Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 24, 1962 · Page 24
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 24

Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Friday, August 24, 1962
Page 24
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EDITORIALS Trimming Public Payrolls It is our opinion that the Jefferson Davis parish police jury is due a vote of thanks from the taxpayers of that parish for its recent action in reducing the number of the parish's justices of the peace. The police jury voted to reduce the number of justices from nine to four. It has been estimated that this action will save the taxpayers of Jefferson Davis parish $3,840 a year. In these times it is indeed newsworthy ivhen any government body eliminates salaried posts, or seeks to save money for the taxpayers. Too often, the contrary is to be nolod. Too of!en all governmental bodies —city, parish, state and national—are seeking more funds, and are increasing their payrolls, rather than reducing them. Once upon a time, perhaps, the jus- lice of the peace was one of the bulwarks of the judicial system. In the days when the English common law was being set up in this country, communications were difficult, communities were isolated, and law enforcement officers were few. Today, while enforcement of the law is still difficult, conditions otherwise have changed. Communications have been improved to such an extent that a journey taking days a century ago ran now be made in minutes. There is today no community in Louisiana which can be said to be isolated in the way that so many communities were a century ago. The development of efficient law enforcement bodies, such as city police and state police, the development of a strong and efficient system of city and district courts, all have combined to render more primitive forms obsolete. Louisiana's political subdivisions— the parishes themselves—were set up at a time when difficulty of communications made larger areas unwieldy. Such is certainly not the case today. In fact, it may be said, with a considerable amount of truth, that Louisiana's political subdivisions are now too small. Once upon a time, for example, Calcasieu parish consisted not only of its present territory, but also the parishes of Jeff Davis, Allen, Beauregard and Cameron parishes. This territory was known as "Imperial Calcasieu." After the civil war, the territory was split up because of the difficulty of administering justice and governmental policies. It is s pity that such a division took place, and had it not occurred at that time, it probably would never have taken place, since the advances in transportation have now removed the disadvantages of larger administrative territories. Think of the savings to the taxpayers if we were to return to the older administrative district. Only one police jury to elect and to pay. Only one sheriff. Think of the many offices that could be eliminated—offices whose functions have atrophied or have disappeared with the passage of time! In fact, think of the savings that might be made in Calcasieu parish as it stands today, if all the useless and figurehead offices were to be abolished, if all of the small, inefficient and overlapping governmental bodies—such as two school boards—could be consolidated or eliminated! The prospect almost staggers the imagination. •Made Weather Not too many years ago one of the best swindles in this country was for a man to rig up a suitably impressive mechanical device and promise drouth- Ktricken farmers he could produce rain. In recent years rain-making was put on a more scientific and reliable basis with the seeding of clouds, but farmers have learned there is hardly anything that can replace a good natural rain. As is usual when weather reaches extreme conditions, everyone talks about it. In Louisiana, where one would hardly think there is a lack of water, farmers are looking anxiously to the skies for rain clouds. Farmers on the West Coast and other arid areas learned long ago that, if they were going to have water when they needed it, they were going to have to irrigate their fields. But in this state farmers have tended to let good years make up for losses during bad ones. Recent trends are making a change in this outlook, however, as markets are, demanding a constant supply of top quality produce. This means areas that can't be depended on for production "every" year stand a chance of being eliminated from the markets. Another factor