The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 30, 1975 · Page 6
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August 30, 1975

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 6

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 30, 1975
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

s / DES MO:VES REGISTER » s«t., Aug. 30, 1978 AIR FORCE JET GROUNDED WASHINGTON. D.C, lAP) -i The Air Force announced Fri-; day it has grounded its trouble- plagued A7D jpf warplanps for 'he second time in less thani three month. 1 ;. | A total of .19.1 regular Air; Forces and Air National Guard i A7Ds were ordered grounded "as a precautionary measure pending completion of •% review of engine problems." Truth Crash The action followed (he crash nf an A7D Thursday at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. The pilot was killed in this tenth A7 crash since May. ; An Air Force spokesman said ii is not known yet whether the latest, crash was caused by the turbine vane problem that led to the grounding of about inn \7Ds June 2. "We're, going to look at every jiart of the engine in the light! nf the problems we've had," the spokesman said. The Air Force, said that, though grounded, the A7s would: be flown "if operational requirements demand," meaning an emergency. The A7D, which costs about $3.5 million each, was devel-^ oped originally by the Navy as an attack bomber. The Air , •<• . , M^JMEto use same mileage test flp|d By CAROLK SHTFRFN Heavily Armored Plane f "" w»i""«»«" P«H II is one of the most heavily armor-protected planes used by the Air Force and is equipped THEATER CLOCK Real 4 I^)ve Story' N.Y,C,'s DEBT SET AT HUGE $3,3 BILLION NtiW YORK, N.Y. (AP) State and city officials agreed Friday that the city's true deficit is a staggering $3.3 billion, some $500 million more than one previous estimate. "I think it is a shocking figure and that is why we are as close to default as we are today," said Felix Rohatyn, finance chairman of the Municipal Assistance Corp. More Layoffs The MAC officials raised,the spectre of additional immediate layoffs of about 4fi,000 city em- ployes to wipe out the deficit over the next three years unless other steps are taken to achieve equivalent savings. The huge deficit was amassed over the past four years and i evidently resulted from fiscal juggling employed by city offi- j WAKONDA: Devil's Rain cials to balance the budgets. Saturday's starting Um« « provided- by theater managers.) CHARLIE'S SHOWPLACE: The , Star- spangled Girl — 6:30. CAPRI: Love and Death — 8:30. Sleeper. — 7, 10. FLEUR 1: Monty Python — 215, 4:«, 7:15, 9:15. FLEUR 2: Walking Tall Part It — 2:30, 4:45, 7, 9:30. FLEUR 3: Jaws — 2, 4:30, 7:30, 9:45. FLEUR 4: Undercover} Hero — 2:15, 4:15, 7:15, 9:15. GALAXY: The Dragon Riej — 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. INGERSOLL: Groove Tube — 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. PLAZA: The Apple Dumpling Gang — 1, 3/5, 7, 9. RIVER HILLS: Rollerball — 2:15, 5, 7:15, 9:30. RIVIERA: Nashville — 1:30, 4:15, 7, 9:45. SIERRA 1: Undercover! Hero — 2, 3:45, 5:30, 7:15, 9. SIERRA 2: White Line Fever — 2:30, 4:15, 6, 7:45, 9:30. SIERRA 3: The Other Side of the Mountain — 2, 3:50, 5:40, 7:30, j cane, was developing fast Fri- 9:20 rday and forecasters said the VARSITY: Animal Crackers — 7:4' ' 8:15. Cover Girl Motels — 8:30. Summer School Teachers — 10:10. Roommates — 11:40, Sympathy for the Devil — 1:15 a.m. CAPITOL DRIVE-IN: CarloWH - 8:15. The Dragon Flies — 8:30, 1:50 a.m. (one hour). Last American Hero — 10:30. Shaft — 12:10 a.m. WEST-VUE DRIVt-IN: Cartoons — 8:15. Devil's Rain — 8:30. Dark SUr — 10. West World — 11:40. STARLITE DRIVE-IN: Cartoons — 8:15. 