The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 17, 1918 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 17, 1918
Page 10
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PAGE M THE HUTCHINSON KEW». TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 17.JglA*' THIN, NERVOUS PEOPLE NEED BITRO-PHOSPHATE What II I* and How II Increases Weight, Strength, and Nerve Force in Two Weeks' Time in Many Instances. "TaVe plHin hMro-ph'»«phalf" I* tho n.lvic.' nt pliy*k'iatw to thin. Ocllrnto ncrvini'j pcoplu who Inrk vim. incri*)* ainl n<Tvt> futvc, HIUI llifre Focin .H t» I'O ampli' proof of ( IIP pfHenry of Itils iirepu- rallon t<> wrirnuil ' the rcconiiiicnHa.- tlnti- Mitrr'u t-r. If wo JIHIKO from Hit 1 rounl Una pi cpjirnltims »n»l trwiini' , fil» whli-li ;u i: i <inttnually Iwinj? rulvrrt im-ii for the puri »oK« of makhift thin prnpip fit-why, develop] HIT unnu, iierk iirnl InnM, .'iiul i fplariti^ "Klv li'tHtiw."* UIMI angles by the Hi»ft curvi -i] II litis of health utitl : beauty. IIHTP mi: evidently ihoumn«lfl | nf mill jiihl uiiiiirri wUu kei 'Jily fcul Ihelr cvvJCftv" thlfifti****. TILIIIHI^S ami wraUti 'W urn usually due t'i .st/i:-ve<l n.-tvi:' Our IMKIII.'S nrvti inmi 1 pli"sph;ile Is roiitaliin] inoileni P»>»l. rinsiruui.-, claim Inert: IN nnlhliiK 'bat will fipply litis <]<•- f(<i' m\ sii wll :u« tin- "IK.Hitr p)n>S- pliaU* l{ri"\vii uui'ijii: .Irui.v'ni.'* u.i Hiru­ din lent tw»i« made In SI. Cnihertrte'B Hospital, N. Y. (.V, showed that two piillonts eninol in weight L'3 nnrt 27 poiitwis, r <«p<Ttlvp|y. through the administration of thin nrg-anlc phosphate; both patten t* claim they have tint frit aw Htrong and well for the past twelve ywir*. This fncrcaHP In weight also rai'ricfl JOSEPKU GAN KD. Frederick S. Kolle, M. D. t .Pioneer the Application of X-Rays in the U. S. Author or, Medical Text Books; Member Author's Committee of America, Health League, Physicians Legislative League, N. Y,, and Editor-in-Chief of Physicians "Who's Who" In N. Y. ph'fsphate, which la inexpensive and 1« MOIII by must all drugxiMs umlvr a Kuariintt-e of satisfaction or money bark. Hy feeding tlio nerves dttectiy niwl by supplying the Invly CIMIB with the nerefisary phosphoric fowl ele- nwniM, blirn-pJuXipluLti 1 ijulckly pro- diu-fvi a welcome ira reformat km in the appearance; the incrta-su* fn weight frequently lVrtn? astonishing. . HOME FROM "OVERTHERE" Sergeant Horry Bucttiier First Hutchinson Uny loCumc back. SERVLG IN TUB TRANCHES Says the Uoys. lixpect to Whip Germany and Come Home Within Next Year. it, too, fhe. Salvation Army wns not working irf, the sector nt which we were stationed when I was there, but on every hand, (he boya -tell of thn bravery of the Salvation army arm or their work risht np in the from line trench." Kansas Girls Beat. When luiKlbusIy n d If II were really true Ihftt the Amerlenrt boys are becornlnR very much Interesteu* In tUe French fiirls and Tailing Irf] love with them, SorRcftrtt Hnettner made a staunch denial. "Tell the plrla not to worry about that, every Kansas Holdler 1H cruzy to do his snare in helping lo win the war and the next Idea la to pet back home i\nd there la nothing thai will look as good to hltn as (he Kansas girls." Stationed at Camp Funston. Sefgeaht Buettner is* wearing a nifty little overseas rap and by "this can easily bo identified from the other soldiers here. He also wears a stripe Tor service and also a badge for service on the Mexican bolder. He will be at home tor a ten day furlough and from here will be stationed nt Camp Winston, as an Instructor, hut just what his work will be and just what he will he assigned to, ho has not yet learned. with It a cencral Improvement in the health. NervtmsncHS. slf riplfyKness »nil Im-k <if tnt-rpy. which nearly always lU 'i 'otnpany i*xt;cw*ive t hinin:«s, soon