The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 28, 1932 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1932
Page 4
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FOT7B THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK, MD-, SATUBpAT, MAY 28, 1932. THJfi UAiL* JS'iiNViS. THE INQUIRING REPORTER Asks Five Fersoas » GIVE THOUGHT TO BIRDS SATURDAY CHAT KXWOAFSS. j Uteracon except 8eoUj .] js Tie Sen-Pott BvMias. Oocrt Set*-., Frtdera*. JUvfiMOH., *t ___^. ..^ · ! .- . _ ' OR FAT sotmgcaje pawrswo AXD . «««.«·«» l£JLy7?ACT«7ZU3iQ OO- ' in* yu*ftiion_ ---------- ; Do you thicit Mesacr-al Day is *s Of ASSOCIATED PSZS3. ! .^.jcij observed tocaj « it »-as fifteen Pros it atsZssl - ~ HUec Jc li* usr Icr pai3iic»51cn cf iispitc*:« cretietf so n*t ctSerwa. ; The Answers: 3 CLAGETT E KAMSS'JRG "yet. ; I thirjt pecp ar«- .9terv:ng it more." ' o; «ar ion « «*- -'OSEPH ELKIN5 I th-rii it taa been J sen «· expreMUe d ve.ebrmtcd very w.dely in trie past but ! M pafra»a*rt T ?n · bel.»". e .t -s be!n? d"ne »s ,u.n :.*. ·» enit MRS ROSERT '- HAMMOND Yes, I thins p*v"le are nure mt-re;t*i in opening it 1 t.inu; tne recer.t World ' War h»i Ifc t j a. greater interest ' ·SEE NO--CSS c: »sy\:=S partitas el ALBERT S B R O W N I wculu say; fi'ttt--* c ; interims* =:-!-. s* wr:-.;e= . ; ^; Dea-.i :;as r'lno'.fd our clc sol- j »= atiU«! cr «=t to tt* «S«- TS«» »-- c;ers a -_, ; cr -. a; : e*icn I tistiJt IE- ' EM t* utes eS t hi* bfcoot* 'eas In the mean- ' SATVKDAV, MAY MARKUGE LU'E.NStJ... f i a ?c;c n:jrr-_;e c .c*3 .1 her F^--T-* r:.igf S.: .: se--=--- :: as, ..*!'- J-. 15 a L- j..:.;-: :ht r. T . ··. an x-l-cr. rr.r.rr:.-.:-s i :?.r .r. :;-.'· U:.: States. :::tre.T:e s:o. % ??0 000 :or -. Io-.Tr.rr--r.-. Wr.y c.^r. ·. cor^rf ?J :: a '.'.-.; ":n'e ?z * :r-?'.*ac! of vas"~5 tnir.'.r^ i". ".-.'^ '. -\"5 ar.d i;rs;r :""·-: prac'..c.C ".c~. -Ca 5u: '.t' ui r-an-.:r.« :n:o the £,.T.C2:e for r.a-.\; K-* mar.y of the r.-..:'.:T- coup'.cs takxr-s -,h» leap th:s year c ^ - M ; pay S5CC l.r a n-^rr.age licer^e" Orj; . per cer.f II your.g cc..r".ci arc to be d_.rtxiras;ed from up:r. the *ea of ~atn- tno.-y ur.::l they ha-.r b«t»e-r. there . $500 in ca5h and oOG'c ^h-* nttr-^ter^ . Jee ars-d o' ::-.r.cer.ta! expenses '.o a ; co='-er.:.ora: Treiti:r:g and hcneys-.oan. then jus:?' the marriage license iff by · »ii means. But there has !cng Deen a theory tha; the joang couple a-ho sreni away from tne n^r.ister or rutice with love in thc-r hearts and !:itle in i ·· ROGERS DRAWS A CONTRAST j AND SUGGESTS A M O R A L ! __ i To the Eciv*r of The Nem.v. , Beverl;. Huls Cal M*y -'S -- duty ;.j bjy Lioerty bones'' Pif- ! wr. ;. ears later, no binds. :.o j rnarchmsr n orators. ;us*. a patr.- CAN YOU BEAT IT By Kettt r::i:. fr*n:* t~\.;;»: v -v 1: a ' poppy" for a few «r.ti Mice by e - . en a aisrr unfortunaf brother in one of f.f: ;.·-"·· h'»p.tals Riven of hu- i b.rc .