The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 28, 1932 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1932
Page 5
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THZ DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK, MD.. SATURDAY. MAY 28, 1932. FIVE DEATHS Simoc P. Knhn. Simon Peter Kiihn died evening at his hoaie at Garfield, aged 7S years, four months and :* days. He is ', Among County i Women's Clubs PATCHED Union Bridge LOCAL MENTIONS LOCAL MENTIONS i CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK. The M E I Kemptown Club Meets. The Kesipto-s-n Woman's club met at he home of Mrs. Rufus Day May 20. .ith eleven members, three visitors and , -d to ·aith. "One Way of Beauti- ; and one brot^r. Mrs. Margaret Beck. ; J^^^^^^^ftS ! Elmo-*; Mrs. Anna Le*ii. Wolfs-.'ille: : 3 M -~ Pear»_ a_o ga.e a -ec.^ John EL Kafca. WoBSwSe. « cwancu-.y =:«« and a_o a oera- ; Funeral Suadav ^:th services st Mt . onstration on catnty apc«-cb» ana . a_c.e. ·»-_!-». __^__ ,,__..,;. cesse--^. Refre^niner-ts sere ; The next meeting to be at the · Carmel church : GarSeld at funeral directors. Libertytawn Woman's Chib. -, - . ,» e--:.i. Miss Annie Ying'irig ^ras hce'"ss to Mrs 1 ^ te Sfof X** D. , ^ ******** toman's Club. Wed- ' Smith, died at her home, near Li'r- tOTrn, Pr.dsy looming a cerebral he^icrrsaze. Besides her husband. The 2:am feat-jre of the program oining cecsewrr. funera. directors. FUNERAL? Puceral of Harry Franklin rill be held from the home f his brother. Glenn J. Zlnnr.ertcar.. 1802 North Market street, leavmg the house · Monday afternoon at, i 30 o'clock, *ith ; final services at Zion Reformed church, ; Charjesvtlle, at - o'clock. M. R. Etch- ! ison and Son, funeral director ho-s-n. The .'udges. Mrs Danner! and Mrs. Von EiS, of the Unsonville i club, a-xarced rlrst premium to Mrs. j Sidney^n and second to Mrs.. :T. A." Simpson. i The hostess ser.ed refreshments The- i ^ext meeting "vill be at the home of , ' Airs I^asira Saopinston. June 3, with j · h» vr:'ect demonstrators in charge. Union Bridgr. May 28.--The final Attention. Jr. O. V. A. M. meeting of th* Pa.-ent-Twicher Asso- Meatbe-.s oi Frrderi.'k Council. No ciation for the year was held on Mot:- ;;s art . .-vquetted to met', at loiw ; \°' a '* day folloa-ing a bake sale for thr be:ie- room 0:1 Sundav Ma\ '-9. not later "* hurxa.. fit of .wodirig: the school lawn Mr has l ? n; '. · take par: in parade ' J! -' : ". x ·· Wiley, "he \ioe-prcsidcnt. called thf a ni avaiorul or«r.onies at Walfcers- bv-rr.e^ _ , . ' ^ V 1 .. Ut J S CRIST Rx- Secty svnu * Nolle*. Churvr- U- «.·:. 5, ·; ",· C . J - ' Lav:: POTTS GEIFFIN. order about loruLjsng Mr Join; ^poke school grounds. TONIGHT You 2iiy .oot baet ln*-o t^te dartness a-- d irr'.trt th- ' ran .· zy. s-. n.^? But on tile o'hrr s-d» ^' '^f »or.d-- .*. .3 ali l:£ht. a ' brlll.ilic* The *J3 »:;.' ?J'2's 1- ')·· bus'seis -world i::4 '.he {-"We- '..-· -j^r.orr ;! y~oyi* fsa SeL»T» ;h.s tr-- br^a-'r :: -cr ^ su-sr Re»; Ej'.i'.? 15 i ti* tx:-.'