The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on January 7, 1962 · Page 33
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 33

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 7, 1962
Page 33
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RACINE SUNDAY BULLETlNJan. 7, 1962 Sec. 4, Page 4 unn The Conservation Depart- anglers might tell you that nient has brought out a mosti the trout numbers are In interesting publication, titledi jeopardy in most streams "Wildlife, People and Land."; due to the length of the Officially it is their Publica-' season and the provocation No. 621. tive amount of hardware It covers a lot of ground, • 'o^^^ed trout's way. Space Age Aids 1964 Coverdge NEW YORK— (/P)—There is when they watch an event in a very good possibility that person the space age will help bring . '"^^'^ Promotes understand.. . . 1 • • t . 'ng and educates people as to ,on.the-spot television of next ^^^^ ^^^^^ people reaJly react year's Pan American Games under stress or strain, or in from South America and the 1964 Winter Olympics from times of triumph. It would go a long way to counteract all Innsbruck, Austria, according of the rumors and assumptions that are prevalent about our people in the minds of to a man whose experiences with international sports television carried him over 200,-iothers, and vice versa in this The WCD contends that 000 miles last year. 'country, many good trout streams con- Ron Arledge, producer fori Good for Industry tinue to support larRC popula-ABC's "Wide World of; "But aside from the educa- i tions of trout which carry,Sports," which begins itsjtional end, it will be a tremen- over and propapate from year second season tomorrow, saw It !s an attempt, as director yg^p course, is in the televising of these premier I 1'. V'oiRt says in the intro-,5treams capable of supporting international events as defi- (jiKtion, "to show the wild- trout, not the straight put- nitely in the realm of pos- inrt nf thfs 1 .1.- . - " enough to fill several shelves of stoutish books. Naturally it is compressed to fit in 84 pages. l.forcsources as a part of the and-take streams as Keno- sibinty totMl natural community of sha County's Palmer Creek, Wisconsin, of which man is a pari " Its primary value is in showing the inter-relation between animals (from bears and bass to beetles), land and water and their usage by animals and man. Also, what has been done 10 (and for) wildlife, habitat and natural resources. The big bone of contention between the W(T) and the general public is probably pin-; dous boost for the TV industries of both countries." "There is better equipment jin Europe than here, but they Idon't know what to do with It can be done by using!it. The Europeans have every- satellites similar to the onesjthing in technical equipment In Adams and Marquette counties flows Lawrence , , Creek: Some three miles of the space agency people have it in the two counties have ^ ^o probe outer space in not ben stocked since 1949, ^^^^^ P^^t few years," Arledge have had moderate to heavy isaid. 'A series of six micro- fLshing pressure each year >''ve communication satel- under state-wide trout regu- P'""Pe'' o^bit so that ations. Yet a survey of this ''^'Rnals can be picked up and stretch in 1954 showed (relayed from the site of the 18,000 brook and rainbow ^vent to the trout present in the stream, station, would pointed best in the paragraph , , , , • n which the department de-'^'V.lL'^!.^!!'.''.