iJi.tappear. dull ey«"w bocoine bright awl palo rlu-eka KIOW with the bloom or P*?rf"ct health. Physiclan .T" niul brmpitals every where arts now recognizing Its merits by Its use in OVIT tnernaainff quantities. Krr^lorlok Knlle, M. 15.. editor of New York I'hyslcfan's "Who's Who" sny»: "Hitm-Phonpnale should be prcfcrlbed by every dot-tor and ufied In ev«ry lios pit' 1 1 to tncreasn «trength and nerve force and to enrich the blood." Joseph D. lln'rrlfran. I'-nrmer VlP'ting Speelalim to North Kastern Dlffpensa- tory, wayp: "Lift who are weak, th'n, nervous, anaemic, or run-down, take a natural, unadulterated sut*stunce MUMI IIH bilro-pliosphale ajid you will t*oon see Fume aj *lonJKhfno: rmults in the Incronfie of nerve cneray. stringtn of bwly and rnlnd and power of endurance." littro-phosphate Is made entirely of tlto organic phoaplialw uotnpound referred to In the National Standard Pis- peiL*atory aa bein« an excellent tunic and nervine and u preparation which hoj rpfPtly acip^lred cori«!deratUe rep- utal bm in the treatment of neurnst- thf nta. The HtnniUU'd of exeeilcme. strength and purity of its subs i a nee is beyond cpjffttion, for e\ e,ry" Ultro-l'h'iH- pluttc (ablet in manufactured In Klr .'cl accordance with the I*. S. 1'hurma- cupucla Iwi rciuli eiii'-nts. I'.iLro-rtin.s- phate is therefore not a jtalent mtd- li-lne and sbouUl not be confuted with ; any of the M-eret uoMi um-». ^o-callfM loiuea or widely advertised "cure-alls." CAUTION:—Although Bitro-Phosphate is unsurpassed for relieving nervousness, sleeplessness and gene ml weakness, owing to Its rmarkable flesh growing properties It should not he used by anyone who does not desire to put on flesh.. ALLIED BALLOONS C0PIE1' »v HUNS A CONCERT YOU WILL WANT TO HEAR CU» DEBICATBIY NUSICU FtSTIUU MiUUmATMS WICHITA'S NEW $200,000 EXPOSITION BUILDING WHOSE VOICE MAS ELECTRIFIED THE MUSI* CAL WORLD The GLORIOUSLY GIFTED AMERICAN CONTRALTO BOTH Or TNI WW VCR* Mir«OFOUT4N VTLtk CO%r*AAV B I POLlTO LAZAR0 sorHie BRASLAU rRCDCRICK NEAI BIN ME S AND HIS NATION? ALLY FAMOUS BAND OF FIFTY' I Important Mualcol Cvsnl M «•*• ••••< Prices S1.50 and S2.00 One Night Only Optiilnu ol the Ulcrnilltaal Wheal Sbow MAILORDERS FOR TICKETS Will bt Filled la IDc Orttor ol Ikclr BcccIpL Addreai, wllu Cbeck or Monty Order, E. F. MclNTYRE, Tht Foruo. Wichita, Kaaa. I HI MB H"T • • • • To have seen Brrvlcc In the front line treiicliPB "over there" and to have been the first Hutchinson hoy to nr- rive lioniu is tho experience ot Sor- Bfiint lUny lluettni'r, tho son ot Mr. mid Mrs. John llui-ltiirr, who urrlvud home on Saturday night from France. Sergeant Uuetlucr was a member ot Co. K. 137lh Infantry and he was one of the Hutchinson boys to be mobilized at this time last year. State Fair time, at the Fair grounds. From here thp Hutchinson boys went to Unmp Doniphan and left there for overseas service the last of April, stoiinrd tor five days in England and from there to France where he served in the front line trenches for twelve days before being selected as the man from Company 13 to come back lo the United States. Victory Then Home, liucuner says he has answered a million questions and he has been besieged by practically every one In Hutchinson who has a relative In the Hutchinson unit of which he was a member for personul messages of the boys. "Without a single exception the boys are :well, practically every one has gained in weight and Is healthier than when he left here. They all want to come home, that Is the one idea, but not till the war is over. They all talk of licking the Huns first and coming home second." Sergeant Huettner says that now the, Hutchinson men. who were member.