The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 31, 1956 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1956
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

jjaiugafr. March' 31,1956 " '• •ARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH —by Fred LossweD WAAL-IPICAN BE OF ENNY SARVJCE, DOC PRlTCHART --UH" MAYOR SMIF-- . HOOTIN 1 HOLLER IS HOST/IN'TH'COUNTY MEDICAL MEETIN' NEXT WEEK, AN' I GOT TO DIG UP A SPEAKER I NEED ME A POLISHEO-UP PUBLIC SPEECH-MAKER-A MAN WIF A FORCIBLE CHARACTER--A MAN WIF A AIR OF DIGNITY ABOUT HISSELF- CURLEY KAYO laylsmtf Vint •v UN DON'T W\K£ MEi'TESSlE- LET, ME ENJOY THIS DREAM.' ITS-NO DREAM, MS. ^ PAYE... LIONEL WAS A WEALTHY MAN,..YOUR WIFE INHERITS ALL HIS MONEY.' ARE YOU ALL RIGHT, HAPPY ? . HE HAD $61000 N CASH AND HI -IV£D LIKE A 'AUPER' •IT. 1,5. STRANGE-BUT'' Ll'SNEi BARTON WAS , AN ECCENTRIC MAN / BE AT MY OFFICE NEXT WEEK AND WE WILL SETTLE THIS MATTER.' , „ f of O*.—All rVlMi r«»r*id f\ Coy. I tic, ty U-">d fiftyf Iffi^rati. Ir.c. ^ WOW.' WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WITH ALL THAT DOUGH, T£S5!£ J I JU5T HAP A IDEA, HAPPY-MAY8E NOW THEY'LL L5T US ADOPT UTTLE HENDRIK SHMENDRIK, IN OF OUR AGE SECRET AGENT X-9 —by Me! Gretft •^^> The tfiiie -from the n;sinlint comes in for a IsndifKS on tVie I .it . *i ** i i ° - . I iile P'rill and Hernandez t-ace to meetl A -few minutes later; and Hernandez is on his of mercy— ; JU5T IN TUdE! TrlE we - we WONT WORRY ASOUT LONG A^ - 45 THE 5TOR/W // COINS TO BS AHUHSRYTI6ER CM THE PROWL' TRAILING EDGE OP THE HURRICANE 15 ABOUT TO ROAR over! LONG SAM Al Capp ancf Gob Lubbers DSWJ- we 5AW YOU TCW5HT. WE'LL SAY HELLO ^ MONEY I INHERIT TO HSNORIK FfRST- THEN WE'LL SEE THE h REQUEST. ^4^-111 WE'D JV I'll BRING' THE LIKE TO^ BOY RIGHT OUT- VISIT WITH J HE'LL BE 50 GLAD HENDRIK \ TO SEE YOU... p^ SHMENDRIK, r — ' PLEASE jc.'jfff. 1»1* b/ UMK) frtnjf* 1,-ntfiaT*. Inc. HE'S 60NE? HENDRIK HAS DISAPPEARED/; EJG BEN BOLT —by John CuBtn yOO LUCKY H4US SEIST MOT FISHTIWS HESS WWE.M YOU 4.MP, MS.30UT/ YOUN'OT S" ves>Y LOWS am UY OCP TH4T BOUSK \ SHUT UP «JUS MOlTTM, STTUCF, SSIST-YOU ) MS. MSB suvfwu ivcex COS 6SIST-YCU CO X UK5 HS.VMS to) WHAT QSJST SAYS.' \ TiM-HORM ,<£;SJil YOU IWPETOT/WP 9 I PSELIMBOY/^^SmL- ^("Ifrtrt/ C^J'M^ IN BUSINESS , LLCY, TALK TURKEY. , MISS /rr wouu? HAV& BSEN A aecros CLOWN it? YOUR OTLLECTION OF , FOOL WOULC ATITS'LONSSAM ^ W.A7 HAPPStiSP !S?