The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 29, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 29, 1934
Page 4
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THE PAHS NEWS. 'SUNDAY, JULY », 1*34 ociety Churches Club S \'aucey And H. A. - To Wed Sunday The marrsagre b Tascer. daughter *>* Mr - and /-^ Lee Tancey. to Howard ACdi*^- : Walker of t>-ti!as. will take place * Sunday morrr.rjp a.: :- o <.--<.•-.^ >-. -^~ - 3 .ff .. l~ «, Vv r-- -3 *'-" < ft ^5 — »p-"I^, i i^ t/ fcorae of the pr.'-t ? j<-.^--v--^ ceremony svii! ••* - ; -Tfor^-./a ... the solar:-"i before ;--n aKa ed with fvrn- ."-",-: ;»a--^ t spersed wit a a -ladioll.._ vlirh ; Ward, .pastor i " Baptist enure: Frank Filler v :11 sir.; Truly," a.eoo:r=r-K~--^^ dal chords ^.'-•• m grin ' -and Mea as tiie recession , The bride, ^' by h^ » bo^Q^^t will t> roses and HI:? • The briut's i be Mrs, < Abilene i sheer pink orcancza 01 princes* : lines Tcith^hat and accessories^ 01 -. torquoise bl —e. She " "--- • r .'3.rr.> .1 ' gladioli. thro-osh an improvised aisie o~ mile and smila;: held by your.? ?a' tricia Sbeffirid ar.d Jsr.:^ -^r- state chairman of public instruction, wfcile Mrs. Volney W. Taylor. • \vith whom she conferred, is state j president of the Texas federation. BEAUTY ElVTRAjST IS NAMED BY COMMERCE COMMERCE:. — At a called j meeting: of the board of directors 1 of the Commerce Chamber of i Commerce Friday nigh-. Miss Frances? \\"i!son. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. \Vilsors, was seleet- , e< j to represent Commerce at the Southwestern Style Show: and ' Beauty contest, sponsored by the ' Dallas Wholesale Merchants Asso- I c.ation. Three eliminations \vill be held, August 7. 14. and 21. in Dallas and the winners will receive a , trip to Hollywood, for a screen test t>v Paramount sttidios. Mi?s Wilson is now in I>ailas. | r-avin:; already been selected as a \ nbaei in the Southwestern Style | -ho'vv, one of seven selected out 01 i Make This Model At Home Paris New* Daily Pattern REVIVAL MEETINGS IN WINDOM SECTION j VfLNDOM. — The Methodist l church trill begin a revival meet• ins; here Tuesday evening and the ! . Rev. Gus Kleine of Tennessee will ; be the preacher. 5 Th revival at Kail conducted by the Rev. L,ee Miller of TVindom closed Wednesday ni?ht after ten days" services. £-'ter- i ji. Baptist meeting was opened nt in- ; last Monday evening: at Flag arc • Springs by the Rev. Mr. Cubert- STV:—rr:n£. ^ ^ .; _ he Rev c -^ r>ods:e. Presby- The cirls -A ere: the Misses -^ u - i- e --: an pastor of Hor.ev Grove be- S*r.:__ 1^*11. Mary Agnes J^^- i ^ n a "meeting: at Spring Kill Dutch Treat Luncheon At Gordon Club A croup of srlrls en:c-ycd a dutch j irfst luncheon at tbe Gordon j Coiintry club Friday, and wards the afternoon v,-as ST C •uncay. : Soyrrtos of c^an .; ; S,tr£.nor ir-cc*t~ f _vis.ry .