The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 2, 1956 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1956
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crfrr wtifTtmw Contest f Continued From Fare Onel prices at the park ior a look at tia Bayi'-wn beauties. The entries l>.\ <.ii? pageant a.rc sponsorod by ii ,or>-;nrt.r.Ls of the city. Onf of the cMra features of. wis vivsr's rvt-iit v.ill br <-. onniort by i.-.c Ro':)i/r' E. IXM-- t'uinm^r band ihat will be directed by -1. C. Eurkott. Chief of Police \V. R. Montgonv ^r>' said that j»ost of the Baytown poUi-H- staff and ;r.o;»bor£ of tho Auxiiiary force- wJJ be on hand to direr 1 p.irking- and "o help with traflio." 'l!io hc^;:U:-:-' iippr-arnnoc a! the Bn:n«-.n w-i'il N; s; ii:SO p.ns. Tur!=<(ay prior 10 I!T? ^howing oi ''That Cor-iin Foc:ir-F-' ! Cnii:.-^; on:;v::v.? .;. rr Joyce ^Vi!- OpiTshek. Xt-H Ruth ' Tucker. Ka;da Bon'.;, Jor:ny Rc-e Gray, Pr.-'i-:: ; ;;i Klikcntiy. -loni V.'hiu;. Zxorwa .lirsn Shaw. Sandra Sho'.ry. S.-jicir,-, Dia?, Honfler. Patsy ENDS TONIGHT V1RG5NIA MAYO eo^GE NADER Pius 2r : d Feafure I MARIA ENGLISH "INKE BAD SISTERS" : TON!TE 8 P.M. FEATURE "THE RETURN OP TEXAN" TUESDAY , THRU WEDNESDAY '" S.-M P.M. FEATURE UGHTN1NG * Msn 2ND FEATURE JANE V/YWAN In "MIRACLE IN THE RASH" SO Attend Breakfast For Wilson More than E>0 friends of \Vi;i Wilson, former associate .insncf' of tho Si .HP Supreme Court and now candidate for attorney fcrs.?ral. attended a breakfast ir. his honor in Baylowr. Monday morning-. ,uidee Wilson spent the early par; of the morning campaigning n; the refinery gates, shaking hanri' will) refinery workers as they came to work. judge Joe Reid introduced Wilson at the breakfast in the Humble Dining Room. The candidate spoke briefly and left immediately *or Texas City where he intended to spend the remainder of the day. Rateign Council Says Recorder Not Needed RALEIGH. N.C. (UP)—The City Council showed it knew its law when the detective bureau asked for $960 to buy a recorder so sensitive it can pick up breathing: sound?. The Council decided that breathing "cannot be. used for evi- dence'' and knocked the item out of the bureau's budget request. Try Sun Classified Ads—Dial HOW THRU TUESDAY IWfSMLING PLUS—COLOR CARTOON ENDS TONIGHT VAN HEFLIN __| n _ "PATTERNS OF POWER" f»J JOHN WHO • WUU4M HNDUC f nftft MAS HOI - nc TUESDAY *«- River of No Return 2ND FEATURE Killer's Kiss WANK ttlVH* ' :»Mit iM"M ^ t»*V JAttlT ff -r V/EDNESDAY IS * FAMILY BARGAIN" MTE ENTIRF. FAMILY ONLY MIDNITE SHOW HMIIILZ TUESDAY FOR THAT WONDERFUL..'.HILARIOUS FEELING..-; '""••"' -•"*-'• ;gSSJ ,- BOS If^fe, . *—. ~— ££$$$ ^ FBEUNO Box Office Open;. 10:45 p.-r,.— Doon Ope-n 11:15 p.m. Shew Siaris H:iO— All Sssn'&Oc Monday. July 1, 1956 Stork Stops -- Anofher 'Blooming Cerus' Noon Call - •WALLACE Mr. An<f Mrs. Doug L. ,lr. announce the birth of a daugh- tor. Gionda D'Anuo, on Juno 23. Sho weighed seven pounds, two ounces. Grandparents <ue "Mr. an.i Mrs. C. K. Spencrr of BnyLown s-r.d Mr. aJid M'rs. D- L. Wallace Pr. of Port Neehc.<=. r.rrat grandfather is E- S. Wallace of Port Arthur. READ Lt and Mrs. James M. Read announce t.he birth of a dftuRhter. Mfirgarft Irene. June. 30 in Burw clinic in Killren, Tex. 5ho weiph- cd seven pounds and eight ounces. Grantfparent.5 fire Mr. and Mrs. ,1. L. Thompson of San Antonio and Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Head of Baytowr.. Great gr.indparents are. Mrs. J. U Wilder of Baytown and J. K. Fly of Mertens, Tex. OR HER Mr. and Mrs. Bobby I_ Grccr. East Alford. announce the birth of a si:< pound son. Michael T-ynn. Thursday in Sar. Jacinto hospiuil. