commence- United Brethren Church merit and exhibit of work. Friday. ; 'The Time DST' .- ,, TI ,,,,-,,. i democracies, but even in backward ,, . ,, ,, , ., .. prayer meeting: Thursday.' . hi h -Pele Myers. Frank Keeslmg. Pleasnt Walk--Church school. 2 annual Sunday school picnic c t ' toul » rle! - "» men n a ^e occ o| ne . j r- and M iss Bernice Everhart re- E , a ,,ocx ,,,*;_ i - j ·i,^,^Li".r,,r: sss-j^s. "^rs^B { I C U - e - · the Senior 4-H Short Course. ! But when one looks over the Frank Keesling was made an AH- 8 p. in. j e fr erM)n Evangelical And worship, subject. "A Sure Harvest." informed Church 7:30 p. m.. Baker Park service, pas- 'The Tirr.e DST' tor will preach. ! en's Guild 7 30 p. n-.. Grace Evangelical And Reformed Church Rev. Dr. R. E. Wilhehn. pastor. 9.45 a. m.--Church school: 11 a. Grace Episcopal Church m.. worship, subject. "The Mission of the Master." Rev. G. E Plott. mim!er. Sunday school. 9.45 a m ' wor-, p , easanl Vallcv -- Holv :sng W o m ' , munion. 2.30 p. m. Brunswick Church Of God Rcv. Clair E. Ebersole. pastor. _ o Bible school. 10 a. m : Young Peo- | vast field of history an amazing ' Star. His sister. Frances, is also an pic's meeting. ~ p. m.: worship. 7:30 lining is the discovery of the way ; Ali-Star. i Wolfsville--Sunday school. 10 a p m.; prayer service. Wed.. 7:30 ! in which, even in times and places | Rev. and Mrs. W. A. Janson r-.i.; Holy communion, barjtisin and p.m. - i n which the position of women'. j r _ arK j 53., Billy, are spending reception of members. 11 a. m. _ ; was inferior to that of men. worn- J ti;: s week with "friends at the Garfield--Holy communion. 9 30 ThurmontJLuiheran Charge j en have occupied positions of great. beach. a. in.: Sunday school. 1045 a. in : '~ he Time DST !power and dominance. Sometimes! --The Janson facnilv were din- Rev. C. H. Corbett. pastor. ! good sorne times bad. sometimes in '· ner guests last Thursday of Mrs ! Thurmont--Sunday ichoo . 9.JO - characters and actions strangely j Ruth Fletcher and Mr Ot*o a. irs : worship. 10:45 a. m. ' blended of both good and evil. Spring at the latter's home Rev. Albert Snyder. p"a»tos -- · - f~ ---- -- --· -^«. --^r».« ^wu »-*ui. -w · »«. , m^t^fB.m^ tit win. i c s k t t i ^ ti^mid. · Itddletown '/.ion Lutheran Church | Sabillasvilie -- Sunday school. : \Vomen have been powerful as j --Mrs. Cecelia George. Mrs.! i The Time DSTi j 9 30 a. IK. j queens and warriors, as sirens lur- : Aubrey Cooper. Mrs. J. D. Brown! ! Rev. W. Ernest Fox. pastor. · -- ---- _. J i n e men to destruction and a: am- : V.'iUiam McKimrnpv and Mrs: W i Presbyterian Church Rev "' W ^ TM; Weaver - TMj nister - . C0 n,munion. 11 a. m. Dr C. E. Wchlcr. emeritus , j A - _ Evcni 9.45 a. m.-Bible school: li "· J er 7 . 30 p m m.. church nurser-; 11 a. m.. morn( - ing worship, subject, "The Foot- Beaver Dam Church steps of God On The Highway:" | or Thc Brethren 7:30 p. m.. Baker Park service, in j Rev Harry Gardner, pastor. Rev. Leon P. F Vauthicr. rector. . New Market-Holy communion.] 5- n ' da V school." w'aV mTworshio. Thurmont Methodist Charse 9.30 a. m.: church school. 10.30 a m . : a _- William E. Carlson.' -The Time DST) St. Paul s. Poplar Springs--Hoiy · sl ; R ev A. E. Grim, pastor. " Harmony -- Sunday school. 3' Emrnitsburg--Worship. 