The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 28, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1932
Page 3
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THE DAILY W1TWS, FREDERICK, WTO., SATURDAY. MAY 28, 1932. THREE Pasteurized Milk by DEL £. C. Htll'.b · Proper paste-.irja.tiori is recognaed as the besi »eans of safeguarding a mtt:- cipal aailfc supply. From the t^se n a drawn from t--e then ii snay contain cause A: often found :a raw eaose of the difficulty o: eoatrolling all factors : t safety of a mil): s"?J ·ion is. desirable Definition. SATVBDAT. MAT » BEST »EATfKES Louis Sabd-- WSAP N««ert Ilr»« Nuhm-- WJS Nt'.wrrS Daarrr ~ Downey 1C 3S-- A. C. DKA. IfiTrSMTKCB--»»-»*» k- ! WJZ. 5 30-S 30. " OC-9 00. 9 30-10.00 S 00--Nc*i: Sport*__10.eo--Sports. tif*f :?s to Went-- WABC Kf.icrt } Oreh.--W.4SC N«*odt ·^ERS STANOARO TIMS thro^Sb- SPBTRACT CM !«:;r lor CKT.ral AOI CEt --OUT l«r VBC- 5 JO-6 90. « SO-T 00. " SO-M 00; 11 so-ir PO ' 7:13-- K .-. C 11 cv-3 1 CVco Or.' WJS. UETKOIT -- Wu-- :'·» W. \v,'z J .'j-6 oo t ij-io cs; i.' .-?-:: cc tO9--iti.e: J.' 30-- n»i-? H».S Hvar » \ « J . DrTKOtT-- «v-- St» k. WKAT ? ix-5 ;·:. e 40-; oo s 1^-11 oo « JO -- Bii»bi 1 k W-- 34-r.oa M»rUa WT1C. tt.»KTFOKl-- «i-- !««· k. WOAE. MTTSBl"*t.H--IliJ--1±» k- « E U . 5 «:-* 30. 5 iS-t OC 6 *S-10.0* S 30--rttvs 45--Bs.s**-»U f 1J_«CAE Artists 10 OO--Club. Newt WHAM. ROOHESTEK--M».T--lli» k. Y.-JZ- s «i-t so. " v :-£ co. s sc-ii oo s »--*»N. 5 90--~3!t.. N«?«rs * :j-Sk-_t«j s Or- ' j 35--;j ... S S5--M*r-s? i O r - C-va. ers , «os. \EWAKK WGi. MBt.\LClUl--SM»-- T«» i. ' 500--I.-- - JVD WEAF 6 15-7 li T 30-10 C-C 1C 30-11 "K e QQ--j- t ^; -^ £ 5 33--Asicr.c*n Trio 5 5$--SaseaU , 7 15 Pero Krrr.s T 1.15.--Serniri S.^erg 10 OC--Orcise*;ra · 5 30 \agA^o^i l~::^t -*r k 4- S/ar CKCW. TORONTO--SJ7--*«» k. f 3 00--Drt-=.rr S J0-roct.-»tt Ect W.*Z 6 M-5 15. - JO-S 10 » 39--"vsji!r.s WEAP « » - i J ? : - K-~ ~.i: 3X-31C ! W t U . N t » TORK--tl«--«*» k, «Wk*Tt£x VririoNS) lEST--SVSrtlACT 1 Hour !-T Cr=tr«J I.L-.C A3D 1 Hij-.r Icr Dsj- 10 00-- M:ic»J» j-- t l » k. ' -- SSf"j,»r Or. c-.~.c.r l=..^.j.e :_*. -c-a 5 feyss. iaw as nsiik iseased to 145 .-. for th^ry rsm'Jtes. Object ,, ., ,, , io destroy ta* disease gertns Tiich are sometimes found in :uii. Milk-Borne Diseases. Tbe, follourtss diseases are krswre TX be mCk-bome: tuberr-ilasis. ty?bo:a -ever, scarles fever. diphtheria, septic sore throat, f«y.-acd-3i;JCh disease, dysentery and other intesttna! troubles, es- · peciaUy in infants. To '.his :or.g lisi recently been added epidemic arth- r.tic erythema and anduUsi fever. Three smail outbreaks of infantile iraJvsis have been traced to ra* milk. In "the last, txenty years over six windred miik-bome epidemics have beea ·^ported in this Who can say how many have occurred unrecognized, sfcsteurization speUs ?rc-:ectxn so far is these diseases are concerned. Official Supervision. Our regu-aiions provide ample au- Jioriw to insure adecj-^ate