The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on January 7, 1962 · Page 32
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 32

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 7, 1962
Page 32
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Stephens and His Demands Sandy Stephens, Minnesota's All-America quarterback, has made some rather definite demands regarding pro football. He has said he must have a two-year, no-cut contract and be guaranteed that he will be given at least a two-year trial at quarterback. A two-year, no-cut contract means that he can't be lopped off the roster for that period even if he wouldn't otherwise have made the grade on that team. I think Mr. Stephens is making at least two mistakes. First, he is practically eliminating himself from the National Football League and possibly Canadian football and he is over-estimating a portion of his gridiron abilities. Stephens was drafted by the Cleveland Browns of the NFL and New York Titans of the AFL. Let's examine his record during the past season. He won the total offense title for the Big Ten with 1,151 yards, 394 rushing and 757 passing. He was No. 2 in the league rushing both in total yardage and number of carries. Ohio State's Bob Ferguson was ahead of him in both categories. In passing, Stephens was fourth in total yardage, but last in completion yardage. He attempted 123 and completed 44 for a mark of 35.8 per cent. What does a pro football team look for quarterback? Cleveland docs not look for a player who is exceptional in diagnosing defense. Coach Paul Brown calls the plays. No team looks for a runner for that spot. They have other men to do that job. Stephens' rushing average of five yards each time he carried the ball and 394 total yards in 79 carries won't earn him a pro quarterback berth, I doubt if the NFL is looking for a passer who ranked RACINE SUNITfAY BULLETIN Jan. 7, 1962 Sec. 4, Page ,7 m a Schedule in City TOt) W I.AKESHORE CLASSIC DfMark's v? i JUNIOR CVO lAt Doiicla';' Sacrrd iHi-arl vs. S I. Miirv. 2.20. SI Joscpli \.-SI Rose, 3 20. St. Jolm vs. St. RilM. 1.20. St. Efl«ard vs. Holv Tiiniiv. 4;2(]. MA.IOR ORA.MCiK Hlirrs Pure Oil v.v Johnson Jubiu'c .-i, Douijlu.s, B 40 MA.IOR GHEEN - Ronclorie.5 v.-Duane'.s, Douglas, 8.40. — AP Wirrphnto PLAYOFF BOWL — Philadeiphia's King Hill picked up six yards on a quarterback sneak against the Detroit Lions Saturday in the National Football League playoff bowl before being stopped by the Lions' Joe vSchmidt. Also on the play were Kagles' guard John Wittcnborn (62) and Lions' Alex Karras (71), Darris McCord (78) and Roger Brown (76). Detroit won 38-10. MONDAY MAJOR WHITE—(At Douglnsi—Mld- t T->- T' I 1 • I I Uowii Food^s vs Frank it Ann, 6 40; last among Big 1 en quarterbacks m that department.:sportsmen v.s pnma vera, 740; s.tL ^ " ^ ^ Foods vs. ni'Marks Jpts, 8:40 ORANC.E 'At Pooh—Jolin- LXiliili' VS PJnimanu'M I.tith., H 40. Schedule Tougher for Angels in '62 Notre Dame Asks Change CHICAGO — (/P) — Notre one involving "last play" field Dame, stung by the contro- goals. versy over its 17-15 football The Notre Dame- Syracuse "victory" over Syracuse, will squabble figures to share top propose this week that the billing at the annual conven- ipowors of the National Col-ijon vviih the power battle be- ilogialc Alhletic Assn.'s rules (ween the NCAA and the Am- committoes be extended tf) re- atour Athletic Union n\'er converse the outcome of a game trol of basketball, track and I The Noire Dame move will field, swimming, wrestling be c '(in.'