The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 17, 1948 ツキ Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 17, 1948
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

テつキ V " " New*. M4L. Jテつォly 17. 19tテつォ Filibuster ^テつキ^si AT '-S !テつ」A~テつ」 vcj テつサ= ac s TWtY t- St ASCfclVD TO ^EAR VO'J^ MB N*P.C*i 15 AT S 9EN-=iT KOU) I've GorTb 60 CVEB. CLEANED IHtS HGCSe. ) THE UJAV DUsr f-^ Do*iT* HAVE. To O BATHROOM, t JUST tr MtJTT AXD JEFF Body By Fisher--Bud Thit Is Charles Town Team Mauled The Frederick Hustlers used three bis inning b?h:nd oms ef- テつ」ecti\e f.vo-hi- pi'ch.ns :o j^aul Charles Tov n ai McCurdy r .eld Friday r.igh* 11-1 B.r-.c= DeLa-jfr iv*s in rare forn ss he limited the West Virginians to a pair of bits-a single and double. His performance was ali the more remarkable in viexv cf sir. errors by his mates Frederick ^coreti three runs :n the first innin? without making z hit on tv.o walkr and s pair of errors. Fieldin? feature of a game marred by 12 errors v P T ca:ch -tssinst the feics bj Wilhrsham ; Camp De:r:ck v.. : rcpore the テつキ"テつキKvc.Isrs here Sunday afternoon *テつキ Tee score Chirles AB H H O A E *- Kisromis 3b 4 ; Walters ss 4 Bend, 2b 4 'Bowers. Ib 4 "テつキDowney, rf 'Mercer c ^Barker. D "Marscn. p ^Clabaugh. p -Totals 'Hustlers '. Stout, ss ^Hummer, cf Trice. If -Bemsberg c-rf -. GUbert. 3b iThoieas, Ib Myers. 2b iJcrdec. r f " Statesman Aiuwer ** HOKIZONTAL 1.4 Pictured s' II Dill 13 Interact; 14 V.'orro VEKTICAL 0 1 0 n 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 n 1 12 0 o 0 32 1 2 24 5 6 AB R H. O A E 2 3 0 3 7 0 s 3 2 4 n 1 2 1 1 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 3 1 1 5 1 2 0 0 テつキ? 1 1 1 13 0 1 4 5 2 1 0 0 2 3 S 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 royally 17 Make an edging lSKea\enly bcdy 21 Units cf reluctance 22 Fodder -.a: 23 Bnstlcs 25 Bitter cstharl.c 2S Build 27 Orchcrtrss 28 Symbol for calcium 29 Ke is a delegate irorr. Belgium COLoop-sutch 33 Beg.ri 37 Nested bcxe; (pl.) 33 Weird 39 Valley 40 Nevada Cix/ 44 Dabbles 45 Ocean 4S Helpers 48 Harden 49 African fll:' 51 So be it! 53 Kind of dcj (Pi.) 54 Abstract beir 1 : Carnival 2 Handled 3 Xenon C a b ) 4 V.'sie 5 Russian r;\er 6 Lampreys 7 Pedal dig''- '-SK'-rl 8 Cloth r~eas-jre -テつー 9 Country - 22 Sloped 10 Closed "tightly C1 States ( F r ) Coup Makes Game /n Unusual Hand * A J 0 9 6 3 * A Q 5 (ab) 14 Esser/.sal erbium CO Su. .ne -V S-a!l ba-.s : -' Fold Z'. Ascended 35 Matures 36 Trial 40 Get テつキ,,? 41 German river 43 Either 4; Coin 47 Symbol for samarium SOAr.d (Latir.) 52 M ,-scir * A 1037 5 4 2 VXcne + J 1037 6 Beynon V A 10 8 3 テつキ Q 3 7 5 4 + K3 Tournament--E-W vul. テつキfi 53 j . zs 50 25 ^l i!C 17 j South West ' Pass Pass U V I A | 4 V Pass I Opening--4 North East 1 * Pass 3 V 3* Pass Double A 17 IGA'iN'HERALL.) S54E'SGOT!fTSA TOUGH STRUGGLE 1 . -AD ITS A GOCOTX AH, WE MADE IT.' I K=?T M' R30TCN Tr = BRAKES' V.'E MIGoTVE ROLLED BACKYARDS' BOOTS AND HEB BUDDIES O_OCH,Mtl ViHPiT | O-WR* . ?\TvVKi6 1 Secret* 131 17 ^Totals 8 C7 15 6 33 11 Score By Innlnsrs ^Visitors 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 -- 1 ^Hustlers 3 0 0 0 4 0 4 0 -c -- II ' テつサテつキ Summarj- Earned runs -- Hust- *lers. 6 Left en bast= -- Charles *Town. 3 Hustlers. 