The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 29, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 29, 1934
Page 2
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TWO Grain Prices Soar Upward SUCCEEDS DOLLFUSS IN CRISIS . CHICAGO, V?) — Feverish 'lativ*. bvtyins of s^ai^s broke out! late Saturday, and whirled prices j skyward, wheat and corn bo:h up! more than S cents a bushel. Cora ; .'excelled the season's previous top iprice record. Apparent likelihood :hat a «ew wave of severe high temperatures ' would overspread the United . States text w«ek, threatening in . particular disaster to corn. wras | chiefly responsible for tL« out- ; burst- In various ouarters, n ash- { iEgton*s official weekly weather | ;oreca«: was taken as c.oa firming | at least in part the »rosepect o: i z. torrid heat forthcoming. i -X flurried close at virtual::-" :ne , dayjs peak quotations was wit- • messed in ali :he srai:: p;is, with ; wheat 2 5-S :o 3 ^-5 cenis aj>ove ; Friday's finish, corn - 3-4 to ^ 1-4 • np. oats 1-2 to - 1-- advanced i and provisions sbow-r.s 25 cents gain. Cotton Mart Holds Steady enced by weaker news. co;:or. prices dip?^ 5 ar -"- rec--versa -r. a moderatly active n.arke- >a:uruay. Tb* close ra* very steady ar.c -, fo 5 points ne: higher. Tbe opening was ca.s:er ai- in-aeb. better than due. r irs* tr^ae.-' sGio-wcd losses of 3 '? 4 r-oinis ana. prices co-linked to ease ^ o:: rains. : As the weather map. w_hen- P^s:43'"did not sno*-" 2.3 mum ra;n as £ad been privately r-eporiee ar-.> as Uie forecast for tne CLTnirg Wees: indicazec he: a::c dry ^-eatner for the western be>. the - market rallied :r. tiie second and Snal bonr and October ad'-arcei £b 12.50 arid. jOecem'c-er to -" -'-'or:""l-S points above the «ar::er ^0^-3 •c-estercay. There -was a recess:c-n " the er.d on Livestock Mart Steady FORT TTORTH. <U- S. D. A.) — Hoss 650: lew truck ht»?s steady; top 4.50; mixed grades and weights 3.00-4.25: packing «ows 3.75 down or steady. Cattle 50 commercial 2,500 government: calves 25 commercial. j 000 government: nominal; for •week: slaughter steers 10 to 25c higher; sSaushter yearlings strong to 25c higher; cows steady to strong:: other classes slaughter cattle fully steady: slaughter calves about 25c lower. Bulk prices: grass slaughter steers ±.503.50; scattered sales fed steers 2.50-3.50: scattered sales fed steers 4.25-5.60: better grades fed WHERE DOLLFUSS MET HIS DEATH, • 5,00-5.60; butcher cows j | 1.75-2,25: weighty slaughter f calves 3.25 dovra. 1 Sheep none; nominal. For I I week: fat la nibs steady to 25c ? I lower; other classes steady: bulk i medium grrade fat lasnbs 4.00-5.00; | medium to good fat yearlings 1 3.50-4.00: medium to good asred I and 2 year old fat wethers 2.00i75: sood fat ewes 2.30-2.60: feed- I er lamb? mostly 3-00; feeder year| linirs 2.75-3.00. At The Lamar Rushing sack to Vienna from Venice. Prince von Starhemberg zicve). 