-.»:C".i jf i War r-ai c^-gi :-erat«* fr--:;i th* pr:r- i.f a L-berty bond to the pr.ce ··; a -ppy " SJE rr.'JUorjt of these bojj. peg- ·.lar ruJtnm'rs. are disabl'd this year. i^ 1 . a:-.d frcn: t.-.e ?.-.n:e w-ftr. s-5 tr.os^ that ha - .e. '\il: have :.» try a::^ rnak^ up for tr.- 3 *-' hy buying more By XEA Sen ire St Edward N'? -\fay 23 -- Som» peo · pie raise sirdens f"r r.~.\r^ ar.c others ra.;" t..::i '.$: '. xxi. out Dana An- · de-.-·:-. :.i_"* '"'.; f - r ».:as A :,.rd .;.ird*r. -v.'tf Sy j'.v.n. By THE GIHi. ABOUT TOWN D-corausn Day r.ill be obser.eo. i \.iely *uh a tio day J»*M!»y a 110 1 memorai eiezw under tive auspices of ' the American L*gioe and Legion Atuc- ilarj" »a! * S*-* *** °*y schedule of ac- ti-.-ties at the C»we*-ia Country C.uo j Golf tennis, bridge ac.5 supper -- to* I ···.ening ha-.e beeti planned 'oy cost-1 suttees who ai.ucipJte one of tit larg- , e^t "se-t-tcgetbers" heii at the club- S novae, and preceding at these afSats | ^5 the first " taxi oance" to ct helc j ·nere tonigr.t j If you are a boy or S"! gracua._ng I from coUege or h^U scbool. you are j preparing for the experience of a Lfe- j ' ti-T-e and also a b:t ttooroos as to the j i fu"~je HtDl College c«esai*Jioen;cLt ; j will oe from June 3-6, and the ha-i j I schools ·*:!! occur for in entire »ee«c j ! early trt June, there beiag se'^era: hus- ! ! crei papUs aho "*U recede ciploniat.: i Marylacd Stat* S;hoc', for the Deaf. | *xercaes toofc place on Thursday, and j ' nany co!ge and lu--nn- e^en-^s arc j being scheduled ai Braccock Heishts * * * Democrats held an ectinsssassic luncheoc addressed by Joiie« Shouse. chairman of the executive coasniwee of the Nauona! Democratic CXsmrciuee. Wednesday; and K.-A-amans the pre- j ceoing iay heard an !nt«res-'zg ad- drets by Maj-or Howard Jackson, of Baltimore. Tne Coblestz case '.vas 1 heard K. Cumberland, fo-llowed. cl-oeeiy by local persons and those elsewhere; ! Bjsivop Hughes of Chicago, ^li: preside j 1 at the BaHunore Conference seesions. i r feeders in the , as '.\AS announced: "ladies.' nights" j ha-.e been held by the men's cluos o f ] Caivar.- M E church and the £\ar.- j a.-.3 other foods birds j ge ; :ct i Reformed church, and Summer i nave ieen! ir '^ /7///£- IT OVER. IL lit Ar.dlcrf :-. spendi lots of tsase in- | mlssicnary coc.ferer.ce* ::.x t.-.'.rr. citing froas -ntndoxs of i scheduled. :.-^ .ion:-. T:.» v. .ndo»s are built j w * *· s . i ^ j l d - r ru^h Th^ Andentn explains. ' Prohibition advocates v.-~ hear Dr. ! Today In Histoiy ; SIDE GLANCES Bv Geonre Clai '! -" e-aales to ?··'. up and xali to a I Ira Landrsth. of the Al;i«d Cam- , a =.: a_1cre; tnar. ;h*- f.vt.. ( ... ;::co .., -A-.TYJ; birds feedir^: outside i patters, speak ton^ht ar.d v.t-l triaSce ; Today's Anniversaries. er -r -.' ~'-.--o.'? garceu O: ·· rr.^*t b* oec"mins fn;htened. He uses field ! ardent pleas for the prohibition cause, j "SSj-Jaseph I- Gjillatin. the French I farr.-har -..'..-. o'.rc^ :.atf.« ' .us . g^«.