Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on November 5, 1969 · Page 56
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 56

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1969
Page 56
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Page 56 article text (OCR)

ALL £UiiiUtK«. . PICKING IF THE CTHSS WO MANNEQUINS At TUB CASINO M KNOrYTHl B 10 »T PUB 10 STARt v» r» wtaw*«h. vr, rrw^i%*7| BUT BETWEEN NOfrANP *=* mHAHYTHMG COULP HAPPEN/ I/WAT'S K66PING »U ? 1MB CAR* LEAVING FOR IMS CftSINO IN TfiN MINUTES -Y0U1? ff any Jones i 1 1 Fred Basset Twentufl v" "I? 1 * <? e beautifulnaVl thought y They only -take Phiillls! One on Ife.^Ji'^vL^L J 1i!?!L trash L what's in the cans/ I'll have Joel come by with How mang cans today, Walt? to our backyard I •Rl6EAN'6HlNE.' I WAS IT'S TiSOTIME "/JUST INT44E POR WPRK / jT MIDDLE OF A BEAUTIFUL ORE AM/ I DREAMED I WELUYOLJ DIDNIT OHQOOD/I'LL GO BACK AMD TELL44IM/ r* LOST MVtJOB/ LOSE YOUR JOB THE BOSS FIRED ME FOR. COMING IN AND YOU'RE NOT LATE' IN FACT EARLY' THE PEST IN Wizard of Id OP 'EM WON'T) PIT IN TH' ——' WOULD YOU LIKE TO PILL THE COOKIE JAR R?R I HAVE TO, MOMMY/ COULD AT THEM, the Ryatts I I WAS EATINC5 A STICKV LOLLIPOP WHILE I WAS GETTING A HAIRCUT HOW COME YOUVE GOT WHISKERS? BOBBX OLD ARE YOU ? Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. \YAIUN mem :H WSTUM Ll ^^N EFFOKTUESOy TO THE Astrological forecast SYDNEY OMARR Now arrange the circled letters to form the «urprise answer, M suggested by the above cartoon* (Aniw«r» tomorrow) JumbUii SWAMP PRIZI FIORAL MORBID With (hit Spantih tenorita you miaht mate mit on QW fiOSe-OOlORW NOV. 5 GENERAL TENDENCIES: Mpre per. sons today .become diet and health conscious. Publishers In this area f nd sales are brisk. Moon position In Virgo coincides with time when more persons become aware of their own sonally fulfl well-being. Includes workers who feel they may not be setting what they're worth. * * * ARIES (March 21-Aprll, 19): Work which Improves home surroundings/ comforts j Is, favored eating, drinking advi cial occasion tonight. day Is key to success. TAURUS (April ;20-May 20): See persons In realistic light, especially one who Is emotionally Involved with you. Facing facts permits you greater freedom of expression. Message clear by tonight. LIBRA (Sept. 2J-Oct, 22); What started off as gloom could end In a celebration. Accept assignment aimed at helping those confined or Incapacitated. You will be rewarded and per- Yo lly d. Moderation In visable during so- ht. Self-control to- SCORPIO (Oct. 23-N tacfes appear. friendly contact SlfG* A^CBnt C0 income from cnarm. SAGITTARIUS Team , with get things >-Nov. 21):, Some obs- But ad ._through helps fulfill basic de- itlnues on aspirations, occupation. Turn en on am Minor CAPRICO ilay a biti cnai . iimy* f-v+ ions, career and ,pr« ange Is very benefltlcal. . Ing to routine today Is wise course. 19): Dli- member. (•Jan. r /amiiy le. of one ..,~^«.,. a .^ --. r jck. Lunar empha»» on long-distance 1rav«T, —'-' — munlcatlons. writing.. el«l com- Interest emph» "M • w vi 1*11v^ iw wi iny Take nof«. Bnlarse i ties. Fill In void spots. LEO rjyly 23-Aug. 22): Strive for originality, creative approach. YOU get needed financ ng. Money problem diminishes, utiilie Innate sense of unique style. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sepf. 22): Your timing mproyes. Contacts are made with ..„...„.. Individual* who previously were to you. aloof, euslve. Present materjal In Exciting trnagmetlve manner. Cyd» remain* curred AQUARIUS, (Jen. 20-Feb. , IS In the. nlqqen, 9r occult, . sized, Yoy make discoveries, nvolve- rnent of m«te/ p«rtn«r . In financial deal could b» one r«v«l«tlon. Avoid lumping to conclusions, PISCEI (Feb. 79-Marcn »): You are able to vet solid commitment In writing. Know this — and refuse to settle for mere, promise. Authorities tend to side with your position, pur don't be overly aggressive. IP TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHPAY you express yourself in. imuayai manner, Members of opposite sex are, drawn ers . Y , ou are a t natural salesman. ts have recently oc- even curred which could,, ypur mod?- «nd standard -.'«* Uv n». • 28 The Arizona Republic Phoeafx, Wed., Nov. 5, suiimj Se ) 1 KNOW 7 ALL. ABOUT A WO L RODNEY IF i-uenes owe TWINS ) || CAM'T STAMP, y ITfe DAY-OLD GOSSIP.' SOANNOVEO AT R1TA SOUND DECISIONS CANt BE MADE WHEN THE PARTIES INVOLVED ARE DEAD THUD, HONEY! WEU TALK EVER/THINfi OUT TOMORROW!