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. A. 1. Greer. 211i Rosille drive and Mr. anc. Mrs. H. ? Kv/.'.inErsworth of.Daiias. Great grandmother is Mrs. Minnie Smith of Irdell. Tex. U.S., Russia Open Doors For Tourists Rare Plant Reported By Baytonian '.Mrs. T>. Ij. Cowcy, B206 Xorth Main, phoned in to say that she too has nuo of those rare plants, tho night blooming- corns. A roront story in Tho Sun told of a \vonian in Anahunr who Had ono. of tho plant? that hloom only dunnc: the hours of darkness. Crash i UP'— The way was open today for Bussia, United States and other Iron Curtain countries So exchange rnoiv: c.iil- tural ideas, non-security information and tourists. President Eisenhower reaffirmed the I'.S. desire to ox- change ideas \vilh tho Soviet? Friday by approving' a Nations! Security Council recommendation ofynint: t.lw doors for froer cv.l- wral "'fxcharfcs" between the countries. U"hit» Houso Now? Spcrela!"- Jamos C. Hasorty ?aid the program would b~- "along the Hnos" of the 17-noint proerarn pur :or- v;srd by the Wcs'prn foreign ministers at Geneva, Switzerland. last October. Riots (Continued From Pagf- One) work a.nd more, have threatened to do so. Other worker? took part in slowdowns, the businessmen reported. The workers were reported sullen and angry over government plans to try and. perhaps execute arrested not leaders. Men from the two armored divisions, aided by thousands of other soldiers and' police, dragjirtl wounded rebels from hiding places and left no area of the industrial city unchecked. However, the Poland-East Gorman" border remained open. The Poiish mUitarv mission in Berlin denied it has been closed. Train nnd car traffic from Poznan was crossinc the border. Interrogators questioned morn than 300 demonstrators who were held in jail. United Press correspondent Ronrad Osterloff. reported from Poznan that 50 persons were killed and more than 300 wounded in three days of rioting-. About 20 persons were set free from Communist jails during the fiehtin:?. Os- terioff reoorted. but some o£ them returned of their own accord. Although some 50.000 persons participated in a strike called to protest low wages a.nd nigh thinE costs. Communist official said that only "several hundred' 1 were involved in the rioting and shooting. Western visitors to Poland said the food supply, cut short by th" strike, was almost back to normal today. Movies. theaters arid churches were open as usual Sunday. J^ch Je.'Uka, editor of the Communist party newspaper "Gazeta FoznansW," asked by telephone in Poznan if the churches were crowded, replied: "The churches always crowded in Poland." Some observers attached importance to the fact that Poland's Stalinist party chief was missing: -from the" frr,r.t nsnk.- of nffirinls assigned to rot duty in Poznan, Premier Josef Cyrankiewlcz hurried to Poznan 'Thursdsy night while soldiers and flr-monstral/ir.- we.-e s'Jl! exchanging shots. But Edward Qchah. first secretary of tr.e Polish Communist party, stay- c'J at home in Warsaw. There has been speculation in the past that Ochab's identification with the Stalin era. though no: pnr- ticulsrly rniiitant, marie h:s posi- -, tion insecure. !•- co-opera'-lvr stor" at Roc.i- dale, E.