The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 9, 1970 · Page 22
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May 9, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 22

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1970
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

"Summer Teiil," stencil by Kiaksfcuk C HILD-LIKE in their spontaneous and naive portrayal of sdenes from daily life, Eskimo prints, now being exhibited at the Iowa State University Library in Ames tell of artists who work with complete unconcern for perspective or background. At best there's considerable force and directness in these works and even those that come off less succcssfulljriwve an " engaging air of quaintness about- them such as one will find among the products of a children's art class. Circulated throughout the United States and Canada by the Smithsonian Institution's Traveling Exhibition Service. the prints are by artists of the Eskimo community of Cape Dorset, a small settlement on West Baffin Island in the Canadian Eastern Arctic. Until 13 years ago, this community of about 340 Eskimo people not only didn't go in for printmaking but also didn't even know such a process existed. rpHINGS ARE different now. As early as 1960 a large exhibi- JL tion of Eskimo prints was held at the Montreal Museum "of Fine Arts and.since then the prints have been exhibited and have sold well in the United States and Europe as well as in Canada. .. As a result of this public reception, Eskimos have formed a cooperative based on the sale of prints and any other art or craft work produced by them. An advisory committee comprised of knowledgeable persons in the field of graphic arts in Canada and the United States was -also established to view the prinls each yean This committee was authorized by (he Eskimos to reject those print series they feel to be unsuitable for sale. At the outset the prints came only from Cape, Dorset bu now the printmaking activity has spread to the Eskimos of Povungnetuk, Holman Island in the Western Arctic and Baker Lake west of Hudson Bay. Chitd'Like But Forceful, Prints Noiv Are on Display "At Iowa State V Library By Nick Baldwin Ames Device Not Explosive (Th« Realster's Iowa N«ws Service) AMES, IA. - Police 'Chief Arnold Siedelmann said Friday the /ticking device found in the garage jof Ames Municipal Judge John L. McKinney Apf. 27 was "incendiary but not. explosive." - Siedelmann said this was con- clusio~T~of a preliminary analysis of the unmarked, one- plloff can, its contents- and a timing device by agents of the federal Alcohol and tobacco Tax Division in Des Moines. McKinney blamed black militants from Iowa State Uni- Lverslty--for-placing the fire ' DQTTlUi , j He then declared a mistrial j in the assault and battery case | of Roosevelt Roby, 22, of ~Wa- iterloora black student. Roby was charged in connection ftith a barroom brawl here Apr. 8 involving' blacks and white members of ISU's wrestling team. And, interestingly enough, printmaking ameng the Eskimos started somewhat by accident and all because of a "cFianee remark by a curious Eskimo artist. TAMES HOUSTON. a^Canadian artisLwho was.ciyiLadm.ini- rj strator for the Canadian government, was living on Baffin -tslantHn-r957—when—Oshaweetok—frfcimrjus—Eskirrro-carverr noticed the trademark on two identical packages of cigarettes. Oshaweetok speculated out loud on how tiresome it must be for one person to sit and paint innumerable trademarks on identical packages of cigarettes. Houston then started to explain the offset printing process. Because words such as intaglio and color register do not exist in the Eskimo language he soon found himself at a loss but noticed an ivory tusk the Eskimo artist had recently carved. He took the heavy black residue from an old tin of "Chasing Gecsc," stone cut by Lucy writing ink, smoothed it over the tiisk and then laid a thin piece of toilet tissue on the inked surface. The negative image of Oshaweetok's incised design which appeared when he stripped the paper from the tusk was his answer to the Eskimo's question. • Ry-^_pr-ot-e-ss-of-ti4al-and-ei-roiv-il-\vfls-diseovered--that-a -~ close-grained carving, stone unique to West Baffin reacted best In ink and was well suited to be made into blocks for stone printing. LET'S MOT FORGET 'ON HER DAY 'Emakatilik," stone cut by Angotigalook IIS DISCOVERY and a modest amount of paper and ink suitable for printing which arrived from the south in the summer of 1957 were what was needed to get a start. By the following year experimentation with the stencil process had started and this, too, came about quite accidentally. On a visit to a far camp, Houston stayed in a snowhouse where the wife had cut a number of figures from sealskin scraps in order to illustrate a story for her children. As he looked at the holes in the sealskin from which the figures had been removed, Houston was impressed by its stiff, flat texture and it occurred to him'that paint could be brushed through the openings to form strong stenciled