The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 29, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 29, 1934
Page 3
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SUMMIT, JOLT *», 19S4 THE PAWS NEWS, New Sound Equipment At the Plaza Show House • Also Redecorated ; Musseliiiaji pavs Tribute to Hoblitzelle In re-opening the Plaza Theatre after being cJosed for the period required 1o install the modern new sound equipment and for the redecoratioii of the theatre. Claude 3Iusse!nian, the manager, paid a tribute to Karl HobHize!!". "our tender of theatre operations in Texas". The Plaza Theatre no\v has the very latest type of the Western Electric wide-range sound equipment, installed by a special engineer. The theatre has been thoroughly red<H-orated and new !ight~ in;?.effects added. \Vith -the exception of two ->r three specialists aH the labor employed locally and this is true also with redeco- rations at the Grand which have been started. Ne-.v draperies and chairs for tl;e loses at the Plaza, and ai! other paints and materials for- the theatre Improvement project in Paris were purchased local- Friday evening at the re-opening of the Plaza an over-floM.- house ; greeted Mr, Mussulman and ex- i pressed approval of the improve- j i»ents made. Mr. Musselman in I his address before the audience j took occasion to thank the people I for the encouragement given him I since he resumed management of \ Paris theatres eighteen months i ago. In his address he said, in ; part: " . • "It has norv been one year and : a half since I Tvas reinstated as \ your servant of theatre amuse-I ment. and these eighteen months ! have proven a new inspiration to i me. Thu reunion with my em- ! ployees. some of whom have been j with me eighteen yeans, have made j iny work a real pleasure. I am not their boss by any means; in fact ' they tell me what to do a«d J ob«v •• their orders. \V e employ 25 pec- j pic and they represent lOO^perl cent Ioya,ltv. ! "At this time I wish to r-»y my rejects to Mr. Kar! HobHtrelle, <>ur leader of theatre operations in vteiAjs, Kc is a gentleman of the at- it»ost integrity and ;r f s a rare re for me TO be associated a man bavin— suc >j ni~h In conference ^- Jt h hirn°a. snort time a*t>. ho stated that no tndH-idual could take everythin- out of life or.bosiness without putting something into it, This? .save me an c-pportunity tfce request thai •*.-? <j 0 , jprcciatlon to the The b«y'» Dial All hour* Centrml Standard Time. ".. 12:00 Xoon CBS Edith Murray, songs; NBC Gene Arnold and ; Commodores. 12:IS CBS Quarter - hour Waltz Time. 12:30 CBS Windy City Revue; NBC Concert Artists 1:00 CBS Detroit Symphony Orchestra. 1:30 NBC CHautauqua Opera Concert. 2:00 CBS Buffalo Variety ^Workshop; XBC John B. Kennedy, commentator. 2:30 CBS Oregon on Parade; XBC Chicago Symphony Orchestra. -. ." -.'.,.' 3:00 CBS The Playboys: XBC National Vespers. 3:30 CBS Track Crumit. Julia Sanderson: XBC Henry King's Orchestra. 4:00 CBS Xick Lucas, son^s; XBC Catholic Hour. 4:30 CBS Summer Mxjsicalo; XBC Henry King's Orchestra. 4:45 CBS Carlile and London: Warwick Sisters, 5:00 CBS Peter the Great, sketch: XBC Charles Previn's Orchestra. 5:30 CBS Chicago Knights; C Chausson Concerto. 5:00 CBS Columbia Variety Hour: NBC Jimmy r>urante. comedian. 7:00 CBS Harry Sosnick's Orchestra: XBC Broadcast from Paris. 7:39 CBS Fred TTarinsfs Orchestra; XBC Album .of Familiar Music. S:00 CBS "Wayne Kind's Orchestra: XBC Kail of Fame. S:30 CBS Ferde Grofe's Americana: XBC Canadian Capers. 3:00 CBS Little Jack Little's Orchestra; XBC Irene, TJeasley, songrs. 9:15 CBS Little's Orchestra; XBC M a. <j *. m e Schumanii- Heink. 