Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 18, 1942 · Page 2
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1942
Page 2
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«• KV.'^ v<?'.,-:Vf :•';;'- '••..;.: '..I ^. ;'.:, ^~tKE MORN11NG AVALANCHE , By Margaret Turner T/3xoi, Wtdngsdoy, March 18. 1942 ~ T««n««nr, wren .IB. iyaz , Dial 4343 / 0 ^/^^°»che^ourfi a r Office Civic Music/^sociation To Have Check-Up On DriveTl^fternoon /. "P\O YOU remember grandmoth ' -^ er's rag bag? Well it's back it. style'- again as Amcricnn women join the waste warden army. * * » '••"'•' SLEEPING rpHE Woman's An^is has never ,•*• experienced any difficulty in getting to sleen once we round out . a day's activity and get to bed. But \ye know there are man}' \vho do spend slec-'ple.'^s nights, arising in the morning ?is fatigued as when they went to bed because they could not get to sleep. The extra activity and preater nervous tension of these times very likely will make it harder for some women to relax mentally. So listen to thtse suggestions from Martha Alden, sleep consultant for the mills which make some famous bed sheets. Instead of lying awake and tossing, Miss Alden suggests: . 1. Write out the tasks you need to remember to do tomorrow, especially if they seem 10 weigh heavily on your mind. 2. Make the bed correctly, with smooth corners to hold sheets secure. , 3. Keep the bedroom as tidy as possible, and be sure you have sufficient covers to keep warm enough. 4. Select loose nightgowns or, if you prefer them, Joose-fitting pajamas. *' * i also will help you to ^*—* relax, even when, and indeed, particularly when, you are "too tired to go to sleep." Try tensing your muscles. Lying in bed ori your back with eyes closed, raise both arms vertically and clench fists for a minute, then let arms drop like a rag doll's. Then bend both feet down, stretching ankles, and at the same time bend the toes down. Hold for a minute, and let them go limp suddenly. Rest a few minutes and stretch the whole body. You might lie on your stomach and grasp the headboard for support. .Stretch and tense the whole body, then relax and repeat. * * * LOST HER GLOVE pRETTY Mary Ann Stephenson •*• lost a brand new red kid glove Sunday night and she and her mother are distressed because they had "looked all over town" to find Just the shade. She dropped it in getting out of the car, she thinks. . So if you found a glove that "——- ~ot eveii so much 2^ v»**-« worn once it's very likely Mary Ann's and she'd appreciate it if you call her at 7834. " * » * MIND YOUR MANNERS your knowledge of correct - 1 - social usage by answering the iollowing questions, then checking *gainst the authoritative answers below: : 1. If others in a room are reading and you want to listen to a radio program, should you sit close to the radio and tune it low? . 2. If a member of your family seems to be enjoying a radio program, should you say, "What do you want to listen to that for?" ^ 3. - If possible, should all the members of a family be permitted to listen to their favorite One Hundred Persons oth-[f i. .,, .. , *>" Soliciting Memoers Today's Events . . . Miscelltneoui club, 'j p. m., Mn. B. W. Scirbrough, ^307 10th St. Pit »nd Fashion club, 3 p. m.. Mr» Dixie Whits bonus in home of Mr». J. Fii-st check-up meeting on *he membership drive of the South Plains Civic Music association will be conducted from 4 until 7 o clock this afternoon in room 307 ! „, , £>• H?ii lton hot t S?" ee wm *'U i ™«or^rvr s -, 2:3a "• m -«"• served the group by the executive I board. i A kickoff dinner launched the I seventh annual membership drive i,. A<Sl! P h » club. 3 p.*m., Mr«. ateve-A. Monday and reports on prelirnin? ry ! y> 1305 Avc ' K phases of. the campaign are expected at today's gathering. Other Towns Participate In addition to approximately 100 persons soliciting memberships this week in T ' ' Ci. Kcyei. 