=t.MTMSRIM S=W? WYTWTPUy: =ULPCK£&YM?.BIS? i.1^:<sA 1. "X?'x?/ ,' BAJLEY —by Mort Wafor tLLA CINDERS thorite Plumb end Fred Fox V>=,. CAPiTA-N T y LETTER WA5 IT LISTS THE HA//5S OF KNOWN OF WHOM APE ESCAPING W A IH£ CAR g£AR5 LiC£,N5= 62-4-W/ RN7 ITAS? SHOCT Trie CCCL'PAsrS IF THEY P» 'NOT Classified 52. Male Help Wanted lOiPEKIKNCEH ; ; T!irCTfP.,\I. STKKI.. LAYOUT A.NI1 K1TTKUS WANTKIv • Contrn.t K. J. KraisUs. J. K. Co"li Steel THIS IS THK SMALI.K.ST All but offers :ne Kreatcst n|i|«irtunity. Contae: \v. >i. I'-.^tinMiTi, Jiuoui lu;i, \VooUs HvU'nH^K, li.iyiowa. LAWN MAN WANTED Kuil-iiiiiP, Kxpi'riem'? norfssary. CrtU Air. F*-r»:us4ni, i!!»37. 55. Work Wanted PEST CONTROL TERMITKS. ROACHK8. A;NTS All Work Guaranteed Kor Best Jtesults Ph. 3-2601 64, Special Notices INCOME TAX SERVICE Day or ninli* !n your homo or my olficc, S Lane's End. l j h. .'i231, DOUR \Vnlk«r. TERMITE CONTROL roniiniTi-inl :inil F.e«:ilrntlAl Kur free e?ttm;ite anc; llispci'tio: Ph. 3-",",01 65. Monuments-Burial Lots CEDARCRKST C E M K T E R V. IXC.— Feriy Itoail. Otiar Bayou. A beautiful complrtely "PEUl'ETtJAI, CARE" L-o:;ir- H'.-y in an Ideal location. Beautiful tree*, well drained, just uuvlde city ltmi:.f. BUY NOW A.xn SA.VE, a.' D,'Viara!? lm'. Manafier. K. D. JItiys. Salesman. I'll. 9301 or 3-is;.T. GHANITE, Marble. Bronze. Monuments. markers, cemetery \\vrk. Easy terms. Nu carrs'lnK ehaines. Trl-Clly Monument Co., MarliPt S:. at \\ Mnin. Ph. 4702. 68. Lodge Notices ^J CALLED rOMML'.N'ICATlON' of 'iounc Crtt'k Lodue No. lion. A.F. & .\.y... S'ir.'lr.y. K-^^,.,- April 1. 1S.1K :i: 1:3li T'-i". Vv;/' 1 fo:- :li£- piirpasc uf i-.^ul'.icslni; v luirial f.'vyii-e.i tor our Brother. S. O. Cannon. A',1 inrnibcrs a.-i- r.r.cetl to .<xttt:nJ. M. P. Coanally. U\ M. 68. 65. Monuments-Burial Lots Lodge Notices Dt-'V IMKECT— From largest! mon- umcn; manufacturer In the world. Marker*. monument. 1 '. mnu^oleiim. Granite, mnrl'lc or bronze. GouUi Monument Works, Highway UR, Cedar Bnyou. Phone Mill. 5TATK11 MV.V.TSNC, ot C,vw*« :reel: fnapser .\.\ 7US. Orde" • I Kasteru SI.T, Monday. April l ( >,'iti a: 7::i'i i',m. in the .lri.«tinle liaM. Ail ineinbet^ are urccil lo attend. Kilna Hn>er. \V. M. Willie Mae Morgan. Sec'y. //v-v CALI.IOD ASSE.MDLV GOUM- Crocl; 1 f / \ ICouncil N'o. SSS. K i S M. S:lt- 'urdaj-. M.ircli 31. 