is the Increasingly smaller margin under which farmers are now operating. Costs are reaching the point at which one bad year can completely wipe out a farm operator. All these things taken into consideration, this year's dry summer will probably see a return to, and expansion of irrigation programs started in the dry summers of the early 1950's. Notes and Comments A columnist says it isn't possible that chiggers serve a useful purpose in the scheme of things. Quite a few people have this opinion of columnists. "The typical embezzler is quiet, uncomplaining and hard-working," says a bonding company official. In a manner of speaking, it might be said he is too good to be true. A humorist points out that the person who plays a harmonica can eat corn on the cob more rapidly and efficiently. Maybe so, but he can't avoid giving himself a butter facial. "Wife Beaten by Husband Now Much Better." — Headline. A little disciplining now and then by husbands is beneficial to wives. THE WORLD TODAY Conflict Grows 'Lemme Out/' PEARSON SAYS HUAC Eyes Block Muslims By JACK ANDERSON (Copyright, 1962, by the Bell Syndicate) (Editor's Note: Drew Pearson is on a news tour of European trouble spots. In his absence, his column is written by his associate, Jack Anderson.) WASHINGTON. — FROM THE Muslim cult, the House Un-American Activilies commiltee has now compiled evidence, chapter and verse, that the cull is nol only bitterly anti-white but anti- American. Investigators also believe thai Communisl agitators are helping to organize Black Muslim cells among Negroes. It is standard procedure for the Reds to stir Francisco City hospital, an anti- cholesterol drug withdrawn from the market after users developed eye cataracts. With such stories troubling the public conscience and an election coming up, Dirksen hastily began covering up his activities against drug reforms. He even persuad- ISSUES OF THE DAY The Public Speaks (Editor's Note: The La It o Charles American Press invites interesting and sober comment on issues of the day. Letters should not be longer than two double-spared typewritten pages. They most be signed and given street address and city.) Work Suggested To 'Sell City' Enclosed find clipping on the Fort Smith, Ark., story which I think is an excellent idea for Lake Charles to try. Personally I think we have much more to offer than Fort Smith, but we have been shooting for the big plants and not lowering our sights for the many smaller ones that offer many jobs making the finished product. The traveling salesman never did go out of style, he just uses a better technique to peddle his product and to out fox his competitor who invites his customers to come get it if they want it. We, aware of the contradictions within itself, even as it regards only the Creation story. Mr. Petry makes what I am sure he feels is a generously permissive statement. Quote. "It may be innocent to speculate beyond what God's Word has revealed, if our theories do not contradict facts found in th« Scriptures." Unquote. Careful inspection of the first 19 verses of Genesis should provide sufficient evidence of just such a contradiction, even for those people incapable of applying the most rudimentary forms' of simple logic. For example, Genesis 1, versos 1 through 5 relate the crcnlivo productivity of the first day, namely light. This light was called day, and the darkness from which it was divided was called night. Verse 10, representing the third day, shows God creating the Earth, including grass, herbs, and fruit trees. Now on the fourth day of the Creation, we finally find God get*•- * • - - ' vji vcniirii, *-» c Hlldl\J tlllU VJUU g*"l' here in Lake Charles, should all; ting around to the creation of tha be salesmen for our community i SU n, moon, stars to serve as signs, and should not wait until tomor- ; and for seasons, and for days and row to organize, but do it today j f or years, etc., and to give light and beat our competitors in sell- j upon the Earth, ing our city. With the air base! Now I ask Mr.'Petry if he would closing out, let's get busy now j have us believe that science has and start finding replacements for " the lost payroll we enjoy now, BOB HOUSE, 1810 Legion St. Lake Charles, La. (Editor's Note: The clipping tells about Fort Smith industry hunting teams fanning out over the nation to "sell" factories on locating there. A total of 6,000 new jobs were created in Fort Smith, including 2,000 at a re- frigeragor - freezer factory, according