Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 30, 1973 · Page 87
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 87

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1973
Page 87
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Page 87 article text (OCR)

Phoenix, Sat., June ft)/ Blind former model writes makeup booklet in rt- :. • «r ' • .. .. . . Jr *— a t -•«•»«•» lTM%*V\^BVtT>i B^Kl ; United Press International \ NEW YORK - Have you *ve? tried to freshen lipstick in the dark or apply blusher to cheeks without a mirror? Then you-understand makeup problems of blind women. Unless they have special assistance from a sighted person, the blind women of all ages are helpless. But they have the same desire the sighted women have — stemming from natural vanity. They want to put their best face forward — improving their appearance with lipstick, blusher and even eye makeup. THE P n 0 B L E M of the blind women ie tackled in a booklet titled "The Art of Makeup for the Visually Handicapped." It comes in large type and Braille editions The large type version is for the women with enough vision who can make out such printing. Dorothy Pirozzi, the author THE FAMILY CIRCUS By Bil Keane 6-30 1073.1114 TM>t«r •nd Tribune Syndiult* "Mommy! The moon just landed! Can we go over to the airport to see it?" At Martha's Vineyard Mary Martin's daughter to wed on Bastille Day Heller Halliday, daughter of Mary Martin and the late Richard Halliday, will be married on Bastille Day, July 14, to .Bromley DeMerritt Jr. The wedding will take place in the rose garden of Philbin House, the estate Mary has rented for the summer at Vineyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard. The house hangs out over the sea. Enchanting. Mary's next door neighbor and longtime friend Katharine Cornell will be at the wedding. Tad Adoue, the Texas millionaire who lives in New York and has been Mary's dear friend since their childhood days in Texas will give Heller away, Ben Washer, another great friend of the family, will be there for the ceremony, too. Bromley is vice president of the McRae Oil Co. His parents live in Tuxedo Park, N.Y. Both Heller and her mummy will wear dresses that mummy bought in Mexico City on her way to Martha's Vineyard from Brazil where she owns an enormous ranch complex. Incidentally, everyone is dying for Mary tore- turn to the Broadway stage, and, of course, the offers never quit. Patrice Munsel rolled in from her 8V2-month tour in "Applause" and then rolled right out again to star in "My Fair Lady" with Noel Harrison, Rex's son. But she stopped rolling long enough to introduce her niece, Siddy Schuler, to Eleanor Whitney, who stopped rolling long enough to introduce Siddy to Sanu Shah,' the N a p a 1 e s e prince, who is opening all sorts of royal Nepalese gates for Siddy. Sweet boy. SIDDY IS off to Katmandu with a pack on her back and slung with cameras, the better to photograph the monasteries in the Dopo Valley. John Avedon, famous photo- g r a p h e r Richard Avedon's son, is in Siddy's party which also includes some anthropologists. You've got to mix those things up. They'll go on foot (it's the only way, really) and climb as close as they can to the border of Tibet. Sanu says there's hope that maybe one of the king's helicopters will be going their way, Dear Sanu. Eleanor Whitney says the last time she was in Nepal, the king arranged a tiger hunt, and she and the royalty enjoyed the luxury of 60 elephants and 400 servants. Or maybe it was 60 servants and 400 elephants. One tends to blur in those heady altitudes. Anyhow, Eleanor isn't going to Nepal this year. The country is still in mourning for ITVig Mahendra. Eleanor would rather wait for a happier time, like maybe the coronation next year. Now that's good thinking. Nepal is not on the itinerary for Patrice, her Bob Schuler or the rest of the Schuler offspring this summer, either. It's the monsoon season there and, what with one thing and another, they think Capri will be more fun. So that's where Patrice and Bob and Cokie and Niki are all going onpa Patrice finishes with Noel Harrison. Heidi can't go. She's summer-stocking it in "Promises, Promises" and "Applause." She wants a career like mummy. Talk about your brownstone fronts and your old guards- Harry 0. King of the shipping Kings gave a Socially Impeccable, Thoroughly Establishment, Altogether Secure dinner party for Mrs, Lytle Hull, queen of the grandes dames, at his gray .stone double-town house jn the stunning 90s, recently. It was an affair to remember with Karl Inwald, the Viennese pianist from the old, old, old, old El Morocco, doing his schmaltzy number, and such august names as Mrs. T. Markoe Robertson, Mrs. William Woodward, Mrs. Wolcott Blair, Mrs, J. Gordon Douglas. Mrs. Eric Loder, Mrs. T. Reed Vreeland, Count Vava