^., to watch them eating · v.hich. likewise, has many strong op-j physician "'ho ?ave ha -ante to the ro-ino.n-7«. and tr.-r. -t)n.-t-i- star- · i ^,- -A.r.t-.r a c.ircina! \Lsited the ! por.ents. thoush the recently scheduler. 1 sraiiio'ine. born. Di»i Marcn 25, . den in !ir.- -.vith t.':*- hit:ts Jf the r.a- -.,rrf.::" he r,.: t out "I -.vas Th«rc js only stepping -.-?.r. 'hat » e - ery statesman" r. chanoe ti t us* th*s« .···ire "-vay of iee that ".he jame fleet .ift*r I'.s" over -'.-.-' n-.!i'ri:nc "p-"PP'.«s'' resentation of the latter side of the WILL ROGERS Clai'ksburg -*n:-.-j :» ir.v - n home by more tr-ir. 50 A f : J - a r .. d l v - j r .oti-ed the bird · day anniversary and is unshed years o f ! farr.n-i; S«--«-borr. Harx-ard Uni- i \ar:e-;c of .rcl.- .,- ·..--.-· «-p ...nrf t, seed to : hsppiness and clieer. Anc-ther Pred-' versi-y naturili5-. especially noted as; F.rjt he plantrd ;i-s sarcen as olv- · IT : : . ; ,-. _·_. ;.-· ;eec:c- Ir. order to ' er-ck countian llr. Carlos ceOar- : a zocligist ."-ltd ,-^olor-st. bom Died ·.3 ^r^inil bird iet-..::;* a* pafsia:;. Th-n . , .: ,: v : : - : . .-'. ..-;= tor tne K ; mendia. also v.-as congratulated, and, IB Carcbr-.-'y . Miss , December 14. j he v-i.-iitru?.cd b.rc houses of his o'Aii .,.^ : ...c-;ir;. to =3 oat and fill the | upon his tons, colorlul "racing career."', 1873. | dss:?:i. ar.d feeders that \\ere ouilt in f -.-. ri carlv e-.ery morning;. The card- i And st.1! another WT:'.! kr.oa- n Frederick:; ISIS--Pierre G. T. Beauregarc. noted; i-j,-T a w a y %s tt fnght*r. the f*ath- .;-..-.:. an early riser, al^-sys beats , name, that of the late Rev. Fr. Coola- O^nf-xierate commander, bom near! Clarksburs. May 28 --Mrs Hmi-ard i mer po-;ke-_= ha-.e u good a chance of xfcl( » !ud « her 5 "^ fcr «tn««- i *^ -or. Sanaa v. Mr and lurnvmg the orcea! as those ^ho enter 5-1; th of Fredeics Mrs W. upon married life w i t h an expensive Mr? Minnie '.v«t has returned to fn-nds House* Must Br Natural. Bu-.:ie«s i ·:: c-rr_- :ia\- - - . ^ 3 f iri- it.t · ';«; t.i.i:;.- .'f,ire b,it they h i 1 . - 'I ! trecdir-j. a prolonged wedding trip and her !n Baltimore, after havlr-c j ;^""' '"·__" ,, a .,"", '. : "" : home made to order . ^ c -l n . KU ^'" at lhe -« nie . 0 -' M «. Jam-s | "" H .'.''% M J" 0 ''-.- T'' ? " ax.ns $500 requ-res a lot of planning _ . and sacrifice for the '.ast ^.:. e . Today In History. . 1866--4th \Y_ECGiis-n re;irr.ent o : c a v - i : .IS Droncnburc of Rock- · n^ the wcvk-end at the honsc v ··f I-ior par", Mr atid Sirs Clxftcn Drnr.enbur? - - H P V and Mrr E '-Viison Jordan' cntcrta.ned at, dinner or. Sunday. : tnajonty c: young mcr.. Lc^e tvoulc mrvi-.-e the process ;n many instance.-. Uu it is to be fcar-M that, some young men after the first S25 would conclude j^her. their cuests were Mr. Charles F that It wasr. t -a'crth it. Which miRht 'Alien an-J Mr Ira Da-. 15 lad might not be a good -Jung, depend- , ~ M -« Margaret Dmr-enhure h.