14 and Under — 8:30, 1 a.m. Teen-age Milkmaid* — 10:10. Mrs. Barrlngton — 11:35. MINI-X: Shows 8 a.m. to midnight. MINI-EAST: Shows 8 a.m. to midnight. CINEMA III: Shows 11 to 11. STUDIO HI: Shows 11 toill. Warn travelers of hurricane MIAMI, FLA. (AP) - Caroline, the season's second hurri- 10 . 45 Vflu Ca|) . t ChMl Man — 6:30, 9:30. Hoi|Mt 2, 3:50, Steve and Chris Utle say they have high hopes that their "Love Story" inHiringe will have a happy ending. Chris is being treated for leukemia in a Hamilton, Ohio, hospital. Her husband, a fireman at the Dayton, Ohio, airport, commutes at the end of his shift to he with her in the hospital. _, .. . » cnft The city needs $600 »„ to ..- A , ,. r CINEMA I: The Apple Dumpling Gang l 3 05 " '' _ meet its debts in the next two; C | NEMA 'n : ' Drowning Pool — 1:30, weeks. Rohatyn said. Default "Good Possibility" 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30. FORUM I: Walking Tall Part II — Move to force auto makers "As of today, we haven't got. ^ ™>j>™. ™ { '*>• .. i _.ui«i ti u« „_:.! FORUM II. Jaws — 1, 3.10, 5. :20, FORUM III: Monty Python — 1:20, 3, 4:40, 6:20, 8, 9:40. TV: The Sting — 2:15, 4:45, WASHINGTON. D.C. — The, though the guidelines are advi- one cent committed," he said. 'Default is a good possibility." Rohatyn said that unless the MAC comes up with $100 million by next Friday "we may not be able to meet the cityj' — s-30, li'so. Aloha, Bobby and payroll that day." R«s« - 10:10. The deficit — even higher HOLIDAY: Funny Lady — 7:15, 9:30. ithan the $2.8 billion to $3.1 bil- THEATRE 1536: AIJU'Doesn't Live • • ,1. A ». j u— n ..kii/.i,, Here Anymore — 9:10. Summer of i lion that had been publicly , 4? ,',. i . . . . - i --\- • tt / .ju. 7:15, 9:45. PIONEER DRIVE-IN: White Line Fever in nature. FTC officials! to make i noted that they could, and hint-' was upon at a three- with fast-firing cannon and mis' !™to makers use only govern-j ed that they would, sue com- ^/^"i "^b^Lm^D. „;!__ mental test results as the basis pames that, fai to adhere to ^ aiev ' ""ayor rt " I "'' a " "Both the Air Force, and Navy \ *" ^-rtising claims of gaso-1 fhem. I Beame and state and c.ty ' 1: -? mileage. recent weeks-i, E ."l4TH'iT DR,V,,N: croons - Texas. suddenness of the storm might catch holiday crowds unaware if it hits the Texas coast. The hurricane was packing winds of 75 miles an hour, one mile over the hurricane threshold. Forecasters throughout the day said that Caroline continued to slow down and by late afternoon only a slight westerly drift was noticeable. Caroline's almost due west course would shoot it into the northeast coast of Mexico some time over the weekend. But forecasters warned the storm's progress is very erratic and could easily change direction and head for the southern tip of have experienced engine p rob . lems with a number of different thai consumers types of warplanes this sum-j ^_,^8 t jwmj»';^_|)y_ ads mer, resulting in grounding at ' J. Thomas Rosch. director of I officials ; . rA the FTC's Bureau of Consumer' Tne deflclt fl 8" res and P ro : Protection, said Friday that one time or another of more extolling the performance of j auto makers often use only the cars, all using different test fig-! highway test results, which are than 7,000 "Navy"™' Phantoms "res. the FTC issued "guide-j significantly higher than city and F14 Tomcats, Air Force hnes " utlinm S the . disclosure" 1 •"»• -•—•.«»«».