^ _ ., -r~*i •* \ = isu*« Riciey, Mary jo I Pans Student Elected j Dorothy Fisher. Mary Hlis- \ Tfo Honorary Society | TTorc has beer. received thai Miss Nina 3. Hodgrers. A J>KESS AND A CAPE MAKE A CHIC EXSEMBIjE PATTERN 1S70 BY ANNIE ADAMS If you are sains to niaTle the caue—Land oi course you are—get a fabric with a smooth surface— linen, gi^shazn, silk or synthetic will be ideal. After that it will be all plain sailing—in other words plain sewing! The pattern takes care- of the fit as -well as the sivle. And style it has. with points indicating the way to chic in skirt and bodice and exactly the right SOT: of short puffed sleeves. Ic is a model you can very well make over again in a smart taffeta for early falh Delegation Of Hugo People At Revival In spite of the political rally and the inclement weather Friday night, a larjj* crowd was on hand to hear Evangelist Springer on the Higher." subjecz. "Friends So Mr. Springer said "that when the weather is stormy and eveothingr is gloomy is usually when God has a blessing in sioro for the faithful ones who come out- And tonight, 1 hope you backsliders will learn a lesson." and then asked a large, dslecatioi* from Hugo. OfaJa., to stand. The audience was surprised when close to 200 people from HUKO stood up. grive s. testimony of the blessings Helen Hall And Paris Man United In Dallas Rites The marriage of Miss Helen Hall 4 daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. Anderson Wade Hall of Fort Worth, to Joseph Maxey Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe F. Williams of Paris, was solemnized Saturday evening at 7:30 o'clock in th» chapel of Kirby Hall on the campus of Southern Methodist "University in Dallas, with the bride's father officiating. The double ring ceremony was performed before an altar of ferns and palms, banked ivith white lowers. White cathedral candles burned in floor candelabras on *<ich side -of the altar. The wedding people from Hugo mu t ic w *f *«™ish*<l by Miss Jo- Each one was aslced to sephine Everett, sorority sister of the bride, and Miss Ann Whaling. Pattern 1S70 available t They had received from God. One ! young man stood up and said, he was tlianlvfui tp God that Spring- Send FIFTEEN CEXTS (15o) Is coins or stamps icoin:* preferred) for this Anne Adams pattern XV rite plainly name address «,nrt style an niter. BE SUKH TO STATE The smartest. warm •weather fashions, the new**! fabrics, and tbft Summer season's outstanding accessories are i!!*astrs.ted and described in the NEW AXXZ AD- A.MS PATTERN BOOK FOR SUMMER. ORDER YOUH COPT Or Tills EEL.PFUI- XETV SUMMER BOOK- PRICE OF BOOK FIFTEEN CENTS. BOOK AND PATTERN TOGETHER. FIVE CENTS. Address orders to Ne^rs Pattern Department. 243 ! over the United States. West 17th Street, New Tork Citr. .-, A reception wij.i t-ji;ov ciately. ;,The bride's book presided ever by Mrs. J Jr. ' : i The dinins room table will be ; Said wizh a iace c;o:h ov-r yellow ; ^ -^ ^-^i^^^Sl Birthday is Honored Withlis attending the summer se sst« | — Siti ^ed~ -bite candies it. sil- DiTin€r ^ Bridge \ ^ ^^a/^of ha^ t'en ! EXCLUSIVE LAURA WHEELER DESIGN elected to membership in the j ^CROCHETED HAT AND PURSE never know what influence for good you have be.e.ri and are still being in Hugo. She said last Sunday in one of the churches 14 young: men walked down the aisles of one of the Hug* churches and consecrated themselves, to God." A man then, stood to his feet anu pointing to the large sign above the platform of. the tabernacle. said.. "God is truly bigger than the Devil." Another, man arose to his feet and said. "Prayer changes things