^. finrs "conservatifjn." worked out. Better Than Cable "This would be much less in those waters were smarter expensive and more practical facilities—things we are just getting around to—but lack the concept of continuity. "When you begin to exchange ideas and techniques, then the industries of both countries will be better. Right I now, our concept is to have transmittingjthe viewer see and do things have to beithat a spectator at an event some ruining to 15 inches in length. Bitter as it may be to ad "Conservation means intelligent use of natural resources," the booklet says. "Not merely preservation, locking them up to 'protect' them, or stockpiling so that maybe there will be more some day." It goes on to say that, in, fan. might not be able to see. The Europeans just record what happens, and never really bother to produce a program nor add some of the embel- our than the fishermen. A lot of trans-oceanic cable. Be-i,ij.hments that make fishermen have been sur- 'i'^^"^' might not be possibleL^ows so popular, prised in recent years when'" connect all areas of the_ Creatively Ahead "At this time, we —AP Wlrepholo Bob Nevin, sophomore star of the Toronto Maple Leafs, is one of the few players in professional hockey to wear contact lenses. Nevin Plays Better with His New 'Eyes' NFL to Discuss TV, Player Limit MIAMI BEACH, Fla.— (/P) -A new $9.3 million tele- proposal to increase the plaj^ er limit from 36 to 38 mem vision deal, a 38-man player The league operated with ;a limit and a new version of the injured reserved list will be discussed by National Football League owners at the annual meeting opening here Monday. Commissioner Pete Rozelle, elected for a three-year term at the 1960 meetings, said he expected the sessions to last about three days. 38-man limit in I960 but cul to 36 when the Minnesota Vikings were activated fo| the 1961 season. Although' there is considerable suppoft for the 38-man limit, thfi change would have to hf approved by 12 of the I'l clubs to become effective. ! At the present time th.e league has no injured reserve Representatives of most ofi''st- When a player is injured the 14 clubs already were onl^"^ ^^^^^ off the active list, waivers must be asked. Som0 teams tried to sign such players during the past season. Once a player is waived out of the league he can not be re-signed until four games have been played. The owners will consider a proposal to re-establish an injured reserve list. Must Extend Rule The league voted to per- hand to watch the playoff bowl game at the Orange Bowl Saturday between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions, the two second place clubs in the conference races. With the owners, general managers and most of the coaches on the scene, trade talk will boom. A year ago the New York meetings produced a major three-way: mi t players in military serv- swap that sent Erich Barnes to the New York Giants, Billy ice to play on weekend leave but only for the 1961 season. Wade to the Chicago Bears | As a result, the Packers and Lindon Crow and Zeke Bratkowski to the Los An- were able to use men like Paul Hornung, Boyd Dowler NEW YORK- are all areas of the boom-shocking crews moved world by cable and these' in on trout streams the-'satellites would solve that ^^eatively ahead of what weeing room ^anglers regarded as fish-out problem." technically, while they' and have turned up hordes of: Arledge, just finishing the are just the opposite. Tech- Tall football telecasts for ABC,mically, you can say the good sized trout. day, "but I went to the dress- and got anotherl geles Rams. Although thejand Ray Nitschke on leave, signing of 1961 . collegiate!If the same condition pre- draft choices still has notivails next year, the rule