-;i (l('re(l next Saturday and gymnastics, at tluM-losing business session probable probationary ac- 'of the r .iilh NCAA convention, tjon against erring member Iwhich opens a week-long run schools; proposJils from the jhere Monday together with committee on bribery and meetings of affiliated groups, gambling to tighten recruiting It will come in the form of and eligibility requirements in ia proposed amendment to the the; wake of another basket- (NCAA by-laws that reads: ;ball scandal; and considera- "In the esont that the out- tion of a national pre-registra- rome of a contest is thrown tion service—better known as :into doubt by a disputed in^ a naticmal letter of intent — tcrjirotation of the rules, it also are on the agenda. shall also be the duty of (the ^•C.'\.^ lilies) commit tees in' ^ their respective sports to hold Dtf -mAC I I III I I A a full and thorough hearin.i; on Ql Qf Cj III vllC the iniident and deluer an .aiithoriiative judgment either 4 ^ T U Jj affirming or reversing the con-' I < rfJ|'IT| HfinnC lest offiei.ils' decision." | • I Ul III I lUIIVlJ Doubt About Passage | M I L, W A U K E E — If adopted, and there IS con-,Thirteen members of the sidcrable doubt it will be. the Milwaukee Braves farm sys- amendnient could toss into (em will be in\'ited to train (|uestlonable status the out- with the parent club at come of any .t'.ame in which Bradentim, Fla., this spring, there is an officials error, j Pres. John Mcl lalo announced 1 Currently, the only way a Saturday. MADISON (/V\ Wis- collegiate sjiorts result can be Among the top farm bands consul started four .sophn- re\ersed is by the concession going to Hradenlon March 1 mores and a junior in its <^r the school judged to have are a conple of redhot pitch- Coach Praises The pro scouts do not turn hand springs over a 35.8' '^'^J'.OR _ r o I son Wax.I compledon percentage. If Stephens persists in his demand for a two-year trial at quarterback and does sign with the Browns, he will be understudying Milt Plum. All Plum did this season was lead both divisions in passing, completing 177 in 302 attempts for 2,416 yards and 18 touchdowns. This was not accomplished with an abundance of topflight receivers. Cleveland had only Tommy McDonald among the league's leading 10 pass catchers. lopening 91-79 Big Ten basket-^'''"" illegally. The rules com-^ing prospects, Carle Greene, ball conference victory over^'•'^ hapjjened in the who won i;5 games for Van- ilowa Saturday, but Badger Notre Darne-Syra- couver and finished with a iCoach John Erickson credited '-'"•'^^ -'t South Bend, brilliant 2,98 earned run ithe triumph to Tom