images. Thus skin stenciling came into being and slowly evolved into~tlTe^apeT^ierRMl;"a~M6TFe^onomical way to obfaln stencil prints. Houston then visited Japan, studied new techniques in printmaking, brought these back to Baffin Island, and Eskimos built a workshop. Prints progressed from one color lo several colors and by 1961 they started to engrave directly onto copper plates and a •hand-press was obtained. : Until then printmakcrs had simply placed paper face-down on the inked stone and rubbed it lightly with the fingers until the desired darkness in a. print had been achieved. GIVE MOM A POT OF PETUNIAS for MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL Potted Petunias 59 SATURDAY SUNDAY - - -V V} AGNEWCOOLS CRITICISMS BOISE, IDAHO (-AP) - Vice- .President Spiro T. Agnew eliminated some caustic comments from a prepared speech Friday night, noting he was toning down his remarks as he defended the administration's Cambodian policy. The vice-president delayed his talk to a Republican dinner until "•after President Nixon ended "his news conference in Washington. Then Agnew "said: "If my abandonment of the 'first two pages of this speech in some small way will help coo] the violent situation in siderably greater success than anticipated." He said casualties have been light and troops have uncovered' significant supply dumps, including some containing "supplies donated by American peace groups," FCC Member Rakes TV, lAPPOINTNEW Mxon ior 'Stifling Dissent' \ft\$ft CABINET WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) - Nicholas Johnson, a member of the Federal Communications Commission (.FCC), said Friday j Agnew said the allied troops; the Nixon administration- and "Big Television" are serving asiprime are achieving their objective of | "the handmaidens of revolution" by stifling dissent. 1 '-' destroying ' enemy commu-| Johnson, a native 'of Iowa nication facilities and. supply j City, la., criticized the go, depots. said perhaps three-fourths of Lynch's party supported his moderate policies of dealing with the North through negotiations. They said about a fourth of the Fianna Fail deputies supported the militant views of the Minister Jack Lynch'dismissed ministers for aid .to GIVE MOM A ROSE GIFT CERTIFICATE (for that Rose She Wants) DUBLIN, IRELAND (AP) -, "This operation, if successful', ; ment and the nation networks in a will buy at least eight months!speech for during which these base areas' r a 11 v cannot support military oper- j Capjtp* ations in South Vietnam. Andjje^ 31 employ- even this, assumes that we| es opposed to would not attack the base-areas I u - s - P° lic y in once again. It will now be far!So.utheast harder for the enerny to sustain major operations." the United States, I'm going to do it." | Eliminated was a reference toi "choleric young intellectuals and, lired, embittered elders" mount-j New Iowa Drug Up dissent," Johnson said, the government will "leave only the avenues of violence and j despair." I Complaining that the tele-i vision networks did not provide! I armed intervention. win named a new Cabinet Friday in j the Roman Catholic minority in an effort to keep his ruling I * lle North even if this means Fianna Fail party from cracking up over what the opposition i " lh l- (gi r teS ! " candal jnees, but his long-range future as tot this state since ^ head of th | band y . independence.. 'ernment was less clear.' Dismissed were Neil Blaney as agriculture minister and as finance Johnson, a Democrat and frequent critic of the broadcast industry, was appointed to live coverage of the mass war rally in Washington last try, allegedly involved two for-1Charles™ November, he said: mer Cabinet ministers fired by I •„:„.„„ ,T L. in , ', , ,, .,. lminister. " W h e n the administration ! Lynch Wednesday. Authorities i and 'Big Television' band to- continued their investigations without announcing .any prog- , " gether to suppress legitimate dissent in this country; when they answer our humble peti- i were using debate on the new D e p u t i e s in parliament the seven - mc ^ ber FCC b >' f , or -tions for redress with repeated! Cabinet appointments as The new Division of Narcotics mer President Lyndon B. John- ing "shrill attacks" against the | and Drug Enforcement of the son. His seven-year appoint- ~ . . . .. IT: T-V i i _ f !