The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 7, 1967 · Page 18
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 18

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1967
Page 18
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A-18 THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Thur*day. September 7, 1967 Hippies Tune Out' World' In London to be the pop song "San Francisco" and they follow its lyrical [ advice and wear flowers in their hair Their slogan is "Make love Not War " Their ammum tion--flowers When a police prowl _ar pulled up at one of the open-air I/VJTVTM r A P i Rritam . s happenings recently, the Flower LONDON (AP) B """»s people opened its doors and happy band of hippies, the £ £ t ^ fllled tne vehlcle Flower People say they are dif- P h , f daffodlls ferent from their American K counterparts The declared aim There a. e probably less than here u . n o t t o drop out ' but to 300 hardcore Flower People in remain in society and change it London Several thousand more Sunon Barley a California adopt the cult at weekends, put- drama student now living in ting it on as easily as they slip London savs ' Our Flower into flowered shirts and Power 'is like gun power f n e psychedically designed dresses power man power We spread These weekend adherents turn lightness joy, sunshine " out to .urn on and enjoy them Even so, the Flower People selves by following the credo still have a lot in common with "Be Yourself Do your own America's hippies They stro'l thing Do it now " Their along King's Road, Chelsea in open air haunts besides King s bare feet or sandals They wea*- Road, include Trafalgar Square caftans--loose eastern-style tun- Piccadilly Circas and the ics Indian amulets, beads 01 public parks Indoors 'hey go to bells swing from their necks the Electric Garden Club in They say the peaceful tinkling Covent Garden London s huge of the bells enables them to uine flower and vegetable market, out the racket of civilization or to the Ur O Club in north around them The bells cost London Its in t'als s and for fro'" 50 cents to $1 75 One di-, ' Unlimited Freak-outs tributor said he sold nearly Both clubs provide simul'a 10,000 in a couple of weeks Fur- neous showings of underground ther supplies are being air- an d other movies psychedelic fieiehted from India The lighting effects and dancing to Flower People's anthem seems SU ch acid-rock groups as h" _ Nervous System and the Fink Floyd Anything goes--including a re cent nude ballet at the UFO which caused it to be thrown out of its previous base KY GRFF FS \ R K \ OF FI( KHS -- Republic I j ti a n Pr m . t r Nguyen Cao Ky is greeted on his a n i v a l at the 44th M dical Brigade s srd Field hj^ital at Tan Son Nhut by A i m y Colonel Kenneth B Dirks wluse wife, Baty Jean lives at Woodsboro He is corn- Army Pho'o mander of the Third Field Hospital Priman ly at the hospital to visit Brigadier General John Freund, commanding general of the 19Sth Light Infantry Brigade, who was recently wounded, Premier Ky chatted briefly with other U S servicemen at the hospital U. S. Uranium Deal Under Attack WASHINGTON ( A P ) -- In a |.ailment needs in Europe, $24 7 'egic materials tended to de- complicated trade to acquire $24 million wortn of uranium and crease balance of-payments benefits The Flower People say these million of uranium it didn t !27 7 million in industrial dia- kmds of experiences help -n nee d the U S government monds for the South African na- "Accordingly, we are limiting their search for expanded con- bW