The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 31, 1931 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1931
Page 9
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THE DAILY NEWS. TBSDCBXCK. MD. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 31. 1931, Summary Of Outstanding National And International Events Of The Last 12 Months January. -Pres.dent Hoover proclaims Lotion nival treaty us e£ect 3--Marshal Joseph JoSre, 78, of GsrlhJ ar«J Lord accord to end Ganih-s campaign ^1: L^I:T1!££ ^^e^^er V.^on ,e~3S Ss-al, Braz-1. after !,600-«^e f c '" e . expec 103. ^exp.oces en N«w- JLir. oce*= T*o planes crash, - , Rl _^- ^"r^;^ on Ca-.bbean Match. 'resiiiest S3.uci.ez Orro. cf Peru. i--Sapreme 10^^-1 upholds freedom LuKlbergt start Irons Washington ider arsr- and riavj pressure. C { ^H,. press ceclarmg Minnesota press flight to Orient. isst tu- ona.1. JO--Russell Boardmas sdd John PC- --- « - « - « * * . £ p4 ££- «£ £Sv£*S: -^^"^^r^f^rof' Cies Its v, 4Ti\e 111 tilled btates f-T c-ja i ;j_Maiumotr naw cir-gi^lr Airor. U-erstes -.\ - 's Freiiatrr Hoover. j The Sports Champions For 1931 S--Pope .isues 16 000-word encyclical , g _. gn-, p rlso: -e rs y«ot at JoL-et, E, 27--Arr.olc Betine 1 ', W, Brtrisa aa- mor, ^ ,*v it--Kn.t-e K.Kiae, 43. Notre Dame footaal! 3.1.2 se\ers others, fculed 7--Anton Cer=^i, Deoaxrrat elected major of C^ca^j. tieleai-rsg B:g B.U Triaaijsson 9--Nicholas L.o=gicorth, 6!, speaker « the HO-* of Ra^^e*^ ^ ^ g ^ ^ ^ ^ P,^^. 3--W!se« reaches 57 cents a busbel. lando fly to Isianbu'. Turfcev. settles u laucciied -ud c-a new d stance reco-c 50145 muef. mad?:i f«jht 31--Wheat reaches. sie» *w f.r aC tiBif *6 i-e=ti ACGlST 1--WiCkersbam report charges sa- ijon-nide breakdown: ol police system. 5--German baste open for normal ix^mebS f?r firs-t time in tixre«? S--Cotton tor October delivery for 6 7 ceats a pcund lowest price iirjce 1905 8--Mrs Uxner ci-r^teas Na\y curl- 8ib5e. Akros. 9--Re\olut--:i breaks out in Cuba 17--One iw-iaad cu^uaeaca cfcx* 1 631 «! as«i gas wlj in cut Texas by order of G^emor Ross Sterling. 18--Mrs 3ss.e McCoy Davt, ortg- :S_0- -luaae , ret.r«i nor'.d ^hiiup. -u becjjB's fs-her ' Auto Kactaf ChawpUwa -- lou Seiaelder, -ar.d Westera Amateur--Don. Sioe. Port- Ij-'dymapolis. Tcirty die in frre at Home for Aged Little J-j'y -J5 ."0--Mr^ Ha'. ..i Ci"a"*jy appointed to t s»r\e out tetm of her !»'«?. im^bftixi 2^ MTiator of ArVaussv?. firs" ·» oinai to become regular member of j "J -- Cjn'Jn~- s-.» aiarif J- .».-e i U. C j _.j -- 1... ,.c a-v- : American ietgot--PfaiSadelpIxla Atii- Louis Cardinal Open-- Bd Dudler. Mrs O S tftti, ror.deounj ttal mamase. ciiorce and .r..2 csn'rol. 15--Leagye of Natto=s considers Ar- i^ie Brand's p!ao for a "Cnlted =iates of Europe" 19--Wtckersham coasmission report n proai.t.oa enforcecsmi. goes to President after 19 sioatss' research. 22--Anna Pavlowa. 45. worjd's lead^5 oal-er-na, dies. 25--Mahatzna GandhJ released from Srtt^n prsoa in. India after riffle contns. 