-.gland, w« the f:f?t of :ts kind. It. served M am o del .'or other co-operative societies throughout the world. (Continued From Paffe One) River, ,1 ra.s'ir.jr torrent at that point. But tho "UAK \n-cckapp is 4.500 feet up virtually sheer Temple Butte and "only on an outside chance" could it be. reached even by expert mounUinoors. Witnesses who probed the. scene of the TWA ruins said it was only barely possible bodies could be identified by fingerprints. All are badly charred. Tlie sitrt w;i.= only 12 miles from the world - famous Indian \V:itch Tnwer. on the. run of the canyon where millions of tourists have scanned with awe the grandeur of the technicolor sandstone a n d granite buuos nnd cliffs. But it was no: visible from tho tourist spot? because "f intervening butte?.. CAB Examiner .lack Parshall. Kansas City, listed the jrowinj; rridence that turned the investigators for "a hard look" at the probability of collision: 1—Both planes left Los Angeles Saturday morning only three minutes apart. n\1ng parallel courses. Their flight plans ordered them to hold an altitude difference oE 1.100 feet — 110 feet more than tho legal requirements — until their courses intersected simultaneously above Arizona's picturesque Painted Desert, about 12 miles from the crash scene. 2—TWA pilot .lack dandy. •13. Mission. Kans.. was flying at 17.000 feet according to flight plan when he ran into a weather front and asked to climb to 21.000 feet. CA.A denied permission, oxp'ainmg: that. Die UAL plane already WHS at. that level and close to the TWA plane. -i—G'indy then asked permission in fiv l.non f>.-;; ov-^r tiv '-wpather rc.of." Tnis .-equpst is nutomatical- ly l-.nnored by the CA.A tn avoid Iwepins: a pilot, in weather ihnt may wreck him. -1—There were indications I h e "weather roof." the typical tumbling llumderheatJ turbulence on Arizona's summer desert rofrions. was at 20.000 feet, which would have put: Candy t;p to 21.000 feet. a—The twn planes were due to check in by radio at the same time. 2:32 "p.m. EDT. over the same Painted Desert check point only 12 miles from where the demolished fragments of the air liners were found. fi—A statement by veteran pilot. Palen Hudgin. v.iio discnvrred the plane wreckage while flyinjr tourist parties over the canyon, that "they couldn't possibly have hit horizontal. . . the canyon's too narrow . . . they were £oinp straight down." 7—A woman's red coat, spotter! from a helicopter atop the Grand Canvon rim on HIP east side of the river, indicatinj: the UAL plane was breaking apart, or had broken up. in thf air before it plunged below the rim into the STOITC. Veterinarian Opens New Clinic Here Dismukc s Veterinary hof-pital opened Monday with Dr. Hcry Clay Dismukcs, a former Baytown rc- fin r ;ry worker, us owner. The hospital is one formerly ow-- «d by Dr. Don Rouse who has moved 1 to Houston. Dr. DismukPS liven in Wooster and got his doctor of vcterinarj' medicine from T'<xas A nnd M college this year. His home !s in Lul- inj,-. While .."i Baytowr., D". Disrnukcs attended Lee .•ol!<??c for two years. He said tho hospital will cater to email and lar^c animaJ?. Office hours will be g:30 a.m. to r.oon and 2 to 6 p.m. Shivers Grants Execution Stays Al'STI.N" iL"I»i — Constitutional 30 fiav stavs of execution have been granted by Go\\ Allan Shivers to two persons cor.dnmi'ed to death for rajx; and m'jrd'jr. Tno execution date tor Yancy A. McGownn, con\1cte<:i in Harris count v and sentenced to death for murder, was extended from July 2o to Au?. 2!. The datr- of execution for Klau- dc-H Kite, conncted in Dallas on a chars'. 