The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 26, 1924 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1924
Page 8
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?AGI: KK.Il' THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, WEDNESDAY. .NOVEMBER 26. 1924 { Call Telephone No. 4400 and ask for Society. (lloms for this department must bo In by 10:00 a. in.) WISE AND OTHERWISE Hy Mrs. W. Y. Morgan. "The prevailing business depression should nuil before long", ? heard unn mini of affairs say to another I he other morning. "Business depressions nlwayn end When rank and file are willing to help end them", the sago to whom ho was speaking said in a cold ralm voice. "What has rank and fllo to do with general business depressions DELEGATE TO WORLD MEETING Mrs. Lillian Mitchner Named to go to Edinburgh, Scotland Next Year. Mrs. Lillian Mitchner, stale, pres- ? Inquired the first speaker] idont ot the W, C. T. U. was named .\ln J . ''. N\ I'; 1 ))).' and II. liri.r.rt win- joint lic-l cvt-nintr to tin- int'iiiberH of ('bap- ler ll. i'. I-;. (I lit I lie l';i>lli. nvl- ditu''-. i>l!t K.iM Slii.']'rn:in ;.;]•• *-t The irmjl.i]' Jiu ."i !i>'...s tlli.'itiliil v.ns h'-ld. Tile j.niltnini fnr I be mi'iiliiK \v;is In elian:.- of Ml"". S. 1-'. mi the Mlbjeil nf Dlllil MIII. .liihiiMiih i-ciid ;i very mteresL- inl; J .r j j... i- mi Die ^tlliji'itt, c:vl";; the old Child Labor law which was tlerlm i><! iiiH 'ii.isliliUdiiial hy liiilcl Slaien Supreme Court, Who then slated tin- amendment which !ia>i pas ^i 'd the I'tnll'il .Stales ilulls** of IteltreHentaltves and the Senate and Is now waiting lor Hie r.itifli .ition nf ihe slates to niatce it. a law. 'the ciul) wonit n of lliltctl- msou are eiutorsiim tint rutl'.'u'ii- Ilull of the ninenihiiem. A round tabl" disensston closed the program. Tim liosiesses serviMl refreshments a' a tat.- hour. The miest.-i ot the i liaph 'i' were .Mrs. Krcd f'relieli. Mrs. A. W. Il .ipuetl or Mali>iii. Mis. It. A. Moore, Mrs. I.loyil I'ti.uu,'. Mrs. It. A. Stewart. Jn two weeks, llle laities will lie elUef- laiued l;y Mrs. -J. .1. Jones at Iter IliMlli.', Ill 'I'welftli Ave. v:-,t. MIS. M. I Tea Hooni. Sweet pens and sweet i'^ Ian i nlyssuill eentered tlie luncheon table where places were niarkeJ for the club members and luoir miosis, ?.lr.». Harry Kearl of Detroit. .Mich.. Mrs. W. (J. .laeob.i. Mrs. .lilies Kyuian' and Mrs. Marry Ha rues. in. ton I The afternoon was spent, Play­ TV.'ii.r.'''. | In;; bridge at. the Kearl residence, !lli!i Third Ave. east. The prizes for the gamo were presented 10 Mrs. Roy I'ralz, .Mrs \V O. Jacobs, I'luJ Mrs. Jules Eyman. The inemhcrs of the. Morning (ilnry club enjoyed the hospitality of Mrs. K. H. lleau yeslerdny afternoon at. her home. -22 Second Ave., east. A Thanksgiving basket, will be fiivon by the club for a needy family. Two contests were held In which I Uie prize winners were Mrs. Kiln j Fori'.er, Mrs. Cora Fiilrhurst, Mrs. j O. L. I'hlllips. .Mrs. Cora Hriim- I baiiRh, Mrs. Etta l'litnaud. At five \ o'clock, Mrs. Henn served luncheon i to the ladies, liiiest of the club 1 were Mrs. 0. L. I'hlllips and Esther ! Cox. The club will meet in two I weeks, with Mrs. Cora Brumbaugh, | 41'J Ave., II west.. A dono stir srlonr the lliiiehliison Woman's club was told ye sterility afternoon in the Elks tint: bouse and problems of th*- home were discussed. Mrs. (loorgo Chilvers had charge of the meeting. Mrh. K. L. l.yila read a iiaper on the. Milijee', "How 1 l-'iriti My Leisure,'' and told oT Several of the ruiiveuieneis whicii are a big help lo ihe housewife ot today. Following the paper, Ihe Indies hi Id a round table disrusston of si. me of their problems, of some of the short ,'Hif. thai may bo tuk- en in house keepinir. Mrs. .tallies Mustain favored the ladies wiih a group of vocal solos ai eonipatiied a; UHI piano by Miss Vernal Kosecrans. Paring tin business meeting Mrs. Emery Colson was reinstated lo club mem lieiship. The next ineelini; will be held ne.M Tuesday Willi a so eial meeting nt ttin homo of the president, Mrs. Frank Kearl, .North. Ashe street. "Mrs. 11. T. cine entertained Indies ot the .I. E. c. rluo yesterday afternoon at her honi". North i'hiiu nlieei. The aiternoon wa • de- voh-d ttj fancy work nud music. Miss .Sarah Clews of Hamton, [day- ed a -tiMiphoue solo which was \ery mu.'b enjoyed. She was ni'- eiuiioanied nt. tile piullu by Miss Lueihi (""line, i.unciieon was served at :iy o'rlock by I In- liostess. 