The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on August 2, 1959 · Page 34
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 34

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1959
Page 34
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lutmtt mviMt iFfnto ii • MOVING-STORAGE • Local—50 States—Foreign Call for Eree Estimate ME 4-1948 TRUCK RENTALS NELSEN TRUCKING 13U 16th 8t. • FREE ME 2-5103 • BSTIHATES ON HOVINO COST If MoTlng Antwber* In the Nttloo €•11 Di for Thli Service tmtCHAMTS DILIVTOT t$ BTOBAOB PAINTING PAiHTiHo: for (kle, Ettlmttee lete Ave. A-f PA houie wi MElrote 3 kfeRBS P. »AlNV-iUNdlk h 1I16UM H6l9il fkiM White and lU eolori. Half price eale II .Mper nUon, tfe per ouart. WAUJATO (crvlce. Prompt attention. Dial OLrm pic 8-2631. Itenoeha. lUILDMI MAnilALt AUGUST SPECIALS! 30 gallon fai automatle water haatere, ««».80. Fiberilai Ineulatlon. Economy Builders Supply MB State at. MKlrow »-7MI f^c5R CRUSHED STONE Dial MElrose 4-3566 WI OKLtVIR Consumers Company^ NOW WBECKINO A FAIBLT MODERN home at 3300 Waihlngton Ave. Used lumber, windows, doors, piping, hard wood flooring, cabinets, hot water radl ators, oil furnace, bathroom supplies Starting August ist. WAiLlTa AMD CONCIUrrB BLOCKS. 3c per iV," square. K-W Cabinet and Tile. 1«03 Douglas Ave.. ME a -a74l>. ALdlinwm boolto Affl WlW>6Wfc- Pree estimates. No obligation. See Bran num Lumber Co.. »»0 Taylor Ave. ••B'^lors ae per 9"«9" tile. K-W Cabinet & Tile. 1603 Douglas Ave. mtoiLUNioui roR SALI II PAINT Quality Ojaranteed to Equal or Bieel NaUonaUy Advertised Brand* on Base Plat Wall Paints Wall Primar Baaier Latei SatiB Paint Alkyd Plat Bnamel Alkvd Semi Oloaa ....... Blab Olosi Porealain Tint* Satin Trim Varatsb Spar Varnish Turpentine Paint Thinner Oal*. (its a.»i ..».»» ...a.u .. 3.66 .. .«.as .. .4 .60 ...3.15 ....3,(6 ...1.00 ... .66 HIghett quality on* coat fioui* and Trim Paints .. 1.40 Phon* MBIrose 4-64M Easterday ' Paint & Chemical Co. On North Blthway M NeUtlHOLII aOODI riR ULI II *Church Today* WHATBVIR YOUR FAITH KEEP TODAY FOR CHURCH NELSEN TRUCKING & FURNITURE CO. 13U-lSth St. Phone MElrose 4-1841 Between Junction and Baclne Sl.i. Op*n Dally I to 6—Friday 'Til 9 NSUIIMILD IINI FIR U^^^ TABLKLAMPS -Tioc'ANiD UP. Large Selection oooDwux BUDorr STOM W SHER '*'*OLD'''M]{tTAQ''*'lN running condition, $36. MElrose a-»033, liyttaiftJIU: AtiD rtAN6 Tniek* tor Rant. Driv* It Tounwif Merchants Del. ME 2-5103 DINETTE SET < — CHROME, ALMOST new. 6 to • room spae* heater, 2 oil drums, 4 plae* lawn chair set. 4S16-16tb Street. OlMETTiB Bitt - oAit. tVtxii AJtMlN- ater rug and pad; Ifaytas washing ma- llrOM 7-3663. £S!S PftfljICTOR - t*etlOBa' ^ , nSirtic eit quality Oovamnant Burplu*. kinds,.colon, palnta. enamal*, lacquar*. *aml*h*s. ROMf*. mrnrvtlle