9 p. m. ! ing men to destruction, and as am- ; William McKimrney. and Mrs. H. : bilious wives and mothers. | C. McKimrney were all guests last | One thinks of queens, like Cleo- i Wednesday of Mr. and Mrs. Mc,, m ! patra. Catherine of Russia, and ! ^ ln "ney's^son-:n-jaw and daughter. rurkittwille Lutheran Charge iThc Time DST* Rev. Dr. H. C. Erdman, pastor. 1 Sunday school. 10 a. m. ! Tom's Creek--Sunday school, 3 , a. m : worship. 10 a. m. j Thurmont--Sunday school. 10 a i m : worship. 11:15 a. m -charge of the Baptist church St. John's Catholic Church Rev. James M. Hogan. pastor. Rev. Herbert R. Jordan, assis't. Rev. Robert A. Boze!. 1 assis't. 10 a. m. -- Sunday school: 11 a. m . Burkittsville -* Sunday school.! Catoctin-Sunday school. 1:30 p Elizabeth of England: of warriors, i ^[' and Mrs - Ra »P h Stine, Rocklike Boadicea and Joan of Arc: of ^ ! " e - I worship, iough?." subject. "Is Love En- 9 30 a. m.: worship. 10 45 a. m. Knoxvlllc--Sunday school. 10 a m , wqrship, 7.30 p. m. ' m : worship. 2:30 p. m. ambitious women, like the mother of George III. whose admonition to her son. "George, be king." had something to do with the revolt j of the American colonies. j --Mrs. Aubrey Cooper left on ! Monday for her home in Balti- j more after "spending two weeks ! ,,.;-i, w u h L J. D. Brown. --Miss Nellie George and Mrs. | Edith Bruin entertained the Mite Rocky Ridcc : Church Of The Brethren · Sunday masses. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11-30 , Sunday school. 930 a m : scrv- a. m.: Sodality communion mass. 7 j ice 50.36 a . m.. by Rev. S. R. \Veya. m.: miraculous Medal Novena Dr ight. devotions. 7:30 p. m.". week-days jnassts. Visitation chapel. 6:45 a. \ Germantown Bethel-Blue in.: church. 8 a. m.: Sat., confes-, Mountain Churches Of God sions. 4:30 to 6 p .m.. 7 30 to 8:30 j (The Time DST p. rn. ' Rev. Clarence McGaha. pastor. Myersville Lutheran Chargo (The Time ESTi 1 Rev R. L. Markley. paste?.*- : St John's. Church Hill--Worship. ', en's Guild. Mon., 8 p. i 9 a. in., with sermon. "Declaring a .Mrs. William W. Troxell, Grace- · The Time DSx ] and action are fully represented. . Rev. Wm. H. Groff. pastor. [There is the great judge-warrior, j _1-^' Katie Orr^ Apples - Worship. 9:30 a BU,Deborah -Judges 5-: the good and CroW a^ Mrs ' I Sunday, school. 10:30 a. m.: Worn- pure Hannah, mother of Samuel of Washington.^ w e r a t t e n d a n e Truce."church school. 10 a. m. i ham. leader. j with | Germantown Bethel -- B i b l e ! Calls." ! school. 9:30 a. m.: C. E.. 7 p. m.: no j Myersville vacation Bible school. St. Paul's. Myersville -- Church | Mt. Tabor--Sunday school. 10 a. school. 9 a. m.; worship. 10 a. in., j m .: Lutheran worship, 11 a. m.: Women's Guild. Tues.. 8 p. m. at parsonage. Mrs. Ralph Dinterman assisting hostess. Airs. Ehvood Rif- sermon. "Thc Four Bugle (Samuel 1: the beautiful Bathsheba. mother of Solomon, but lured at the Waldrin sales on Wednesday and on their return visited and luring in the adulterous com- Mrs. Orrison's sister-in-law, who merce-with David (II Samuel I I ' : ! was moved from Mrs. Ethel and there is the vicious Jezebel il.Streanis home last Friday to a Kings 1S-21". whose name has be-' rest home in Paionian Springs. come a byword fdr vengefulnoss' --Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lusbv. evil. All these, and many j Eddie and Ann Lusby. of Arling- and Trinity Methodist Church Rev. Thomas Morgan, minister. | worship, pastor away to camp; 19:30-11-30 a m.. July 19-30. in the ' n e . program leader. [more, are there in the pages of the ! ton. were weekend guests of her 9-45 a. m.