'I'i.e ne\t mi- the: will I., in (-.v.. weekt, at tie' home of Ml>. F. C. Oily, is Eleventh Ave., west. I A bowl of calendulas graced the meeting of j hincheou table, ill Ihe Rorabaugh' II. Heaps and Mr. Jack Orant- There were twenty-eight guests. Complimenting Mr. ami Mrs, Vornon Scblupp who were recently married, Mrs. Edwnrd llammel ami Mrs. I'nul Llndamood entertained last evening with a miscellaneous shower nt the Ilammell country home, southeast, of Hutchinson. Tho evening was spent with games an music, and nt a late hour refreshments were served. Tho rooms were beautifully decorated with yellow chrysanthemums. Tho guests: MI'SSITK and Mi 'Sila mes— Vi -.rimti Sihlupp John I.e,*|>urK A.\*l Oli.-t-B t incur Watlsten 1 'n lit I .llHlilinnntl Phillip Wnllsn-n John VV'iillsten l'nink \V/illslen K.lwnril Hummel! W. X. I or Mallliion Ward .Musilaim-s— Amanda W.'idstea Hnltle Sehlnpp Hisses— llaz-d nrecu l.ulu Sehlnpp l.eoni Sebluiip Until Wallstt'll Marie Wnllsten Wila Watlstt.n llernice Wn listen ARiies .Intmson Aline Haminell Klinor Ilaliiiiicll Mrssers— Hay Wal'.sten Alfred Stroburg Jack llayl Losile Olmrg in a rather Irritated tone, "Hank and fllo, bring on moat business depressions and cathor naturally rank and fllo can end them", the sago to whom he was speaking replied empnatlcally. "Only in rare eases is business depressed by any thing more than rnuk and fllo living beyond their means. We all know that rank and file of foiks of this day, havo more extravagant, habits and desires than any generation since the world began. Every mother's son of them refuse to live simply. They all want comforts and pleasures they can't afford. They want them so much that they got thorn, and trust to luck to get them paid for. A day of reckoning arrives. A day of reckoning takes more ; than luck for a settlement. One ; group of rank and file can't pay I their hills, that makc3 it hard on I another group ot rnuk and file, i That group, because tho first group | fall to pay them, can't meet their j financial obligations, and so on Wiley Tea Itoom yesterday niter- noon, when Mrs. 1. H. Yengcr oil- lertaincil the members of hot' bridge club at one o'clock lun:h- emi. 1 The afternoon w-as spent playing bridge at her home, *!15 Tentn Avd. west. Tho prizes were won by Mrs. J. C. lleberlig, Mrs. Lester I'ralz and Mrs. Hugh Connor. Ciiests of the club were Mrs. Hugh Connor, Mrs. John Dyck, Mrs. Lionel Muyfield, Mrs. Crosvernor Seward, Mrs. Charles Mackey, Mrs. A. II. Thlesaoti and Mrs. Oscar Copas. .1. ,i> A Thanksgiving meeting of the B. R club was held yesterday afternoon with Mrs. John Sollenherger us hostes 'i at her home, 107 F.lovciUh Ave., west. The house was decorated with fall suggestions. Roll call was answered with Thanksgiving quotations. Wi 'J. -Nellie Koelling read a paper OB Thanksgiving. Luncheon was sorved nt the close of tho social , hour hy the hostess assisting by : Mrs. J. E. Font. The club will meet 1 In two wcekfi with Mrs. W. H. Jones nt her home, 111 Eleventu Ave., u est. Mrs. Alfred Havercroft enter-. tallied Informally last evening at her home. 121 Fifth Ave. east for her sister, Mrs. E, .1. Borders of Dodge City. The evening was spent with music and fancy work and at a late hour, refreshments were served. The guests who Included school friends ot tho honor guest, who is formerly of this city, were as follows: Mesdames— J.ynn Kuhlis Saul Setty Carol Parks I.onnie Collins Lester WoodaJI James Belcher , .Miss Maude Elston Mrs. Martha Scott of 222 Fourth ave. east, was reminded that yesterday was her birthday byhaving the members of .the F. 1). A. club walk into her home last