Road at atatlon «qulpm *Bt. Dial Tuaedo 6-416'. , K>Wte SiWmiWT - UHAVBL* »6it Ian. Prank Oa *t ft Bon* Mhw. VBmon 6-4116 - tytftofii 16 UM 60« watt. Supro alaetric Hawaiian guitar. Pa r 7.60-16 all **a*on, (now and muds. • ^In^^ and II inch Jig (awa. MBtro (e «iiarBRaiir::r49owirc: GOODWILL BUDOKT STORE , , 1636 Washington Ave. tiUhlB -aie tAcMT LoWeff~FD5oR GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1S26 Washington Ave. skkORT 8HiRT8-09c ARe"OPrNiLoRS and cotton. Beautiful colors to choose from. GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1636 Washington Ave. SITIAM CLEANERS, whkita, HAI" ancers. battery chargers, air compressors. New and used. Gordon Auto Parts, 1314 Albert St.. ME 3 -8606. chine; wheel chair. Mi ftlNITTK iiEt — » PUfbt oAK liiM. GOODWILL auDorr STORE 1636 Waahlniton Ave. CtWOAW - Mm IJftHadAW PftOP. leaf dining room est; Mahogany and maple betfroom eat*; Chrome kltchci »•%$: Refrigerator*, wa(h(rs, gas am alactric ranges, rhests, hldr-n-bedS; rugs, baby buggle*. cribs, etc. Avenui U*ed Furniture, 1433 Junction Ave. ammn ' r %Ma MB 3-6670. open dally 'til 9 p.m. ELECTRIC 8TOVB — DELUXE FRIGID Rlr*. double oven. In excellent condl .o FOOT, LIKI new. Call MElrose 3-0673 Sunday or weekdays after 6 p .m. HlBl-A-bre - H6DBRH MffrALLllC; J«<L" Studio couch. 638. Mtlrose 4-8131. hoUsMWoLbVtJftMltUfiE^^ MElrose 3-1679 H6u8EttoLb "reHW-JDRi.' R uosr Ete: ^«t_be sold. 1313 Carlisle Ave. • ~ NEW & USED • FURNITURE Big selection — Free parking - Easy terms — Refrigerators — Stoves — TV Sets—Beds -Living room—Dining room — and kitchen sets NELSEN TRUCKING * FURNITURE CO. 1314 16th St. ME 4-1946 MAeHINERY AHD TOOLS M AIR COMPRESSORS USED—NKW-REDUILT 1-2-5-10-25 HP. Paint Spray Equipment Harry Gordon Company 1323 state St MElrose 3-6144 iltfcTitic Mot6ft4 ^i /6 HofthgPftWro 63.75; 1/4 horseoower 63.75 GOODWILL DUDOrr 8T0R1 1S36 Washington Ave. TYPEWRITERS And Portables. U.scd Largest. Finest Selections In Town WE TAKE TRADE-INS Acme Office E(|uipmeut Co. 1402 Wnsh Ave. MElrose 2-0956 WAddH Wtt «L8 - iirW6&Blffrol35 fashioned. 13 each. MElrose 4-6163, after 6 p .m. %AtER ftliATKR - 40 AALLON KLEC- trlc. automatic, like new, reasonable. MElrose 3-9355. after 7 p.m. Racine's Finest Selection of Used Appliances. Furniture and TV Sets C A THROP HARDWARE'S OUTLET STORE Just a Few Doors South of Main Store Lathrop at 30th KEYS'TONB RADIO AND TRLBVI8I0N Sale* and Service. Pick up and deliver. Antenna* Installed and repaired. All antenna parts available. 