- b ' T '.o-ia? Mr L'cg-r reported a balance of Sll then presentee concerning graduation week- Tuesday. June T, exhibit-oii da\ Friday. June 10. class night ewrcu** Jsirie 1-. sermon for the graduates. Monday June 13. ;radua'ir.# exercise* Tne meeting TSLS t2*en tumed \.^cr to ' the Al'-isir.: Aa^ocia^soti ar.d trie fol- Bansert as the announcer ir.d Prtrf Fisher ss the fruet artiit* \ solo. Thelma Wirsimer A Musical S'orv. La\aa Banker', \-x-al s*lj. s^vi Fisoer: a qoar*«y Ms*a C^tiu-ru-.o Eatterday. Mar;.- GUrer-.. Do-rii Lefx. Mrs. Ko»i. \^ca! soX La\-a:i Rinker: , WhUe -he stage «as being Hrran;evi ' for the p^ let. -All on a Summer i Day," Mr. Bankers entertained »:t'! an Ir^.1 K*e Th* .-jst for the p.*%let aas. One. Dons Fo\\ble. T»o : Fowble: Three. Helen Baker. · MaJElcy. Thelma \Vimraer. R Thelma Winrmer. otano sol?. | Fisher. · --The Pipe Creek Socje-ty o! , held tneir quarterly meeting Sunday a; iii« oJd meeting house or. Quaker Hill covv.ri rKS Attention I'wlii- holders! Or. ar.d a::vr J-:-.e 1st a:- oSicc »- 1 e l^.avc a: :0o \\V-st stroct ·.er B.ue ar.d G:e Beaut} Parlor GEO L. tC ITi\atr THE POTTS * Q?.:FFIX Memorul Uay Notice. !r»r:"s 3J Jor.ij;:: -v,-t fr.» ".. FK\N"K C NORWOOD Lut and Bnt Dance jt IX-ia.- ·*».:..·. \lo::Jla\" 30 Mu^.o o- J^::\ Strir.i Bar.d bu S*vo.»l fei";ri" cair ivsla. nt-^.oii vOc 13' M.»^ N. Ad- B-aci ad-ng Pro! Attrnllcn Lc£ionnairc*. Momoers ... iit^x't at Hc*tne - 15 p m Monda\ lor Day Parade You are r«;^.-'.'d t j flowers CHAIRMAN Speak's Beauty Sboppc. May Holmes. mana;rr Special this Braddock Club OaUng. een membe-t; of the Braddock, ', Women's C'.ub and rarelve ^1sitors! ' nsotored tn South Mountain. Wasiung- j The funeral of Mrs. Mary E Jen- . :o "- nlngs was held on Friday jith services ^ a- -''e home of Le'xis \\acnter. r e a r t - l i - - y- ".^--- ·= = . -- i T«. n* -~ rhrousn the mountain, tne P--rt_. y. a. - oc.o--.a- ' ^'reached Washington's monument, the :: of the tnp. Returning to Dahi- pallbearers ="3'--a_"i~ Z m^e-man j greri s. picn.c supper was served. It _.... - g'.jj.-v/ i bents the birthday of a member. Mrs. j (^ and one at 2 o'clock Many attended. J the crjurch being r.Hed in th" af vr- ' ·neon. Ascosigr thosepre*.-rit woreaitm- · bers from Baltimore and Pe:irtsy ! .v?".La · Biss Fiatbush i*ai the speaker st · both ser\-ices. Among those from Bal- · unore who uTe former ressder.vs of she toivn or cojr.mur.:ty were- Mrs. Jesse Smith. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Nithaii Smith. M^s Eliza Rakestraw. M-ss-.-s JNelLe ani Corinne Hibberd and Mr. manth Marcel 5b.-J or Piner \Va\e '- wi Market S and I Hrreb Cite Notice that 1 a.:n n.-t r-^;o:i5!ile lor debts tra? bs An\o:w o'h^r n:i Sf-vWSLL H. IJXTKICUM. Ha:"_sto'Ai:, Md. Plotters For Decoration Day. Cut Pineys FVr S.i!e Apply 200 SASF SEVENTH ST. those v.-ho were supper guests vi Mr and Mrs. Xcrns Kames on Sunday e\e- 'nlngr tvero the some of vere shere for the -.