The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 26, 1924 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1924
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 26, 192 She Tried Others, Jo-Vex Succeeded Out <>r ^nilttuile. delighted with thn remarkable results. Mm. Wtn. flrwry, 712 <i ciasjon Ave . Cleveland, recently wrote us: "For tho Inn t of Hie millions of sufferers of Pyorrheii. I lei I II is my duly In publicly sirit<• lli:il ,lo Wx lliis r stored my ami gums In a healthy condition after the failure of nil other pripnrnlions winch I had tried." Kilty per rent nr ;ill adults tire flrrnnci] wiiii I'VOIT I I'M; ii.iir its victim.* tlon'l know they have )t Why Kike, a ch .mrn wiih your health niiil teeth when .Io-Vi'\- Is so cu.iy lo use anil so Inexpensive. You t;ik<• mi risk, for .In Vox If sold nil a monev-h.iel; guarantee liy di'iij 'f.'iHl 'i every \vlKr>\ r.»;ioclaIlv A & A Dnis Co. liml Foil? I 'liar- m:i .'V M' your il'\il-~r c:::ft supplv vou. I .<!.rti, In (||„ .In .Vcx Co., At: mil. Ohio. SOME OLD TIMERS WITH SANTA FE Passenger and Ticket Men Who Look After Company 's Business in Hutchinson. Tim employes of Urn pa.s.a.enprr and lir.ltoi. department of the Santa KG in Hutchinson lire "siiekors" whon it comes lo their omploymenl with tho Santa Fe. There nre timers'' nmoiif; them in point *>l :;ojvi('e. For InManrc, thorp is M. 12. (\1<>\) \V;iy, San'a Ko ,iRont Jn Hutchinson U G has boon agent hero for more than twenty years hut ho has about '.)'> yearn years continuous servitv with tho Santa K G company, about fifteen years bulnp at other points before coming here. Another Old Timer. Then them is Aht\n (T,oulM Winkler, down in H P * -station mils as "station master." for hi:; worK is Ton tAn quickly bn : i! n Wjr mon«y-miik- !njj bitKinotis of your own ocllintr Antt- MinL K»>Ha to mi til oMticrti, pMrnjrc and ftulopupply Atom*, liruir unil n^nr ptoirfl, opticians, drniUtA, milnw<i» and ttrwnt ear companies*. Anti-Mm make* RIOSB S rost- pn*if, fttwmi- prvwf niul waterproof. Cfrnx visfnn RTJ jimn f c«l In all weather, money Imck jruamntee if ltfaila. Evcrv Demonstration Sells It! i, hnttJlng «ffrnt» mn c %ith Ihfa fMt-wiflttis ANTt'MIST CHEMICAL CO. Dept. 137, £01 l£. OnUno bl., Chicago Lift Off-No Pain! CONSUU Doesn't hurt ono bit! Drop a little "t>eezone" on an aching corn. Instantly that corn stops hurting, then shortly you lift It right off with fingers. Your druggist sells a tiny bottle of "Freezone" for a few cents sufficient to remove overy hard corn, or corn between the toes, ani the foot calluses, without sorenes- or Irritation. NEW WAY TO BANISH RHEUMATIC PAINS DISOVERED BY ALESSANDRO VOLTA around tho passenger station all of I he lltne am! he lins u record known to all I lie "lira.™ collars" of the Santa !•> for ulnady and faithful service. Never I" there a clmnco for an elderly person to need old and not get It when Louis Is around, and tills Is a good sharo of tho time. Others In Long Service. S. O. Champion. bn;:gagnninstcr, has liven with the company IS years. Charles Clson, telegraph operator, has been in Santa Fe .service for 15 years and II. C. (Clint) (iii'un seems like a fixture after 1-1 yearn of faithful service for his company as ticket clerk. Thorn are an even dozen men employed In connection with pas- sender and ticket business at this t -tntion. Most of them arc well noH 'ri. Here is 111 elist villi their y Dili's of service with the company. Yeats of Service. Jl. 12. Way, agent, 3". years. W. 1 J . Hamilton, operator, 10 years. II. I). Johnson, operator, 11 years Charles (lilison, operator, lii years. ('. A. Hoinley, ticket clerk, 7 years. W. II. Hall, ticket clork, 7 years. II. C. Green, ticket clerk, 14 years. S. O. Champion, baggageman, IS years. F. L. Helm, baggageman, 7 years. Edward I'cckhara, baggageman, I years. Jack Kelley, baggageman, -4 yeary. Alois Winkler, statlonmaster, 34 years. Mrs. Opal Cooper attended the Reno County Farm Buroau mooting in Hutchinson Tuesday nntl "Wednesday of last week. Mrs. Faith Wilson from Great Bend, visited A few days last week with Pharls Lehman's and tho latter part of tho week Mrs, Emma Fear from McCmken visited at the Lehman homo. Quite it bunch of the pupils and parents with the two teachers, Mrs. Ball and Miss Georgia Smith from Obee school east of Hutchinson, camo over to Central last Tuesday afternoon and played two games of basketball. Tho Central girls beat, tho Obee girls 25 to 3, while tho Obee boys boat the Central boys 12 to 10. Miss Gates, Mr. Rowland's secretary was the referee for both games. There will be a community din­ ner at Fairvlow school boiiso. n Thanksgiving day. Uev. Stovel will give a sort talk before dlnm and after dinner the school wl Ivo a program, after which the! will be ball games. Tho Falrview literary wa« w« nttendod Frld: .