35->-53r-o-d Seadcr cf the loyal heimwehr. took charge of the KustriEii government folScwins the sssasssnaticn of Chancellor EngSe- 2rt Dcilfuss by nsri refaeis. Von Starhemberg comet from an aristo- ~=tic .farrHy thst has figured often in the past history of Austria and ^e idol of his tr 3cps. (Associsted Press Phcto) At The Grana ! BLOSSOM LOCALS, PERSONAL ITEMS Ur-"«a"v"ae-'p^w-:^ human act-! Thi* is the federa' chancellory buiSding I.t Vienna, where Chan- ; or« « ^ea : "o-che=t-a suspended cellor Englebert DoHfuss was surprised by naxl rebel. att» red as loyal ' ^ W a'- *u~e -lass sets i.-. I hcimwehr troops and put to death. Other member* of the DoUfus* 8 ov- 1 wh«ch beautiful irirls dance in] ernment wer* he - prisoner- ir th* Chancellory for hour* a^terwar^- | cellophane S arb: I lion stamped- j t Associated Pres* . ?*£ I ins: a sreat Hollywood party— j . ! t>-e-e are iust a few of the sights. t 1 thrills and" lasgbs in "Hollywood ] XALIHINA LOCALS, ; bales of hay i Party." much heralded niulti-sta»; ~ ^r_I . _ _"1 entertainment now „ . . . . . _ | ar the I-amar Theatre. j i the fire was caused by spontiane- The new picture presents a dis- j -r AT ., HIN - A . okla. — John M MARKETS At A Glance U<**i XE» 10** rr«v Clone C!o»* SUKDAY, JULY «•* Stock Mart Stages Rally NEW YORK. {A 1 } — Stock* xua Jan JWarcfa, May J»Jy Oct. l>ae 13L»3 1S.OS 15.01 . - - . v . 1S-21 1S.30 13.14 13.1» 1S.2* 13.SS 13,±« 13.35 .... «.*«• l±-»4 • «.»•••«.*» 12.9S 1X05 12.»3 13.»4 May July On. NEW OKJUCAXS COTTO3J 13L9I 13.03 12.95 13.03 i 15.16 13.15 1*-03 15,1* 1X17 li.13 13.07 1S.23 i. 1S,*0 1».2« 15.1* 132* !*.»» 1S.02 CHICAGO G*A1> Wheat Pr«v Cium* Ulcb tx>» uly 9«?i S$K S'H. SSVi 10i*a 9 51 W ay "mi!ir"j«;H Corn— July 63^ Sept. Dec. O*i Jtily rally Saturday in qaiet tradlngr contraatlns with wld* movement* and un»ettlc«l market* earlier la \Vhile trader* from Austria c>osely for alcrBS of "intensified war fever, latest developments in that quarter apparently were not considered unduly disturbing, Th* foreign bond market was •till inclined to be a Uttle nervous but liquidation in domestic securities, dwindled to a thin *tream at. the 101VL 1 Rains and relief from heat wan 44 SI :IH * 45 Vi *6it Rx . T03* T3«i ?!%i "* 73 75% 4*S 4SS 71 S. view of fears that the- drouth would seriously curtail plans for autumn business expansion. Speculative interest reverted to Drains, as wheat. aided by strengxh in foreign markets, jspurted for a s&in of about three f cents a bushel- Com followed on !£ ] th*. rise and ended 2 3-4 to i around 3 cents higher. Cotton ex- Boiiham Gets First Rain Since June 12 j , tended a rally to close 25 to i cents a bale higher. WMS MKKT- «ONHAM."