10 Three-base rfjjts -- Walters. S a c r i f ' c e hits -*Price. Stolen bases -- Stout. Hum- ^iner Jorden. Thoma-; Price 2 .Boabls plays -- Stout. Thomar Base テつサon balls -- off Barker 6 Struck *out -- by Barker. 9. Marson. 1 Ciav- テつキfeau?h. 2 DeLauter. 6 Hit bv *nitcher -- Lewis and Jorden fa *Bsrker Losing oitcher -- Barker J/Hits -- off Barke-- 5 in 5 : -. inning-. テつキMarson. 3 :n 1 5 ~ innm"* Umpiro^ -- 'Sfiook and Miller. Time-- 2 hrs ^Scorer -- Shaw f i ' '""V w i \ ''^^ ;テつ」^^テつ」^^テつサ^ ~r^few Team Mauls テつキFirst Half Winner Jj_~ ^Frederick Elks served m -see* on iCivic Softball League clubs, Friday -night cf their intention to make, *tough competition for the circuit' tfrom the start of the second half- j テつキテつキ The Elks swamped the circuit; first-half champion NECA nine, , 15-5, last night to open the loop's final schedulings. But the Antlered Hrrd acknowledged the Xorthenders' pitching left much to be desired fay the: losers. For example, Insley had ' テつサ テつキ be derricked in the third during ' which inning the Elks scored nine of their runs. "Now this number comes complete -with a S100 bail bond in case Before leaving the game in fav- vou happen to bump into some reactionary beach policemen'." or of Lewis, Pitcher Insley was , '. ~. nicked in the fatal frame, for seven ; runs; off six walks, a stolen base.' * wild pitch and an error, without ' allowing a hiL Lewis relieved with the bases f loaded cold, and walked the first batter to face him: then allowed m. hit and walked two more Eik hitters before retiring the side. with two more runs piaang Overstreet of the Elks was top hitter for the evening, getting three safeties for four tri-Babylon allowed more bingies than both the opposing pitchers. but -walked cnlv one NECA swatter_ The score R K E NECA _ 5 II 3 Elks 15 8 2 Babylon and Sruchey. Insley. Lewis and Terr el i By WILLIAM E. McKEXXEY America'.; Card Authority Written For NEA Service George W. Bej non "a national tournament director oテつ」 the Amer:- ian Contract 3nd-e League, gave me today's hand George is the author of "Tournament and Duplicate Bridge," v.hich is the only tournament manual available to tournanien* directors at the present time i When a director gets a chance to play bridge, he docs not miss irany trick^ He is always on the lookout for l'ie unusual, and Beynon found it in today's hand West | took the opener and shifted to Uie jack of clubs, r^ejnon won v 'n Jhe king He led a small i heart to dumm\ 's o.ueen and East \ won , East returned the quean of spader, which uas trumped in dummv with the four of hearts Now ihテつー fix-e of hearts was played. ! East followed \vith the seven and テつキ Beyncn overtook with the ei^ht He led a diamond to dummv s ace and v hen the smTMle*on king droc- peci Beynon played ano'her d=- mcnd from dummy and won \\ith the deuce of hearts Jit this point East made the mis- ' take of retum'n^ a scade Beyncn disciided a ('iamond and trumped in dummy wiテつサh his lart heart, the six-spot Now hs cashed the ace and queen of clubs and on the ruccn nisca