--Church school: U n. i pravcr se rvice, Thurs.. 8 p. m. i Church of the Brethren: Mid-week j Thurmont -- Sunday school, 9:45 Old Testament. ; parents. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Luckett. m.. worship with sermo.^ by_pas-j Blue "Mountain -- B i b l e school. ' service: Wed.. 6:30_ p. rn. _ ! a. m.: worship. 11 a. m.: Youth Fel- But a _ xvhole book of the old ' --Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Stream Testament, the Book of Ruth, is' f ? d farnil i~- of Brunswick, visited last Wednesday, Fletch- week- his mother. Mrs. Ruth --Mrs. Carroll Kines. who has tor. "The Providence Of God:"| 930 s m . pra ycr ei--ice. 8 p. m.:'' st - Mark's. Wolfsville -- Church iowship. Tues.. 7:30 p. m., with Bar- 7:30 p. rn. Baker Park service. ! praver service." Wed 8 o'. m. ! ?chool. 9 a. m.: annual picnic. Aug. ! bara Jean and Mary Jane Leather- · ' "' ·»» ..._ Ttr^ir . : T I « ! The Bethel Tabernacle . Kcysvillc Evangelical Rev. Linwood A. Hubbard. pastor. Luthcran church 10 a. m.--Sunday school: 11 a. t iThc Time DST in., -worship: 8 p. rn.. Evangelistic Rev Richard H jailer pastor. service: Wed . 8 p. m., prayer · s 30 a m _church service: 10-30 and praise service. J a _, Christian Endeavor. 21. near Wolfsville. · man. sabillasville Reformed Charge. i The Time DST Rev. Claude Corl. pastor. , devoted to the story of two women, j hls Bother 'ast Wednesday, one an Israelite, the other a Moab- ! ~J Ir - and ?Trs - ^ilham itess. Their character shines with j ^ r ' 3 J~ ° l A « ; -ng-on. were week- i undiminished beau:;.-, as types of, i S., S . ues i noble womanhood, as true for our i Iet cner. · as for that ancient Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints _^_^ Sunday school service. 10 a. m . Jcfrcrson Lu{ hcran Parish third floor of the Pythian Casue. , The -r ini ^ Xorth Court street: Washington State missionaries will be the speakers at the sacrament meeting held at 10:45 a. m. I Mt. Tabor--9-30 a. m . Sundav ' a- m.: worship: 10 a. m. school: 11 a m . Lutheran church ! Mycrsville--Worship. Middlctown Valley' Church Of The Brethren · Thc Time EST) Rev. Samuel D. Lindsay, pastor. Grossnickles--Church school. 9 | St. Stephen's. Highfield--Church i "'"P 111 -""- ; cident June 23. was moved to her a. m.:' « c hool. 2.30 a. m.; worship. 10:45 j Th a^ story is commonly empha- · home in Alexandria in R. E. church school. 10 s. m. \ a . m . j sized as an example of friendship I Brown's ambulance on Wednesdav. The report of the annual confer- ! g t John's. Sabillasvilie--Church an d womanly devo'ion. It is all i --"Mr. and Mrs George Rohlfing 9 · ence will be given by" Rev. Ba^i! sc hool. 9-30 a. m.: worship, 7.30 Rev. Morris G. Zumbrun. castor. Grossnickle. St Paul's--Sunday school. 9:43 Harmonv -- Church school. 9 a a. m : worship. 8 p. m. Parkway C h u r n r . o d Hev C. C. S u i l i a n . pastor. j S£. Luke's--Worshio. !