-! nf the National Guard, are now in the Vosges mountains and that here the food is plentiful and well cooked. "Only sometimes a shell falls on tho tramway line on which supplies aie carried and then we are likely to be n little short for a meal or so while the repairs are being made. But the folks at home need not worry al-out the eaLs for the boys lor the hoys arj not," he said. ' One of the happy days for Company K is when Mess Sergeant White, formerly elevator operator at the First National Bank building,, , . . ,- , makes doughnuts. Oee but they are!'»° ^ach a sate height out of reach of good" and all the fellows are crazy I Allied anti-alrcrufl guns. Captain about .them be _mnde very scarcity, of flour. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TWO ISLANDS ABOUT FOOD Ireland Keully is a Place to Dine us Compared to England it is Said. Lmnlon. '--(('iiiTi 'spomlenci- of The AbsticiutiHl I'leswl.- Although only a three don L' boat 1 rip si -panitt 'S Knglaml and Ireland tlieru is as much differ once as belwi 'iu day and nlghi In Lhe two IhlamlH as far as loud is rim- coriii'il . For lhe person who has lived In England lor a lime and whose hubils have lei him lo believe his aysieiu u^ed.s morn than lhe. number of fuud calorie* science pivseclben, Ireland 1,a wonderful pluce to dine lull does mil follow ihat sufficient food is nol available In Kngland— there is sufficient lo heallhlly main tain lhe sy.tlem but Ihere is a dll- lercnco between thai and eating a large sleuk pruperly decuraletl. That can be aeoiupllMlit 'd in Ireland at reasonable 'cos: but not in Kngland al any price. Ireland 's not rationed voluiialiily or Otherwise, and there Is plenty of everything with the exception of sugar. In respect lo food ll Is more pleasantly aiiuuieil Ihun the United States or ttugiand because prices have not advanced as they have In America find are no higher than in England • yviiere the luinisiry ol food not only rations hill "omiida prices. Ireland always lias seiu iiuantllles of meat uud dairy products 10 Kugluud and mill is doing so. Americans who have been In Kngland and tried to become accustomed to llto four ounces of meat at a meal and uu absence.of fat in cooking where<<vor posslbje, on arriving in Jreluud fairly gorge themselves for a tew days pu uieut, drink (luuutllles of milk and do not spare Ilia butter. They bad not been getting milk ut all except with a physlclau'a uieacilptlon uud butter ounce was linu'.cd i day. to lest- than an EVEN FEED THE HOGS. Nothing Is Wasted In Taking Care of the. Boys at Camp Funston.' Wichita, Kan.. Sept. 17. -The soldiers at Camp Funston are selling nu example in food conservation, according lo statement* made today by tlapt. A. D. Widden, officer In charge of iho school for bafcers and cooks, to Federal Food Administrator lunes. "It Is m-cessary for the boys lo have plenty of good food." said Oapt. Widden. "We try lo see they are well fed. Nothing is wasted. Anything which cannot lie used for human food goes to lhe garbage can and Is tsd lo hogs. It Is cost Ins us between 4ti and 17 cents u day to feed a soldier. "We get almost'enough fat from the raw moats to run our kitchens Meat is trimmed before being cooked so as lo save the fais. When bacon Is Issued a charge Is inudc for grease aud so much groaso lias lo bo returned from the trying panB. "Syrupa are used in place of sugar in such mixtures where the substitute sweetener can be used to advantage. "in August we substituted three tons of substitutes for wheat flour in our bakery. Wo have used more than a pound of substitute to a pound of wheat flour, thus doing more than Iho fifty-fifty rule required when It was lu operation." Why work in the dark when there is a .l-alley Light and Power plant to bo lutd? Ask Tout Majors. Heuo-lluick Co, 16-6t. Yellow will light up the gloomiest of rooms just us green will cool aud soften the most garish. Never hoard old clothing or household articles—give them lo somebody who can use them. Ask