3:30 CBS Glenn Gray's Orchestra; XBC Xetvs. Freddie Berren's Orchestra- 9:15 CBS Joe Kefchman's Orchestra. 10:00 CBS Red Nichols" Orchestra.; XBC Eddie Duchin's Orchestra. 10:15 XBC Ru»« Columbo. Grier's Orchestra. 10:30 CBS Henry Bu,«*se's Orchestra: XBC Kolly*-ood on the Ait. 11:00.CBS Ear! Hines' Orchestra; XBC Hal Kemp's Orchestra. OLSON ORDERS TROOPS TO WJLE MINNEAPOLIS COURTS j RED RJV-Eft COVXTT COURTS | . , (Clarksmlie) j Marrioce licenses Issued : Carl Clark and. Miss Zelma 1 ^Viii le; j^ jx SJtasss and ^li^s I Doris Chftsshir; Jim Alien and j 31iss Ella Basby; C. R. XeviH ; and Iva .Pearl Compton; Marvin I Peek and" Miss Cecil Jackson; Asnos Peek and EHa Mace: Wesley Cooper and JWise :MI!dred Rine- hari. ..,•-. ; Paris and Laiuar county's jroil under the Kedt-ral Ei»>er • Ilelier Aduuiiistralluii was , ; -3t*.5-bi for the vre«k e?Hj£ii- T Friday i>y Roistered £. Wiiliaius. Clarksvilie. sjedan; Mrs. C. O. \Vhite- j toan. ClarksviHe. Bodge- sedan; i Peyton West. Clarksville. Chevro- jler coach; John Childers, Bogata, I Plymouth coupe; Jim West, j Clarksville. X>odse truck: 1^. R! | Broa-n, Clarksville. Ford truck: • Jim Bloxhara, ClarksvilJ*. Ford ! truck. i released Saturday ut the » i-ainar County icelH-f KvarU. t^i i this amount, more '.ban two thirtjii i went for the caniiinar pl<mt, where ! 514 persons were i>ai<l 53.7is. j The additional 11,511.35 went ; for workers in the sewing room in child welfare work, for labor at cattle pet:s and for the office . fvrce. ! In reportiiisr the p^ for the i ca-'iningr plant, it was pointed out that to 6 o'clock Friday nigln. a j total of 125.025 cans of beef had been processed. 15. BoEi!!-.-: v Ice •£ rand, H. IK. cbaj»!ain. H. *-.. Lenders; <s; ivr. C. B. Harris; warden, H. ] l-aml«rs; right «*!»<! left ers to H'_>i'k- grand, Roy iiud B. I- Lantiers; ri^ht' and supporters to vk-e grand. "K Lenders and John Huddie«;os^ s ; de guardJan, Clyde AT<M?re; 3i«J»; guardian. Carl MeGee. PIONEER DIES AT IN TALIHINA | ^ TALmiXA. Okla.— John Kile I Usam. 64. well - known pioneer, | died at his home here Wednesdav. and the funeral was in charge of j the ilasonic lodse with burial ai I the Talihina cemetery-. _. _. 1 Mr. Beam at the age of "* MinnMDoIi.oSnSno *£i °* ^""5*°^ is **™ n « ne *i9 n *fi «»* proclamation ordering military ruli !- I married, and moved to Talihina !:i?""?°!'*J >tnd ,l? fl ** ttJ * l T en . t of the truck drivers' strike H* placed 4.000 national guardsmen in con! jan*_has resided here for the past engraved as a car- *r«i *T*iT» *+ cU ••"*"«"«• <" «ie ^rucK arivers- strtKe M« p!ac±d 4.000 national guardsmen in con ' ancl ftas raided her ir^v^-,.. sh r^:s«S'?^ A ^ n)tGM ' raiE - ^ w " sh : «*• —« d ^^«--«^ c ^.^f | He is survived by his -wife, on a — '• ; ; ] brother, Batey Beam of Sprin^-• -~— f j field. Mo.; one sister. Sarah Hunt i RO^XTFT I RT r nfFT OF ° f Bluebail - Ark.; and nine chii tOW^^ XLLA^ &1;U\*ILL Ur jdren: Kii&Beam Talihina- Ess'* LOCAL NEWS ITEMS I BajK3en - California; imosene I Small-wood. Maud; Irma. Clinton. MASONS TO CONFER MASTER'S DEGREE Paris lodge Xo. 2T. A. F. and A. M.. will confer the master's -degree ar S o'clock Monday evening at the Masomc temp?e here, and special music by ih* ^lai-ers"" quartet win be siven. All -Master Masons and members of other Masonic lo-as^ ^T- A extended cordial invlration to "be present for tills ceremony. H. G. secretary, *iav3." E. R. Hopper Buys Taxi Stand Interest) -The interest in 202 Tasa bwnedl by Ft. G. Phillips has "been jwr-i • hased by E. R. Hopper. - who wil be associated with Joe-Skid-1 more in the mansenaent or thi* | business. T-.VO new tajccabs liavc be«si • added during the past -week, a'nd fther nev.