1 '•>' rapo. was moved from July' 24 to Aug. 2-3. OUR APPRECIATION TO ihe Baytowi Fire Department and Chief Lmialmfln for iheir prompt resp ei'ticienf firfe-fichiinq when our warenouse burned Thursday. Nobody could n. onse- <nd «ve done b'5+tr.'r. cus+ornsrs wKo hevo expressed their interest and To ihc f.sny flnd cus+ornsrs wKo hevo expressed their interest an syrtp^triy. To Maizes Ccmpeny for gi/iig LIS top-priori^ in the shipment of replacement stccir L-rHis. VVo'ii nave pl&tr-/ of ur.ih by the time you read this. OUR ASSURANCE To you that our service «nd supply of units both in Room Air Conditioners and Cem- rr.crcia! Units Has suffered but a slight delay and mconvtnient*. We'll be reedy when you are. Th«nkt • million, SASSE'S 216 East T«)t«i Florida Dairy Brews Corn Liquor On Side TAMPA. K!,-i. il'Pi— Vice squad nffi'jiirs raided :i «.iairy I'.cve and t'fii.'ryl it w;i.s Iurn:np on! moon.'-hit;" wiii.vk'^y iii.stfiii.l "f milk. Thcv :iiT<: v t''.'i four tni'tn :uvl i-'tn- f!'-c:it.ed "i.fjfXJ ^Miion."! "f msish, two stills ;ind ?c-vr:r:il mil'.': runs used » <:.;in-y the illegal liquor. Australian Executive Carries Own TV Set LONDON' (UP i ...... Australian Prime Minister Robcrr G. Menzies. n. cricket fan, has a porln.Mr TV set in his official limousine so he cnn watch the Kngl.ind-Austni- lia r;rickr.'t g^m- now in progress while traveling around Ix>n<5on, the Daily Sketch r-nid today. CAP Borbecue ?vTEMEEES OF thn Bay town Civil Air Patrol hftM a barbecue picnic .Sunday at Pickets Bayou, with process of the affair rarmarkrrt for tho '"jnr-lrurlion of a TAP drjuarters at the Baytown airport. Mrs. Co-.voy said that she has had her plant for about a year nnd recently trimmed it and planted some of the cuttings which uru :ilso growing. She added thai t'ae plant was very easily cared for as it required \vaterinp annut once a month. According to the Baytown woman, the plant's blooms arc while and arc more delicate than orchiiJH. The blooms appear from a joint in the leaves. Airs. Co'.vin- added that before trimming:, her plant was over five feet tali. Visitors Admire Brand New Home Of Peoples Bank A steady stream of out-of-town bankers, as well as Baytown woll- wishes. attcncTed the opening Saturday of the Peoples State Bank i" the institution's new location at US 15 Marakot. Perry Britton, vice president, said the attendance was very gratifying and the guests were liberal with the compliments oh the design of the new structure. Visiting; bankers included representatives of Houston. Dayton. La Porte and Pasadena. Now in its third location .since its formation in 1936. the bank moved last week from 3.100 Minnesota to its moderistic new quarters that features two main entrance?. Designed by. architect Lowell Lammers, thy new bank 'building was built by the Maxwell Construction Co. of Baytown. President of the bank is W. C. Britton. Executive vice president: is \V. E. Duplantis, with YV. C. Panders and Perry BnUon serving as the other vice presidents. Other officers are Harold Fisher, cashier: Mrs. Jesfie assistant '"•vhior; an.i directors ,1. O. Casey and A if Roark. In all. there M!