*.30 a m . sermon by Dr. Rex: Sunday ! school. !0 ."0 n. rn Mt. Zion--Sunday school. 9 30 n guest speaker: Sacred song concert. . Dr. Rex. ' m.: worship. 10 a. m. Locust Valley Church Of God I Rev. Clair Ebersole. pastor. prayer service. Thurs. 7 30 p m. the more remarkable because it', and little daughter. Joy. of Baiti- relates to daughter-in-law and | more, were guests on Monday of \ mother-in-law, who don't always ; Dr. W. A. Wade. ! get on so harmoniously. But the | --Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kane j story is a great deal more than that. ! and children are visiting with their 8 p. rn.: concert given by the com- w . M a r k f t M c t h o d i s t charge bined choirs of Uniontown. Fri:c,l- ; R K D Svv , ckcr pa «;; or burg. and Wakefield Churches tf i p God of Carroll County, under the ! rlirection of Mrs Donald Sullivan The program is being siven in the interest of the building fund cf the Parkway Church. Thurmoni Episcopal Church sThc Time DST Rev. Oscar F. R. Trcder. pastor. ; If Ruth is a type of the loyal, de- i relatives in Oswego. Han iot Chapel. Catoctin--Church i voted woman. Xaomi. the mother- ' --A new heatini system is be- Sunday school, 9 30 a m : wor- · sc hool. 10:15 a. m.: even song and j in-law. is a type of womanly cour- j mg installed by the school board n . worship. 10 30 a. m . sermon by 'ship. 10.30 a. r.i^ C. E . 7 30 p. m . fe rmon. 7 p. m. |age in adversity--the type so com: » n the home of the principal. L. A. St. Stephen's Chapel. Thurmont | mon in the pioneer history of our ' Worneldorph. --Holy communion, every Sunday, j country. | --Mr. and Mrs. Donald Womel- G a. ni. pa ichooi. Children's Day service. Xc\\ Market--Church a n. Central -- Church school, a :n. Graceham Moravian Church Rcv. Paul Eeiicr. pastor. 10.45 a. m. Christian Science Society Cast'-;. Court S'reei- rr ,. ail , M , :hodUl rar ;sh Church service and Sunaa." scnooi. _ _ ;c T .... c DST) 11 a. rr-. subject. . ' L:iC mon;al rrsesti^.;?. "ns" :T-'_ Vocin day cf cac'.i ncn:h. S ri r.- . 'cic floor ~--.!v2n Cn^.l." testi- Kev G I LCJI. pasto-. AiaVy -- Worship. 943 Zittlestown. Sharpsburc And Antictam Churches Of God in ' 'The Time DST- H , Rev W A. Kerpich. pastor. 1 Zittlestow n -- Bible study. 9 30 chool. 10 a m - worship. 10.30 a. rn : C. E.. 7 30 0 m : prayer and praise scrv- . q 30 ice Thursday. S 30 p. m *~ , . · ' Sharpsbur? -- Bible study. 930 LOL//T /V6WS a. m : C. E. 7:30 p m.: prayer and praise service. Wed . 8 p rr. Anlictam--Bible study. 9 30 a m : worship. 8 p. rr - pra\cr and a. m praise service, Tues. S p :r. Exiled from her homeland by dor P« a "f family, of Delaware. . famine, bereaved of husband and ' "~ erc h ! ' d a v 5«e=-s of nis oarents. 'sons Xaomi^ roiira^ anrl hor io w , Mr ' = n immary of X«ws^nie .XfWi^ajit lirery Day--cbs Network Music Tun«--abc Dine* Tim*--mbs-e^st Talc* Number--sibs-trest 5--Art of Living--nbc To B« Anoounc*fi--cb» of Pray«r--abc ·Sumirer Sympnoay^BOc K«d Barter Sports--cb« Harry W ismtr Sport*--abe Iasca ilusio--mti»-«ast Trc* or False--mfc»-««t · :«5--News and Corcroentary--b« Jack Beail Comment--abc t--St. LouSs Opera--cb» ChaU*n«« of Yukon--abe Hawaii Call* Musician*--mb« /:3 °7T Cl;rtiin Time Drama--cbc Vic Damone S»resjade--cb« Famous Jury TrsaU--at« Kama of Soa« Quiz--mb» 