must been completed, many clubs be extended. W)—"One of past seven vears and has been'^'"^ ^^Ser to fill gaps that be- One minor rule change icame evident in the season would make it illegal for a tackier to grab the face mask of a ball carrier. It now is il- the legal to grab the mask of any an i player except the ball car- ^my eyes fell out a few weeks plaving with contact lenses. i t H ago," Bob Nevin related to-since 1958. '"^^^ compietea. Presents Challenge The emergence of Green Bay Packers as Only Way to Play "Without them, I'm sure I one." He grinned as he spoke.jcouldn't have made the grade ^^^^ ^.^^ younglrier. Nevin, sophomore star of" the National Hockeyl ^ " the Toronto Maple Leafs, islLeague," he said. "Until I Trout Unlimited, Inc., has 'is enthusiastic about the pos-JEuropeans are marvelous, butlone of the few players in pro-istarted wearing them there at'temnts to stockpile! 'J^lvocated state con- jsibility of world-wide tele-]then they don 't have the com• I servation monies being ivisinn. both frnm a terhniraPr ,otifi^^, fV,o(- Ar. ,.,i+v, r.^ most species leads to habitat destruction and waste. It is: here that the WCD and a lot! (if the f)ulilic '.(•fr off in dif-' fcrcnt (lir('( t ioiis as wildly as 111'- S'K.I I CS III' a nm ire skater.| A great segment of the public (generally (hose in (he area most vitally af- fccled) think that their species, be it bird, beast or fish, can be multiplied to (he numbers remembered from lh(> "good old days" — if (he WC:D will just prevent anyone from taking them. I veil now Ihcic art' many liy I D return tlie bag limit iii\ |).ml ish. 1 hey think the present no hai',. iKi si/e limit on fi.infish is going to niri the lisliin;', on llieir jiel lak- If one has doubts, wait a season r)r so and see if (he hot bluegill fishing on Kagle lake slows dr)wn. lor two \(ars now (here has been extcplional bluegill fishing ai lh,i( lake. Most have run small. biK a lo( of the catch has also included good sized 'gills. II e. a ( ••, I le. 'I'lie rcfiroduc I '' 1 I ' •nil i I ions t he last years m.iil'' lor j'ood bluegill . Iher". .Slioiild this I ip r I'' f. should the spec les contact lenses on the ice. being Ivision, both from a technicallpetition that we do, with so u.sed for stream rehabillta- Lstandpoint and for the good itjmany programs considered tion instead of for rearing j would accomplish. i public domain. trout, carrying them to uj^^^^ jypg thing, based "But a universal televisionicalled. "One of the Canadiens' streams and dumping them in. The hatchery trout fessional hockey who wears were many times when I couldn't tell where the puck It was near the end of ajwas or which team had pos- game in Montreal," he re- session." The pro football Hall of Fame to be dedicated at Canton, Ohio, in 1963, will be discussed. Action may be taken on a manner of selecting play- on a men manning most of the positions presents a challenge to the other clubs. None can afford to stand pat with the Packers still on the rise. Considerable work already!ers for the hall. „, , , ^, . has been done on the new ——• The lenses he vvears,Nevm:T.v ^^g, ^^^^ ^^^,1^ ^^^^^ WOODLING SIGNS •ommon medium of,setup, similar to one thatidefensemen lost a glove and'd'sclosed, cost about $140 a^^^.^ yg^^g approximately' AQuiKirTniss </ P) — c|uality, can do more for un- would have to govern theiit hit me in the eye, knockingiPair and are paid for by the QOO a year. A similaV ."^'T :'^^ C- ' the man m a hnrrv whr, « HI o 0 g people presentation of prime inter-|out one of the lenses. I asked;Maple Leafs. ^exclusive deal with one net-''^"^ Waslimgton senators cTt'h Iro r^^^^ e^e^t--^- would cer-;the cleaners to look for it, "I keep two pair on handiwork (CBS) was abandoned in f .