pastenr^a- ;ion. They a^so safeguard the c:ean_i- -eas of mi^t before pasteunza'.ion. Botn 3» local and state health authorities tro responsible for the enforcement of UT pasteurization laws. Inspection. yiifr should be inspected even though aasteurized. Pasteurizsiion does noi remove the need of sound co«. healthy nfikers and clean dairy methods. Milk s subject w ocial inspec^on from jasture to pail and from pall to pa^te. through inspection our milk supply is teadHy improving. Inspection provides ·Or cleaner, fresher and better milk, but jot necessarily safe milk. Ra-w milk. io**ver, carefully handled, has fre- juently caused disease. There is no ! »cord of ni2k-bome epidemic due to j iroperly -Dasteurized milk- Pasteurized milfc is quite as diges-^ble U taw milk; tn fact, the heat, _ of »tsteurizatioii produces no appreciab.e jhysical or chemical change. Pasteur- zed TT 1V Is quite as nourishing. Pasteurized -"ffe is a gcod source of. ome of our vitamins. Whether aiHk or infants is ra-s or pasteurized it honld be rapplemented wi-h orange or omato juice to preven; scurvy, and sun- hine and cod liver oU to prevent nek- There can be no more objection the heating of milk; than, there is o the cooking of mea^ pasteurization is che simplest, cheap- i st and most eSective -say of giving , and your family protection o£ your t important single food product. asteurizanoa saves and prevents | · E.*SrtRN STATION S WBAI-. BALTIJiOKt--ISi-- ]««· k. WJZ S M-« 15 « V-5 «. S IJ-3 W. s :s-5 «. 13 oc-z; co 6 15--Co ;r Pirace S OO--E: Paf.o S (W--llTltieca 9 IS--Co=crrt \VBZ\. BOSTON. »cd WBZ. IPK1XGK1OJ9--ISd--?9« k. WJZ: e K-« *?. ~. 3S-s «: s.JC-s oo. s u-ic w. so 7 00--Eiis I?^=re IS W--Sports: Ken HUE!. BOSTON--389--5SO k. . KTW. CUIl «.aO-^-2»«-t-- WM k, WEA.-' 5 15-5 30. «.*5-7.15. ": M-10.00; WEAF 7 jc.j, 30 !0 15-11 DO i t 3--Ores : Sports 7.00--Tb*»;«r; Or. 6:3?--Swway. Ke*» 515--Rl=«a Or. j .JO--A.- Aw. News: F-.s'.s. orcai. MTBEN. BltAl.O--JS5.I--9*9 k. j " WMAQ CHICAGO--»IS--fit k. WEAF. S Oi-5.30. 1 JO-10 OO. 11 CO-12 00 · WJ ^- «, 35.5 {j T ?C" S ?0 5 CO--Nels 5 i3--Sr»rtJ. Jcr_=»3 w r^y - w _7 "jj g JO-S 15 6 15--Lairs T.15--Eiiesiale * $ :s--DaEcs Mi; WGS. BCFTAIO--S«3--M« k. I 9 IS--Izle Pasts . , WABC * '5-5 45 6 OO-S CO I S *S--£·*" MiStrrs 10 OD--Astos-Asoj ! S .5--^ nj. :-,S IS--S-v--ti ' S OO--Porters 10 15--T«-p*e S^srrs 13 JO--OrctfS!r»s 10 uO--I'.i^o iU-.-e !f IJ-M-..O C,ii 3 *" "VJf »,. a 06--«J-e Bfiios " W E N K .nd ULS. CHICAGO--SIS--*7« k. ! 1C :--O«i^ Or. i: ?3-S-nM Or. £» 9 S»--O-ciT^'Mesio-.o : \VJZ- S CC-S IS. 7 OS-t ti. S.30-S OO I W %Bf. -StW TOEK--SI*-S«l _k. CISCINSAT1--4JS^-7»0 k. ! WEAF: St5.-7.OC. S O3-10 OO j S 00-- WJZ- £ 00-6 15: S JO-S.OO; ll.OB-ll.ra S IS--StppT S *5--A=:e T:IS--Skit , « jj_Ba N-»!iaa « 15--S-insi:=e i 10 OO-- A=os-A=ar 10 3t--Orcbesw» ; 7 00--Ri±rif ros T J9--B-^sse s Or. f HCFL. CHICAGO--3«»--97» k. i S 00--Fo^e« » 00--Air Tt«"-« i «-15--Varsr:jt Orcb 7 00--Van«T. TOEJ ' 19 i--Tte Shtla !1:35--Dooolrsocitrs i S 10--Koch. B_:;«^J Bi.; WCFI, Orci. j WHK. CLEVELAND---13.7--1S9« k- I s S^Sf^V'SivfuS--36J 6--SS« k. WABC s ts-T oo. i is-s oo: sjo-s:i5: w ^Scs'oo-6 45. s oo-:o 30. :o 45-12 oo . i 6 45--Jas. Sp^^i 7 15--S»=^-;irt«rs ; ! 