29--S^retary of State Stimsoa apol- 2ss to Italy for remarks made by klaj -Gers Sacedle? Butler at Pnilacel- hia abojt MussolSsi- 30--Pierre LavaT becomes premier of 'ranee. au:ce 1896. to three Chicago, speaks at the memorial at Manor, O 19--Ussaiit Beardmore, a CaaadlaE, ra»kes the firet nsotorless sa-pline fl^h*. acroES the English Channel 20--PrwtQeEt Hooter proposes one- year ntoratoritan on debts. 23--WUey Post and Harold Gatty take off from Roose\e:t Field. N V, or« t.".eir roucd-the-world flight. Eght 15 hours and 51 mjiutes Jater irded at Roosevelt Field. ash in Ma- Japanese ar.d C'- Hwria. St-?'. 1?. H--American Legi,:: ui con\e3t:o^. at Detroit ^tes for national rrferenttuai : T repeil or n:l:Hca';oa of proiub.- Uon laws "t--PftUippine legislature zacri-o- r.alaes Congress to gran'. Fh'l.;;, iaunel-ate aidcpesdcnce ^9--j; e -» -v orld s *?«.'d record. 40-1 S ni-s an -i^ur set b. FUgl^t Litti- t«".ar.t G H Su.nforU: i.ear Cali--.-' £· glatxi October 5--Clk Pangborn and ll'-gh Hera- toe West ^^ C4ty. National Le»ju--St Louis Cardinals Boekrr (.M i-kl obamplocs). Sattonal league--Montreal Canadians American Association -- St. Paul (Stanley Cap ) Sa .'s In---»r!.a'iocal League--Windsor Ba!l- Ir.'.ercational lague--RocJiester Red- ecu,^ ' Pacific Coast l*«gu*--San Francisco lnterc r »Ue«!a'e--U S Naval Acadsnv three hundred g^-j Swimming a M- ticj JJ'.IT- Anier.can League batting--Al Sins- V S MCE--Bosfr Crabbe. Los Aa- 3 Us Philadelphia. g ira · ' - r i-.d K"«.f- Nj'iv»nal Leagtie ba'tiTK--Chick Haley L S. Wsait-a--M^ Hcj-ne Madison, December American League Most VaJtiab^ Tennis \t*rnr v~« s Wa.lff Nei» p - aYer --***** a****- PaE»deJphi». B-"jh Men's Doubts-George Lot:. I--Msyor J v ' 3 - e -_ « j^ e « N.ttajal Letwue Most Valuable PUT- Cn.^aso. John Van Ryn. PhfladeipMa r--Frank Frisch. St. Loois. Briiisr. M?r:'s S^gs--Sidney B American League PUehlnf--Lefry \\iod New Yoric. -\ t . L - . c j v i j . 5- ;KH- vSt-i G'o\e. Pniladelphi*. Bjitaii Womcas Doubles--Miss Dorot--'~. \t.l K Ba\'c* s:. l!-"S ·''· Na''o:i3l Leagtte Pttehlng--Bill HaLa- '.^ Shepherd BaTor, Miss vrc U:»i «.«! " 'J «..'.ed t^. i-ash fca- St Louis. M re!. Great Br.-aln. -r Tea: . -isc - I - . ·; -- jx ,-.'\-s, -:'d s.erage speed of 1458 miles an hour. 25--Prores«or Albert Epstein e 1 ?- - nal Yaraa Yama gJ'. and ·jour.cL, :ei theory of uni-.erse ir.creas- R-cfcard Hara-i-g Da\!s, di«* ir^ lr. s^e !Ae acp bubble 18--Paul Whiteman, 41, is wed to Max S:^mell-r;g. vrorld heavywe^ht champion, knocks ojt Young StribUns :n 13 roJEds at Clevelano, July 3. FeWnary. 3--New Zealand eerthQttaS« kills 150 30--Mysterious explos.on wrecks name injures 1,500. -,al chemical plant at Rio de Janeiro, 5--Capt. Malcosin Campbell breaks killing 150, injuring 300 co-Id's automobile record by driving Slay. !45 miles per hour at Daytora Beach, I--One miVJoa Coznmnists parade "ia,. R«cord was 251. past toiab of Lenra » Moscow's May 6---Pundit Mofflal Nerhu, Indian °*? eeleintion. .^»~,«^ n -'«.