7:4*--H. Carmlctiael Soug--rfcj S:00--To B« Announced--obc Slug It Asain Quiz--cbs To Be Announced--abe Tirenty Questions Quiz--cab* 8:15--Hoilyirood Uors* Race--abe 1:30--Truth or Consequences--atx: Axoazisjj Aialone-^--abc Stop Me. Gar Show--sobs · :OO--Hi: Parade. Sinatra--nbe M. Amsterdam Shovr--cbs Oang- Busters Drama--abc Taree for Money Quiz--mo» »:30--Can Tou Top This--nbe It Pays ta B« Jscorafit--cb» What's My Xarae--abc .Orf»--Radio City Playhouse--cbc'a Dance America--cb« Prof. Qaiz--abc-basic Cticago Theater--mbs 10:30--The Grand O!e Oprv--cbc HayJort Hoedown--abc H:OO^-Ne»rs Variety--nbe News. Variety. » hrs.--cb» News aaJ Dance Hour--abc Horn's a Krackin"--mbs 11:30--Dance Band Shon-s--mb» 12:00--Dancicx Continued--abc-weit SUNDAY, JULY 1C AH*rn*an 1:00--America United. Talks--cbe' I'hi^dvlplna Report--cbs Sans I'tttingiJl Talk--atc-baa!c To Be Announced--mbs 1:15--Editor at Home--abc Tba Music Box--mbs-bas5e 1:30--ChScaso Roundtab!*--nbc Tell It Ayain. Drama--cbs National Vespers--abc Contemporary Music--rats 2:OO--First Pia=o Quartet--ntc iteturn Engagement--cbs Week Around World--abc Air Fore* Show--mbs 2:30--Robert Merrill Concert--cbc News Commentary--cbs Mr. President--abc * News: Veterans' Panel--mb« 2:45--Opinion Comment--cbs 3:00--Music Parade--nbc Symphony fchon---cbs News Broadcast--abc Summer Melody--mbs S:1S--American Almanac--abc 3:30--One Man's Fansijy--nbc Dacce Half-Hour--abc Life Begins at SO--mbs 4:00--Quiz Kids. Jo« Kelly--nbc Cal Tinner Talk--abc House o£ Mystery--mb* 4:15--To Bo Announced--abc 4:30--News: Living 194S--nbe Make Mine Music--cbs Mlkoa Cross Records--abe Detective Mysteries--tabs S:00--Author Meets Critics--nbc Personal Autograph--abc Under Arrest Drama--mba ·:15--Phil Davis Orch.--cbs *:30--Jane Pickens SCOTT--nbe i To Be Announced--cbs Counter Spy Drama--abc j What Makes You Tick--jnbs I Evening I 6:00--Catholic Kaello Service--ntc ! The Family Time--cbs Drew Pearson Comment--abc Those Websters. Skit--mbs 6:15--News Summary--abc 6:30--Hollywood Preview--nbe Summer Guest Concert--cbs Kari Godwin Talk--abc Nick Carter. Detective--mbs 6:45--To Be Announced--abc'3 Talk Hollywood--nbc " The Gene Autry Show--cbs - I Love Adventure--abc Mystery Playhouse--mbs 7:30--Pat O'Brien Drama--nbe iSlondie and Dasrwood--Cbs Bill Goodwin Comedy--abc Gabriel Heatter Show--nibs 8:00--The Shaw Chorale--nbc Sam Spade Adventures--cbs Stop the Music Quiz--abc Tha Mediation Board--mbs «:30--RFD America Quiz--nbc The Man Called X--cbs Movies Commentary--mbs 8:45--Twin News Comment--mbi 9:00--Merry-Go- Round--nbe Winner Take All--cbs Walter Wincheil Time--abe To Be Announced--mbs S:1S--Hollywood Comment--abc :30-g-Albam Familiar Mnsic--nbc Strike It Rich, Quiz--cbs Superstition Dramas--abc It's a Living Show--mbs 10:00--Take It or Leave It--nbc Mickey Kooney Show--cbs Comedy Writers Show--abc Voices of Strings--mbs 10:30--Horace Heiat Show--nbe escape Drama Series--cbs Commentary on Movies--abe Clary's Gazette--mbs 10:45--To Be Announced--abe :00--News £ Variety 2 hrs.--nbe News. Variety. Da_nce 2 hrs---cbs News and Dance Band--abc News. Dance Band 2 hrs.