\eek-end. Mr and Mrs. Bbss Fiatbush. Mr and Mrs. Burnett. Miss Farquahir and Mr, and Mrs. Laurie Hames. Baltimore: Mr. Mrs. A. Bisler.'Cle. Pa. 11. ent. e:c , MRS MARY C. LJ^TOX Glenn Trout Auct. R L. Kell}. Clerk. \ttc«-. - thv :::^^'. ::;· H;j;T A KSMS'. KepjIrinR. '.11 N '-.i M i r . - 1 S'-o % Houcrs and Hardy Plants. Dv-c ru'..-:. D.,-. JiSI EN C Sl'AI EY P.tor.e 1SV-F-C1 Preuer. jw Drink More Milk. Yo-:r c:virc-t ir. bef. f.xxl. -Oc * " ' " " / S S \VERTItEL\tER City Cleanup Das Tuesda. V.'odnesSa-.. Thursday ar.d ".-·.-.« : Charles Main and that of S. L. Bast. Ralph Flani^as. Glen Cramer. Will Charles Jefferson. Mr. William 3. Bettnet; is confined ber laid out her paiama pattern Furniture t inishin^. I phoKtrriii ::d re-J.i.r.:-4 Pr i., r.-A-.o:;.a GEORGE V." HUNICHF.N ·'.".one J3-M 10S Eift Fo-irth Slodern Apartment For RtT.t A-3.v \Vf.l Sr^i 410 N j r t h Market St WANTED. \Valter Jefferson. Clayton Bue. Lmesey \ to his home on Coun street with ton- . then cut the bits in quilting designs to j --u r _ ant i Mrs Claude BUlmyer left Ambush, Ralph Delauter, V."iliiam Box- j s utr:s. · fi- into the picture and on her. j on Sarorciay for New York, where they ings. Flower girls were: Annie OEord.! , l^-ii s p e nd several weeks wi£i their A^ies Weeclon. Marie Ambush. Mary j Mr. Samuel Main and son. Arthur.] ;son and his wife. Mr. and Mrs James Young. Aiae Whiten. Acdie SOT. mgs. j of Dallas. Texas, are visiting Mr. and were Sunday guests of Mrs. Thomas D. iBiHmyer. Interment colored cemetery, near Point. Mrs. Jesse Hoover. Wess Pacnck street ; Roberts. Laurel. ; --Mrs. Josephine Dev-Jbiss, Free- , of Rocks. M. R. Stchison and Son. fun- ; i --Many friends attended the burial ' erick, is spending some time iuth her. era! directors. Mr and Mrs Casper S. Cline and j service of Mrs. Martha. Waters at St. j son. Edward, and -'amiiy. OF FREDERICK, MD. CAPITAL $100,000.00 SURPLUS $800,000.00 OFFICERS JOSEPH D. BAKES. Chairman of Board. H'ii vis l. BAKES. President. JOHN II. BAKER. \'i(t-l'resident. JOSEPH McDiviT. Vice-President. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAN. Cashier. SAMCEL G. DUVALL. Assistant Cashier. J. TRAVEKS THOMAS. Assistant Cashier. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER. THOMAS H. HALLER. CHARLES H. COSLEY. M. D^ JOHN S. NEWMAN. JAMES II. UAMBRILL. JR., HOLMES D. BAKER, DANIEL BAKER. JR.. JOHN H. BAKER, ELIAS B. RAMSBCRCH. ARCHIBALD E. FISHER. JOHN N. CLABY. ls rrn:al:ii · s E,?.. »: -- · i-j :=-.=:· i--.- v -- j ^--.js. i'. » --··- :ij: .s -:-i. .- = ?irsi «.Oi :·-» : srri: mi^iz-isf JOHN N CLARY. A^ U'.-s O: !ri--*::e» O M1LBVP.N FRTF. S.:: '.or ·Pbor.e 736 9 N Court St NOAH E. CRAMER SON. w*;: et Frrif c c ir'rs o! ar.,1 '**ji cn-.y Onr.rr i-- la.» »K2 «... UT. Tir-'T-5cit- »o-« - 4 -.«·-.· y-t ^ ^ " i*i !-r *"u*' -: =:ji.:£ ei A-' c^c- | at-.d K'.CO Fir Jar'tf r". --'ar »pp.y to KO\H E CRMSER A SON. SH COURT STKEFT. FREDERICK MD ·PSIOSE SO! MISCELLANEOUS. PIASO TCNNTSG 1 I i ipec:i:!T ». *-,' ! 519-W. S West 13: ·. Flay Golf. The City Miniature Grclf Course, un- j ...