• Fills and A7s. The A7D was built by LTV Aerospace Corp.. Dallas, Tex.! Its turbofan jet engine was! auto makers should make regarding fuel economy claims, The Rules driving results, or bury the city number. Some Criticism One reason the agency did Under the guidelines, which i not issue a binding rule is that manufactured bv the Allison ni"-! bficome effective Oct ' '*• when-; it could not decide whether the vision of General Motors Corp. i ever an advertisement for gaso- EPA numbers should be used i line mileage claims must, con- i as the basis for it, The FTC Spices up; pickles down ifain: said it was not convinced that the EPA test, was "the best • Bolh (he citv and high- .. .., . . . way fuel economy test results I "$™J« £"™ n »« for that car. as tested and reported by the Environmental Protection Agency. Both numbers must be disclosed in CLEV?;LAND, omo A Cleveland food company ex — ..- , ecutive says spices are up but! close conjunctions with each pickles are down, and he says? other and with substantially Ihe recession combined withi equivalent prominence, rising food prices are to blame, i . A disclosure that con- Paul W. Neidhardt, president j S(lmprs no , get the same of the Glidden-Durkee Division j resultg as j hp KPA sjnce , he of SCM Corp. said in an inter-1 nnmbers arp nn | y estimates, view, that American house-! Thp actua , fue| Pconomy ob . wives "are . buying less ex- fninpd by the cons umer de- pensive meat and dressing it up" with spices. At the same time, he said, consumers are foregoing specialty food items such as pickles and olives because of tight budgets. Neidhardt also said Durkee Foods has. found that housewives are returning to the old- fashioned way of baking desserts, causing another change in shopping patterns. , . ! rate mileage figures. There has been some criticism that these tests may overstate fuel econo-j my for some cars. I PHOTOGRAPHER WINS BACK JOB jections of city revenues and expenses were then presented to officials of MAC, who released them at a news conference in the governor's Manhattan office. "With these figures, we now have the parameters we need to move ahead with the steps required to get the city back into the financial market," said William Ellinghaus, president of the corporation. "One of the big problems we've had was getting our handsv on the figures — that was very difficult," he said. Stumbling Block One of the stumbling blocks to selling the MAC bonds to banks and financial institutions had been the question of how large the city's hidden budget deficit, was. "I think the banks will consider it a considerable achievement that everyone got together and agreed on the figures," Rohatyn said, Ellinghaus and Rohatyn Killed by beam NEW YORK. N.Y. lAP) . t u j- j r j i .James Mone, a photographer pends on ^individual sdnv- | dismissed by the Associated ---„-.- ing habits, driving conditions, presg after beinf , identified in j agreed they still have not come the car's condition, and op- collrt hy the F gj as a C()n up w jt n a financing plan to bail tional equipment on the car. | fj den tiai. source during the' the city out. of its fiscal hole and Wounded Knee operation, has stave off default. Rohatyn said been ordered reinstated by an the MAC officers would be arbitrator. ' j meeting with banks and other Arbitrator Benjamin Wolf i financial institutions, ruled that Mone's answering' the questions of FBI agents at • The particular transmis- I sion type, type of fuel system, number of cylinders, or displacement of the car for which the claim is made. • Disclosure of the presence or absence of any optional equipment which s likely to increase or decrease estimated fuel economy. * OPEN AT NOON * FOR THE V 3-DAY LABOR DAY WEEKEND SATURDAY * SUNDAY * MONDAY SEASON'S LAST BIG WEEKEND BINGO IN AIR-CONDITIONED COMFORT ONE FREE GAME 7 P.M. NIGHTLY 19 THRILLING RIDES NEW HAUNTED HOUSE IOWA'S FAVORITE ROLLER COASTER fill ADMISSION * Hit PARKING * Hit PICNICKING CONVINIINTL Y LOCA TID Off 6THAVI.AT COMING REPORT CHOU HAS CANCER