The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 2, 1948 · Page 1
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Monday, February 2, 1948
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Register Classpds 6el Results THE REGISTER : u blishe(] Continuously Since 1915 THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILU MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1948 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 182 Knulson Tax Measure Approved By Majority Enough To Override Veto Feb. with some New Palace Gothing House Formally Opens Wednesday Herman Towle, Dean of Harrisburg Clothing Merchants, and Two Sons Move . Firm into Rebuilt Set-en Building The Palace Clothing House, a men's furnishings house in Harrisburg since 1905, when Herman Towle and Harry Harper went into business in the building now occupied by Kroger Store No. 17 at Main and Locusts streets, formally opens in its new location on the northeast corner of the square Wednesday. The firm, owned by Herman Towle and his two sons, already is open for business in the rebuilt Selen building and Mr. Towle now calls his men's store "the greatest in Southern Illinois." Mr. Towle is the dean of Harrisburg clothing merchants. And 1 his father. J. W. Towle, was in business before him. His father j-.nd Dr. J. W. Mitchell operated a general store as Mitchell and Towle for years on the location where the Harrisburg Nation..! bank building now stands. 'On Same Site 21 Years ....(.,,,VGTOV ^eb. :.--O--I This business was bought out RP n Robert L ' Doughton, D.. N . J b y Herman Towle and his brothel r , Icidm" Democratic spokes- "..,-^ «-* *·» «**»v vi-ars tin* matters, today assailed Naugle Rites Held Today nun 000 this \cnr. The \oto for passage was ~ 9 U? !ou- would have been sufficient to override a prcsi- Sal *el«- The bil1 paSSC(1 IS 19 lotos more than a two- ihirtls majority. The bill went to the Senate, uhcic CO!' leaders believe the House may have cut government revenue too much.. Ralph, and for many years operated the business, until Her- 36,500,000,000 man and Harper bought out the bill and his own | palace from Frank Grace in 190o. 'm-oposcd substitute. i Kalph continued in business at B-s-% ear-old former chairman the old location. Shortly after 190o J. \%. I l i t UTM » v . V * » ^ » » v " " " ~ j of the tax-writing House ways and ·nean- committee told the House that - t h c i e is room for a moder : ato ofe sane tax reduction law bin that the GOP proposal was ··too much" and "too soon.' Doughton. uhose opinions on fiscal ^matters are highly respected hv both Republicans and Democrat'- spoke as the House began Brashears was taken into the Palace Apparent Harco Merchant Took Own Life, Coroner Says The funeral of Cyrus "Gy" Naugle, 48-year-old Harco merchant, was held today as officers continued their investigation into,nib death in his burning residence at Harco Saturday morning, ' . . I Rites were held at 2 p. m. today Indict State Mine Inspector for Laxity in Safety BENTON, III, Feb. 2.--(U.R)-- Elmer Edmonds, Illinois state mine inspector, was under indictment today on a charge of malfeasance and failure to take necessary precautions for the safety of miners at Old Ben Mine No. 11 near here. Edmonds allegedly attempted to intimidate Guy Parkerson, one-man safety committee for the mine, and i prevent him from requiring the! necessary safety measures. Parkerson sold authorities that Edmonds threatened him and implied that he would lose his job if he insisted on the safety meas- · A \ l ll!2 W \* W lt\»*V* M V -- f - · · , - j n_ J 4 V * * t * J * O V V . V » V"" vmm*r -- -- -- -- - ,, I at the Raleigh Baptist church ana urcs and went to authorities. Ed-1 '· burial was in the Masonic cerne- j mon( i s whose home is at Royalton, j tery The Rev. T. Leo Dodd, ,E1- is slatc i nspe ctor for District 14. dorado, conducted the services at I StatC ' S Attorney Max Mitchell the church, assisted by the Rev. t reporto( i parkerson came to him Clayton Humphreys, church, pas- and said Edmonds had told him tor It was a Masonic service with he was being .. too tough" in eri- officers of Galatia Lodge No. w*, forcing the safety regulations, and taking part. - .if he didn't "ease up" he would Coroner Rees Turner today said' get into "serious trouble." Park-. that Naugle apparently had taken erson sa jd Edmonds declared that his own life. His body was found; neither he nor the company liked in a sitting position in the bath- the way he was doing his job room The bathroom and two bea- ·; old Be n No. 11 is owned by the rooms all on the west side of the O j d Ben C oal Corp., which operates house were charred by the fire. | fi vc mines in this immediate area. Inquest Date Not Set- - ' ', Parkerson was quoted byJiitcn- A .38 M! 1 ''·V,. . fit m . ' · ? · · . - ' · f : Claims of Building Base Protest on U. S. Vessels in Italy Rejected by Lovett WASHINGTON, Feb. 2--«UB-- The United States today rejected !--as "false," "untrue," and a "distortion"--Soviet charges that the j United States is attempting to (convert Iran into a military and strategic base aimed at the Soviet Union. The denunciation of the Soviet charges was made by Slate Department spokesman Michael J. McDermott at a news conference. Earlier the State Department made public a note in which Undersecretary Robert J. Lovett formally rejected as "without foundation" a Soviet allegation that visits of U. S. naval vessels · to Italian ports violated the Italian peace treaty. Protest to Iran McDermott indicated that the ell as savin- Edmonds had refused floodlighted balcony of Birla House in wew ueim umia wuei« «uu,u» j h ^ t b sent t .eu as savin 0 £,u fe at thdr tual leader before burning on a funeral ,_*_-,. 0 _.. : _ t --^ ^,,1 A . - · v left of Gandhi with arms folded is *-·««" *»--"" the as a est \yas remained on last tuo hoius the GOP bill. of debate on The b:il will be sent to the Senate .'.here Republican leaders have indicated they will bring it more the same site for 1926, when it was Locust street to the Pruett operation another g svstem has been installed.- h ' e ° d above "the" le"frear"andcame v , able to the ling is of white Weldtex out on tne r j g ht side. However, explosion, r.nd the walls have been painted D F H O zment, following a de-1 i-thistle" color. · tailed examination, said the -bullet j SPRINGFIELD, 111., Feb 2--1 1 -- welcome everybody to come en t e red the right side. ' : - ' --Robert Weir, assist*nt state - - · - ' · an( j minerals director, sam the mines department does. uvfcvrit «*i*w«»**« -- - »- " ^ · I i »· this period the Brashears in- · home. *~"O * , 1 i 1_ - t _ _ ·T'-- ...1 r*r, f\FC · ftfk terest was nought by was cauea upon tu m«M«; v*-..- -·- ..«--,,·-- - . *·,,,,*;,.,, amination by State's Attorney K.! not plan an ^j?2f^ e V.ltn J»u J U J i i i of Herman, entering the corporation Edwin at present is manager | of the Palace Clothing House and; the rebuilding job for his mother, the three todav spoke with pride of the · · -- - Courtney, al y into line \uth the thinking 0 ' body home noon. Turner today said that the. funeral | 3* after Fire ^^''substantial Democratic | The new building suppc-t 10 override an anticipated j they- have been SMSTM** It form- 0,1_tnc o . Rumscv and Den- investigate Premises a i*v ·" ' . _ : _ * r t « U ^ : i . School Girl, 12, g , . J j a I IMA icuumuii *v w ^ - j ; - c i r n , 1 t iat.on President Truman success- the disastrojs mlh '-eioed two bills last year, one j a r j which \CM being Mistaincd by the House , erly housed tne am! the other by the Senate. i store.