The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 7, 1967 · Page 19
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 19

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1967
Page 19
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Analyzing The Revolution Red Writer Sees Mao As Red Chinese Winner Ce n t r a 1 Committee, I side of the barricades, right be- 1 Mao along with all his present i EO n T chiM bro T flM T TM 6y ur th? f "!!5ii!!?w to So on lts normal, placid way. i and a long-lasting battle, with a I entire ~ _. ,, - ?i*vo'iution" «« M.O T»«-tuftB »r« · point Sucn an idea and sucn an end to lot of maneuvering and un-l w hi c h, according to the listing]hind Liu Shao-chi and Teng opponents. For decades, ail nut ,o most |ry to They vainly » ne subtle shade, o n ^~, ..., , ., ~ cultural revolution would avoidable victims on many hT" : « "actKms*"Trani^ strongly resound of revisionism, sides. Even when, eventually, orr J *9*o in ·ugoiitvia. wa» a " protracted war, a permanent the official end and the official from i»57-«o and revolution, a continuous strain-1 winner are pronounced, there of the eighth Congress number-, Hsiao-ping ed 99 membeds, and also in the current opponents, at least in ,,,, tl» Chines* Communists re. u s- '«« and l°OSening of the DOW- r«n«w his residence permit. Here this is what, according to Mao s ultimate end. multimillion bureau- TTUtllVl Ol « fc/1 WUWUIIV'^'VI. t.lftbt'\ r i - _ j. , can be no talk about a true and | *atic apparatus of medium and lower management. This inilu- · rt to rtnew ms re*io«nte pcrmu. ncre 1111.3 to vraiat, a\.vi/i uuig iv -«ow o Ultimate *=nu. *· i u »· MMM *.«,ti«0 h . offer, hi, vi^»on R«» chm. « an , tenets also const it u tes the cs- S Ma o will have negated him-' entia l .bureaucratic apparatus ' v/as built u over the years by TV , ,, , . , . . , . . , any doctrine of rule. A self and the essence of hi* O f relative independence between E» 5 t' failure to do so would mean a teaching about permanent re\- and es ' i permanent exposure to the dan- olution if, after winning over BELGRADE (AP) -- The' % ers °* revisionism. In this lies one opponent, he were not to . built up over the years by Snao-chi and Teng Hsiao- andalso by Mao, who - «.««= ,.,,!,, nni^i,, ii i public, did everything to make h^K^5JK"£lSi l M~ the symbol which, in the cial "autocratism" constituting j widest national scope, was iden- rerious problems and obstacles j tified with New China. And this, THE NEWS, Fred*rick, Maryland P«f« A-l» Tbwntoy. S^tember 7. 1*97 who clash in conflict in China, divided by foreign Journalists and by Red Guards into Maoists and anti-Maoists. I am fully convinced they themselves do ets, but never against Mao himself. A myth about his name, personality and aU but God-like properties and bis identification ^V» » *»*^WI *+nf* ^m--^rm~-mr -- - -- -- -- r »- --· -not accept such distinctions or with the fate and the future of even consider calling them-1 China have rendered Mao invul- selves anti-Maoists. None of the great opponents of Mao has dared state publicly. "I on the road of Mao's cultural revolution. Whence the conviction that is what Mao Tse-tung Associated Press has asked me one of the most essential ele- uTreply to questions regarding ' ments for the answer to the first 7T -5-.- -* _r.«:_» :« k . _ « . QUCStlon. the state of aftairs in where the cultural revolution is question. I have often been asked the leading, and who is going to unattractive question: what is emerge as the victor? Though it i f? 11 * to ha PP« n in China when to forecast Mao P asses awa y- Usually this I offer the Question is accompanied by these two , reference to the death of Stabn and the events that subsequent- u p n find another. The constant growth within j er believed that if China retain- longer act in concert. He furth- has remained. The term anti-Maoist does not could^no i cause "all" obstacles, problems,' cover the true state of affairs. I . . * 1 _. ,_^ A _n.