- equipment .-sviii . be'.adr; 1 ded within the oear future, it"'Was" siate-d. . . ..- : ; '.•-".. Mr. Phillips will move to Sliawl nee, Oklahoma, where, be -will put in a 2'} cent taxi similar to tfe« one thai is being- operated in. Parish WEATHER BULLETIN BT r fc ' WESTO?? In Limelight A CDI RLE CBS STATIONS Sta*t«?i KJlocrc jTKi-r>. r>a.iu» ... ............ . T.« KMOX. Si. Low's ............ l. WHAS. CoxHsrilla ............ STATIONS WFAA Oallzj .......... ______ WBAP. TX TTorth ..... _ ..... •WL."5V". Cspcjrinai! ..... _______ VTOAT. SJ <^V-""J \*y $ t TVC have just compTeted in = Flaza and Grand 'Theatres. ; SS" JT« < ?" S * tlW ^^ re- ,jc?^,iA to --rur patron?. ^ve : Tnad*'an fndrn .change !n i sound e^«!prr:<«ii. Inrtal'tm--^ most modrn - In atrc- farts. ; rccecorated / a ncaC industry /or^lSe si c - Jcxtis the Paris theatres for yosr pleasure and approval, and I trust in their regalia. pleasing to you. In line ivjth Mr. Hoblitzelie's policy, vre-are doing e-verj'thin^ to make the Paris theatres a home institution, purchasing even-thins- post-ibis Sn Paris and cooperating tvith itl! civic enterprises- The redeco- : rating: has all been done ""by Paris mfn under tJic supervision of p. IX TiJohoney. a noted artistic decc-ra- : tor of exceptional ability and a. real fellow. Ail materials were : ; purchased in Paris, i "-Personally I w-ant to thank you . I niy frieuds for y^ur interest in my ' j \velfjire during" all th* years I have ' i been in Paris. If I be permitted to ; • finish the remainingr years of ray • life as .your sen-axt—scatterinsr «. ;' i IktJc sunshine as I go along-, re- j iievinjr your tronbles 'w.-Jth the rfffht ;,"-->rt of entertainment. TnakSng- vou " • Isajrh—then my -n-ish \vill ibe ful- [ filled and ! will be happy." } JFoi* All trailed States | Monday, July !. SO. 1534—Rains ' are in the northwest. Rockies. } middle west, central and south- i east regions, .leaving great> j country and east nearly clear. 1 Turns "warmer. | Tuesday. JuJy 31—liglit raiiis I about ^reat lakes regions extend- i I ing: to middle Atlantic coast, but i ! most of trw country clear, or <>nly r I few li&ht sho-vvers. T\-arrnsr. I \Vednesday. Aug. 1—Scattering • raios come into central and great : lakes region from, northwest and a fevr short, rains about the g-tilf coast;most of east and southeast ci ear- Til ursday. A.US ~ —Most rains about central regions. Ohio river valley and southeast, bui some i!SJ2t sho-wers in middle vv-est. Temperatures declining: in west- Friday. Aug 3— belt extends from middle west, through central states, Ohio river valley tu cast, southeast and a!on;j srulf coast line. Cooi speel expected from west and northwest. Saturday. Aus •*•— Some rain about rndddle -.vest but heaviest in stern statesi azid. on most of north, lakes re-i _..-"" "". 7, ...-»,..»«». east clearing. Slight!V-': 1 " 3 9 ha:iCl r !J o r ° f Austria until . BOS WELL, Okla.—The Baptfsi i o"^"- *«™^y-_«oiuaser. Ada: • * - - -, f ^" •**• -o€a_rn^ TsJ^JiJua,' 1 ' TjT*r"* - p-r ; -i : i v viva, j n"i^€ t *iTi^ 1 concuct.'&rf &v ci*€ J "^i^t i - *» - * —'^.^-*.^t^^. I St^°^nc^f^r^ f SSil 1 - 1 ^S^re^Bea^ ,r? —r~-^r ->•,>- , xaimjua. JHe also leaves 11 <~T-S»I-»H i R*v. Coward Moore, is being at- ; children. ^ea-ves -^ ^rand- tcnded by largre congregations- j ' " ^ ~ Xoel Ross, radio ooerator on i ithe U.S.S. Maryland sktioned at | MEDILI/S STATER. in 33Ieg'o. Calif., arrived for a 1 SUPPLY RUNS LOW .j, _ Or. Kurt Schuschnigg (above), .^ I Dormer minister of justice and eda- i " the cabinet, was visit to his mother, the first time J^e h?