The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 26, 1924 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1924
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE FTVC. CHANCE TO LAND CIGAR FACTORY Plant that Would Employ 300 to 400 Peoplt, it in Sight. Hutchinson may havo a chance, to get a cigar factory located here in the near future. At least she Will have aa rood a chance ns scv- •ral other Kansas cities that are after It. O. D. Lamborn of the t.ninborn Cigar Company has been In touch for* some tlmo with a representative of a largo factory that is changing some of Its factory locations and this representative has lately been making a survey of lo- Cnl conditions. If moved to Hutchinson the fac.. tory would In about six months bo employing from .100 to 500 men and Women with a pay-roll of from ?R. 000 to $10,000 per week. The In- •titutlon is an old established concern and would not nsk anything ef Hutchinson except Its moral support and of course local conditions, •specially as to labor, weuld enter into the final decision. The fnctory would bring about 100 experienced workers and then would train local people as cigar makers. Tho customary wages paid has been from $28 to $35 per week, according to the experience of the workers. For the purpose of finding- out how many local people might be Interested In taking up this work the factory representative would like such persons to communicate with G. D. Lnmborn >t the Lamborn Cigar Co., 3 North Main and this information will be given the fnctory man on his next trip hero which Is planned to bo Within tho next two weeks. It conditions In Hutchinson warrant It » visit will be made to this city In the near future by the president of the company at which time something more definite may develop. At present no other information can be given until the preliminary survey has been made to see whether local conditions would »uit the factory needs. Mr. and Mrs. William Mr.Clonlgle and other relatives and friends. H OT. W. A. Kennle left for Mcpherson Wednesday evening. John Lolling has had his house painted, Chas. Queer field did tho work, William Bishop his been visiting hometolks of lata and filling up on home cooking. D. H. Ringer shollod for Mr. Woods, Archie Kenzle and Ralph Slatter the first of the week. Woodrow Hltcha was out of school Monday owing to his being on tho sick list. ~ OBJECTIONS RAISF TO NEW 0RD1NANCI ABBYVILLE and •last Ma- Mr. and Mrs. Roy Baker family of Kinsley wero here Tuesday, vlBiting Mr. and Mrs lone and family. ' • Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Kellogg and children of Chicago, have been hero visiting at tho Martin home. Last Tuesday the Kolloggs, Mr. Martin and Miss Josephine, motored to Hyian, Okla. Mr. and Mrs. Will Beaver and EiWin who nbout threo weeks ngo sold out and went to Iowa to visit and look for a location arrived back here again last. Wednesday and Mr. Beavers Jias his barber chair up In tho north end of town In the btilldlug where they had their restaurant. Grandma Beavers remained In Marshalltown, Iowa, with her daughter. The Baptist Ladles Aid met Thursday afternoon, at the country home of Mrs. Lennlo Mclver, with a goodly number present. They decided, to have their food sale and bazaar Saturday, Dec. 13th in the vacant building just north of the Winder Drug store. Mrs. Walter Mclver of Hutchinson and Miss Josephine Martin, called at the CummlngB' homo Wednesday. Mr*. C. B. Myers and baby and MIBS Florence, attended the funeral Saturday afternoon at Langdon, of tho little Applegate girl. Mr. and Mrs.' Hoy Deck have n new Ford coupe. Mrs. Thos. Cummlngs and Roy, motored to Arlington Saturday morning on business. Mr. and Mrs. Eli Taber and family from Blackwell, Okla., spent, tho Week end with their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Moore. Second Hand Men do not Like to be Required to Hold Goods Purchased 3 Days. Au objection to the now ordinance regulating second hand furniture dealers hns been raised by tho larger furniture dealers of the city. They claim that the ruling which makes it unlawful for them to dispose of or change In any way second hand goods purchased until threo days havo