aoped surplus foods for $27 Uonal stockpile The comptrol strategic material barter to " - - - · million woith of industrial dia ler general's office said the con- »ery exceptional *·««««. the the tractors were basically diamond yartmert said told sciousness Somp also seek 3\ panded consciousness through such drugs as marijuana methednn and LSD cases, Three Girls Slain In Ala. londs it didn't need either ( jmptro'der general has Jongress In a report on the dealing Elmer B Staats disagreed with the claim of ^xecutive branch Agencies that the transactions helned ease the dollar dram He o-rgued it had the opposite ef dealers The Treasury Department ap- oroved anticipating a favorable t r fect on the balance of pay AUBURN, Ala (AP) -- Three young girls were slain today, and a former suitor of another _ qirl who escaped was charged IN TRAINING - Airman Tom wlth three counts of murder my L Brown, son of Glorice D Po , ce Cme{ Fred Hammock Brown West South Street, has baid three warran t s were issued been selected for technical for Edw ard Albert Siebold, 21, a training at Sheppard AFB, Tex r ormer Auburn University stu- as a U S Air Force commum- dent who once dated an O i der cations specialist sister of two of the slam girls The airman recently complet- j le was not apprehended imme- ed basic training at Lackland d i ate i y AFB, Tex His new school is -r^g vic tims were identified as in t pre the balance-of-navments ssue foreign nolicv thp nation -1 stocknile -f strategic mate- aerif'ltural surpluses African nran'um ^ain the Congo r Commission ~,nd the Agriculture ^tate T-pa;iirv Tustice and Defense business for ihe The State Department suggested i c diamonds were to be ^q-nred thev be bought in the Congo to help that country's economy The international diamond syndicate had r°duc°d its nnrchasps there on the ground that a Ht of diamonds had been out and sold through "Just a simp'e a spokesman Aro, ICA n« '"-- · -- me victims weie lueuuueu d* _ ornr , frn ii pr rt pn o rn i r-nmmpntpH part of the Ai r Training Com- Mary Lvnn Smclair g he ls . comptroller gen ra^commented u.and which conducts hundreds ler Sarah Elizabeth Sinclair of specialized courses to pro ]g and Mary Durant 8 Police vide techmcally trained per- said Mrs j uan ,t a Sinclair about sonnel for the nation's aero- 40 a wldow and the mother of space force two f the victims, was wound Airman Brown, a K65 grad- cd uate of Frederick High School Q'ficers said two other Sin attended Frederick Community c j a ) r sis t e rs Kathy 20 and in providing additional It be^an when the govern- ^pnt concerned about ihe dol 'ai dram stemming from a Jincr-t^rm c^ntnct to purchase u r a n i u m from 'louth Afr'ca de cid°d to shift to a barter ar Rut the comotro'lpr general caiH thpre w^re already too manv industrial Diamonds in the I T ? sito^kmle "f strategic mate- nals and there was no n^ed fir t nnre The «·? 7 million in agn Culture ' imm°^itiPs that pven I n a l l v fmanpp'l the diamond 'utrfhacf ronH havp be^n iisd ti hartpr for p«ods actually noo^ori th° rpnort cont'nued "Thp over-all rptiiilt of th» tron^^rtion was to f'enrivp the T'nitoH Cfatos "f an n^ ff""t 'ts $27 7 mill'on Staat College Fave a teen-ager were in the His father, Norman E Brown, h~ use but escaped The killings resides on RFD 2 Frederic t recurred at «torv home burn Police said the family's two- m downtown Au Kathv had once Thev sa'd also t^at Se'bo'd was once put under n npace bond to stav away from the Sinclair residence In s"ch transactions a aov r r nmpnt appncv nut chases sur