and. if you don't believe it. look at this group. He said that a. prayer band had started in Hugo r.nd was meeting every Wednesday afternoon-"* Mr. Springer then said that regardless of the opposition in Paris. they were going 'to have a revival. The Paris 11 have people praying for me all both of Dallas.. The bride was given in marriage by her brother.. Paul E. Kail, of Fort Worth, She wore a gown of white mooisseline de soie and a wedding: cake ir. the middle of the will leave lor a trip to as szsti on. their return -vvi..I ":-e at ; : Miss Tancey finished high school ; and jLisior ceiies'e here aad later'» drssrrtal -A : ris in Denton. For the ; past two years she has beer E. - 332eml>er of ih-e - n -?h PC here-. - School for chosen from ths highest ten i>er- M orris Seigel. r»ir. and Mrs. I>li~or • classes. B-?3v:s, ilr. and Mrs. Arthur; Miss Hodgers is a, teacher at. ^he Jo^.es, Mr. and 3>lrs. Joe Key-;-s. ; fourth "'CVarc schoei h-ere and "-ill Mr. and. Mrs. Z^. H. S.udy. 35r. •. receive her Bachelor .of Arts dear, c Mrs. Z!. IV, Guzhrie, Mr. and ; ^ree from the X. T. S. T. C. in I^ev, Mr. and Mrs. Parks. ' . Recent Bride 1= Honored With Stoker \ Contract Luncheon Club ;_. •r elder as.d cciripany tbere. " Out-of-towTi =rues-t5 her*; i'-: "p.'alker, Mr. and Airs, r. r .V. V-, er, ilr. and Mrs. G. V- - ea:h-;r I»JC i EASANT VA.LLEY KKVTVAi, • ;.^::er>- cnike plate: anc Mrs. I-Icyd \ ^ Sunday night at the ?:easar.t Valley Baptist church. 5 ir,:>s s-^uth- west of Paris. The --a^-tor. the Rev. X.. A- StJdhj£m cf "'innsboro. will ^o the prea.cbir.s- H%'~ry-c-ne is incited to attend. KETi'IV.^JL Breakfast-Bridge At. Huso On Saturd-av ~3 or.hairx street, V."cdnesca.y . afte-| TT—r,-;^.- a r Tj~£. er in honor ef their niece. Mrs,; ,,, „,.,„,„ -TT-.J! .; Randolph liamiitos. formeriV Missi as c-^T.*erec with ' Ir'-'is Hipp cf Mur-freesbora. Ark. 5 -..--= a«<5 rh* 1 --"arci '•• The bride's book.. ivhere 35 s registered, wa^ in charge o* ilar^aret Castlcberry. Mrs. __ Dement lee th€ contests the prizes ^^rere a i s.-arc*d ~o Mrs. -I. ^-V. Hamilton and Ivlzss LaVerne L^timer. Th6 sifts -were : > r ^ser;t€'3 to the he-hc-ree in a small Dragon cra-«*Ti by young Rodgers LAV--. Arrsosg the g-uests -was Mrs. J. X, Hipp-, mother "- 1 -^ rf r eesbo TO, A: A revival m* tnon Baptist th Rev. e pastor. i^-ood i FRIENDSHIP CHURCH HA\'E REVIVAL ills' th Bolton. rev; for Bny O>cl Gold a I,i<"*-j;.-<- NO. 12-64! BONHAM STREET Jewelry-Mask; Store Confer* State President »,-" ; of H', i ' = fifcr.d at thfe coni- * ; r:,unity church htre a^s-:^ on S-n- cay. ! .-"o^:e of the \JTonrj*r."s liome : "ff^ : D^xc-stra^o:: ci-ib .-nc-ml-ers so;d .,,.,,.,, __ — . . .' ., a: : ^nd«-c by a !a.rge crowd, and a. «-"-<.-'c:al" number was s;-ren i>y Bob, ar.d la.rr;:y. Judsr^ C. A. ,"-I?ir*ir. taught t.r.4; acu'* cla-ss a.* S-j:'.cs.y school htr* Sunday rr.orn-- Insist On The Genuine BIRELEY'S Or an Rocp'f-r.-i of " d Johr; Rogers r^ Mrs. I>e- F. :.!r. «>r:d Mrr. o-e ari'l 1 have asked everywhere I have gone for 1.000,000 people to pray for me j in bringing- the old, old story of I Jesus and His love. He said. "I i hope you Parisians learn some- i thing from these Hugo people." 