*4A Av«y4 * */^j-ilt »»f V*o" it*A V\ o i r A \w\ m in/1 n^lTTl OrllV Trt£ ^Itffl* Mao can be the omy victor? Be- is always risky events in China, following reply t qU lThT : revolution is being followed in the Soviet Union. It is very wrong, I believe, to transformed into a process that ------ - , , , , is closest to Mao Tse-tung s make mec hanical comparisons teaching about the permanent and draw identical conclusions. revolution. , Even if the almost-official -The only public and official ' C , hinest !. prognostication about winner can beMao Tse-tung. Mao's living to One should add to the first reply that despite the turmoil in should come true, the economic, political and cultural scene he would leave behind would be far Wuhan Anshan, Nanking, Sin- .... . , .. . .. . ,,. Sang and similar scenes of con- ?.«««««* from "»»« toft by ata- «:!r»r the revolution generally! hn - lhus " would ** a 8 reat tne revolution generally i mistakft tQ draw conclusions of "the aDout identical or China and the contradictions which appear to the outside world cannot be halted by a single move or a single victory at any one stage of the struggle. In order to make all this more made and us, I think, , should be J [ ole some delusions . ed such a structure, it would unavoidably "change color" and become revisionist. However paradoxical it might appear, it was Mao, and not Liu, who found himself in the opponents and "Goliaths" are have in mind primarily the hun- products of a system created by dreds of thousands of people am an anti-Maoist," or unfurl his flag, program and name, opposition to Mao. Finally, major nerable in the eyes of the public, and invincible in the eyes of his opponents. This is the basis of my convic- that Mao cannot and must .... lose a single battle. He must not suffer a single public defeat, opponents-- 1 Even his opponents realize this ^ _ . _ * :A _ _ * .-..--. :_*. «.«L_ih4!*«jh «*AM«l«4itf^n at , representatives of the majority i is an imperative condition at --did not declare themselves, this historic moment. They anti-Maoists, even at closed , must be reconciled to it. meetings. They would protest 1 Thus the question--who will charges raised against them, or win in the cultural revol tion?-- 'erroneous interpretations and was answered the moment it implementations" of Mao's ten- i was posed. rejected. I believe that one delusion is the widespread belief that Liu Shao-chi, since Ine start of the revolution, rep- Another side of the problem deserves even more elaborate explanation. Official Chinese documents resented "the opposition," and accurately state that the cultur- that Mao represented "the j al revolution is "a life and death government." On the basis of struggle" between two contrary such premises, conclusions were drawn about an extraordinary power and obdurateness of "the lines and schools of opinion about the further course, tempo and methods of Chinese nating o r d r to avoid Sta- nist party of China on the rev- 1 olution a year ago. s m i one Qf biggegt mistake All these occasional outbursts was failure to provide "an ade- of "anti-Maoism," that have quate heir" before he died. opposition" and a surprising j development. It is the struggle weakness of Mao's "govern-j between Mao's proletarian- ment." Some values, measures revolutionary line and Liu's and attributes, in this way, were "bourgeois-reactionary" line. It utterly distorted. is the struggle between radical The truth, however, is quite representatives of the dictator- the opposite. ship of the proletariat and a _. .. . . . , .. handful of peoole in the lead- From the beginning of the ershi taking - the cap i ta ii s t cultural revolution, Liu was I roa( j -the government" and Mao was Th j s - handfu i" is O ne of the "the opposition " Liu had the most confusing te rms in the rev- larger number in isodes, that were even an- but eo take tne revisionist way which, ..,,_ a n^i according to Mao's appraisal, majority in all the decisive bodies. Mao was in the minority. It was Mao who stood up against Liu, and not the opposite. It was Mao who revolted against the "reactionary" majority siding Liu, since Mao had no alternative. Mao was then representing the "opposition" minority that stood up against the 'government's" majority. Because of the huge pressure rlution. Its true meaning lies in its representing a reactionary "handful" in relation to the revolutionary 700-mi 11 i o n ticipated on the rising line of ine permanent conflicts. They are im - the Soviet leaders did after Sta- estimates