__ In Mood to I'a*.; Bill I LONDON, Feb. 2.--(UP.)--Radio ! Moscow charged today that the United States was threatening the Soviet frontier by arming Iran I \vjth American^ weapons* and help jlng" Iran To "map" aha'""foTtify its i border. The Moscow broadcast on Iran ., , 0 i was part of a double-barreled at KANSAS Cm, Mo.. Feb. f--u a c k - Moscow charged earlier tha' furniture Designed by .Ralph'Brown archi- Mood to l'a.; Bill i tect thc building has a moderms- In thn election year, however.! (ic '{ ron t, utilizing lots of glass. Con»re--s i^ in a mood to pass a ;a\ n duct ion bill, with or without the .support of President Truman. pjoudert the conflicting views can i/o harmonized, i T!v Democratic substitute, to be i o:ire«i u hen the general debate | ha- been concluded, follows the pattern of the GOP bill in some re.-K-ct- but it would make up TWK, 01 the S4.000.000.000 loss through a 75 per cent excess profit^ tax on corporations. The GOP bill, sponsored by Rep. HaroHi Knution. R., Minn/, would increas-e the present S500 per capita personal exemption to S600. e\;end the community property prirrple of income splitting to ai! states, and cut tax rates from 10 to 30 per cent. The combined effect of these provisions would fcc io cut individual taxes from 10 in i(V) per cent. It would be cf- fectne as of Jan. 1 this year. including glass doors. U is 180 feet long and the Palace s furmsh- - ' extend the entire ,, ,,._ been refinished in lT°ht color. A new fluorscent ings, which length, have . nis had started moving into their three rooms in the new upstairs The 'revolver cylinder contained two empty cartridge shells al- iV^T-il^- »·«-' ~ f ,. 1 J' 1 UE--Six hours before she died ! a 12-vear-oJd grade school student told her father that she had taken rat poison because she was un- last week. They have the three though no " evidence has been rai Po d jn f mn t mums. Others to have rooms fnimri to indicate that more than l " ??_ aooui ° c 5 R D/Brown! Jr.. and his bro-j shot was fired Saturday morn-1 studies. The broadcast on Iran, quoting Rob R. Brown, engineer,. ? Dcputy sh - eri££s tflis morning _Connie Mane a]«/^A e ? a Pravda dispatch from Tehran presentatnc Organize Service Compan? Co-Operative Here Through Saline Co. Farm Bureau 'The Saline County Service Co ! ^^^ ^ Sr^rSr^S±£|Rh«li. _ Jo yn e r Co front rooms. Others to have rooms f o d to indicate that more *·**"·* _ T- . J V . f i * V»vr%_ I . i»* _ _i r * _ x . . _ J * _ _ arc R I f l C l * , A l V f » ^ -- · · ~ ' ~' l l l t l ^ * * - ' ** f ·*~^ « r - T -- - . Naida \Vertman, abstractor, ana found a s i ng i e slug imbedded m j Cecil Sullivan, bond house re-' ne west wa n o f the bathroom. - - · · - - j which substantiated Dr. Ozment s {statement. i Naugle was the son of the late Simon Naugle, Raleigh township farmer. Besides his wife, he leav- jes a daughter. Phyllis, of Syra- icuse. N. Y., and a sister. Mrs. Loren Bryan of Ottawa, III. American flying fortresses were molesting Russian shipping in the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan by inspecting vessels at mast-top altitudes. hospital yesterday, soon afcer her father, Arthur V. Ellis an iron worker, found a note m the child s dresser drawer. a Pravda dispatch from Tehran said the U. S. was equipping the Iranian army with American arm: on credit. It noted the arms wen !the same as those being given , _ 7 c nf the Agricultural Co-operatue Act 75, at Rhodie Jo yner Cosby. 