Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 23, 1972 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
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Friday, June 23, 1972
Page 7
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Youth-Led Revival Commences Larry Gllmote, Paducah, Ky. and Bruce Hyimith, Duncan, Okla., are the evangelistic team for a revival ted by the youth of First Baptist Church beginning tonifht. Gilmore will preach while HystnltK conducts the musical portion of the series. Young people of the church will meet tonight and Saturday night at ft: 15 in Fellowship Hall for a "Blitz" session. During the preaching service Saturday evening a group from the church Hysmith serves at Duncan will provide special music. There will be a final fellowship at Pampa Youth Center Sunday evening after church. All revival services will be televised on cable TV channel 13. The Sunday morning worship service will be broadcast on station KPDN at 11. CHURCH NEWS PAMPA, TEjCAS Mth YEAR Friday, June 2J, Former Missionary Heads Presbyterians Surgeon, missionary, churchman, editor, pitcher, husband, father. And now moderator. That's Dr. L. Nelson Bell, who on June 18, was selected to occupy the highest elective office in the Presbyterian Church In the U.S. Above all these roles he is a Christian who emphasizes fellowship among believers and fidelity to Scripture. In accepting the new distinction, Dr. Bell, the executive editor of Christianity Today, pledged to work for more harmony in his dissent-torn denomination. "I say to you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, when this time comes next year, God willing, we're going to be closer together," he said. Disciples Assembly Sees Justice Drama FORT WORTH Approximately 300 women of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Texas were involved here today in the death of a 14-year-old boy on an Arkansas prison farm. The Nathan Smith Jr. case provides the framework for an audience-participation drama that will open the Disciples' annual Assembly of Women at Texas Christian University and nearby University Christian Church. Issues raised in the "confrontation-participation drama" will be dealt with through Sunday noon under the assembly's "Faith, Law, Justice" theme. The play was written especially for the assembly by Ralph Stone, campus minister at University Christian Church, and will be presented by the Hypocrites, a drama group in the congregation. Calvary Church Plans Outing Members of the Calvary Baptist Church are planning to take to the park Sunday afternoon for an outing. , After the morning services, members of the church have been invited to gather in Central Park for a picnic beginning at 12:30p.m. Each family or person will provide their own lunch. Drinks, plates and silverware will be furnished. Anyone wishing to join in the picnic are invited to come to the park and the services. Fellowship and recreation will follow the meal. An "old-fashioned" Sunday evening service will be at the park at 4 p.m. in place of the regular evening service at the church. Spanish School George Warren, minister of education at first Baptist Church, has announced plans for Spanish Vacation Bible School next week. The school will be conducted 9-11 a.m. Monday through Friday. Miss Mary Lou Douglas will be in charge of the school. EVANGELISM CONGRESS VERO BEACH, Fla. (AP) A group of evangelical leaders from five continents, including Billy Graham, announced here that an International Congress on World Evangelization will be held in Europe in the late summer or early fall of 1974, with up to 5,000 delegates from throughout the world. They said its aim will be to call the church to "finish the task of proclaiming the Gospel to the world in our generation." 1 A similar congress was held in Berlin in 1966. NAG HUBBY FOR OWN GOOD LONDON (AP) - Wives with overweight, middle-aged husbands must nag them to keep fit. Women are failing to control their husbands' diets, says a report by the British government-financed Health Education Council. Worse still, they are apathetic when it comes to making sure they have enough exercise. Said Lady Bijrk, Council chairman: "I honestly believe that unless a woman wants to be an early widow she must do a bit of nagging to keep her husband fit. But she must also encourage him — persuading him to eal the right foods and take enough exercise." Stone says the play "confirms and challenges" the present system of law and justice, exposing "points at which it is humane