Hugh- <J''i--'(-lt' that average: Larry Maxie. who St. Catherine's Angels en-:tics. vanquished 10 of 11 pre-'banks, a .senior who didn't "tnn :ils were in error had a 17-7 mark and a 2.0!) v;;rV joyed unexpected basketbalFChristmas foes and averaged see action until the start „,• l^ut that s ,t, unless the school LRA at Austin; and Chi-Chi "success in 1961, but things'nearlv 64 points a game in the .second half. - in t-,.is case Nt)tre Dam(----,01ivo, who had a 7-4 record at figure to be tougher in 1962-the process. The lone .setback Frickson .said Hughbanks''""'•'•'l''- I the Louisville with a 2.66 FRA today. occurred Dec. 'A at Pius XI. e:<perience paid off m guard- ^''y-^'''''''^ ^^'"i^ >-\>l- ^'"^1 ^^™^'l'^ '^^'^ 1^' l>''t'"s m -• • ... . mg or reliis"s to concede, tin result stands uiu li.iitged. Others Both the eoinmissiouers of pitt-hets Mii.sso.v-?''t'r(^usun vs StyborK 7.40; Duniure Co. \s. .luhnsuri li:40 PAR 0(- IIIAL C.IRLS TTll -'At Pool -SI. Ho.'C -..s Hir.v Trililly. N. 4. St I ucv V- ,S: Edwiird tl-.M. S. 4. ,S[ E.IW Dm.IS \.. H.ii-. H-.,n. N . 4.4.i. starting St. Marv v.s St. Piiinck. S, 4 4;). Catholic Conference sched- PAr.()c :iiAi. uiHi .s' 81 )i - SI R ,.sr ule calls lor vs St. Edward Whlti'v Dutlthi - .S . 4 ,.,^if Mpcc,mPr for a Si Lurv vs Hulv Trnilty. l),-,lt;;;,- S, -^ICSMnLI lUI cl 4:4.T: Holy N.inie vs St Edw Blur,. aamO thiS aftCmOOn, Hugh banks' occurred Dec. 'A at Pius XI. e:<periencc paid off in gu.ird- It is Obvious that the 1962 l^"n Nelson of Iowa, w the Angels to portion of the schedule will -scored ;'.9 points tor a IT)'' innings. field in\ited Denver included: Lemaster, Plum is not at the end of the pro line so that Stephens wa'ih.^.jr'^ B''^ 2 oclock cause a bit more constcrna- record. Nelson hil .^^^^j l.astern Col- Hank 1-iseher .uid Phil Niekro, i .akrvicvv-- 4 45 at .lohn H.ds "''^'^^ "^'•'^ aiternoon, and lion. The Angels have not of his total the lirst ''all. i^.^^, | h i ( oiiferenc.'s, catcher I 'hil Roof and infield- iMaTvs "srW .ncT'not,«i:,sV "^"'^^'^ McGuiro regards yet encountered Mcssmcr or When Hughbanks took up the turmshed th(> raine of er-oulfiekler Mike Krsnich, iSi^^;.'o^hn Biufs vs. St. j„..(ph. i .^kr- the assignment with under- Marquette at all, and in addi-(Jcfense against the 6-6 Hawk- |-|^.|.||,. ,,1^,, j^iheri Nev- all of Louisville; pitcher l ^'pARocHiAL onu .s 7Tn^ St. John standable m.isgivings. tion they face second meet- f ^Vf^ center, his production ,.i,ai|-,„,,,, ,,f N(-.AA Claude Raymond and infielder i 'YAKESHOHE cLASHic ' Wills Bai-' The Bi shops' record to da Ic ! ngs wi t b Pi US 0 0 d Don Bosco. w a s 11 m 11 cd t o 14 . loot hall Rules Coinmillee, de R K -R Ilerrscher of Toronto. ^'^'ii '^ J:''^'^''^''- (1-2 m conference play) has Form 1-2 Punch I Erickson made no attempt ^.^i,,,! Noirt- Dame should not and pitchers Bruce Brubaker Dl,,.^ -7 7 I,.,,. CHURCH DARTBALL -lAt 7 30 pm FlUm is 1/ and has just Emmanuel at EUI3; U.'ihanni at can expect a quick retirement. 