-S been home in three years.! -"~ r- Fire of undeterniine^ origin de- | _ ^EDILL. -— Almost everyone ttrcyr;<j a barn belonging to A. D. ] :/iere ^ OTS ^ of drissing- -w^ater and Self here. j a supply for stock- .Cotton and com Frank Schuessier has returned i are a bout dried up by the hoi. from Musk ogee, Okla., ivhere he j "leather. has bee-rt under treatment at the I ^ Ir - ^ n d Mrs. Ralph. Choate oZ governmenL hospital three weeks, j T 3-'ler spent the past -week end hert; M>. and Sirs. Xoble TVilliams ! ""-"^h i>rs. J. D. Jones- and baby of Kilgore, Texas, are j _ T - e Rev. Joe Branch. • iletho- visiting Mrs. Williams' parents, j dist minister fronj I^ake- Creek and Mr. and ?»Irs. J_ P. Pierce. j rhe - Rev. Alez Gill of Post Oak :«'r. and Mrs. Charles Maupin i are conducting, a revival meeting- Isued relatives in Surant this | ^ e ^f- . . . ' • : ••vcck. | -c^- A. Allen and his assistants i are measuring cpiton acreage here i = under the government reduction = i plan. i j Richard Piccce and family visit- \ \ ed at the home" of ; -Clay HOOVERTOWN PAIR MARRIED TUESDAY X. — Davs TVs v Bounds this an-1 IMJ5-S Dora !Lane were mar-j * r:--d here Tuesday afternoon at I Mr. arid Mrs.. Leon/iPalmer has tnc home of the bride's parents. S been named Rex." by the Rev. Lester Vaughn. . - , Tne Rev. lister Vaughn, Bap^ JSeariy everyone . is hauling i tist TElnister, is- coacuciiiis ssrv- <*nnking water from a spring on ,' ices m .a revival zsee^Inc- at Bvrd.._- T *he Bryani farm. i town. - " . Ernst von Starhemberg \VHS namec ) A dansrht^r ^"as born last' week 1 ?»trs Z^Ima. Hu^-h*s w*-, 0 i^a^ .try clear,-hot a few scatter- Jf*f 0™^,?°^"™*"" ^ Assoc *' I ^ ^ r - and Mr5 - B ']f VTeems; a i b-en -eri' ill-is^teproTin^" ing showers in southwest and ' ^* Pnp, O ) | aaug.'rter was born J^iy 20 to Mr. [ Mrs. Frankie Trimmer of Knox south-about gulf, coast states;' -.j--^« = "^- <-?o,-,c "R e^ms and a : City is visiting her sister. Mrs.; also light rains about the great; j-on oorr: on the, sarne date to i George May. ., : . i lakes couniry. l\"c.rnier. i ' . - ' 7" 1 ' "" ' •' Aug. 5—3IC5L of the COMPANY PLATES I>V^P<1 «, M ;. FOXX TJES KJECOKD - (^ — By t«*r«1 an<J 34th honae runs of thtr weapon against the Vsnk^«*y SAturdny. Jimnslc Fcxx ihc Athletic?" ^ and the Souttwesr Ark. La. Okla, X Mex*» ; \Veek' July 30 to Aus 5. l?34, • in Texas" and the southwest l>e• sr:ns with --va.rmer •R.-eather and • ji^ht, scattering showers in the n«.?rtfawest- About Aug. 2 sonre clearing: and suddenly cooler, but warmer and a^rain many scat'.er- incr, showery rains, at this tlnJC mostly abou: east n.r:d northeast Texas an-i ^ul: coast- While the ~.Jnf2il is very unevenly diSirib- uted the loial a.;isou£it should b-s sotne-vvhere near nom:aJ in mosi of "ortta, ~orti:eiuit and east Texas courjtO'- Around central Texas this tvc»iild be nearly tKrce-Quart- er-s of an inch for the ^veek. This yea*-, as ^uile of:cn lisp- • J>«iis. th,e Hottest weather of the rronth. an-1 season, occurs not far from the "Cd, folIOTved by a slow decide. A: about the bejrtrsnins: of the Uo'.t^st iveath-er LOOK AT BOTH TYPES of Electric Refrigerators-before you buy! rains are say around to record by hiiti«£ §o in.- the 1327 season. dur- iratures a spell of short. : scattering showery to end of the ) month, in :he las: wee! Natioii~Wide Tests Prove the Superiority of TERRAPLANE IN SPEED, ECONOMY, ACCELERATION Following a nation wide Challenge by Terraphne, it VV.-LS found that in a?! tests made with competing motor cars, Icrrupianc won easily on economy, acceleration hiU csimpn.c ability, and was excelled BY OM Y O\ ? F CAR IN SPEED AND ACCELERATION. There Is Only One Car That Can Beat a Terraplane There is o.