1956 at .Vuo V>.in. fvir the purpose of ^urk in I :?Hr R ,t K ;.' Pcprci-. SKpiicr win bo sorvcil ILL t>;l.'i p.m. A 1 ! :ne:n!)t'rs nrc urRHl 10 :ii!c:-.ii. P.jjoi:riil:!s; Onaipaiilons i ' i:. M. ii;»;or. T.I :.r. K. r. Una. Reo.nier ^ WHAT A SHOW. 1 JUST BEFORE THE CURTAIN GOES DOWN, HE FINDS THIS BEAUTIFUL GlRLl :-i HE TAKES HER IN HIS ARMS — SH5 STRLK5GLES AYEAHI \-=AH' ( THEN WHW TV,'0 USHE5ZS CAME DOWN J AND THREW HSM OUT. 1 BUZ SAWYER —by Roy ,Cran« DAILY CROSSWORD LAWNS MO\VKD -S^.r.H up. Apply 316 West Frnncl.i Street. C." Call 32373. WILL niVK CHI'.ISTIAN HOMK 10 children. Call >':!. 3-3101 (nr rcfer- McShan's Button Shop licit*, Corner l'earc» Third. nKPKNnAK.K : n,\nv SITTKK AVA1LAHI.K ANYTIMK. ANV'-'HHRK A PITA' TI'J HO1.STKH wTl.i, HO UAUVSlTTlNf. IN YOKH HOMK. Oil MINK. RKKERKNTKS. PHONE :t-;,''l!7. Lawns Cut FEASONAHLE. PHONK In repairing;, remodeling. new additions. voofinK. alnlnK. cublnei work. FHA Improvement Ivouns. Fren •stini.iten. Cnli U A. .ssanar, ph. 2915. ISM New Jersey. - • Ahio. small re. innileMnK joh>-. Hy t?u* hour or jnlt, Kor iMforinaiion I'lione S731. MOTHIUIH. for one or uvo days a week, let your prq-nchcol as« child "iiaro ID nil the fun at Jack & Jill Day Nursery Every child partlelpates In grnnp piny. clay modeling rhythm Kind, rest period. rolor crayon worlr. nisrnfry rliythms nnd .•tonc.'V Hot Innehes at noon - -plus nild- mnrnlnp and nild-aflernoon refrejihTnentf:. All for only S'*!.oo per day. Jaek and .Till Day Nursery, 'MRS. NOVA \VANO. 805 Pearl Ph. 3-2400 63. Lost and Found LOST He,I Bone Hound. Vlolnlty (" Hnyou. 5'^o,oo leu.^rd. Vhone \V, 1>. Yolk. 1'h. 2-uns IlislilanJi. Special Notices Ar.C01IOI.TC3 ANOXYMOIJS — Trl-Cities «r<Hlp — Fli. 2<»S. 9532. ">?£ H.lyt!»wn f.ronp — Tli. «i>7*. rthl.inds Kxe'nariKe Ph. 2-l«22 or 2-2735. S1.95 SEWTNCT MACHIN-R KKRVICB •y muke ot model 'e<i « s>!('.!st«< - fn ynivr HERMAN SKWINO CENTER .fti W, tEXAS Mt; Jflfl* ACROSS 1. A filament from the skin 5. Sacred bull (Egypt) 9. Dancing girl (Egypt) 10. Ga.sp 11. Snares 12. Fairy-like 1-1. Conjunction 35. Over (poet.) 17. Tame 18. Russian author 21. Asiatic river 22. Strike (slang) 23. Forced oneself rudely (colloq.) 25. Kentucky blue-grass 2T. Wire measure 2S. Coquets 31. Republic • (So. Am.) 34. Color 35. Inc'.oscs in a case (var.) 37. Kgg-shaped 39. Your (slang) 40. Noree god 41. Official headdress of a bishop 43. Helpers, as in a ndpiU) 45. Tendon (combining form) 46. Extent of canvas 47. Dutch cheese M.Conclwltt DOWN" 19. Pelted 1. Farm imple- \vith mcnt used to stones 20 break up clods 2. A wing 3. Deceiver •1. To set again !