The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 29, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 29, 1934
Page 5
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SUNDAY, JULY J» t THE PARIS NEWS. BRIEFS About Town of tlic largest cro\vd» iu years attended tiie News election party Saturday night ivhen election returns wer«s shown oa a. screen opposite the Xews office. Two ttnrewts ou cliaj-gto of *1L»- iurbing tlie peace, one for drunk and "one for drunk and disturbing the peace were made by city officers Friday night and Saturday. C. <ia*tou of training at the Citizens Military Training Camp at Ft. Sill, was •elected Friday as the»best Appearing trainee ou parade, wincing over 4?S others. Mrs. .Naomi /Yeieu reported to city officers Saturday night that her automobile, a Jlodel A Ford was stolen from a parking place ort Grand Avenue. The license plate is 6Sy-627. <sf SfcureUdetl \\ heat were distributed Saturday at the A and F Grocery. Safeway Gro-j eery. I- E. Stockton grocery, i .Robinson's grocery. George £>e- | "Weese's grocery. Hackel'a grocer; , and Piggly XViggly. M*yS«ekO6c« Friends of William Langer, d«- j posed governor of North Dakota, I are urging him to enter Mr«. Sergeant Homer T. Cumminifs. I Langer (above) as .a candidate in in charge of the local United I th * fal1 e 5ftc t'on if the appellate States Army recruiting office, said c°"r** rule that Linger i« disquali- Saturday there are six new va-j fied because of a federal court con- cancies in the Aviation Corps, live | *'-" lon in the Engineers and 2O in the j Infantry- Information may be had | from him at the postoffic'* build- i ins. ! (Associated Press Photo) Rogers t. Continued From Pa^e On»- and tell something Two alarms, one a general alarm bat both for grass fires. were answered Saturday by the fere department. The firs; call, about 11:40 o'clock was on Korth Fifth street and the second, , about three hours later. \vas on ! ^'^11 this time I flew out there 35onham street. * i one night. Flew* all night and got __ | to Amarilio at four oclock in the roornSntr. Its about 200 miles to the ranclC down at a town named I>irt- w*. 1 talnk !• 4«tiar« a month. w*Jl h*r* I -»•». >• jv*«rv later dcfti&r'''out-to * ranch; to «a,t, at anoiaer "Chucjc \V«jjon*", and do ~at tittle roptnir. A good deal ha.d happened to everybody in' 36; years. Ko more happens to one person than to another. Some look, bisser* but they are- no bls~ ser than the things that look liiile: that hapixeiis to the other fellow. No greater.' , no happier life - in the world than the cattle man. He missed beinir'wlth the Follies, but so did 1 miss many and many a. great meal from the tail end of a wagon. That coffe* is not "Coffee Royal" bat brother its coffee. Now none of this '.aim what I started out to "say. *o 1 will have to. say that next w«ek» I \voul-4 get sentimental in a minute If I kept on. , Copyright 1934. By the Syndicate, Inc. Dressier (Continued From- Page One) ago she had an incurable ailment, but took . a course of treatment that enabled her to make two more." pictures at Metro-Gold wy«- Mayer studio. Culver City, "by working only, a. few hours daily. Finally, however, she was forced to seek a long rest. Marie Dressier wa» Hollywood's "grand old troup«r." although the stage also claimed her for its own. The veteran actress had been everything in the show world, from chorus girl to screen star. NAZIS KILL AUSTRIAN LEADER pubiicans, amusing- late in life and after years of bitter struggle. Miss Dressier made ! no complaint of the long period of unemployment prior to the time she became'a film sensation when she portrayed the role of ' Marthy in "Anna Christie." "Middle age is the best part of life," she said some time after celebrating her sixty-second birth- dag. "You don't. really begin to live or to appreciate life until after -you're- fifty." Miss Dressier was born in Co~ boursr. Canada. November 9. IS71. Muleshoe (L suppose its an old ! Her father was Alexander Koer! Spanish name and come from the j ber - an officer in the Crimean war. Ulfc — -^. £-. ' • f_ +. - thing •& mule wears on his foots } j Anne Henderson Koerberg. her Utese rans are gOUlg tast WeH l got in t?x! an d lit out. I ! ™«ther, was a musician. •'•- : .'