2217 31st SI. J. V. Nel«on, 1905 8th St. Dozen «nd One club, ) ». m Mn V < C.' Wtldea, 17K 13th 87. Lubbock, various committees are working in Sloton Brownfield, Littlefiold, Odessa' Abernathy, Tahoka, Levelland and Floydada. °f f£ '?! als °- f the CMA announced j that all enlisted men in uniform ! —»«—«i ~..u. j p. m., MM. wi will be admitted as guists to the ; ?. r , u .T n i*, n i«? ?"• J - *• «««<i««on rrmrprtc fo^fn,-;^,,, ,,.—u t ! c -"» " "t>s Ave. R. S«»--On club, 3 p. m., Mn. M. S Crule -431 !2nd St. ( Calviry B«pli>! Junior GIrli »uxtiUrr 3: IS p. m., church. First ChrlstUn Womin'i council 10 i m. to S p. m., church; Rci Crcat swing. Mioonni circle of Centre! Baptist church, i p. m., church. PUIn DJr'. G.rdtnerj club, 3 p. m.. Wri | lorccn Burnett, 2807-J3nd St., Kongtnla] Kltn. 3 p. Will ' DAH. 3 y. m.. Chimt>x> room ot Hilton 5 ' £'« sd » m " W. 6. Mosi, n. E. Strick- hostfsjt:. Raymond Allrn and featuring world famous artists here next season. Among those soliciting memberships this week are the following: Dr. and Mrs. O. W. English, Dr. SS J b /- I 7n'd' Mr- and ^"co^,"^ ^^fr J^ -L\l I S. M t S»3 nH n»-o 1«-- A *«.- .J _ ™ ean-itir* • ••••»»>**v».» B. Hllburn, Hotfl -s. Jr.; Mesdames o- . . Richard L. Douglas, J. S. Johnson Jameson Nabors, C. Fred Litton, Howard H. Hughes, E. F. George, Floyd Beall. R. O. Short J. L, Ratlifi, R. M. Chitwood, Bernice Hays, o. L. Byrd. J. C. Reynolds, Elois T n • Elliott, B. H. Meskimen, ,, J- 9' £ ade ' F " A - Kleinschmidt, .R. A. Porter. . ' | Mesdames Ardelle Scales, Alex McDonald, Homer Cain, Gettys Tucker, William C. Wood, Elliott Taylor, Raymond Shook, Marlin R. Smith, jr., J. Wesley Reed, Leonard Cole, Archie Scott Jack fe' «?.%?! S Ul cs ' *f ?• ? ish °P- sewing. S. O. W. club. 3 p. m., Mrs. Cecil Cliaace, 22M' 23rd 6:. First Baptist AUthetn eU.s, 1 n m activities center; luncheon. Home Nimlnj course, 1 to 3 p. m., Four^ , _, attA by K. Mrs. C. It , . . , , , DunIa P> Herschel Maxey M. E. Ware, L. Freed, A. W. Mc- T^ e<? '^; £v Finb erg, Raymond Marshall, Robert Allen, O. L. Sla* 01 ?! Jf-. J- O. Ellsworth, Bert Col ard, Robert Maxey, Josephine Ballenger, Ivy Savage, Owen McWhorter Jesse Walker, John T. Howell jr., J. L. Adams, A. H Maas, Newton Walton and George Simmons, jr. Misses Ermadel Floyd, Lillian Chapman, Margaret Huff, Beulah Dunn, Mary Dunn, E. Josephine Looney, Anne Birkman, Ruth E Ford, Anne Snyder, Maud Dee Skeen Clara Pratt, Ruth Dupree, McCarty . 1 n™ and Imogene Webster, Dr. Charles :*• Wa gner, Vernon Herndon anrf. Wilmot Eaton. Membership in the CMA is open t0 cost . the dues, season, are S5 for _._, a " d $2.oO for children. No single admission tickets are sold to any concert. Admittance is by membership card "only. Deadline for obtaining memberships is Saturday, March 21, at 9 o'clock ^ which time ' the membership 'l closes for next season. First Aid course, sponsored by K. C»r- £?., ~ T ~- J:I5 P- m - room ll». ichool; Anilun Oreer. Instructor. h 19U .£'f£ dl ,'<. I 5 lub - Th «»on Hamilton „ ? C V I 8 I6th Sl - social lor members and h'jsbands following church services. Bluebonnet club, 3 p. m., Mrs. w. D V.'jlson. 1807 23rd Sc. club, 2:30 p. m.. Mr «r<p Mrs. E. " °' Tech col)ese Orty ' TKo ClUb - 2:3() P- rmlre, 1611 16th St. Ninety Enlisted Men Visit Legion Hall A total of 90 men from the Lubbock Flying school visited the Legion hall, temporary recreation center for enlisted men, Saturday afternoon . and evening. Added attractions were a nickelodeon a soft drink icer and a marble Girl Scouts Doing War Relief Work. In an effort to help in the pie- sent, emergency, Lubbock Girl Scouts centering their activities on war relief projects. A benefit tea was given Saturday afternoon and the $20 realized from the social has been sent to national headquarters to be used for relief m Java and other countries devastated, by war. The tea, given at the Girl Scout Little House at Twenty-fifth street and Avenue P, was a memorial to Juliette Low of Savannah, Ga., founder of the organization. Thirteen members of Troop 1 recently passed their tests for first aid badges. They are planning to work toward cooky badges nexl. Twelve girls of Troop 3 worked on needlepoint at their last meeting and the rest