and points at which it is less than that." The title is "When Will They Blow the Whistle?" Friday night, Dr. Dorothy I. Height of New York, director of the Racial Justice Center of the Young Women's Christian Association and president of the National Council of Negro Women, Inc., will speak. Saturday morning, Dr. Height will participate in a dialogue on "The Scripture and the Secular" with Dr. Stuart D. Currie of Austin, Bible lecturer for the assembly. Dr. Currie, professor of New Testament and exegesis at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, will deliver lectures on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Both times, the women will discuss his lectures around tables, then direct questions to Dr. Currie. Other major assembly events "will 1 include cjtaic» on program methods aih'd 'materials Saturday afternoon, a "hunger dinner" benefiting Church World Service Saturday night and installation of officers of Texas Christian Women's Fellowship Sunday morning. Dr. Bell was elected moderator of the 112th annual general assembly on the second ballot. The assembly met at the Montreat, North Carolina, Presbyterian conference grounds, where he has his home. Dr. Bell has belonged to the Southern Presbyterian denomination, which now has nearly 1,000,000 members, since he was a youngster living in Waynesboro, Virginia. He and his wife, a childhood sweetheart from Waynesboro, served for 25 years as missionaries to China under the Southern Presbyterian Board of World Missions. He operated a hospital at Tsingkiangpu. When World War II came on, the Bells settled in the Asheville, N.C., area, and he took up a private practice in surgery. The Bells, who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1966, have three daughters and a son. One daughter is married to a Presbyterian missionary in Korea, another to a space scientist, and the other to evangelist Billy Graham. Their son is minister of a Southern Presbyterian church. Dr. Bell, 77, has taught a Bible class every Sunday morning since the settling in Montreat. In recent years it has been aired over a local radio station. He continues to be active even though he suffered several heart attacks during the fifties and sixties. In his later years, he has become quite a prolific writer and has won a number of awards. In 1956 he and his evangelist son-in-law were instrumental in founding "Christianity Today," now a highly regarded and widely quoted magazine. Dr. Bell was elected moderator in a runoff with Dr. Jospeh A. Norton, a radiologist from Little Rock, Ark. The vote was 221 to 212. Eliminated on the first ballot were Dr. David Stitt. former president of Austin Theological Seminary now serving as a pastor in Houston, and Dr. William W. McDougald, a professor of journalism at the University of Ga. DAVID POLING, D.D. The Religious Newsmakers By REV. DAVID POLING This last year had a nice collection of events and happenings in the world of religion. Some public, some international, some seen on television and others experienced in the arts and theater. Here are some worth noting and remembering: In an era of declining church membership and lower Sunday attendance, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen filled St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York in the Sundays during Lent —without posters, radio spots or bumper stickers. Good preaching attracts great crowds and the majority were young people listening to a white-haired bishop. Ecumenical Citation of the Year: To David Ben-Gurlon for his comment to this reporter at his home in Israel, "I like Paul's letters to the Corinthians. In fact, I Cor. 13 1-13 ought to be in the Hebrew Bible. I asked the rabbis about this, but they said no." The most controversial event of the year (causing billboards to rage in Washington state) was the grant to Angela Davis by a United Presbyterian Church agency and challenged by its General Assembly. The most surprising turn-around of 1972 (concerning Angela Davis) may be for blacks 1.) to discover that she is getting a fair trial; and to whites 2.) that a jury finds her innocent. The faux pas grand award goes to the New York Council of Churches and its taking back the Family of Man citation intended for FJob Hope. The uninviting of Mr. Hope (at the insistence of antiwar critics) cost that council thousands of dollars in pledges and respect. The most memorable picture of the entire year was taken during December of William Wesley Peters with his wife, Svctlana Stalina, and their infant