—The first raiij since i ANTLERS. OWa>--Th e fifth June 12 fell Here late Friday, ac- Tuesday meeting of the combined companies by a strong northwest missionary societies of Anilcrs wind The mercuo- which has I will b« held Tuesday afternoon at been hovcrins about the centuo" | the home of Mrs. Noble *»««*. mark "for d^ys took a decided J Mrs. C- C. Stephenson. president of the ST«>^P. announces. n« to Le ^ _ .. jLovins, about 2 1-2 miles east of being played ! PERSOiN AL ITEM> j town. Friday evening. It is thought points i5et and December at The Granc Theatre presents for -. ^,, J>V -- eritertsir-merit a novel p:cture. *"r-Srt:n:c," 3. picture filrn- irast.o: r.air.e aL-:ors. enacting the lives. This picture displays to the f-jll^^r the r=r;n;itiv« loves. c->n- J. IX Coleman of to Paris, Texas for an ap- ™ mance and all. But \ tennis!-P €ndicitis operation. „„.,. , T BLOSSOM.— Mrs, TV ulie Martin jv oow*. «.~ .— "™-; injec . ed - :Tlt o it. as a logi returned from an extended -^ec>.c --- * Mrs. E. C. Kame!, C;*~ ^1 • Xaw band, with headquarters at ! ri 1 ^^- cLits _ __ _ _ _ : Jean and Joan, o' Lo» C-. according to i COMMITTEE SEEKS PASTURE FOR BEEF and jLamar Coun.ry Chamt'er of Commerce is at work or. the se- . beef cattle shipped here for ?ro- ai. Sob Slantor,. manager. s?..:d i lear afterpoo". , had :; ISir. Blantor. pointed o-t that-: ~ a: tfce^ : 'ca:ct3e created a health n>er;-i= c -£ ace as well as ..beirrs ar, eyesore tc .; jr.o: j.ts and visitors in their ; sat pa.stnras'e <?s North Main ; cay ^.reei and erpress-ed the hcpe the ! cp-rtls .•sro-ulc be reeved to another site''-at an early date- Mrs, G. H. Baldwin has returned to "Windom after visiting tier dau§rhte.r_ Mrs. Ra!ph Sc'jdder. Mrs. Edward McKani of De^-s. i -roit is ill here at the home of her s shocking : mother. Mrs. Lillie Vickers, Burl Bradford of Kiornitia is here for treatment of a spider bite on his foot- M. S. Carpenter of Sprin-grfield, Mo. formerly of Paris was here --,.„,.- ., this ~eek. the gruest of his aunt, "V' "^-'v~" i ".'i^oD'e" w^ile 'Mrs. Lucy Johnson, ""-t -^i/"":- ^'"^ = " " mi l--"^<l i Mr, and Mrs. "Burton Mason ,,r,Tr.Z."I~ = --.'-~- ^v--o2-u= faiN ^ who have beer: attending 1 summer aitena" the^sh^winsr only to j school at SMU have returned from !_ 55 ^ c _ 5 O j : ^ e K e5I ara- i Ruth Kimba.ll of Deport is visit- E;5 ir, Paris for many \ Rev. Joe Connall? S- ; the •" vvil! re shc-'-vn f •- cne Amort? •Hello." by Routers and Har •word from Consrressmari \Vilburn . parents. Mr. and Mrs. VT. Y. Mc- Durante's corriica! "Rein- bv The S3 me authors: I Cartw right. Sucy Is expected HENSHAW ICE CREAM CO. Next To TP&L I Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jordan has and 245 been nanae<2 Mary Lee. Mickey Mouse, Walter Donaldson. The- new picture, a hundred per j cer.t oure entertainment, is topped - bv 3. "thrill when a lion stampedes ' a <-av Ho!!vwo"'d party and Jimmy | Durante wrestles the beast. j *ct ? rs~ honors are divided be-! tween Laurel and Hardy. Jimmy j .e. Charles Butterwonh. j Sunday Special ICECREAM QUART FREE DEIJ^TERT — FHOXE 22» Van'll*. Chocolate. Strawberry. ' Banana Kut. Fruit, Peach. F«an Krunch. Almond Toffee. Pineapple *nd bets. Urn*-. Pineapple *nd Orange. in FREE Hsis Week At Bomar's Eat Shop South 19tc Street Formerly White's Ear Shop We •will gr:ve s. ''rink PRHEI tJiis -sre-ek Tr:*.r! escr. crc^r of ;! Oc or more- nsrr rs CURB SERVICE OUPLE IS INJURED AS TEAM RUNS AWAY clly Moran. I^'-pe Vel ^ z - 5 ra - EC f s j revival at Reno con- i TTilliams. JacX Pearl. r-dd:e QaH- ! ^.