>. .Simian G. Tropical tree 7, Allures by beguiling 8. English essayist Little children Slide sideways, as on ice 16. Steal 2-1 Su-eet potato Of the bank of a river 26. Devoured 28. Particle Legal Notice OKIHNA.NTE NO. :l'Jl i^f nkircs ;r;c.l '.T ni.T ir-.t^im-il :^ j'.nk y;. ril:; 01- (i-.inipiir^ ^i'in:nii>'. or for ti:*. 1 j n:."."Hlnrry of ,-iv.y or «( ;n;v i<! the muni pcnnUy p( t'v.o ir.iniltvil i'S2»»i lUilUir.s: ami provuli:;u Jnr Hie ]>uiitica;iou ;in<! c:'f' i i i ',i\ i* ilait' lierc<^f. ;in<! c:'f' i i i ',i\ i* ilait' lierc<^ ' Mnriiii US. r,\ 11 13 Yesterday's Answer specifying: 32. Makes incrry 33. Employed 36. Stop 3S. Siberian river 42. Gypsy husband -14. Performed a starting point 29. /V de-seen j- ant-ofLevi (Bib.) 30. Curving- of a ship's planking: OalHXAN'CK NO. S-" An onlin.'itk-e iieensint; the ihii!:ni: of oil atut i;as v.^ils \vi;Uiu t'.e eo pov'i'e Hni;!:' o^ I'he v'lty of llayloun, Tt\\.^; resulaliiiii me ilfllllni; anil aper;ni.':i of siidi we!!« v.'itilln the city: lepealiiiK v>rt.!);alt*'es ;ne.'.:)5i^ren; !iere\vn!i: e^atair.- li'^ a s:i v:r.i:.s- <-].uise. p:rxen!>iwt a niaxi- m'.i;n ;'o:!:iit\' ot two liur.iirc.i (S-t'iu dollars; and providing for tite puMioauon nn-I effeotlve date I'.ereof. Mnrc;< U?. St. NONSSNSc! SOME A'.AM CSTnl SKI? PUT HER UP TO IT.' 1= |T WASMT *z*&> AH;... i HAVE rr.' I SAW YOU TOO HW1MG UUMCrl IM JAX WITH THAT TEST PILOT. YOU .V.EAM BUS SAWYER? OH, TO, CAPTAIN! NO! KSIOT NQTKWSTO— SUPERMAN ^^ 2S 15 IS 41 tb 10 EO 43 4t> n Zl iii 40 14 ii Hisluvay \Vulcninq; Approval? AUSTiN '—lip - The State- High-' \v:iy Commission h:is approvwl .•icicnir.^ the jravcmonl on :i l\vo- milo strc-lch uf VJ.S. (V- from tho north cily limits of Rnnvnl'ie'.d to tlu> south city limits, provided the city mates the ncccsssuy vight-of- vvav nvailnble. MIKE FRAN5SEN STATE RESERVE LIFE "$•» Me Befora You Die" -—by Wayne Boring 1953 JEEP Station Wagon Loaded Like Nev/ WllliS COBB NASH CO. ( THE REPORTERS /WERE CHARMED WITH SENfORlTA STILL DO NCTT DESPAIR,) KAVEVER, OF GETTING HIM TOGETHER. WITH MY DAUGHTER... HAVE VOU SEEN THIS, MANUEL "Y NATURALLY.' BUT IT WOULD HAVE. BEEN BETTER IF SUPERMAN HAD BEEN THERE CHARMED I WILL EMTER DOI-ORE5' NAME, MANUEL — AND IF t BUY ENOUGH TICKETS, SHE WILL r<AVE A GOOD CHANCE TO WINi NO? V?

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