1200 Milwaukee Ave, MK 4-3394. DAVIS & MORAN TV EMERSON, MUNT7, SALES * BERVIOK 1712-nth 81. Dial MElrose 4-4430 2'4 libOR PROMPT RADIO AHD TlLf- vlslon service. MK 7-6070 or 3-6160. MUSIOAL INITRUMIRTS M ESTEY ORGAN Beautiful mahogany a manual electronic Bstey organ. Cost new wa* 61666. Slightly used and a terrific buy for 6996 Small down payment and terms. WHITE-GERLAT 1304 Villa Street Fri, Lovvrey Organ Sale! Terrific Bummer Mark Down On All Pianos and Organs 1 JOHNSON'S MUSICAL SERVICE 1406 Waih.—16 A.M. to 6 P.M. Listen to WRJN Monday. Wed.. 1:15 P.M. Lowrey Organ Bncores UBtcb MAHbh Afib bka/Ma Btelnway Spinet, Qulbransen Baby Grand, Kimball Spinet, Thomas Organ, Hammond Chord Organs. Electronio Piano, etc. Hannaford's Organ Studios, 1716 16th Melrose 3-3143 Hours 1 to 6 p.m PHON66RAPH ftiliC6RPS - LAHtai W lection of modern tunes bv WL. — artists. Have not been used In Juke box 6e each. GOODWILL BUDGET STORB 1636 Washington Ave. irew dStiM ohoAWI . Uied piano* and oriana, two.atore* Weldnar Pinno ft Organ Co., 3406, Doug la* Ave.. MB 3-341T and Vallar* Jawalry T and Vallay 's Ja* ^AMS . MAThfcil RADIO AND TILIVIIION 11 COAL, OOKI AND WOOD II Summer Prices In ^ffect Order Your Coal Todav "QUALITY GUARANTKKD" UNITED FUEL ME 4-71.Sf) KINDLING FOR SALE PARMIRI MARKIT We Will Buy and Load Wheat, Barley and Oats at our mill In PranksvlUe. Top price* paid, cash on clcllverj If desired Uailcr Twine Electric Fence Supplies cob Corn, Shell Corn and Oats For Bale RACINE CO PARMOO OO-OPERATIVB Franksvllle, \yis, Xl 'An?._M«t)''"".''...7-!>51? MUST 8Kht, - nABBITB,' 50c APlIi;C8. Cnll MRlrcie 2-1140. after .1. WANTED TO OUT 50c a BAR- rel. not delivered. Bring your own con- Cabinet A ljupplf Co. talner, Custom 1321 State St. MBlro** KTI, DOQI. OIRDI, RTC. II BllX'S TROPICAL FTSll AND PKT SUPPLlE8-4an-14lh St. TURTLES AQUARIUMS _ Cotiijilete l.lnr of fluppllcB OEBURN'S AQuAifiiuR! 2901 WEI^LINGTON DR. Full line of troplcHl fish, equipment, food and .lupplles. MK 7-1510;__ fiOARUKU IN COOL KKlfNELH IRON, METAL, RAGS * PAPER Stern Wnstnpaper 6S Iron Co 1418 Diirand. Rd. O.lnl ME. .3-3M4 HOUStJIIOLD GOODS - USED FURNl turn, dishes, tools, what have you. Call Jack's, MB 2-7476 or 3-2347, UOy Otatn FUUNITUliB, API^LIANCES. GLASS ware, etc. One piece or entire house hold. Top prices, MElrose 3-6070. _ O5O'D" Oi8Ei5~FURNniriiE -^NE niiicK or a house full. M. Nelson. 000 Stnte Cnll MElrose 7-64'.!«. ooiTp BAriTs - ' AK'V AMotiN'r: rcip prices paltl nccorilInK to cDiidlticiii. MEl rose 2-6645. oEi3^rffTnJ6 BTAMOSW-WE store. 1616 Tat lor AiAoNtis 6ridkD bitbANs. llAt6HI^a stands and (tool* always available, also organ music books 1 to 13 In stock. Keystone Radio and "relavlslon. 1300 Milwaukee Ave. MB 4-3364, MbbiCAL tNsi'ROUim - Ricc6Hbs. Claaelcal and Popular *h*«t muilo. Oo sleski Music Co. 403 6th Bt! MB 3-7371. PLAYlSR PIANO - ROLLS. CABINET, bench. 