The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 31, 1931 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1931
Page 7
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THE DAILY HEWS. FWBDSMOK. MD. THUBBJfW. DBOXMBBB 31, 1981. BEVOI Science's Big Strides In 1931 Promise Greater Wonders In 1932 BY ISRAEL KUUt. Science Editor. SOEA S**rlee. ROM tte progress -rocslse Beater Catfomia Tech, arid Dr. Ed-aria p. i Hubble, at Mt. WSson Observsiory. 5*5^ t^ unneree is com-miaUy ex- y Pa=*=S «* ««=*«« « ^pe. that, of even Etastein bad to drop has theory ol advance- sy^metr-cal, spherical space a Othr which .r.'\erse ex;s;ei. r r S e in 1932. ' "-^ r f 1 ^-«'-*w-!ie Sir G r e a t «e=ts **? TOCC! . J «f s OI , c r nor:a s e a 7 d ^ -«r»:i«i arsd un- Har -* 01s ' Saspley oJ see Harvard Ob- »rtaat iis»ver:« :servata: ^have ^^^ o-n a confrere made. OSset-'f2fi y «pan=g tir^erse :i^: fc ·:·!? tfaese were two i w^en? up at a rapid rate ·.-reparable losses, * * * · - deaths of That e astrol:ocle! ' s S°- a further .v_: .V ESOE and of * hec ^ E F Carpenter of the Vi^Dr. A A.MjrheJ»n.| vm! « p oi *«»«»· reported '.hat ice .«teran fisvwugwor i «*«««* =* not so great as they thought -to the speed of l !t vra5 ' I ^ 1 e cilsia : s^a^s were sot ·T n t I so far off as belied. He faid that the ' "^JOJJJPJ. serous 1:ght Ir3n ' '-t^ stars parsed through ·oss "sas ;hit ct Dr. Alfred Wegecer. :*??* ^. te a ^ f '°^S a toe . , . . . 7, Miliy Way fcelore reaches ice earth, ' 2 German scientist vrao lost his -if e in ^.j,,. redue-.-g , he ,j. applire2t br^ht- ' the cold tastes oi Greenland where he ness. Therefore a star seen faeyood the was seeking facts to support his theory Milky Way and appearing so be less that the continents are sknrty drifting ; bright than another On: s not ob- apart served through the Muky Way, may be not so much farther o£. The \ isit, last -winter, of Dr. Albert · Einstein may have to modify ha re!- ar.i ICastem, the great relativist, started a : ativiry iheory even fur:her. and quite ·cries oi dacassious among astroso- i ocessiderably zt the final reports to be i mess. These have already resulted hi i rcade In 1932 by Dr. Dayton C. JktlZer. ; a mocifieaeon of one phase of the Bin- j of the Case School of Sczence stein theory and may cause further j m Cleveland, show a. posi:.-.e ether changes among scientists to their be- i drift. Dr. Miller's more than 200.000 nets about the universe. It was on the basis of the discovery rcade by Dr. Richard C. Tolraan. of readings so far pom: that way * * * Interestins and important was the _n::easceinect of a new planet, and maybe tvo or three, made by Professor W~iiani H Pickenng Dr. . the new planet. *h;ch he terras p" is .a'n-fvv- vuioe ss far oC su the aicct recent pianet Pluto, or Jrom 5 OO.' 000.000 to 9 000,000.000 milfa Ircrr. the sun; that it Js 44.000 males in ciiameier and that :ts year ^s «jual to 65o earth years. Star gazers are locking for it. Aitrocomers were able to Ties tne rare sao»er of Leoaid meteors uhrch appear only occ* In 33 years and m 1931 were seen to best advantage since 1S66 For the sciecKsis. mounting Jugh ^i a darkened airplane, no Xncer had the obstructions of clouds ECipher.c dust that handicapped the^ predecessors * * * Ir. addition to the study of the '.ast u:;:wr:*? by aitronomers progress has bee:i :r.ade m in'.es'lga'.ion ^nto the most minute part of scatter, the azom. Dr. Robert J. Van de GraaS or Princeton announced a simple and ^-.expensive niethod of bulldog a generator L"0,OOO.OOO which might be the way toward actual cleavage of the atom arx! e\esi trans- oiutauon of clttaent D^cover of -^e U*t unknown eie- rnecu No 85 wa» announced