--rabs 12:00--Dancinr Continued--abc-n-tst Charleston, S. C. Hospital wedding will be in Auf ust. --Miss Helen HaerteL formed Lotxloun County supervisor oil elementary education, who hap many friends here, is back in th«; east after a year's teaching is Sitka. Alaska. She visited thii week her old friends in this counl ty. She says the population oj Sitka is 2.500 and it does not ge| as cold as in Loudoua. Ladiesburg Ladiesburg. -- Visitors in th« home of Mr. and Mrs. Dorie Manii| and family Sunday were: Mr. aaf| Mrs. Simon McBride and daughters, Betty and Doris, IjamsvUle. and Mr. and Mrs. James I McBride and daughter Frances ancj Mr. and Mrs. Merhl Kauffmaa ancf son, of Woodsboro. --Mr. and Mrs. Ray Delphey son Gerry, of Washington, v-site their cousin. Mrs. F. H. Birely, anc | faimly Tuesday. --Visitors Sunday in the home o Mr. and Edgar Smith ant | family were Mr. and Mrs. Smith and two children, of Poin Of Rocks, and Mr. asd Mrs. Ralp: Ohler. of Emrnitsburg. i --Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Manin anrl j Mrs. Evajune Gross visited \vit'| | Mr. and Mrs. Dorie Martin i family Tuesday. ! --Mrs. Dessie "Wagner spent thU ; past Tuesday evening with Mrs. F"| H. .Birely and family. --Mrs. Samuel Smith has return ;J I ed to her home in Roiszerville. Pa I after spending a week with he' i daughter, Mrs. Walter Lind. ar.f ] i family. j --Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Marti.". ; | I son Raymond, visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. I. W. McBride. o Frederick, Monday --Mr. and Mrs. William Bostia*i spent Sundaj evening in the fc of F. H. Birely and family. Strength For Today i By Ear! L. Douglass. D. D. : THE CHURCH AND DIVORCE ' i A certain lavish and v.-all-pub-, | licized wedding of recent date ha; j reopened the question to manj | people. "Where does the church I stand on divorce?" '"Is it riglj, | for a Christian minister to marry? i divorced couples?" The answer i this question is simple and posi-' live if a few facts about the nature I of marriage are kept in mind. ·' i Marriage is an irrevocable con| tract in the eyes of God. Tha:_c i much is plain from the Scriptures" j '"Whom God hath joined together, i let no man put asunder." There-" fore, from the spiritual standpoint it is not in the power of the parties; to this contract nor in the powe of the state to break it. except iiV* the case of infidelity as provider; in the Scriptures. The sovereign state of Nevada may provide rule* for the separation of married,, couples if it wants to. Other states-' may abide by these rules anc; recognize subsequent marital status in either of the formerly separatee ' parties, but this does not c-reatc- either a divorce or a remarriage, for the conditions of marriage are^ spiritual and are therefore beyond^ the power of mere civil authority^ to touch. | The divorce problem is one of thc| most alarming and pressing in the-* country. It must be pondered and*. handled in a spirit of solemn -earnestness. ': (Copyright Babson Newspaper Synd.) SACRED CONCERT A concert of. sacred songs and music will be held Sunday evening. July 18. at 8 p. m.. at th" Parkway Church oJ Gcd. The con* cert will be given by a choir of 40 voices representing the churches of ITniontoivn. Wakefield, and Frizzellsburg in Carroll county. Rev. J. H. Hoch is the pastor o f . these churches. The choir is under the direction of Mrs. Donald