The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 2, 1948 · Page 3
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 3

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 2, 1948
Page 3
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THE DAE.* KEG1STER, HAKMSBUBC. XIX.. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2. 1948 · '··' il '· PAGE THRU pMW Publication jays labor Cannol Wallace Social and Personal Items \\.ill." t . | ( ,i pri-siUfiit. Pul-'uMtion's lead editorial · ,' if I'lcsidcnt Truman i sl 'Jl 'lor reelection by Sen. .,,..'11 take T r u m a n , wndld intornl said that "labor , ^ J,l Uiroutihout the nation arc- J l rightly so. that i n t t c m p t i n « only .to de- T, .iiiiin bv campaigning as ·"· ^«" 1; ' lc J UK| l!l ;' 1 i · , - t . ia !? Mb or ..."not risk s,upjor« l r , · ,i s-nd "It "'"si hew W a l fr nu-scnt partv lines and vote to our i'i«. ,M-,".i(iciit in whom 'or the mail to1 P l t M U L " 1 , ·» IM'S coiitulcnce. 11 uiiun ljbor ,int !c that man. but as be- ina TV -i n · and Senator iTth- J otablc ant-labor nomi- ice oi th, Republican party-wc 11 take Truman " ffomen's With Mr,. s,.\ontc'i'ii members and two os- nuted guesis, Mrs liilly d M « " I{ ^ Mltdlel ' ,?, i a monthly meeting ol the '' dass of inc ndcd de- Calendar of Meetings Tlio I. O. 0. K. lodge.No. 386. will hold its regular meeting today at 7:30 p. m. There will be worn in the First degree All membeis are urged to be present and visitors are welcome. George Cnm- man, N. G. Troop 23. Boy Scouts, will meet Tuesday at the Presbyterian church at 7:30 p. in. instead of tne usual lime, 7 p. m. One Killed, 22 Hurt In Passenger, Freight Train Crash IOWA CITY. la.. Feb. 2-- UJ! -- Wrecking crews cleaned up the wreckage today of a collision in v.lucli the Hock Island railroad's "Rocky Mountain Rocket" plough Cross Withdrawal Cancels Battle (Continued from page one) The Dally Register. 20c a week, by carrier boy. i n t o i,» !···! i- rr nno me real 01 last night killing one person and injuring 22 others. The streamliner, en route irom Jacksonville, and William II. Drown. Chicago, for lieutenant | governor. Brooks and Howe were backed by thc state GOP orgam/.a-, tion. Lonx: Demo Contest A lone statewide contest was ,,.*:,, slated in the Democratic p n n u u \ . , i l w ; m F.llintt f'.irmi. faced Jose»h Burke, Chicago, for attorney general. Elliott was on the "regular" slate headed by Paul Douglas for uui umv, i !'· "·· AJU; .MI t-'iimiiuui, un iwuic uuin slate licsucu ov raui uougias ior -- -- , ,,,,, r nvil I CnicaKO to Denver, hit the freight Senator and A'dlai Stevenson for The class meeting of the Loya l , a s U)e Ij|Ucr backcd inlo a siding! Governor Daughters of the First yh»sy. fc , to ^ out of thc fast train . s way · l church has been postponed until later date. , to ^ out of thc fast train . s way c|ifford E nu ,, 62 SUv . m conductor of the freight, was kill.|£j nhacnl t dn in th a-. Major week h c C , . ... ca. lie was standing in the ca- The Egyptian Anglers club win b(iOSC whcn th( , ( , eisel cnginc of meet Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. at me , jj^ ^treamliner smashed it like ling look at the shadow of the Green ' :-'lc8 , . as as,ibtant hostess. j i i u u 01 / m u w i\.v;u»."u»' Vu uruversiiv anu i.».tiv.« ji«j,..»..u..». , will meet Tuesday n i g h t . a t the h b u t ' f o u r were released lastjsupportnecessaw to ............ . . . . home of Mrs. Lela Suver, 124 West n j ht my ambition to fuithei serve I l l i - ; Park street, with Mrs. Letha Co/art! Thc f o u r stin rccupcrat j n g all«« at this time, he said. - | ' Mercy hospital today wore Sol F. Gallamore, 54, Silvis. the Rocket's fireman; Thomas J. Hughes, 34, Silvis, a railway mail clerk, and Hill Gladlcy, Moline. 111. University hospital said Ileien Thc Maude Hathaway intermediate G. A. of McKinley Baptist church will meet today at 7 p. m. with Mrs. Kenneth Smith, 1221 . , South Webster street. Please note the change of meeting place. CIO Meat Workers Take Strike Vote r \ At first, thc Northwestern Uni- The monthly meeting of thc \\. V ersity basketball team was re- vj. T. U. will be held Tuesday at 2 | portetj to he aboard thc train. p. m. at the Dorrisville Church of n owe ver, thc Northwestern team, r+ _ _t T7«. . n ....