checked over activities. One member brought her birthday cake and ice cream and shared it with the troop. Troop 4, working on a Red Cross project, stuffed animate to be sent to refugee children. Troop 5, busy on working toward first aid efficiency, recently held a last minute review before taking a test and girls working on arts and crafts had Mrs. T. A Turner as guest speaker on art work. Kathryn Sensabaugh brought her birthday cake to serve to the troop. Troop 12 met in the Little House for musical numbers, readings and a short play. The organization of the first troop was told and the Virginia Reel was learned as an activity., Dorothy Bell West and Beverly Click were invested as new members and Billie Anita Foster was chosen as scribe. Three .Students Win in Essay Contest Peggy Ann Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. 1VT .Tnhnc^r, ~t News Briefs of machine. The nickelodeon, which was pro- i 4. If you have a radio in your bedroom should you keep it tuned low, to keep from disturbing other members of the family? 5. If a person is listening to a radio talk is it polite to interrupt and comment on what the speaker Is saying? . What would you do if— . •' You meet a woman who is on a daytime radio program— • (a) Say, "I never listen to the j tadio during the day"? (b) Show some interest in her program? Answers :' 1- Yes. Unless you know even that will disturb them i 2. No. ' 3. Yes. ' r 4. Yes. . 5 No. Wait until the end of the talk to comment. } .Better "What Would You Do" {solution — Cb). Mrs. Seaman Nelson Honored At Shower i Mesdames Lee Evitt and J. E. -Turner entertained with a shower Tuesday afternoon in the Turner hpme, 213 Sixth street, as a courtesy to Mrs. Seamon L. Nelson, j Guests were Mesdames T E Cntes, Mark Day, L. S. Winn, C. J. Van Beekum, Vaughn Winn, L. R. Shannon, Jonah Graves, J. B. Shannon, H. H. Jons and T. H. Anderson. ; Those sending gifts were Me*- cames J. C. Jarrett, E. V. Crite* Carl Davis, Carl Hawkins, M F' Cowan, J. H. Izard and "Miss Sue Cntes. BaptsTEL CJals" Has Business Meet For group captain reports and neral business discussion - gener bers of the First Baptist TEL met Tuesday afternoon a* 3 o'clock Opening song was, "My Faith was l S .dP£ ^ Th Sr e -" A devotion was led by Mrs. H. P Baker anc prayers were given by members of the group. Mrs. J. H. Aeee class president, presided for business. Refreshments were served by Mrs Jackson and her daughter -uane, 10 Mesdames Jessie King Ageo, Baker, J. K. Miller, O. A " Two Entertain For Legion Auxiliary .- Games of forty-two and bridge were played by ie members of the American Legion auxiliary- Monday night at the Legion hall Mesdames M. D. Day a'nd R . A" Metcalfe were hostesses. Punch and cake were served. /-. , \._ _~" f£""&r *-r. J. MC^arty, \v_ H. Armes, J. W Wills J. P. Middleton, J. p. Presslcy, G E. Jvmgnt and Creek Brown. Nursery Mothers Club Has Program Tuesday A study on "Parents Achieving Mavurity m Christian Homes" was continued with Mrs. C. H. Loving as the leader at the.Asbury Methodist Nursery Mothers club Tuesday afternoon with Mrs T O Moore, 2111 Fifth street. ' A devotion was given by Mrs. E. E. Stafford. Airs. Maurice Cowan spoke on "Confused Parents Make Confused Children." An Easter egg hunt was planned for the nursery department March 31. Members present were Me.v dames J. C Dean, C. C. Campbell, Stafford, Cowan, Loving, R F Evans, J. C. Jarrett, A. J. Craft! Clay Knox and C. O. Tune. Buy A Defense Bond TODAYI 'You GIRLS WHO SUFFER If you suffer monthly cramps, backache, nervousness, dlstresfor "lr- " ,H, monthly disturbances— trv Lydla E Plnkham's Vegetable Compound at once! It's oce medicine you can buy made especially /or uomen. Follow «btl directions. TYPEWRITERS FOR RENT W. P. B. has released restrictions on rental of used Typewritars! THE BAKER CO. Priming And Office Equipment Hth And Ave. J Lubbock, Texas. r>j a i 8516 , —••—«••—-»j n nn,jj vva> tripped so it could be played without a coin deposit, and the marble machine were donated to the center by Dr. C. C. Craig. A sole