> 1\ persons employed at the bank. JCs To Send Two To State Golf Tourney Frorl Marti .Tr. and Harry Bond will be sent to the State Jaycre Junior Golf tournament .July is-20 in Brownwood. Thr- hoys will he sponsored by thf Baytown Jaycees after having: won an elimination tournament Saturday and Sunday at the Baytown Country club. Mnrtj nnd Bond tied for low score, with 156 stroke.o for 3 1 ! holes. Pinched Britain May Cut Troops In West Germany LONDON' (UPi— Britain may slash its troop strength in West Germany because the Bonn government will pay only a little more than half the support, cost, informed sources said today. The problem would have to betaken up with other members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization first. The troop slash appeared to b«? tho only way Prime, Minister Anthony Eden's government now could make good on its promises Is cut defense expenses this year. Dofenso Minister S'r Henry Monckton announced to Parliament Friday that West Germany agrroed Jo pay about. ?P5 million lo'.vard t.he support of British troops stationed in that country. This figure, Monckton said, meant Britain would have to kick it-, another SS4 million to meet thr total cost of the troops for 1956-57. Jobless Checks Reach New Low WASHINGTON <rpl— The Labor D'!)i.'trtrnent reports that the number of jobless worker? drawing federal-.-late unemployment compensation declined to a new 19.V} low of 1,1.03,200 during the wf.'k ended June 16. If said the decline, of 49.000 from the previous week was spread among •">" states. The. total was a little higher than for the fjnirio week a year ago when l.!3rv!QO workers were, drawing jobless pay. Stock Quotes (Courtesy Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fennar & Beane) Allej; Ludlum oS'i Aliis-Chalmers SS'Ji Amer Cyan • 7." A T ami T 18(1 Anaconda Cop "2 Ander Prechard 33'1 Ri-th Steel Hfl Olotcx •>.'!'• 4 Chrysler Corp 6~ :;v Cities Serv RiHi Colunii'o Gas • l.V's Creole Pet $'2'-\ .Dow Chem ; "«'* Dresser " : . ; Eastman Kodak 91U El Paso Nar'l Gas 52 Fairchild Er.g J2'-n l-'reeport Sulph fi.">'!i Ford 5.V* Gen Electric filVH (".en Motors 4-1 7 * GPU Teleph -12' a Ueri Tire, :vml Rub 54(-j Gillette Saf -IS', Goodyear Tire T]-"t Greyhound Bus 3-i r.nif oil i-j(i', Gulf Star. Util .'i-Ti Houston Oil 4 ' i H L and 1" Co o() r 'i Humble Oil : Jii'i Imperial Oil 5.i' 2 Int'l Nickel <)<!'; liit'l Harv .'vi'.-j or, cs a n i La u gh 4 fi Loe >v's Inc 21 \ La Land 4," ; \ 'Mack Trucks 351 2 Merrill Petr IT 1 ; M'onsaiHo 'IS 1 ; Nat Dairy Prod •;'> Xe\vp '.N'ew.s Ship 52 Ohio" Oil r.S-. Olin-Math Studo-Packard Pacific Pet Getty Oil Pancnasinl Pet Panhanrll,. P anil R 1'i-nrie.V.s Ine Phi)lip.= Petr Pure Oil Repiih Stool f;oysl Dutch Sapphire Sears. She!! Sinclair Oil 65"j Skelly Oil GO', Socony-Vac ' 57 : -^ Sou Pacif nt) : % St. Regis Paper Stan Oil Calif Stan Oil Ind Stan Oil Ohio Stun Oil X J Sun Oil Sunray-Mid Cont Tennessee (Ins "S% Texas Co : 64 : Texas Gulf Prorl 4.T, Tex Gnif Sulph ''.2 ; '- Ti;li.'tvatrr Corp Texas Kasiern Union <",: ar.,-1 C Union Oil of Calif U S Steel .'iti'-i Unite.-! Airiints 3S", Tniled Oirbnn ">!('•; V.'ooriley Potr -W ; t Ma>- NO Cotton Do-.vr. 4 Alum Ltd 13fT* So Prod 40•„ Greens Bayou Wharf Project In Progress KREL 1360 ON YOUR DiAL MONDAY EVENtr-0 i...',-. i'nnini!itiT'ii S-"'..i'l • : .:'.. • Pnnr'i '•'* 'rt M'i< <• c 1'. T',->r!:,vta ':' Mil" ^ 7 ',-',.i :.••,,;.. T:.. ; :.-.•?.•-, ^ ">> • - :.':^:,T Tr. J i n x . ^'> — N'.v'hL "I ra'.n ;n:«')—s-.^n Of.' TUESDAY MORNING :! :!*,'" Nf.r^ 'Jr..! X\>nl.