-WH£M WE'RE RE5TED AND FRE5H! GOODNIGHT !"I SHOULD SAY, MORNING! Mary Worth ~~" ''NO, I'M TAKING 110 EMPLCVEESTO MV MOON COMPLEX AND FIGURED VOU'D LIKE A RIDE." "ALSO AUTHORITIES ASKED .A/1E TO PICK UP SOME CAMERAS AND OTHER EXPERIMENTAL GEAR LEFT THERE RECENTLY-AT ANOTHER SPOT." AH! A-aOL.FG.AME OKI VOUR MOON COURSE, -^ I'LL BET. SPEAKING OFMOON GOLD, DIET SMITH WANTS TO SEE VOU.TRACV. - ^ iJrts !•>•;•< -2^.0 • Dick Tracy I ALL RIGHT./ BUT PON'T STAY MORE THAN A FEW MINUTES! I'LL PRETENP THAT STOPPING BV TO THANK HER FOR USE OF THE TRUCK! WHAT T THOUGHT.' BUT HB PROPPEP HER ANP LEFT.' SHE SEEMEP UPSET. 1 PERHAPS WE SHOULP PONT TELL WE YOD'RE JEALOUS, SWEETHEART* YES. 1 1 THOUGHT SHEfc BE OUT FOE ABBEY JUST PROVE IN! ARE YOU FINISHED/THE EVENING WITH SNA PRIVER! Judge Parker f *" ' F f u r /iil s '^'^WiP*^|S.a l "« \ ^ -1,*i.i"? ? g^y^^^tfeSlmi^:.^. ! :;. J;. ^&**\ WHAT ARE VE HAVIN' FER SUPPER, MAW? - AN NOW I GOT TOGO OUERTHflR AM'BORRY A CUP JEST THIS MORN1W I TOLD THAT .DADBURN LOWEEZV SMITH I'D NEWER SET FOOT IN HER HOUSE AS'IN-- Snuffy Smith j PONT see HOW VOUCANVOTEA WteiteA -fbrariimmefliaZe, currer&and Ask Andy A wheat plant may grow 2% feet above the ground and have a root systenv that digs 5 feet into the soil. Most trees have immense roots, deep and wide, to anchor their boughs and also to soak up moisture and minerals. It seems natural to suppose that the giant redwood' outdoes them all. The world's tallest tree, you would think, needs to anchor itself with roots that go down at least ICO feet or more. How big are the roots of a giant redwood tree? — from Thomas Juliano, Albany, N.Y. A LITTLE PALM-SIZE CUBE JUST 3"5Q. T6LLS VtXJTHE LATEST WEATHER INSTANTLY WHEN THE ON-OFF BAR ON TOP is TOUCHED; ITS ACTUAUYA MINIATURE RADIO PRE-SETTOTH6 OFFICIAL 24-HOUR VHP WEATHERCA8T5AT tot Mbt lnbnt*t«i HIM! qvvv wl* fcw«» But the redwood does not grow where the soil is deep, The trees survive only certain slopes along our Pacific coastline. Here the young coast range is still growing, the climate is mild and westerly winds endow the slopes with misty moisture. Nature, takes ages to create thick layers of rich soil and these lovely young slopes are solid rock, covered with only a few feet of loose dirt. This is the only soil into which the big trees can anchor themselves and father their nourishment. In most cases, the .root system of a redwood tree goes no deeper than 8 feet. However, it spreads far and wide', just below the surface. It may cover an acre and a giant sequoia redwood may have a root system that spreads through three acres. Yet in the redwood groves, the .trunks .of the big trees are often crowded together, sometimes almost touching each other. Imagine, then, the tangling and inter-twining of their root system .just below the surface. This is one reason why most other tree? are crowded out of their stately groves. Imagine also how this surface root system, effects the ecology of the big trees, how they survive in their surroundings. Gale winds can uproot them and lone redwoods ere most likely to get blown down, Their safety is in crowded groves that baffle the brefees, Imagine how thjs safety js threatened _ when a highway is cut thought the.' stately giants, or wJien iunv bermen clear Wig bare patches Jn the; foreft, The root system of many frees are damaged. The redwoods left standing are exposed to wind and weather and are very likely to be uprooted. This is why experienced lumbermen no longer strip areas of a redwood forest. The trees for chopping are selected carefully. Seedlings are planted to replace them with new growth. This is proper conservation. The vast redwoods forest of the past are dwindling but uncounted numbers of the big trees still stand in northern California. The tallest one we know stands 368% feet tall. Its scaly cones are 1 inch long and it takes more than 120,000 of its seed .to weigh a pound. But one of those tiny seeds may grow a tree more than 300 feet tall and perhaps; live through 3,000 years of human history. Send questions on postal card to Ask Andy, P.O. Box ,2406, Phoenix, Ariz. 85002. ' The author of the published question won a 20-volume set of World Book Encyclopedia. LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE Anjww t? pi* pgul« Will Bt F9«n<( Utid»r"N»w"

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