drink vending machine is to be placed in the hall soon. Mesdames G. M. Blackwel!, W C. Garrison, Waldo Clock and Harry Hill made the cookies ^^ril 6 serv ;? d Sun day after- and Hill, with several Hub- acted as hostesses. The Major and Minor club 01 Tech co-eds studying physical education directed recreation using group entertainment as their laboratory. They were directed depSen G t e0rgeLangf0rd -° f the This report was given bv th P district WPA supervisor of A Avenue R, was first place winner in an essay contest on Health— A Defense Measure" which was sponsored by the Lubbock-Crosby County Medical auxiliary. Bess Griggs, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Leonard O. Griggc of 1711 Seventh street, and Mick Sellen, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. N Sellen of 1933 Avenue H, were second and third place winners Prices were $2.50, S1.50 and $1.00 for first, second and third places. Miss- Johnson's essay, has .been sent to San Antonio where it will compete in the state contest. State prizes are: a $25 defense bond for first prize, $10 in defense stamps second prize and $5 in defense stamps, third prize. Mr. and Mrs. Tom C. Hudson and son, Tom, of Plainview highway visited during the week-end in Wichita Falls where their son and brother, Frank H.., is stationed at Sheppard field. He was sent there two weeks ago. Rotarinns today will name six members of the board of directors from a list of ten men named last Wednesday in a run-off election, President Roy Furr said Tuesday. Members of the new and old board later will select officers. Mr. and Mrs. Clem N. Gau»n, 2014 Eighteenth street, have returned from Fawhuska, Okla where they visited their daughter, Roma and family. They also visited their son, Eugene, in Wichita, J. W. Bush of Levelland hioh- way is at the bedside of his brother R. c. Bush, who is seriously r JJ 1 ? stamf °rd hospital. The Lubbock man was called Monday night and was accompanied by Bernadell Bush, daughter of R C who is m nurses training here. James W. Shore of Odessa, a deputy collector of internal revenue, who had been assigned to the Lubbock office for several weeks, left for his home Tuesday. He was sent here late in February to assist the three-man staff regularly assigned here. An inspector of the immigration and naturalization service is expected here early i n April to examine applicants for American citizenship. Mrs. Olive Fluke de- h^ X U ; ?' court clerk > sa 'd she nacl not heard from the El Paso district office but she had been told by an applicant that an inspector would be in Lubbock April L Notice to this effect had been received by him, the applicant Notices giving cotton insurance rates on irrigated cotton farms of the county were mailed late Tuesday to approximately 263 farmers m the county with irrigation wells according to Walter Y. .Wells; administrator of the county Agricul tural Adjustment administrltion Dr C. 3. Qualia, head professor of foreign languages at Texas lechnologtcal college, was author of a review of the book, "Introducing Spanish", by John A. Thompson and William A. McKnight,- which appeared in the February issue of the South-Cen- c ,v^ ulletin ' Published by the South-Central Modern Language association. Harry J EusJace, vice president of Agricultural Trade Relations of ban Francisco, spoke to the Business Administration club and faculty of Texas Technological col- Baptist Lottie Moon Has Study Monday For a devotion and Bible study of Joshua, the Lottie Moon circle of the First Baptist Women's Missionary society met at the First Baptist church (colored), 1608 Ayenue A, Monday night. Mrs. Eula Draper presented the lesson before a group described as an "appreciative audience." County Association Will Open Clinic Announcement was made Tuesday afternoon that the Lubbock County Association For Tuberculosis has' set up an office and clinic which will be formally opened in about two weeks. The clinic is located at 618 Avenue C and is open to all persons needing help. The medical association is donating its service. Funds