to (he article. The impetus for the industrial drive came from the Army's closing of Fort Chaffee in 1959 which cost Fort Smith 1,000 civilian jobs nnd the boost to its economy from thousands of military personnel.) Genesis Said Contradictory In answer to Mr. Petry's lelter ,, s . d f t voters. nlnrd ±d the" world"' --- - _ . • , ~,,> up racial hatred by inflaming the' °* at l° a st two categories. For a ' ' cape out of America. She is falling, falling." -* * * THE BLACK BIBLE CALLS upon Muslims to hale the while race, lo remove pictures of white people from their homes, to support racial segregation, and to kill white men who romance Negro women. This suggestion that blood may j land to answer ive lo be spilled keeps turning! cal mail from up between the lines. j * * * n^ a n kS t0 y ° U> °,.f llah 'V e 1, SINCE , EASTLA ™ DOESN'T in piace of the "In Darwin and, Clares one passage, for making face reelection until 1966, then in j Science We Trust" motto that Mr i manifest our enemy (the wh ! *"'" -'-'- ' J ' — »"•-- • '- ; race), and help us, 0 Allah die the death of a Muslim." Elsewhere, the Black bible commands: "Kill no one whom Allah has not ordered to be killed." But the word apparently has already gone out for the execution been conspiring to confound the truth in teaching that the sun ig the Earth's primary lighl source, 1 and that day and night is the phenomenon occurring as a result o! a relative sun-earth position, or is this just a theory which contra- j diets the Scriptural fact that the light which we know as day and the corresponding darkness referred to as night exist independently (as second clay creation products) and require none of the fourth day light sources or Earth rotation. The error appears to me not so much an error in human reasoning as in Divine sequence. GARRET W. TERLOUW, 729 Royal St. Lake Charles, La. Loss of Dignity Laid to President What has happened to the President of the United States, that ho latest Evolutionary War. ' *£?' leader of our country? i this After Iookin t! at the picture of r ar. In place of the "In Darwin andij <enned y. on the bra • ' king face reelection until 1966, then in j Science We Trust" motto that Mr. i fornia this l )ast weekend wit! iteja state far removed from Illinois, I Petry sees many of us adopting/" 1 °^ indecent dressed be; i, to it was safe for him to take the i let me offer what I would call a 'i combers cll 'nging to him, it tainly revealed to the cer- American extremists of different races. j subsequent passage declares: "If The sect has done ils most effective proselyting in prisons, where it has gained converts and fomented trouble in the name of religion. Recent riots at Lorton ! a brother kills a brother, the murderer must be killed, or anyone murders a Muslim *v-v *i<i^ VII.I.L »iltll A YVUUJV. blame for Dirksen's doings. j "Testament for Heretics." , Eastland insisted, for instance,! "To believe or not to believe,'P e °P' e that he is truly a seeker of thai he had been responsible for; thai is Ihe choice; whether 'tis [ PpP ular ity. even to the extent of invittnrT Hun 1nitrif/\»*e« f/tt* *U«. *•!»•.,* i . • . . * .1 . i .. .. riClflTICT VlIC lifft nnrl nnf f nb-Inrt i\»*i-k_ e coce; weer s . inviting two lawyers for the drug i wiser in the mind' to suffer the riskin S his life and not taking pre- interests. IJoyd Cutler and Mar- : misguided and fallacious concepts ! caution that is cx P C(lieil t for a - j of a narrowly dogmatic Christian- ! man of Ilis off ice to obc ' v ! ' ' . shall Hornblower, to attend a sec , ._ „ „„„ , Wk u jiuijuyYij uugmamj vm JAiuiu* | —, . ret Senate conference on drug '• Ry, or to rise up in outraged rea- ! lhe P e °P le as a wll ole are proud legislation. j son an d open i y defy that which .of a president that stands for high con-'simple logic nnd scientific f acti morals and respects his high call- i tint ' denv " ' in S m every phase of his beha- Olhcrs who attended the forence had the impression that By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — That pleasant relationship . between President Kennedy and former President Eisenhower is getting increasingly abrasive. No name-calling, no personal attacks, but blistering criticism of each other's administrations. Several limes in moments of deep concern s'nce he took office Kennedy has sought out Eisenhower to talk with him. This was a switch for Eisenhower, whose relations with his predecessor, former President Truman, were frigid. P.ut