1 ^ ^ 1 • C-C 1 -IT I l" 'Resurrection. Cirace Ltilli. at lirant completed his rirth year as a pro. He may play as long AVP been unimpressive, but most of their woes can be traced Big Rick Jackson and hot- to hide his extreme pleasure ia\-(' been awarded a second ,ind Tom Newton and rookie at winning the first, confer- thance at a game-einlmg Iii'hi catcher Tom Smith of Austin, , , , ^ -, , „ , - .FK. niRI.S ••C-.OI.D- .At Pnid Ovmi as the (jiants Charley Conerly and otephens may be Baskn B.iirs vv Rntn-r • Rru.mi-ni ' ' 1 ' S 7 4.S Odd- ,iv! Eni,-- v.- Pii'ck .i to Shooting Don Paar h a v e ^^^^ ^^-^^ j,^,.^,^, y^,^,^^ . ^^^^j^ ^-^^^^^ as Wisconsin bench for the next 15 vears. suting on the Stephens is a good-sized football player. He runs well. He is a good defensive player. There is no reason for him to demand a two-year, no cut contract if he is willing to work. If he can't make it on ability, he shouldn't be playing. As for acting hke a coach and deciding where he will play, before he even signs a contract, he is making! CADET CYO"^-' W h i z Kids Cri'w. S . « JO W W F.M S . S , 7 .IR (ilRI..=; SILVER I ^' Poiili t .MlU' I.t'atlics vs Cnlnm l :abi(^-. ,\ ,7.4.1. 'lop Cat.- \- na-Kflr.-i •.. N. 8 R Rrjccls V. What Ni,l •. S.. 7 \ JR GIRLS WlillE-C.HKEN Al Palk ' ILsth I - Coi>;irs v .s Oi-inor'. W , Bin iRunarouhds \s ChipnuinK--. . 7 4;) jSiiikcrs vs Sam'-.. W. 7 Jos '-r., v- 'Lllf's. E., 7 Af>. Cats v^ ,Iians. E. 7 i CADET CYO i AI MiKllilcv. ,SI [Stanislaus vs SacriNl Itcarl. 8 'JO. Si Jolui Nep vs llulv Name. 7 30, St. Ed- u"ivp •ward vs. Holy Tnnitv. 6 40. >v a v c injuries. If a few of the ^^^^^^ p.,,^ ^^^^e,, ^ cripple.s, notably Tom Holton, fj^^j^,^ ,.2 punch in re- . were restored to heal h over ^^^^ n Khty I the holidays, the Angels could ^.^^^ ier^A\ci) with ' """'^ ho 111 for trniih p ' _ . _ Texas. coach. "I'm lead into a 17 1 T) lriumi)h' Frick- tor the Irish. Q R + some This even though a rough- oyTSCUSG DG6TS Packers 120-102 1 T-> 1 1 t I Palru-k vs St Hosr a mistake. Fro coaches know somewhat more about Name vs. st tdwani. N wEDNKsnAv^ ^^^^^ of toughestlBosco. Dominican at Memo-' , , ,, . wi .mn.inV hnoi,. N.7 3 ,v, H,.:, sanies avid the player whol.i^,, cathedral at St. Benedict,^^-^^ f>:40 be in for trouble. >^^''"^-^ V"^""";,Rreat moments today." ing nenaltv had been tailed FIvnn Is Back ^"""^'V""" I<'^^'a ("ach Sharm Scheuer- on Svn.euse and Vv'.ill Sween- Mynn is BacK i^^, providing occasional as- , , ,,„.,^ „,.,, Messmer ranked right be- sistance. ^.^^^^ , ^ ,j „,,„„..,^ ,.„,K,.,vski. I he SYRACTiSF, N.Y. - ..T) hind P IUS X as a pre-season, Other points on the Catho- vv.sconsm's viclorv rule book, thev .s ,,„l. makes The Syracuse Nationals main- title choice before the Conference firing line to- ., , ^ ^ i ,1 .: sum \m- r.nt-niion ol tamed their three game lead struck. The bishops,day find Pius XI (3-0) at Mar- _ ' ,,„,',,,„ „„ , i.Hdover the New York Kn.cker- gave last years unbeaten An-.quette (2-1), St. Jo.seph at Don 'V,.,^^ Hawkeye'mentor con-)'"al, even if a roughing i-en- bockers .Saturday night .scor- ;iltyoteurs. mg a 120-102 victory over the - . ......