Hi Heaps about the Republic Truck. Iteuo-Uuick Co. 16-0t. Macaroni lias value. a very lilsli food "Elephant 1 ' balloon. Germany's much touted efficiency was given a hard bump when the Allies took up the manufacture of balloons. The Germans had developed the "Drachen" balloon and boasted of It. Bui it was treacherous and could Of eoursp thev cannot Cl"" 1 . n French officer, devised tho oftTn TccaT .se 3 ?hJ ' "elephant" balloon now manufactured 01 veuuae o. ihc L , ^ larg(> cnoug]l u^i. But wh^n. do the boys expect to comes home?" that U lhe question that he Is being asked nearly as often as of the present welfare of the boys. 'They all expect to come home within a year. The GermanB are licked now if they but knew it and all the Americans see tho end of tho war and the Huns beaten and even the homeward trip all within a year. „ The boys are all in fine spirits and the end of the enemy is near," Strong for Red Cross. The newly returned hero spoke very enthusiastically about the work 1 of lhe Ked Cross, tho Y. M. C. A., and j lhe Salvation Army, "the good work of the Hed Cross and the Y. M. C. tles"fdr iiBe 'by'America and Us allies Its construction holds It steady In treacherous hlr currents. It, can be sent up ahoye the range of guns. It Is ninety-three' feet -long, tweuly.-elght feet in diameter and holds 35,000 cubic feet of gas A. cannot be estimated and let me j thoucht tell ygu the Boldiers. sure appreciate, time!" Perhaps So. In a Vermont town they tell of suiter who. after some years of devotion, finally proposed lo the lady of his choice.' "But, Henry," protested the lady, "tills is really sudden. You had better give me a week tD think II over!" "Very well, my dear," said -Henry. And after due reflection, he added: "Perhaps It would be as well If I Cirl scouts in Florida are doing an important work to help America and her allies win tho war. And the work they are doing seems to be much too important and too hard to entrust to such very young girla. Girls, it Is Bald, who are but thirteen to sixteen years of age are doing patrol duty on the east coast ot Florlday. These children, tor what Is a thirteen-year-old girl If not a mere child, arc supposed to unearth any pro-German activities on the coast. They carry rifles and automatics and are proficient in their use, according to reports. Mrs. raisabelh C. Stark is captain of such a mounted scout troop in .Muyport, Florida. Mrs. Stark Is a als- ter of Hoffman I'hlllp, who was recently appointed minister lo Columbia. This branch of war work for Infants may he all right and tho children of Florida may bo exports with the rifle, but from all accounts we have heard of llun frlghtfulnesB and German brutality wo hope for the sake of all concerned Ihat tho little girls never meet with any real honcsl-to-goodneas pro- German. To repeat, It may bo all right, but give us the old-fashioned little girl who knits for Red Cross, helps her draft board, BellB W. S. S. and litis a war garden. In reply lo an inquiry from an American firm aa to the demand bore for lace goods and embroideries, it can be staled, reports tho American consul at Yokohama, that as the Japanese women cling very tenaciously lo their stylo of dress and aa no use is made of laco and embroideries either In dress or home furnishings, It Is Improbable that any considerable market can be developed in Japan (or Amerlcan-madu lace goods or embroideries. The demand would be limited to the foreigu residents here who now number about 0,000, ecluslvo of Chinese, and to such goods as are not being manufactured In Japan. Those who arc curious to know bow tho woman cross country runner compares with her brotlte^ utbleto in the matter of time over a ylvam hJ en- Mrs. Elisabeth P. SUrt tical course, may havo their curiosity satisfied. The annual modified Marathon'over the