twice within 10 days, Kennedy has traced two of this country's most vital troubles—the space race with Russia and the economy—back to Eisenhower as troubles he inherited. Eisenhower's criticism of his successor in the White House has picked up stearn over the past three months. A month ago today he said (lie Kennedy administration "is i floundering — thrashing aimlessly | about" while doing things he said ' "have started the whole nation to : question its ability to compre- [ hend." j A month before he said he believes Kennedy is in the clutches of the "big spenders." He had ; acutely criticized the Kennedy I farm program before and after the House killed it with all but one Republican voting against it. In his television talk to the na, lion Aug. 13—after the Russians had shot their orbital twins into space—Kennedy admitted the I United States was behind but had started late in the 1950s. | Eisenhower, whose administration spanned most of the 1950s, ; said Aug. 15- in London he does not agree with those who say the Russians have a space lead over the United States. l - "I do not agree," he said, "that : they (the Russians) have a space ! lead or that there is a gap. I'm a little tired of that word gap." I At his news conference Wednes; day, Kennedy—saying "anybody who attempts to suggest we are 4 FRIDAY, AUG. 24, 1962, Lake Charles American Press. Lake Charles American Press SIXTY-SIXTH YEAR k Day oi\d Sundoy Morning MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS 'lr* Associative! Prats Ii entitled exclusively to tho use for ropubllcatlon of Oil th« local n«we printed In this newspaper as well os all AP news dlipotches, Main OK ice - 6"t« SI ................ ; .................. . .......... Phont HE 9-2781 -SUBSCRIPTION RATES -. By Carrier Per Week ...... 45c By Carrier Per Yeor ...... $23.40 By Mull In Allen Etuureyord. Cclcoileu, Cameron ond Jelferjon Djvll parishes, Da>iy onO Sunday Per Ycor 51700; Dolly Only, Per Year J1000; Sundoy Only Per Vta' J/ W All otntr moll per year $23 40. Eni«r»0 fi Lokt Chariu Po»t 0«:t* os Secsnsl dost Wall Matter Uno*r id •)( Csnyrui March 1, U7I not behind misleads the American people"—stressed: "We are second to the Soviet Union in long-range boosters. I have said from the beginning we have started late ... but I believe before the end of this decade is out, the United States will be ahead." Earlier this month in the Saturday Evening Post Eisenhower said he doubted the wisdom of racing the Soviets to put a man on the moon and criticized the Kennedy administration for J spending too much on the space race. Kennedy, as if answering the spending complaint, said Wednesday: "We are well behind but we are making a tremendous effort. We increased, after I took office, after four months, we increased the budget for space by 50 per cent over that of my predecessor. "The fact of the matter is that this year we submitted a space budget which was greater than the combined eight space budgets of the previous eight years. So this country is making a fast effort which is going to be much bigger next year, and the years to come, ancl represents a very heavy burde/i upon us all." Last June 1 Eisenhower said he and other Republican leaders are "deeply concerned about the direction in which our economy seems to be going" under the Kennedy administration. But in his Aug. 13 talk on the economy Kennedy said he Inherited recession from Eisenhower when he took office Jan. 20, 1961 and that under him the country has had to recover from two Eisenhower recessions: in 1958 as well as 1%1. reformatory near Washington, for i that thousands of Black Muslims instance, were touched off by are already swearing by these in- Black Muslims spilling in the fac- Hanimalory passages. Note — The cult not only has mus t, the two attorneys were negotial- j This means placing faith in its i ing for Dirksen. Inadvertently, the j proper perspective as the exten- What worries the authorities is attorneys left behind their copy of ;sion of reason rather than its sub- es of white inmates and guards. * * * every vior. Truly it is a shame and a disgrace to our nation to see a picture of our leader as was on the pi F( l R M D r° C T R ' ^ E Black Muslims preach a mixture of Mohammedanism, rab ble-gabble, and mumbo-jumbo. It is all "revealed" by their panjandrum, who calls himself Elijay been repudiated by legitimate ' nff ' A .. r Mohammedans but by every re- 1 hls own ame "dments. bizarre i sponsib]e Ncf , rQ * * * lhe industry's proposals, This fell; stitute. ; — - -^ ,.