6100. Ideal tor rae room. MBIrosa 2-3476 RADIO AND TRLRVIIIOR 10 RIAL ilTATI rOR lALR 41 2518 Maple Grove Offers Considered Aufust t, 1959 See. 3* Paft RIAL lltATI FOR lAU If An excdient buy on this wpll located home, consists of spacious living room with dining space, large kitchen, modem bath, enclosed porch down; 2 bedrooms on second^lloor: full basement: gas heat. Near Wadewlts School and Horliek High, Call on Hils one as It will go last. 66,600. , HERMAN KAPLAN Agency 1519 Wash, Ave RBALTORB Dial ME 3-7370 or ME 2-lS.SA LAKE PROFRRTY— ALL TEAR ROUND home. Full basement, acre of land. Very oofl condition. TWIIIght 6 -7710, Water rd. cash. Doerlng's Jewel fWMWRiTriir--- rv, 411 Main St )INO - RKffklOtShAtOtt - LAhdE seiieFit) television. Bedroom, kitchen set. Ri%image. DIshe*. 3526 Taylor Ave.. Baiur- day, Sunday, Monday. MIIOIJLLAHIOUS FCHIJIALI IJ A BIO SUPPLY ^_ M.H.M.A. New and Reeondltlonatf MOBtLB HOMES Open Dally • A.M to 6 PM. PONK'S MdBILE HOME SALES 6 Miles West of Racine on Hy II Phone TRlnlty 6 -1350 Adders - Typewriters Deed — RantaU Accurate Office Machines 103 sixth St Dial MElrose 7-5636 ACCORDION — LARGE SIZE. 6100. DIN^ Ing room set. 616. MBIrose 7-3667. AIR COMPBB880R8. MOTORS, BLBC trie fans, fan blades, bathtub* sinks, toilets. Clearance sale. 1303 Wash. Ave, ALUMINUM AWNINOS, CARPORTS, porch covera, (Navacoi Natlonallj Ad- verttsed, tinaet quality, guaranteed by Good Housekeeping. Easy term*. Ue Gee's Aluminum. laBlrow 3-6366. MATS, MOTORS, SUPPLIES SI BOAT SPECIAL 17 Ft. Cabin Cruiser 1966 35 horsepower Evlnrude and TeeNee trailer. Full price 6025. LaFond Lakeland Marine Highway 32 Between Kenosha and Racine Open Week Days B to a eOftTOM hOAT TRAILER HITCHifia"^ Chrome plated. Most models In stock, Including 1S5B cars. 611.95 each. HIB- glns Sporting Goods Co.. West Racine. Phone MElrose 2-6588. THOMPSON 16 rT .-7 FT. BEAM, 50 horsepower Johnson. Safe, fast, boat for all water' sports. Tandem trailer. Real bargain. 4615 Washington Ave ivf^tlbk'SAU* Si SERVICE—tuSfivTI only factory authorised dealer. LaFond Lakeland Marine. Hy. 33 between Racine fi Kenosha. Boats. Trailers & Supplies. U FT. ALUMINUM BOAT — 30 HP. Evlnrude, electric starter and controls, windshield, top and trailer. 6»26. MEl- rose 2-727J, 4214 Goley Lane. ~ • Tee-Nee trailer. MElrose 3-3856. SALVATION IBtMY STORE - II36 Washington Ave. open dally 6 am to 4:30 p.m.. Mondays and Friday* 6 a.m to 8 p m Bargains galore Living room sets, all kind* of furniture M clothing RAHait. iMi MbRdBl ELSCrnte, »i8S; Kelvlnator clothes dryer, 640; Kenmore automatic washer. 165; all In excellent condition. 1845 Douglas Ave. (upstalrs>. SfcWING UACHIMES-^ for your sprint •ewTni. 66 month. Open Monday and Prlday avenlng*. Singer Sawing center. 