The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on January 7, 1962 · Page 34
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 34

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 7, 1962
Page 34
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Page 34 article text (OCR)

r Jan. 7, 1962 Sec. 4, Page 5 FUNERAL DIRECTORS DATTL FUNERAL HOME Henry KasuboskI, Funeral Director Profcssloniil and Dignified Service H3S DouRlaa Ave. MEIrose 2-1533 MONUMENTS & CEMETERY LOTS 5 MAYER'S MEMORIAL WORKS Skilled craftsmen who have devoted their lives to building Finer Monu- mcnta. 3819 Douglas Ave. MB 4-6611. FLORISTS LEE'S FLOWERS iccrprlllofl by Chamber of Commercft S3 N Main St DInl MEIro.ie_4-336 Douglas Flower Shop SERVICE Now Available at HAZLETT Phone ME 7-1161 ^ ^ 1 \^-.v Operations moved smoothly as the first finished tractors formerly produced at the J. I. Case Rock Island plant rolled from the Clausen Works assembly line. FIRST PHOTO: Sam Puscemi guides axle-transmission assembly toward line. SECOND PHOTO: John Tenhagen and Marian Kowalski move sub-assembly along in one of the early assembly stages. THIRD PHOTO: A few final touches are added by finish assemblers Earl Evenson (seated) and John Smolko. FOURTH PHOTO: The finished product gets a rubdown and broad smile from Frank Palermo, Case vice president-manufacturing. — Jo u null-Tunes rhn; o Case Clausen Works Now Making Tractor Lines From Rock Island Wratten, Dana, DeMark Become Law Partners FLOWERS OP QUALITY 1678 PciiiBlas Ave. MEIrose 3-4BB1 SPECIAL NOTICES 7 Mow! 4% nterest On Savings WEST RACINE BANK It r,i_\s lo F.ank at K.uiiic I'.iiik HOURLY 24-Hour RATE RATE $1.50 $10.00 Per Hour Per Day Plus 10c Plus 10c Per Mile Per Mile Him fall YOU In thi driyn't teatt i Merchants Delivery Rental Co. Hcrfz System Licensee 1215 State St. DIAL ME 2-5103 The first small, wheel trac-'dent - manufacturing, said tors, the kind J. I. Case form-about 30 per cent of the new erly produced at Rock Island, production will be sent to the' 111., trundled from the Clausenlfirm's industrial machinery Works assembly line Friday, plant at Burlington, Iowa, for; formally signaling consoli-;fitting of end loaders or back: dation of all wheel tractor;hoes. These machines arc production in Racine. 'for industrial use. First off were a number of The Burlington plant, par- the 430 wheeled tractors in tially closed down since Oct. the 3-plow class destined for 1 while operations were con- agricultural use, solidated there from the shut,,,.1. n,- down Churubusco, Ind., plant. W.ll Mix Production ,^,.„ ^egm fuller operations This week Case expects to Monday as a result of the begin mixing in production of new Clausen Works produc- the 530 3-4 plow series and tion, Palermo said, the 630 4-plow series. Previ- Two Plants for Sale ously existing production at Both the Churubusco and the Clausen Works includes Rock Island plants have been the larger 730, 830 and 930 put up for sale, wheeled tractors. The Racine consolidation,' Frank Palermo, vice presi-which involved fitting some 190 pieces of Rock Island machinery into existing lines at the Clausen Works, was carried out during September, October and November. Manufacture of parts needed in the new production was begun here during those months, as the Rock Island machinery was moved into place, Palermo said, and was continued during December. Palermo said Clausen Works employment, now about 1,900, will increase to 2,300 over the next 12 months as the new production is increased. Inventory Sales a Factor He said Clausen Works production schedules are dependent on continuing reduc­ tion of inventory at Case dealerships, branches and plants. He said employment at Bur- jlington, sharply