-^jrrrD - ro?rnox AS COOK on HOVS ' cer ne\\ management, will oren for the! ' n o - h £ · . - r.-- . in E^-K "7. ov1r .*' : " seisor. Saf.rday. ay 28. 7 p. m. i : "" 3 '" : ' Come one- Come all. CHICKS FOR SALE. BASV CHICKS -- B A T K E D \ND \\HITE Rock. S C n."^5. '.Vh.-.» \T;.in-J~-.:-^ I3!l BuK O:p:r.;:or.i. $7 "0 ^·--*- B.ict G:ar.:j. J1IOO Heavy assjr:-».!. S6 W started c!s:efc3 Cyj.ii ^.a:c!-.:r.s We tuv yn'-'-'-^y and esu 'Phor.r- 439 Mt! Chics HatcSfrT. | US East Patr.-Sc -,rc-: 5-27-do-. j F O R SALE --BABY CHICKS. SPECIAL j price !or Jane Brs.-g yo^r ej;s on Sati urtlav of rach Ty-fi Icr c-:rto:r ti^'.cS:^^. j Rice's Cftlci Hi'.cherv. \\ ».s?rJT::!c. Md. : "Phone 7 5-25-i32i WANTED -PUMN SS-.MNO. :!9 WEDDINGS Cake and Pie Festival. Benefit of Arab" church. Stauffer's. - , . , . , . - . . . _ - - , , . , i-. .-*.., Station Frederick Junction.! .'Hignlanc Locze, o.d Bracaock. for · Walter Dye. St. John's church. Ellicott · Miss Nora. Waynesboro, Pa., were ! Ma .. , Q ^.· e -___ K _ n ^^ ^i gn . Hann- I the Summer. ' City. oSciated. ! week-end guests of the formers s_st?r. i _._.,; ^ d '^'^-r,.' " i HFI _ P j | --The Woman's Guild of St. Bama- Mrs. Ezra Senseney. Miss Ethel Wei- ·" "" "'° f j " _."__. Dr. E. R. Shaw and family, of Ve-. bag church will mee-t Thursday as Mrs.; ty and Bart Shively. Waynesboro. v.ere| R , h ^ ri.!^v« ' K:'--»! i daughter. Virgmia, have moved to ' Barnabas cemetery on Monday. Rev.' --Mrs. Ida Deiapiane and daughter. ^-"^ Waynesboro, Pa., "" - HELP WANTED. WASTED-SEPriESrSTAT!VE NOTICES. TOI ·* ·*-·*'- » · ba: no'- ..~.-s-.--. o-o ·- . ; -.-' ·· -;·' , rred Rocks. , .- ycs .~ ca - o o:.f * -.. ·-"'" :·· ·"- rJ-"--- "· ' Reds. A'pp'.v'b. K-- ·- TM · w«"« " c ··' '--· ! " p. LUTBLES RICE. HELP DESTROY DEPRESSION onnsR VTS; ov \--DIT NO 93'.! EQUITY tht Clrc-i : Fcr Fri-djrlck Cou-ty. I Sltl.ns ir. E~,-ultv : :.l-if Trr=. 1932 j Ceo A Prarrr. J r . Tr;:s'-- u=d'r the W1U i of GfJ O G-o"r:c--. -itr cr Frcd-r:;s j Counvj-. Ma-?', ir. i. d"C"* t .s w i. On Pe'. *'.5r.. I.-. tSc ra.'.'.'r ot '..-.? \-:c!.:3r s Report Died the 21st dl" o? Mar. 1932 Ordrred. Th^: o^ th- 6*li div of June. 1332. the CJiirt w i! prccc^d to set aprn th^ z ·seek wi^h Mr and Mrs. Jo- Her sister. ^Irs. X^r- Mrs. Howard Grav ?nd H. M Phone 1S15-F-22 ccompamecl her. , Dance Al f ^, The coolest plao f Mrs. Earl Chacey and Mr. and Mrs. · Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gray, were dinner , .....jv D ! v» Tfo-trl rvvoTT»A^m i ~' IrS " Anar ' e7 '" -- H:iss - *^^'-z~ x a~e- Robert Walters. Baltimore. ! guests of their cousins. Dr. and Mrs. " " "A"...."^. 8 ~ 3 o'" IT- J. d,y 1\JL O LU W11 j nue, and Mrs. Reno S. Harp. West j --Mrs. is arjf i Davis, who has been ; Clyde Routzahn at Buckeystowp. en ' " " """"'' Taylorsvilie, Mav 28.-Sunday school · SecxKici sireec. were ;he guess of Mrs. ' :he guest of her daughter. Mrs. Marion i Sunday. stop . __.,,,,.. be held S-unday morning ao 10 | "^.^_^"_ ?l : ,-^. o T.