-". '• '••• figured there wasnt much time to j The actress's first public aj>- . sleep, so I told the old boy "Lets ] Pearance was as Cupid on a pcd- \ .get some breakfast and then hit| <?stal at the age of five in a church j | on out. town," I didrit know the { theatrical performance. | road, "but I did ksow the direction. » "vVhen she was 14. she appeared i TT« K^.r hv r>>» T-^rta«ra.T»t ro i in an amateur theatrical show at Canada, and was -laughed The laughs arigrered her and joined a roviusj lielit opera Shown here is a typical group of Austrian nazl troop*, *ome of . whom invaded the federal chancellory in Vienna and assassinated Chan- A^tfaough success came to her j ceilor DoHfuss, a-rovjing him to bleed to death without benefit of medi- Airmen (Continued Froui Pa«e On*) the upper side of the enveloue.'they had busied themselves with attempting to land their cargo of precious scientific instruments safety. Major William £L Kepner. pilot on the adveqture. telephoned his wife at Rapid City. S. !>.. where the flisht began at 6:45 a. m., to inform her that neither he nor his colleagues. Captain Albert W~. Stevens and Captain o. A. Anderson, were hurt. Then he related tlie final episodes of the epic journey into the heavens. The world, via short wave radio contacts, had been informed of the breathless sky drama until communication had been cut off at about 10.000 feet. He said the gondola tore loose from .the flapping mass of fabric at S.OOO feet. Then, he reported to the Seventh Army corps headquarters at Omaha. Xob., he and his two companions ciarabered out on top of the eight feet by four metal ball as ii rushed toward the grround at sickening speed. They attempted to rel<_-ase the gigantic parachute with which the sphere was equipped but their efforts met with no success. The three of them, he added. then, bailed out, us:n s their indi- '2ual parachutes. "At about 5.0GO feet." he recounted, -the balloon split wide open and everything headed f Or th* **rth. Then- w* b*£»n to out'* "We had trouble getting free from the gondola." he said, "and there was just about time to leap safely at is hurtled downward. The fabric of the whole balloon gave way. "We don't kno-w why yet." The major and his aide* reached rite ground about a. mi2e from the spot "where their cubicle plumped down. They quickly made their way to the farm home o* Reuben Johnson four miles north of Loomis. •They laughed about their experiences. They had made light of their predicament even when they were swinging in space 60.000 feet above sea. level, hemmed in by in- i«na* cold and daxl uncertainty tfeat r< tears that appeared ia tfc» t They had been calta wkfl* in contact with them, .by balled their fists in anxiety *«. airmen announced ping "five hundred feet a. TWO WO5CEST SHERMAN. Tex., CD.—Two men, one a. sister of Adam etti. a "Pretty Boy** Hoyd Uw-| tenant, and the oth*r reported i»| be a sister-in-law of th» tmm n^ | Oklahoma desperado. »**re irr«ai ' : ed here Saturday night and charf* ' ed with violation of the Dyer *ct, | Their bonds were set at $1Q,*0»_ Just Installed - - — the Latest Equipment* In Our Dry Cleaning Plant It costs no more to have your clothes dry cleaned by the very latest improved Fystem known to the industry—Just send them here and n«-te the difference. .Phone 32 or 33 OKEI OF BLAtP* IDEAL L AUMDRV cal aid or clergy after firing several shot* into hi* body Press Photo) (Associate* Recalled To Berlin V~9 went by the restaurant to I get ham. and egg*. Tor out West | f : everything you do you must get! a j~ j ham and eggs first. Then when you get It done you get ham and j eggs asalrt. And old ?3ri and her { beau, (perhaps) eating irs there I too Her first job paid Named Leila at birth, she adopt- j ed the name of an aunt. Marie t ( 4:30 that morning:, she ' recognized ' »*. She had or. an | Dress ^ r - wben s ^ evening dress, thats mighty late ] j for an evening- dress In Amarillo. | She wanted me to join her in j what she said was e cup of cof- j fee* "That bad something in it". I I told her 1 was doing mighty I _=,M on tjj^s coffee I had ordered theatrical "world. . eat on the * We've plenty just now »** and low prices moke them a very attractive "" Success followed the footsteps j of the ambitious young actress and it -was during: these successful days that she bridged the formerly tmcrossable chasm between the social "four hundred" j that had. nothing but grounds in f it~ • Silt she swore.