-- York, tallest struct-jre to world. rttH President aanouace $20,000,000 2 -3«orge P. Baker, 91, dean of arm relief fund. WaU S:ree ., Tjasiers, dies. 12--Pope Plus for the first t!me ad- 4--Mustapha Kemal elected to third tresses the Trorld by radio. four-year t*rnT as Turkey's pres.dent. 18--IKHUS Wolheim, 50, stage and fr--Pres'aeat Douniergue of Prance con fly the Pacific. ,. ,,,, , H* 1 ^ 1 Powers, -bluebeard sjyer, ar- 5_6eaator Dewign- W Morrow 5«. ro^-n more than 15,000 miles at an rested ta C !arksburg. W Va. Aug. 25. of ^« Jergey . £ ot 0--Pres'.dent Hoo%er nnnource.-. Ta- :.onai cred.t p'.an. _ 7--Damr! Frer..n, 82 famed W-^^'-or, Margaret Li\mgston. 29. His fourth d - es marriage 16--Divorce, never before perm.tted 19--Walter S Gi'ford appointed un- to Spain. Is voted by National Assesr.blv employment rehef cba-rman by Hoover. if--Hoover speaks at Yorh:om cel^ 25--National goxernment with Ram- bratton. sav MacDonald ?.s head aciounced sn 18--Thomas A Edison invento- c cs England. 22--Premier P.crre La 1 ,a! of Frai'L- 25--Harry Powers. · bluebeard" slaj- arrnes in America, er. arrested ai Clarksburg, W. Va. 23--Winnie Ruth Judd. alleged trunk 25--Yuko Hamagnchi 61, former rrtirderess, surrenders In Las Angeles premier of Japan cics 24--Lcar-e of Nations aoks Japan to start 150-rubber bridge tournament ··_Revo-ution breaks out In For- '.'-'hdraw her troops fom Manchuria N. Ga-a-^r. L mocrVv of tLit ,_. 25 Al Capone sentenced to 11 jeary 1e\a5 tkcted speaker of the House. 26^-Frank Harris. 75, author and in" prison. $50,000 fine, and J100.000 10--Jane Addains, Chicago social critic, d-es. Ma'or League Home Runs--B«be Ruth con- a .J Lou Gehnc. Nei\ York Yankera. C ·. in B«»ketball bouuiiern Intercollegiate--Marvland s t Big 'i?n--: Big Six--! boaihwest--Teiaa Christen. Rocky MountaU)--Utah Paclnc Coast--Washington. National A. A U --Wiclut* Henns. Professional--Brooklyn Visitations. BUUrds Pocket BUlarda -- Bnrin Rudolph. Women s Singles-- Pr»u5ela j Clevelaod. I 181 Balkltoe--Willie Hoppe, Cap -- Frame V. S Men's Doublei-- W.^ner Alh- sj:. Aus'.n. John Van Rjn. P-iiladel- pa'a u S Men s Singles-- Ellsworth Vtoes. Pasageaa. P-ofevs-oBal Singles-- William T. Tlid- e:. II P.T.Udfipliia. U S Watnens Doubts -- Mrs Eileen Whlttingstall; Mi« Betty Nut- Ma.L Great Britain. V S Women's Singles -- Mrs. Helen A\ -.n ! e U 1^5 J-xiti Paoenix. ·-.rik 5 j \ t - surrenders -i. Los U~: "S - i- r~ IK . ,-E.r cuiberuon ci^^-« Sidney W.'Is Moody. San Francisco w^ht*i'*n C-'p--United States 'Yo'k Track aad FfeJd i 18^ Ba!kl!r,e--Jake Scnaffer. Chicago In'crco"egi ste--Southern California. 1 aree-cuhioa--Art Thurnblati. Clu- National A. A. U--Los Angeles Ath- ugo. : :.