Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 14, 1965 · Page 3
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 3

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, May 14, 1965
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

West's Double Helps South Some bridge trump, ' Cigarette Tax Due Hike To Pay Teachers AUSTIN (UPD— Texansluor. Neither the committee nor from consideration when rnti.-t.ha twn.v«.ar «_.*»«»* MAMUHH « » *«*t, „«**» i«« . Neither the committee nor probably are going to pay a; the comptroller has any esti- nickel more for a pack of ciga- mate of the revenue this would rcttes to help finaace a pay j raise, raise for school teachers, legis- Sales Tax Extension the sales tax toi NdRTH 4AQ42 VAK98 A10S76 to cover the double of an ad- the trump sit. He led a dia- chiirrmn nf fh. verse game or slam contract, jmond to his king, returned to ' m u\™ Ar*>u\n« t* The theory is that the double dummy's ace and ruffed a third b ure's tax bifl confirmed that declarer makes his contract but'diamond in his own hand. ; ' ' in * n * ?',,„? « such doubles are far from frea „, u , < an inc ease in the present, ciga- when they tell declarer how to Then he led a trum P aml c tax of eight cents P er play a hanj, finessed the queen. Another P ac 'k "is very high on our list." North's jump to four srndes tnim P lca(1 would have bcen fa- " The c 'S aretle P e °Ple have ' |l ' told us they'd just as soon not have anything, but if we're going to raise it, they want us to put on more than one cent," ; Cory said. "They say if it's only one cent, they'll'have to absorb it, ; but if it's two, they can go up ia nickel." Cory referred to the; ifact that heavy vending ma! chine sales make it difficult to ,change cigarette prices by less jthan five cents per pack. j i Some Prices Hiked i I In Austin and some other 1 icities, cigarette prices ha)ve 'none up 10 cents per carton jwithin the last 30 days, appar- jently in anticipation of a tax i increase. in the nature of a slight overbid but he certainly did not need much in his partner's hand to produce a game. West really liked the four spade contract and there was nothing doubtful about his double. That is there was nothing doubtful about it in his own mind. South ruffed the king of clubs In dummy and decided the dou- that West would hold from consideration when Con- the two-year period. nally said in Kerrville last —Increasing the corporation week he opposed them. —liaising the natural gas tax from 7 to 8 per cent of the value of gas produced. This in- medicine and:crease would raise an estimat- franchise tax. The tax is now $2.25 per $1,000 of taxable capital, surplus and undivided profits and long-term debt. Atwett said an increase to $2.75 is be- Arbitration Slated On Dam Dispute WES* AKJ109 EAST 45 VQJ74S Q 4J94 4AKQ84 *JOG5| SOOTH (D) I 4.87B3 1M053 • K2 * 10 7 3 2 Both vulnerable West North East Pass I* Dble Pass 1 4 Pass 4 * Pass Pass Dblo Pass Pass Pass Irad— *K rasg , Ciov. John Connally rccom- TOPKKA. Kan. a'PJi-Kan-, 1 oprm'Tie lead—»TC i mended a one-cent cigarette tax sas officials today prepared to 1 '. — ^~*-•-^ tm . m hike effective Sept. 1. 19f>6. try (o settle tho disputed Clay tal at. this point but South had Comptroller Robert S. Cnlvert Creek Dam controversy over heard the double. He simply led estimates a two - cent increase the conference table rather a diamond and discarded one effective Sept. 1 this year liian in court. , of hj s dubs. would raise $44 million in the .... „ , , , , biennium — more than enough to West ruffed and forced dum- pav for Connallv's teacher pay ,, ,1 , L- , i . mv Ul!il another club Now ,.].'„ <lav that Kansas would trv to ,- ., , , , . , plan. .-Mhnr.-.te ihr. rf,.,-,,i« u,«>, i-ni., South ( ' ;islu ' (1 ''"'nrnys ac,- for s ,,,, akpr B cn Barnes said he ;ia Kansas Ally. Gen. Holier I.onderholm announced Wcdnr lute with Colo- rnoo. :, ^^'n'mi-K-k anil show.-d his (I(IOS no( „,,„, Cory - s Mlhcom . .hand uith the explanation that mitu , {1 to n . p( , rt thp ' tax bill out H:it he said tho arbitration '"' *»* *™Z '" 1<-:id hiuh card-, lintil ., (|(> ,, slon has bet , n made dfpi-ndod uj>on whether Colora- fr " rn "ummv until West ruffed ()n t P;u .|ier pas- do would aiiree to call off con- a " (t 'hat WeM could ruff any j {fl p j-;eii'.