ded his last diamond Thus he was left wi''i the acs and ten of hearts while East was left with the jack and nine of hearts Bej non led a dia-nond from dummy and hs had East , f-ouped East trumped with the nine Bevnon overtrumped with the ten and laid down the ace for the las* trick. BED RYDER Bad Newi rc-'ESS TI-E STASE GOT TX^CUG- 1 VCTTPC'JT TRC'JSLS TODAY. F'_O/ IT'S U AO_TI^,テつ」TO^ ^HERE^OME STAGE COACH BACK, RED RYDER/ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENBS I U'ELL, '-=テつキ ] OUR SLAVES-^1 POOL'S UU , Nc\V CLEMMED MEV.BERS. ^ 3. M5AM \ l Gad, What Tremendous Enthusiasm Prosecutor Studies Rail Wreck Report Upper Marlcoro. July IS ~ States Aitornsv A. G\\jr.n Bau e sa-d today hs ;s stud;- r~z an Trter- state Cosimerce Co--.-rs.isior. report on a Baltimore ana On.o ra: rsed tra.n vrreck n?ar Laur-el to see v. aether Pr.nce Georces County shou'd institute c-,n-.nal pro- cesaings Ote perscn was K.iled a-d 53 p-rrcrss injured :-テつキ the dera ".me-jt of a passenger tra.r. Jur.e :0. The ICC sa-G nr3c_re track cond.t ons were to bl=:re Sowie s2 d ns o c r-ot k*^0x\ ho\\ long the study ^cula take and a3ded 'hat ne had r.ot \ st been aale tD asce-ta.n v hethsr 'he ,, . , . wreck occjrred in Pr.rce Georges Oif 0 a テつ」ood テつ」 ' art %vl '' n masln S of ! PRISCn.LA'S POP .^S5_. MT, LLINIX PARK , uual badinintcn ar.d croqust p^aj ed Desp.te inclement vea'her which wren weather permtted pre\s.led during most of tie week Attendance テつォur:n~ :-c wec' Floral Week n IMu'lmix Pars got cropced to 3S7 en accOv.r:t of ra.ny cr Howard count* artificial flowers and entering a cs assortment of tloxvers n the MEETING IN AUGUST The seveity-second anrual ;es- E~ -.KI*"?"" 5 T V N A"*T Flox\. er show held Thursdav after- Earl D TJ-d^r-\cod. Chief Quart- nocr. ' slon o f the Mar^-lsnd-Vircir.-a Dis trasastsr. USX Local Kscruiter-in- A1 . 0 tha . SSTe a ' lCrnocn frorn 2 trict of Coiuiibia Grar.d L-de" o. Uhsrge of the bran^i .avy Re- unt ,i 3 D m one cf the p j a ..2 roun d the International Order of Good Ff\31iTi Zt ^*a*l/*n 11 *テつキ ,"Q^?A-*"i^*lr- -ivs. . . . . . _ _ . . _ ' _ *f- i -. . . T I テつサ - . . _ - i - S * テつサ _ _ ^^ _テつサ _テつキ j,^^ .. e - t i - --. T i **-A^テつォテつサ ^ w *ii *_-.a-_ ^i. i.i*c H* a テつサテつサv^tivi -テつキ- -- cniwngテつキ S^ticn p Frederick an- stalf corduc'ed the Rvthm Band A Te^ ??^ Ce i f CS "f\ : " 3 テつサ "- jll f L 5 en ! テつー f ' great deal of m'e-est '-uas shoテつォ-n bx Fel %?-*^ m * e ^ er テつー**TM-* 1 - the children テつォ;hmed that ^ テつォ ' .,: ; -~ - " テつキ lne cnnoren wtiiCti ;howei Mye-svilje. for three years in the h , r efforts , vere p u S Aa\-y and has been trans- . . , . . , , , _ fsrred to the Eaeaiv.n- Station Aside from the can ' J lutle Dav ' d D C Del=uter has -- arter ^ as shown his interest in Naval Service in music a!so He has organized a hテつサd prev.ous \\,11 be neld in the Odd lous Hall. Mt Airj. ..ugust 18- T9 The two-da\ sersio-. of ths oldest tempsrance O'^sn-sation will bs preside"! over by the Grand Chief Temnlar. Raymond E hardy. of Baltimore Membership 3Ieet At Mt. Airy July 22 Presentation of the annual reports of Southern States Coopera- ' five and Southern States