The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 19, 1955 · Page 9
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 9

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1955
Page 9
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CirVIl vavps, "Haul on," X«ish ^ald 'Takf mr to him." Hr s.r.p tlir Inticr iiist as llic boat grazed past half thr lenalh Thrust it. thnist It, thrust it C' the lioarl nut of liiiu. Take his life hrforp he takes yours. The first lance hr h'fl in i»»nu.«)iMJ»r«<*ti»c»nt. BY ROBERT CARSE Xin blunt head to the .sky. .jaws open.'flesh and «rasped another. It wa.s south of the Equator, fins slamming a rapid flurry of searlel stream c;mie finm on « glassy, seaweed-splotched •ea just slightly riffled by the light airs of the southeast trades that the next pod wa.s sighted. The calls came slmiiltaneously from all three mast-heads Breaks and white wa-alers! RiRht. to the number 'bout tight." Naish had been dozing iii his, eabin. The calls penetrated so keenly that before his eyes werej fulty open he was upright, had! his slippers on his feet, his hat on his head and his long-glass in his hands. But Mr. Finnie was, before him on the companioni ladder, and* Mr. Wilson was al -i ready at the main mast-head. Naish stood beside Mr. Wil.son at the mast-head. "Four male.s, a eoupla cows, the rest young. I reckon you figgcr to lower." "T reckon 1 do." "And that fat fella can get you killed like as not." Mr. Wil-; •on was smiling. \ The boat crews used short pad-j dies when they left the ship. The pod was deep below, might remain so for another 50 minutes or an hour. Where it would «urface couldn't be known, and no sound that might frighten it Rhould be made, Mr. Wilson, in the' lead, had started to let his boat drift. Mr. Finnie now did the same. Naish Immediately •iitned to his men. The tremor came from far below in the sea, Mr. Wilson censed it first and called in an oddly soft, flute-like voice, "They 'rt a -comin'." Naiah saw Morrow lift his harpoon from the crutch. He saw that the harpoons in the other boats were poised. Then the tremor was a violent, vast tubu- Jence that make the boat rock gumvale -down. He thought no more of the other boats. A whale waa breaking the surface within his gashP.*: hP made. The fin heat' tl water bPsidr him and the air oN 'pr hi.s head. He only 1 ,<rd up when hr hr/irrt .Mor-, row's warnint; shout. I * • « Thr wlutlo had backrri writh- the ing. It wheeled to luiis!e head.•\ on at the boat. saw thr the, small, firsh-hoofird r> e disap-' pear The frontal expan.oe wa«' before hini. and thr head reared. 1 nnder-slunB mouth showed wide open Mr ga/.r.l a! Die lower nwui- dihlr. thr rows of trrih and the enormous. ros> eullet. Simon I'urdv prrs.sed the stock (if the hnnih-cun into his hand • Here, sir." Purd.\ said. * 'Thank you, ' hP «airl, coming hark from death. 'Siern ail now lads, Cii\r nir a few feet," Hr (ould frr the us whip thr ^\atrr, Tlirtr was tremendous reavsurancp in tiie old-fashioned cun that carried the crude honili. He fired it, then subsided to his knees. The bomb liad exploded acamst the rose softnp,«s of the gullet. The while's .jaws snapped. The eniii! length ot the animal cleartd the water; the flukes, the fins .slashed, the body shook with paro\->smic motion and flatly dropped. Nai«h put down thr 8un. He stageered aft. -iThc whale was dead (To ContiniieH) The Book Shop lis W. MONROE 8t. Just Off Columbug Atrf. an oar's length of his craft. "Stern all!" he shouted. "Lay to, you, and row. Bend on!" It was a male, the back scored, pitted and . fmri with-laycrs of barnacles and snails and wiggling crabs. The left fin beat the water into a coruscant umbrella of spray. "Now," Morrow, give it!" Naish shouted. Morrow threw and threw again. The curved carcass took the harpoons to the splices. Morrow flung his warp lines in the water and .sprang aft, and with a frightful tightening of his .stomach muscles, Naish knew that he must go forward. He leaped with his hands stretched to the rowers' shoulders, and somewhere in his consciousness he was aware that they still rowed as he had told them and that they hadn't gone batchy. He and Morrow grazed bodies half way along the boat. "She's ours, sir." he said. "Just you cut him deep." The whale had lived. The warp whined on the bow sheave: amall blue tendrils of smoke rose from the strands. "Slack all," he thought, that's the command you must give. "Slack all," he called. ••We're off for a ride, sir." "All slack, sir," Morrow said. « • * His breathing became normal. The ache left his hand, and the tension was gone from his stomach. He slouched against the harpoon crutch; the whale's speed made a pleasant little breeze that cooled him. The oarsmen had turned forward and their faces gleamed with delight. They wouldn't he afraid again, he thought. They, like him. had become whalers. Slack was in the line: a bight •ould be gathered at the bow. "Haul,** he told them aft. "Bring ft in, you bucks. We'll have him," I It was without end, this line. They stared at it unbelieving as It came inboard to them. Butj then the whale broke surface,! SHULTON "Oeserf flowr" Toilet Water Subtle mysterious fragrance that linger* on and onl 1.50 "Old Spic* Dusting Powder The cool scent of roset and spice for bathing luxury. 