7.40--Biwbs.l -.45--Jczrr SitUoa ROOM MOTHERS MEET Church St. OrjuiliaUon To Me«t Ttaw. The list repular ojno::.lil njec.msol She Church Stroo-t jthoo! C^c:^iar-'..- Assoo^tion »~ Je bole u-. Ihc t-cluo. vosi vn uc.v. Tuesday r.«.i oe- E C Renu. i^ report of tl:e co^uiU rsau bv M:.« Culler. UoAui^: prosram Uien n^ · \Vhr.e KlbtMu - L n p \tur Ni-.r sbo- The pro«i:Ain b l!se vv.^ Sera a..or Rev 'An: r.\.. Dr A:uv S 00-- A i3 t 19--Or . «£ 7 vX 5 --Harry Klc S fyj--! f 1.* --l'»i- iiT j x^j--\* \ -- ^ ^ ^\ 5^*1^* P* r *.cr 11 00--b.i""6r.h" 11 1-0 -- t_a»"o::ti. « J Z . MM 1OKK--ijJ--76V «- 5 3?--K · IXric 6 00--t, .^^.! a.3SST~5 6 1 5 - n d i f A I « JO--Sports! 7 ti--i'li" O C,-=lVi s"^\)^ « t - « ' ! :5--S-_j p.r-y 6 .5 -- 5ia t ^; Mo ·» faster 'rf 4 5 -- * » . n 00--^r K. 6 15 -- liil» O.-7 00 -- Dri=» 7 45-- Ai-jt ; t\:rj Soss-.-k 10 is-io y. ii.oo-ii :o t 15--Sir«r S 10 45-- L-0-.. . 13 OSJ -- Orsa 1\TAM. CLEVELAND--±S».»--1070 k. WEAT: S ce-5.15; e.SS-ll.OO; 11-15-12 00 5 15--T-^ej 5 JO-- BawSill 11-05-- Muucx! B1. 12 00--Oreiss. WXVZ. DETKOIT--S«1J--JT«» k- WASC 5 33-5 45" 6 I5-« 15. 7.OO-10 OS: !0 15-10 45 -.11:15-11-10 . 6 SO--DiT's B*r'e» 15-C3--Orchestra · ff/li* ^0 3'J--Downtr-Wo^s 13 45--NoJe'* Or. ' ^J^- \VJS- DETROIT--!·--7SO k. j WJZ- 7 W-7 30. 5:30-9 00; 9.30-9.45: j !0 15-10 30: 11.45-1 CO I 6 09-- S^'e"iders 8 00--PelCls Or. ! S 15--Kjlc S:4i--Pop's Ber.e WWJ. DETBOnr--SIS--9I» k, ! ·VTEAF. 5 00-5 30 6 45-1! 00: 11 39-1: 00 10 IO--UOWE' v; o»--Rfi^barts Orch. WTMJ. MU.WALSEE--ISt--«i» k. WEAF: 7.30-S 35 S.00-10 00 WJZ: 8 30-9.00 j 6 OO--Organ 10 W--Assos-AndT I 10 :i--tsy Is Do=» 11 *--Orchestras I 33-- . -. i ? t-J *··--3-. B_icr c«-- :·-:·_-;-:.«--^ a i 1? 00--Oj_^:. 3 1J ?v -- L.c n Or. --AK-.T =: Or 11 30--Cal Mr:oc:t» ruiL \ut.LfHi\--T'^--11:0 . V.ABC. 7.00-1'J t-0. 10 jO-1.' (.O S 30--Trapj-r» U }--!«»»· Cirter WUT. FHILADELPIU*--is*--W« k. WEAF. 5 00-5 30. 6 CO-t -0. 7 OO-S CO S 30--Jtwtsh E=!.rr;;:5- t 35-- Mr.oiltJ KDKA. flTTaBl BOH--SW--»S« k. WJZ: e.l5-» ii 10 19-11 VO 5 00--Sports. NCTCS 5 15--Concert 6 00--KDKA p:afr» 9 45-\Var Ts . T\VL -- ±«5.t 7 00-7 30: 830-900 · k. ' SO 00 -- Sjxjr'.i. ^c» J 10 ;3-- A.cit Roy I WCAE. riTT^B; KGB-- I»i.--- l£tO k, WEAP- 7 ·'Q-S 00- 9.00-19.00 i WEAF: 5 CO-6 Ov: 6 15-S 00. f I}1 .! CO « 15-- Ist'"D'» " 5 45 -- Annie ' 6 oc -- Boo«. 6 00 -- Mus:ca.:e. Bas^oll IC'OO-- \=£s- A=ir 10 45-- Beale N'.trts ' «GX. SCBl.VtCTAUt-- ISO-- 7W k. WOW. OMAHA-- VW--iOU k. . WZAF. 5 Oo-i: JO WEAP- 6 -5-5 30- 6 4V7 00. 7 JO-10.00; ! WUAM. KOI HtSTEK-- -60.7-- 11JO k. 10 W-'O 45-' II 00-1 00 ' WJZ: 5 TO 6 ·:. 6 SS-7 90. 