1 When people gst righ^, God is go- 1 ing to bless. At this tinrte an old, 1 old Saint of God, too feeble to ' stand zo her feet. said. "Brother ) Springer. I couldn't g~et tc go to j your meetings, but I could sit ou' { on the porch at my hotne and hear x ou. I •was just praying the best I knew h.ow tor you." Then Mr. Springer remarked S that it was deplorable that yoc couldn't even hold a street meet- j ir>g in Paris. -Te«. you can flood the streets w:tb pt>Iitical-bunk but you dare not hand out a tract- He storm "will" come and you -wiH knock and want in and it will be too Jate. We have a lot of "first floor" Christians—don't want to So any higher, satisfied to stay where the relics and old books are. These Christians go to a revival, get warmed up, but afterwards get cold. They are saved. yes. but if you ask them to lead in prayer they -will answer. "I never pray in public." Ir you a*k them to teach a Sunday school class they will answer. "1 can't talk." "Go up higher." "Chen he went on and described the "second floor" Christians, the "third floor" Christians, etc. "Just a lot of people-" are saved and know it but don't want to go any high.- er. No consecration, no Bible study, no prayerful life, saved 25 years ago arid have not grown in picture hat of white bairbraid. She- carried a shower bouquet of •-•white rosebuds and lilies of the valley. : Miss Elizabeth Lane of: Paris attended the bride as maid of hon-. >r, wearing a gown of embroider- d white mousselin de soie «nd vhite hair braid hat. Her bouquet s of pink rosebuds, The s^-ooro was attended by Jack Jennings of Corsicana. They wore double-breasted white linen suits. Master Mike Rice, nephew of the bride, carried the ring in a small bouquet of white rosebuds! . Following the ceremony an informal reception was held at . th« home of the bride's sister, ilr*. M. Rice, and Mr. Rice. The table was laid with a. white lac* th, centered with a bouquet of asters and ferns. White tapers burned in crystal candelabras. Mrs,; Rice presided at the ringed wedding cake and Mrs, Hall the bride's" mother, at the punch bowl. The, bride's book was in charge of Mrs. James W. McCammon. another sister of the bride, of Corsicana. The bride is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, having received her Master of Arts -d^g £ke<5 the Rev. Been of Rarnseur Saptist tabernacle if he grace, not concerned about, the lost. Too many of us do not heed the admonition of Paul in Romans I2il. where he told us to "Pre~ sent our bodies a living sacrifice. Save my soul, but let me keep my body. God has told us to be filled with the Spirit-" Th© ex'angelist told of the "Imaginary trouble and real troubles" of a Christian- "We worry about thfnss that will never happen. We are busy dotns: nothing. Bui then there are real burdens the burd-en of death. loved ones* gone, loved ones lost and withou j Christ-" He then closed by say ing that "alj things work together for -rroo<j to them -svho lov* rh Lord. He will give us p^ace and heart rest if we iviH cast our b«r dens on Kim. We are sons o God arid our hope is anchored- in CROCHETED ACCESSORIES tair.s cr<-cr>eted Accessories'- An-i -ere is ' * as not stopped from handing out tracts on the street. Tet you wlE j block off the street and let a poli- ! tieia.ii