The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 2, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 2, 1948
Page 2
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TWO THE DAILY REGISTER. HARRISBURG, ILL.. MONDA^TM R U AKY 2, 1048 mmmwmmtmmmmmmm^im The Daily Register (Established 1869 as Saline County Register.) Out Our Way Published evenings except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine street, Harrisburg, Illinois, by REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. of Harrisburg, MKS. ROY L. SERIGHT, ·President. CURTJS G. SMALL, Editor and Manager. Entered as second class matter at the post office at Harrisburg, Illinois, under act of March 3,1879. Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties, $5.00 per year in ^advance; $1.50 for three months. Outside Saline and adjoining counties, $7.00 per year; $2.00 for three months; o cents per month. The Daily Register is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole judge as trf acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either as a news item or a paid advertisement By Williams BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY j The sum total of God's plan in( eludes us and it is glorious be-! yond oar powers of comprehen- j sion. This life is part of a very , long series. Have faith.-- Matt. j 5-4- "Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall he comforted." 'TAIN'T GRUB-HE TOOK THIS JOB TO HELP HINA QUIT SMOK1N7 I PROMISEE? I'D BRIMG HIM ONE CI3\RET A MONTH, AM' HE'S AFTER / SOPA MUST HAVE RUN OUT OF GRUB HERE AT THIS LONELY HORSE CAMP- LOOK HOW GLAD HE TO SEE US/ Weatherman is Smart, Misses Sometimes i;v HAKMAN \V. NICHOLS I'liiUnl Press Slaff Correspondent W \SIUNGTON. Feb. 2--UU!)-- Tin- weather man is a smart cook- iV lUit there a few thins* »e doesn't Ur.ow. He can Daily Register Advertisements Pay ,, c*UH U;* * i i i v t *»»v *" · _ · « \\ ci'ld wive N bearim: down from the Arctic. He can sec a hurri- ! C .,PO comin« and warn I lorida and iTevus to batten down. r-ut the head weather man. Fnncis Keichelderfer. a pleasant. muscular former Navy officer, is the" first to admit that the fore- I capers don't know everything. What do sun spots have to do w i t h the weather? Mr. U. says he'- doawncd if he knows. As for ithe atom bomb, which has been i blamed for ·everything from the ! poor pea crop to Mr. Pauley s fuss I with Harold Stasscn--well, the lidea that the bomb has affected · the weather is too silly for scicnt- iists like Reichclderfer to talk : about. A 20-year-cycle? Posh! The weather bureau has looked into 90 different supposed cycles .and still can't find a pattern. Hears About Misses i The chief claims an accuracy 'record of between 80 and 90 per 'cc'it for his forecasters, which is'pretty good slugging, even i . « * -- _... T«. * V»^j-»4-ls rt«« nf\r .weather bureau to tell 'em when tlic first freeze was conuwj so they could slaughter UK-"' "°K S ; ! We'll, one farmer called thc lirst idav the new weather man was on t the job and asked if it was "ho« · ' ' , ·* , t ( rp| - . , | ) * i | f l l M * ibe around 31 or one below frcez- 1 ing Thc next day the farmer said he didn't know about that, but was it cold enough for the kill.' Our northern friend got his dander up and said that if the m a n s pigs weren't husky enough to stand 31 degree temperature, they weren't husky enough to be killed, and hung up. j Going back to the fan mail department: Mr. R. is awful proud 'of the only nice letter he ever rgot. It said: "We've been having lawful nice weather. Thanks, and God bless you." SSSmamm H · f -=*· ·" BaSSSsSl^lm, jjgffffvma'amaaiv^KnwuwmwMti^ '«· In iho convenient you^own^mp^fho^ easily It]U fo earn 'bv iour 'simplified'. home-?tudy rpct^diA You itoo Can fco a High' Schfaol graduate^ OurAgr^du^havo onterod over-500 universes and .colleges. f A\\^gt^n iurnwhad. I Many, finish. In-2 ycwr* V *'·"' \ twriini ritfl ' TM«0vfti ,,,,,,,,,?$« «2*igg oil ^n ; makc rapid P 1 ???? o r -r now w H o b l i g a t i o n for tho FREE TRIAL LESSON. 