^ ^ , . • u • -inri bo'inl control made the Ask Full Hearing Chicago Packers in the sec- the game than young Sandy Stephens. If they say his'w'^^. i^^.i's^^^^^^ 'r;T"'" Z H I/ ToT FlvnT 'Ts '^till^"^ ''''''' dT ^^cren o N'"'- ^ National Bas- posiL is defensive halfback or offensive fullback, he >/.?c..s"'^Jo? s^^^^f^'^ ^ " venture. ^' ^ • a ftUl hearing by the rules kCball AssocuUion double^ . . arounu. ; ]t IS an important day at POSTPONE FIGHT conuniitee and that, too, could header at the Memorial LAKESHORE 'cLAssiV ucMark'svs McGuirc's ffantic five, so sturtevant, since Notre Dame, DENVFR — (/P) —A sched lake place during the coiiven- Auditorium. MT-TaV^^^^^^ of its unbeaten and the Cardinals'uied lO-roiind heavyweight tion or more likely 10 days Syracuse had five men in po ™o: c ^,arlll•s•vs''Acm,. ui,'ca.T: nerve-shattering pressing tac- sinless in Gold Division play, fight between Mike Dejohn of from IKUV when the commit- double figuies. Hal Greer m7''Horhck°'8 4V' w .-t,.-i, • ^ ^jl-ie stage is set for a big Syracuse, N.Y., and Zora l-ol-'tee g.athers again in Miami |pd the Syracuse brigade with upset if Coach Svcn Sandelin ley of Chandler, An.'., was Beach to vote on any rules 27 pomts while Larry Costello can somehow fire up his postponed S.aturday from Jan. changes for next •'reason and Lee Shaffer added 2.3 and slumping Bonnies. 18 to I -'eb. 76. |Among the chang,es could be 22 respectively. pivot man W a would be better off to accept that decision. If Stephens sticks to his guns in his contract demands, he may find himself one of the few All- Americas ever to wind up playing in the recreation department's touch football league. * :i: :;: Contracts Should Be Binding Christie's Hit 2205 for 1st Vince Lombardi, Green Bay coach and general man- pu;,,,,.j,.,sta.i. a 40 1 11 ' ^ 1 r £ t tl I MAJOR PURPLE Mis.'its vs Pari'-r ager, is more than an excellent teacher ot football and Barbers. McKin:.'v. 7. ciovr N... 1 v an able administrator. He instills pride in his players by the things he says and the things he docb. Paul Hornung, voted the NFL's outstanding player and winner of an award as the top performer in the championship game, last week credited Lombardi with making him the football player that he is. Other Packer players have said the same. One thing sticks in my mind, however, that takes on special meaning because of several recent happenings. unugias°s f'^""' MAJOR RED Wluliy Rcdl-Mix fith S; Bus.. Hnriick, C 40, Jacob MfK vs. 'laylor Ave . Douglas 6 40, .Idhnson Towi-r vs. Panihcrs, Miti hi 11. B 40. MAJOR BLUE Modinf MfK v- Eckcrl Ins.. Jcrstad-Au , (i 40, clovrr No. 2 vs n\ise,r's. Poo! r, 40 \v:,:.\ Ctjrisir vs So. Mam Super. Pool, 8 40 MAJOR ORt;KN P.ipi r Doll vs. Run- i Eaub^s; 5Vr 'e ,'i<i"' 7"4«"' T ^j'u .^r Avi-'T Heavy snow failed to halt the start of the 1962 wcmien's city bowling tournament Saturday night as the team shoot-' s.vrrnuAY '"K S^t """Jer way with the i«s ''*'!s?*^".'uo; "'"'l. '''H^HW <1,\'"' S' Christie's Beauty Nook five^ J OSO.'H; Rose vs Si. N'. 11 1;, rolliug top score of 2205 on aj Hoiv Name v, SacH-d H'-.m N . S/ i , Huly -irinity vs. St painek. s. in 3(i 18.51 gross wilh a 'AlA haudi-; t Western Pitt'. McKiliiev R. .1 I vs. In-Smk-Ei ator. Maelull. 