by Professor Pred AlUsosi or the Aiabaam Polytechnic Institute. He calls it eka- iodme. and says it is sb rare that only one part in a billion of its containing v"re r*r be recovered. / * * * ' Chemists had much to talk about ui the award of a coveted $1.000 pnse 10 young Professor Linus C. Pauling of [California. Institute of Technology, -the nxsst promising ou:sg chemist In ·the Vmted Stags' 1 His particular aork is understandabie only to a very ;«»', yet great resists are expected. It applies to the structure of crystals and the invisible forces that bind chemicals logetber. . £\-o!utkn maintained a high place in the !nteres.t of scientists. : Dr. Henry Pairfield Osbom. director .of the American Museum of Natural i History i° ^ fw Yort. announced that 1MO VOL" KNOW-That as the result ot dlscoi- erses to the J»eW oJ science to 1931! EINSTEIN had to modify his theorj'? CERTAIN STARS are not as dirtanl as formerly beiie\eQ' A NEW PLANET «Uh year* 655 times as Iocs as our ears was announced? CLEAVAGE OF THE ATOM appears nearer as the result of a new 20,000.000-volt generator? EVOLUTIONISTS, after studying the teeth of thousands of elephants, revised their theory? PHOTOGRAPHS were take:: an the dark? A MICROSCOPE that can magnify an object 12,000 tunes was developed? A BALLOON carried .i scientist ten mill** up? SYNTHETIC RUBBER Ss nonbeing manufactured' THE SEX OF AN UNBORN CHILD can now be ascertained three months before birth by the X-ray? his investigation into the development of thousands of elephants' teeth ni museums the vwld over convinced him that evolution proceeded steadily and not in Jumps: that it developed outward from a single germ plasm, and :h.i: variations of species were merely , S 000 t.rsx^ a n:.:.^. the results of aa ordinal creative pat- In the EK tern union was within the germ from Dr K F I tlic bcgmuin*; ;VAC*;U! i" KUrtliernwiv he added. iu.ti! .-»» be :r-_i_:_: oi;. traced much lartlwr safk Uviu t.-.e ..! ·.-._ v .o\ Java ap« man of 500.000 e^rs ago. '·' Syr-'.i"c , the PUtdowtt u:a:i of 1.125000 ears re^arch by ago L'.i'.'irsi'.v. S:w: , * * * a::ti _·- :: v bi... In id:t:o:; U all '.hetc U-.eofn-s and i'is :·· ».«^ -. discovery's. i«:leuce ir-Adc real contr.bu- photu ir :in v 1101:3 to the practical side of hie. ! Dr J. C. McCknnan o.' the Univers- 1 ity of Toronto announced a secret aUoy i which, under low temperatures, eua!d ) cor.uuct riec:rieiJy without loss. Scwo day :: may .si\e ihc e'.e-ctr;oal l::iuj-try millions of dol'ars acutMlly. , * » In Rochester a phowgraph was ' Exrl^ra'.iaa «j» ar..« taken in th« dark--to observers--in 1:1- !VId that demanded great fra-red light, to the sens::i.'x! pla'e! P5i»sor ' In Net York. Alfred Lev Lxvnii.- -. rnl.iT. -v »' Mcally-ramdi-d b.,:k«.r ..:;d Di - i . i a ...:· !:-i.:i; Edni,.?:tl N. Harvey of PrL'.ceKii *!; - A - ' on '. · .iboi- .'-' \ ed a "mlcroscopc-ccntririsKe" through A'-i 1 *. th- !.:t?'n- ! which they can set* the structure oi -r.-ir i tiny Ih - e cells as they are whirled alxxit i S:r Gxrs«" H i revamped submarine, was only parti- ' aUy iucccssful in atteaiptjag to ezplcre i the undersea re^Kcs of the Arctic. He got within 400 mites of the North Pole ;bu', had to turn back because of his d-sibied submarine. Dr Herbert S Dickey, on his fifth attempt up the treacherous Oi^aoco river ;n Brari. finally located its rource near the boundary of Vene- ««s at Nt-* Yv.-rk. ol-,.-d the nic»t ' * * *· i:: '.he vir!u-to AST. or. j mur'^stinx is«as ejects v.ere W tuiM-a and aid N^igari Fa".^ breai. the result cf ii conslan; alow process of eroeisn, oi.d r-L'Ser *ftT 25 ears of the approach of the small planet Er's a prU-i at Notre Dame to wiuiin 16,000000 nules of the -art: . .::^: \ IX^-.