1 SCHOOtT T I S . Deartorn St., Chicago 3, 111. State 2314 I B Major Clarence G. Strippy will ! he the featured speaker at the (dinner meeting of Greater I'^'Pl 1 Association at the Roberts Hotel. I Carbond.ilc, Thursday Feb. o, at 6:45 p. BIBLE READING Feb. 2. Confess pians 2:1-11. FOR TODAY Him.-- Philip- Carrier Register First Managed Forest In 1730, Jared Elliott, Guilford, Conn., in partnership with Governor Bulkley of that state and a Mr. Livingston of New York started a tmaH blast furnace at old Salisbury. Charcoal for the furnc.ce was procured from the neighboring ·woodlands and it is recorded that only the large trees were cut. the small growth being left for succeed- .Ing crops.-. KENNETH MART Correspondent MIRRY Surprise Birthday Party For John Toth Miss Kosalee Toth was hostess at a surprise party Friday night in of her brother John's 14th DREW PEARSON Says: Secretary Marshall chiefly responsible for Eisenhower's political withdrawal: Other Army officers objected to his candidacy; Ike MacArthur. Ximitz and Marshall. But the President even sent Secretary of State Vinson to Senator Thomas as a special lobbyist for Eisenhower's permanent pro- -as s :ght happen again. with the forces that es Uianv Jl nn5"- *.«rr-v -o , ,, disturbance was, Kicking up otf - «e "?***"""""" ,,,..,.- -,.{,· i L ' i b O ' J » i i ·W-pJ'N U^Mi'itivf Bookn li(..«l « - · -v $.i) i- - "- r h " u t 1M " L ~"^ · B ·' i. .······r*i»v.~'./i/?J. »*--·{*· fl · Address--. -, · · · ' -*-* * *" v "'"*-»"*'» : *»»-»-»:*:»:».«i j \ City ^^^HmmmL^mmmmmmmmmm',^ gives you I OLD TIRES HEW TIRES change in the ^"Ifknw-s some prett y good ; v J.£ m |g p ? h 7 sr soent "the'last i ones on weather men and docsnt ^or btnPP chaplain.; lKlsK» 3? £ i El^ k f ^Tn M?«! MOTHER To ease distress of baby's cold while he sleeps, r rub tbioat, chest - -and back at bed- .^ ,, .^ ..... 'time -with wanning W -VA p O R u B at the Toth home and games and ^"^to^te pultaTbis hat contests were eirjoyea. ^-^ |he pres idential ring, at A beautiful birthday cake was , vhich t j mc he told them that he served with sandwiches and drinks ^. as fed up anc j (jisgusted with to the following: Marie Lmdle. politics . Louise Mann. Jean Williams. Barr bara Hankins, Nell Jean Hankins. Phyliss Grant, , Wilma Grimes. Shirley Grimes. Joanne Temple. June Hankins. Martha Hall. Betty Toth Shelby Toth. Gordon Futch. Lyndell Futch, Hughie Stone. Dics- BREAKFAST at the DeLux Sandwich Shop HOT BISCUITS HAM, BACON. SAUSAGE FRESH COUNTRY EGGS HOT CAKES GOOD COFFEE On West Elm V 2 Block W. of Saline Hotel fed up and diKgusted. with especiaiiy the Pennsyl- :nia "Republicans, who "kissed and told" at the famous Curtis Club dinner. That, he said, was why he was soon getting out of " political race. however, was not quite all of the story. The real fact is that ic i«ia"", «u"»~« .-. -- nnf man had most to do with ikes SS^atSrSSS SSr He is the m an *. ins. George Zinn, £_JV 11UCAJ. Jt W » . W » « j *--»-o " l-'l ie Mann, James Richey. Dale \\ il- idy. Dale Clanda. DicKie mnK- Eisen hower in as top com- j, dinn er-table conversations were Jimmy Richp,_Bud Han-ins. ^ ander £ the grea test military t be used a g ains t him, he wanted U. S. Army. Naturally there were twinges of a soldier's conscience. Memories of Truman's loyalty came simultaneously with^ the Pennsylvania Republican amner at the" Curtis Club where G. O. F. politicians got outraged au IKe s suggestion that business should take the leadership in heading off inflation by giving up pronts *or a year if necessary. This soured Ike considerably and he told brother officers that if dinner-table conversations were Only One Nice Letter Then there was the St. Louts weather man. still beloved, who used to predict a cold snap and then take the next plane for Florida from where he'd send post cards of lovely gals to his news-, paoer friends back home. He got his comeuppance once when both the St. Louis and Florida forecasts backfired. It was nice and warm in St. Louis and cold like an icicle in Miami. His news-' paper friends sent him. cards. , "Wishing you were here! Etc. Once the bureau sent a nortn- erner to Macon Ga.. which prob- ^.A.liti ^^ . j. _ i _ _ rr»U ,,-..