7 15-S 30; 5-15 -- siuppr 11-30-- Se»s: Orehs. i 8 45-i: oo ' 6 0 0 -- For-..":. ^:^el I Ov-- P1*M Reicile 14«0 for the «\en: thir:y-t\.o Kr ai:d x\ill *·» a: John l"ra\o: ^.ci: -o\» H^SUB$ IX· Ricgc, \ocal ." The Robin's. S. x :'«; A;ma Ca«-. by Mi-s Shook iv- conspan-ed by M^ Kos-e Bircly 'i^ on · Mother " b\ MJ^ Jat4e B*«e: .v o: ·.he »ciiw.- vlii* of ri.-x: C^lVve roi-- l?,~, MliS E^tcllc H«i!::ia:i scii.or ilju^. of Hood Collo« viic-ivt ;-lay. eK'.i'.Uv. - Mother Bli^J'.g 5- ^ot 1 by :i^ie Mc'.hers. The casf Mrs E:«W.::S. a ntothe- Mrs. Johr. Sl'^i«. Mar;or.e B.-^sj-^ii her tiaughu-r. M: Ooorge Caasacr'.\ Carol BU!Stiix. Marjcne s b:\xiier. Mr Li::!r: Dorothv Drake. Mrs Ch»rl» Kud?n: Baroira DaMd^cr.. Mrs Ea:l j Zrigler: Jane; Hutchia Mrs Inuy: Kc- I fauier: Elizabeth Hoj-rt-r Mr^ L«-»-^. Jean Clark. Mrs L^v.rei:cc fchir'.nvk. · Sadie, a zna.d. Mrs Le.v-s Cler:'.. so::g j "Mother of Miiio.' Parks. M»re ov j mothers takir.g part in p'-»y. a-cvni- I panled by Miss Rose D;relv i Tlie program »ill be Jo'.to'Aed by tiie ] business mee'.ir.p Ji charge cf the pres:- j c-!it. John L Shaa. »-he:i chairmen of the dMfeoent conm-.SKees vi!l g-.\e reports of the acconif-ishnieii'.* of the »ift vear. i Jup. of ' chairnum. The i conver.UvHi was | delegate The | took place R*:i\" .cad-^K As Yo-i"M-'f." M) Star of tho Ic-vr read ov Mr.- Mor.s, 1. '.- vt^ie d.rcctor of ^i.:-s'-:: c.'.^r Mr Ann:o V S'^ir. s^:^ Mr*. ts.k I'v 'h.' foinier cou::;v \V O rr^AU-a'.. M-s r' B S.xp;.:;-:U- · A:::cr.«-i' . \V C 1 V b-tw 1 he r.e\t on-e of M..VS. J.:::e 30 W C. T. r. Meet. The resu'»ar n-.irx;i-.'.v nwr'i::s -"'- -he \V. C T U -A as he'.d Ihliri- W2AP KSD iT. LOl'lS -- S*0 -- i5O k. 5'00-5:'.S. 5 45-6 30; 645-12.00 7 00-- Plnils · 8 30-- !! (WINTERS STATIONS* . . 5 -5-- Stlp?T 6 30-- Biseball 7 00-- Pln KMOX ST LOUS-- I71.I-- 1O99 k. i (EST--SCB I i:^Cr c«e Ko-r Sor Central 6 30--Bir=iie Bill 6.0O--BiStBal! e w_v»s 11:00--S^nons Or. · 1VTIC. HAETFOKD--455--C«0 k. ,, . . . . _ ·WEAF. 3 15-12 CO WABC: 5 30-6 45. 7.15-S 00. 8 30-9.45; , Sta3!ar! 1 = r ADD cr.e Ko-^r lor VCf\a *iFVC ItftTT t^T-n-TB fc_ 10"CO-*0 "*0 I D ~ - I v » l t S^ViE^ T12SC ( 3-00-"=?i^a t^S' 3 Bro^s S dO-C^c-Bar.;! 9 *S-OM Toaes KTW. CMlC.-AC.tJ-^l.l-lWO k. 6 '.S---Xte Wllh? 10 45-- New;: B^s-saU i WJZ _ e 3 '"- s - r °- 3 s , 6 45--Vocal Tr-.u 13.30--!iT=ty-%Ver.5 | W EAF: 9 !;-» ^C. 9 4 5 - 1 0 1 5 5 45 -- Burger Or, S 30-- Brer Or. T 00--L:;-.:e SrsapSoaT Or. E 00--FliSS Or. 8 -55- S 00--Osbcme Or. 9 3» 10 91--Wirr*= Or. 10:3 WEAF. NEW SOKS--15»- 5 TQ -^= '"^''llCS S'is--5"J=e"p--rsen B-15--S«:etT Liis 6 45--Goldbergs , TOO--C-jlfcertsca 7-15--C.T'-C Concert i S 00--K-7 8 JO--Ctub Or. 9 OO--1_ SOMi I «SO "^«I b» Ur.ii'vi F«t-jre STTuUcate! SUNDAY. MAY 29 , SCXDAVS BEST FEATCBES S*U» Parker--WEAF Nctwcrfc lakinc Morrei--V.-JZ Netior* Lifetime Berne--1VEAF Network Siniiac Master--WJZ Network Belle Baker--WABC NetiorS California Melodies--WASC Network (EASTEKX STATIONS) 10 Or. 10.15-- Merle Thorp* · 10 30--Pc'.ta Or. 10 «--Be; 11.05--CiL C-Wa!!