-ctad by the presiding eld^-r of ' Ian, Jun-e Clyde. Georgre Givot, i Paris district. Rev. C. 31. Simpson. ; Richard Carle and *ed Healy anc ; : Bn-'an Moore of Amarillo is stoog-es. 1 %-«; ; r?'-!~ >- ; ~ r i ?" s »rits ilr. a.r;G Mrs. -'' L from a "week's trip to Sotitl points. At The Plaza i POWDERLY SCHOOL ANTvEX IS PLANNED Principal Employed: May Increase Staff of Teachers The school board announces ai t Powderly costing _ ;-.€. jxro: _innins September -~- Plan* are also beingr ma^e .or --•* n lt> ... school affiliaticn. ^ _ ^ ^_ ~z\_ 2. Grimes ^ri-j mi^ _.s. ,»—.-•. Rifl os the fleet! Fast as th% oir force! Thrilling as u sec fight! Ftfnrry as tfie screen's twro gr»«twise-crack- f**g chomps could malt* vt! i shcvrn for the firs; time Ic-caliy.; i with James Casney and Pat i O'Brien co-starring. _ ! The picture is characterized ^b? \ ^^ ' past seven or eight _years in , I ciean. roilicking run. rapid *;re [ j,,-^ an .., r> a ilas counties, h;i= b-een 11 ed for the most part aboard 11 giant batt;esn;p. the IT. S. I; Arizona, w:th the entire Pacific ; ^^'^ 3 . A , degree from Soul: I! fleet ir, the backs-round, a mag- -, ^_^ -.^^.vv.-^isr university of £>a.- H „;•«•:,»,!-,* ==^v* i-i J -s*>:' for the i"'* jl .^-...v..^ _.,» -—- _ ; , as »i company was fortunate erio-=rn to, -r^ tea-chers are R- '•-- : ^rurr.- ! I b-e aboard the warsr.i? just a« ! ,^__ a *h!et:c coach. Misses Lo-s jl maneuver^ cut of the harbor en ; T^^" pv a _^ e =_ all c5 wh6rr ^»r» r=- Atlantic waters. ; ^ i ' e " c ~ e - ! _ r- is expected two otn^r ., - - ^ _ .for t»ach:r,?»ua; trair-.-rtp a..^} p'.ace when Jimmy Ca^r-ey. s.» a • , Va other for Spanis-h, Av*».«se at^n burning ponder; .p-T^^-re. a r '.he school is COO. "" ' P. I- Chism who restsr.e ^Irltime ag-o to enter tne^ race_ f ,^ I ccu-ty super-intcrident. Mr. Grin- Don't Flirf With Death Be Safe - Be Sure of Your Brakes Come In and let us test your brakes on our modern, efficient machine, under the personal supervision of our brake expert, Frank Lane. If repairs are needed to make your car conform to the specifications of the new State law and of safety, let us perform needed repairs. We sell and highly recommen FIRESTONE BRAKE LINING Outing Group Plunges Over 30 Foot Bank Bad Brakes Held Responsible For Horror of Sun* day Outing OSSTNING. N- T.. «*> — morsrue Mr«iday. victims of * afternoon ontinsr tH»t to horror an* flame* when «. motor I>us» iff brake* aJlccodly defective, raced <rrer a SO-fooi embankment. (FU-printtxi from ;ack-tar. rolls --rh:ie stripped save his mates waist a na Cool. Comf ortab! t C3"?:-' rria-kes the cocky ar..