306-6th, in: 4-6416 sEwiHo i ^AoritNfci-iALlEfc. sskVlcE Rent A Singer i^n Portable rental* Foraira Dial MElrota 4 -1 fABLH - make* ovr speelallv DINIM6, KITCHEN, and Occasional GOODWILL BUDGET STORB 1536 Washington Ave. WARbhO"E, i^-tAfiLlM,. 61.. 63, .65 Dresser with mirror. 66. Complete bed. 613. Small gas range. 636. Green cotton rug, 6x12, 630. Kitchen cupboard. 630, Other household Item*. MElrose 3 -6870 RECONDITIONED TELEVISION Now From $29.95 GUARANTEED TERMS AS IXiW AS 6126 WEEK Christianson Bros. Co. "Television * Appliance Mart" 3t« Main St. Dlfl ME 4-3316 RADIOS~— TABLE MODBL. 63.6O Ul^ Lower Floor GOODWILL BUDGET STORB 1636 Washington Ave. . AMAWOH »i6Vici, WW HC-W6, am DX-lOO, 40 meter Arc-6 transmitter, modulator, PBIO/C 13 volte, 6400. MElrose 3-3104. RITE ANTMNNA llCftVI<!fc-AMTtl4f<A8 Ground Tower Inttallad. Free eetlmate*. "'tgg ATf^- MW ^W* a -0560. D008 - Grooming, bathing, special poodle out, training. Dog Food and Supplies ScotI -Kin'lSli 6300 Wash., MFlrose 3-7018. ~ I'ET & GIFT Si 101' Pets Si Sunnlle*-613 - 6th St iF-TRWrcAL pfsirTiQOAiireMs" From I to 65 gallons. Also fish and accessories, MElrose 7-3*18. ob6B~B&a8 OP" VARfOOmKlKBS Humane Society, 1136 Stuart Rd. Hours- 3 to 8 and 6:30 to 6p.m. SIAMESE CAir^miAt¥.-T"SibM'fHb old, wonderful with children. Must sell One year old. MElrose 3-3363 between 7 ann_» p.m. _ _ U.kC. REGISTERED TOY FOX TER- rler puppies. Inquire 130»',a Douglas Ave NOAHS - dftMt-Ll^ii LlHfc 0» PK1 Needs 'n Feeds. 4705 Bprli^g, ME 3-3761 BRITTANY SPANIEL'PUPS-* MONTHB Old, MElrose 3-7278. 4214 Goley Lane, Sharonan Boxer Kennel*, ME 7-4666, JLlPPtNo. dRSbKHR©: "TJOARDlNS Danslkor Kennels. MEIros* 3-3107, bitRMAM HhAt>ttERD l»OM>tM A.^.b Dahnerl Reg. MElrose 3-3361 R(t1RNS~""6 WEEka 60j, "11.46 lACTf Please call MElrose 4-2380. AUblNb MACHINES Accurate office Machines. 303 8ixth_8l, Rl\08 ^~Wr OT» •rftSfa ~^ALL"HAM Bllvas, 1314 Froderiek St. ME a-B«82, Iwesr^oN, Tilt^Al., VttbMi ^r T'Tcit up ball Jack'*. ME 3-7476 or 3-3347 MWAX - ~TMM.~llAdi9r~P A"t> E R Prompt pickup Dial MEIro** 3-4865 CHILD'S awiMiWb POOL, swTFTa SE* anil roll nwny bed. MElrose 4-5184. WANT TCTBUILD? •RE JARDINA. BUILDBR frame, 4 yrs, old. 3 liaths, 0631 Wnnh Ave. MIIro.ic 7-6384. con %TnfiW J^JTiOK'riOBboi. NKW area, Will bulid to eult -rhoma* Build ers. MBIroee '>'1»T0, fiEAOTlKUL lloWiBiTO 6"VERlook Ing Johnson's Park - 160x300 ft 15000 Dial MElrose 2-3670. KreWHONiikH-miirbbkL-A^^^ HOMES BY MANRITE Joseph Nelson • MBIrose 3-1744 SOUTHEAST 3 BEDROOM HOME ' $14,500 Modern Kitchen, Modern Bath, Oag Heat, Large Rooms, 3 Car Oarai*. Good Location. Call today for an appointment <• , Inspect this properly, ' N. CHRISTENSEN & SON Evenings: Don C. Jensen ME 2-2454 NO PAYMENTS ON A NEW CAPP-HOMB for 3 MONTHS AFTER CONSTRUCTION! New Oulncy Plan finances your CAT'F •• benulKiil I'P-Home until con»truc- lloii Is rompletnd on your lot. Wa do the heiivy work, give you 61,000 cash U) linip finish your home. Prices from 13.4BB. Write CAPP-HOME8. 