-w re- i ! t u r r :ng upon ones point of view. ·.ci-- 'her hnn-.e f-^r .-r.r :::rnth v.ith ending G . T , i'.-d to ,.,, Modem Xoxei. One tihich roads as ' .-c.irt f* If the author wished he had never m e t ! ais characters. Soroe parts of China lev;. 60 differ' ent tax« upon citizens. .- .-:;jrrn.i.- and ;h..-kadc«s to this · han. appeared in the ne-7.s of the day! NC-.V ^Orleinf. D.=d there. February j V:"" mi:- : " ^nd in such a manner as to caus^: deep : -". 1S93. "Apartment" for Martins ic^ret among his psop* and others ^hc- :826--Bsnjantin G Brov.n. U S Son- Ancer^tK-. has mace a spcjial pet of knc\v hint. ' »··"· -om Missouri ;ovemrr. bom at j n n;.ii:.n H? hiu made a house * * * i Lex_ir-on. Ky. Dies at St. Louis. i.M .i.nir IS apartments It a well But no-.i you are ready to celebraur, December 13, ISSo. - - -'·;: »" t... t IP. iumm?r it is cool. Decoration Day. by placutg memorials : ,;· ...»u^f -'..-.nds in a large open 3pace in beautiful Mt. Oli\et, cemetcrj". by r .1 r?i.. ,,::. attending the dedicatory services of'. ' 1 1 : . . - , .irr li!:e airpUn---^." Ander- ' :he Frederick Memorial cemeier^' and , a -rv mustereu -;-it o: s.t-rr nve , , .jl*u. T..O-. ueec lots of room i by aictorme to the Countr:-' Club or ( years and a d-.y-- he Itngss; term c-n '. - m.iKc th-.r l?.-d.r:i ar.d -iie-- -ake- . Braddock Heights which wul c?:r. record for a -."lanteer orsaniratton. ; .: -r.-:-t : - · " :-e !i-..-r.-red by t-oei or ' v.tth a schedule of many erertts atic! -918--F-rst AT."rtc2r cap-, , ·le= If t-.r .-. ..i^- .," tx near cut-of-tor.-r: perrons to the. tured th? village c: Car.t:=nv ar.c held -.- tl-,2 ni.'.r, :_~ M'.I rctu;e t j msk« ! mountain-top! So celebrate, ou; do not ' : ' aga.nst cDtinter attac-ts. ·:·'..:; U3G;. tix.r home tneie" ' icrget the true significance of the day an ; '.::* cti- A::dorio:-.'» list "f bird " io--mers" is m celebrating. tree j.d" iir.r-'j-in? In ^ he stspporti cnick- i Anrie".-vn .-^-,.-. n".-!.«» the accc 5 cardinals. ,=".l varietie-s of -- ··1 :«:·- .·-,-: ic-'oci .inJ .it home .--:--^.s an;l Arc.-,- His c-u-nmer · ·m .1 I'.T.L-- r-i.r.-.c: .1," rolor^ of ' '::: ire.'..-" ir · orx'.n thr'.-nero. hum- , 1 " "\ .i-.c: ' t - :::T.^-.. i'clv b» - n':.;;^.--.':^ k.:*^o:ra- blue ;ayo. r-*\t rv-ris t\-i :.·.:.·· v.- r:i- e\ er .-.v.i a v.reris and a h.-.-t o: others - -' "·'""" --'' c - . i l J -;.- f - u n d · It nf-ans .1 :-· .^f i^is f.r Ander-' id.lor. Jours*! or African Me2:ca! ~ef :". .-'..i -'.;.'.-.T. ' ix-., a merchant '.iiior. In winter he i sac'.ition »ad or Hvseta. Tte Health ·JT.'S :*etlr-« al -. -e?r-*ent an hxs to take the feeders '.:-. ha ba-wment .-turiv " ' m'.;-...· t-e tr--- i bt--n M-I. n ,.ff .v-. . i c a l - - . ' · v-r., · .. t:a:i · -· .ili\ svs frr-ni I'-T." ' Arcie'-.^:! .-- b:rc fc*'l m ):,· .'··.·! jc-' -MARY ESTHER. ,.r x -^ i. '-·-· to H- his x" Irs-v oner a da-, and "r..;.\ tr.em out. ! HEALTH By DR. MORRIS FISKBEIN. ! Tod3T"f- Birthdavs. ·, United State; S^r.a'cr Marris 3h"o- ; pard. of Texas, bcrr. in Wheif. lUe. j Tex . 