*rS 11.39--G _ WJZ. NEW TORE--333--760 k. I barfsit Sii::cc TI=e.) 5-30--Lopez Or. 6:00--Ar=os-A=!y I WBAU B \LTIMOEE--S93--760 k. 6-15--Je::«rs 630--Sonata , ^jz; 630-11'CSJ 7 OO--Dzr-ser Fighters 7:30--Da-ce Or. , WBZ \. BOSTON, ana S 00--E=£enb S JO--First Mshter WBZ. SPKlNOFrELD--S3»--990 k. 9 oo--a:e:ol:c Ge= 915--CC^«JT strtch · ivj z - e 30-7 OT: s oc-9-45: 11 oo-!i-30 9:30--Hirc:=SS S.45--ItcCra-y Bras, i ; 0 -00--S-orts- N?-nrs 10.C5--Start e! 10 00--S!-J=ber Mta. 10 30--Esk-.r-.cs WSEX' CLTKALO--S3tl--30O k.;=y Or. lt.;o--Asae-x Or. \THAF- 5 00-6 -5: 7 oo-s 00: s 15-1I-15 W\BC. NEW IOKE--3J9--««« k. j 6 45--Oner Or 11 :5--Ho=;e Eo--r S-00-- M-r!-=s Or. 5 30--Jact MUIer I WGK. Bl FFAtO---.«---5^0 k. 5 4sH3e:asco Or. 6 00---.Viih. Ne« WABC: 5 00-9 00. 9.30-1: M 6 15--Rich Or. 6 33--Oo Ee Me 6-45--Oowner-Wons 7-00--Pttno Tea= 7 15--Ionian Or. 7 29--Morle Stars s'oo--Vaus!ui tie Leatlt 8:15--Chorus g-3Q Arssy Barid 9 00--Sat!s'?lz2£ ASus. 9.15--Public Afifirs 943--Street S:=ser Or 11 : 30--SlernI°Eopfc!=I. Brewer Ors. WCAU. P -IUUJELPHIA--23«--H70 k. WABC- 5:30-10-3?: 11:00-12 00 5:00--Ne--s; GiCjsSlii:: Sports 3 OO--Musketeers WLW. CINCINNATI--CS--700 k. \VJ2: 6-30-8:00. S'15-9.45: II 00-12 00 10 CO--Loam's Or. 10-33--Mcoa River . WKH. CLEVELAND--:li.7--1390 fc. 7.00--Orch 20 3?--Shorts. News; Orcfcs. WMAQ. CUlCttiO--ttS--670 k. WEAF: 6 00-6 30 WJZ: 9 12-9 iO. 10 30-1! CO 6 30--Sports '. 30--Suridsr Cl'jb 9 45--Drac:* 10 15--A-.'cl Saniy WE.VB aad WLS. CH1C1GO--Jli--579 k. \VJZ- 5 30-5 00: 9 45-'.: CO WEAP: 5 00-5 30. 6 UO-'J IS WCFL. CHIC \GO-309--978 k. 5-OO--Ro«ry H3--.r 5 30--Birton 6 OO--Gcr=-.i3 Hour 1 OO--Irish Hour B tO--Cr'-rca 10 15--Dance Pros- WOC. DAVENPORT .and WHO. DtS MOINES--I09.S--1000 k. VT£3J. 5 CO-S 30. ".00-9.00; ».15-11 CO: 31 03-12 OO 830--Food :or Thought 11-00--Baseball WHAS. I.Ot ISVILLE--3S3.6--Ktt k. WABC: S 00-7 45: 3.30-10 15; 10 45-13-00 7:45--BiscDi::. Sports S 00--Wh:!e 3.15--Drcim 'Irai IC'15--Ann Bcrrj WTMJ. MILWACREE--:SI--610 k. WJZ- 6 30-7 00. 8 00-8 15 ·.VEAP: 7 IS-S-OO: 8:15-8 iS: 9 45-10 IS 5-30--Orjrin S 45--Neapolitan 10.20--Polish 11 00--Orchestras KSTP. MPLS-ST. PAUL--±03.4--1469 t WJZ- 6:30-7 00: 8-00-8 15 WEAP: 5.00- 530: 6 o:-6.30: 7:15-8:00: S !5-9 !5 9 30-10 15 . Foagav ille day afternoon at J JO o'clock, at tr.c hosie of Mrf L!\vd C Culler. tJia city A 'arge atU'.icar.ce of nie:::borN ' and six iisitors \\aj? noted The nea ; president. Mrs William P Mors'H. j presided, ar.d the couiey presidrrv^ I Mrs. Charles Kidd. Vrbaua. was 1:1 ( charge of ;h? devotional service Th? tcpic discussed was Christian oisizcn- Extra Money For The Farm! R U s * REV R K R K I T ^ » O K I ^' FREE -- FREE MAY 30 TO J U N E t 2 RABBITS S » M (o 10 f M loair r i t l the best of th* breeding stork ^our ALL STAR R.VBB1T BRKKHI ^Sl North Market street Opposite rr«fes»i0nal Bulldtnt Frederick. Md. S UN DAY EXCURSIONS MAY 29th JUNE 5th FROM FREDERICK TO BALTIMORE or WASHINGTON ROUND TRIP SO £*i . 2O F\ B-^'v ".