for the construction of the clinic were secured from the sale of Christmas seals. Work of the clinic will include testing of school children, visiting homes of the tuberculer and contacting the family of the tubercu- ler. An educational campaign will be held through-out all the Lubbock schools. Composing a housing committee for the construction of the association's office were Doctors Arthur Jenkins, Ewell L. Hunt, Pauline Miller and L. W. Spikes, and J. T. Trigg. Mesdames J. C. Reynolds, G. W. McCleary and Robert Allen. Tuesda y on. "Changing ation. recre- Easter Motif Feature Of Friendship Meet Easter was featured t at the Friendship club meeting Tuesday afternoon in ' y afternoon in the home o, -A Peel, 2203 Twenty-second street. The refreshment table was laid with a lace cloth and centered with an arrangement of snapdragons and sweetpeas Sewing was the diversion for the afternoon. Attending were £l e j^ me i °" O t Williams, Jack Akers, Troy Wom" H. ' • T, l ' ' Raymond Womacfc. Members were Mesdames G. C Brewer, K. C. Southern, O W Me-' j"?' Y.- ?• Keener ' and L. E. Huggins. PLA-MOR CLUB Members of the Pla-Mor Forty- f V °, on Ub , W , H1 meet this a «ernoon at 2:30 o'clock with Mrs. J D Nelson, 1905 Eighth street V ° ATTENTION FARMERS Farmers may now use an INSURED MORTGAGE to build or repair HOUSES BARNS, SHEDS, POULTRY HOLSES, SILOS and other farm structures. Farm Land can be bought or refinanced on this plan, also Payments are made semiannually or annually . this loan may be repaid over a period of 20 years or in some cases 25 years Provide your family with a modern atlrac- live home •withoul wailing years to accumulate th« cash. FOR FULL DETAILS SEE BUILDERS LUMBER CO, 1306 «h St. Phona 7453 Epsifqn Sigma Alpha Meets Monday Night The Alpha Gamma chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha sororitv met at the Hilton hotel Monday night. Members present were Mrs. Weidon George and Misses Mary Ruth Newgent, Pauline Stafford, Mary Katherine Rice, Virginia Miller Mary Anna Wood, WynUham Gay Robertson, Opal McMahon Helen Brown. and Tech Newcomers Club Will Meet Thursday Mrs. W. H. Bledsoe, 1812 Broadway, .will entertain for the Tech Newcomers club Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. A story in the Tuesday Morning Avalanche erroneously stated the meeting would be held Tuesday. Mother's Friend helps brittg'ease and comfort to expectant mothers. M OTHER'S PKIEND, an exquisitely prepare! emollient Is useful Jn ail condt- _^...^ J ^_^__ tlons where a bland, mild anodyne mas- um in skla lubrtcatlo On .e condition In which , massaging the body dur- r.v - * h «IJ» k«p^ «kf a soft and pliable . ..-thus avoiding iin ed. Delightful to use Mother's Friend rmm«. J u ,t ^kinr drarcLYfoTMc^--? inend—the >Vin lobticant. Try it toui'iht. Adr. ™ . Mercnandismg Methods Under A War Economy." Luther Sharp a vice president and director of the same organization with state headquarters in Dallas, also was pres- Opti-Mrs. Club Will Honor Optimists To hear Eldon S. Dummit of Lexington. Ky., president of the Optimist International, members of the Opti-Mrs. club met with the Optimists Tuesday at 12 noon at luncheon-meeting in Hotel Lubbock. Following the luncheon, a short business meeting was held by the Opti-Mrs. club with 'Mrs. M. L. Waldrop, jr., presiding for business. A social committee is planning a social honoring Optimists for March 31. Those attending the luncheon were Mesdames J. B. Morrisset, Virgil Williams, N. A. Cox, Ralph Underwood, M. L. Shepherd, J. D. Strickland, O. W. McGuire, L. G. Harmon, W. C. Boyd, L. D. Casey, Syrian Marbut and Waldrop. "American Fashions" Is Program .Theme With three club members and a guest speaker giving discussions of past and current styles, a program on "American Fashions" \vas'p:e- sented Tuesday o'clock in the afternoon at 3 Hilton hotel for members of the'Lubbock Woman's club. Mrs. O. T. Ryan, leader, discussed "The Well Dressed Man in Colonial. Days." Mrs. Carroll Thompson gave a tribute to her mother, "A Bell of the Old South" and Mrs. A. B. Brown