Mt. Airy Service, and electipn of new mem- oers to the local Board of Direc-' tor. and Farm Home Advisory ' committee mil be among the higa- テつキ lights of the Southern States an-' nual membership meeting at 8 p ! m. Thursday. July 22. at Wildwood Park. Mt A.ry. A business session and entertain- J me-a \\ill be features of the ses- si^n. according to Murray O. Day. | Mt. Airy, board president, who will preside Approximately 500 j Southern States members and other farmers ana their families are expected 10 attend. Nominees for vacancies that will 1 occur this year on tne Board of Directors are Henrv C Krantz. Leslie N Kelly. John E Main. Aubrey E Fleming. ML Airy: Marsnall Buxton. Monrovia, and A P Knill. Woodbine Nominees for posts on the Farm Home Com- [~ \-=-z-~^ mittee are Mrs Paul Rvan. Mrs テつキ-テつキ---テつキ W. P. Eckrick, Mrs. J. W. Moxley. ! and Mrs Frank B\ ers. Mt. Airj*- ' Other no~n:nat ons may bs made from the f'.oor The Southern States Coooerative annual report will be presented in the form ^f a brテつサef film slide' tf T Mulhnix. director. TTiar t ajciTirrt.. r-,cs for Southern States E B Lioford manager. w .11 g've the annual report of Southern States Mt. Aテつサr Service. Cash prizes and ribbons will be i a feed ba^ style show 1 oe open to farm women Mrs James Mo'.csw orth. lit Airj. is chairman of *ne show A sound -rot.o". picture "First :n t^e Hearts of Fanners." will be c hov.r. ana prizes will be awarded テつキ" irners :T several contests Hex ^Vcsle"v Dodcc. T^It Airv, w.Zl c.\e ;ne i n v o c a t i o n Ror^y Ha*dy. Mt Airy will conduct g-oup s.r.^.ns accomoan.ed ov ?Irs Virc'n.a G-.n^es D\\ight Wa'ker ard Pat Nichols will fur- Chairrnen of several committees {hat will assist in staffing the rr.eet- irc; sic Rece.v.^g Russell Boyer. ?I: Air. luckv number t.ckets. S Vi" Hoffman. Mt Airv. ushering. A T Murray Mt, Airy refresh- rrsits, Mrs JaT.e? Molesworth. Mt Ar. organization meeting of Board of D*-ectors and Farm Home Committee member^. Will i take place following the regular session Rot'ring n-embers of the tv.o grouct ars Jesse Clay. Roby ' Hardy Mrs A T Murray, and Mrs Russell Boer Mi Airy V'O LA-.O ^SAlM. "uy?" 5=T THEY WSH TMEY Wテつ」T?e. JOLLY PR(JfJE5 NOW/ IP TWEY WANT IM, LET'EM SAY so/ AFTEI? ALL. WE HAVE PRIDE TO GON- OUT.'ALL WS MAVc ID C!0 NOW !S PTOI THE . ' CUT MUSTARD ALLY. i- JOLLIER. IF THEY WERE/ YOUR 2YES KEAK THAN Incomplete Agreement srded wrich w srsd c.rls Cf course, ; t"s none of my OUR DOAKDTNG BOUSE OUT OUR WAY . cardboard bo- band With such a i crude thing as this to heat en there Wcrld War n . " " - " " Mora th;n KO.CCO r.i.les of coal- Smaller than a cigare*, the new I is also shown a lot of riusi~al talent nun'*v street car bjs and trolle-. ertrcury vaccr lamp gives a light anong lne sixteen lit'13 boys that ( rcarh" routes テつ」 テつ」 r \ e the United Oht-IUth M bnli.r.nt es sunlight. ! compnsa the band TVi? v,c: F:.S'-.';; An auiomatic sprテつサnkler control ^ now avsi'able to make certa.n that \our l a w n or garden is watered v hue you are aw ay. It is operated by an autoni?Lc ssven- cr;- rrczram e'ertr.c dec'.:.

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