75. infirmities at. 5: 10 p. m. Five Candidates Withdrew from Precinct' Commiireeman Races of Illinois, is now in operation i n , a rented warehouse at Locust a»«| dicd o nrm . . . Commercial streets with Kenneth j tcrday a t the home of her Hippard as manager. daughter, Mrs. Thomas Hogg. Pan- Thc service company at present kc . vv iH c . with whom she had lived · * i x * . _ . . _ « « __ r.. A! *\*ie - * . i _ ^ ___ * * l^,-Art n*orrc I Treasurer Reports Detailed Handling Of Local Polio Fund The note, written on tne station- j Turkev j ran s neighbor on the on- of the Michigan Avenue Bap- tjs't church where Connie attended Sunday school, read: "Dear father: I have poisoned myself. So please let me be buried in mv new dress you got me. Please". I am sorry 1 caused you all this trouble. 1 have a dollar and ten cents at Aunt Lulas. \ou lake it. please. .Connie." Ellis said he had \vonaered for five days why Connie so list- Sea and the Sea of Japan has not been received here yet. The Soviet protest about American activities in Iran was not directed to the United States government but made in a note to the Iranian government Saturday and i broadcast by Radio Moscow. McDermott said the State Department had received only press reports about the Soviet protest to Iran. But he read the list of seven charges and followed each with a categorical denial. Two Agreements | McDermott pointed . out that 'ther.e are two agreements between " the-United-rStaes awj^lran--agree- ' ,, 'mens which have been public for SPRINGFIELD. 111., Feb. 2-- (U! some time Tney ca n f or two mis- --Illinois politicians let the s j ons . One^is to train the Iranian groundhog take over the forecast- gendarmerie. The second is a ·!«*«· ^1 rtvsrtr»4-wmr*4" 4T\n*kV n l t l TTlO5r I . - t * A ^ :^«.? A .^ .··!*!«!* ?n f-nnniftr* Withdrawal of joss Cancels Primary Fight BULLETIN CHICAGO, Feb. 2--ttR-- Warren Wright today withdrew' as a candidate for the Republican nomination for ,governor. _ , · ; , ing department today, but most mission which is specific- were confidently expecting sunny | ally exc i u ded under the terms of primary election weather for ' reg- the agre ement from engaging in ular" candidates in both major , « tactical an d strategic plans or Pa wfthdrawal of Lt. Gov. Hugh a f ° rdgn west. The entire situation was protested by Soviet Ambassador Ivan Sadchikov in a note handed to the Iranian government Saturday, Moscow said. The note charged that American activities "can be interpreted as a thio;.c to the borders of the Soviet Union." Last week Russia made two protests that the United States was . . . . .... race for the Republican nomination for governor canceled what was generally expected to be the most exciting primary battle. Gov. Dwight H. Green still faced two rivals for the GOP nomination --Maurice Simpson, Chicago, and former State Treasurer Warren ! The Soviet Union accused the United States of violating the Italian peace treaty by sending its naval vessels to Italian ports with U. S. Marines aboard. The Italian government already has told Moscow that Italy is a sovereign state and it is nobody's le«s not at all her usual cheer- ____ 'ui 'self while she tidied up tne violating the Italian treaty. " centl IOOK t h e b v reactivating the Mcllaha house Connie recently IOOK t h e j b v reactivating air funerai arrangements ItUUbC. VfUIUlU* AS.*-*-··*·-.