^'d ^^^'''^^ , f' take, iust ab .nit riv ,' o r '^'"'"P-'^ « ^i^^^'" '^'"ly 8° ^ '""S way in help-,but they couldn't find it." all the time," he said. "They're j„iy when a federal iudge:''"^' the club s top hitter last bait thrown his way And the ^'^^ country," being get something done. And| Nevin, 23 years old and a'a big help on long passes. A^found it in violation of the reason has agreed to contract so called "tame" trout just "^'•^"""P''^^"^ ^'^""''^ ^^ke an international language,j2I-goal scorer for the Maple couple of weeks ago in Madi-janti-trust laws. A new law, terms for J962. do not cope with livino jn events because such as television can pro-|Leafs last season, has hadlson Square Garden, Frankjpassed by both houses of' ' •'• 'relatively poor vision for theiNahovlich sent me a long pass:Congress and signed by Presi- as I was closing in on the dent Kennedy in late summer,' as a native cope the wild as wi trout. The trout addict despises the "tame" trout. He would rather work for the wild ones, even at the risk of numerous skunkings. He is also prone to admit that the lack of (rout in his creel is probably his own fauK, not that of a conservation department. •| hesi we show how people reactiduce, can provide this.' U.S. Bowl Has Professional Touch with East-West Draftees Playing Rangers' goal and I scored.Ipermits such single network A few years ago, I neverideals by professional football, would have seen it. {basketball, baseball and I "When I was in high school,'hockey. Increase Limit Under the proposed TV WA.SHINGTON — (A') — 'he U.S. Bowl, a newborn upstart in a new stadium, el- s.ime trout addicts hows its way into the ire engineering an interesfmg crowded post-season football scen(> today. experiment. In some eastern areas thev have ihe co oper.i- lion of landowneis along some of Ihe /.lood trout sli-eams lnsi".i(l of ".No Trespasirig" signs to shiil (ilf all anglers, the owners ha\-• signs spelling out (cndilions uiuler which the fisliermen mav Western I)i\asion teams. The players won't get paid hut the game should have a |)rofessional look about it. It matches draft choices of i;astern Diyisinn clubs of the National football League against [ilayers chosen by ;I could hardly see the black- I board, so I began wearing iglasses. I couldn't get, each of the 14 clubs . DHi- A f, 1 • lA ^ V) fn Tir , i to them while playing hockey| would share equally in the top Redskin draft choices, Andy Guida of George Wash- ^ ^. 'J ^ nro'$4,650,000. That would come Leroy Jack.son of Western:ington will be the flankers. 7. ."Ir^.-i.l'fo nhnnf .q ;^9n Illinois, Joe Hernandez of iijiiiii poor liatclii's for • or I '.'vO, sni" as any "•;!e M I tlie (T 'AV (I t hat I , .h' , li'.' I.iki' sl.liul up i -1 ; ii'ii'l n;'. lionse ,a n (1 si,i''' -.'.ilh (i rwir '!hem ;• i', ; • I!!; :j' w.islihlirl-:el s of ; ,I 111 f I hr I, if; I- ha e i ii i neil U <' do not single out } igle I,,dve .alone . . . . i( n'well be I ichigan or Wind Lake. Or lake Win- nrb.igo. Iteniemhi'r a few \eais ago a sportsman up ther collected a reported 5 W)() signatures on ;i peli- (•oii calling for a halt to (he W' I) n(iiini;s of rough I i -.'i in Winnebago'.' \', |;.M ,,.|s,. !he UTD o! 1' • • '!;:i s 1 1' I a 1 n i i;)'. I hi' (•rr)ss his lands to fish tlie stream. Among the conditions are that the fisherman use only barbless hor)ks and that his ca(ch be limited (o four (rout of a 12 inch minimum. 