daughter attending a service at a Greek Orthodox Church in Minnesota (and designed a decade ago by architect Peters.) The nonevent of the year, which attracted much press and worldwide attendance, must be the Catholic Bishops meeting in Rome in September. Of all the issues debated, topics discussed and papers presented, the grand total accomplished seems to be the endorsement of more celibacy and less marriage. In politics, you cannot legislate loyalty, In religion, you cannot regulate piety. Both groups attempt this goal, and in the end, fail. Loyalty comes from affection and respect. Piety from belief and trust. This is a long explanation for the failure of the Prayer Amendment to become law by the action of Congress. Good people were on both sides and thoughtful people would not be pleased by either outcome. In the arts, a Mass was presented for the opening of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Hailed by some as the greatest work of Leonard Bernstein, it disappointed others who doubted the mixture of rock and religion, scripture and secular. Ditto for "Jesus Christ Superstar." A statement that the Rev. Welz Rollins made recently has a ring of truth hard to contradict: "In the future churches will make grants only to those Negroes that they know and trust." And the obvious, but not often mentioned, religious fact of the year: the continued rise of Billy Graham's leadership in almost every area of the Christian church. His anticipated crusades in Spain, Rome and the Middle East will attract crowds that will surprise even his most devoted followers in the States. The Weekly Message Of Inspiration Hobart Baptist Church RONALDG.MOONEY Pastar HOBART BAPTIST CHURCH The political picture is [heightening with activity every Iday. There are some (tremendously vital issues at (stake. Think of the difficult I moral and spiritual problems to Ibe seen in every part of the globe! A father, wanting to amuse his son, clipped out a picture of a world map from the newspaper. Cutting it into Irregular pieces, he mixed them all up and told the boy to see how quickly he could reassemble the hodgepodge puute. It wasn't too long after that the lad was back with jigsaw map all complete, held together by scotch tape. His dad couldn't understand how he could ever get it done so rapidly. He found out when he saw what was on the other side. It was a photograph of a man. The boy explained, "All I did was to put him back together, dad, and the world came out all right!" We may criticize our government business operations, and other aspects of life. But keep in mind that none of these things can be righted until man himself is first in a proper relationship with God. This can come only through personal faith in the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. It's not reformation that man needs, but rather regeneration that man needs. This regeneration comes only through the Saviour's power. We can be good morally, and be called the best man anyone ever knew; however, this does not change our heart nor does it secure our future, Only when man realizes he can not run his life and sees that the past and the future are hopeless without Jesus Christ, can he turn to Christ and realize that Jesus changes the man. "Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things are passed away; behold all things are become new." (II Cor.5.17) Church Directory .425 N. Word Adventitt Seventh Doy Adventi«t R. D. Murray, Minister Apostolic Pampa Chapel Rev. E. Waterbury 711 E. Harvest.; Assembly Of God Assembly of God Church, Rev. Robert 1. Bailey Skellytown Bethel Assembly of Cod Church, Rev. R. C. Van Amber 1541 Hamilton Calvary Assembly of God Rev. Jerold Middaugh '030 love First Assembly of God R«v. Jimmy Phillips 500 S. Cuyler Baptist Barrett Baptist Church Waylon W. Brulon °03 Beryl Calvary Baptist Church, Rev. Johnny Thames 824 S. Barnes Central Baptist Church Rev. Bryan Halliburton Starkweather * Browning Hobart Baptist Church, Rev. Ronald Mooney ... .1100 W. Crawford First Freewill Baptist L.C. lynch 336-N. Wd«r Fellowship Baptist Church Rev. iorl MadduK H? N. Warren First Baptist Church (lefore) Rev. Dudley Bristow 315 E - 4 ' n Highland Baptist Church A. E. Burns, Pastor 1301 N. Bonks First Baptist Church, Dr. C. Gordon Bayless, Interim Pastor 203 N. West First Baptist Church Rev. Milton Thompson Skellytown Pampa Baptist Temple Rev. Cliff A. McDougol .