-ai.r.; Frcd^r.cit BLUE RIDGE LINES 22 W. Patrick St. Phone 203 '.V^BC 5-30-600- 6 4 5 - 1 0 0 0 : 10 30-11 OC 1145--Co:'.er s Orchestra ·". C3--WHK Pavers 11 00--Orch.: Club ' WOW. OMAHA--i»3--590 k. "WTIM CLEVELAND--180.1--1070 fc. J r."EAP: S OO-i: 00 WSAP- 5 00-6-00: 6 4S-7 00. 7.15-8.00; · KMOX. ST. LOCI1--571.1--1090 k. 8 '5-10 30 11.15-12 03 : TTABC 5 30-5 15; 6 45-!0 00: 11 05-11 30 6 15--Gene-Glenn S flO--Tavern Talcs ' 6'15--Basccall IO'I5--KMOX Ar'lsti nErcniT--;n.3--uso k. CC.P.SJ held. The recording: thermometer shall ' me may be used. I: must be reasem- I. Coolers. ! .. ott £Ur ; ace a; atrr.os?heric pressure Suitable eqaipmerr- shaL be provtcea ! ., ^. ^.^ ^ ^ 3 : , 80 degrees F . co coolie sils^at lea^O^grees j ,-_ . minu . e£ j ca:l -^ be e3 , p ; 0 yed. a Surface coolers shail nare a tijh; fixi^j i ~^~"~~ · "" = "" "" ~ WL 7 ? reTerl J i ii r nxt article Tfil! deal with require- from Si*s. · J "" ·=-"* JACOB RUPPERT BARLEY MALT SYRUP j-TKeTadkoftKe pj-- froal ^^ of conde _ sa .. (:l - . , the ceiling. Pasteurization Plant Requirements , V1 ^....^ ^^ ^.^ ^ co:u _. :e:e:v The building stall be lo-catec as .ar | c!(jsed _ c £ha : be ^- bv ^ * , tnents necassarv on the dairy fann- TO CONTEST WILL g practicable away from sources 01 i ^ met, fly-breedin? stables. The Soor j»ll be concrete or some otner immaterial, sasootii acd ·sreil jaiaed- T""6 " KZ ^ a "°- ceil--gs of ooms in -BTisch -nlfe is handled shall a smooth, Tirashable. light colored orfece. E natural Jigbriag is to be b n t _ e maco^e ay be ma n- Relatives Of Ker. Fr. Coolahan To File ually or mechanically operated. Suit i llili piping, fittings, valves, p-jmps " ' and other accessor^ss shall be of the Caveat proceedings contesting the i satn^ry type and shall be so construct- i ·srll of Rev. Fr John T. Coolahan, late ed that every surface cas. be reached ' pastor of St. John's Catholic church. with - brash. ' this ci;y, are planned by his brothers j Suitable facilities shall be provided sr.d sister, it was revealed Friday tchen * ATTENTION J THE NEW DOMESTIC . V Buckeye Elec. Refrigerator i 2 is BOW on Display in the Weinber; vtn- i dow 119 N. Market street, for short vhtle. 'i ALBERT C. PALMER, A^ent. || % ' li You Can Buy Your Home While Prices Are Low through your shares in the Building and Loan Association elfed upon tiere shall oewindo.. space , f;) _ tl . e washir^. cleaning ar.d sterlliza- : the will Nvas Tiled in the Baltimore a each, room equal to 15 per cent, o: %e floor area. Adequate artificial gbtiag shall be provided also. To Hmiaate odors and prevent -arater from sndensiag on walls, ceilings, eqtiip- lent, etc, there shail be provided SUK- ble TentHataon. Duncg Sy season all oois, windows and other openings leaa- : and (jv^,-^;^ o - delivery operauons. ) estate to Mrs. Margaret. Eggleston and to the snail be screened, i sha!I ha _ e p2 _ £ed ^ e ^, n ^, Si . io . i - 3T | - ne _ da .