reduced during the consolidation there, will advance to 700 starting in February as the plant be,gins full production. Besides fitting end loaders and back hoes ID the 430 and 530 models, the Burlington plant produces the 310, 7,'")() and 1000 D crawler tractors. About 100 jK 'rsniis AVO still employed by Case at Rod; Island. They make the model 188 diesel engine used in the small tractors now turned out at the Clausen Works. Sonic are shipped to other Case plants for use in other equipment. Wratten The Racine law firm of Simmons, Walker, Wrallcn and Sporer, which had its beginnings well before 1900, I will undergo a n.ame and partnership change cfrective Icb. 1. : Senior p.-irtner Charles 1'. Wratten, t h e ilone living member among t h e partners lisled in the present name, said Racine attorney A n - thony S. Dc, Mark will be added to the ' p art nershii), which now includes Wiatlen and Warren M. Dana. The name will he changcti to Wratten, Dana and Dc Mark. DeMark, recently appointed U.S. District CoLirt Commiss i o n e r f o r the R a c i n e a r e a. began practice in Racine in 1933 after graduation from Mar- (1 11 e t t e Lni- viTsity L a w School and admission to the state bar. !) e M a r k was associ.ilcd wilh Simmons, Walker, Wratten and Sporer for two and one-half years in the mid-.iOs. Dana DeMark and was assistant district al- lorncy in If)37 and I9;-)8. for the past li\'e years he has' liracticed alone, lie is presi-; dent-elect of the Racine County Bar Assn. ; Dana has been a pariiu'r in the firm since the death of Harold Sporer in 1949. Sporer was p r e c eded in death hy .lohn B. .S i ni m ons ( 1 9 :', 7 ) aiul Mori imor 1'., Walker (19-12). Louis .1. Ru­ sh,ir also becaiilr a p.iiliiri in 19-19 bill h'li the liiin in become rull-lmie assistanl ( altorney al the hegmnm;! (it Ihis mniiih. Dana was admitted to the state bar in 19:'rl, the yeai' he graduated from the l;ni\(r sity of Wisconsin School. He practiced in Haraboo from 1934 to 1942, when he joined .Simmons, Walker, Wratten and .Sporer. lie is presitlent of the counly bar group. Wratten joined the linn in 1920 afler gradual mi', tiimi .Marc |U ('Ile I'niv ersii s' law Si'hool and iulniissioii In ihe slate bar. I Ic became ;i p.ii I - iier about 192 .''i, lie is a p.isl picsideni of Ihc iduniy bar group Wral Icn s.iid Ihe firm tl.ilcs back al least as lar as 1S7S. Why Wait Until Mother's Day To Surprise Your Wife'' Hu'i'ii-r hrv fiidrtv w r h R la^^V I u(l ' J rliu-kfii dnin 'T ui. .^1 2S 1 1 run Kl-NSMINK H Ml AND C.IMLI.. (.iiiiri ITMi atui Tiiyliir .\\t •\ \IM ;.' ! lutiiyh'l iiliirss liki* 1 h>. \' ill p.iv l>ii; tliviflfiulv . PI'i ^ f I" ' li'' t \'- <) Ml \ till. Knr li -.t; ' .IK'' • lumir ordtM. ciiU MK 7 - IJ il) I ;yh! i.uw. l.\( ( i.\'l \: TA.K"" I'K M .1, i<ccpnig- S<T\ice W -,..:.i !u K Kf. t •rwi) nrr ii'i-:.s ro .sriai- vni; ll.i'ii • 9 A M. to i' M M.i!r I ; I . lii .nuh Olllif 1 •: 1 U :i ! I 1.1.1 Hiimm r •• Ml Mh 3-:'; IT M .111- ~, I .11 d and 1 '.;iii(|iict •r.ilih'- l'..r Krni -W: '-i -H \N I s MI I I VI- l; V Ml' 2 -M'' I 1 homos Restourant ! Ill' I'l \("i- Ti 1 1- \ r f' •.' :• I \ M \l M .-ijri- rTK ''IMS,, V M I I 1 7 I' M 1 : N 1 I .1 1! WAI I r \l'l- H .S'l 1- ,\,M1 l.'.i ' > II;, I •. V' I ,: 11.1 , •- ! M .1 , < . It 1 (V, i I ' : ill . SM IK.- INI II 1) 1(I-..N I ',!:,-• I -11 r, I 1., 2 I \\ I :>'' M I I- i; \ m )N.s I II- -\i[ KI.NII-- • ,v . :• .u .-.Ki; I'll*.'ii;o '1 1;,1 . 11" I 'll .S' Ml- J •-'I 'lU AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE 3 1 II- SI 1 I'l ) \ ^a) 1 1 111 Wll.l v.s -i' ' 1' ' .1 \ ull u .1 'Ml'l h I'll il;r Ml-.hi; (• III .-1 (>i n .sMi mil K '.la I'WL) DOnli h.i.'.i'.-;. i-Mi-;;,-iii 11.1,(11 lO'l. Ml-.!l.. !• l:i .1 llNi Ml .