elapsed after tne transaction, works a hardship on them. Tim volume of such goods which are purchased makes It a practical Impossibility for them to keep It unchanged for three days for it must bo painted and overhauled Immediately to he ready tor the first possible sale, As a result of the objection, Mayor Walter Jones has promised to go over the matter with the city attorney and probably bring up a proposal for a change In tho ordinance at tho commission meeting FrldaV. Pioneer SOUTH COUNTY LINE, Six schools in Kingman county had their educatlou week program at the Sunflower Grange Hall Wednesday night and gave a fine program which was not only entertaining but also very Instructive; each school was well represented by patrons and each school also gave a fine short program. The schools participating wero Hoosler, Leach, Pleasant Hill, Prairie Dell, Butler and "Woodford. .Mr. and Mrs. Omer Roper have rotumed from a several weeks visit with friends and relatives In Mis- •sourl. Frank McCartney has been doing a lot of kaffir threshing in this vicinity the past week. • Frank Adams Is on the slclf list this week, he was taken to the hospital Friday evening. His many frlendB hope for a spoedy recovery. Tho Teachers-Patrons meeting at Butler was not very well at, tended on account of BO many other things the same night nnd tho night before. Barton Needhaui of Lane, Ivitusas tho past state master of tho Grunge stopped at Sunflower Grange Fri- LOOKING BACKWARD (Frew the PIIM «f Tltf NM) FIFTY YEARS AGO IN 1874. Father Swenbcrgh lectured on the superstitions of the church of Rome, after the closing ot'the services of tho Methodist church. Tho young men of the town gave a party honoring Mr. and Mrs. L. Klndall at tho Wilcox hall. FOR ITCHING TORTURE Use Antiseptic Liquid Zemo There Is one remedy that seldom falls to stop itching torture and relieve skin Irritation, and that makes the skin soft, clear and healthy. Any druggist can supply you with Zemo, which generally overenmes skin dl.jcases. Eczema, Itch, Pimples, Rashes', Blackbeads, In most cases quickly give way to Zemo. Frequently, minor blemishes disappear overnight. Itching usually stops Zemo is a safe, antiseptic liquid thai may bo applied tit any time, for It I 'oes not show^ Trial holtla 35c, largo size $1 .00- Zemo Soap, 25. All druggists. Says: It Ends Neuralgia "No matter where located—to set quick relief from the agony rub on penetrating Joint-Ease," says a New England chemist. Of course, Joint-Ease is the one great external remody for Inflamed, swollen, stiff Joints in ankle, knee, 'dip, shoulder, fingers or spine, and for that purpose its Bale Is tremendous. But Its power to give almost Instant relief In neuralgia, neuritis nnd lumbago Is becoming hotter known every day—Soaks right tn with a minute's rubbing and it Is very penetrating—a tube for 6U cents at A. & A. Drug Co. and all druggists—or any real druggist anywhero. Mail orders filled, cash or C. O. D„ Pope Laboratories, Hallowell, Maine. BAD BREATH Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get at Cause and Remove It. FORTY YEARS AGO IN 188-1. The Hutchinson High school Literary society was formed and was studying Swlnton's Kngllsh and American literature for a half hour at each meeting. Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Smith have a Thanksgiving dtnuer tor the em­ ployes ot the firm. William Mangold Bold the Occidental hotel to K. Sttitts of Ohio and the Mangold family was going back to Ohio to live. THIRTY YEARS AGO IN 1894. Grundina .Mowbray gave a plan nod surprise on Miss Matlo Bcale at the homo of Capt. J. M. Boyle- duy night with his wife, as be was land progressive five-hundred, dam i..ajor hi.mia Westbiook of Albany, N. Y., Is the sole survivor of the first group of Salvation Army workers who arrived In America from England In 1880. The entire American organization hat been built since then, Shop-c-scope will mahe your money go farther, and keep you from going so far when you start out on your Xmas shopping. tf. Dr. Howards' Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel, net gently on the bowels and positively do the work. People afflicted with bad breath find quick relief through Dr. Edward's Olive Tablets. The pleasant sugar-coated tablets are taken for bad breath by all who know them. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act gently but firmly on the bowels and liver, stimulating them to natural action, clearing 'he hlood and gently purifying the entlro system. They do that which dangerous calomel does without any of tho bad after effects. All the benefits of nasty, sickening, griping cathartics are derived from Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets without griping pain or any disagreeable effects. Dr. F. M. Edwards discovered the formula after seventeen years of practice among patients afflicted with bowel and liver complaint, with tho attendant bad breath. Olive Tablets aro purely a vegetable compound mixed with olive oil, you will know them by their olive color. Take one or two every night for a week and note the effect. 15c and 30c. I BACKACHE! RUB LUMBAGO AM \. lien your back is sore and lame or lumbago, sciatica or rheumatism has you stiffened up, don't suffer! Get a 35 cent bottle ot old, honeat St. Jacobs Oil at any drug store, pour a little in your hand and rub It right on your aching back, and the soreness and lameness Is gone. v In nse tor 65 years, this soothing, penetrating oil takes the pain right out, and ends the misery. It Is absolutely harmless and doeBn 't burn the skin. returning home from a trip in tho southwest: ho reports wheat looking very good all the way to New Mexico. They spent the night at- t the meeting at the L. D. Nossa- iiian home north of Kingmnn. I'en G. Elder died at the homo of his daughter in St. Louis last week and the body was brought hole for interment beside his wifo who preceeded him in death about fifteen months. . Mr. Elder had lived in this community about fourteen years ho lived on his apple farm on the Kingmnn side of tho line but also owned a section of land on the Reno side, •where ho kept a good deal of stock. He was one of the real substantial citizens liked by every one nnd his death la a loss not only to his family but to the whole community. His children and brother bore havo the kind thoughts and sympathy of every one here in their bereavoment. Mr. Elder was seventy -BOven years old. and was a pioneer ot Hodgeman county In 1879. There was a party at Roy Bakers on last Thursday night. C C. Coewell and Homer Ewlng drove to Belmont, Saturday night, to a Grange meeting. Homer Smith aud Oscar Wymore of Kingman went with them from there. Cnrl Mcliiliro is shucking corn for Dwlght Melseulielmer. Esther Freeman tho Butler teacher, spent Saturday and Sunday with friends In Kingmnn. D. Smith filled silo with corn fodder ono day last week. O. C Mullerpulleil the cutter for him. Carl CogBwoll butchered another -fes«t Monday morning. EAST SALEM lug and refreshments were enjoyoi. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Moredili. Dr. and Mrs. S. M. Colladay am. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Bennett spent the day In Valley township with Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Chap.n. Harry D. WInslow won a blcy. clo in a raffle and was mastering the art ot riding the critter. ECZEMA ' Money back without question If HUNT'S GUARANTEED BKIN DISEASE RBMBDIES (Hunt's Salve and So*p),f*H In the treatment of Itch, Kciema, Rlnirworm.Tetterorotherltch- In* akin diieate*. Try tbie trtfttoif at at our itsk* i A&ADRUGCO. TWENTY YEARS AGO IN 1904. At tho Vanity Fair club party Ivon by Mr. aad Mrs. Joe Clark, Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. J. JU Conn the prizes an ollvo dish and a tobacco Jar wero won by Mr. and Mrs. Ken Rlngle. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Gastou and children wero here from Wichita to spend Thanksgiving with Mrs. C. M. Cockey. ' Miss Geneve Brashear of Westmorland, who had been tho guest of Mrs. John Hostutler, returned to her home, TEN YEARS AGO IN 1914. Thanksgiving Day. . The Woman's club gave a ball at Convention Hall which formed the nucleus of their club house fund. Miss Gladys Payne''was married to Fred Boohme ot Nickeraon. It was decided to move tho Morton Salt Co. offices to Kausaa C.ty and consolidate the general offices. Among those going from here were J. C. Baddeley, H. A. Snell, William Welts, Phil Baddoloy nnd Misses Golda ilurnott. Sophia Vincent nnd Elizabeth Vincent. One Thin Woman Gained 10 Pounds In 22 Days Skinny Men Can Do The Same That 's going some—but skinny men, women Bnd children Just can't help putting on good, healthy flesh when they take McCoy 's Cod Liver Oil Tablets. As chock-full of vltamlnes as tne nasty, fishy-tasting cod liver oil itself, but these BUgar -coated, tasteless tablets are as easy to tako as candy, and won't'upset tho stomach. One woman gaiucd ton pounds In twenty-two days. Sixty tnbltfts sixty cents. Ask A. & A. Drug Co. or Weosner Drug Co., or any druggist for McCoy's Cod Liver Oil TaO- lots. Directions and formula on each box. "Get McCoy's, the original and genuine Cod Liver Oil Tablets." Living Without A Stomach Yon may nsk, "Can a human being live without a stomach?" Yes, a number of persons havo lived for somo time after their stomacha have been removed—but what a miserable existence! People afflicted with chronic stomach trouble aro virtually living without a stomach, because it doo» not perform its natural functions and their food passes from the stomach undigested. Sufferers from stomach trouble will find relief i MH Smith Bros." M. A. C. Stomach Tonic, the guaranteed remedy. Large bottlo $1 ,115. Sldllnger Drug Store will supply you; (mall orders accepted.) BEFORE TWINS WERE BORN Wat Very Miserable. Felt Loti Better After Taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Wyocena, Wis. —"I took Lydia E. Pinkh am'3 Vegetable Compound before my twinswero born because my sister used it and recommended itto me. Iwassolcouhl scarcely go about my daily work I was In such misery. Butafterlbc- gantakinethc second bottle I was feeling lots better. I took three bottles and a half before I was confined and finished the bottle while I was in bed. I got up feeling fine and have taken care of tho twins alone ever since. I recommend the Vegetable Compound highly and will sine its praises in the future."— —Mrs. IDA CratniTZ, Wyocena, Wis. It ia remarkable how many cases have been reported similar to this one. Many mothers are left in a weakened and run-down condition after childbirth, and for such mothers the care of the baby is well-nigh impossible. Not only is it herd for the mother, but the child itself will indirectly suffer. Lydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is an excellent tonic for the mother both before and after childbirth. It is prepared from medicinal roots and herbs, and can be taken in safety by nursing mothers. SMALL FIRE LAST NIGHT AT THE PALACE GARAGE Benefit* of Massage Without Massage You all know tho splendid benefits of expert facial message. But do you also know that If Improperly done, or too frequently. It tends to loosen the skin, weaken tho muscular foundation, producing saRi and wrinkles? If more women only knew It. nil tne pood of mussnso, and more, with uo harmful effect, may be had by applying a simple mixture of powcli-riM tarlcroot' and lemon Juice, a spoonful of each. Thie, Instead of making the face fiabby, does the very opposite. Its action Li perfectly astonnuitiK- m your mirror you tee wrinkle*, line lines and pulpiness literally "irotn.'l out"—in leys than fifteen minutes! A beautifully round-d contour rt-Biilis and a youthful pink glow mounts tn.? cheek.-'. You can obtain au oriKin-'l package of powdered tarkroot from any tiruK^iit, enough to brine; tbe cost ot each treatment down to thr.-i- ci-nli? or less! It's the Kreateat thitnc yet discoveredl to make old-lookitiK faces youne; looking. Itev. Karl M. Frants preached at ir«ivir|«w Monday night. Ames Muster made 130 gallons of eitler for Kinnk Webb Friday. Mrs. Cora Sllfer of Hutchinson .Tlslted relatives hero last week, she was with Mrs. Ktln Mao Gon- iglo Wednesday night and Thursday. Prof. Muudell was unable to bo at East Salem Sunday morning to deliver an address as had been announced. Rev. Krauts preached instead. Sunday evening the young people under the leadership of Mrs. Mlnnlo Edgecomb, rendered quite an interesting program. Wednesday night was Salem night at tho Falrvlew revival, among those present