on a changing i general course. Mao would rather die abandon the most component of his course. This component than undertaken by Mao are feasible and accomplishable is to penetrate an area very unsafe for is a have already replied to the . persistent ambition to save Chi- second question with my con- m. now and for all time, from viction that the public and of- the danger of "revisionism." ficial winner can only be Mao. Within such context it is jus- Before I go into explaining the tifiable to state that Mao is not reasons for such a conviction, I even interested in seeing the en- would like to stress that I have tire process completed over never, for a single moment, be night, or that the personalities lieved that the victory would be that "stepped onto the road of swift and easy, or that it would capi'alism" be replaced, that be cheaply bought or achieved all militant forces "return to in the near future. On Ihe barracks," and that life begins contrary, it is going to be a hard Chinese people, and not in relation to the leadership, in »vhich there apparently still exists a reactionary majority. Were it not so. there probably would not have been any cultural revolution or, for that matter, not even Mao's revolt. "YECH . . . WHAT IS IT?" That's what photographer Bob Baeten was asked wh:n he brought this picture to the Appleton Post Crescent's photo editor. Ke asked for a few guesses, and AP Wirephoto then finally said he just happened to snap his shutter when a circusgoer dropped a pair of marshmallows into an elephant's trunk. to which he was exposed by Red This is a struggle between two Guards and propaganda, one lines, but this is not the whole was prepared to see Liu as a truth. A more complete truth is courageous David who dared ' that in t^e struggle are included stand up against the terrible Go- the contradictions and problems liath-- Mao. But when the con- shaped long before the cultural flict began, David had not only i evolution started, long before the sling but also the powerful Chairman Mao proclaimed the protection of the Central People's Republic on Oct. 1, Committee majority, the polit 1849. Those are contradictions buro and even in the Central between permanent separatist Ownetl -- Home Operatcd--Home Sponsored SHOP WORTH Committee Presidium. tendencies of the rovinces and ' Of the seven members of the permanent centralist tendencies former presidium, only three o) Peking; between developer' stood firmly on the position of and underdevelooed areas; be- | the so-called proletarian revolu- , tween the "aristocratic" north tionaries, from the beginning, i and the "plebeian" south; be- These were Mao, Lin Piao, and ' tween the "soldiers" and the Chou En-lai. The remaining four "civilians"; between the great members -- Liu, Teng Hsiao-ping, nation and some 40 national Chu Teh and Chen Yun-- were ' minorities that predominantly on the other side, at least ac- ' populate the border areas. cording to Red Guard posters. Walkersville Lanes Duckpin News Ronny Fisher Scores 172 - 464 A newcomer to the Walkers- was red hot their first night ^^ wc ville Motors Team in the Mon- taking bjj« tearn^ game^nd tacks ,,, cacy Valley League this year £ eRing Qut a 16/MO() Kenny It is in no way accidental chat Of the 17 livine members of ll ls m " u · ai - l i y? 11 "" """i e nollthnrc , S5p£d rf thV the most serious incldents and were where s e a r a t l tendencies ssr elected but three since where se P aratl f e K b h r e the 13 old members and alternates in the Central Com- hes. Such is the case in Szechwan where the hard core "local FOO "Big Enough To Serve You - Small Enough To Know You" Prices Effective Thursday, Friday, Saturday, September 14th, 15th and 16th. Li s Ronny Fisher, rolling for the N Us baum a 397 set, Harry Stite- f u s t time in a sanctioned lea i y a iei-382. The Oil Men took patriot" trenched personality in Wuhan, the latest alarming Of six first secretaries of the came, appears to be en- revolution . Wa.i!? Central Committee's powerful ,Ten-chung, successor to Tao regional bureaus, those in four Lhu. 