^ Starkweather A Kingsmill Progressive Baptist Church, Rov. l.B. Davis 836 S. Gray Pampa House of Prayer .940 S. Dwight Catholic St. Vincent's de Pai/l Catholic Church Father Francis Hynes, C.M 2300 N. Hobart Bible Church Of Pampa Rev. J.S. Smith 307 W. Foster Attend The Church Of Your Choice This Sunday Church Directory Christian Hi-land Chrlition Church, Harold Starbuik ........................ '«'» N •»"'" First Christian Church (DISCIPIES Of CHRIST) Rev. Ralph T. Palmer ................ . t«« N. N«l»on Christian Science Christian Science Church ................... W! N. Frosl Church Of Chris? Central Church of Chriil. .............. 50 ° N S"""™"' Robert L. McDonald Westside Church of Christ .„« .,, mlc . Jam*. B. lusby, Minister ............... 140S AUo( - k Church of Christ, Mary Ellen ft Harvester Minister Jack Pape .............. 1717 Duncan Church of Christ, Wayne Umcns..' ....... Oklahoma Street Pampa Church of Christ Jerold Barnard ....................... "8 MeCullough Wells Street Church of Christ ............... «00 N. Wells Church of Christ, David Dennis Minister ............. Ufers Church Of God Church of God, Rev. John B. WoH«r ..... 1123 Gwendolen Church Of God Of Propnecy Rev. David H. Solar ...................... 701 Campbell St. Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints Bishop laron B. Voyles ........................ 731 Sloan Church Of The Brethren Church of The Brethren Rev. Bryee Hubbard ...................... 600 N. Frost Church Of The Nazarene Church of The Naiarene Rev. Mward J"rkson ........................ S10 N. West . Episcopal St Matthews Ipiscopal Church, Rev. Richard Sa«r. Rev. Sam Hulsey ......... "' w B— nir.a Foursquare Gospel Foursquare Gospel Church Rev. Sam Godwin ........................... 717 Lefors Full Gospel Assembly Lomar Full Gospel Assembly Rev. Gen. Allen ...................... "00 S. Sumner Immanuel Temple Immanuel Temple Mike I. Owens ...................... 801 E. Campbell New Life Tabernacle Rev. Kirby Trew ...................... 701 E. Campbell Lutheran Lutheran Church, Rev. M.G. Herring ........ ..1200 Duncan Methodist First Methodist Church, Dr. Lloyd V. Hamilton ....... ........ .201 E. Foster Harrah Methodist Church Rev. W. O. Rocker, Jr .................... 639 S. Barnes St. Paul Methodist Church Rev. i. W Rosenbyrg ............ .'.,. ...... all N. Hobart St. Marks Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Rev. Monroe Woods Jr ................... ...... 406 Elm Pentecostal Revival Center Church, Ruby Burrows, Pastor. nOl S. Wells Pentecostal Holiness First Pentecostal Holiness Church, Rev. Albert Maggard .................... . .1 700 Alcock Hi-Land Pentecostal Holiness Church Rev. Charles McCause ................... 1733 N. Banks Pentecostal United United Pentecostal Church, Rev. H.M, Veoch .......................... 608 Naida Presbyterian First Presbyterian Church, Rev. W. Martin Hager .................. 525 N. Gray Salvation Army Capl. L. Z. Sullivan .................... S. Cuyler at Thut I Th»»e BustntM Firms and Professional PeopU Are Making This Weekly Message possible. Joining with the ministers of Pampa in hoping that each message will be an inspiration to Everyone. GIBSON'S DISCOUNT CENTER "Where you buy the best for Ins" 1405 N. Banks HARVESTER PIT BARBECUE Served Family Style Banquet Room-Order* to Go 105 S. Cuyler LINDSEY FURNITURE MART WRIGHT FASHIONS 222 N. Cuyter PAMPA OFFICE SUPPLY CO. 211 N. Cuyler 220 N. Somerville SHOOK TIRE CO. 317 S. Cuyler LEWIS SUPPLY CO. Tools and Industrial Supplies GOODYEAR SERVICE STORI 125N. Somerville 417 S. Cuyler 410 ic. Foster DIXIE PARTS 4 SUPPLY CLAYTON FLORAL CO. 669-9048 665-3121 665-1633 669-3353 665-5302 669-9851 665-2349 665-5771 669-3334 COSTON'S HOME OWNED BAKERY Coronado Center 669-7361 H. R. THOMPSON PARTS & SUPPLY 312 W. Kingsmill 665-1643 ADDINGTON'S WESTERN STORE Western Wear for All the Family 119 S. Cuyler 669-3161 SOUTHWELL SUPPLY CO. Oilfield and Industrial Supplies 805 S. Cuyler 665-2391 PAMPA GLASS & PAINT CO. Floor Covering Headquarters 1431 N. Hobart 669-3295 647 W. Foster TOWLES TILE CO. "Seamless Floor Covering" 665-5075 SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE FURS S CAFETERIA CORONADO CENTER PAMPA AUTO CENTER I SKIDMORE FORD TRACTOR 126S. Houston 665-2387 TEXAS FURNITURE CO. "Quality Home Furnishings-Use Your Credit" FORD'S BODY SHOP 111 N. Froit 665-1619 MONTGOMERY WARD 4V CO. Coronado Center 669-7401 BENTLEY'S LADIES STORE Ruth Hutchens, Manager 113 N. Cuyler PAMPA PARTS A SUPPLIES INC. "Automotive Parts ft Supplies" 525 W. Brown 669-6877 FURR'S FAMILY CENTER

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