^-_,~ ^ °" '. Earr:s - for seTMral weeks, will, return j --Mr. and Mrs. Plickinger. Fair\-iew G ro fr, the Florist, is selling fine cut Routc M ' :r · be no preaching! i -"on account of the memorial service! at, Winfield instead. ' " --Rev. and Mrs. M. A. Baker a n d ; ^ 0 ^ children. Jimmie and Betty, are spend- , " ing a fe?.- clays at hus home in Wash- · igton. D. C. .y at a bridge luncheon. j to her home in Catonsvilie, on Wed- ! are spending some time with their · saapdragsss at 25c per doz All this ' .fca.riieSVII «S I daughter. Mrs. Tnonias Weishaar. and her family. week. Get yours for memorial day i AV.*ZING SCSISESS OPPor.TurnT^^ j AlsD Glads. Roses and Peonk* at low . _°-"1^ C ,"- J^'-'^"-\^'. '·* vir"::ir!K pr:c«. Get yo^r orders in early ' il'.-jj 0 ~;- V'"~V «"--r ; ; · · - . c-i-tr\ct ;. of Washington. D. C. ! are spending the week-end and Ment- GROFF. The Florist. 'Phone 224. Sewing Circ.e of St Mary's Catholic' ' 8 -oom ir.odern brick direSUng for tourist oaslncss. «!th ctsien: slock modern flUlas sl3tloa Ir-cIudlr-K one acre for earsplag purpose?. locaird oa HSt^^^r May trade on C"." property IT acres on Hlsnicay near Prederlclt. dwell- in; TC -*i c'.eciricity. bitii and gravitation tra'er sTSten: A rea! opportunity for tourist ar.d anr ' station business FARMS FOR pr:ce ar.d location . For 'ir.forraa::an. opportunities, satisfactory vlce and conscientious advice, dos't fail ·o consu:: R'cf P LCTHSB RICE. REAL ESTATE PHONE 148* True Cop;.--Test ELI G HACGH. Orfc- 0. may 21-23 FOE EENT. FOR RENT --FTKXISHED 3-P.OOM APAHT- ar":. crr.tra'. y -seated Addrcsi Box 2706 care N«-vi5-Pas:. 5-3S-d6t FOR BEXT--6-RCX)M HOUSE ALi XIOO- em conv^nirnces Rent rcascnable. Pos- 23 EAST THIRD SI j ,eis:on June 1st Applv 110 McMurray St. 5-lt-dtI | 5-2T-d3f spent Sunday in Baltimore --A surprise birthday party given at the horns of Mr. ar.d ' Dr. A. A. Larnar. Middletown. who had been confined to bed for some -i aouse. shti^ surortse on Fn=a-. -- Its. Jessie V Prioe Mrs. Sla John Bames in honor of Mr. Bames ' weess Friday evening. He received mar... to re beautiful and useful gjfos. Refresh-; rreas were served. The ever.-iig vras Wi.^ara Ifert. o: Gapland. who had spent in p-aving Sve huncrec Those, =fea a patter.-, zr, the Frederick City present were: Mr. and Mrs. .John | hospital .or i~o montrs vrnere -ne was Barnes Mr. and Mrs. E. A. K. Barnes.' 'J^ae-sotng treatment for a broken leg. Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas Pickett. Mr. anc · -~ a s -eturr.?=. to n-s nDrr.e. Mrs. Thomas J. Byers, Mr. and Mrs. . . _ Prank Bsnnett. Mr and Mrs William -atne.^e cattgntcr of Jo.-^n Ing Mr. an: Mrs. By: Herman Miss Amelia Cover. Miss tiiaaoeth Xa31. M:ss Bessie Sheller. M-s; Margaret Bames. Charks Bames.'as Bames. O. Barnes. Carltcn Barr.ej. . ^ Frank Bennet-t. John H. Ber.nct.:. Ha-- " J "^"^..l " __ " clcl Pickett. Xannis Gosr.ell. ' f^P'J^*" :. Z -'. : --G Frank Byers has been spend- ijc --- va -! ing a few cars ~ rh his brother. Tlt-« J. Byers. --The stork visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred HamsTM, ard left them s. oon. ~-~illSS Aj.SC 1 i" · d"^»." 