1143 Du-.limit N., Dopt 151, Minneapolis, Minn. Your representative Is Wm. Sheldon. 1701 S. Highway 100, Milwaukee. Phona' OLnnvlew 3-2442. BV oil 13WHER~~~riiooSr iuWdALr 'nif"" the Northslde. Call MEIros* 4 -6061. RIAL iSTATE FOR SALE REAL ESTATE POR SALE REAL ISTATE FOR SALl FARMIRI MARKET II FARMERS I BRING YOUR GRAIN TO Wisconsin Farmer* Grain Market, Inc at Willow Road near Highway 11, ont mile east of Sturtcvant, You get lop r irlce, efficient service, and cash on de- Ivery. Call TUxedo 6-4337 or MElrose 3-4768 It you want our man to call on you. aa Hour - MB: ROTARY TILLERS^^^^ESiBrSAl^lS tractors, power mowers, New, used Terms. Trades. Air cooled engine, parts and service. Highway Service Oarage Hl(ihway_4l, 7 miles south of Hwjjl fXPERT iiibiNa INSTROCTION hay rides, horses boarded, boiiKht, aold Lou-_pon Farm, Highway 31, ME 4-47H POTATO UIGCIER McCORMlCK ONI; row, power take oft with transmission Klngwlse potato griulcr. MElroan 2-0a4ri RED COMB FEEDS, WE PAY CASH FOH live poultry Frank's Poultry and Feeds 1838 Edgewood Ave,, MElrose 3-4876. WTiEAt. BARLEY. OAtS-f5P PRlbF.S Somers Fuel At Supply Co.. Sturtevant TU 6-3667 or Sower* 3001. a SHEEP - 100 cuI&RTJRdbBlR. RDA- eonable. Dial MKIrose 3-187B. REAL IlTATI FOR SAU RIAL IlTATI FOR lALI ANYTHING IN SPORTIMa OOCDB, household furnishing*, bouabt, aold Honest John'*. 600 State. ME 7 RfcrtfftV-BEAR BbWs », am ^ Joes Archery. 1033 16th St.. MB 3-6680. BASEBALL abs - CHARTERS AND tickets. Rees Travel Service. ME 4-431B. OIRLS', 30". 34" MB 3-6166. BICYCLES-BOYS' & A! 36". Chain drive tricycle. BIG SALE On Infant** and Children'* new elethtna and ihoes at low prices. VILLA FABRIC HOUSB. 1334 Villa St power Evlnrude Lark. Many extras. 61500. 1315 Isabelle Ave. 1666 DUNPHY—14 FT.. JOHNSON 25 tl. p. motor, new tlltlna trailer, windshield, iteerlng, controls, 6650. MElrose 2-3015 BoAts W TO l4 WbT-Artl: BIIMO pulled everyday with Volkswagens. Hen- drlck* Motor*. Inc.. 3466 Douglas. 14 FT. OUTBbAhD -I'UNINjrTYPl hull, new trailer and hitch, perfect. $250. MElrose 3-8818. i3 FT. RUNABOUT AND TRAILER ~ with 1B57 Evlnrude 16 h.p., $400. MEl­ rose 3-7474. BEST BUYS Bedioom **U, oheeU. *tudlo eoueh. davenport, linoleum, desks, file*, cbairt, tables, wa*h*rs. aai *tov*s, elac. stove*, radio*, tool*, dline*, chain *aw, Barl* The Trader. 604 State St., MB 4-1330 or iiMn^ OAL.. I OAL POR 11.71. B°i^'sss '-nic !*L6teao^ '"^ OOODWIUi BDDOrr STORB 16a6 Waehlngton Ave. - bbWLi lock. In aocKl condition " _ tICK HOMB TO BB Mak* u* otttr RIAL I8TATI FOR SALl NOUtlHOLD lOODI FOR SALl IS itH TKAfLlR HI'KH DISPOBBD OP. Can be moved or J^mTAOr Polaroid, (till and movl* camera*, tan* recorder*, by the day. week or month. 