- "% | ^v . ~ ~ - - . .j housekeeping chores, ne saia, oe--base in Tripoli and second by send- cause it was impossible to hireling a dozen warships on a visit to anvbody. Connie's mother diedj j; a lian v.-atcrs. Wright, Grays Lake. But the back- j business but its own what vessels ing and strength of both were un-, enter Italian ports, known, while Green headed a pow- visits indicate Good Will erful "harmony" slate w-th the support of the "regular Republican organization. In his reply to the Soviet Union about U. S. naval vessels Lov- Other Contests an Tovcs the ('tad todronhand totaling $3.- complaincH; and dcdincd to lalK;, IcdU c,Tanoan to tte Sea Svoieuc! GoVrVA^loU. / Uva jchS?cnr5 -J^ -- *" «- ta ^"?" .-- cil/QUi. « * * « v ·-*·«· -- . . j (Cinda) Miss Dorothy Bourland, retiring After he found _lhc note, he said.j Japan c'n The far-off Siberian coast. (V broadcast heard in London Fne camlidales. f'uidi) .ird (mo from f iiv iir:(i \\nhdrawn Gholson. Kenneth Berry, tugcnc i . - , . Japan and the Yellow Sea : Eldorado 6. Emmet C.rricr Mills 1. Rov Fort. ·AMiidrnwin Bureau members. ipj ace j on Probation by "^ C-rricr Mills 1. Rov Fort. "Aside from the provisions gov^Judge Ralph ChoiSSCr Tr» .\nhdrawals leave one crning the distribution of ?TMujf: DonaW -\iavbcrry. c^.,,1.,,,. ;,, MC h of the precincts, this company's powers and method,i Donaid -^ - ·'·=" :·: «.·.; the last date to'of doing business arc not so vco colored oui ·^r.,,. from primary races. The .different from those of. any o.hcr car^ ' ' ."n v.,i! be April 13. *· " (Vtcr. Jr.. is the Kcpub ,,,-.,««? an rcsi«j ·» vv ;r n t ^ : ; J( , Mc for commiuccman ness corporaUon^after ^ ; mg^a,, re.^.^ ^ Grant jewelry; a cost value of $1.998.00. One half of funds received in the current campaign will be re- IS. and John. Hi. «ao uo-.v are, iu Texas City. Tex. j Father Mused of Cruelty to Sons and William ker." Chicago, for Senator. State treasurer Richard \. (Continued on Page Three) ett said the visits to Italian ports . oromiced to ! "ha v e been arranged in strict ac^ JKnSmrtivft" cord with the comity of nations in i which it is customary for sover- i. eign states to grant the privilege ·j t n ,,v,i;/. of visits to naval vessels and per- Only other statewide^ «eP ub ^- sonnel of friendly foreign powers/ ail contests April I3.»iii_ »e oe . . Such visits have faeen an ind ,. rirt cation of the sincere good will and ·friendship which exists between the peoples and governments of the United States and Italy and lean in no way be correctly con- 'strued of being in violation of the 'staled provision of tne (peace) treaty which has reference to the withdrawal of armed forces," the i American reply said. 'Accordingly, the government of Statewide Lineup Of Candidates for Illinois Primary SPRINGFIELD. Ill- Feb. OUR)--The statewide line-up the Illinois primary April 13 (withdrawal deadline was mm Satnrd?vi: the United States must reject as without foundation the protest of 'the Soviet government in this mat- 2 -- ter.~ for : fet c s^£«ii atsa.^taV^t Ww Following - T^anB-i «r!«3a?drj?ttt;«i ;-;.-· smlKded in the list of distributes its P roil ^J"l 01 h [Sc Robert Bemard f.'^ rt -« (!rncd i^ wcck . Utockholdcrs in proportion *o tne ivooen iv Begin Preliminary Work on Repair Prcsidentf Republican -- Riley Of City Water Tank Ll"*- ^mer Representatives of the Dixie Lar Daly. Chi- .Tank Co. of Memphis. TennTM today out by stale i were doing their preliminary worK . · " _ _ ^ _. ^* ^z*~m ..***tA*» +*n^l* ^^ · norrv ^'«"s. j. H. Basinger, to, Dies at Her Home at Berry Hill ! ^-IW*»»«V- -- -- - - - i amount of stock held. i "In a co-operative organization as ours, after paying all ex and setting up_ T^ scrv ^ amount is Turner. 