„<, ,„. ...^ into the hands of an administra- Mr. Petry takes the position of (front page of the Lake Charles tion aide, Jerome Sonosky, w h o many Christians in using the Bible American Press Monday noticed that lhe wording was pre-j°s its own authority lo authenti ~ ~ cisely the same as Dirksen ' '~ L - '""" ' ' ' ' ' But the suave and savvy Dirksen no longer is pressing his two- year fight againsl drug reforms. Even behind closed doors, he now keeps discreetly quiet lest the itself but as a good student of the Blble he must certainly be MRS. E. E. SCHUMANN, 2004 Guillory St. West Lake, 'La. AFTER OBSTRUCTING DRUG reforms for two years, Illinois - - , Sen. Evcrctl Dirksen is now back-1 ,; , fnr AH , h l ° S P eak i Pedaling with a dexterity found I wal s (havcc earfs " . ,. . for Allahl jonly among cyclists and polilici- 1 A j l , he Scnate H'ciary com- His word is contained in a ans. ' mitt e e s most recent closed-floor Black bible, called "The Supreme Tr 0 ] meetings on the drug bill, Dirk- Wisdom" - a biblical burlesque . , be " ate offlce had become i sen sat with hands folded and eyes which sometimes imitales the ""Barters on Capitol Hill for lifted heavenward while Senators MODERN SCIENCE Light Amplifying By BUSINESS WEEK NEW YORK - Imagine a beam wmcn sometimes imitales the .. r™ ,;~ t JT" 1 '""' ". , ' 1 ™ "^venwara W nne senators NEW YORK - Imagine a beam Scriptures but often lapses into f™ drug lobby ; , rhon the sicken- Roman Hruska of Nebraska and of licht that can reac j the moon . the homilies of Harlem. ing dru * scandals burst illto ^e John McClellan of Arkansas did! g l ""* T rtach , "T"' iicuicui, npws- thnitcanrlc nt A,.,,«A~ iu- i_n.i_ „ j. ,, . , . i t';nTV voiir vnifp nvpr Inner H s. the homilies of Harlem, A typical passage on the perse* culion of the righteous: "My poor people who have turned to their own god (Allah) and religion (Islam) are constanlly being Iracked down and walched, as Ihough they were about to stick up a bank." * * * "THE SUPREME WISDOM" teaches that Allah is now on earth in the person of Master F a r cl Muhammad, who came out Mecca in 1930. His counterpart is identified as "The Arch Devil John Hawkins" who was "p e r- mitted to make slaves of our innocent, righteous forefathers in n cean o ransas i news: thousands of drug-de- the talking for the drug industry, i carry your formed babies born in Europe, aj Unlike Dirksen, they don't havej tanccs ; scrv __, j-—i «-» | <->tt*i«iv *-* n.iiLJV'lif L-11UV V.1UIJ VilUVC --- - -- ........... contaminated drug causing breast j to worry about reelection this| in tne most delicate surgery; development in baby boys at San' year. scrvc most voice ovcr long dis ' as an instrument YOUR HEALTH Learn fo Say 'No' change molecular structure of a substance; vaporize any known material. other forms of energy are a 11 forms of one continuous range of phenomena called electro-m a g- netic radiation. Nosv the laser promises to make the infrared and visible light part of the electromagnetic range as useful to man as is the radio spectrum. Right now, the only lasers on These are only a few of the sale are laboratory instruments, abilities and possibilities of t h e The latest was put'on the market family of light-amplifying devic-, this week by its developers, Peres called lasers. The laser, dis-, kin-E 1 m er Corp. and Spectra- covered only two years ago, is a j Physics, Inc. It's a visible-beam of I5y Dr. Theodore R. Van Dcllcn i one is offended and the individual . 1 saves himself considerable wear ' ning . to define the llmits of its ' sensation in the scientific and industrial world, and is only 1962: By The Chicago Tribune) tential. At the very least, the laser — : attack but the emergency is not Africa and forcibly bring them to always as bad as we have been nl U1B vt;l y luusi, me laser No one looks forward to a heart Jl^ 1 "° J™™ !& i ,W ?? ™** ^.^f™ 8 those shores in the year 1555. led to believe. Most victims sur- v •*-•,» *v k-'\^»*x*TWt AI*Ui3l ViV, I IHO3 Old " Throughout the book runs t h e j vive and the majority do not be- me theme: that the white race i come invalids. They return to is doomed, America must fall, their former occupations, For and the black race will inherit many, the warning leads to a new the earth. Here are typical pas sages, which the Un-American Ac and more desirable existence. Someone asked 90 . year . 