-she -way dri-sk- I ing "Coffee Royal." That sound- j e<i av. ful "Continental" to be I browsing: around in AmariUo. Why evea "Old Tack" that. Weil anyhow she sot plum ^ sort: at mo because I wouldnt join 1 her. And when I said- "Good j s • ilorninsr" as rnv driver and me } , ^ • ,- -. • • ,_ ; 3 . . . , cheap boarding nous*? to ancther out she tumec her bare {, ^ . . i ne actress carried on a ' mount of philanthropic 1WINDOM PERSOJSAL [ AND NEWS NOTES | WIXDOM-—Kays Holrnan has " I returned from Detroit and "Chicago I where hs attended the Lions con- i vention and the Century of Pro- I grress exposition. J j Lloyd Winchester of ^"ashing-- j I ton. D- C. spent a few days -with I j Mr. and Mrs. Bob Winchester of Spring- Hill community. i Mr. and. Mrs. Noah Cooper and j son and Mr. and Mrs. Ales Long- I mire and daughter have returned. JUL* BOOKS CLOSED. CHARGE PURCHASES ON SEPTEMBER STATEMENT _ u Dr. Cyrt Rieth (nbcve), vvss re the : C5 '* e d for his unsuthsrirci Inter ~ [ ' in the Vienna crisis. (Assc She also was .a. friend pf^most ciat «* Press Photo) of the famous men and won^en in ' PoHtics. finance and the arts over the "world. Sh* 1 knew all of 1 from a tour oi eight northeastern 1 states. • j Mr. and Mrs. £L C. Council left I for a. month's visit "with, their son. I Dr. Frank Council and. family in j Washington. D. C. j Mrs. John Price Olive of Dallas Is visiting: her father. Dr. Cooper- ana Bonham relatives. Sam Settle has returned to Miss- I Lsslppi after visiting "Will Settle I | here and Rufe Settle in Paul's ' [Valley, Okla. ' , I Miss Bobbie Johnson of Los The German minister to Austrfe ! ^-^ ^ l -. *s visiting Mr. and s THE PUBLIC FAVOR SINCE I9O1* SO MID-SUMMER SILK DRESSES £i nev^-'bea'rd of j Th<? Presidents since^Cleveland. , Miss Dressier, however. never i to forgot the friends of her early! £•3?. the old troupers "with j rs she wandered from one f 100.00 valuation will retire the bonds. Q- s Mrs. J. "W. McMackin. J Miss Loree Miles visited Mr. and • I Mrs. Mayt\-eil Miles in Paris this \ ; j "week. ! •- : ; -T Mrs. T. A,'T3o-«-leii:and son Joe; I "went to Abilene to arrange for Joe j I to enter hish school acfi Bill and. I •e- required j ^»ell Dowlen to attend Abilene , i Christian college. j I ^"- M. Laycock has received • " word tiiat his brother. Albert of ; been seriously : the srrestter part ~ * ^ •*. back on rc.e and muttered "Taern f ^ * ' actors arc all alike, they are aK }*"" T t » sweei headed, that \viiai ' I get! ^.ondl&wpricesrnake •<<* *»**^ -a ** m . He **™ 1™^^ ^?^^ ^ know a. ladv when ne seen one- j . ,-. . ,,- , ^ . • tare in 1314. a. Mack Sennett pro- outstanding bonds due in is by the ciiy of Psris? (2) And are { Miss Oleta Puiliam. has return- ; work, j we in defatik in principal and in- j «<*• from Oklaiicma City. .Tali bin a I was jterest? and Blauchard. Okla- I A. $!.S4€.500.oe. (21 No. ' Ernest Spelc*. Harry GHbreath i as it got to seit;ns day- 460 light and «"e passed all those little ^ Hot wmiber is here. But we're '* r ttl*-jfc. yplendid fotg new stoxic of eleo» trie fmtu, No matter v.-ka£ the «tvicr 4bc or price, come here and find a wide tbotcc. AH bear the name General Electric. .. voor sttrest jjxiar- gantec of sturdy, long Eft. 1570 frame houses quarter ^cctjt : in the \vorld on even' . (where it should have prairie duction of "Tillie's Punctured Ko- ma.nce." li-r ~ere Q- the company n;; and unknown c 3.n<i son Earl, Carl Spelce and | | o onii Sollinsr ns^ve ^scum^^i ^r^orn ' may vote in thss| a fisMn^ trip to Oklahoma. ropcrty such as aiitomo- i son °' Byers visited Mr. and Mrs. . S- Forci here SJ3 Players. Charle Chaplin and e.p- Country where 36 years t? a«« a boy IS years old I had ' od drive a bunch of cattle = thai very place ;o Western Ksn- ', scs. ant: there wascat a house or | a chicken in a. whole county. That ? pJa-in* wa» the prettiest country LS fiat as Dressier did not work. Her s ings practically vanished Then j it was that the films and Cali- j fornia ssccriiTd to off*?r her hope. I With the aid ff her friend. HAMILTON SOUGHT HOUSTON. ;>?;. — In -ho b a^ Kaynionci Kaniiltoru fu-: ::: the death nous.? at the T y Raspberry j son visited F. G. Raspberry of j | Caddo. Okla.. who is improving I r ' after an illness. j Ml i ; I • ever saw in rny Jtfe. We Jl Send One| a beauty contest winner out toda3" - ""£-JS^r "^ y '-IfSS^^^L 1 — ^Chri«ic." Success wa5!