20. col- part with Maybcrry. The treasurer of the local chap-, Six Months William M. J6. wife of n^-r of Berry Hill, died "i. -oday at her home. i^-r been seriously Oc'ovcr 1. " she hy two daughters and I/cn7il, Steve, Dorothy " \'j . : '''·:- v.-ill be returned to l* rc-'-Jf'.encc from the J «r.cral home late today. ··rranc.emonls will be ah' ..-'or. 1liC his wife. Min-'lhc ratters in :icr*. Mrs. Ruby {their home qcforchr Local doctors for attention to K and removed -- Paul Douglas. Next mtve .Viu be to clean and i scale the tank. Preliminary work. : Republican -- Gov. w hi c h wilt determine just now Green, Warren Wright. jn UC h repair the tank nc^ds-' W J" basement of 'Gravs'Lake. and Maurice Simpson, i co St $1,400. The city water board left for work, Chicago. Democrat-- Adlai Stev- nas an agreement with «ie com- to Form Planners SS:!F«»n Five Counties 2-Day Meeting Chicago His wife re?crt-! c nson. Libertyville. pan- which states the entire re- » IJlVii, JL^IVW*«^ - ···^« «_1* K*"** - - - - » -- - _ Lieutenant Governor: Republj- pai r job will be done for can--State Treasurer Richard . j or i css . MINES "- fi - 7 - 16 - Washer work. ' standing! * arc elected at Pope, 'serve Pool S1701.67: express conn-'supplies for current campaign meet- S15.63: total. S1963.09. lhat period from Local to Barbara Hutton Reported Improved BERN. Feb. 2 -CD- \Vool worth hcircfvs Barbara Hutton taken an "extraordinary chan tomorrow I Harry i . " cus?ion. ist.'. from building today district Mipcr-j Miss Bourland's report for the TJJ-C technical dis- year ending May 31, 1947. showed --- 'cash on hand at the beginning ot the year totaling $1,894.67. receipts from the 1947 campaign of §2,624.54 for the Saline chapters C « l * J i * ' - . » · · · * · » Two 7onc conservation- also for the better" after Joday. , . U c JM .i. Iv'^'in- Tlicv arc Ozzie ceipts from the 1947 campaign 01 j Hutton naSjfoi the '^'iV^ij.n, speor. $2,624.54 for the Saline chapters nary change, Krarns a TMV norc arc: p c tc share for a total of $4,519.21. a second «!· i T JS. \vhite county: F. W. Kit- Expenditures during the year " _, vi/v 1 AYif f*T ' * "^ /^ *»i1 il in OOUTlv j*« Jt^O" VxUiTM OilOITtC «»I3V o i* \VCiC ^O«5«* Xvl^ n*«** _ · j · 1 ^» ' Tio«*i^iti ^AiifltlCS* Jjntl UlCtC lT1£f vk*oo»*1» 0i$ii Oil «ii3iiO m iii«ii« .nd two half-sisters. -· Brown of Paducah. Ky.. aJi Frances Barrett, Princeton. His body was taken io^ in - - ~~- f \\T.\ before the fa- i Rowe, Jacksonville, and William v . v .,.., _______ , ^ H. Brown. Chicago. Democrat-- .\cnes! When MncXcill rcUirned home Sherwood Dixon. Drxon. S n ^ j ^ n e n - ^ ^^ o£ statc . Republican Mrs. , l «. · l ^4^ inc th ,ir punishment _Congressmar.-at.Large Ice orunfi to police. Istratton, Morris. « c , . « ^y 1 lllam Dcmocrat-Sec- Barrctt , The Weather Southern Illinois-Portly cloudy tonight Tuesday mostly cloudy and colder. Freezing ram or snow north half an-i »» »"* rha "^£ sinning .Tuesday lugh^ jwjr */w tat vti«tfc»^' v» . - » · · - - - phreys, and burial will be in Sun- Hear FciHield set Hill. Serving as pall bearers at the funeral will be -Too Matthews, c. L. Hulcbcraft, Bill HulcncrafL mer Droste, Mt" Olive. Democrat Rep. Ora Smith. Biggs- Jerry Barlow, 26. I1U \vas killed in; ,-hcn his car .W^on^cypgj rrv , . \vas killed instantly yesterday Attorney General: Republican-Atty. Gen. George F. Barrett, Chi- Democrat--Ivan A. Elliot 3 a. m. _ 6 a. 9 a. ro, 12 noon NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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