57 years ?.zo today. ! Baltha,?ar H. Meyr. member of the j Rare Metals In Human Body. Interstate Comrr.crce Commission, fccm at Meqtson. \Vis 6S r^3^s ?ro t~-ir.y. Thomas A. Daly. Philadelphia rt;v%s- . cap^r editor author, c-crn the" . 61 j-ears ago todv.'. Dr K?.;harir.e Bl'.nt. pre=ider.* c-J the Coll-.c" Jor v.'rmcn. SOW We spcr.u 10.000.000 pounds a jesr Ki euj^t.or. ar.d 60C 0-M.OOO pound, or. countries is or.e t the causes of cur troubles today --The Ht P.f" J.-hn Kfrr.ptnorr.e has become ar. entrenched camp Ne* roads sr.d r-.-lrcscs ha-,e been r:-r.- CC.\C;C -^n t.-- I-.' f f Ital-.. don't g?i home by 12. I'll be drunk--so don't worry." Frederick NEW YORK (Ixwa! Ifms from the Columns Of The Nea.t Ma% CS. iSid. Court News THE -SAFE ANT) SANE FOURTH OF Mu:." I M-t-,-jl..- rt al or. pe'.f.-.: J ily ' c-T.r.ii-t«-. ni.*?t::is at tho Y M. Pi: ; ,·. ;, r t .;-. u , .^t..:;..,. ^ruci..:. C. A . tco' up th" »-or'it it had bejrun of T-.-- .1::.; v.i , : .: fi:M.;.:-.;;.-ti ;r:--t .n F-^br-.u- v - h \ d--crmined cf- S' ·:'· r a;-,r. S' -m .-.·tort?-,i f"rt to keea ·· _-- .'.--.a darker ···:· of ' Tropcrti Ucedrd. .--.f.'s r.ext celebr.V.ion T-.f ---er- i E..t Ci -irv ··:! F . g i n u-.a hu-cji ^1 C.ty Hct-aital in th" ' "Harriacr Lircii^f-;. Day p--r.?d clue to ac-idmtf. wis B !of a rat is one ten-thousandth of a ' Kectc-r;-. 1-^.v Zealand author - v -' ! rr.illizram of v.ct,-erol. an amount so b-^rn 34 years ago today. Booties Radio O n S \V.:-:rrld. "" ai-.J D^rothv V small ?s t- be infinitesimal The- . ,- _ ^-,,;_ j. Cl n; in J_'. c.-. orc rl both . : V.'-.ghts- amount of icdme r.rcessary to meet all Today's Horoscope. ! cas"="="-"-·" "as . thp requirements of the botiy in -nj'· The nati'.e cf th_? 22;.- is sja-.e and ^..^,!.^"^J_.1^ 'one day is 005 rr.iil.grarn. -.vhich is five rblicmr sfTable and c-urtfousi tu.l 1 in to ~atch rehearsals and the p!av ; pronounced far too ribali for a co ' ssrvattre banl-rir.g concern. Hit ny Bic;-!e. cr _ P hundred-thousandths of a jrani. a spirit of ctr.t«r.-rr.ent ar.ri quiet hap- .j.^.^-." ^!^. = --~^ t chance "these days k" r M k o i b.c;-cle rp-'ra'"-l by and there are 30 crams in an cur.ce t piness. Perhaps tr-3 r?ri-r. msy never' ^"'^11"''" ^_ "-^b" ~~^.3~~~" l u roe.- Ang-'il Tr.unncn . a I; -a.kf.s one part in t-nc-null.on o f - . i t a - , se t the nver or. f.:e thcuch there' " f^I._Z^Uf«^-_- jJ-Vvx^j /-.· g^~ **·*-- if the ne . ' Carroll shoir. booked for another ban tne r« ra ,^ ? ic^|i- fl]S ^. ^ pinched for u 2" £pa 4 '"-'nA.~; ~. 2^"~ r t ^"* ** .-·I-.--- corner. N R Sann---. Tnurr.irat.. A -n the body of a r.v: to na-.- the should -·- .*orr.e success, though r.o , . o -"2o^""-ace" afmos- iiifallibl---/" v.' - -cr.'x-.-ie.": ci - ni rrcT.t.v and pain- ' protective action of that, substance sleep ".-~-l be Ic^t because of that fact. '""' ""* f .1 :r -iccl ll* «as 'rt'i'e;: for Amounts of calcium, phosphorus : . ar.d forcefully r.