\ (• \1'1(I -1 1 11 • i.II KCl 1, 1.11 ,Ml-lio.ii> 4 -Hii|n County Shows Drop in Listing of Businesses APPLIANCES U)hjn£pooe NEW FACE FOR ZAHNS— Designer's drawing shows the new entrance on Wisconsin Ave. side of Zahns, Inc., as it will look when a recently anhounced remodeling is completed. The canopied entry, replacing a smaller doorway, will be identical to an entry on Main St., where the firm now has its primary entrance. At left in drawing is 5lh St. where Zahns now has an entry which will be eliminated. Windows on that side will be canopied at the first floor level. The Zahn project includes brick facing to a height of 20 feet along the building's exposed three sides—Monument Square, 5th St. and Wisconsin Ave., the new window and door treatment, and interior remodeling of Ihe first floor. The project is scheduled to begin in spring and be completed by fall, WASHERS - DRYERS REFRIGERATORS AFTER THE SALE IT'S THE SERVICE THAT COUNTS BELLE CITY REFRIGERATION 1321 Illinois St. ME 4-7765 OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES Clearance Sale $85 $7950 ROYAL PORTABLES UNDERWOOD OLIVETTI SMITH CORONAS from plus tax plus tax ADLER Used Machines from no9 m b up 50 plus tax 95 and up OFFICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY COMPANY 1504 Washington "Ave. PHONE ME 2-0)56 Doily 8-5:30, Fri. 'til 9; Sot. 'til 1 PRINTING dkeside • Printing Compani .Mll/i and Waynr Smilh ' Vttf ( arry the Allird Inian LabrI j-'»-.'.ih .'SI Dial IWt JOURNAL-TIMES WANT ^DS BRING RESULTS Adycsffitoges of Spaces available for new tenants or expansion of present occupants. Small or large for manufacturing, storage or office. A- firm pays for only what it needs; can start small and expand; flexibility is the keystone to success. Tenants can shrink to reduce expenses when business is slow; expand when sales increase; ore free of maintenance costs and worries; help each other to succeed. Low insurance rotes due to sprinkler system, fire department connections; reservoir; electric alarm; large maintenance staff; watchman service with hourly Western Union check. Modern entrances; clean, wide halls. Newly painted, attractive areas with large windows Directories tc guide visitors to your space This location helps to obtain good employees. Only one block to shopping area. Bus stop at door. O Air-conditioned cafeteria. • Heat thermostatically controlled for day, night and week-end work. • Ample utilities — nO-220V electricity, gas, water, sewers, toilets, telephone lines, roods, sidewalks. e Yards and building ore lighted all night for overtime operations. O Twelve fire escape stoirwoys. • Area zoned for heavy industry. • Eight state-inspected elevators. • 33 shipping - receiving doors with tail-gate height docks. • Truck terminol. • Four railroad sidings. • Free dumping and burning area. • Property guarded against insects ond rodents by standby exterminator service • Notary public service. • Telephone answering service • Post Office moil drop, fast service. • We rent tailor-made space with no waste and at low cost. O Tenants enjoy increased business when they move here. RACINE INDUSTRIAL PLANT, INC. 1405 Sixteenth Street . . . Phone ME 7-4491 H MANUFACTURING DIVISION Electrical and Chemical Products BUILDINGS DIVISION "Spoce for Rent D. RENCH President HOWARD L SCHILKE Rental Manager Gold at Fort Knox Under Heavy Wraps .John .1. natenburR. chairman of the Racine (.'haniber of Comm(;rcc Industrial Development Committee, will speak on industrial development al a meelinK of Ihe North Side Husiness & Professional Men's Assn. Monday evening at the Danish dcns. Dun & Bnidstreel, Inc., revealed that the Racine County section of its t'urrent reference book contains listiii ,L ;s 'of 