^^, K ^, Fr ; da: - * ni:rht " i and prairie lake* scattered :<>ver i;. And rrjiras'o^I You :• soe anything in the world- RODCERS - WADE FURNITURE CO. ; ahead oi • chuck w just | ., Mfn contract T n sucJi ,:i> I SO - V IS BORX I T O ! A son was born to Mr. an 1 -. :!•:- i ~ i *" s - -«--<es;;e ^ ebb of Blossom, f h-2 I rc ' u te 1. who has be«n named :o 1 Melvin L.-asJ=e. Mrs. TVebb was for- \ r ._?r- • merly Miss Lr?i!a. Cumrrjir-^ra of Paris. -I car out of a.\.. 3.:i£ slept on. the Polkics," •"'Frosperitj'.* "Dinner at 'Eiftlit.*' "Caugrht Short." rtinc jicr^rn porforntnncc. Is The Only Low Price Car with HYDRAULIC BRAKES nanv. ma.ny tax!cah opera- >r t.h»Sr T\v<> m!i! i '.''!i .»-'.s.»:-«-.- jv-'i'sdr It w rommun kr^vel^ig* .nmone: ^n^Jnecrs thsu mechanical brake* \v;rh att or the mrchanScal units involved. dv> not J<?n<" thvm^I^rs io p«rnia!j«rnt »<Iju«tm«>nt, And it is poor f-quriiizatiw «f JM-ik*>« TS>,.>-^ than arty one mrehanica! factor which ••.iu^<*s :ircs<:j*-ni«., Hydraulic !3rak«* ttjst roor«» t<> j^ut on a. car but they sav» y f>">r tJw* v?"A r,**r. Th«*y arf> *« p lf-«?<5Ujs,Iix$ns'. require l>ui Aitcnt;on :»!','! thfy p»v, 5 longer life, to not only th« t-.izv but ,ilj"O {«> the Tir<r*. v T}>..*« trfm<*ndo»» advantas^s of Hydraulic Brakes have ca«-25*'T many prop!« To chanjtf to Plymouth. Drive- n Plj'momn and vou too w»| h* ^tisfi^-i trith nothing i«s» motU*»r?i than Mj-drauHc Brak •*: Both Stmndmrd, Special and DeLuxe Plytnooth, Have Hydraulic Brake* HUGH CC. 'Grafs «Con*ir.ut<J Jroro P One* one isay sriv»j;o disp<>sj!l plaint and of,c | "."<(*. rto--, trai'ony. pf r day SOT^ »ct* d:s- i j'osiat p'nrst; thP c<?n!st ruction of | j 2^.;>^ rt linear fvrt of ftstfall and lr.- \ t*»rrrptor linvf of sanitary sowers: j thf co>n?t ruction of £t msn-hOies: i >^ construct ^atcr supply for each Ui^poj^aJ plant: nrsfl t<> conMruct o!*rrrric pow^r line to the north side plant; the south side plant has electric pon cr Q. Under xvfcose directive is This j carried o«t, und'-r city supvrxisllon. ! or Untsoi S*at*»s srov^rnment s>up- INTRODUCING Red Top Cab Co. PHONE Prompt Service — Courteous Driver* 9 East Houston — Paris, Texas A. By the city and Fed*m! jsov- f ernmrnts jointly. | Q. Under tlse pre^rtst Amount of { existing valt»tton». how rnuch wi!i it be necessary to rai»« the tax rate to car* for thes« bonds at maturity? A, *Cn i>tT»*nt As>r*st<>d property valuos the rate for the first two ycnrs would b* increased -4c on the $!(>U.vO valuation. If all property t^M«» were paid the rate would have to exceed Sc but »t rat*. of- tax delinquencies it is esifl^natcd that after the *<•<:• ond y«ar J»^t-mor«'.th*n "c on th* 1O C LET US MAKE YOUR COUNTRY TRIPS /2 PRICE Out Thev Go in a Hurry AND NO WONDER ! They re smart styles that can He vvorn for many weeks yet . . never intended to sell for that price. We have taken such big reductions to absolutely clean-up our stock. —ROUGH CREPES —PRINTED CREPES —PASTELS —TAFFETAS —CHIFFONS Smartest Types: —STREET —SPORT —AFTERNOON —EVENING 50 Smart Dresses 4 27 5 8 6 Were Were Were Were Were 19.50 16.55 12.95 1 0.95 7.95 Now 9.75 Now Now Now Size* for Everyone! 8.28 6.48 5.48 3.98 f Monday and Tuesday 1/2 PRICE Come in as early as you can so as to get first selections. As Many Different Styles As There Are Dresses! Highly : ndividua1istJc dress types suitable io etsrb woman u-ho shops our dresses v , colors, combinations, chic effects, positively selecrei from our re v <ular stock. You are certain tobe delighted \vith the unusual and attractive values m this ^rcst sale of caddel's dresses at HALF PRfCE, Al«a»nd«r n»1H be glad to a*slst yon in plantdnf jtwr »ammer tr*vdt. Special fcm prtew r»M* to the principal place* of interest. Second Floor*

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