«. tllC HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE ,, affecting vital cnpns, lerg'.h cf !(..·, r:cxus- r.ess, htadaches. Net jjst southing yo-j h^; to circa m meddle soe. Bv .-11 reans do net n'^lec 1 'L s~: your Doc'w srd in BRIDGES H!GH BLOOD PRESSURE CAPSULES. Availatlc at Rainbc-.v's Oruq Stcri? ard s'l lc^d:r^ stores Thriiards l"" i' s " d ·'· If BRIDGES K i G H BLOOD PRE5SU P £ CA=SULES *J net rc!.^ y«i P'-^= a^ you' money baci. V/e dcn't vrant it ur.Icsi ear*d. 50c and Sl.QO. Acwpt no s bstitut?. Clip thi$. e Rosalee Toth and honor, John ToJi. iderable extent was ano ther man oth ^^ were rotten: _Harrj- S. Truman. ' .'should clean out the courthouse ! MarshaU got an important assist on both sides of the poaticai Thus Ice lea Began , - m Gen Qmar Bradley-- plus un- stre et. Iced tea was invented as an emer- expocted assistance from the WlVlT UVTIL 1932 p e n nsv j v an5a Republicans and ( . j leanw hile. other political doubts " ' B.F. GOODRICH offers you value PLUS if you need new tires. First, you' get. a most liberal trade-in allowance for die old tires on your car. Then you pet new B.F. Goodrich Silvertowns -- "best in the long run" for mileage and safety. See us today for Silver- towns foe your car. HARPuSBURG gency b y a n Englishman i n Amere n n ( . e . ica at the 1904 St. Louis exposition. Qther "politicians. Nevertheless, ^ it had p i a g ue d Ike's mind. One was who aid - d b tea as the English drink it. His iced item made an instantaneous hit. ·«*-** *·- ·---- ~ -- - » UtlltTl yvufcivjn-*"--. - - -- · -- - ^ ' i · j JI«U4 LUd-iLicvA ArtVr ·.» «*»«·»*· i ·· His name was Richard Blechj-nden was ^ e secretary of state wno aid that - nc ni jght be nominated by and he dreamed up an elaborate ex- the mos t to take his colleague- peop j e ne didn't know who had Mbit in a costly pavilion to promote jn-arms out of the political pic- made a lot of promises in return - ~ **' · - - ' ture. for the campaign cash This \ Tcdav President Truman is wou id make him obligated. An- 1 smiling" broadly and saying pri- otner W0 rry was that he wouldIbe 'vatelv that he knew all along Ike nominated in a .convention dog- wasn't, "oing to run. But that {ight at which he would have no ·SSTtfi way he felt about it ^tro! over the party platform, 'just before Christmas. In fact, T his would put him in the position when Bob Hannegan came back of carrying out a platform wnicn from a political tour last October nc had not drafted, and reported. "Well, boss, you're Fina ii y . friends pointed out in fine shape everywhere except h t thfi - next £our years were go.. _ ...._ g nU ed be among the toughest m Rumsey and Dennis LAW OFFICES i have moved to new offices over the Palace Cioihing House in the Seten Building on the N. E. corner of the Square. for Eisenhower,' 5 Truman his teeth and fumed: -I don't want to talk llim -" Even before this. Truman had been so sore at George Allen for trving to boom Eisenhower, that he fired his once-beloved court jester right out of the V.hitc House. i And last November, in a not- cvcn-sliahtly-camoufiaged attempt ' to out the squeeze on Eisenhower, the' President suddenly announced that he had appointed General Bradley chief oC staff. This left lkc in the uncomfortable position of remaining in a job where he was obviously not wanted, with his successor ready and waiting to lake over. American peacetime history. And about ^ lkc was bypassed now. the peo- 'pie who wanted him in 1948 would ' xvant him even more in 19oA ( And by 1552 he would have war · vears as a college president m which to tako off the military cure . , ' All of these factors counted. ; But the man with the greatest m- fi uc nce was George Marshall-, w ho had made Ike top war com-; ' ma ndcr. and who might run a o a inst him for vice president on the Democratic ticket. , , vftcr Ej scn hower ma(ic ' n ' s ' in ' al dcc ^, s i on an d it -was communi- ' ca{cd to p rC5; idcnt Truman-i c h w a s about three weeks aso he decided to remain silent for . -Finally White House strategists 'awhile, and among other things ' even cooked up the idea of having help spike thc MacArthur boom. . Sccrctarv of Stale Marshall run I Eisenhower wanted to do this. for vice" president on thc Truman nol only because of his long-stand- n- rthur out BETTER CLEANING wc are ^^i^S^ ! =i ticket-- if lkc persisted ning for President. To put it mildly. 