«*.«,A. lr* f.f\t*r\ t**\*.\1 I tt V I I · t _ . » _ ? . . _ _ . t _j. T / " * : . . i n « Z r*Vs* University hospital said Ileien CHICAGO Feb 2--U.R)--Offi- McGuire, 48, Colorado Springs, cjals of the ' CIO united Packing- Colo., was "under observation." house Corkers announced today- thai their uni9n, deadlocked in ( wage negotiations with major i packers, is taking a strike vote. God. Everyone is cordially invit ed to attend. Berkshire Full-fashioned Stockings give you cor- rect styling, perfect fit ah'd' slenderizing be And they last longer^' for they are so well made. See them at our stocking counter ::; today. t $1.35 to $2.25 BIRTHS ANNOUNCE MAKKI.YGE. Announcement is made today of the j g i p * DftlftaCft ;.t the i"" 11 '-' °^ ^ Tiuirsci:i ru'inng UK- pio^rain incliidcd the xotional In Mrs. Christina Selden, . t dfifttiii't.* los^o [i ^'i»ic n j __ _ _ _ vas »iven'by Mis. Eddy. Closing! ^jn'^gc'on \H*c/2!)."of" .MisI Betty Walsh, of Evansvilie, i n d , ana ,ra\eV w a s ' l e d by Mrs. licssie ; Max Lazich, of this city . Al ? 1r ! d , 8 ° r '. P ,l-...-·.-were exchanged' \nnouncc Marriage on , Joe Sheldon was rc-admittcd to i . v o m i - ' "%""those in attend- hcc. 29 of Max La/ich , Lightncr hospital over the wcek- rtl. iJio were" as fol!o*s: Mes- TO Evansvilic, Ind., Girl , end after being released Fnda\. Scs; Bev,,f Aldridgc. Christina , Javard j, jrk Mclho(lisl church He is suffering from pneumonia. Sclden l/c!ia Grounds., Mane *\ u- j,, Evansville. I n d . was thc scene ' " McXecsc. Anna 1-ar- To Mr. and Mrs. Rolla Hall o f , GiJatia, a hoy, born Saturday at Li£htner hospital. 1 cago. The collision stranded the Northwestern team in DCS Moines, , and the players had to go on to ! Iowa City by bus. The Daily KegiMcr, 2iic z week. by farrier hourly wage increase assailed as "completely unrealistic" a ninc- cent-hourly increase accepted by thc AFL Amalgamated Meat Cut- j tcrs and Butcher Workers' Union , i n negotiations with the big four i packing companies. locked' Assets f Foreign Nations D Your Home IBJETIAJI II cutl. tier I / ( ) \» C l l i " ^ " ( - « « » * » » / · « » V . * » . « J * ' « » ^ ' » . - . . . - , - . Missies Connie .)o Rector. A at- La/ich of Harribburg. tha Wilcv. Mary Ann Alexander ., · ford. Mrs. Mitchell, and thc ^TM*£; ^^ hostess. Bill Wendling was taken, to the . V e t e - hospital, n M a r i o i i U i s from the of is in the form blocked" assets. Snyder re-j of the 16 west- also hold · Mrs. Elsie Conclit, organist, pro- i»vii»»s «^ «».««.""-- "-··· -·- ._ vidcci nuptial mu.ic and Miss Ncl- Harrisburg funeral home He will da Odcll! soloist, sang -'Because," undergo an operation while there. _ ___ land "The Lord's Prayer." I Mrs p ann ; c sheelcy, employed t in this country afaoi't $4,000,000,000 ' The bride was given in marri- j at " thc ' statc hospital" in Pontlac, i in free, or non-blocked, assets. But .age by her father and had as her , JIicn arrived in Harrisburg Sun-; he said for the most pan these are onlv "attendant her sister, Mrs. dav morning because of the seri-1 known to tht European govern- due to MONTHLY LOSSES? vou're pale. weak, "dragged out -I r d ' . TABLETS -one of the best home wavs to help build up red blood to Bet" more -treneth and energy -- m such cases Pinkham's Tablets arc- one of the greatest blood-iron tomes vou can buv' At all drugstores. ous illness of a brother-in-law, Will , ments. »»A»- i _~ ~,. --'^- . will lations committee E.TmchclKJr.: of this city. Order "Pella' Venetian Blinds with Nylon cords. FREE ESTIMATE CALL! 93 W Now. qualify bltndt in 3 types slab ... ell with "imooth-ai-glan" enamel fir.ish«i. Let us repair your old Venetians. This service includes cleaning the slats, re-taping, and new cords. 14 years experience. white satin gown, fashioned i a high round collar and long ' tapering a She cided to assist European countries · Llovd Campbell of Carrier Mills, in taking control of the assets of "investigator of the P-r-ogros- [their nationals held here. Workers oi America, i Such action was necessary. Sny- KARL L. WALLACE and carried white roses and gar Lvdia E. Pinkham's SIVU jitiliiC vv ui ivtji a vi. .