-'iv one car that can beat a Terraplane. and ihai is the bi- brother of the family, the Hudson eirnt Peered v ? th a 11 3 H. P. Motor, capable of speeds of 1 10 mue> per hour and acceleration that cannot be rivaled by any other car. If von M-.nt the best in the low price field choose Ter- rapune. ROSS ILIFF MOTOR CO. i ur«. Th*/ eiecIiTic in temperature j near «?Tj<3 »f Jub' is expc-cted ;o ; b* very O'_-n si durable :n northerti ; states, but % <n s-o-ih and »ou ! .h- e-itst \*ry rs>uch les^, iio;iceal>;e. at'thcucH an earlier niaturiiy in : most orvp* may be expected. Last Days Of Hunt's Big Mid-Summer « #J 5>riTHVlLLE INDIAN BOY KILLS HIMSELF CI* OkJa,—Kutmcit Tay- i---r, 14 y*>ar old Indian boy <Iic<3 of j* seJf-inflJctod srunsbot ^ ound si', hi.x howc at ^ntithvine Tuesday :i »iri who n^ak^s her hcrrre vi-i:!i the family entering the room at his caU just as he fired ihc fatal shot. J. B. Dobbin. Justice of The peace and Guy MichoJs. dep-jty sTu-riff. h<-!d ars inquest, a verdict of suicide be$n« returned. The boy pointed a thirty-thtrty shoT^ur, ui^drr his chin and the top of his head wai* blown of*. Xo reason for the act -was jisst^ned. Burial xvas si the Tndiun Horr>e near Stnithvslle >rlc . The boy's i»ar<»nti, Mr. and Mrs. Impson Taylor and "several brother* and sisters survive. ^^ You can see r ^the two types he. MONITOR TOP FLAT H -TOP ^•••^•i Take your choice . . they're both GENERAL @ ELECTRIC ALL-STEEL REFRICEKATO** For Quality Dry Cleaning Phone 198 aura still paying NRA hours atsd dotn:: a typ« of dry cleantn^ for 75 Southern Cleaning Dye Work* •My C Cokcr. Owner • 1934 G-E ta<xsels are the Soesc rc&i^eratcsrs General Electric ever built. Come in*suid see them. You will Bod brilliant beaury, new r^aoaents and distinguished styling that will *d<i a new modern note to your kitchen. TThe General Electric Moaitoc Top rcecha- nbm quickly won universal recognition as the standard of excellence for houscbold rcfrigciadoin. Sealed- in -steel,'it requires no attention, oot even oiling. Introduced in 1927, its record is without * parallel for dependable performance at low cost year after year. First electric refrigerator ro cany a 2 year guarantee, first whiTa 3 year guar- Only E1XCTRIC REFRIGERATION Offfrs Ekctric Rffrigcration antee, and first with a 4 year semce plan. it now carries 5 years prvttc&m for oolr *1 x year: the standard 1 year warranty plus 4more years on its faroccs «aled-ia-5tecl mechanism. The new G-E fiat-top created a style sensa- tioa in refeigeracocs. Beactifu! ia its modem simplicity of design it is undoubtedly most attractive of all refrigerators selling at popular prices. It canies the standard 1 year warrtncv. There are only two rype» of electric refrigerators ... Monitor Top »nd flat'top. You can see them #tfa here... and take TOUT choice. You will, of course, find all modem convenience features in G-E refrigerators. Texas Power & Light Company FINAL CLEARANCE Summer Just 95 Pretty Styles, Original Values to $16.45 to Go At EACH 2 FOR 3 In tresc-^^-o groups of aresses you'll find everv jon^eivablc style :o choose frorrs .... dresses tor nil ccc:is;ons in nne <-:k crepes, wash silks and sun:n:er 5hee-<. Wear :hem for sireet, afternoon, even^nr or spirts they're all included at tnese rvo lo--.- prices . . come take vour pick. It vilijre the ces: ir.vestmsnr you could make, if y^ou'l! ri:v one or tyo. wear rheni foT two months inis *'ssr:R:cr snc; then !ay them a\vay for next 36 DRESSES TO GO AT z FOR •IBP Hunt THE BEST AT POPULAR PRICES

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