-KH- an trtiiaL'.j the r.«srest it hus code in the :3_-', . X-ru} S.Se 5*1 Scu-nces greatest tragedy :n tlse death of 76 ^if of -»:· t::-. v r:i il...d f r e e injcitn-v be- ser.Qas lllnecs of 167 others in 2 l:~i:ore birti- a:- 4 a:i '.her X-raj 1 process !·-'·-'· 5r tubercular children in G«.-- bone manv Thev got what is belie', cc 10 :n a liive been a contaminated octo -_f '..'JJI inti-luberculccis si-rsim. mystery of t- - t o\cr the Meu e ·Ahlch t'.'l'os :·" !·" struct :n x or f r»:g:i s'ib Lxxiv ::: "hr-c i' :-e:».-'ns JLS .4 '.:·.:. - ' . , ' i ' v sc.-::'..fic interest. v'vist* Pircard of the ?: L.-.M-! aavndcd ^i a .:i; i t'.l -v:.v\'. !v a b,'l- .'-' "nV !' t" o\T th- Sv. L. Sc:e::c« solied Valley In Belg-.iim last January, poisoning h'.^-.drrds, many of whom died. The of5'-_«: sr-l'ztlon is that ssilph-Jrie ac.d contact with the Kl::: the natural fs^ re earned over Use \alley Lke a heavy ars oW blanket. ' High Resotre Of A Sports Scribe. Whereas the New Tear is at hand, and it is customary upon th's occasion to rnf^f some good resolutions for the coming twelvemonth, this sports scrrr- +rj»r- here and now does solemnly aver that: He -wffl disabuse himself of the cherished Idea that the way to win wagers at horse tracks is to back a second choice against the champion. He win write no more wisecracks which hinge upon the "Irish" of Notre Dame, the roughness of hockey, the Princeton football team, the errors of sports radio broadcasters or similar standard subjects for jibes--though in swearing off the ribbing of the broadcasters he is performing a feat well nigh heroic. * * ft Away, Haiah Words! He will not pick Mickey Walker to beat M»* Schmeling, but likewise will not cast the harpoon at Mickey, because after aH the MtrJf has been a mighty floe little fighting man in Ms day. He will not try to tblnfr that Jack Oempsey really is an old man who is humoring' htmngif with. **"* notion of coining buclr. but win endeavor to convince himself that perhaps -Jack really is growing younger every day. He will exhibit more than usual sagacity by picking the winner qf the Ken- ^tucky Derby the day after the race is run. * * » Just To Be Polite. He win. try to listen to managers of priae fighters when they extol their goods, even though he knows what they are trying to peddle is ham. He will endeavor in every possible way to persuade himself that Gene Turtney Is Innocent of those charges of high hat hurled against the mn, and try to visualize Gene as a. much misunderstood individual. He wffl try to forget the kind of golf Bobby Jones used to play while watching the present ciowd of golf celebrities whacking away at the new golf ban. He wiU not shock staid old press bos habitues during the world series nest fall by leaping up with a loud yen upon seeing Pepper Martin fling himself headlong into a base and come up safe and grinning and very dirty. * * s That's Nice Of Ton. He will try to forget Nap Lajoie, Hans Wagner, Ty Cobb and Christy Mathewson when eying the baseball rookie crop in the south in 1932. and win try to remember that these are merely earnest young athletes who need every kind of a break to make the grade. He ·wffl try to forget the injustice wreaked by the Brooklyn TrmnagemeTit upon TTncle Wilbert Robinson and make a superhuman effort to consider the Balminess Boys as a ball club without the Jolly round squire. (Say this is getting tongher and tougher, line by line.) * * * Aw, Don't Be SStjl He win shadow box witfa himself in the effort to ynafcA frim-gplf th!nfr that Jim Londos really is able to beat every opponent he wrestles. He win try to make himself believe that a left-hander