-- Ciub ! Bmrliug 100-Yard Dash--Frank Wykolf, Lo» i All-event*--M Mauser, Youngstown Ass;c'es A C ' Doubles--Ed. RaCerty-Chas Reiliy, "20-Yard Dash--Ediie Tolan, Univer- 'P:i'!ade!phia j.ty of M'chigaR. Singles--Willy Ciacs. Erie. -440-Yard Dasa--Vic Williams, Los Team--S. and L. Motors. Chicago Ar.scSes A C. Boxing 880-Yard Run--Ed Gcnung, Washmg- I Heavyweight--Max Schmellnc. Ger- tor. A C many One Mile Run--Leo Lermond, Bos- Ligl'.t Heavyweight--Max Rosenb'oom, Un Ne»- York. High Hurdles--Percy Beard. Ne» 1 Welterweight--Lou Brouiilard, Wor- Low Hurdles--Bob Maxwell. Los Aa« Coloriel and Mrs Charles A. Lind- creen actor, dies. opens Frencn Colonial Esposition at f bsrgn in Tokio. r2.\.ng left ton. D. C. Ju'y 27, oa fl s~~ to Oneat. 23--Admiral Sdouard von CapeUe, Paris. ·5, TCSO d-rectcd German XJ-boat drive 9--Dr. Albert A Mishe-son, tB. re- 26--Trader Horn (Alfred Alcysius a -ia'7-19'8 dies nowned physicist, dies Smith). 79, ad'.enturer aro author, ·"^ ' 13--Paul Doumer j elected president o ^ 26 -- Tee Yori World, Pulitzer of Pranre ^J?%TM'£ ^nn^nn 5 ^^ Isl-B^obUcan government of Spain rd interests for $5,000,000. decrees seizure of Alfonso's per- JLLY 3--Ma^ Scnmeliiig. heavyweight 2---Senate passes war veterans' bo- 50^1 property. " ' caarnp on, knocks out Young Stribling. ms bS over President's veto, and it i4_David Belasco, 7C, theatrical pro- 4--Eight dead. 368 seriously injured wcoines a law. ducer t dies " ^ celebrating 155th anniversary of na.- 28--EngJand, France, Italy jeach an 30--President Hoover makes Memor- lion's -^dependence iccord OIL naval lin-tation qtiestioas, isl Day address E.Z Valley Porge. 4--Proh-bition aeents announce Al Capone's liquor system coders one- -- w0 "^' »** Xte**'-** *""** B "^:j CC Li e ghtw«i«h^-Tony Cananerl. Brook- ^gh"Jump-Anton Burg. Illinois A. 25--Charles A. ConiSskey. 73, owner p-cskier-.t of Columbia, awarded Nobel 1^ c or Chicago White Sox. dies Peace oriie. Junior Lightweight--Kid Chocolate, Broad Jump--Alfred Bates. Meadow- 28--WUliam H Gardner, president ;i--Harry Po«e^. We«t Virginia | Cuba . brook ^ c of Navy League, charges Pres.dent Hoo- · -j.uebcard.' found gu.lti at Clarks- Featherweight--Bat Battalino, Hart- "sbot'put^Hcrman BrLx, Los Angeles ler with 'abismal ignorance' November 3--"General" Jacob S Co^ey elected mavor of Massilion. O jurl r ix convicts make prison break *^ ncn,Vntiarv at Leaven- ·a j-th, Kas . kidnapping Thomas B \Vh.'e 14--Chiarg Ka.-^liek resells as presi- G-Senator T H Ca-a-Aay of Ar- ^^{Jj^ar.* cho^e Chicago for 4--Lloyd George resigns as head of Liberal party in Englana. dies. 9--Prince Nicholas of Rumania elopes and marries a commsner. Jana Lucia Deletj. precipitating a squabble ia Ru- m.iiian royal fami.v. 12--President Hoover announces next res :ns 193J national c^n\er.'.ion ford. A C. Bantamweight--Al Brown. Panama. Hammer Throw--Ediard Flanagan. Flyweight--Midget Wolgast. Phlladel- Boston A A phia. Javelm Throtr--James Dealers, Los Football Aiiceles A. C Nntioaal--Vacant. One Mile Relay--Los Angeles A. C. East -- Pittsburgh. Harvard. Yale. Trapshootins Bucknell. Grand American Handicap -- Rev. South--Tulane, Tennessee. Garrison Roebuck. McClure, O. s ', big- 23 ay Webb are married 7--Dr Edward Goodr-ch Acnesoa, 27--Big Genran seaplane DO-X ar- se, dies " r ves in New York 9--Scuets offer ta buy 250,000 bales 31--Sir Half Cane, 78, Victorian of cotioa tiimed ^own oy Federal i.terary agure, dies. Farm Board ^ »_._i.