stand ap and cram dovrn jj I TOUT" zriroats the samo old political i 1 bunk you have heard for years, } I I am not blaming: the. city officials, 1 \ th*v have treated me ricbly. Sut T j jam blaminp you for passing an i I ordinance prohibiting: a r>r<-acher I frorn preachins: on the- streets and • running-" the Salvation Army out of I town. Another woman stood to f i her fe« and said. "Oh how T arn j 1 thankful for beinsr saved. Before j 1 theaters ar.d dance and revel, hut. ; ! T have entered a, theater since I \ \ -K-&S born again." f I Mr. Sprirsir^r then •^••?r>.t into his j I messa^re. takjnst his text, from t rcunded envelope one. is • inches \ j^.^, li:ID. which reads, "8wt | deep and is rooir>y as well as a j w j.^j, t v, >u ar: Bidder;, zo ar.d sit! rtrikins touch to the costume. ! , !( ___ ,- .-__ ; o -ar^,,r room: that; Him." from there, nad aJso took graduate- work at the University of Mexico. She is a member of Sismaw Kappa sorority. For the past two' years she has taught English in> the Paris Junior college. Thei : .~ groom attended Gulf Port Military Academy in Gulf Port. Miss, where he became a member of Tau pa Omega fraTemity. He is associated with the Automotive company of Paris. • ;• After a short wedding trip Mr. anc M^rs. Williams trill be at honi^- in Paris at the Belford apartments. The out of town relatives jajid friends present were: the Rev. ''ami ,"• Mrs. Anderson Wade Ea.ll, and son,, Paul-E. Hall, of Fort Worth t •Mr, 1 . and Mrs. Joe F. "vX'flliams; the!groom's sister. Mrs. Emery Snsfth,'v and Mr. Smith and their son: Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. I>ane, Mr. and Mrs, Bailey Parker,' Mr. and Mr*. O. W. T^udwiok. Jr.. Irving •"•iite-f Clana>iar.. Mr.*. J, W. BelL Mrs. J"ohn Keel. Miss Georgia B- Msysc, "Walter Bassano, Miss Marie Aznls» and WUliam Hale, all of Paris;. H. D. Mo/uzon of McKsnney; 3i'r r -','' and Mrs James \V. McCammoa. ' of Corsicana: Mrs. G. 3. Bri5s;ers and .Miss Lsucille Bridsers -<yf TeirspJe. •„....." '.' ... -' ,-- •/- T, K. O. MEETING j The T. KT. O. fraternity will have I a racetirisr' Sunday af t?moori at 3 | o'clock "at tb* home of Berw>-n Scott on Pin-* Bl«ff street. All m^mh-ers are urged to be present- -S t>AUG"HTHRS >fEKT The Ktnsr's Oaughters circle will meet Tuesday rocrrsir.s: at 3 o'clock ir. the Municipal building. SUNDAY SPECIAL Frosted Ora ^t-mf-ad* <fr Black \Valnat Sundae . . . Frosted CORNER DRUG STORE PATTERN 775 •was done, in black and wn.:*; ^---. berst £'' pra.ct;ciil &.£.£ smart at -"^c. sa.rr;6 timfr, %%•$£ with s", r . n, a variety of cresses. The pur:-;^. •'•- Birthday Celebrated T&ilh ^"atermelon Party cla.sp or *ra.rn*r. Pattern 775 comes io you with corr.;>let.e diredions 'or rr.akirig •he a nij r. urse sho-*Ti; rns.- Bt., ; Illustrations a.n<i c..-Ior s rship in the presence of thorn r, fit at rrc*-c* vi-Jth th*«." Toht. th? <»vansr*:I.<t Raid. I am srrve you a. simpV** rnes- • iVh^n I was in C-hicsco I jj-,to tH*? Mc'rcnKTTdlsc IMiirt, s. i th" larjre^t balding: in the world. 