^ =hter . M . i ji :i lsa . Egglesujn. "es Separation of Processes. ^ j a campKes;i me d:cal officer ~--r,;~ the ! a nark of aiy esteem and in considera- tion of equipmen; and containers. ; Orphans' Court. Father Coolahan died Firtenngr or clarifying shall be before '. in a Baltimore hospital last Saturday pasteurization. | and was buried here Tuesday. Operation. Alter specify^ig that ius debts should All persons emolojed ^i 3. milk plant be pai5 3nd S200 bequeathed to the as- comins directly or ^directly m contact . sistan: psstor of St. John's church if-";!-" 1 -" j with pasteurization, bottling-, washing ' for masses he left the residue of Take.. . GREENAWALT'S Pasteurization, cooling and bott'. b*ll be earned on in a room separace ·om the room used for the containe pas: months. Cleasing and Sterilizing Apparatus. tion of their ?-ES-s;.ance and many other j courtesies to me in the past." i . The pasteurization, apparatus shall be ! The trili continued: e shored into the room posits should be removed. orney, filed notice A valves. · their ap protected opening. The znain reas- ing, pumps, fittings, etc., should be I tentton to caveat the win. Liver Disks for GOOD HEALTH! Join The 18th Series Starting June 4 OFFICE AT FEEDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION The Fidelity Building Loan Assn. OFFICERS WILLIAM T. DELAPLAIXE, President GILMORE K. FLAVTT. Mcc-President RCGEK R. RICE. Vice-Presidcnt EDWIN" C. MARKELL. Secretary HOLDEX S. FELTON. .\ssistant Secretary GEORGE R. DENNIS. JR., Attorney 2OOO Victor 75c Records 25c For Each COME IN AND SELECT THEM TODAY 8-inch Oscillating Electric Fan 10-inch Oscillating Electric Fan 12-inch Oscillating Electric Fan Sl.OO Flashlight with Batteries 45-voK B Batteries, Regulars 45-volt B Batteries, Heavy Duty $5.95 $9.95 $12.95 59c $1.35 $1.95 Storm . Shipley BOOKSELLERS STATIONERS PHONE 266 DIRECTORS G. Hunter Bowers August T. Brust Jzmes H. Cramer William T. Delaplaine Gilmore R- Flantt J. H. Gambrill, 3d Henry A. Hahn William B. James Edwin C. Markell Grayson H- Mercer F. W. Obenderfer Paul I. Payne E. B. Ramsbnr; Ru^er R- Rice Benj. Roscnour. Jr. Robert L. Smith 1 the container -arash^ig room. Every plant shall be proncea nith liable toilet facilities. There shall be '"t least one room not used for milk irposes between, the toilet and any is ·-hich rctii products are j .died or stored. A bas.r. ^-th hot ' e sanisary ta^els shall be a;;=ssible ; the men a; the plant 'x the -Slashing i hands. j Water Supply j The -water used ir. paswurjattor. · Slants shail be of a safe, asnitary ouali- - to avoid the ir.fect.or. x ni.l. ecuip- J ent and containers. An adequate sup- j - of water shall be available. W:that an abundant supply of -s-ater ?rp- clearisins can not be core. Eqniptnent. Paste-orizers: The pasteur^ziig a??a- itus shall be capable of heat_r.c all articles of aitli to at least 142 degress ahreriheit and holding at such temp- I ratsre -or 30 nur.u'-ss The ou'l-K ! jive from all vats shall sea- nu5l- with \ inner wall. I! tis valre -does not .