- 13--Prohibition repo't for fiscal year oepwraoer e-t^ng June 30 s*ows more tnan 100 - 2--King Alexander ends dictatorship 000 arrested for eolations, a new n-gh. 3f Jugoslavia 13--Pres-dKit HLndeaburg orders ---K^o-Vaucan clash is settled German Banks closed because of *~Major James A. Doo'rt.e estab- firanc si cr=-s ^sces new transcontinental airplane ·To-A:bert~B FaE ente-s Xew Mec- record - u hours - 16 m-nutes. 10 seconds ico State p-ison at Santa Be 4--President Hoover announces China oo_se~en Power Conference to seek " ^ °^ 1=000,000 busnels of Farm rel-ef for G»-mar;v cpers m Beard's wheat surplus. 24-Gra: ZeppeLn starts on scien- 1-4 T JU S ee Se ^ P 'f Mc ;' nherson 38 b Uic nigbr to Arct.c, earning party of ' rc f- ^Lf!TM.^ 1 * 0 ?' 30 - ,, .. .^j.g- g^jg * lo--"Mutiny" breaks oat » British ' _ _ . " . , ^ . _ navy, objection to pay cuts 20-Th^ty o,e in fire of Home for 15 _ Maasnaa Gandhi , a Lo nJon , Agea at Pittsourgn ^ demand for India's freedom. 25--P-incess Eear.a of Rumania is break oat between 18--House of R-"-rscntn:hcs approves j aiwdiewest--Notre Dame, Northwes- Tarf o: n-orato-i'.ri J tcrnt Purdue, Michigan. Nebraska. Turo-Year-OM Chumpion--Top Flight. J2--Senate s.ip-^es deo- inora'onum southwestr-Southern Methodist. Threc-Year-Old Champion--Twenty ·_2--En-re C-j-c-c g^crnment . KocJcy Mountain-- Dtah. Grand, Mate Pacific--Southern California. Leading Jockey--Meivta Lewis. Professional--Green Bay Packers. Agua Calicnte Handicap--Mike HalL Golf American Derby--Mate. British Amateur--Eric Martin Smith, Great Britain. Britten Open--Tommy Armour, Detroit. British Women's--Hlse Enid Wilson, Great Britain. Canadian Amateur--Ross Somervilie. Canada. Arlington Classic-- Mate. Arlington Handicap -- Sun Beau. Belmont Futurity -- Top Flight. Bclmont Stake -- Twenty Grand. Drrver Slake -- Twenty Grand Hawthorne Gold Cup -- Sun Beau. Jockey Club Gold Cup-- Twenty G-and Canadian Open--Walter Hagan. De- tro't Rjder Cup--United States U S Amateur--Francis Ou*mct. Boston. U S Open--Billy Burke. Greenwich United States P. G. A --Tom Creav. Albany U S Women s--Miss Helen Hicki Lsr.g Is'ar.d Kentucky Dcrbv -- Twenty Grand Lawrence Realization-- Tu enty Grand. Lincoln Fields Handicap -- Sun Beau. P»aai*co Futann-- Top Flignt Preasness -- Mate Saratoga Cup -- Twentv Grand. Traiers Stake -- Twenty Grand. Wood Memorial-- Twenty Grand Wrestling Lordos Posi and Gatty complete aronnd-the-world flight, Jaly ~, raving taien off tcea to Archcuke Anton von Hapsburg China and Japan in Mukden, Man- Lowell R Barles, speed flyer, dies in crasi ?r-rn?'mg to establish days earlier. of Austria. chuna. _" worlds land speed record, at Detroit, Dec. 6 Valuable Hands {but this trfci is trumoed by the de-1 dra^s? the^r troops from the occupied, i clarer with the deuce of hearts, and of j portions of Russia which scught mac- ' Tr.e r S Patent office, between 1506 t.