-,-r R'r.ort. S:''H—Von Mfl.1i- Th* ••>'*'S 1 t .VV..?ny-k" RT'.."' i2.nd—N>.<« a! N'.ra TUESOAY AFTERNOON 12 i.v-i;. ?. :«>•.... iv.,-;fi- I/.;n.'v;:n»' M«:!iry ? /•'->• Pl^lfr P.-trt- A proposal for open u'harf extension and establishment of a clear channel on Green's Bayou is .progressing if the recent -meeting of tlie Houston Port Commission ix any indication. Commissioner .John G. Turney. after discussing the v.'harf porjcct v.-ith Consulting Engineer Robert J. Cummins at the hoard's instruction, said the engineer "is making wonderful progress with his design." -Mr. Turney said the project will cos;, less than the original estimate of Si.?, Million because the engineers have discovered that all but. a short, section of the extension can be built (in land. He explained that marine i'on- slructipn is more expensh'c than that on land because of the additional equipment and matTials needed. Commissioner Turney also suggested that industries along- the channel west of navigation district property bo asked to allow improvements to be marie along channel side land and to actively co-operate in such projects for the beterment of the ciuinni't. The commissioners voted lo sell a •n.OOO-bnshe! overage of g-rain now in port storage to the Continental Grain Co, which submitted a low hid of $2.02'; cents a bushel. At thv sugpeslinn of Howard T. Tcllepsen. chairman of tiie rom- mission, the members agreed to hold their next meeting- July 12 Bothered Couples Given Tunnel Of Love Ride PALISADKS PARK. N.J. U,T>~ T!IP Viilis.'uk'S Amu^pmcTii F*:irk ivii'I sotTK'ihinfi; \vnnt \vrniiiv with sonv of i' ( s oioctri'-:il ronirois ruvi Ivl up thr» tunnel t>l love hn^'lu w ;i'iy. \Vhon the troubir- fin,-!ily \vas rofrected. the managpmpr.t gnvo irov^ pn?sr<! for Jinothfi' rino ihrouph the (iarkencd miinol for the* couple? vhose romFiTirintr was intorrupicd. at noon on board the Sean Houston. After a luncheon, eommlaaloti- ersi, newsmeji";ifia~prueSta \vlll be taken on a boat ride to inspect port construction projects and th« sites of proposed projects For a full measure of summer pleasure YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT YOUR OLDSMOBILc DEALER'S! TOM CONDER OLDSMO3ILE 518 W TEXAS AVE. PHONE 6066 ,SO :: i 53'.i 5TJ ART BEING CONQUERED B" DISCOVERIES! A Normal Hand "\"cs, our i CM-:u Cii discoverM'R iirc oppnttn up i. ntrw worl'l of relief nnd Imp pi ness for mnn>' formerly "^opt'iess" victims of arthritis ami rhrumi\- tUtn, cancer, mullU'U *ctcrf>- f.\*. prtij.i, cerebral t'f J s), *-pi- nnd r|i>c liff-?..ninif anit rrlirf, K\c» if ^ nu lia vi- lie i-n told 1 IIT f i ^ /ift hni"'. il o n' I K i v f up. A *• k > n *" ; chimprnrlnr nnd v i i(e \ Irtilav for tit^ralure — frr*- proof I of n m n i i n f arid ^ifk frit for j Onr^f If WRITE TODAY TO: SPEARS CHIROPRACTIC HOSPITAL Dcpt. 5034 DESftfi, COLO. IN KEEPING WITH THE POLICY OF THE BANKS AND OTHER FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS IN THIS DISTRICT, WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY WEDNESDAY, JULY 4 IN OBSERVANCE OF INDEPENDENCE DAY WE URGE YOU TO TRANSACT FINANCIAL BUSINESS TUESDAY CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK & TRUST COMPANY MK.MBF-'.It F.TU.C. FIRST NATIONAL BANK F.n.i.r. PEOPLES STATE BANK MKMBKR V.D.T.C. HARRIS COUNTY FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASS'N. F.S.KT.r.

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