-i rebe".".io--us tar. albeit a youth with a sojnd hear*... •**::••> , wh;pp*«: into the mou f; an-1 a hero. Live. One s-s'r^ :r.e j| s&rne widie-swake ^.rsn^.;. snr;.a.rt si J --a'-k J r J s: *u*i of J.ire and II'f-, but |i .r a "bi^r^er role that skives h.m I; th•*• finest opportunity -of r.;-*. | career. j ; Pat O'Brien grives a fine r>€r- . 'EAGLEBARGER CALLED BY DEATH A FRANK STATEMENT FROM THE MANAGEMENT After usins 24-hour service for a year, we have decided to close from 1 2 p. m- to 6 a. m We find that complete super-service 24 hours a day is impracb^ble, because we.cannot render the kind of service that has made Langford's famous. By this new arrangement our manpower is better distributed to give you better service. We take this opportunity of thanking you for the splendid patronage given us 1 he management gladly welcomes any suggestions or criticisms that will help us make our service better. , " ™, '„ '* Kuneral * a rr.tin ; Srt For ~> o'Or Afirrnoon at Chapel O'CICCK Be«^tti JAMES CAGNEY Sunday and Monday p AT ? to some o =s:— day rr.cmlnz -?•?', Vwes- C"-~,err>- s Su3 , 3y v: ^ b , r ., ;n -Bro^n V e! OTJ gouth ,^ fl &r _ the R<sv . Plymouth Service- Trained Mechanic* Parts Stock Neoct Attraction Stamboul Quest PAT O J BRI GLORIA STUART FRANK McHUGH HOLLYWOOD PARTY" tlRFL AND HARDY—JLMMIE DUR E VELEZ — JACK PEAR1. — JUNE TED HEALY AND HIS STOOGES A fell 2'*'>0 HOLLYWOOD FAVORIT ii*::.j:.. ( "'year, :urnish*» the; Ben*on. _ 1:. Dor. en««y', In \ : ye»n» « _. »> A «- • e to Far. * h«r hOTT *• ^ ^k^' TP^ ^H * —»• * T •%^»' ^k^ ••.*•- 4K. ^ «, — • Tt ^t Jb. LAIJRFL AND HARDY—JLMMIE DURANTE UJPE VELEZ — JACK PEAR1. — JUNE CLYDE U.Y AND HIS STOOGES HOLLYWOOD FAVORITES FUN AND Sw*I*y — Monday FROLIC in- orothy Tr~* \ *>* th, wo prp.. no of I'ari,. <?*or*« Ea«lel>.r^r or Dai^. Mr,, H. H. Rob^on. Hat V* "* ***** ****™ T * r ° Paris, a.n-5 tnr* FARMERS AT FAUGHT ARE PLTTLNG UP HAY TO SK>'I> OEI-KGATES ONLY Town Ha, Talced About It For Week. A*kW To S«« It ' * •xin«,«rr HT— Farmers 3 r«i bary and pu«Sn« «P hay for { fee/J. Severe.: >*op^ are 3% <i<r]« s -s?a. !F *» to t.h*- Hun* ? Democratic conv*ntion t ^ trt th- rflstrl-t «*urt ro-,r* ^nvil^ Saturday, A;s^«*t <, having to ha«! <5rinkSnsr wator, Robert C. Cook of Par1» b*j a rn*<rr'.n# for the Church of Chi (at TO o'clock. C. Langford — '•EIAIILESS OF HME, HAMFACTHO M AT W1AT MtlCt SPECIALIZED LUBRICATION Using TEXACO Certified Marfax Grease, the best that money can buy. All leading bus lines use it. It costs us 25% more than ordinary grease. BUly Whitewde, Operator Bob Ro«*'a hay bam was burned Mon*5»iy and it •the fir* siartfd from new hay stonwj th«-r«, Mrs, VoIIl* Holcomb who fa*# Jxen UJ i* *bi« to b« up, TYPHOn> WARNING Okla, — C o u n t y . , HeaJth Officer I>r. E^wln Galnn i£«ru«« a warnin« to th* »«<! ?u!jvS««« ta.k!n|: typhoJd serum a* & j>recA«tion, »• typhoi<J u*rtri* ar« more prevalent In hot weather. LA W AH Thingt For All Car*" GFORD'S Phon.1100

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