spoke o"n "American Fashion Magazines." Mrs. Ben Maxey, a guest speaker representing Hemphill-Wells company, told 01' "Fashions of Today." Carrying out the (hemp, of the day, Mrs. R. K. Landreth, dressed in a colonial costume, sang old- fashioned songs. She was accompanied by Mrs. W. L. Wallace. The Woman's club will be hbs';- ess group at the Legion hall, temporary recreation center for enlisted men from the Lubbock Army Flying school, next Sunday'after- noon. Members will bake cookies for the cooky jar at the center. An exhibit of South American art win be sponsored by the club for the seventh district convention of Texas Federated Women's clubs which will convene here next week. The exhibit will be held 'in the First Methodist "church, convention headquarters. Mrs. A. H. Douglas will be chairman of the exhibit. , delicate delectable! meringue shell ent Three Sororities To Give Dance March 28 _ A dance will be given March 28 m the Hilton hotel ballroom by members of the Lubbock chapters of the three national sororities, Kappa Gamma, Beta Sigma Ph ; and Epsiion Sigma Alpha, Further plans were made at a meeting of representatives of the three sororities Monday night at the Hilton hotel, with Miss Roberta Raybon presiding. Bachelor officers at the Lubbock Army Flying school will be guests at the dance. among Coughing Get relief from distress frith the IMPROVED Vicks treatment that njakes Vicis VapoRub give EVEN BETTER RESULTS THAN EVtR KFORE! . ACTS 2 WATS AT ONCE to hnng relief ...PDJETRATES to upper wreathing passages with soothing medicinal vapors . . . STMUUTES chest and bacfc surfaces Jlke a •warming poultice And. WOSKS FOR HOURS to case coughs, relieve muscular soreness or tightness, and bring real comfort. To get this Improved treatment - .. Jiist massage VapoRub lor 3 minutes ON BACK as well BS ^tft and chest, then spread thlcfc layer on chest and cover ^"^armed cloth. Try It! VICES VAPOBHB-th6 Improved Way! Mrs. Alfred Crosby Elected President In an election of officers held Tuesday afternoon at the Garden Study club meeting, Mrs. Alfred Crosby was chosen president. Others elected were: Mrs. Herschel Maxey, vice president; Mrs. E. T. Pope, recording, secretary; Mrs. W. B. Rushing, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Culver Hill, treasurer; Mrs. Jack Griggs, reporter; Mrs. J. W. Mallory, historian and Mrs. Ben Jenkins, parliamentarian. Mrs. Henry Roberts entertained for the club in the home of Mrs Charles Whitacre, 1905 Twentieth street. Mrs. Frank Winn appeared before the club arid gave "Plans for Buying Defense Bonds and Stamps." Mrs. Jenkins spoke on "Planting and Care of Roses." MERfNGUB SHELL whites l/J teaspoon salt teaspoon corn starch l/ 4 teaspoon vanilla >A cup.KARO (red label) Place egg whites in mixing bow); add salt, vanilla and corn starch. Beat with rotary beater until they begin to hold shape. Add KAUO, 1 tablespoon at a time, beating thoroughly after each addition. Meringues should be glossy and stiff enough to stand in peaks. Place heavy ungreased paper on a baking sheet? shape meringues in shells on the paper with a spoon or pastry bag. Bake in a slow oven (250 degrees F.) I hour, or until dry'and faintly browned. Remove from oven; let cool 5 minutes, and remove from paper with a sharp knife. Cool thoroughly. Fill with jellied berries or other fruit and place in refrigerator to set. Makes 4 large meringues 5 inches in diameter, or 6 small meringues. Cocanougher r s Cafeteria "SELECTED FOODS FOR YOUR SELECTION Chicken & Dumplins •. 25c Baked Ham 20c Pork & Dressing I8c Chicken Fried SJeak 18c Pork Chop J2c Stuffed Pepper io c Sc Sc Combination Salad Cold Slaw Cottage Cheese Pickles 3c Drinks -_ «j c Pie 1803 Broadway Phone 9S?,1 BEAUTIFUL BRIDAL ENSEMBLE Sparkling diamond engagement ring matched with B 2-diamond wedding band. Exceptional qual- .. sensationally low priced. Handsome r,iyl« diamond ring for men. Yellow gold. 73c A Week 3 diamond* • a c h of charming yellow 6 iida diamondi add io the splen- 9

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