\tuell of Dallas time he chose but South wa.s go- chairman of the House Revenue th" !wi states talked about. t!;e d;-.jnite. ' If they rrjrc*. the offer, (her, we're Going to court," Londer K."insa« offici.'i' 1 ! co .irihrn dam bcini- co H'.V.T icnd a* sa;' make 10 tricks. Q -Tbo biddiiif! hns born: Norlij Ka»t Sooth West 1 V I' 1 A I'a.-^ 2N.T. 1'a-M 3V I'aas 4 V P.. s ? Yoti^ South, hnhl: AKJX76 VDJ1 4K74 Wbat <lo vim do? A — l'av». roar haad is not d as Ka:'. TCMJAY'S QtT-STION Tn^tc;»<l t>t \>wM\n% two no- trump your t^'^'M'r jumi« to thni diiinififuU crvrr y»njr <>r«' W'luit <io yini tlo now? Tomorrow Aero, Space Writers Due In Albuquerque .M.I'.' QrKiiqn:. \ M 'fi-i- i •; m.'.!: . of Amer:ra's lead.:-.• i' Jilh atiniis will .*• in .\\h\i- i, icrt;'!" next W'-t-k to l:« l ar re- l">'s nn t!;e riat'.'m^ |»Lin> !<>r priiHr«^i; in the air. rd to atti-nd tho annna! im-i-tBircher: U.S. 'One Vast Insane Asylum' of !!••• Avi>< A\ia1]DM-Spa.'r- \V: ;ind Taxation Committee, said ,tlu> tax-writers arc liavinR some clilfii iilt\ he-cause of conflicting cost estimates on the two rival |ia\ proposals : Near S">" Million In his message to tho lecis- lalure. Cnnnall> said his 10-year inerit-t\i>e proposal would cost $:.'•') million. h(ywev«-r. a n d At- e!inni!!i, with oiih ?2.'i million required ti-oni stale funds Tti'- governor's office now has rai'-i-if tii" state cost figure to S-.'i niilhon. hi>v\('\i'r. and A«e!l said in- beliesed the Con-!-. plan would cost the state $".i'i million Tii" Si.'i tnon'iil'. raise pro!-'»M-d hy tin- Texas State Teachers As-unatum iTSTAi wa-> oru'inalU estimated to cost $i«! million, all to he borne by t!i" -ta'". but Connallv recently nas> U-eii estimating its cost at >•'<•'! Atwell is usin^ $77 m:!lio:i in hi> calculations. ('<>!'. sjjii tj ;( . sulK'ommittpf- is eM-inu' these otlier sources of rep- • i'Atendiiii,' the 2 pc>r cejit ••'.ate sales tax to beer and liq- and in 1 -A i'-'t" Si. and I tr<.in I.Olil.N SASSER Western Wear STVY J'KF.SS \VKS|..K\ l'\.\rS »ll MAIN .';e ,1'iiin S\\ A\T<"»\'0 S- u-'.y. ;i<>!';in yi-,i don't t!,. ic w !,, ( t arooa to !!ip niar.ife-.ta!! in-, y you dun'; rea!i/c it !')!d a rru'ArJ tha! uu hi ".i:s Mit'lijfl. st.i'c (Ji <)].,- I,;' (in- mcetiiu hu:iih !i «• \.pei te<! lii (»• a panel lUss-.'ii Ti,r>day nf tije pnn.' !•> i|i-\r!-.i;i a suptTsori.r Ij p"I'' v ;nrpi.i!:f tor I',.- M.t'.e- 'I !,i- dr>. !• !, •; .ment M'i>- i::am f..»r the a:rjilane led to I <•< >'!.' I olltl u\ , t M'I'M'-, (..' -njii,.- linnni te^t^ at OkKihoiru t 'it-. di':-i;'nt-d ti> shnw pe: -..ins ml! | H ' ,iii!c to tin- iii-<'s r tl 'Tie! ati-d h\ in c!:.irJe of de\ airplane !.T t:u- tion ;u:enc% COMPARE! CABIN STILL • Kentucky Straight Bourbon 8«; Proof sum i. \VI:I.I.KH DIST. lx.un.Mllt. KriilUfkv Mu :.,i>'i s.'iid he a'.'i'r.dr ! ! v e « .M r. it a iMf.'iibt'f tii t:.c Ju:,n 'If I t an (in,e 80 in;it-^ to lie;*!'';n Lu'tuT Knii;. 1 can d::^e fr, e nis'e> t.t hear \\>•'.' '''; " he said i'u!|:m,ini-l .1:;.' t'"..i! t'ii' IIH'<i.a on -i lui'.ui: A Me >> j:i Ji-ani to'Ajnl Ci>mii:ur!>t'-« SHAW'S makes it so easy to Give Her a Real Estate LOANS OLD or NEW PROPERTIES Terms Clovts Appraiser Dial 1634491 HOME FEDERAL I'oiUl. » \ — fuj-u M \ * ISfc V(MB tKWMT simplicity of a genuine pearl, mt in ilcoder gold mounting, Creates a ring of tcuteful elegonca that will alwoyt b« in Uyle. We, .W lih i- Mam u Mexico t/i --••—"-«--w.«.v w.ivt^-'v-wi-n^ TTi/viiv* * mtjv^ wii \rfOWiiia i. o WI\A tin 111^,1 cooc HJ vfti I O Jo IJC" Cory conceded these;ed $19 million in the biennium, ling considered. This Would L e l iminated if {t were effective throughoutj yield about $26 million for the biennium if it took effect immediately. —Extending the sales tax to consumers' telephone bills and reducing the gross receipts tax on telephone companies, resulting in a net gain Of $9 million for the biennium. Connally also opposes this change, however. Albuquerq _ from a fire ttttefc , the scene of a small btfttt the Santa Fe Railway y Andrew Motrtoya urns to St. Joseph Hospital a shoulder injury. ennetff WAYS FIRST QUALITY ^ ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Compare these week-end specials! NOW! ELECTRIC HAIR BRUSH AT GREAT SAVINGS •788 SPECIAL! MriV Worrjpn 1 ruimiiUi^ intiiral O; j'l.thit . nt si alji. |-t-\\ iiiiiiuli': U:.t' JUKI hand .strnkt's. KciutA.ihU", easy- clean n\l ( in hrush. l"l. lish 1 *!. Buy now short sleeve dress shirts sizes 14 to 17 Big value in men's dress shirts! Fine cotton oxfords: trim-tapered, button-down collar model in white 'n stripes. Wash- wear cotton broadcloths, too. 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