'I'his is in Pennsylv.inia where (he vohmlary program is being tried. Coaches Hill McPeak of the Washington Redskins, for the fast, and Red Hickey of the Arizona and Ron Hatcher of Michigan State. Jackson, a first round choice, will team with Hatcher, picked in round eight, as running backs on offense, while Hernandez, a second round choice, will team with Jim Collier of Arkansas at the flanking end. Throwing for the East will be Bobby Ply of Baylor, the starting quarterback. Ply will be backed up by Arkansas' San Irani'isco 49ers, for the|George McKinney while Sam West, ho(h plan to use pro-iTidmore of Ohio State will be type offense and defense. the flanking halfback. IS. I'.m.l sponsors hope-| Brooker Is Target fully predu t some -10,000 per-j Another These provisions dull the |) ('. son.i \ M II watcli the All-Star; a me m the prime passing target for the East will bej with Rochester ( about $320,000 each after Hall Will Start ^League) I had a miserable certain fees have been de- Galen Hall, smart-passing|time. :of a third (CBS). I The league will consider a new 50.000-seat,fjj,,.,j g,^^, Brooker.jmer Tennessee player. ducted. In 1961, Pittsburgh ..T , T u J i J., and Baltimore worked with star of Penn State's Gatori "I knew had to do o^^^^^ Bowl win over Georgia Tech, thing. So, I tried the lenses ^^^^ affiliated with another will start at quarterback.jand immediately noticed a; ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^j^^ Next in the throwing line will^tremendous improvement The ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ facilities be Bobby Hunt of Auburn,jnext year with Rochester I star of the Blue-Gray game in'scored 32 goals and then I Montgomery. moved up to Toronto." Karl Kaimer of Boston Uni- Nevin, a handsome 6-foot versity will be the tight end right winnger who is ahead for the West of his goal-scoring pace of The West" offensive linel^ year ago, doesn't wear the will be made up of Dan Sul- 'enses all the time, livan of Boston College and ^ ^'^o use them for driving Clyde Brock of Utah State at and for watching television, tackles, Elvin Basham ofihe revealed. "Put them in Kansas and John Mulvena ofabout 20 minutes before each Minnesota at guards and Lonigame and take them out when Herzbrun of Ft. Eustis, for-^the game is over. ALL STANDARD MAKES e CLEANED • OILED 0 ADJUSTED All work done and guaranteed by experienced workmen using Genuine Foclory Parts. PROMPT SERVICE Racine Shaver Center Hazietf Barbers 416-6th St. ME 7-1161 . . . , jis a Redskin draftee who got I est,niaK's.seem optimistic, butj.,^ ^- ^^-^ ^^g,^ the who prelers to t.ike his t n ii\' foiinwini. Ill,, iv.f, i ,..r,- .f ^v ,".''^.',','.^\".'J'^^'.'''.'.'."^."l''.'u"'away. itiii sinil :mg siriMins Ihev also ollowmg llie hatrherv if the weather is good s in their rounds of -.itr hit 20.000. Wide Open Game iiio,i(|e tnu! h sport for the "I'his should he a wide l!"'it who would raIliei i ipen passin,'.; game," predicted oiK'AiI .and nutfii'hl a trout llukey. "W(>'ll try to run than m.ike a meal for .Sumlay some, hut \\'(> haven't had ' ompany nut of a creelful of enough time lo put together. I'A Mirii' lies ,111(1 !