• night. A gun Program wns given. The dobatt "llesolved that the V, 8. shonl join the League of Nations" w» decided in favor of the League. FINALLY SEND THE HULK TO THE BOTTOr) Norfolk, Va., Nov. 20.—Tho ut completed hull of the battleshl Washington which has been In target of a bombing attack for am oral days, succumbed this tuori Ing at 10:58 o'clock and was set lo the bottom off the Virgin! enpes, according to a message n ceived from the battleship Texiu Mrs. Cora Roth has a new Ford touring car. Arthur Burgees and family took Sunday dinner at Lewis Campbells. We are glad to hear that Harold Deiter, who has been very low since his operation a week ago is getting better. Kills Sollenberger and family spent Sunday afternoon In Nickerson. Central school Is planning a program and pie and box social for December 4. Mrs. H&llte Bollenberger and A 4-Tube Radiola Four tubes to get big distance on the loudspeaker. Dance to music a thousand miles away! A well-built receiver, improved in tone and performance. Brings in music and voice, clear and undistorted. And outdoes in performance receivers far above its price! RADIOLA in-n Including headphone,, Radiola Loudspeaker, and four WD- 11 Radiocrona. $90. Let us demonstrate it in your home Itorabaugh Wiley's Rids You of Rheumatic Pain Without Drugs or Medicines. Despite reports to the contrary John Heydler will be re-elected to head the National League at the coming winter meeting. Insurgents have threatened to •calp the baseball chief since early spring, but tho movement has gained no headway. It Is said to have had Its origin In r? ittsburg. Until recently, the real cause of Rheumatism has evaded scientific inquiry. And, naturally, the old- fashioned methods of treatment with internal remedies were uncertain and sometimes dangerous. Now it has been definitely established that rheumatic pains are caused In many C:IHC ^ by the absorption or poisons into the blood. Aiessandro Voltn, the well-known physicist, for whom the electric volt was named, has produced an entirely new and revolutionary method of treatment for Rheumatism, lie discovered a scientific combination of certain Ingredients that produces a fine powder which, when shaken Into tho shoes or stuckings Is intended to be immediately absorbed Into the blood. This Is due. no doubt, to tho fact that the soles of the feet contain 10 times as many pores to the square inch as are found in other parts of the body. He lias colled this powder Volta. Its use lias given immediate relief, in many instances, from the terrible crippling, lorturlnc pain even in stubborn, long-' .andlng cases. The use of Volta powder has demonstrated such astonishing results in literally thousands of cases, many of which were considered hopeless, that the American distributors have authorized local druggists to dispense Volta to rheumatic sufferers in their city with an unqualified guarantee to return the full purchase price of the first box in any rare case where the rheumatic pains are not wonderfully relieved. All who suffer from rheumatic pains, no matter how long-standing Uieir case may be, should take, immediate advantage of this liberal affer. You can get Voi'a frjin: A & A Drug Co., Fred Wec-Mler, f'oltz Pharmacies and Adams Drug Co. W. H. HILL'S LIFE WORK Colds cause more illness than any other human ailment. Realizing this 50 years ago, W.H. Hill determined to develop a quick- acting scientifically correct cold and la grippe remedy. Years of research brought success. Mr, Hill discovered a most -remarkable formula. He backed it with energy, faith, integrity and a name that meant"»atis- faction or money back." Today more than 4,000,000 families— one-fifth of America's population—use nnd recommend Hill's Cascara Bromide Quinine. The formula has never been changed In a quarter century. What Hill's has done for millions, it can do for you. Demand red box bearing Mr. Hill's portrait. All druggists, 30 