3"G. ud -· iC.jOC. Dern. Baltimore, spent last v*eek vr.-"n her rflother. M"S Rosa Franklin --Merton Frankly h's I--:"' T?.ylo--- \111e for a feT spent Friday in Frederick. --rv^rKhy Bames. caught-rr of Mr ----"^ t*--^ -7^... -_?_·"· 33--*ies is nt'ic-i bed new presi- \ Delegates _ ig were Mrs. \ 'Parker Welier and Mrs. Spngg Hays. The usual soc-.zl hour enjoyed. ! --M.sjes Calla Presc-Dtt; and Dorothy j '·Onr Book of Golden Memories" ·sill De opened sgam On Sunday Morning at : Till please you. STAR HA1 d-2AXIXG AND SHOE SHTXE PARLOR. 11 Court Street. STAR FUENTTUEE CO. a serious illness, is no- able T_ 3UEhi= . of Hock~J. v.ere the week- i TSDrrrY M. E. CHURCH. SOUTH ' Rent-A-Car. end guests of Rebecca Price. ! Sunday School. 9.45 a m · --Miss Rebecca Lillard spent the : Worship Sc--.ices. 11 a. m 7 30 p. m ; week-end in VTash-r.~on as the guest; A cc-rdial welcorr.e awaits all. ; of her a-ont. M-ss MarjDrie Renn. | ! --Mrs. Mary W. Eays and Dr. Leon- . | . ard Hays were the guests cf Mrs. ,Spri2g Hays on Sunday. --Mr and Mrs Laurence Price were · * Want To Dance Tonite New L-^-J. Rates Gas and Oil Included. PRAXCIS SCOTT KEY GARAGE. NETIT LJQtrtD V.E-V. MEV35 OS "CTS OF " 1 Litte'.i ana Mr WiT.:arn 3 Z.itt*ll 1-ocal scr;.-3l en Wecnosiay afterr.osn and grestly enicyed b*. tr.e parents and friends. A ?.fev itle c^nce was one C-' T " = -,' R ( Smith's Mil; at Doubs will be closed * ; all day May 30. 1932. M*ss Y.r;-.nia da-shter -;: ? Mr. an-i Mrs. E. L. who ^-- . . . ., . . beer. .11 with scarlet 'ev=r at IXosron '-* ~ " ne c " £e " "'^ 2olj P re «"^- D 3" Valley College. Annv:l Pa . where she r n e sscon:; anr: tn:rc grac « s A a ' :;qc is z. "e pl-^a^nr feat"rc5 given fov the -Iris ;.f ·'".-- ir-^rrr.Tiiite grad' 1 A Commiss.-or.ers of Frederick C: he A-abs and -.heir irEmstizatinn -f Notice. The Co-jr.ty coratE-ssioners' office and the County Treasurer's o£Ti:e w.ll 1» lav 30th. Decoration Day. Presicsr.t JOHX W. HOLTS Dancing Public! Grand Opening Bali Decoration Day THE NSW HOL.I/TVVOOD BALLROOM Oop-js.te C.ty Tourist Camp Grounds · "Th? Bal'.room DeLuse " ; reat'orins R-ecori-ng and Broadwstlng Sands. The H3..ywood Amusement Co presents D::k D-llinger's Famous College Band Hot-Sweet Music: Sinr'and Rhythm "A Musi-a. Treat" At ".'- o'clock--"Dance of The Crystal Saower." Dazzling! Spectacular: Al.unng' ' Ir.describiole Beaj:;. " The New Ho.-ywood Is Or.e O' M33t _:p-t3-c3te Ballrooms in Maryland. 2 5D Square Feet Crystal Like Floor 1 0: Can Dance--1.000 Cars Car: Park "Tr.e Home of Polits Danrir.r" BE VOCK OV.-N BOSS--V^Kr. E3 " st2oa ·--- L"i- '-'·»"__.' .'·;,!."'" LZJ-S- VEN :·". TO 21 -- n.\tL'^ AY VAS. Ct-E^-KS 5-^dv W J - C c'T------ s'-i?^ ·.:--.-__ " " BARGAIKS IN FURNITURE, 53 s~snt!y "used rcfristrators. all sl:«. S5 00 to SI2 00 100 Ic:t b»»e ru»s $225 up Lir'.r.s room. c:r.!r.c room, bed in a ii.'.ehers rurr.I'.ure a=fi fcouspr:o:i! F3»::« cf rve-v tlr.fl ar.i iescr:p;:or). ne~ and s'lcisl'.y usttl. at unheard o! prlcts Corse In and be convinced in*: TOU cia ave n:ore *han ball We v.'