Sullivan. ; isons. Naomi's courage and her love of her religion and her homeland ( never failed. "And her persistent j courage had its reward, for the an- i cestry of Jesus goes back to Ruth. Marris-e License^ rs. I- A. T .Vome3dorph. --:vlrs. Bertie Poiterfield has cer Butts, who visited his relatives here frequently in his youth, is on a worldwide cruise arid exoected to go throush the Straight of Gibraltar about the last of June. --Mrs. Rebbie Cooper h^= been srjending some t:rne with Mr. arid Mrs. Harvev Waidron assisting ChurK; Of Th- Xazarrne Rev Joh". E Xorth. pasLor Sur.da:- schocl. 10 a :n . vvorshio TTrbar.a -- Church tchcx)!. 10 rr. · worshio. H a m . MYF. S p Ijamsvine^Picn:c. today. Sunday school. Sun . 10-30 a m. Brunswick St. Mark's Parish Rev. W. J. Reed, rector. Grace Church--Ho'.v communion i 7 30 a. m : Koly communion and | church school. 9 30 a rr:.: % .\eek-cJay scrviccs. Mon and Thur* i" a rn : Tuc?. and Fri. 7 a. :rs . w e d . 9 ?3 .1 rn : Sat 8 a m St Luke"? Brown-Cvslle--Chu-cli a rn . oreaching. J school. 10 o. rn.. prayer. 11 -_ .... A. M. E. Chsrch '" a : " counci: meeting after ' 3. m. Victor*-- cf'cbra'.-.or.-rr. o r : c ? C e preachsic . St Mark's. Petors\ :i!o--Ch'.irrh burr in", a fi-'I \va-;; of service -*t- Mark'-. Doubs -- Church school. 10 a ir. prayer 7 30 p r-, S;:rda-- T 'u?v 13 to C^ I-;-^u:dat:cri school. 9 3.1 a :-. Kiiy Tuc.~da. Guild. S p rr O' t* *"* J-- Vi p^_^ { o; . f? oc -.; S Brunswick First I-th«-d:st Charcii m. Rev. Geo. K. Bennett. p^.-.n:^ter Sunday schooi. Q 45 a rr. : xvc--- Gladc Charge Evancclical And R- r orrr;-tl T'l'-r-h. Walkersvillc Rev Dr E F Koffmicr. pastor STILL IX HOSPITAL Stanley M. Melton. 21. and Betty The condition of John Spencer. A Hedrick. IS. both of Lucketts. Jr - colored, of Mt. Airy, who w.»s Va seriouslv wounded carlv Sundav . . . . . . . . . Clarence Fogle. Jr 21. and Betty morning when he was shot in the ^^'VrV^av%I ^ Jane McAfee. 16. both of Thur- head at the former Tunnel Inn. ilt " ' Airy Junction, is reported fa;r at the Frederick Memorial Hospital. B. Claytu? Brandenburg and v. u'e to Walter B. Buxton and wife. | county. SIC. Ivah May Lloyd and husband to Henry C Krantz. J r . and wife. Musk-balls, spherical boxes containing strong smelling scents, ·were worn fay early Europeans to overcome the odor of crowds. - « m o i r o h r i - e n v pu · chased ho ^ - m ' Oo ^ s ^ ' '' P * . _ The s , Jame _ Reformed Sun . day School held its Children's Day service Sunday, July 11. at 8 p. m. --Mr. and Mrs. George Wire have announced the engagement of their daughter. Stella Elizabeth, to James Kenneth D e n a u x. of Charleston. S. C. Miss Wire graduated at Lovettsville High School, class of 1942. and completed her college course eat Mary Washington. She took her dietary internship at Miami Valley Hospital. Dayton. O. She is dietitian in THEY LIVE 1 FOREVER 25-vear Tr.ortcase. r o r each ic rjsstors s'ill livi*"-" ?r.d v.h^ are -.-c'.urr.:^c ss guests. Church schoc-:. 10 ?. a specl"! ri".£;ht := designated re- r"cc"iv?iv: Rev, W I Sr.ovvden. Dr G. A. T'awk^-s. Dr S. R. Drum"mo-'d. Dr "I. 3 S:np=on ar.d Dr C. E. T/aida-:, Each \v;i] preach. Sunday sTMrv:ce=--I i a. rTM . sermon. Rev K, B. Torril:n. castor. 