4x5 vlaw camera with len*. talaphoto len*. 416 anlartar. UEIroaa 3-«383 after CAI S WHO fRAltfttB -bM bttPU¥ At O-K CAMPER SALES 6300 Waehlngton Ave. better eoata roatonably priced at our new location. Pe**l*r Pur, Co.. 1617 Wash. Ave. Plenty free parking In rear 0UMb (lD8-& BNaAbEktkNT RINbS Save ao%. Poraslk Jewelry. 817 Main. fiRApta - WltiDO\*r, ioNO, srtoftT, narrow, wide. Large **lectton 460 up. GOODWILL BUDOBT 8TORB 1636 Washington Ave. ORMO nnRW -aVc AWP GOODWILL BUDOBT STORB 1526 Washington Ave. BNOAOEMBNT 4t DIAMOND RINGS - A BARGAIN—LINOLEUMS-All new 6x13 Cash and carry, 64 .88. Nelsen Trucking and Furniture, 1314 18th St., ME 4-1646. APPLIANCE PARTS for Maytag—Westingliouse GE—Norge—Frigidatre Washers Dryers—Refrigerators Small Appliance* Repaired LATHROP HARDWARE Lathrop at aoth MBlro** 4-3386 , lood condition, 1336 Deane rop at 30th ^pen Dally • trie, 636, BWd CARPETS- Bave 35*. Trauger's. 311 Sixth St. ^NAbiA > OBBD OAS Attb OIL. U. C. Nielsen Bbaat Metal. MBIrose 3 -0660 or 3-8687. , OOLF BALLB — Large Auortment. A:! mifesg^j{Sii{r':;^SB{aiB^;ai to order. Bring in the old on*. Gordon's. 1314 Albert St.. MElrose 2-8606. LAWNM0WER.S-T1LLERS 8! •olen* garden tractors. Discount large trade-in. Tiller, lawnmowar. roll ar, s**der, cement mixer, chain caw, floor Sander rentals. Builder'* Hardware, 3811 Rapids Dr. Open 'til 6 p.m. Sun. 6 tEATHER AND SUEDE COATS AND Jackets sclenllflcally cleaned, repaired and reflnlshed by Conant tt Law. 334 Main. _^ LINOLEUM REMNANTS — ODDS ~AN5 Jidor Specfitlists, 1603 Douglas Ave. LOVELY HAND-WORK LOCALLY MADE reasonably priced. DltU towels, 60c «a Blvd. Gift Shop. 1310 Deane, 3-0773. men'* and wom*n'a. BamjpV ^Reatonably prieed Oenarari •ooda, aecond* . _ pair*. FELDMAW 'S. 1337 Wa *h,. 4-4673. iTow j» Tl« TltitB 'fO VAKfe iARl of your scrgen work and glaai work Call MBIrose 3 -3666. Kroupa Hardware 1653 bougies Carpet Remnants Ve roU*. 14 rolU, yaa a«*n full rolaa at REDUCED PRICES ALA RUG CO. 416 Sixth Btreat LINOLEUM- PAINTS BUFFHAMS Within Reach of Every Family! MILLER HOMES ARE PRICED RIGHT! A New 3 Bedroom Model Home OPEN TODAY 1:30 to 5 P.M. Home of Distinction and Quality SEE IT BEFORE YOU BUY Oak 3 Bedroom IV2 Baths, Ranch 15.450 All Luxury Appointmonti PHONE MELROSE 2-7208 TODAY FOR APPOINTMENT OR INFORMATION ... NO OBLIGATIONS 923 SAXONY DRIVE Corner of LoSalle St. and Saxony Drive FEATURING LIVING-DINING ROOM "L" Check These Features: 3 largo badroomt, o twin tit* moitar barroom with walk-in clostt ond half bath, 20 foot living room, kitchm with 00k cobinati, built-in lurfact plot* anii ovan atii ipacioui dining orao. Lorga family or dining room, ceramic tila bath, oak woodwork, plaiterad wall* and cailingi, full baiemrnt. brick front with larga planters. Completely decorated. LOW DOWN PAYMENT. WILL BUILD ON YOUR LOT OR OURS. SAVI $1100 BY DOING YOUR OWN rAINTING AND ILIMINATING TWO LUXURY ITEMS. THE TREIS COMPANY, INC. i/M Oprnt Mon. thru Tfiurs. 