10 c'r.T. 5 ! :n stamp-- or c-oin j -,.,_,. ^ - rR , on'y 17 «rtorieJ» hlc-h. I preferred.? for this pattern ] -caifefnj to i.Yt* top of it, and I to The Paris Ncvrs. Neediecra't f ^ D: ;j,i S£ ><? much ir*or<?. I found Dept., s>2 Blff'nth Avenue, Xew j that t j, c higr j, rT . | ^^t *he more T Tork, X. Y. | roiihJ sft* 1 . Wrien I was in N«?w he top of The York -nt to Jar.frt! Har- j ""*' .nri<rti*: Gran- I *"•" berry. Martha Sue Jean Restse. italph Jo Hutchison, KJ: a.Kd the nonoreft- Ailard. Empire hoildins:. 102 *torl»s ;, It contains of this b-JiMl! space work for 30,I rcach*^ the Th ^ -Tool worth COMMUNITY cal>d it attention - /-^T' T^-^t7T>T CT ' -rm pfrakj" of ^ OF EVTEREJ5Tj» abun ^ JlT ,t ni>" H^ MI<S that! I many hav«r life hut do not b.ive appears to j abundant Uf^. A canary ha* I'.'e firouJh and 5 in th« narrow confines of the ; b:.:rne-<I are Ray Kortor; D*rr;:.or.. health a-nd SSF u«»d the Bottled and Distributed By W. R MARTIN'S DAIRY of of M*in ia,y of Mr. iKJi*-:: Shears, Jr., with LAV.T- ?-., Ar>.. for & short visit, -. and Mrs, "W*. S, Price ha<t •undav v;*;"'. rs J" ;. K:h€l an-1 I^clla Price Mr. and Mras, WtK Jones r.rl, Miss Ir*ne Price arsd J pound Henry North named liollje, Johr; fa.z Van I/>k*; Hisyt';r. Jack rirer:*- jritn, Y. — Cotton be siif'ennjr from .:orn ar.d f':' r d crop^ '*Iariy peor>'« hftr :n^- a revival rnf.-^tir. "ornr.-: unity. Mra. Rebftcra Brazes! w ;n a serlou* con f 2it:<,-n VT<s iv r«-port*<5 improved. J.. C. "WaUJff-T'? hroth*-;r Gadder. p hut it. do*** not Havr abundant The pri«on«^r hsm life Jn * b^hSnd tb« bar*, but hav* a^un^ant life. ITS John, tb-? t«ntb chapfrr, J«-*a« «ai«3. "T CLEAN-UP ENTIRE STOCK WHITE SHOES 80 Pairs White Shoe*. V*!we* $ ^f to $2,45 . . SPECIAL .. ^L Pair, White Sho**, Values to $2.95 . . SPECIAL - . Pairs Shoe*, Value* to $5,00 . . SPECIAL. oo AH Regular $6.50 to $8.50 VALUES CLEAN-UP PRICE 53 .95 Famous Shoe Store ] the rtoor: ':«y m« if any man enter ; | Jn. h*? nhall ' b« «av^«l.** Many of i rorn \ row arc OUIB:<!<? the door an<5 won'-:. ! f- of thc» Ninth Birthday Is Honored With Party KIKTH OV A SON frijjht. sm<J on *-ha. "if ',rn to Kr, ar,<j Mrs. ii*. their ho-ra^ on str*»tt hftjs been E ENOCGH FIRK J5AJ-E Car bumpers Jl.O^ ea.<rh, Car i . ,„ springs. *Jj' *lz*s a.n<J .Iua4«, Jl.OO ^'t * while th*y last, Not in flre, ] *- IM ' 1 - 1 ' but smoked, oniy. i U C. Hi!!. Mrs. birthday s. G oon , Thft ho&fes* Mrs. J- K. R<ia*e C!*<?r« in 8<rvln«: Bobby by Mrs. W. Pv. th* To* Jo wing .ea r>m!i,.h r Wayne AJStoin*, JWBTJ**, 1 A LAUNDRY SERVICE FOR EVERY FAMILY While our Family Wash Service is the most popular laundry plan in Paris, in which v «'e wash al! your clothes, drv them, and iron all flat work, at the reasonable price of 15 Ins. for 8Sc and in proportion we have many other services that will fit every need. Call us for ftrfl information about prices on any kind of laundry service. CITY STEAM LAUNDRY Tcfepixm* 21—22 ANNOUNCING THE PURCHASE OF ZOZ Taxi By Skidmore and Hopper The mt«?re3-( recently held by R. G. Phillips in the 2O2 Tnxi has beer f-ou^ht by H, R. Hopper, vho will be 35K»ciatcd in the management of this taxi with Joe Skidrnore. Two aew taxis have been added during the past week to give our customers even faster service. Look for the yellow top taxi, the original 202 Taxi. For Fast Comfortable Taxi Service Call 202. . .TheOriginal JOc Taxi

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