from Salom wero tho families of O. P. McGon- Iglo, Percy Kallenbnrger. Itev. Earl M. Frantz and William McGonigle. Mrs. Etta McGnnigle, Mrs. Cora Slirer, Mrs. Bmnta Westfall, .lot- tleorges and Frank Hllclui. M. V. Slirer shelled corn Wednesday, the lilnger mucliino cloln^ the work. Mr. nnd Mrs. Mgie Mc(jonlg> and baby of Mhiueola are here vis Itiug at the home of his parent-). ,> A leaky oil burner at the Palao garttgo at Fifth and .Washington caused the fire department to maico a run about 11:35 last night. Although smoke poured from the garage in large volumo there was no (I a in ago done. Painful rheumatic joints EXPRESSED APPRECIATION I OF RETIRING CITY ATT'V. I Tho city commissioners passed j u resolution yestonlay expressing! their appreciation for the serviceuj of John Connaughton, city ntorney, who has resigned to tako up a position in Washington, D. C. ! Use the Sliop-O-Scope—use your head, not your feet aim make this the merriest Xmas ever. tt Lyman's I'nt'o for Thanksgiving Dinner, 12 noon to S p. in. Continuous service. H5-2t The New Freely-Latherinj Shaving Stick ForTender Faces IMOUIENT MEDICINAL ANTISEPTIC PILtS WORLD'S LARGEST CHAIN DEPARTMENT STORE ORGANIZATION RELIABLE QUALITY GOODS ALWAVS AT LOWER PRIOU This reduces the swelling—relieves the pain The oldest and most obstinate coses of rheumatic joints are relieved by Sloan's when all other remedies have failed. No tiresome rubbing. Just pat it on lightly. Instantly you feel a warm glow of comfort as fresh, new blood is sent tingling through the paiuiul tissues. The enriched hlood supply not only relieves the pain, but drives out tho infection that is causing the pain. Get a bottle today and see for yourself how rruickly it relieves the swelling, inflammation and pain in enlarged, creaky joints. AU druggists—35 cents. kills Sloans Liniment painf DK. MUNI ER AND ASSOCIATES SPECIALISTS in the non-surgical office treatment ot Chimin. Pelvic nnd Hccuil ins.-usca Indlnestion, Constipation. Oyboepsla. Gall Bladder Troubles. Rheumatism. Neuritis. Weak Back. Catarrh. Kidney and Bladder Complaints, Nervousness. Failing Strength, Bloating, Pain m Side, Goitre, Epilepsy, Asthma Bron- cnltls. Chronic Blood Poison. Rectal Disorders. Diseases of Women and Diseases OT Men. cured without knife hospital, chlurofonn or detent lou from work oi business. Our Atrophic method euros In a few treatments or wc will refund every dollar paid. ELECTRIC-THERAPEUTICS Oar equipment Includes all Elec trie methods—X-Ray, Violet Ray Galvanism, Sinusoidal Faradlsm Anto-Condensatlou. iDlnthermy Oi one, Vibration, Light, Heat and i ttay Therapy. j BIOLOGICAL LABORATORY We uro equipped for tho scientific I administration of "008," "1114. ; Anti-Rheumatic, f!lor,d Bulldln i Serums, Baclerlns. I'hylaccogens : Autogenous,. Vaccines, etc. A Most Modern Equipped Clinic Our treatment methods have won 'housands of testimonials from Kansas and surrounding states Osiii;.!. Okla. Dr. Htintor AssocrlntcM cured me of femule troulil.: without onoratlon or hospital. I am letting si.lemllit. SIKJS. C A. McM-'.AX. Consultation and Examination Free. 14 So. Main St., entire second floor. Hutchinten. Kana. 20-22 South Main Street Hutchinson, Kansas Cods andSrcssGS The backwardness of the season — the unusually warm Fall weather—and the readiness of our New York buyers to take every advantage of market conditions, make possible the remarkable saving of money you are provided in this offering of Coats and Dresses. Whether you have completed your Winter wardrobe or not, you cannot afford to let this great opportunity escape you. This offering is in accordance with our policy to .sell always at the lowest prices consistent with prevailing market conditions. Manufacturers are overstocked and cash purchases jfor our 571 Stores created enormous price concessions which are ipassed along to you. Don't miss thisl Wool Dresses An assortment of the season's best styles and colors, in the popular wool materials. Most of them trimmed with bright colors. Just the kind of dresses you will need to wear all Winter I Sizes for women and misses. &Up Do Your Christmas Shopping Early! 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