if.) At«nc* Prumt-Priiu HONG KONG - Chinese Premier Chou Kn-lai, 77, is reportedly suffering from "cancer in prostrate gland," the South China Morning Post said Friday. Quoting a letter received here by a former Chinese senior medical officer from his colleague in Tientsin who had attended a medical conference in Peking, the Post said early discovery of the cancer made treatment relatively easier for Chou. Chou reportedly did not have to undergo an operation, th« report said. The Post, quoted the letter as saying that specialists from the Cancer Research 'institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences are treating the prime minister who has been under Intensive care since May 1974. Foreign press reports said Chou has been suffering from a heart condition though Peking has made no official statement on the nature of Chou's ailment. a roadblock did not merit dismissal. "My conclusion is that Mone did not commit an offense The FTC issued the guide-! which justified anything more MONTREAL. QUEBEC, CAN-i lines on an "interim" basis sol tnan a talking-to in order to ADA (AP) - An 85-ton con-j that claims for the 1976 model | clarif y tn e murky edge of what crete support beam in the main > cars could be covered with a i was ar| d wa s not involvement, stadium at the I97fi summer j single standard. But it said it| and to define what kind of an- Olympic site collapsed Friday, j w o u I d propose more com-j swers a reporter can give to ISU set for record enrollment AMES, IA. (API - Iowa State University is set to welcome its largest enrollment in history — possibly 1,000 more students than a year ago — when classes begin Sept. 4. Last fall's enrollment, also a Projectionists strike at 7 D.M. theaters was killing one workman and in-j prehensive. legally binding; questions of participants in a . record, was 19,914. juring four. (rules in Ihe near future. AI-, nRws sto ''.v." the ruling said. It: .said Mone's characterization as! a "confidential informant' i unfair. ! The AP dismissed Mone, for! m e. r I y of -Ames and- i Moines, on Apr. 23. 1974, contending thai he had violated a Bv RONNIE WITTENBTJRG journalist's impartiality by giv- By BONNIE WinENHURG ,,,,,, t . .„ j '"S information to agents who Projectionists at seven Des , operate the theaters today with j questioned him at a roadblock Moines theaters went on strike non-union projectionists. O n Mar. 13, 1973, during the at 6:30 p.m. Friday, causing : jF win .P uhinsk y nf Lincoln, occupation of Wounded Knee by 1 I\JPn<;amina talnnhnna ir»f nr_ :i*i A »._ n _ ^ many films to be canceled at the movie houses. The theaters — Galaxy, River Hills, Riviera, Fleur 4, Ingersoll, Plaza and Wakonda — are owned by Dubinsky Brothers Theaters, headquartered in Lincoln, Neb. Other theaters in DPS Moines were not affected by Ihp strike. Expired Contract The strikers - all prnjprlion Neb., said in a telephone inter- militant Indians. view Friday that he knew pro-| m addition, the AP contended jectiomsts were on strike in | that Mone's action jeopardixed Des Moines, Davenport, Hock;the safety of staff members Island, 111., and in Moline. 111., who deal with stories involving' but. he said he had not received' militants around the world information on whether strikes were affecting theaters in oiher cities. The company also owns Ihe- alers in Cedar Rapids, Sioux n'miin c/'funnaH Citv, Marshalltown. Waterloo M UU P »^I rtpptJU Omaha symphony Plus STORM starring Debbie McConnell in Featuring WAITERS & WAITRESSES and in the Nebraska c-ilios of Lincoln, Omaha and Grand Is- OMAHA, NEB. (API - A ists and members nf Movie Op- j a ' nd """ "'"""" """ "'""" "-" dispute between the Omaha erators Local 286 — have hern' Mjkg Marksbtiry