•»_ .1- i • . _ i _i i ! .._*.:! injury — and now death; whenj liowa Department of Safety was established when five agents were sworn in Public Friday administration. r ,Agnew also deleted a section accusing ..Senator J. W. Fulbright (Dem., Ark.) "of making|by Commissioner Jack M. Ful"the baldest and most reaction-! ton. I ary plea for isolationism" in the] The division was set up by Senate since before Worldlthe 1970 Legislature to replace War II. the old narcotics division of the The vice-president noted that j Board of Pharmacy, previously the prepared text had been re- responsible for enforcing drug leased to the newsmen enrlier laws. and said of the eliminated re-' The narcotics division is the marks: "I will not apologize for them." ' While most of the text was devoted to a soberly phrased defense of Nixon's decision to send American troops into Cambodia, Agnew managed tiHtiSS to a few characteristic barbs just a day after White House sources indicated the tone of his rhetoric might "be muted in the future. tenth agency under the Public- Safety Department, ment does, not expire until i * he y S ive the President access 1973. Scoring President Nixon's ordering of U.S. troops into Cambodia, Johnson said, "President Nixon had given all of us the hope that he was ! going to pursue . a policy of j continued withdrawal of | American troops from Viet- j \ nam. '• "His seeming reversal of that: he said, "with a de-; an excuse to argue the far more emotional issue of relations . . . . . . . ,. .„ ., ., between this predominantly to television tonight (Friday), R * catwic Iriih repub- because he asks for it, and re-j,. d th predomrnapnUy use it to the citizenry un ess p rotestant Brit 4 province O ' f hey demonstrate for it; it is - h a rf v they who are the handmaidens j . . of revolution in thjs country,] r Cl ' and history will .BO record them." ,,, .... . 1 " { °'-™ ed P°" tlcal role in arms smuggling. Give Mom That anolia /• U Jree that she hat always wanted for ay We Servie* What Wt Sill KRUMM SALES t SERVICE 825 E. University • Phont U5-W»7 Soviet Students Back Protests MOSCOW, RUSSIA (AP) — , c eludes the. Highway Patrol, Bu-; P^aMe armed invasion of yet _________ _ ............ reau of Criminal Investigation another sovereign nation an m-, The Soviet student Coundl has and fire'marshal's office. j tensificatjpn of the bombing of sent a message to America sid- Fulton said Friday that plans ; are being made to expand the j narcotics division beyond the i original five-man force. 1 SIGN NO. 1 ! NEW ORLEANS, LA. North Vietnam, and verbal at- iAP> message ing wilh U-S . can us protes . *?*«* and hls vice-presi.-.^ Tass re p 0r ted Friday. • dent on American youth is a, The council expressed "fight- matter of legitimate concern toj i n g so |^ ar ity" a nd wished .all Americans and an issue j " s uc'c e s.l to our American- about wliich he is entitled to an: counterparts." expression of our views." The message was addressed (The Saints Friday signed their; And yet, Johnson said, the to the National Student Associ- Agnew told his Boise au-i N °- 1 draft choicer wide receiv-i administration is hampering ation "to'be forwarded to uni- dience that at every period O f|er Ken Burrough, a 6-foot 4-inch, such expression. /versily student centers in the great challenge in American i 212 " pounder from Texas &> U *T £>' -bottling-up legitimate-- United-Stares, " me Soviet news history "debate has always in-i ern> to a mulli ->' ear contract. ! means for communication of i agency reported. eluded a cadre of Jeremiahs; normally a gloomy coalition of choleric young intellectuals and tired, embittered elders." The Jeremiahs in recent weeks, he said, ''have redoubled their efforts and height e n e d their shrill attacks against Vietnamization, against our policies in Laos, and now against Cambodia." "Rekindle Fires" ~~ He spoke of~"what could only appear as a conscious attempt There's no Buffet ttke to rekindle the debilitating fires i of riot and unrest that had been!I banked by the continuing commitment of President Nixon to end the war." , Qaoting Adlai ^. Steyenson as saying-emotion is no substitute for intelligence, Agnew DINING DtLIGH FOR MOM -51 us not therefore allow the (Wot'ona! attacks or the rigid mythology of liberal ideologues iib 'drown put "objective jisfflsfiiof' and analysis of the eveats of recent weeks in the i Vietnana war." ! "Success" in Cambudia Agoew said the American-: South Vietnamese assaults on I QxrAOUtnlst sanctuaries in Cambodia "are proceeding with con- < l, Woldorf~safacl with real whipped cream, marinated herring with sour cream, planked salmon, and home-made rolls. 30 Hot dishes, our specialties being: beef (med., rare and wel(done) — barbecued ribs — chicken and noodles with cream peas and new potatoes. Seven desserts, including fresh strawbwry-tdfts and cheesecake, brought to your table, topped with real whipped cream. £. 18th Ave, N.K.C., Mo. TRUCK LOAD SALE Complete ~ Selection -y WIDE CHOICE Finest in Des Moines Whirlpool Automatic Washer and Dryer LTA780 'Model VV«sher LTI780 Gat Dryer Washday problems vanish! Look at the special feature* you tet. WASHER: Exclusive Mfloic Clwn Filter, completely automatic; Special Wash 'N Wear cycle; Super Wash (or extra dirty' clothes. 2 speeds and 3 cycles Jo wash e/ery Jauric- lust right. O9OO OB W" 1 " 1 This is your best launa.-y buy $4>(9*9v Tr*4t MATCHING PRYER: Automatic Moisture Minder Control «iuii» off at "dry enough"; Automatic Oryoess Selector with S drying heali. Special W*J* 'n Wear dryin0 and exclusive ' f, t AA AB *"" 1 speed dryJnj! 9199199 Trad* SAME-DAY DELIVERY SERVICE! RHMT IItYtei IN'THI ttmWfSf i OP«N MON. AMP Fil. 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