.l "rad* yotir o'.i t-arniiure In Your c-eJ:t ' -ood acre STAR FURNTTCRE CO. 313-325 Sor'-h M»rlKi Slrest, Frederick. Msr7!ancl AUTOMOBILES FOE SALE. L * TM ESSEX SEDAN FIt-"S A -- *: bjr AP?.~ S -*-«; 23th St ! FOR RENT-- \PARTMEJTT. 334 WEST PAT- j rlct street. 6 riorr.s ar.d ^ath. All niocera. Garage and lar;= girdr- "Phon.- 844 5-2T-dS'.* FOR SENT -- APARTMENT A^^^ OFFICES. I Ap?:v Blue »r.d C-r-y Beau-y Saop. tOS j W. Patrlci St. 'Phosc SC-3 5-26-d3; ] SECOND FLOOR. 3-P.O rm I :or rc-.t 103 W. Tn" 3-P.OOM d St APART-.tENT -?.00't HOUSE. 15 WEST AFP-- 13 West y.f:h S: " FOS RENT -FUP.NtSHED AP\ 231 Sas-. Se;cr.a St 'Pnor.e 41 ! FOR RENT -- C-r.OOr.I BHtCX HOrSE. ±13 ' " Eas'. F-v--..~. S; Far'.T n-.oie-~. *?^"7 ; 230 Wes; Ti'.A St 5-:4-s5:" · ' ?OR RE^.T -StX-ROOV. HOCSS -:«:r.; ..g'l-.s. -ari ^ r i _ earier. 5a S. P^^-s.o.. .^^-.- £,,_,___. Pa. j v a c - ' --ET ",.~ ·"id3T y'"' B *"f1"n FDR SALS-- DOOGS ' TON THUCK- Pi-is: bod? App'.y to Pat Msrpriej-s F-..1- j .-; S' £as; St. Eitended FOR RSTT -- SIX-HOOM £23 Ncr*h .!-.* t"t i'-'.p Garber s Baser" BHtCS KOT7SS, FOR RENT --SECOND FI.OCR \PART\tSST. Mr= R F Na.: r.. lit '.Vrst Sscs-d St. 5-ts-Jt:; PUBLIC SALES. ·DrtT. CJ A T r. FOR SALE. student, has been released from '3n*_r:e attd has rea'^meci her .s-tid.e^ Sykesville White Race Slowcs estlrr~ted thit the Sykesvir.e. May ^8-- Mr. and Mrs . Will-am Shipley. Misses ^:ar^arc: ar.d Mary A^nes Sh:rjley a'tcnced "he wec- cinz of -.t-ir fnend Miss Rcselyn Tav-c;. Cn=r:eld. on Sattircay r.:ght ! They returnee r.ctr.e Monday after ns- --Mr. and Mrs. Hersch^ll Resc are ball ;amc bet~«cn O;mus and the local scr.oo" rc":l"*d ^i a "Ic*ory f~ Comi:s. -^ the cri_ld---n. crcn 2.rr "*i.-i-mr T^Trs St^nc^tr- parcn'.- in Sts-i-.ton Va A Broken Plate ss -Jindo-- is bound to cut in;; ;.^-,ur Evory Wednesday Saturcay S- unless you're--Actna-izrf Oti- Oticns S p rn. 53: ^^ __1 - . . Ap"r.£ Plate Glass Policv \jsrar.tri^ -__^--^ ."ast rer;l3u:emer.t---t r.- cost to yc^ Best Fountain Service in The City. POTTS GRIFFIN PEOPLE'S SERVICE DRUG STORES FOR REST --:-:C05SV 4.PASTMZXT. 3 i^aras ^ r i aa'^ *-t-icl J .v- --=ta. _ : _ PI'.KO. ALMOST '· S Ms-t--. -try-. 5-tS-=::t "5.23"^-. ' FOR F1EVT--THIRD FLOOR .'^ -^~^- !r= ^- - SAt-E -- FRTISC. CHICKENS 223 N ".:i-«t S- 5 -^-r.s i-l Sat^ Ap- s-ts-dt: V.'e Card Of Thanks. sh to than.v :'nends and r.'.rn- and symp^tr For Sale. Goc-i Va'ties In Used 3 -- Dcc;e Seians. '. FOR RENT -- -.tODSH^ S-HOOM. SECOND S»JLE -- SLIGHTLY USED. 13-PL.VTS r.oer l=t A - - r -:'· N"2r'- ^tir«: S' Ap- AXNIS 3ARNS3. WILLL\M PLATEH 50 res years. --The Ladies'»x cf St. Paul's Market Prices cnurch have char.jjd the date of ths;r Grain. Wheat, ou Corn, obi . Live Stock and Produce. S: So rally cay is June 2 Mrs. Harry Htss.e h^s c~"2"c of the ^^.^*.. A.....C 1^.....^.*. v . ^oenc.ns w^i* ~eek ~.tli her caug'r.ter. Mrs Harold Rice. B3lt.rr.cTt --Mr and Mrs LOCAL MENTIONS Enjoy A Refreshing Swim In 3ra«dd-vrk Heights ?