cents, CASCARA 5 OUININ Down Pippin Hill he went honKing about nit feelings. w. ii. mu co. \V DETROIT, H1CU. "Some say that I run up. Or else that I run down. Which mixes me most dreadfully. For anyone with eyes can see, I couldn't move for the life of me, If the house was burning down. "I haven't feather or wing, Though eome say I'm a flight, It's the silliest talk I've ever heard, I'm no relation to a bird. Or an airplane either, on my word, I'm nailed down fast and tight. "They talk about my bead, They Bpeak about my foot, Which puzzles me more each single day, And I wonder whf they talk that way, If I've the things that people say, I know not whore they're put, "Sometimes I'm one or ten, But they Bpeak of me In pairs, Why I'm not scissors, I am not twins, Or fancy ear-rings, or gold cuff- pins! Now _try to be careful—watch out for your ehins, As you chase down, or race down the—." That was the next riddle the Riddle Lady asked. "Will you please to say It all over again!" asked Slow. "I couldn't quite catch It. I'm all mixed up." "That's what the—There!" said the Riddle Lady. "I nearly gave it away. Yes, I 'll Bay it over again very slowly. Now listen, everybody, and think as hard as you can because ifa a hard riddle." Goosey Gander came crowding in Just then and when the Rtddli Lady had finished he laughed an laughed. 1 mean he houked an, honked. "Oh, I know that one! he said. "It's simply too eav Ha! Ha! Ha! Why I wouldn't eve bother telling you what it Is. Bi. speaking of shins, did you know that the Old-Man-Who-Wouldn't Say-Hls-Prayers got hurt. ver> much when he—" "Oh, do hush, and run away ami don't talk so much, please," bey- ged the Riddle Lady. "Why, the idea!" cried Goosey Gander. "I never was so Insulted In all my lite!" And he went away wagging his tall like the rudder of a flying m:< chine or propeller or whatever n 13 that makes it go. Down Pippin Hill lie went honk ing about hl3 feelings until hi voice got fainter and fainter in the distance and finally died away altogether. "Now we can hav* some peace.' said Slow slowly. "Mrs. RlddK Lady, would you mind saying it all over again. I don't remember much about it" "I've guessed the answer," cried Nlmbie Jack. "It's a pair of Btair«. No danger of my shins _/ettln, hurt. 1 take them always In one jump." . "I went np one pair of Main," began Nancy. "Just like nie," said Jill. "Oh, don't begin that," said NIC*. "Ws want to hear more." (To Be Continued.) Wanted: 600 persons to try our noonday plate dinner 35o, Drink Included. Lyman's Cafe. 2o-2t Thanksgiving Masquerade Ball at Yoeman Hall, 606H N. Main, Wednesday night. 24-:;t Butter-Knist [Does Not Crumble/1 Try it 1 This Store Will Be Closed All Day Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 27 The Thanksgiving, Spirit Is Abroad in the Land Thanksgiving! That delightful day for the young folks as they hover about the kitchen door and eagerly sniff the spicy odors -wafted therefrom. Thanksgiving! That friendly day for the older folks gathered from near and far at family reunion, as they regale each other with tales of the long ago. Thanksgiving! Most of all, that thankful day when all America from coast to coast communes in spirit, giving thanks as did that little band of Pilgrims centuries ago, for the Hand that has guided us through the year* to everr increasing prosperity and success. Rorabaugh-Wlefs 3485 At all Standard Oil Service Stations and at authorized garafiea and filling stations. Life Is What You Make It For there's precious little pleasure in washin. i lot lies on a fvosly morning, and getting chilled lo the bone. If you have not taken advantage of modern laundry service, these frosty mornings ore ideal for a begin- uiug. n ^Petey Dink Much Ado About Nothing By C. A. Voight Ph one 2255 HUTCHINSON FAMILY WASH LAUNDRY —N OU'RC W AW T ED on T HE PHoue, ITS EDDIE M'OR IOE , | l^ecoajizeD wis Voice AUO IET .' MeTE -LL ^ou, YOU'RE M O T Goiwt our VJI T H 1 HIM TOHICHTJ; — ~~- •• -NeJ, AUO ME TCttJAfctY WAUT5" - ! ouTb I PIAV foKirrc OR JOMETHIUC — AUO UJTETM . MoT TOMORROW WIGMT EITHER— AHDTHE WICHT AffggTHATNOUgE C OIUG T O T HET t \ — NflU WERE OUT VJItVl HIM WE WIGHT IAST VJECK AUPTHAVS euoDCM— >ioo KMOW WHAT HAPPEHCP To tT 'S Alt - HeUo -NlR .DIWK'? —Tm s \i THE GAFLOOEY AUTOMOBILE Co.- AREVOU lUTeM-aTED IN 3UYIUG- Y A MEW CA$Z I _^ ,

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