evening. The evening was spent informally and later refreshments were served. The guests included: May Toms Annitzetta Opal Huntsman I'lekeretl down tho list, uutil a general 1 state, called business depression is t abroad in the laud. \."hen that; . general state arrives, rank and file| nl "" y ," e . rS never seem to realize they were! 1M ^ mca S° the perpetrators ot the situation, and they go about wailing obout this, that and the other reason for the general depression—never once being frank enough to admit, that owing for their automobile, their silk hosiery, their radio, their ex. lo be a delegate to tho Internation al convention to ho hold In Edinburg, Scotland next year, last week at the Fiftieth Jubilee convention in Chicago, III. She returned yesterday. The meetings were held In the Mediah Masonic Temple, which is one of tho largest, and most beautiful buildings in Chicago. Mrs. Mitchner stated upon her return, that Kansas made a splendid showing at the convention with 30 dole- gates. Banquet at LaSalle. "The first social function ot tho convention was a banquet at the LaSalle hotel, which was attended hy 940 delegates and 913 visitors. There were a number of very fine speakers on tho various programs ! among them, the dignitaries of the iclty of Chicago; Mrs. Carle Chap; mua Cntte; Miss Julia Lathrop, j who has -charge of the uational i Child Welfare work; Miss Jane | Adams of Hull house; Mrs. Mnblo I Walker Wilebrandt, assistant, attorney-general of tliu United States, who was horn in Kansas, and NEW COR8ET IN HIGH FAVOR IN PARIS Now York, Nov. 26—M. ThereBB Ilonney, a fashion authority or Paris, now In Now York, says the now corset Is In high favor In tho French metropolis. Sho asserts all the French women of society and the stage are seeking trlmnoss at the waist. noal orchids are very popular with the ladles who attond "first nights" a. tho theatre* alone Broadway. A florist In the audience at tho Martin Bock Theatre, whon "Madam Pompadour" opeucd, estimated that the orchids on display cost 11,000. Revival At Hadley. Revival sorvlcos nre being hold every evening except Saturday this week at tho Hadley MethodlBt church. Tomorrow a short serv Ice will be conducted at the Barton salt plant, at noon. •a#Ga$###o®ai# , l I. Miller Patent Box Heel $12 Slippers for Thanksgiving The "Tahbow" Reflect* the Mode Charm in its "Perky Tab Softening bow. •A style that's Demure and Youthful. 26 N. Main 26 N. Main Use tho Shop-o-Scope— Hso your head, not your feet and make this the merriest Xmas ever. tt. Virginia had the largest population in 1790, the total being 747i610. Conservatory ot Music and the school of public speaking at Evaustoii, presented n pageant which represented tho fifty years ot progress in the W. C. T. U. as one feature of tho convention. The program for tho five days Included trips over the city, pensive home-and 'extra^agam [ a . reception given hy Northwestern I niverslty at Evanston, receptions, dinners and luncheons by the woman's clubs ot the city. Kansana Win Two Prizei- Knnsas delegates won two prizes at the convention. Miss Mary E. Oobbs, Kansas state corresponding secretary won a silver loving cup for having the best report in the United States and Miss Etta Price of Emporia won tho national }5t) prize for the teachers scientific temporanco essay. The Kansas delegates presented Mrs. Mitchner, state president with a gold W. C. J. K. Houston Leila Kehroll .Mabel lvrry Mary Dean T'..arl Flora M, A. KighlUnger furnishings, and stylish clothing, et cetera, has anything to do with the case. The fact ot their foolish indebtedness seems so small and insignificant to them. But if they would stop and multiply their extravagances a million times, they might begin to realize that business depression is brought on, most ot the time, by extravagance of rank and file. Certainly other things contribute to business depression," the sage to whom he was speaking answered to an inquiry. "But If rank and file were Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Whaien presided a* host, and hostess last evening, a-, an informal dinner party at their Inline, '2'.