'ong after hoth were called reacthnar'es Ths of serious conflicts be Sian. the "kingdom" sue Ronny belted out a 159-133- four points for a three-way tie are known to have sided with J°urjseois ?72 for a 464 set to win a 450 for top place, with Koffee K u p l t h e "bourgeois reactionary" battlefield Chevron award from and Cozy Restaurant Glenn 'line. They are the first sec- used t- be ?ust r^ssing a Lare scored for Cozy rolling a retary of the southwest bureau, of Liu Lan-tao first secretary of just missing ; a ua e^ ^ ^ ^^ ^.^ Li chjnfrchuan . his co ii e ague in the northwest bureau. He also the northwest bureau, Liu Lan- denounced long ago on Red tao; the first secretary of the Guard posters as a regional north bureau, Li Hsueh-feng, bourgeois reactionary Tao Chu and the first secretaries of the cnce all-powerful first secretary Lee Shaffer 158 ' i-i^h ! tho N D P B C hij'h game chevron by plis. C. Oland Meitzler's team a 137-372. Six Triple Headers To Start Season Getting off to a fast s.tart. six b-.wlers start the new 1967-6S Pluh at Walkers- *« « j ----o- .,,- iW-rTiH Mn«Tr ton* Dayhoff 136, G. Masser 139 and ThJS is a rea ii s ti c picture of iurisdiction over 200 million oeo- waroia moser lop* , ,,.__,,__ ,,,,, renditions in the highest party nle. control over the Fukien and leadership at the moment Mao Vietnamese fronts, and direct Tse-tung "rebelled" against it, control over half a billion dol- considerin? it to be revisionist lars arriving annnallv through Acme Market taking four ing team game 642 and pinfall nnd insufficiently revolutionary. Hong Kone In e f fect he had steps S'to :ead g the 1801, with Carroll Crum scoop- It is not difficult to presume more authority than Chou Mo .day A League Cornell Sin- ing up individual honors scor- what the situation was in the En-la! Now. he is on the other clair captured the honors, tak ing a 151-405. _ . Kenny May - Harold Moser Star In Foursome Roll ng for Dorsey's Meats in Woodsboro Savings Bank chalk- the Thursday Foursome, Kenny e d up team honors with 510-1347 May shot a 148-422 for high set and ghirley Butt scoring with a honors arid Harold Moser's^Four ]:6 342 W alkersville Lanes took four points for the the list with a Four Strike 162, Carroll Crum Tops Monday A rkrsford Corn Beef 12 « ean 49c Libby's Vienna Sausage 2 4 ^» ean « 43c ROSEDALE -- HALW ONLY Ydbw Cling Peaches 29-oz. cans 59c SOUP'N SANDWICH ROYAL SHAKE-A PUDD'M Hanana, Butterscotch, Vanilla Or Chocolate 7Vi-OZ. PKG. 43C LIPTON'S SOUP MIXES 2 Pack Chicken Noodle Soup 27c 2 Pack Onion Soup 33c TOMATO SOUP 2 10-oz. cant 25C JOHNSON'S KLEAR WAX 27-oz. can 83c Bank Team Paces Glade Valley Ladies The Farmer's and Mechanics u.g a 147-366 Five teams took' National Bank, a new team in three points each to start with the Glade Valley Ladies' Lea ^ f lve . wa y tie for the lead. Alics gue this season, set the pace N z Cramer ' S and ·vith 545-1559 w t h Sis Peterson » %l lcom Ior taking individual honors shoot- Son shot a 143 game. League Highlights The Monday B League for Uie first week of play, shows Fred- scored fl ^ high set giv . c ick Mobile Milling setting the j n g the team pin f a n i?95. Frank ' pace with 581-1686, Richard Dayhoff, for White Cottage Inn, Arnold starring with a triple shot a 163 high game, with his ( header 163 high game and Ray- team taking team game 640. For , m . n d C r u m p 376 high set. Lucky Ducks, Curtis Staley turn- Three teams tied for the lead cd in a 158-392 and his wife. vith four points each. Doris, a 130 Dolly Myers for Eyler's Vending and Wm V. E Stups Inc. rolled a 131 Mehring Trucking led the Tues game day Mixed League with four Fndav B League are led by points each. Claude Crum for King Pins and Mountaineers Ey'ers took individual honors, Francis Medvid shot a 16C i n gh rolling a 137-365. Electrolux pac game for King Pins, with the eo with 651-1885 and Jean Hoh- ram capturing team game 59* man turned in a 129-364. Marty Nau«le for ««·")« ^ Wednesday B League, led by taurant rolled a 380 high set Ful-O-Pep and Lucky Ducks, Barrick Lime took pmfall 1706. Use HFC money to buy back-to-school needs C-ili YcvOrt f flM 204 3M 500 1000 1200 MONT J6 pmvmtl $34.72 41.66 HIY PA1 30 btymtt $20.39 40.16 48.19 rMENT 1 34 ftymti $ 5.90 11.81 17.71 24.62 4844 5813 1ANS 12 tifimli $10.05 20.09 30.14 46.09 90.58 10869 Paymnlt tntludt mill of Ihi loan if 1 ·n tcladult. 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