Alderberg, Stuart Preston, Constantin Alajalov, S a c h a Tarsaidze, etc., etc., etc. doing theirs. Edith Wharton would have blown her mind. Mrne. Jean Pierre Marcie- Riviere, Rosemarie Kanzler that was and a brand-new bride, looked ravishing in her green-and-white checked chiffon Dior at Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ittleson's beautiful lit- tje dinner at their Hotel Pierre apartment. Rosemarie and French banker Jean Pierre, married a few days ago at the Henry Fords' house in G r o s s e Pointe, Mich., were the guests of honor. Honoring them were the Pierre van Goethems, the Grisha Gregorys, Mary Lasker, Count Vega del len and Bert Whitley — Rosemarie's crowd, all part of the South- of-France-in the summer-set, vovs savez. C} of the New York Asssoclation for the Blind (The Lighthouse) liooklet, was a fashion model before losing her sight. Techniques described were developed through her own experience, both as a blind woman and as a teacher of blind young women. She said the pamphlet grew out of the expressed need of young woman attending rehabilitation classes at the agency. They wanted assistance with their makeup problems. Mrs. Pirozzi is an instructor now in the Lighthouse Rehabilitation Department. She had assistance from Ethel Browne of Elizabeth Arden in drawing up the basic instructions. THE EXERCISES held the blind woman become familiar with her face and to learn the basic strokes and motions used in cleansing and making up. "Because I had been a fashion model before losing my sight. 1 was very aware of the importance of a good physical appearance." Mrs. Pirozzi says in the booklet's in * troduction. "I felt it was just as important to maintain a good appearance after losing my sight as it was when I had vision. "I have discovered various methods of applying my own makeup that demonstrate that a blind person can make up as well as any sighted person." In her classes since the start of her new career in July 1971, Mrs. Pirozzi said she has stressed the use of light makeup with emphasis on natural, flattering shades that enhance a person's own skin tone. This,results in a natural appearance. "From my own experience and that of my students," she tells women reading the booklet via their fingertips (the Braille edition), "I can assure you that when y6u learn to make up your fdce, you will both feel atidlook mote feminine and attractive. "AND WHEN you know you look your best/ you will feel more confident. I cannot stress too much .how important appearance, is in a sighted world." The booklet contains tips on problem skins, on fingernails, on hair and directions on a simple face arid neck treatment. The latter is to cleanse and stimulate skin and remove dead skin cells. It also aims to, Help keep skin clear and young-looking. The tips on-problem skins are just like those for women who are not blind: , —Cleanse youf face thoroughly, twice a day, in the 1 moming and at be'dtime. '. —Do a thorough job in ' afeas where excessive o'jl tends to accumulate and . where blemishes tend to appear —t,h is is .theT-Zone: across the forehead, down the nose, arid on the chin. —Do riot squeeze blackheads and pimples. Instead, use the^proper cleansing technique ,to open the pores and draw-out, the excess oil and dirt that are responsible for the blemishes. —Avoid foods that tend to contribute to skin problems— these may include sweets, chocolate, shellfish and foods containing large amounts of oil. —Get an 'adequate amount of sleep arid eat a balanced diet which includes protein foods, a variety of vegetables, a citrus fruit, dairy products and some grain products each day. " ' The directions for application of lipstick without seeing go like this: , —Gently feel. the outline and shape of youf lips with the fingers of one hand. Find the center of the upper lip. , Feel: the -natural .lines of the lips as they extend toward the corners of the mouth. ; —Remove the top of the lipstick and, in order to expose the lipstick, slightly twist the bottom ; section* of the tube clockwise. You should expose only a small'amount'Of lipstick so it will riot break while you are Check with your finger to see how much is exposed. The rest of the lipstick directions include use of the index finger of one hand to help guide the lipstick. At first, Mrs. Pirozzi said, the blind woman will need someone to check lipstick and other makeup. Once she becomes skillful, the checking isn't necessaify. ("The Art of Makeup for : the Visually Handicapped is available for $1.25 from the Braille Department of the Lighthouse, 111 E, 50th St., New York, N.Y., 10022. Specify Braille or large print version.) ;.;:•, TAKE THAT f AT OFF [njc>y .eating the foods you, choose while y«u lose excess, ugly'fai. XII Reducing Ran can help you slim down. 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