\ West 2Iird street. A lavender bowl or yellow chrysanthemums centered the dinner table, with yellow caudles in crystal candle sticks tied with lavender tulle. The evening was spent playing bridge. Tho prizes for tho eve- ifleruoon at one o'clock i "ing 's game were won hy Mrs. J. it the KnrahaiiKh-Wiloy j H. Sifers, .Mrs. Jnmes Duffy, Mr. ti. Mrs. Cl-ti'ein o Fearl complimented the member* of her bridue . lib > est onlay luncheon Kersting as "Marguerite" in "Faust" Mesdamea— .Nell Carr Frank MrMulleil May 1 'ioylo V. 1,. .Smith W. F. Jones Tho members ot the D. of P. Thimble club gathered at. the home of Mrs. Dora Griffith, 329 E oast for a social afternoon. The time | was spent Working on articles for the bazaar which tho ladles will hold next week. Mrs. Anna Cum- mlngs, Mrs. Maude Jones and Mrs. | Lucy Cummings were the only guests ot the club. Refreshments i were served at five o'clock. The J hostess for ihe meeting In two i weeks will be announced later. ' i living absolutely within their | T. U. pin set with pearls, means, paying their bills when There has been a big gain In W. J they should be paid, buying noth-j C. T. U. work in Kansas during Ihe ! ing they could not pay for easily-, j past year as was presented last! you would seo general business de- 1 week in Chicago. There has been ! a gain of 1,500 members in Kansas 9S unions and 13 counties. Kan-1 sas was one of the 17 states which j participated in the first national j convention ot the W. C. T. U., 50 ; presslon disappear," tho sago dj- clared vehemently. "Simplicity is what we all should get right down to", he continued. "We are just as happy with simple lives as with a lot of things we' vears ago. can't pay for. An accumulation of|" Souvenirs from Kansas, things never made any ono happv.| "Everyone at the convention, Living beyond one 's means certalu-, knew- Kansau was represented" ly isn't a happy state ot affairs. | Mr3 , Mitchner yesterday. "We bad ! It is pleasant to be sure to bet u , 0 o bags of wheat to present to i luxurious—provided that state <« :Ih « other delegates, donated hv luxury can be paid for. But this I day and time, folks who haven't • the price of luxury, demand it just the same. How many women do yon know, who do not wear silk hosiery Certainly silk hosiery .s a lovely possession. But wouldn't _ ';'T, . I general business be safer, if only Four young ladles of the young-, , hoae who could affonl l0 wear er set presided as hostesses yes -i 3ilk hosiery did it? Wouldn't general business condition be better terday afternoon at the regular bridge luncheon at the Country club. Miss Hildred Hultoii, Miss Mable Hults, Miss Constance Kinkel and Miss Helen Grovler. Bronze chrysanthemums centered the luncheon tables. The afternoon was spent playing bridge, Mrs. A. E. Kirk and Mrs. Charles Chrlspln of Richmond, Mo., winning the prizes. The ladies of the Cheerful Circle club met yesterday afternoon at tho country home of Mrs. W. L. Watson, west of the city. Mrs. Robert Turner was taken into Ihe membership of the club. A social afternoon was enjoyed at the close of which, refreshments were served. A Christmas grab hag will be held in two weeks nt the home of i Mrs. John Xafsiuger, If only those who could afford automobiles tought them? Wouldn't genera! business be' better, if rank and file, halted a moment and took stock with their incomes. This Is a day ot extravagances and waste.' General business is bound to be depressed, when folks Insist upon buying things they have no Intention of paying for", this sage announced in a tone which no ono dared to contradict. And as I 11 'ened In on this conversation I was reminded of a little line I sav. hanging in a shop window the ether day. It wr "If you will pay us, v:e can pay them, and they can pay those, WHO then can pay you." the Hutchinson Chamber ot Com merce, several hundred 'Kansas j Grows the Rest Wheat,* buttons | given 1 >y Hockaday of Wichita and i a large number of sunflowers pre- | sented by the Rock Island." | One of the subjects taken up at i the legislative luncheon, which ! Mrs. Mitchner attended, was the'. ratification of the Child Uiboi '• amendment which is heartily endorsed by the W. C. T. U. Is attending Kansas University, to spend the week end with his father, Mr. Walter Hoagland. Mr. and Mrs. T.