^es Ao". · 25 00J av j ^ o'. t.r-i "ere ! Many Tire Patents. ! on automobile | BY W5I. E. McKE?TXET Secretary American Bndge League very seloom pays » uader- an ace, it must al-rays oe remembered Tiiss tiere a no such word as "ne-er" a bridge. You may be able I ^rsi- your opponents Tnth this! play oecas anaHy. A10-4 VA-Q-8-7-3-2 AK-8-6-3 AQ-9-5 V6 4Q-10- 9-7-3 AA-Q- 10-7 NORTH H m to UJ 0) 5 H Dealer SOUTH AJ-8-76-3 VJ-9-54 4A-6-2 AJ AA-K-2 VK-10 4K-J-5-4 A 9-5-4-2 4 0* lead of trie ace -of diamonds had in 1 many cases stopped the declarer from i go-ng gajre at hearts. « a :W8 . .,, b.i by a flood of TO DAY ' WORLD WAR V ANNIVERSARY o) !l THIKD R.«D OX PADCA Oa December 31, 19*7, enemy a^o anes mace their ta-rd ra^d in fot,r davs oa Padaa, lUly, destroy:mg the .a^a-e of trse Pad^a Cathecral and aanagir.g the bas--ca of tse Santo and Five persons were .njorec Nose j were i-"ed In the two prenoas ra.ds 'i 16 ·sere i_''c an3 63 were mjared ! cird I'cl-ar: a-t_.«r ana a.-Dlares, '' ;ceoif-l , s'omiei ^forite TcerL3a po- ji_ H a v e that family group you have wanted so long made while you are all home for t h e holidays. N e x t year might b r i n g many changes. 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PoT^r^ and tee This ianS T-35 ? ayes .n tne national a-'ra-ea -· a'^- -- of p-oducers. f . ,,,,,, ,, ._ .. *ar-a= tcz=i-o.-foar event. -th, tie -ro g«-« ''- -"" --- «=».- ? a ^ » ^r,^".?; c --^ a "-"- 4' «-"tn^-v eea.A-, c^-e= witi one =D truTra. West ~".a.- S-e -'z~~ *= £" J " ro.e za-~ - - - - "~ *-^ -- "-«-- ·" ^- '- oasec z-~ Xortn o = fs-o hearts Sast --anc nc-- r^» s^en r-aziea a jo-a as -- . . . -- ini £c_"J ~ass=^ At sorce tao'es Vfcst a star. ally ter -red :r.e contract at rsearts ^- _. ^ . . . - ": Physic The Bladder cne -3 --u-np. West pass, Nora tiiree -- ~ d -_ r"e t-.s declarer a c-fSc-- J -ea.r'^, S'- i fear hsarts. -_fcs M E-i' ^r.c*-ea^s h^ ace of =.- Tir'Al. f t. A«10 The Plav. _ r -as 2" o as the sx Tilth CaStOF Oil/ Ess'=: c--- =' 'ead'is t-e J acS o' At tre :as'e ---z '-e a^c'arer -*ent c-;.- "TI-- i C - - " -s T3are3 from iuni- -o TT...-. t-.e -? cf d air or 5s re su;- --- a*-: \V3-w --Jts Ue tr'ok Titn t-.e c -re --^ .^-^a ~e q-een of clubs ' ~e ,acs *"a^ ~l2~e- frm cjmiry ei ,, 3 · . --e b^i=-r piy c. B-v» Xc-'h · -.e declarer, t; arm? the £-ns 'vVest w 3jrc z-^~t tnrmc^is co--a:t Tuh the five of r-e-i o' c^.^cis"kr.i"ther. "ead tr!e '^ ·-?*--- ^ ch r«..ts * b.ckart- .-saru Zs; TIT sees thai ^i order to ·*" of c ^a= East d^card-2g the ^·33 s'nc -e rr^;t g t I-.3 partner .r. ofj-.arro--^ ^ ^ Us." I. V,Cit coes io.a toe qjeen' hear*,. Sast p-ays ljus ace of d-aasonds b idder --si rtss, b=rr..r.g a-.d se' -i - i.its. Cit a K.Z :»s; box AIt«: four Cz-' ' -o: -c "-"1 ·:-- d-ugj; ^t w . rcl--c: t, -a- o-- 'ii. ,-» b:u-i ··) '"' 6e-« ,' -- o^ r-' -· - -- i- *, -cp So J b? XV » 5-^ D-^g S'o-e. 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