-^l Rec^ntly imTjroved--no~v b-?-fr tiar. Open tint;.--o':r ani Decorat.t-n D?y Other t.»es by appo--tsent. 1 -- Docie Raadsler. 2 -- Esses Coaches : -- Che~ol*t Ciuoe 1 --Hudson Seuan I-- Pacsars 7 Passenger Secan I-- P.yrr.tutr. Sed*r. I : = Ton Fore. TrjC£ Easy 'erms STALEY :.:OTOR CO. Me -OP S ' ' ~ -- ^LS-.'EN *.C?-ZS O? ALFALFA. - ,, - - - , ... --_, -.f . - p . T J3-- W ..... " FOR SSNT --6-?OO:^ FOrSZ. 5^ NORTH FOH .=iS =-.s=t i FOH RZNT -- L^RGE StX SOOV ·?·-..-- Fred-- : A.' ^:^CS"r c-"T;r. 2--.--S SM.S -- ror?.-?~cE ISATHSR PAR- Peonies Gain? Fast. and felling j a dozen at S-nr.i-"..." For Sale- All i.r.ds o! second hani ?.oe frocn 2 s-p T j -^-.. .a-- . S:r.r-. Co-- -sr a-.a F.f-h ^tref- 5-27-d3t RENT -- D » YLtGHT 7 ·"·-·-· p-.^ T ..l^ c ".l.". CN u "" - "hr-r s-n ar.d daught:r-ir.-l2--. Mr. and Arrar. i. -.^ ^- ,,! M-= J N. Cr.-lcs. Mt. Wash.r.^ton en 3- -.- i- ;' S'jncs" ar.d motored to the former's' _ , --, 3 % j old hcr-.e en South Ri%'er ._ C; to 3c !j --^""- 2 "-c Irs William Chipley ar.d , ^-. a i_,. __ . 3; ;_, 5.- ^on ~ere Sur.nay quests of i ^_ a Jj_-^ i~ -.- g; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rice. Baltim-re Larr.x TBJC'^S) . _ ' . · 4 c ! --7vlrs., Me'."-.lie ard B.liy ' jicgs ,, ~ 3c to 3 : ,=o' Melv.i'.e, Jr., and Richard Bennett, S:, I Attention Lutherans. Farm, five rr..'«s out on Shoci-t-vn to 8 inches: I-Beams. ar.d Angle Iron L-'r.erar. Mtr.'.- Clt,b ^tll hold tht.r ro^d Ccrr» and K them ?r.--r.- for Bji.dir.? purpose r.r.-.-?.l o-tj.r a: Sa_b"s Ir.n Tanev- 1803-F-4 t.-^n. Th^rsiay. J-r.e 9'.- at 7 ? rr. An ^EON' M ESTA3ROOK -^=. S».t,E IO CKS\? I ,;..j "V-^-dA"" ' HOME, THO3- Rea- -~~* x-i- ?sss*»- :?:? L'?Td C Ct. '-r ' Frederick High School. 1333 Clar.= R n^s Openins Dance. HiH Top Hon«c. HARPERS FERRY Deco-a'ion Dav. ?,lay £· FREDERICK JUN"K COMPANY. Prans Gas'.ej ?-op "Ph:ne 3S3 O~;e .its Warehotise--Cr.apel A.ley Be'.-recr. T"r_rd ar.d Fteorth Sts Residente--215 E Third St. FO-? FM.E SH P.rC-ISTER, BE POR RENT --MO2ERN 6-RCOM SO~S3- 32? Pa-1 »T"==- Piv=i5, ir ^ - . _ ^ L . rb-^ri F- tcl.e CP-.wo:»ts ' POR RENT --MODERN 5 ROO\l 5-23-itOt' r3;n%. sr th 7^"i. "CS S-^'n :.Ti-.:»t , .-__, -i.jte pcv^?«;c= ».n"J L- C ' JS RY STOKE. . Moving Van Returning to S. Carolina 1 flr.'t «eek :n June tiill tAe loss o! furn.ture at reasosjable pr.ce °.-!.-r.e ,J?!-M. or Write 828-A, K. Market St. 'Frederick, M-d. Lowei Prices On Scratch Pads. Pencil Talats (r.exspnr.t. paper) No-s 6 Cents a *b Bond ard Bcrc Papsr Tablets, Nox 9 Gents a :b. THE ^ ». FOR 5\LE --ELECTRIC MOTORS. -o --s r'^~»-d -.ra--V=. cor=?-i".S c«~- yoa RENT -- ATTRAC1: ,'=: A?A=T:.:£XT. ·"- s.-a ·« pa-.t. »-.i rso:. to.tew. j Apply Ezra E:-j;-!, Jr.. 100 Ea«: P*c^nd i r-. ·.3".v-s. a;*. sr.a:t:aii. pu".t-s. Bf.:- street. 5-1-S": . . .rr. :ir;4s. -:c Barga n p-.c" pre-ri:, ! T-: ^ H^;--s-Trr. Ci. Ma-r'.irrd Are . , FOH RENT --SIX ROOM HOC3S OS VO^TH , Hagerstoxa. Teitpftoze 1303 Market St ABO'T to C. ?. Sea- Ss-^.t,

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