like Loa Broainard ·~ttl keep the world's ·srelterweigh: championship for many years. He win try to regard Prirno Camera as something at least a little better tfoflo art overgrown Gorgonzola. He win try not to matter into i beard when the show becomes pretf bad. For. after all, as the poet sayr "TJet cs all be up and doing--everybody that we can." * * ~ IMd Ton Know Thai-Operative Harry Martinez of New Or leans sends along the word that th Southern Conference has passed a ray against broadcasting football gam^s . . . with the appended mfoiraatior. that there would be a whaZe of a holier :f that Tulaae-Southem California Rose Bo-s-I game did not go on the ether . . . "Discontinuing the broadcast. Hany writes, "is not going to ma ; :' people att«rxi games . . what the public wants now is lower admissoa and vntii sach a step is taken there wjjj al- -^ays be plenty of empty seats at qaines throughout the country . . . 'h^ r-cent TuLane-Georgia game was broadcast but people crowded onto the Selo for that game after filling the stad- ;urn." ,1 A "DIPPY"HAT Theater News TlYoU. One of the most delightful motion Lectures to reach the local screen a Strictly DishonorabV." Vniversai's ;ophisncau?d comedy which is at the TivoJi again today. In the subtle piquancy of its itory. the brill^nce of its dialogue, and the acting o' its players, even down to the smallest role, this screen play is a positive gem. And it is noteworthy that there is not an "extra" in the picture. · The cast is not large, and every role is an "acting" part. ! All the action of "Strictly Dishonorable" takes place in a New York speakeasy and the apartments above it. and 1 the picture fellows the adventures of a Southern grl and aa Italian opera singer whose intentions, as he admits , 'A her, arc "strictly dishonorable." ' A series of entertaining short sub' jects are also on the bill. I in recent years. The question is ; whether music will ever take its right! ful place on the screen, one which has i been the the concern of artists, com, posers and Hollywood technicians since ' the lack of movement in the earlier musicals dro\e them from popular lavcr. · All were agreed that the public wanted music with its screen diet, but none j had a constructive idea to offer unfl Guy Bolton appeared with the original screen ftory of "Delicious." incorporat- 1 ing many unique ideas for music Fox 1 Films considered it the perfect veSrcle i for Janet Gaynor and Charles Farre:. ["Goldie" Both girls are French a n d ! ', their accents hai? proved deckled a_v- · «-ti m talking pictures | Maryland. Xor.T.a Shcirer aocars toda ar.d , Fnsiv at tile M-iM'.ar.d :n , ' Strangers MJI K_Ki" uztii Roivrt i Montgomery. Nei! Hamilton. Marj~r!i- ' 1 Rairibra'j and Irer.e Rich. 'lisa bwi- | tiful star is supixri-d by this irrt-.u ! cast of popular stars in one of hr- «.t all-talk.: f p i t u r r e , also a irs:pi\ \\iih sj:.:.d. 4-H CLUB MEETING .:. - _·: vie 1 T.V rajetuis. *rj:,-h r,." be the ;h.rd annual affair o' the count;, organization, -a j; !c presided b:. Pascal Henn. presides*. Amsns the Important Ions hi\c bas.:j*ss to cctr.e bcfcre the orgar.a^- v i.:i ·!·.i.-^ '"·» '.:e ^H: o of C'«:-.: ;.j;i i'.'.i be the election of officers and Vy ::t Hi--.-x I? S': ':! ' :r..:r.'-'t.'r.- carussion as to the recrsanjcat-or: of a -' t.:* Pr-d'-r. i: C\.r.:v !·-.:.· -J-K ·-!! c:-.:b ba-eiaa:: '.eai-je. nh:;h C. ;^ C.-::-.-.:. ..T;,-.::-;e at the f^:ir:;i::t-d In the county list year T.:e .'.r.r.ual rr.ict.::; Pa .rciiv aft"r::csa ;p. rcj;i.-i! j ccnj'iared o! older club meai- ;he Fre..^-r..