~ E. Nichols ot Odin, III. ar 0 visiting here for a few days with Mr. and Mrs. \V. H. Rankin, 422 Seventh Ave. east en- route to California. * 4> <3> Mr. Charles Long, a student at Ihe agricultural college at Manhattan, came today to spend Thanksgiving with his father. Mr. W. E. Long. Mr. and Mrs. 1).,W. Moore of Tulsa, Oklahoma are tho week end guests pt her mother, Mrs. C. N. Payne of til9 East Sherman street. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Borders of Dodge City are guests at the home I of her mother, Mrs. Gertrude : : Christensou, 121 Fifth Ave., oast. Miss Margaret Rafflngton who' . ,, , tenches homo economics and Eng in ? lr ;. m,(1 >, , I ' s ' r F e °' S8 . I 'T lish at the Culver high school will . ;' 01 , Cr .f ccnt n ™>>™ r <l had as come this evening to spend the '' lelr * ia " e l guest las evening, holiday with her parents, Dr. audi Mrs - <•'• Boler of, Madison. Mrs. A. I). Rafflngton. Tomorrow j ... , "• , Dr. and Mrs. Rafflngton, Miss Rat-! Mr - ""d M™- Charles Clans and fington and their guests, Mr. and i f ' 011 ' Edward or Wichita, are week Mrs. S. F. Steed of St. Charles, Mo.! en| l guests of Mrs. E. N. Swe'et of will molor to Newton to attend a | ti01 K " st Sherman street, family dinner at the homo of Mrs. j Mrs. Bernard McGaffin presided : as hoBtess to tho mem hers of her bridge club yesterday afternoon at her home, 118 East 16th streot. High score was made by Mrs. John Beatty. Luncheon was served at, five o'clock, when the cards were laid aside. The hostess for tho next meeting will be announced lato. ^. An important ' meeting of the members of tile League of Women \olers will be held Friday afternoon in the Y. W. C. A. rooms of the Y. M. i.'. A. to discuss the business of the League. Tea will be served. CHURCH NEWS. The Home Missionary society of! the First Methodist church acted I as hostess to the members of the \ societies of the IL-v'tey and Trinitv church yesterday afternoon at tho home of Mrs. G. W. .\orns, Twelfth ave. east. Mrs. Roy Hen- ulug of Wichita, president of the Southwest Kansas conference Home Missionary society of Ihe Methodist church, Mrs. Russell Hibbs ot Stafford, district president and Mrs. W. T. Danner, a department superintendent also of Stafford were guests of. honor. Mrs. Helming was tho speaker or the afternoon and told of the national meeting hold In Chicago which she recently attended. Musical numbers were given by Mrs. Frank Russell and Miss Bernice Pafford. Light refreshments were served to seventy women. The Women's Missionary society of the Irwin Memorial church met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. William Steel, S3.1 Fifth ave. east. Siam was the topic ot the study lessun with Mrs. Ross Loder In charge. Mrs. Alex Jarvis gave a Thanksgiving reading nit' Mrs. Steele and Mrs. Jurvls sang a duet, "Whispering Hope." Ti. hostess was assisted in serving l» Mrs. J. il. Adkli.son. Shop-o-Scope will take the ho; ping out of your Xmas shopping tf. T. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Bartholomew of 405 Eleventh Ave. west will have, as their Thanksgiving guests tomorrow, Mr*and Mrs. M. L. Hayes of Earned and Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Jenkins and Miss Mildred Jenkins of Newton. ••> *?> Mr. Delos Smith jr.. who Is attending Kansas University Lawrence this year, is spending Thanksgiving with his parents. <•' * Miss Billle Orahood will go to Wichita this evening to be the guest of Miss Mildred Battise and Miss Muryou Battis^ A ujusJea! rritie who neaid Katbleon Kerstiiig, youthful Willi- itfi soprano who will appear here tomorrow eieniug in concert m C'ouviiiilloii hall, writes: "It Is about as easy in describe a sunbeam, u moonlight night, a sprite'.; | borg tbower. a capricious breeze or ajothe beautiful October day ».