-, flush -nth the --all tlt-c-re | 12 be a packet of --.properly neat«d i . The cutlet -.a'.re shall be the , protector type. This is an arrange- eat, asuaHy a. grojv« on the valve ^ or core, caus:nc to run to --aste leakage past the valve, in soate is, deper.-::ns: or. tr.e arrar.^tnent fliall be r.eccssary provice leai protectcr »r.let valves. lis is to avo.d the :eak.r.z cf r3~ : to siilk betng paK-eurtzec. ' Ttetnperatnre Control and Records. ( The pasteurisa-tion process -s bases on iperature and time control. It :s seatial that temperature control be s for tie past^-jrizatan range a , slightly above tr.e thermal ceatn ; oint of certain disease bact«r^. There j Jiall be prov-.ded for each pasterizing . aa ir.dica-.r.|: ar.d a record jr.; ther- jiometer. The ; tr.eraio--.eter hall be used to control teatpera'ures. recording thermometer ilia" x to obta^i a record in ?raph.:al |srm sho-wing the t«mperp.ture to -ahich has bees a«a;«d and 'toe uae P E A R R E ' S Modern Pharmacy DRUG PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Lar^e Box, containing; Hx the qaant:!y-- Sl.OO FOR SALE AT ALL DRUG STORES AXD MANT GENERAL STORES .TELEPHONE 208 PHONE 1515 A Suggestion FOR Decoration Day Let us help ease your burden, if you are er to the cemetery. CALL ORIOLE CAB-1515 and a careful, courteons driver win be glad to assist you with yoar decorations. Avoid crowding and be comfortable in an easr-ridinsr cab. Reasonable Rates. SPECIAL RATES TO BRADDOCK HEIGHTS Oriole Cab Co. INCORPORATED 20c ANYWHERE IN THE CITY I SATISFACTORY HEATING 35 not so much a question of shoveling coal until your back aches, as it is burning the proper tend and having a clean furnace. You have yoi^r automobile and your watch inspected and cleaned . . . WHY NOT YOUE FURNACE? Consult us--you will be surprised at the small cost of having your furnace cleaned the modern way. MARKELL FORD PHONE 202 riendly RAYON LACE Trim Fitted Slips $1 .00 New Styles in Dotted Silk Crepes Light and Dars Patterns. NEW MESH Panties and Dance Sets CHILDREN'S VOILE DRESSES Cilors Tea Rose Flcsn. \Vn::c Al! Silk Service Sizes "- 79c HOSE Nannette Sleeveless DRESSES Sires I. 2 and 3. Special 79C P r - Each S.ZCS S": to 10. YOU FEEL IT! Friendliness, vdth security. heI]:V.ne5S. \vitb tc?ted qualifications, are chara^reri.-T---? -,f This Bank. Patrons =ense them \vhrn r,j,.;-r.'r.^ hu?i- nc?s relations vith This in5ti-'iti'"'ii. )i«l i»atrons count upon them. It takes ear « « f r-talih-hmf-nt and character-building: to brine: a Bank to this decree of individuality. But \v e "re still young enough, to appreciate ne\r friends! Farmers Mechanics National Bank Frederick, Maryland "The Bank of Personal Service" ESTABLISHED 1817 CHILDREN'S MESH ANKLETS FINE QUALITY Printed Voiles New Dotted Swiss Scarfs and Vanity Sets F:r cool summer dressas. BOYS' SLEEVELESS SUITS S:=es 29c 39c 50c $ 1 Organdie Scarfs 3-Piece Hand Loomed Breakfast Sets $1.95 STORE WILL BE CLOSED MONDAY SHOP Bennett's FOR STYLE AND VALUE

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