0 i d to .. ... ... , ,;.,., nuineone asKea a au-year-oia to tivities comm.ltee doesn't think ! what he attributed his longevity. are lunny: (He gave credit to his ability to -"America is falling, my peo-| S ay "No." He told of having had pie. She has to fall, because shel a breakdown at age 40 that re- is a habitation of devils (whites), j quired a change in his philosophy Forsake her and fly to y o u r j O f life. His first promise to him- cwn -" i self was to say "no" whenever —"I want to see you, my peo- j he did not want to do something, pie, in a country that you can j The plan paid dividends because call your own, There is no hope j his days became less bothersome t u .._j._ .v.. ., '---'-'tind -'ore enjoyable and relaxing. Victims of coronary thrombosis have the same opportunity. There is no better excuse than "I've had a heart attack" for not assuming additional duties, becoming a member of this or that commit.... ,_ tee, or giving a talk before some give. Remember, you will get two stuffy organization, Jt is an ac- to ten for one. The whole earth! ccptable reason for going home will be given to you to rule for- from parties at an early hour or ever. So help yourselves to es- walking out of a dull meeting, No for such under the slavemaster's children and their flag." —"Muslims alone will rule the new world, and this generation will live to witness the change." —"Help me to get the message of Islam to our people with whatever dash that you are able to members of the coronary club field of quantum electronics must go beyond this, Statistics; the study of the phenomena of shosv that those who continue to j atomic radiation such as fluores- work live longer than those re-j cence. signed to the rocking chair. Do j This leads deep into the infinite something, so long as it does not bring on shortness of breath, coughing, or chest .pain. It Is natural at first to become worlds of spinning electrons in matter; the discovery of new forces that can be put to work for man. There are people who gas laser that sells for $7,900. Raytheon Co. also announced it would have one available soon, Unlike semiconductors, for example, lasers are never likely to be a widely used component in mass-marketed consumer items. Even if you take in the whole broader field of masers as well as lasers, and include their related equipment, total sales in the U. S. aren't likely to reach $10- million this year. Yet, between It Is natural at first to become h nk the laser^ ma v prove to be tw -ir -Tm* apprehensive about exertion. At h' dread wcaoon Jf ?Sce fSl^r " W '" ^ Spent the end of six weeks after the at-i u on • (h! death ray ° n laSGr research ' acm tack the involved area in the wall j Th ' e i aser belongs to a larger of the heart has healed. There is j f a m i \ y O f amplifying devices rtn Maori tn rnc/^nf fn «,4 A ^f ,, . , . ., called masers, explains the mag- no need to resort to a state of invalidism after three months has elapsed. azine. Masers are less than 10 years Hindsight always is better old but nave already found lim than foresight but it is a pity ^ led uses as ^ ime and frequency more of us do not enjoy our- standards and extremely sensitive selves and learn to say "no" be- ' amplifiers in microwave radio. fore rather than after a heart attack. Today's Health Hifit- Don't let the sun shine directly into a child's eyes. Address inquiries to: Dr. Theodore R. Van Tribune vSyndicate, Tribune Tower, Chicago, 111. Dellen, Telstar ground stations, for example, use maser amplifiers. The name 'maser' is an acronym of the job it does: Micro- and . - year on laser research, according to a, study made by Technology Markets, Inc., of New York. Hundreds of companies are al* ready investigating the laser, Most are committing only a few thousand dollars, though a few big companies are making an investment of well above $l-m i 11 i o n each. With a market limited to sophisticated applications r a t h er than consumer products, some of these companies may spend money on lasers for years with ..j ... ,, ,.., j~~ . . , muiiey uji lasers lor years W1U> wave amplification by stimulated nut coming up wilh a US9b , omiccirm r\i I'Qrliatmn j . * emission of radiation. The key to understanding how light (like radio waves) can be amplified is found in the realiza- j . Yet the prize could be so great In any of many fields that no one tion that radio, radiant heat, visi- Is quite ready to pull out of the ble light, X-rays, and a host of treasure hunt.

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