• 'xShoie •-ix to eight inch trout With [nihlic .accessway be ;n): the problem ii is in Wis 1 onsin. this idea could vyel '^pi' ;id to the Badger state. a good, sound running attack and we'll lia\'e to go heavy on the passing " at "Once you get used to the I lenses they're no problem. Dick Easterly of Syracuse,|They don't bother me either another 49er draftee, will when I get into a fight on with Dallas of the American^start as a defensive halfbackthe ice. I'd have to get hit I-'ootball League. I'ut probably will see duty squarely in the eyeball for a From tackle to tackle, the also as a flanker. dens to fall out. East will line up on offense ^ — " —| "But 1 realize now more with John Childress of Arkan-Q y jthan ever, it's a good idea to sas and Pete Perrault of|*^OCC9r I 63m keep another Boston University at tackles,'j^. _ , ijust in case." Jack Rutledge of Alabamair layS BavarianS The Racine McPcak agreed, and staked; and Dean Garrett of Arkansas at guards and John O'Linger !of Alabama at center. Soccer Club pair around. CUNNINGHAM SET CHICAGO — (^) — Versa-' jwill meet the Bavarian Soc-ti'e Joe Cunningham, ob- I ! I I, his offensive hopes on three AFL All-Star Game Rosters M:<l'.'. I, I .ill s,ll|;'i'| , •• fis!', ' I ' i O \ I • I . \v. ,,.,„ I ! : , W . I • I the l.iki- I 1 ' I Ol 11 I ba;'0 1 (lei e\'i' .and > Wri) IS V for them. The care, fecrling and taking of (roui also rous<'s the latent be.isi in man\ ;in indi\ A lo( of iroul Select Spahn Mosf Valuable Ml I U At Kl i: i .Ti '1 he .M.U^ .iiikei- lli.,\ i v' u, ( oiii [;arahie leii !i.,;. .- w.n ren -Spa /ui, v.'as pn i • ><. ' .it.n day as the • k.t) s n >: : \ ,ilti able player oi ihie Jime l-e has l ;een MI hoii'm il .Spahn u'as ch(jseii I j; rrv ;ii bers of the .Milw.aui.' i i h.ip ter of tfiC Basih.ili V'.'niii'-. of America and wiil In awarded a plaque ,it ih' writers' 9lh annual Diamon<J dinner Jan. 21. He also '.Mm the club's most valuable pla> er aw^rd in J 956 and J95/^ « I s r sill Ml S'.iir.i- ..i,:| I ,1' I • I. - Kir I. li.ii. fi -iv •••"11 IHiWl-'ir, .. . .1 W . l.M.M , 1 111 .1 . . I H.iii l)ii-m> • : V\ : .:!HI 'l ••'n < MK ..ti.-l . 'it. I M't ."ij 111' 1 >' ii \ • r : ,.! \V S'l-i:. M:i:i llit-Ku IT.. 1 II m.i > U .i'lu- • .K". 1 < III nsi I .r . Il..:i;« .Sun 1111 «•! .11. M • ( iiikliii.fl II," Miui ( Man II I i;" Hi I I Ml K ;» nrl < 11 II-:',!. K., A I I In * 1 M • I , ! 1 : 111 Mil ^ 1, 11,n, 1 >.-r.-. . |i,i., , • 1 • I. M 1 I i i< H,.;. 1 Hii I I; '-a I n.-iMi H..>, II iiiliiiiii. H h.AST MJCXTt I*- Nn Niinif Hiiil Cii'lfne 1.' .M |i' i.w .Sea Ymk II! 1 i 'MiIKC Blnliilll HiiliVtnll •JO M;;;v CiiiMim H..ll^l.;ll •:i lllil Akin* Ilulliili. •J:| l)i. k lill Nrw Yni k ,11 lir .l Mllll^!.^ NilV YnlV M K MI I HlUm-V, lt.l^lu|l 411 l.n II V Cu 11 un Hii^l'iii 4 1 IfniY KiinMrld, HiMivdin 4 1 Mailt .I'ltm-iiui, M ehurli-.s Iiiiiir. Houston 'ifi |iiiin;i Miiiilv l^.ll^l^ll li"li Hilimiiii llmniiin I 1 Mill AiMl^uil lluh'nii '.4 I.iiiiv (li iiiilluiin Nfw York :i'l Ai I 111' Mill Hiillulu fil (•|,.,r,c. 1,,-..'ili h7 II". I Ml^( liHk .Nra ^ "I k '••i> A) .1 .1111.. '1 11 lij-tiili V ) ( li«rl.> Mi .Mjl'n Hiillillo 74 Hill' : : I iS"li Hiilluln 7. K'll 1( r, Millti;- .'•1 111 11 I- ;"\-i II. ill- liici i' •> I 111 Hijii! Mu^l -:i h;i r ' H'l ii..tnii lliij-iiiii 11,1 1 ,,1," i'ii|)j..i:i'iii II i-'"M HI. I 1, •. iMK- I .ill iiiii H'.irrt i.i Il7 el. Ill I'. Hrlililtc.i! Hi '.i IMll HW Mi .l. .M, 1 1 lli ..•!"ii ll .-k'll I ..a, li W'liiiV I .riilll,. IlriU*tnn WH tin MM nil I III 111! nil 11II 1 III 1- n III! f • I • I II n I 1 n I H 11: 1 • I 1 11 I) I I 1 iK I)K ( IK I iK QH IIM UK 111! FH on FH 1)13 nn [)B 1.11 c l.n Tichlgan Sets Fish Jamboree Tichigan Volunteer I Hickey will start 49er cer Club of Milwaukee today tained last month from the St. draftee Jim Vollenweider at for the state finals of the Louis Cardinals in a swap fullback, along with Art Perk-National Soccer Cup compe-fof outfielder Minnie Mino- ins of North Texas State as tition. The game will be •'^O' signed for 1962 with the running halfback. Bobby Lee played on the Bavarian Field, Chicago White Sox Saturday. ''qn Thompson of Arizona and ,51,57 North Port Washington : Road, Milwaukee. Racine manager Rudy ;Stoewe and trainer Willy .Mueller will have the follow- jing men available for the finals, C. Schmechtig, A. J n Fire Department will hold its ^""^'^ \ ^"^^l'- ^^^^ ^ber- 'o third annual Msh Jamboree ^o..