Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on September 8, 1998 · Page 7
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 7

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1998
Page 7
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THE DAILY GLOBE, Ironwood. Ml —Tuesday, Sept. 8,1998 Page 12 • Significant other' not welcome FOR BETTER OR WORSE , De*rA»L«adcrs:Iam26years •old and made up my mind • few months ago that I have been in the •closet long enough. I told my older '.brother that I am gay. I His response wms what I might ;have expected. He said he didn't have ,any trouble accepting 'the problem' at long as I kept quiet about it. More specifically, be suggested mat I not have my significant othez. "Ed/ wish me when I attend family functions, •soch as weddings, funerals, graduations, Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas, most of which lake place at my brother's boose. la other words, keep Ed out of sight. ! would like to make it clear (hat my frtatkwhrp with Ed is not just a passing fancy. We have been a couple for almost three yean and are devoted to one anochet Ours is a relationship that we hope will last a lifetime. It goes without saying that we conduct ourselves properly at all times. What should I do. Ann? Should I simply refuse to attend family get- logethers unless Ed is welcome? I know my brother needs time lo adjust to the situation. I hate being estranged from my family, but IVe made up my mind that I am not going back in the Closet. - SWEATING IT OUT IN NEW JERSEY DEAR NEW JERSEY: Tcfl your brother that Ed is your life's partner and you expect him to be included in the same way other family members' significant others are included. Let him know that if he cannot accept your relationship, you will understand, but you do not plan to attend without Ed. Meanwhile, I hope other family members will be more welcoming. Dear Ann Landers: I thought you might want to print this article by Chris Conley of the Memphis Commercial Appeal as the latest entry in your "stupid crook* series. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read it, but there seems to be no end to these weird incidents. - ALICE IN ASHLAND. MISS. DEAR ALICE: Thanks for your blue-ribbon entry. Ii's a lulu. Here it is: A 44-year-old man telephoned Crime Stoppers and turned himself in as the culprit who burglarized a flower shop in Memphis. Then, he asked how nr.uch reward he would collect "I have had a lot of strange calls," said the police captain, "but I've never had one who wanted to know how much he would get for turning himself in." The captain, the head of Crime Sir-ppcrs, said it will be up to the Crime Stoppers board whether to pay the man for ratling on himself. The highest reward Crime Stoppers offers is $1,000, but the amount for burglary usually is substantially lower. The police captain said that he got an anonymous call and the caller started talking about a bugtary at me flower shop. Someone broke through a wall there and took $40. The caller said he knew a certain person was the burglar. The police captain asked how he knew that. "Because I am the person," the caller answered. "Then, it got real strange,* said the police captain. The man said he was calling from a pay phone, gave the location and described what he was wearing. Patrol officers picked him up five minutes later. Dear Ann Laoden: Am I being petty and small-minded? You decide. "Libby" and I get along fine. My only complaint is that whenever we go out. she asks me for a quarter for a pay telephone or a dollar for the ladies' room. Last night when we passed a drugstore, she said, "Please run in and get me a large bottle of aspirin." R.S.VP soonest. I need your opinion. - WILMETTE. ILL. DEAR ILL.: A quarter for the phone, OK. A dollar for the ladies' room. fine. But I don't know why you should buy her a large bottle of aspirin unless, of course, you gave her the headache. Is that Ann Landers column you clipped years ago yellow with age? For a copy of her most frequently requested poems and essays, send a self-addressed, long, business-sire en velope and a check or money aider for $525 (this includes postage and handling) to: Gems, do Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11562, Chicago. 111. 606110562. (In Canada, send $625 ) To find out more about Ann Landers and read her past columns, visit the Creators Syndicate 'web page at www. creators, com. Your Horoscope Wednesday. Sept. 9. 1996 You could be one of the lucky Virgos who'll be in a strong material cyde in the year ahead. Have fun and enjoy yourserf in your spare time, but be sure to save more than you spend. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept 22) Take positive measures to reinforce your spiritual val- Bridge " West * a 3 <• J 9 • Q J * J 8 South 2 4k 3 * 4 NT 5 NT 6 * North 09-08 98 * R 2 » A K 5 4 2 » A 7 3 * 9 5 4 East * 7 5 4 86 T Q 10 98 * 10 6 5 2 2 * K Q 10 7 South * A K Q J 10 9 » 7 3 * K « * A 6 3 Vulnerable: Both Dealer: Nortrl West North East 1 V Pass Pass 2 NT Pass Pass 4 A Pass Pass 5 V Pass Pass 6 » Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: e Q ues <x philosophical outlook today. Your faith wifl give you an edge on life. Virgo, treat yourself to a birthday gift. Send tor your Astro-Graph predictions for the year ahead by mailing $2 and SASE to Astro- Graph, c/o this newspaper, P.O. Box 1758. Murray Hill Station, New York, NY 10156. Be sure to state your zodiac sign. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23} If you have secret desires, you'll be more effective if you keep your intentions to yourself. Do first and talk later. SCORPtO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) YOU'D be in your element today if you participate in a group endeavor. This is a good day to champion worthwhile causes — you won't lack supporters or interests. SAGrTTARIUS (Nov. 23-Oec. 21) Focus your energy on meaningful objectives today, even those you think are out of reach. When you extend yourself, they'll be within your grasp. ' CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Listen attentively to the concepts presented to you today. You possess the ability to remold outdated things into something much more useful. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Follow your instincts regarding the transformation of something you think is of small use. Your revisions will be extremely helpful. PISCES (Feb. 20-Marcn 20) Friends are prepared to reappraise their roles today in order to arrive at a better understanding of an arrangement with you. This is a good deal, so treat them kindly. ARIES (March 21-April 19) You'll take responsibility seriously today, even though what you do wifl be ol more benefit to others than yourself. Your rewards are down the road. TAURUS (April 2O4lay 20) Members at both gender* wiH find you *n appealing companion to share time with today. They'd want to bask in the spotlight you generate wherever you go. .GEMINI (May 21-June 20) A financial matter affecting your family can be resolved now. It's up to you to begin probing for solutions. CANCER (June 21-Jury 22) An interesting linkage could develop today, enabling you to benefit from your position as a middle person. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Your instincts could steer you into making a financial deduction at this time, if acted on properly, the end results should please you. C1998byNEA,Inc. /*yioss Hisle KLK CtlKKLCUCK cut* CUKKTR FRANK & ERNEST BEETLE BAILEY WHAT15 THAT? LT FUZZ HAS A PLAN TO PAY FOR SOME IMPROVEMENTS TD THE CAMP HERE HE COMES NOW SPONSORSHIPS HAGAR THE HORRIBLE AKS HAPPY TO B£ OfJ THE GRIZZWELLS^ «OMET\MK I FEEL UKE I CWTflSy T SHIHTtoH '*JWEN *«»: TW.KW6 TO J ME..R) >bU EVER. FEH.TUW WAY ? Crossword Once more, up the mountain By Phillip Alder Yesterday, I compared mountain climbing to bridge. They aren't relatives in the normal sense of the word, but success at each no doubt leaves one with a big smile on one's face. On today's deal, you and your partner have overbid to a debatable slam. (Yes, all right, it's totally your partner's fault for opening with only 11 high-card points. But I find it hard to pass a hand with ace-king, ace, especially when I can open in a good suit.) How would you try to bring home six spades after"West has led a club, a diamond or a spade? Faced with two club losers, you must establish dummy's heart suit to supply discards. If West finds the annoying club or diamond lead, you will have no option but to assume a 33 heart split. You win with the club ace or diamond king, draw trumps, play a heart to dummy's king, cash the heart ace, and ruff a heart in hand. If all has passed off safely, you lead a diamond to dummy's ace, cash the five-four of hearts, discarding both your club losers, and claim all 13 tricks. After a trump lead, though, you can handle a <-2 heart split, which is more likely than an even division. Draw all the trumps, then duck a heart. Win the club or diamond return in hand, play a heart to dummy's king, and cash the ace, discarding a club. Have all the missing hearts appeared? If so, claim. If not, ruff a low heart, return to dummy with a diamond to the ace, and cash the last heart, throwing away your final club loser. ACROSS 1 Eaklmo boat (v«r.) 7 Lot* and lota and lota 13 Sedative 14 Aclor Peter — 15 Golfer Arnold — 16 Drink mad* with rum, liqueur and frurt jule* 17 Sloppy peraon IB Baa«bai! atat 20 Of th« dawn 21 Mary — Moore 23 Fred Aatalre'a a later 27 Leon Urla novel of 1976 32 Lobby 33 — corta 34 Battery part 35 Conaume totally (2 wda.) 36 Splna 39 Beaata of burden 40 Paintor'a atand 42 Window k*dg« 46 Actor Danaon 47 Flank 51 Lazy 53 Teacher, at report-card time 55 Opposite, of later 56 Predatory birda 57 Cantankaroua 58 The Sahara, for one DOWN 1 KluU't cry 2 Semlprecloua atone 3 Venua d« — 4 Poetic foot 5 Had a anack 6 Black dairy cow 7 Slimier STUMPED? Call for Answers • TOUIV «» a fvx«ry prm« 95< F»m«*e 1-900-660-4500 ext. code 100 THE BORN LOSER YOOK. ! T Wto TWENTY THMWEWEKE Answer to Prevfoua ALLEY OOP H'LO, } VREATX FOR. \ AT5OV, THAT WAS N ...B4JT TO B€ TRUTViFW. BOYS.' A MISS < SECONDS, VTHE BEST MEAL I'VE ) \ C£3U«_DN'T WIZER.? T\ EATEN IN ^ LjONO _/\ ANOTHER. BITE: TIME.' T- -'I n I'M STUFFED 'WET) BE PWJUD TO RELIEVE. tOO THAT FISH oe > KIT'N'CARLYLE 8 Ear (comb, form) 9 Round«d roof 10 Wort 11 Director Kazan Observed Sandwich type (abbr.) Shaped Ilka a cigar Ceremony At a dtatance evil River laland (var.) Mother of Caator and Pollux Loch — monater Make* angry Not falae Barfca ahrtlly Quick lunch place Opp. of NNW Bordered Average Believe not Celebrity Describing a certain ranger Droop* Not working Foreat animal Forrnerty, formerly Sun. apeech Actreea Charlotte — O ISKMtry NEA kic Th« result* of all your tests w«r» negative. Gat lost!"

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