Dlpsea trail, a distance ot approximately seven miles, has" been negotl. ated by the men this year in and-year out at something bolwocu fifty and fifty-five minutes. The winner of A woman's race over the same course which was held recently completed the distance In 1; 18:48. This woman's race, which is an pj-> novation, had 177 'starters, of whooj HJ were officially recorded as finishing. The Dlpsea trail leads over mountainous country, and is considered one ot tho hardest courses ot Its length ip the country, Tho fuct that pVacttcfllly every girl vito finished was m good, shape and could havo co»Unue4 the grind had the course been longer is considered a remarkable tribute to the stamina »uA (vourage ot the participants. Visit our booth at the Pair Grounds Liberal Arts Building. See the latest designs iu Pianos and players. MeaT the latest hits oil the player^ Factory 1 Distributors fof The Acoustigrande, Schumann, Bond, _ Also; Packard, And the World Renowned Pathe Records' Apollo Q. R. S, Player Rolls V^ATCH BROS. PIANO HOUSE Phone 52 : v i "The Homeof Htjrh Class Pianos" - 120 N. Main PHONO CPftPHS it over myself nt the same :Eighteenth Annual: "Under Control Kansas State Board of Agriculture. COMPLETE PROGRAM Wednesday, September 18th NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL DAY 9:00 a. in.—Conclusion of judging in various departments, and-viewing exhibits. Martial music. 32:00 in.—Activities will cease at sound ot whistle for one minute Silent Prayer for success of our Cause and siffe return of our Boys. 3 :00 p. in.—Music in Speakers Tent by Martial Band. Address by Dr. Henry J. Waters. Address by Colonel Scott Smith, retired. % Hon. J. C. Mohler, Secretary of Kansas State Board of Agriculture, presiding. 2:00,p. in.—Concert by Herb's Official Band in Grand Stand. 2:25 Trotting, purse $500.00. 2,:14 Pacing, purse $500.00. 2:17 Trotting, purse $500.00. Running Race, 4 furlongs, purse $100.00. Other Running Races, distanco as per "Daily Program." The heats of the races will be interspersed with vaudeville acts and Alladin the Trick Horse; also exhibition, of Saddlers and Roadsters. Exhibition Draft Horse Hitch. Wednesday Evening * 7=30 p.'m.—Concert by.Herb's Official Band in Grand Stand, 8:30 p. ra,—Russian. Ballet Dancers, John. Robinson's Elephants and Free Vaudeville Acts. 8;45 p. m.^"The World at War"— the big entertaining feature ot the State Fair. a.- ui.—Music by Great Bend Thursday, September 19th STATE DAY. The forenoon-'will be spent by the crowds seeing the fair. Martial Music. Judging in all departments will be concluded. 10:30 Baud. 12:00 m.—Activities will cease at sound of whistle for one minute Silent Prayer for success of our Cause and safe return of our Boys. 1:00 p. in.—-Opening number by Groat Bend Band in Speakers' Teut. Address by Governor Arthur Caliper. Followed b}' addresses by Holi.' William Kennedy and Col. Scott Smith. 2:00 p. m.—Concert in Grand Stand by the Great Bend and Herb's Band. 2:30 p. ni.—2:20 Trotting, purse $500.00. Free-for-all Pacing, purse $500.00... 2:17 Pacing, purse $500.00. 3:30 p, in-—Exhibition of Saddle aud road horses'in front of Grand Staud. 4:00 p, ui.—Exhibition of dratt horse hifch. • 7 : 30 p. in.—Concert in Grand Stand by Herb's Official Band and Great Bend Baud. 8:30 p. in.—Russian Ballet Dancers, John Robinson's Trained Elephants and Vaudeville Acts. 8:45 p. in,—"The World at War" with special features depicting Army Night Signals and scenic effects of night battles. ' ,4 Parker's Shows! Every Day and Night! H. L Tboupsot, President, A, L Sponsor, Secretary, '.•ri ^^'iL-JUJJUiJUVw .J-iaar^v./.vi. 1 ;!,.' iSWM 1 . 1 .. 1 . IT,.". '*' ••..m^-gV-mui' '' .... ... , ...I , "'..'r .'.'iS'Aawj •«•' ID Answering Advertisements Please Mention The News

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