3 T rs. v5?t"Ty ^nessacc. Dr. D A TTilso^ ? E · S p rr.. Thanksgiv- shio. 11 a. m. Fclio-.v =h:p "nour 6 30 p rr. : worship 7 45 p. :r C^ara Smith Grove Eweil to Abo-.: D. Pollack and wife, coun- ; \ . ^ I ."^ Edward S Levisco and wife to Char- K Lease and wife, county assxsrr.otior; o: mortgage. Peter Rodger, et a;, to Thoma^ p. W-.Jkinsop. and v. ife. county. S10. John V."iicox and wife to George T. Cramer, county. S10. Si. John s. Woocfboro--Worship. Thurmont Evangelical 9 15 a. rr. : Sunday school. 10 a m. Vnited Brethren Charcr Giadc. War-torsviUe -- S u r. d a y 'The T:n~.e DST- school. 10 s. :rs . worship. 11 a m : Rev. Ivan G. Xausf.c. pa«tor closing pro?rarr vacation Bible L nurrnont--Sunday school. '· ·school in Metnoc'st church school. m -- worship. ".0-30 a. n- PLAYTHING TO INVENTION . ; S;r Vrniam Crookes. British nhysscist, produced the first elec- '. tror; tube ;n 18T8. Tne so-called j Crookes. or cathode ray tube was ] ic-oker; yoors only as a "scientific · plaything" then, but it ices to the invention of the X-ray machine by BIfho-i L H. Ksrr.:r!sway"bi D* rrida "- 8 P ··- ou- r.5-.v bishop t'lica Evansclical And Th° rr.ortiace -»\ lU be carried Reformed Charer to the tedsidc of Mrs Ma:y R ev . Merle F Sollincer. pastor. Barnes, our oldest member arse' Zion. Charlesville--Worship and trustcf emeritus for identification Holv commur.-.on. P 30 a m ' Sun- john E. Pisasant. the only living day school. 1030 a. m trustee, v.-ho signed the mortgage. St Paui s. Utica--Sunday school the presentation: music. 930 a. m.: Koly communion. 1045' by Quinn's senior 3, m. | Grace. Pleasant Hill -- Sunday j scliool. 10 a. m. " i 'Bethany Methodist Church | Rev. Thomas Morgan, minister · 10 a. m --Church school i Brook Hill--9.30 a. m . worship with sermon by pastor. 10:30 a. m , church school. Deerfield--Worship. 9 a jr. . Sun: r :S95 and still later, became the day school. 10 a rr, " eye ' of television. %vi!l each night, choir. County Churcjies Mt. Pleasant Evangelical And Reformed Church «The Time DST» Rfv. Merle Sollinger. pastor. Church school, 10 a. m. Watches Diamonds Jewelry and Silverware Doll's Jewelry Store SOUTH MARKFF ST. FREDERICK. MO. Do You Need Help With This FAMILY PROBLEM ? U. A. LOUGH · SON 121 South Market St. Phone 1569 HAPPINESS k A Growing Savings Account in this Institution is a sound investment in happiness. THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION BANKERS FOR OVER 100 YEARS 1828 1948 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HOLD ALL 1'OUR U. S. SAVINGS BONDS AND PROTECT YOUR FUTURE A monument is more than a. tribute to zhe mc22or? of a loved oac-lr is a lasting inspiration -- a symbol of the faith and ideals that live forever. When yoa make the most important - choice of a monument, let us sbo-w you the enduring beauty caprared in scone by Bine Granite n. HAMMAKER BROTHERS FREDERICK, MD. THVRMOXT. MD. HAGERSTOWX. MI. WASHINGTON. D. C. See Hillside First "Ladies" see the beautiful Shelvador Frigerator by Crosley. See the Crosley Television for the latest in entertainment. TVhy suffer with neat? Get a Mitchcl Air Conditioner for your bed room or office. For more information call 1341-M HILLSIDE Appliance Store 332 NORTH MARKET ST. Phone 1341-M FREDERICK, MD. i iNEWSPAPEr

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