7 4U St Jnhii N vs. Si Mary One is that Lombardi is to take a European vacation with Wellington Mara, one of the New York Giants owners. Another involves college football coaches quitting and being, fired. Many fans have asked if Lombardi's vacation with 4... s. cap. Jensen's Gifts team took place with the top Individual scores sufferedj ;.St Edward (lobi 'Si Edw. Maroon.s :9 4--. I PAROCHIAL BOYS 7TH H.iiv •Trn;:tv Oreen vs SI. Jose|jh. LaHi- view. 9. St John r -ieds vs Holv Ttm.'v SCCOnd Gold. Lak(!View. 9 46, St Rose v Si ^ , . , ^ zirvcov u . Stanlsl.ius, Lakeview, 10 30. SI EdWi ,.dgrOSS Of tllP Hlght (1958) bUt .lold vs. SI John niue^. Lakeview , , j • _ j- 11.1,^: Holy Name vs. SI. Pairick, Don,-only a 228 handicap lor a Saeie.l Heart, ^ 1 gg pet. PAROCHIAL BOYS 6TH St Lurv vs St. Marv. Karine St, 9 30. Holv Nairn ^^.^T'^::'^^ ^^;^';r F^:e,n ^"^r :,f'-om the customary first! poof^sTm '.'^lohrBhn^^V'^V 'j""'^ l^ex as a 467 series by, seph. Pool S. 10 30; Holy Trinity vs SuC JohuSOn Of the Jcnsen^ St John Reds, Pool N , II L'i ^ ... PAROCHIAL BcjYs .iTH .At Pool Giits tcam wus tbc top count (jvmi SI. Edw Marrons vs S' .hihn r .i - i . Blues, N . 9. St Rose vs St Joseph. N Ol thC night. ' ^ 4a. Holv Name vs Sac. Hear'. N. 'IIWI ' Mara has any significance. The old question pops up r45 "st''']id ];;"'Rl *d.s^;-s.''^'st .''MV;>^ s ca,,. . es Be-uuy Nook'^7u '"'V York? Mara is a " " •!':!Ur",^..,^'"'^ 'i^:, •IW 20HR 300 20«0, 384 20fi9' 234 20401 39 (1 2026' W, 2002 Itia 1979 W YMCA Basketball (in lu II LKAfii i: Ite^ultii Saturday dlv nia Ol„l,Ke Cio.J again—will Lombardi go to Ne personal friend of Lombardi's. The Lombardi family stays at the Mara home when he js in the big city. Mara is a sponsor for one of the Lombardi children. Lombardi answered the question best a year ago when he said in effect: "I have a fi\e-ycar contract with Green Bay." Now, ot course, that lia.s been extended. He won't be going to the big city except t-o take his Packers there for a football game. College coaches have similar contracts, but many of them seem to feel that they work only one way. If they get a better offer or a chance for a switch, they ignore the contract. Usually tTiey ^re released because college athletic boards don't believe a disgruntled coach will do a good job. What happens when a coach is fired, however? Kentucky will pay Blanton Collier about ^50,000 for the three years his contract has to run. It would seem that the same thing sh-ould work b.ith ways. If a coarli doesn't want to complete the term for which he signed, he should pay the school damages—or fumr* •rhur,ci..v more realistically, if he knows he would accept a better co 'iVt"^'" offer, he should ask for a simple one-year pact after which he could quit or be fired with no one being paid ^p"^^"*, any additional amount J^W Lanes l^flfi A 1 .lohirun f;radin(; 1042 .) }hnsi>n Kurnil :jri 1 7 *>fj Cliiisiy s Dry tiood.i ](>7f> Koian In-. 