51 was all too Truman. j ng vendetta with MacArthur out also because he wanted to help WENDELL NQBLi WILL ANNOUnn.-, ' f WINNERS ON NEWSCOPE TUiS^AY AIIGHT Over Yoor local Mutual Broadcasting Station. Conn/if Newspaper for Time sad Station that new "lool; cvcrj- one is We Save You Real Money Too! REGULAR CALL FOR AND DELIVER PRICES Ladies' and^cn's Suits and Dresses 65C Cleaned and Pressed ..................... CASH AND CARRY Ladies' and Men's Suits and Dresses Cleaned and Pressed . evident that relations between the chief of staff and his commander- in-chief were strained indeed. STEPS IN Kack in 'TM days *hcn MacArthur was chjci of staff. Maj-Dwight Eisenhower sat at an ob- iscure desk in the "chiefs outer M A R S . " ShortlV thereafter. General Mar- office. Nevertheless he was Mac : vhr,ll cnfne back from thc London ' roroicn Ministers conference. Inv mediatcl v ho went to work on crhowcr" He told him that his candidacv was hurting thc Armv. that in thc end lkc himself ivould ret hurt too. Marshall urged Uiat he set out of the race, said he Arthur's most trusted gnot end. when Dous left V.n^in^on. it «as Eisenhower vho wrote hi- -«latcn»cnt unon rclinng as ch:c. of staff." It was one M lhc mo.-t beautiful statements ever written ( by a retiring Army, officer. And when MncArthur sailed for SEVENTH e se o , didn't wsnt to oppose him. but that Manila 1o train a new Philippine - w r i Two regular services for your convenience. Call as today or bring yonr clothes to us Now. YOU WILL LIKE THAT NEW SOFT FINISH HART'S CLEANERS · * * r * · -rfis \V*t Linc he Mould have to if he iiM-d his mil-tarv career r.s a stepping j/.one to politics. At that time it was ouilc cvi- dent that Ike was a candidate. Meanwhile various arguments constabulary. Eisenhower wcrit along as his right-hand rnan In · Manila., however, the two didnl , cct along, tvcnhially lkc was- fired. So. the other day, when . wore brought to bear on Eisen- (Arthur's onetime ghost-writer r.ol only by Man-ball but jUithdrcw from thc race for Prc^i- bv other Army oificrrs. 11 was 'dent, he penned another bcnutiful cr-inhasizcd that ho was, hurting statement. TJii.s h c _ w a s n t the Army. In a political campaign writing for MacArthur. This time lot of dirtv linen would b» (Closes February 8) There's still time for you to get a share of the $135,000 Kaiser- Frr.zer is offering in a series of 8 big contests. Get a/ree entry blank and contest rules from your nearby Kaiscr-Frazer dealer. Read the rules. Then complete this sentence in 25 words or less: "New Kaiser and Frazcr- cars appeal to me because . . ." And mail in your entry on the official entry blank. Enter the contest, now. It's easy lo enter and easy to win. j 705 West Lincoln '·SFAFLR n lot of washed--lhc humoring of Field Marshal Monlcoincrv. the Battle of thc Bulce. 5hc failure of Paltcn to cot casolinc. Also there was lhc loyalty of a soldier. When Eisenhower came back trom Germany in 1045, it w.'is Harry Truman who called Senator Klbort Thom?s of Utah, then chairman of ll^e Senate Mils- tan- Affair? committee and asked thrst a bill be making Eisenhower n permanent five-star he was writing partly to take MacArthur also out of thc presidential race. con cents. 53 l t ,^.,v..... Thomas hsd refused, 'pointing out lhat it would offend Farmer Gets Half The farmer's share of the *s fresh fruit and vcs^c is now an average of Transportation to marte: »kes about 19 cents. TJ,c oiher 2£ cents is divided amons asrcmKcrs. Backers, shippers, wholesalers, retailers and the various rer.-ices needed Jo deliver ihe farmer's prod ucc to thc consumer's door. ,atvt I ^ V.'er.icl! JJc.We.-4 jirei wetUy o»e: MvJusl K A I S E R - F R A Z E R C O R P O R A T I O N WILLOW RUN, MICHIGAN ' . * ill

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