-iiii«-* *\-**« j v*»*x,mi «».»,.«.- -- ^- . was back to work today following der said, to enable the European Only 16 Weeks Till Memorial Day Time docs not dull the lus- tre nor weaken the solid strength of thc monuments «e Mipply. Handsome in design, reliably installed. their quality is everlasting. denias. »p ' Thc matron of honor wore u i .-· ---- -=· -- - powder blue dress, with a small m Eldorado. m ~~~ pink feather hat and carried pink, roses and gardenias. ' ! After attending a reception at i the Hotel McCurdy. in Evansvilic. | thc couple departed for a wedding , trip through the south from which ' thev returned on January 5. i Mr. and Mrs. Lazich arc former students of thc University of Illi- t nois. She is a member of Alpha \ Gamma Delta sorority. Mr. Laz- j ich served in thc Air Corps for i three years and is now engaged ' in the" real estate business with . !his father in Harrisburg. The i .couple have taken an apartment on West Church street. Others from Harrisburg who at- , tended thc wedding were: Mrs. T. ! Y. Gregg, and daughter. Mrs.. El- j wood Aaron: Mr. and Mrs. Frank; Humm. John Humm. and Stanley j Wilson. Jr. i \VuS UiH-n. IU \% Ul iv luua.v i v / i » v » » *·»*-. v*^* ^ M «^-, ~~ - - - - . an appendectomv performed three | nations to help shoulder the bur- o weeks ago at the Pearce hospital den of thc European recovery pro' · -- · ' i gram. Venetian Blind Sales and Service 901 S. Land Harrisburg, 111. formerly with Clifford Stricklin Phone 193W Joe Nelson PRIGS THAT SATISFY 914 S. Webster I'ho. 131K2 BEEN SUCTED ofTtcer of some local Congratu- Family Gathering I Celebrates floth | Birthday of B. D. Grace j Thc ninetieth birthday of E. D. j Grace, prominent resident and re- j tired business man of Harrisburg. j was celebrated recently ai a family j gathering at his home at 313 West j . Poplar street. Guests in attend- j lance included the grandchildren j ! and great-grandchildren of Mr. j GIMCC who" arc living in Harris-1 burs, and Mrs. John Jarrcll. one . of two of Mr. Grace's seven daugh-, tcrs who has continued to live, hcio Thc other is Mrs. W. C.I · Kane, who with her husband, is j spending thc winter months i n . Sarasota\ Fla. · ! A highlight of the celebration, which brought much joy to Mr.; Grace wa a record which had been . made and forwarded to him b y , his daughters. Mrs. Kohcrt Chois- scr ar.d" Mrs. Flo\d Cleaver, and i hi? grandchildren and great-grand( clnldr^n who arc living in tali- ( fo-n5a Trc record contained a sjx-cinl message of good wishes from them all. Mr Grace's other daughters arc ·s John Lcdford of Chicago: Mrs. Hi Dorris. Sr.. of Ponliac. Mien.. " Mrs Will McGuirc of Grand was born in Pope ° c of service. Insur- ana bonding is our VVt"".' · · · · ^ - » k f 1 ' I f line county mo4 of Jus inc. \\as jii thc loan and insurance S ' ncs s. ROBERTSON, CRECELIUS GHENT ncr Dni« Store until this last s mcr when he retired from business. Ho s.-rvcd lor one term as county jtrca'surcr. following hi election to I ha! office in 1884. . Ho remains very active in spue of his Ncars. and roaVcs a daily trip j u p to«n, lo v,si: and wt the news of the day- "! wnfailms 7csl for Phone 1000 living may bo the secret to his Ion- Cavity and Conn. Mis Eleanor Thomas, office TO- · ocptjoni.-! for Dr. N. A. llcrr- mann. injured her ankle in a tai Saturday. Miss Tnomas suffered '.i sivall' fracture and bad sprain. ,Shc is at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. .T. D. IJartcr. and is getting along satisfactorily. E TO MAKE . . . . for a well-dressed spring . . . three styles to choose the look that becomes you most: the long, slim silhouette, or the flaring ballerina look! A. The slim-look for women beautifully tailored by Rothmoor in blue, black, and green. Sizes 12 to 20 B. The slim look for misses smartly slyled by Miss Mode to flatter*the figure. In grey, brown, black, and blue. Sizes 9 to 13 C The ballerina look for juniors with short jackets and swirling skirts of wool crcpc and gabardine. Colors: Pink, green, blue, brown, and tan. Si/*s 9 to 15 $87.50 Spring styles were never so beautiful! sr7.:»o

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