pre^idenl nf s .vmphony Association and or- operating without a contract for (he , ocal in S|0(|x Cj|y mannpf| ( . hpstra mi|sicians has lpfj , 0 f^n±T%id7riLT P lS f " p P-^el line at a theat.r and th, rancell.Hon of the svm . John Doud saia riifidv. HP sairi . . , ,. n j pl .o| anf |c ihp =friL- P , , , he does not know when Ihe con- ^.S ^Jtuis k • P h ° " J ' * T" ^^ tract expired. • r< _ group, Ihe orchestras general Doud said Ih? projectionists Traffic Snarled manager said Friday, are striking over working con- Observers in Sioux City said, Maiwger Thomas Genl ditions, salaries and working ; Iralfic was backed up about ... hours. Doud sain 1 the theater two miles on Interstate High- salrt p)ans for the . 25 - me mb e r company wants to make their way 29 as patrons tried to at-;F rou P' 15 of whom would be the jobs part-time i n s t e a d of the lend a film at the Gordon Twin orchestra's first-chair players, THEATRE 1536'"" were canceled because "we "full-time positions at present. Theaters, a drive-in. Management personnel oper- Dubinsky said the Des Moines we ,, e no( ab , e to negotiate satis . ate.d projectors at the lasl local was to reply by Sept. 4 on , , scicduled showings at three a contract offered to them. He ' factnl 'y procedures for selecting flieaters, while other mov- said hr had hoard nothing from and employing musicians in the legoers were turned away. Ihe local until the strike \\fisiSinfoniaafterlengthytalkswith .lay Maness. city manager of called Friday nighl. the orchestra committee and HIP Dubinsky Theaters here. Carl Hoffman, general man- Ihe local union." ••-.••;id "Nashville" was shown at ager fur Dubinsky Theaters in G e r d o m ' s statement was Dns Moinps. said IIP h;ul no made in a letter to ticket-hold- advancp warning nf Ihi 1 strike ers announcing cancellation of Robert R Gray, president of a five-concerl Sinfonia series Loral '>gfi. could not hp reached scheduled at Joslyn Art Mu- baid he would try to for comment Friday night. , seum beginning in November. hp Riviera at 9:45 p.m.. Walking .Tall Part. II" at •'Ipiir 2 at 9:30 p.m., and 1,-iws" at Flpur 3 at 9:45. SPfCMCUMff DUO SERVICE GIRLS ACADEMY AWAIO WINNEIIEST ACTIESS EllEN'lURSTYN ond KRIS KRISTOFFIRSON "ALICE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE" ONCE AT 9:10 plus JENNIFER O'NEILL "SUMMER OF '42" ONCE AT 7:30 SEE IT TONIGHT! MINI EAST 41li.Locu.t • XXX "•«N JACK «UN" "INMMVICI" STREISAND CAAN t ft it ttt ittftff>ttt>ttni« MAKE »t t»t »ttf»»tfttt ntt»tm FtNNYLADY THE BEST MUSICAL TONIGHT lOVt STORY EVER 7:159:30 HOLIDAY THEATRE 3400 SW 9th CMT.ttll CAPITOL Mi. MIAMI W \ / TRUN. . .NOW! 1 ™DRAGON FLIES"U—-~ 'i/ttVfttfl^fto" -saoT« Tff ' TONIGHT. . . 3ADULTKATURIS! It was EVE who first awakmed AD AM to the Joys of manhood- it has been that way ever since! ATM* AIM (X) inCOLOR YOU NtVU OUTOMM YOU* MID KM MM. "TEINAGE MILKMAID" • **ANOATlltM*** NOW. . . ISTDiSMOINiSSHOWINOI WAKONDA AT BOTH (THEATRES! WEST-VUE Drive-In ••< 276-660? OMN CMT. "WIN" 7.M Ml AT KM ITHE MOST INCTiBim EMDIHC Of AMY MOTION HCTUK atlHJ Heaven help us all when I AbuluMr UM motl inuxMito tndmt I SfSf cX«ny motion pclurlMr! An. Mw*t«m.l MM ItuTNt. . MINM WVW, . TQM IHIMtrI . JOM MMMif •• KM Lltfwo • M( * •««"• fcwt »**«JWM» * Mtlow Uktt I. H*. AM M Mi Owl. M MM AT DMVC-m OW.Y... 2 MOM HATUMM — MMIMMUN • VUi MVNNIR "DARK STAR" A',, | "WEST WORLD'tfj. S£ /f-H, i, Af/MY POM ffOAD 4 BIG FEATURES. . . TONIGHTI r • flATS.30* MULIONDOUMFM.O.OUTI MHO NEVER HMO MITI Models WITH THE CENTERFOLD SPREADS. THE GIRLS • AT 10:10 • in Their Sex-Ed Class! THE RoomMates HUI VtOM. IK RUN MMUI ATTMCTNMI MICKJAGGEK "SYMPATHY THI ROLLING STONIS M FORTHfOfVIL

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