*T on (he south end of Tichigan J<•;•! Lake Sunday, Jan. 14, ^''i' ^''^''l- 'ul In the event of inclement ' ^''l'^''''''^^^^I weather, the alternate dates { !;"'^^^'«' Weitkuhn and YeS/ Godske Makes STATIONARY AWNINGS DOOR HOODS-PATIO ROOFS Made of Special Spring-Tempered Aluminum Af- Manufacturers LOW, LOW PRICE Wifh Sat-isfacMon Guaranteed aurora The IV K of Jan. 21 and 28 'nave been set. J. Virac. '3.00 RENTS A CAR OR TRUCK FOR TWO HOURS AND TEN MILES DIAL ME 2-5103 MERCHANTS DELIVERY TRUCK RENTAL, Inc. 1215 State St. Hours for the U. S. Bowl Football Rosters ,M, K;i I' > ll.n , H„ . , .M:. I. ...1. ',. 1-11, I.; '.. Ml Mil: .1 ' h ,, • .• . . 1 Si-* Mrv .io tjlilll' • • • A...lji.:i a .. KU:''...: ; ' . , • • • ,^ • i. .1 > • . . • I •• •, I 'll,I 1 , ^1 A ..l,.iliiti • • , • In, 1 .. • ' . . I % I f 1.1' <• . ,/, A 1,11 . Mia ;i ,. I... ,: 1 ,.H,. >,., ltd ti'-ii'e • - .«! . d I ^ I. • A 1 I a r I It; , . Ml .iie ftitihiiil- a »vi:sT I'll' .Vnlin' nml Ciiiri;.. 10 ilrtifii HfiU fViiii fliiilr Vlt 11 n .l.ljv H UM Aiiliijii, tiH li Duk Bii.>'.fi!v .Svnii.i^c HM 30 Ml hliv Tl ,1111 ...i, Ar /..111, rii 27 Hii\ AliniJi/i -T Alabama I- Ml :il .iliii Vi l,ri.»i-!.u-i Miiiill 111! JV \!1 l "rn,ii. N,-ilh I,-, .s (111 40 Inm l).-;!)li «rT N Ciili,: nu ai mi manw nfhorc r 50 Laifi i<i,i -Mi .\,.iiii»,-.,, 1,, (.many oiners. S2 I, .,11 lli -i /t ,j ,111 I-. I 1 Ku iiic fishing contest will be from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., according to Ed Slak, secretary of the firemen's group. CiH Among the prizes to be H H awarded are a 5 '.'2 horsepow- ini er outboard motor, 12-foot boat, 12 gauge pumpgun and I • M.. W.i liO .VI .ilvii. «J Klvili (latuui (>4 iny Kurnii-d 711 H,,ii 1 ,„ .H. r • I 1,1. 111... » -2 I'xl llu. I-.. Vl I'.-r K....-U H IJUII M; .H.,1 «0 Ji.hli Ml..mill Bl H,;l ijUaw.i 82 Al .ilv iiulilu BS Kul 1 Ka.lj.i : a Ml, M; lilKiiri 1 K .,1.-,,. » .M 1 ' K \ • . 1 .1 ' ,, I, I -i', K 1 „ ! !• .(•if llrllwil 1 , n I . .t im' Wash.ligton E KRANZ for OFFICE FURNITURE Mobilheat Aufbniiatic Personal Care 1423 Racine St. '• ME 2-8854 • 74-Hour Seiv/ce rate of fuel use • Fuel saving burner sem'ce • Periodic check upi on • Weathcr-matic deliyery O Easy balanced paymenti • Clean burning Mobilhcot with RT 98 • Commercial • Induilrial Cost No ^i ^orc Thoii Ordinary Scrv/ccf Winkler Heating t pnd Air Condif'ioning 1440 Cthter St. • ME 3-3569 • 24-Hour Service • Blue labeled equipment • Quality at low cost • Complete layouts and estimates for new equip. • ilectric - Gas • Oil - Cool • Commercial • Industrial Domestic • Rcpans and Service ni nil mnkt^s Custom-Made by Our Own Craftsmen Styled for Your Home Exclusively! Gives You Year • Round Protection Won't Rust, Chip, Crack or Peel • 15 Styles—Over 200 0 Color Combinations White Underside No Screws, or Bolts We Service What We Sell. Satisfaction Guaranteed Estimates Cheerfully Given Without Obligation Personal Attention Given to All Details GODSKEi Prompt Service-Easy Payments BEFORE ' YOU BUY SEE . . . RACINE— 1236 13th St. —DIAL ME 7-1244 KENOSHA —711 57th St. — Dial OL 7-5716 BURLINGTON—Call (No Toll) KE 7-2424 Or Call Racine Collect ME 7-1244 "Awnings of Disfinction" ESTABLISHED IN 1899 Open Monday thru Friday 7:30-5—Saturday 7:30-12 T

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