-k Y. M C. A at 1 30 bers Ap"rox:n-.ato'y ::j NEW YEAR'S DAY. Tivoll. Wnen "Delicious," the new Gaynor- Earrell musical romance comes to the Tlvoli on New Year's Day and Saturday, it may sohe the most perplexing problem the motion pictures have had Opera House. "Suicide Fleet,- the RKO Pathe naval special playing at the Opera House has both its spectacular and its humorous ep^odes. Some of the jolly laughs are o.'fered in a Moroccan sequence In wh'ch BUI Boyd finds his baddies Robert Armstrong and James Gleason cutting capers. The French girts in this sequence arc played by Yola D'Avril and Nannette Faro, both of whom are really French Miss D'AvnI. uho came into prominence as the girl of "All Quiet on the Western Front," recently appeared w'th Constance Bennett in "The Common Law " Miss Faro played French sirens in "East Lynne," "Once a Sinner" and (From the VaH Hat Co.. New York) Looking southward or out to sea, and with a. lacquered qtiill to steer its chic course, is the new tra-.el hai that; has a dressmaker cro-jrn, intri-ately cut and stitched trimly, and an even wlc-th brim ail around that knows where to dip over the right eye and lift, over the left and hugs the hairline all around the back. It Js of gay red *aun suede. Insure Your Automobile HIGH GRADE POLICIES CONVENIENT TERMS CLAIMS SETTLED PROMPTLY INSURANCE THAT INSURES LEWIS R. DERTZBAUGH . rhage. · Once inside the heart, the bullet pass- HP KP'T 1 BfiV C XTTPB ed Wto the left ventricle, then was niiHui, DUl On I ill? forced up the aorta (largest artery of j the body), through another large artery Missile Takes Long Course In ***** torough chest and «^ mm = «rH irjVi *tija Tpff ilian v-rti Preventing Death. il | and into the left iliac artery, j carries blood to the laTt leg. The missile ' I»T is in the femoral artery. 1 Doctors said had the ballet failed to , round the arch of the aorta at the base · of the neck it would iiave gone through .the carotid artery leading to the head 'and, on reaching the base of the brain. have caused death. Ohio, Dec., 30.--Shot in the heart, a boy here was saved when ithe blood pushed the .22-cahber bullet | into an artery. i The bullet finally lodged in the boy's where surgeons be permitted to Utoe being. itery^tTa point in the left leg wnere The boy. Harry Bestarre. was shot by | it can. b. removed without danger. j a playmate Saturday. He ·s-as reported | STIEFPS SILVER Eose, Puritan and Clinton Patterns FULL LINE CARRIED IN STOCK EXCLUSIVE AGENT FOR FREDERICK JAMES E. DOLL JEWELEB FOB OVEB 50 RS The bullet lodged In the waU of the ' ""Wen, _*cu're married ,,». aren't heart's left auricle. Espansin and con- |5° u? " traction of the heart muscles worked | "Yes. I've been married TWO years. it into the auricle, with a blood clot, Two long years. Two long years too building up behind it preventing hemor- long."--Pele Mele, Pans. HAPPV : Let Us Help You :! E * · i · make your dollars go fnrthei and give more satisfaction. ·' ;· DYEING g| !· LADIES'DRESSES AND COATS $2.50 np » ;· MEN'S SUITS AUD OVEBCOATS $3.00 J, j" CLEANING AND PRESSING m J| Ladies' Plain Dresses and Plain Coats, f\*\ ·' ;· Men's Suits and Overcoats, 3)1. .00 !: QUAKfcR CITY ;* FREDERICK'S OLDEST BIGGEST AND BEST I CLEANERS AND DYERS mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfixmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^acaa^ One of the forerjnr.ers of the automobile sr.c irctcrcvc'e was a b:cyc"e prctDclIea b~ stcarr It ·uas "o-i_t ir; ^ 3S8o It is r.yz owned by a PhiZa- v.elph.a man. NEW YEAR'S GREETING! ~~ We extend to you our best wishes, that through the New Year your life may be richer and fuller and that you may find the real joy of life which comes in making others happy. EDWARD H. 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