1812 '.Vest Rai .me Bank 1H30 BJde Purple 30 Trinl'y Method,., 28 Mad 'UrVonM ^Lc'Ion 1«14 Drove Bapllsl .S3. Chor,!, (d Ood 29 •^•"•"'> <ons,,uc.lon 1H14 Isl P,,- Ijyterian 2. Gla,,^.- lliue 0 •(Ot(i-,ti (JaniPH .Ian. LI—.S'orlh On>nn»- B'.tie Bilde WV-ite r. p ,1. C,iU.iry Red ys Is, Pn ijyi.-iian « p in Orove Dapi.-t v Bible M.iroon 9 [, Tli Cames Jan. It—."siiulh H;b'.e Pu:;de v Chl;t(:b nl God I I'. ... - -Dick .Schlichting, ABC Will Present I Schlichting Clock p in I.IDULK LLA(iI I MiijtHh Mtnuri W I. W Oiohetrotlers 2 1 Ti,(ers 3 V/;ldcals 2 I Ce'.lu rioyais 2 1 Hnwr:.-, 2 1 Uehounders 2 ! CoPs 2 I Havtks 1 2 rioad Runners 2 Cor.tlnenial.s 0 3 I d Coloiiei.1 , Wildcits • PaM',.-, . who rolled a .'500 game Dec. 10, .will be presented with an ABC 'o electric clock trophy tonight^ ° at Uptown Lanes. Re be,. Ke^ulls >aiiird.ty I M a J r • . Wddcais 30. Hova!- 21 Cib,;n-ii ,'iers 34 i .o,: ip' i.i P'-b'ninders 40 J'a^Ks 30 • Ml,,'- I- • W '.dl.,.1.. .'.4 8l e .1 - •, R ..<d Hi,tiller. .^'br,. I C'-l'ics 22 I.,: C"'..' Vt Coll.' 3'l. Pa,,,he: !'J l.,;.is 49 Ha-Jiis 2t". ineOiBi.^ Vh I{f)>iil-. p , Oamp« Katurday Ha*ks v« W-.ldrats a;.d Panthers vs WildCBl.s 12 noon , v.s ColU and Sneakers V5 | pin. I L;l Colonels vs Road Runi.ijtf »iid' Wildcats v». Ha»k» 2 pm. T I Andy Drott, secretary of 2 1 the Racine Bowling Assn., 0 3 will make the presentation 0 3 lUKi before the Uptown .Sun-; day Nite Owls starting bowl-' mg at 7 p m. .Schlichtmg's 12-strike effort was the 17th perfect game by Racine bowlers in sanctioned league or tournament play since 1926. 20 Chicago dk'llamy tallied ;iG points to i become high man for the game. Ill i-ii I-'T V Sett M ' 10' Na',-' I .1 r,; 1 (lit: I It • 1 I ml.. I. M.i,' " ll'.d.l ^ork- II-. M. i--r P N,.|. n I Tolall 4 ' !>-',oll N'-w Vnrh 1 2.1 20 11 10 •.'1 29 :|i) 22 .'H IM 11.-) Race Results I- \IK (iU(ICM)S Jl 1 ()0 V< 40 $4 ;•', I'i,iv OlII;r su Lii in (I C. I.; »4 80 TItlll'K M. I'AUK Ul DItisiiin ..',.or i» 10 S! 1ft • lilo.-si-,,!),- S3 30 $2 111 '\.-; oi;i:,r 44 ei| 2d DivlsiiiM L:,'a-i.i 4; PI $3 'I'l $2 ,-.,1 H. .10 I'l lore SJ 00 $2 HO \ 1 ,1,1- -.sal S.I PI SA\T\ AMI \ l-'',o, Aiid-'I wen' y 4'^ J4 110 % I K'l 1 >•;.• l-.iis $10 'lU SH M.i a, ,o $13 m SCOTT LS WINNER NKW YORK —(/P)— Charlie Scott, swinging fnim the he(>ls from the opening bell, outpointed Caspar Ortega nf Mexico in a free-wheeling 10- rtuind bout in Madison Siiuare (jarden .Saturday night. a 1,0 NHL Results Toronto 8. Ohleano 3 Montreal 8. New York t Dttrcil 8. Boi,'.on % - Jounial-'rijnea Photo WINTRY STEAM BATH— Marvin Wynstra, of 1124 Munroe Ave., gave Johnson Park lawnmowers a steam bath as he prepared for spring. After the bath, they were to be sharpened. While others are thinking of skating or skiing, Wynstra's mind is 0% spring and the golf season. ' ; HALLICRAFTER Cifizen's Band TRANSCEIVER Ideal For: S/i/p-(o shore, ity cleaners, dairies, se/-»/ce 5fo(io/i, industrial plants, farmers, retail store deinery. ANTON SUS I- raiu 'hised llalllorarter Cttlicn Band Uealrr M.\U- INIJIIKIES INVITED 2012 Arthur Ave. ME 4.q|05

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