2,1.'')1 local manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. This is liH less (.'i per cent) , ,• c I • . ih.iii lislcd a \'ear a^o. draulics & Machinery, will conduct a r'resenlal 1011, 'lh(> do not include "Computers as Tools in Fluid ^"i"'' of the service and |iro- i'o w e r .Analysis," Monday evening at 7:.'S() p.m. as the Milwaukee chapter of the fluid I'owrr .Society meets ;il Kacine llvclraulics' rese.irch ilenbach, both of Racine llv- Inc., < al more fori llian Wil-Kil Pest Conlrol ( o. has moved from 1117 Wash- inf^ton A\e. to Hll Washington Ave. Manager Roy IJrink water said the move was to The {^old stm Knox is \aliied al $10 billion. The fabulous treasure is , , housed in a bombproof build-^^^P""'^"' cpiarters. inK, constructed of granite,! Joseph flelmer, insurance steel and concrete, enclosing and treasury service adminis- a torchproof sleel and con- tralor at S. C. John.son & Son, Crete vault. Added security is inc., will speak M(mday eve- provided by j.',uards, sentries, njm; at a meeting; of the Raa steel fence and ,1 [iholo cme-Kenosha chapter of the Nalional Assn. nf Accountants, lie will talk on con tributory and noncontribu- t(jry insuraiu e. Russ Henke and .lolin Bic- fessi' businesses such as be.uily and barber shops, security de.ik.'is and real estate brokers. •file breakdown, and chan.ue and development buildmi; are lisled alphabelicilly, as llenkc IS Ratine 11 vdraulics' billows; research direclur and Biedi'ii bach a compiiler lechmcian. Sorenson, son of Hurl (.•.ileddni.i. Franks\'ill( ,L ;lon. 2.!7, plus l .'i; 'ir>, 111 I 11 u s 2; •!.•"), minus 2; sasville, 17. minus 2; Raciii(\ and Mrs. Harry N. Soren- , ,;,-5^ (;,. Uochester. ol .'542.^ S. Lhiiwood Drive, iv ,.1 electric: eye. A million Smithsonian Washinfiton summer. people \;sit Inst It ul ion each month the in in. ll/ifr<' ill ihf Worltl Do Yon Wtmt to Ho'.* The Magic Land of Video Take a jet to New York or Hollywood for on unforgettable vacation It costs no more to enpy the professional services of our skilled travel exf^rts. Come in or phone. Dale Mr. sonof .54/:;.^. i-.iiiiwoou urive. ,2, pU.s 1; Sturtevant. 44, has been promoted to general piL,^ J ]. pinion Grove, (i(J, foreman of the cast house al mmus 2; Waterford, 92, plus the Reynolds .Met.ils Co. aluminum redurlion plant al Lont^view, Wash. Sorenson, ^"^1-: GET CAPS a Racine nalive and a 1'),-..'-) N'"'- f ^-'^-Hi'' women, en- chemical e,i,.ineerinu t;radu- "'H^'^' 'he Kenosha Voca- ate of the I'liiversiiy of Wis- ""'i^'' ^choa\ of Practical consm. lomed Reynolds al Nur'^mR. have received their Lon^view in lO.S .T lie was ^•'P'^ and will begin their hos- cryolite plant engineer before P'^^'' ^'xpenence al St. Luke s the promotion. ^"^''"^ Monday. Those whf) have completed the 14- The Manufacliircrs Assn.'s week pre-clinical period are Costs Assn. will hear Moward Nancy Commodore. Mrs. 1;. Schuenke of the A. C). Kthel Hansen, Mrs. Pamel.t Smith Corp. tliscuss automat- .lohnson, Elizabeth ed cost accounting at a meet- Mrs. Georgia Lichtonheid, ing Thursday evening, Jan. 18. Linda Porter, Carol T'homp- Schuenke is supervisor of ac son, Mrs. Ethel Williams and counting and administrative Mrs. Alice Woolsey. Upon systems at A O Smith. He c o m p I e t i n g the one-year is a member nf the National course and passing stale Assn. of Acciuinlants and of bo.ird examinations, they will the Systems and Procedures become licensed practical Assn. nurses. TRAVtL BUREAU 607 PARK AVE. I TRAVEL >^ BUREAU 1342 WASHINGTON AVE. HEATING MOTORS New Models — Wide Selection for blowers and burners Call Us First Our Buiineis li Moton and Wo Know Our BuiineiS 542-546 V2 State St. ME 4-5889

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