-. to put In to words the beauty ot h< r vuiei and the magnetic charm of tie Mrs. James Richardson has gone : to Carthago, Mo., where sho will ; spend the week end with her par- li in..* might judge by the large numlii r or reservations being' year year, made by out of town people tor the concert tomorrow evening, Convention hall should be filled. Parties from Wichita, Pratt, Llnds- Sterlinii, Lyons and many •on rounding eitles are coin- lut;. All ihe busses running into ltuteltin.o.'t have been engaged for for tomorrow, to bring music singer, horself.' I lovi. to Hutchinson. Mr. Harvey Lungford, sen of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lungford who is a student at iKansas University, Lawrence had been choson chairman of i cuts, tho Reno county club tbero this i •• ••• ••> i Miss Esther Chrlstonson will go | to Llndsborg tomorrow to spend Miss Virginia French will comoi Thanksgiving with her «lstor. tomorrow morning from Kansas City, Mo., where she is teaching In the Junior college, to spend the wuek end with her parents, Mr and Mrs. Fred ('. French. Mr. Willis lluuglund returned today from Lawrence, whoro he Mr. Whitney Nichojs. who is In school at .Manhattan this year. Is here visiting his mother. Air. Aiivood Morrison will go lo I Haven to spend the week end with • relatives. Wait for the Big Shoe Sate Friday Shoes for All Women'* ^ .•• Men's* ( All ChUdren's I KK (1UC«(1 Boys' ; Save-Save-Save!! 14 N. MAIN 5M» Have you ever followed your washing? We would all like to believe that every kitchen is clean; that all tenements are sanitary, and all alleys sweet and airy —•but do we? If you send your washing out, why not safeguard yourself and family absolutely by calling in an organization like ours, which makes a business of sanitation, and which sterilizes while it washes? You will like our Family Laundry Service both for its purity and < for its thoroughness in every detail. f^odelTaundn- DRY CLEANERS mi VVUxr jmotvE«4 Quality Gifts at a Saving DUCKWALL'S See the Most Complete Line in Hutchinson Buy Wheel Toys Your Children will get the maximum of Fun at a Low Cost to you. Our Prices will positively Save You Money TRICYCLES—National advertised line steel and rubber tires. All sk»s, CO QO CIO OC reinforced rear forks, ptiJO to •*> I ili-LU KIDDIE KARS AND BIKES—A splendid line <o please the A big Special at $1.45 .o $4,25 WAGONS—Express wagons, metal body EC. CO QQ and wheels, 6 sizes UUb to ^LiQQ COASTERS—Big Red Flyer.. All metal. Guaranteed to hold • ton. Special Price C7 7C CO 7C Cfi «(M il J— others from ijJtil 3 to «PUitU Old Faces Made Young Many faces that have a "big frown on" could be wonderfully relieved by using properly fitted glasses. Relieve your eyes, and the "frown" will go. H. S. ZINN, Optometrist The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. The House of Quality. Henr Zlnn Jno. P. Blrchflelo PREMIUM SODA CRACKERS A crisp, nourishing soda cracker with a tasty, salty tans. Especially good with a bowl of milk for the children. At your grocer's in packages, family size containers or by the pound. NATIONAL BISCUlt COMPANY ran mm NEWS GALA THANKSGIVING CONCERT Bethany College Presents A Kansas All-Star Program Kathleen Kersting, Soprano Protege of Madam Calve; fresh from artistic triumphs in Rome, Paris, London and New York, makes her operatic debut in Rome in March 1925. Arthur Uhe, Violinist One of America's outstanding violinists; Victor artist; conductor Bethany Symphony Orchestra Otto Fisher, Pianist Renowned Kansas artist and Teacher. CONVENTION HALL, HUTCHINSON, NOV. 27, 8:15 P. IVL Hear these famous artist* and help Bethany College build her Temple of Music for the great Messiah performances. Tickets 50c, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, Plus Tax For Reservations call, phone or write J. W. Jenkins Music Co., Hutchinson, Kan. Tickets on sale all Thanksgiving day in lobby of Midland hotel, Hutchinson.

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