n]nq fr H S from the rommoditv i re rll t ( omorati"n P r ivate '·on fmctors cell thp fo^ds ibroid I'hp forpifn pvrhanpp rp^l'/pd 's (lion usrH ti f m ^ n r p II S n«»r VT SHEPPARD AFB -- Air man Lamar A Nell, son of Mr and Mis James M Nell Jr LeGore Md has been selected for technical training at Shep pard AFB Tex as a U S Air Force communications wiring spec alist The ?irman recently com- p'eted basic training at Lackland AFB Te\ His new school is part of the Air Training Command which conducts hundred, m a l of specialized courses to pro vide techmcallv trained person nel for the nation s aerospace force Airman ^ell is a 1^61 graduate o f Walkersville H i g h -School Pope's Temperature Retrrns To Normal VATICAN CITY ( A P ) - The Vatican announced today that Pope Paul s temperature has leturned to normal again but said his peiiod of rest will be pxtended The pontiff who will be 70 on Sept 26 returned to the Vatican Wednesday night after a sudden use in his temperature prompt ed him to leave his summer res iripnce at Castel Gandolfo 15 miles south of Rome in the Al ban H'l's He had contracted a cold stomach cramps and fever Monday toward the and of his ^·rnmpr soionrn but ^arliei Wednesday his doctors said he h^H recovered 'The Pone h»fl a nif'it of -aim rest * V a t i c a n bulletin =a'd today This m i m n g his temperature retuined to noi | irs thus easing the drain on U · go'd sunnl'e-, The United States agieed in l'»53 to purchase the uranium when it was short of that mate irt^rt^rl ii t t h C f o n t c ; ' \;m^v t h a t r*rpH /^rtllnr ^f tho hot-tor t h a t ·« "nt to procure unnp°ded stra r "eti Wheeler In Good Condition Jiv THE \SSOCIATED PRESS Gen Earle G Wheeler the 1° vear °ld chairman of the lomt Chiefs -f Staff was re- nrt^d in good cond'tion at Wal" a L. Bv i 96 , 2 l^J eV !l°,^ "-r Reed Armv Hospital where t e s e i v e s and no longti needed m a n i u m being p r o d u c e d c broad the comptrollei gener dl aid But the purchase contract was still enforced After extended discussions in i ludmg icvisions to meet Ju 3 tice Department Complaints about a lack if competition on bidding a package olan was ar ianged Silver Bonanza Fading Out WASHINGTON (AP) The -ilver bonanza may soon be ov2r That's wha f the government experts now foresee in the wake of a more settled market for silver fc'lowmg the price eruption Ust month Some speculators in silver certificates made windfall profits on the sharp rise in silver prices which followed the Treasury Department's abandonment of its policy of selling silver for $1 29 an Dunce But no one became a millionaire and although there's more p~ofit to be made the experts think the worst of the speculation is over The nnce of silver shot to nore thsn $1 80 an ounce after the Treasurv abandoned its «' 29 nnce in Julv But the price i- now below $1 70 and the gov- rrnment last Fridav sold some for as little as $1 64M an ounce ' The bonanza may be short- 1" ed ' one official said ' There's going to be plenty of ^ilver to fill the need " It s now anticmated both in and out of government that the nnce of silver will range between $1 50 and $1 75 an ounce i^ver the next four to five years Inventories of silver users is bemg treated for what is vvere described as "very fat by Billed minor heart trouble The Defense Department has -ifned nearK "t'21 million worth m cont r acts for research and i!n\ pHnment ~f t h " Nike X anti nissile system T h e Contracts pro awarded to several firms R F C O R D THIEF PITTSBURGH Pa ( A P ) -- one source and the government I'self