-^*criwd by Mrs i B D C sr.d Mar. M L^.ir. 19. McLean ··*·!».·? Hix^'ard Tr.** r.etv n^-A^rk.^ committee 7i a* nc-sd^ by C^pt D J ihr. -- · -----Mirk?;, ar.r. Mrs E.T-.o~"h M Dan- -- r.'-l had rharxe r-f the i^n: ocls- i bra! ice. ' rr;.. · ·; of the .« ar.d .'rni Ar.gell. _ ,r--n. rnagnessum. and other v 3.-. ·'.::" .' r. -- · ~r "lie h--i-.dle bars, salts in the human bcdv ?.re exceed- ( MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP $? S',3.'^ "WO 1^« t^ c^C ."-' "* ^T** pr^open'r "- -"-" ~"~ * * -i-^ 1 ~ 2-' ·"·£ ur T^.I^ ;r.o 77 -r- r."y r-:" Grc^^ 3r.:a^. b^ir. rrjr*7r?5 *hs: -r:*:y fho~;"i ron~.s^: !Lii *~rr« r l.i^v r^..'.r»"*£" ^rsi^s-^v j^vSt-^ri THE F F S. AL.CM7-AS C'-UBS ' ,v- ; ,2 -n- fcl'.oims o.T.-.r- Presi- d-ry Mr." Willu^n". DrTjsnmutt. ssc- --.tri Miss D K.'r. Rantsb-rch: vvs«5t3.r.t iecrft-iry. Mr. M. L Strh- ; .son. tr^a^urcr Mrs M Z Sif^-»ri THE BARB. ; vR-\ FRTTCKIE MEV.OR- t.T* V M C. A ! 'HS JiTXERAL OF FOR^1EK GOV- EKNOR A-st^i I, Crethers ^^s r?ld r.:.-.r hi.=. home Jv--.-.-. D S^l-tcr "his Flapper Fanny Savs-- - TSXA5 A DTTMC.'.X WATTS OF s t u c e r t at V,~.v?n-.£'.·:-. ana l^e Vr.i- ·KIL^LV.: HOBS; K\:I_FO-.D .~IG- . rr -- - --"e; a o ... t- - -rx :.ra DANNIE \^:x :-:irr;^TO'.vx. »,i= pa.r.tullv =-.,--d ..-.-- .its r^^-iT .-.- ^s^ -· M.ccl"v*r v ;. tc.r.r j'r.ct ?· ?. "--c---.--. :--N-- i f--i;ht --3.r. £.-.t - i.- -»--.- -rj-.c *· -.-.» hr--.* -f her -- - · · - · - Mr.- NC 1 G » i - , THREE FET.SONS r.J exJ r.y J \V K.rr.t ""i '.V A · i -- . . .. r ? v.rd .r.t. DC.; V..-C..S-is B. , r , - . - . - k . in*", v sir-sli. but :- ct exert a tremendous influence. One invest icat or reports the amo.uit of iodine necessary to goiter ui , a healthy adult is so smaii that iodine i for three years -- ould be no more than the amoun-. cf iror. r-?- , quired for cne day In a recent survey of the subject Dr ·Mary Smarts R-^e reports that chromium. copper and ' ha^e been fc-.r.d ' m practically al! cf try crjan? of the j Lhj".*r si.ver ano aiuimrvum ^i msn^ . I cc-balt and r^cVtel in the pancreas but · j not ir. the liver: zuic especially m the : ipenerstr-e orcans. thyroid. Ir. er ar.i ' BY BRUCE CA.TTON MitHons Go At a tirr.» v.-i-c:. a tr.ii:i-cn colls shoulc: i-cok liie at least a rciilion doila refusal by Aifrod Lrunt and Lynn rV , tsnne of Holl-*vc-?d"s offer of tnat st- I causes more than a psssinj gasp. T ' one cinema, advent-ire of the Lunt-Fto . . . . . ' tanr.e team -rcv;d ttr.nleasanl to the prar-.xs of Tou.c-oe practtca. .v«rs -«p. . d . - . fe ;ce agencies ir. a crest _ .._ t .^:.- i ,... ^ -^ l . -^_ a ;,. n _ ^ of Flatbush or Long Island v.-ho ce- .,,,_", lishted m sendir.? out 3rr,oSin:: car stc-nes. On each appearance, h-e -x-cjlci iouroe: sa-.e in ssme rare instar.ces ".vltere amateurs re?.ch an extremely limited audience. -- * -s lars " Ar.d they didn't. Theirs has be r y^ars and Hc-Trer^r. 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