1.25 "Old Spice" To5Xet Water Here Is the roses and spice fragrance in toilet water form. 1 .25 "Friendship's Garden" Chakai fiox dift Set Toilet water, talcum, bubble bath end sachet in lovely box. 1.25 BOURJOIS TUSSY "fobvlous fragrantm" Midiiigilt Bath Duo In sapphire blue package soft body powder and rich cologne. 1.25 "mdnishf" Dusting Powder An exciting fragranra lo dust en after bathing. •.I Quartet Cologne, purse perfume, cologne stick, and talcum. 3.50 "t^Bning In Parts" Purse Perfume A flacon small enough for any purse. A gift she'll love. 85' "Evening in Paris" Perfusion Spray Cologne The romantic fragranct in atomizer bottle. 2.00 "ivenlng in Paris" Gift Trio Cologne, purse perfume and richly scented talcum. ..lor her ieasure 1.25 "A Lasting Scertf" Midnight Cologne Tussy's romantic fragrance that tasli en and en. 1.25 "for a Very Young Lady" Budding Beauty Set Delicately scented hand lotion bath powder and toilet water. '1 1 Mi tan to M lUmt Taxabiu By law DRUG STORES To Itin Qwanttr;. 2.50 A 1956 ST. JOSEPH CALENDAR WITH WCATHER CHART ACT NOW! SUPPLY LIMITID 1.25 REVLON "In Gift rube" Up Kit Duo Two heavenly hues of Revlen Lane* lite lipstick. 1.10 "A Wonderful OIH" Matchmaker Set Contains lipstick, liquid rouge, and noil polish in many shades. 1.60 "Quiltie" Manicure Set All your nail care tfeedt in gray quilted plastic tweedcase. 2.95 "The Case You Keep' Futurama LIPSTICK CASE Cuban>defigned by Van Kleef and Arpell 1.25 to 4.50 Refill 50c with case, 90c without UNtl Gift B«V Gold HOLIDAY SPiCIAU 1.50 Value "Trifling" Dusting Powder 1.75 VALUE "Trifling" UNELETTi POffUniO . A 3.35 VALUi »OtH ton ONIY .00 "ENCHANTING" COSTUME DOLL MUSICAL POWDER BOX 8.95 VALUE NOW ONLY Life-like doll hand-dressed in national costpme. Powder box and dell revolve as music plays. For The Lady Who Travels HELENA RUBINSTEIN ^Zipper Carryall r Gift Sets In a choice .of Heaven Sent Apple Blossom Time or While Magnolia fragrances! t ' Eau de Toilette and body powder in attractive plastic case. No spills with this set. V^oWclay Special 2 .50 NOWI at a vtry speciof price . . • the gilt that's alwayt welcomef Goresse Nylons Gossamer-sheer stockings in a variety of latest fashion shades. Not only do you, save on this special but remember '^"there's more wear per pair in Caresse." . • Hain .r Dark itam A 3.07 VALUE BOX OF 3 PA/R5 51 (laug.-IJ D .ni.r 1.75 A produit of Ih. •urilnaten MilU . . World'i largatf maker •( nyi.n hoii.ry. CutritilMd iquil ii. quillly ts aiiy nyloiit ysu'y. iver wtiin rt- (trdisti •( pric*. C\RO "Scent" sat«o£; fragranti fabulousi Esscent Originals In Surrentler. New HoriieiM, Danger, iicechet. Reflexions You get PIVf 2.50 value bottles of perfume. They make the gift extraordinaire. 12.30 VAlUff HOWt Get It At Gray g Give a package of family FUN 5.00 ^ \ 1.75 CLUXE ~ Sift .paicIlK; the f.mous View-Masier Viewer, ehoice of three, fascinating .^-rcsl pic- tur» packets... all in & colorful gift) box. That's I>el\iza Gift-Pak ... the rift that thrills everybody with^ "com* to life" picturej in full color ftcd three dimension. See new I>cluxe Sift-Pak. here now.' piificr iiiiiiMis iir? Ill invM ••It, »Sc • Sfertl.OO •-•nL picryti PACKITS $1.00 BRAY'S STORES For your Christmas Angel Cologne Trio GIFT SET Gold, White and Black Satin. Colognes in rich-looking box. Angelique Duet / ) Traveler Gift Set Any Angelique Cologne and matching body powder. ANGELIQUE HOLIDAY SPECIAL! (//tra-high-^ash/ott COSTUME JEWELRY Pin & earring sets styled to sell at much higher pricesl Beaulifully designed gold and silver finished earrings and pin sels with daziling imitrt- lion jewels. Gift-Boxed Set of _ Earrings & Pin 2. 7. A Broofh Of Pan's Eau de Toilette Wardrobe 3 .1 /,, \ Toujours Mot, Fame, Zigane and " ' 1 Jot—each in own flacon. CORDAY . . . Two Lovely Stents Spraygrance Travelers 3 gkg^ Toujours Moi and Fame in .UU spray bottles. 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