wi'l pump about 13 million ounces into the economy this month through regular sales and redemptions of silver cerhf The Treasurv will continue to · edeem silver certificates--one lorm of paper money issued between 1929 and the early 1960s-- Eight contiactors would take Police are 'ookmg for a music- through next June 24 at the rate r \ e r enough suiplus food to raise foreign exchange for $50 loving thief who swiped 2225 record albums from th" Fenway million w o i t h of Defense De- Record Coip of $1 29 an ounce This silver can in *urn, be sold at the mar ket price Pieket I/ · ANGE1 FS ( \P T hous«wiv s marching w i t h p i c V ct signs in front f t'i I P ) sters Union building Wednes ' \ nro'es id laboi d( " uids f higher wages and fringe ben 'its \ o i r e negotiating w i t h ' \ crocerv m o n t v one si T n i Teamsters please be const ' itt- slid another The women identifvmg them ^clvs Hs nr-rnhp's of (?' c a l l e d Home-makers for I o\ i PT ' ' s werp in' it d i ' (l ' building bv Teamsters o f f i c i a l The union snokesm n ^ nrl t h " dem mds were meded to k«.vp no w i t h costs of I ' v i n i ' Spokesmen for ma|or sup" m irket ohims in S'nilhp'n ' · f o r m a who oppose 'he TP r i sters demands have said a throafned strike wo'ild rais pnc°s I'ROMOTf I)--Willidm D Neal Wa.kersville wa« promoted U first lieutenant recently whih it Fort H K P H \ V T LONDON 2~ v f a r old ( A P ) D i k s p femalp e l ' ^ to l^avirw for Vietnam in Oct- ncan elephant was taking pea otx-r where hf w , l l serve as nuts from visitors wh«n - . ^ ripmhor of th* M ''·' \ \ ' n'in"Ti [ , f ' l l MARY CARTER PAINTS INTERIOR ALcARTYEL i c WALL PAINT · FLAT FINISH F0t INTERIOR WALLS AND CI'L'MGS OF 'UASTER, WOOD, exiC/C MASONRY · DRIES TO TOUCH IN 30 MINUTES · EXCE LENT HID'NG · NO PVNT" ODOR · SOAP AND WATER CLEANS UP PAINTIN3 TOOLS · CAN BE TINTED IN OVER 2,0-0 DECORATOR COLORS GALS. FOR $^98 327 North Market Street Frederick, Md. f » \ Y S IP I. R P M . FOOD MARKET Quality Foods At Low Prices 200 N. Market St. Phone MO 3-5173 WE DELIVER JfK. 1T OEPT. FRESH LEAN PORK SHOUIDER CHOICE GRADE ROUND ROAST OR ROUND STEAK ib. LEAN GROUND BEEF GOETZE'S JUMBO BOLOGNA HY-GRADE CIRCLE K SLICED BACON FRESH STUFFED SAUSAGE "NGUNGS GOETZE'S SMOKED BAKED HAM FRESH CUT UP CHICKENS CHICKEN BREAST · 59c I LEGS THIGHS * 55 FRESH CHICKEN LIVERS lb 63c FRESH MARYLAND CRAB MEAT FHl ITS - » EGKT. 1BLES U.S. NO. 1 NEW POTATOES 49 doi FRESH LOCAL STRING BEANS SUNKIST JUICY ORANGES SUMMER RAMBO APPLES RED RADISHES *"» ' NEW SWEET POTATOES 2 lb CURLY KALE 2 *· ROMAINE LETTUCE-ESCAROLE-BOSTON LETTUCE SPRING ONIONS-ITALIAN RED ONIONS - ENDIVE 29c 49c 39c 19c 29c 39c 1,IHK I IIY I9EPT. GRADE-A MEDIUM 2 79 3 7 -« : 89c DEEP BLUE LIGHT TUNA PILLSBURY FLOUR 5 ^ V-8 VEGETABLE JUICE 46 - «·- 39c ANN DALE JELLY ECLAIRS COOKIES p"* 47c R5EL MONTE STEWED TOMATOES «· «« 29c FANCY WHOLE ONIONS IANDO-IAKK ib con 29c FANCY SLICED BEETS "ND O-IAKB 2 b con 39c BRANDYWINE MUSHROOMS "EMS and P.ECES can 29c OLD VIRGINIA APPLESAUCE DEL MONTE PEACHES DEL MONTE PURPLE PLUMS SUNMAID SEEDLESS RAISINS HUNT'S TOMATOES 2 17-oz can* 35C 2 l-lb cans 49C 17-ox |ar 26C 15Ki pkg 31 C 2 MVa-oz cant 49C PEAS SUCCOTASH BROCCOLI SPEARS 2 p. 9 , 49c 2 Pkgs 55t 2 pkg* 65c ·ach i)EiT. BANANA NUT LOAF LEMON CRUMB PIES CHOCOLATE CAKE ROLLS CHECKERBOARD CAKE GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE DECORATED CAKES FOR ALL OCCASIONS DANISH PASTRY-LAYER CAKES-DONUTS-PIES A /ways Shop Cappo//o's ft Pays 49c ikWSPAPURl

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