7 (0 9 ^.M. OpM Solurrfairi by Appointmtnt OOODWItL BUDOBT STORE 1538 Wai>>lniton Ave. COMPLETE 3 fc66M 'bOfftt-l^ti-fbs •eiifd. half paid. Pick up payments on balance. NISS FURNITURE DlSlNO"" breakfronl, drop leaf table, chairs. MEl­ rose 3-J3Jt. "Strving ftacine for over ^00 yeori" 3005 Rapids Drive BUILDERS Dial MElrose 4-3379 suying, voiuma, ana low overnaaa • up like 8 and 3. No spNlals, leadt or tradio bulldera. juit low prtcaa leputable merchandlie evtry day o( < NO FREE LUNCH Vou alwajra cat the "big deal" on every thing you buy at R. W. Supply. Direct buying, voiuma, and low overhead add " ~ ' ~ No spNlals, leaden, ' •— -• I en - - the week. }l.7ft leotlonal bamboo polea M •1,75 powarllnei. complete I 1.11 .30 perch hooks, pk. of sii, snelled U I 13.50 Aluminum folding cots ... $ g .as I 5,50 Adult life Jaoketa, uacOA .1 3.67 I 3.tS Plaid ski belts t 3.50 ; I4.t5 Coleman 3 burner stoves . .510.47 i33.«5 Kampkold Ice chests 116.30 YOU CAN 'T GO WRONQ AT R. W. SUPPLy Open Dally • A.M. to I P.M. R.W. SUPPLY 130 Main Bt. ; ME 3->550 *AINT - INLAID LINOLEUM - WALL- paper cloteouts. 8atln Latex t3.>5 gal.: matching semi-gloss. 14.45 gal. THE PAINT BAR. 1413 Wash Ave.. 4-0131 PAINT-MOORE'S MOORECRAPT OUT tide white house paint. Special 16.15 per gallon Buy now and save I Fletob er Landaal Paints. 511 • eth St PAINTB- Devoe's & Dutch Boy O'ui.side House Paint! You will never go wrong If you use these products to brighten up your home with that like-new appearance. We also have plenty of other equipment for inside cleaning and pniuting to take care of til your needs. See us todayl Molir-Tones Paint Store 31( (th at. Dial l.»«t Follow the Crowds to Model Home at 2100 ORCHARD ST. OPEN TODAY 1 la 5 FHA Approved City Utilities Immediate Possession Full Price M 3,750 Low, Low Down Payment Open Mon. thru. Wed. Payments Like Rent 1 to 8 p.m. MILTON F. LaPOUR 222 Fifth St. Broker to 5 P.M. MEIroio 2-5146 1^ DOWN PAYMENT MONTHLY PAYMENT LIKE RENT 3-Bedroom Ranch Improved City Lots 30-YEAR LOANS AVAILABLE \nBeautrtu» , RACINE 2500 Lorroine ^ve. Architacturally DMigncd Homtt Cenvantienally Built 'ratne Ave U 'Mod.» FREE Guarantee }-Y«ar Mortgoga Pay- monli in the Evant of Sicknaii or Accident 4 ModcU to ChooM from Medal Phona Mllroao 4 -IS7* Soloi Ag^nt A. L. MINION Ca 704 W. WltCMSlii Av«. M. 14 NON VETERANS MINIMUM DOWN PAYMENT P.H.A. and CONVENTIONAL LOANS

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